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New Mod List Project


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When the forums changed to a new company and a new platform there was no way to automatically redirect every individual link to the new location of the posts those links pointed at. Hence, all links to forum threads and posts that existed before the change must be manually fixed. 

Therefore a new mod index needs to be made and to share the work on that I am asking for every mod author to post a link to their own mod. 

This is not a thread to express your outrage. Vent elsewhere. Simply post the name of your Mod and the link to your main thread that advertises it. 

Huge thanks to Clockwork Orange who created the mod list index we had. 


0XP Rolmod


bdubyah's modlets



Community Watercraft Project


Curse of Anubis


Darkness Falls

Doughs modlets


FarmlifeV3 Modlet


Gnamod UI

Guppycur's Modlets


Harrys New Calibers 

Harrys New Callibers Junk Turrets 

Harrys Motor-tool Mods 

Harrys More Loot From Zombies 

Harrys Improved Vehicles

Harrys Better Biome Spawns 


khzmusik's Modlets


LazMan's Modlets







Ragsy's Modlets

Ravenhearst Mod





Subquake's Undead Legacy


theredwolf13s modlets


War of the Walkers


z2 Hud Replacement


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White River - Tools of Citizenship:


Magazine/Schematics Skillpoints, E to Pickup Plants, 1 Day Trader Refresh:



Salvaged Electronics - Solar, Battery, Generator, Lights, Signs, Misc:


Zombie Lootbag Increase:


60-Slot Bag, Faster Bellows, 25% Headshot:


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