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  1. Thank you very much for these 2 new prefabs, great work.
  2. Thank you very much for your great work, your effort is appreciated.
  3. Hi If I understood you correctly, what you want is that each item added to be harvested when breaking the cntBookcaseFull comes out varied, not all at once. Possible solution: 1- Reduce the probability to the other items,make it varied.
  4. Hi M1cromanagement What you are doing is just a recipe to obtain the clay, it will ask you for 1 unit of clay to make 1 of resourceClayLump. So yes, it will continue to give you 5 clay in the forge when melting it, if what you want is to give yourself more unit_clay, edit the part where it says Weight = 5 to Weight = 10 or 20 depending on what you want, you find it in resourceClayLump in items.xml, good luck.
  5. Hi BodySalvage´s Thank you very much for sharing your first mod.
  6. Hi Kunish In the event log it indicates that it is an error of a windows .dll Faulting module path: 😄 \ Windows \ SYSTEM32 \ ntdll.dll Download a new .dll and install it and then check if it is fixed.
  7. Hi Mala Zedik Thank you very much for your mods. Something like that was needed, for those who don't like noise. Soon TFP will add it as an added innovation in a new alpha, people have been crying out for it to change those noises, they will get the applause for their innovation.
  8. Hi Did you start a new game or continue in an advanced one? There is to start a new one by changing the blocks that the mod does.
  9. Thanks for always answering my sometimes newbish questions. I still

    am having no luck with vehicle madness. I have eliminated all other vehicle mods and still I see no difference. Is it just a drop in mod folder Modlet? Something to do with SDX? Would love this mod to work for me so any help you can give would be apprexiated

    1. Gouki




      You just have to extract it in the Mods folder of the game.


      7 Days To Die> Mods


      The Vehicle Madness mod folder should stay like this inside the Mods folder.


      7 Days To Die> Mods> VehicleMadness_Overhaul_Beta1


      Make sure to start a new game, because it requires it.

    2. Adimar


      I am running warnof the walkers overhaul. I've been putting vehicle madness in that mod folder. Should it go into the games root directory mods folder?

  10. Hi This is the way I use it to appear in Spanish, I guess it works for English language. Key,File,Type,UsedInMainMenu,NoTranslate,english,Context / Alternate Text,german,latam,french,italian,japanese,koreana,polish,brazilian,russian,turkish,schinese,tchinese,spanish stonePickaxe,items,item,,,Pico de piedra Or you can do it this other way. Key,File,Type,UsedInMainMenu,NoTranslate,english,Context / Alternate Text,german,latam,french,italian,japanese,koreana,polish,brazilian,russian,turkish,schinese,tchinese,spanish stonePickaxe,items,item,new,Stone Pick,,,,,
  11. Hi The Viper Congratulations on your prefab, your effort is appreciated. Is it just a base or there are also sleepers to kill before living there.
  12. Hi n2n1 Something like this? <set xpath="/windows/window[@name='newContinueGame']/rect/rect/rect[@tab_key='xuiGameSettingsBasic']/grid/gameoption[@name='GameDifficulty']/@display_names">goDifficulty5,goDifficulty6</set> Only survivor difficulty and insane. Regards
  13. Look, it works great. Soon I will give you the complete mod.
  14. Let me test some things and I'll tell you about it in a bit.
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