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  1. Hi Weaponspec Thanks for sharing your prefab, it's a great job, one more prefab for my list. Regards
  2. Hi rags This is one of the vehicles that I had wanted to be added, since it was not included in Manux Custom Vehicles A17, I did my best to make it work (I only managed to spawn it in the world, but I got red errors and then it stopped working), but my Unity skills are nil, so I no longer did anything to fix it. A great job from all the team involved, thank you very much also for the Military Tank. Waiting for your first release of these vehicles. Regards
  3. Confirmed, like Cranberry Monster, the mod works on the new experimental A19.6, I made my own changes since it started to crash on A19 and it still works. Regards
  4. Hi Heliox If it were a mod, just removing it from the folder would be enough. But if they modified the vanilla Xml, if this option of the code is like this: allow_sell = "true" change it to "false", it should work. Regards
  5. Hi Le John As I understand it, it is not an error, it all depends on randomness, having a higher level weapon does not mean that it will be better than a low level weapon, the only thing that changes sometimes is only the durability, if you want to change the statistics a bit , add mods to your weapons. You mention that you edited the durability of the weapon but it is not reflected in the game, that is because you need to re-craft the weapon for it to take the change you made. Now that if you want the weapon to degrade a little slower, edit this line and set the value that fits your game mode: <passive_effect name = "DegradationPerUse" operation = "base_set" value = "1" tags = "perkMachineGunner" /> Regards
  6. Thank you very much Devereziaux, another great job on this prefab. Regards
  7. Thank you very much Deverezieaux for releasing this great prefab, I am still finishing looting the government office, I have played very little these days. Regards
  8. Gouki

    Advanced Generator

    Hi Three08 Thank you very much for all the new mods you have shared, I really liked the advanced generator mod and the windows and doors mod. Do you plan to share the Pizza oven, Stone oven and ATM mods that I saw in your videos? Regards
  9. Hi MortiusMaximus You can download the CompoPack 47, in this link you will find it: Regards
  10. Hi Scallipus Thank you very much for this wonderful tool, I have created only 1 biome map, because it is a bit difficult for me when I am painting the biomes and adjusting the zoom in the window that opens when you create a new biome map. The window does not show you the entire biome map like Gimp, Paint or Photoshop does. I think it would be a good idea to adjust that, don't you think. At first I could not run the program due to the lack of a DLL (vcruntime140_1), but that has already been solved, nothing serious. Regards
  11. Hi MoonFalls It is the wrong post to ask, you could also share what mod you are playing. Depending on what mod overhaul you play, you could ask the author in his post. Regards
  12. Hi rucky The return of this great and fun mod would be a good idea, waiting for the launch. The image you ask about is an archived image of the error that a user had, there is nothing wrong with the main image of your mod. Regards
  13. Thank you so much for this great Pipermac update. Keep up the great work, although there are certain things that look weird in a mod that is farm exclusive, it would be better to change the name and make it a totally new mod. Regards
  14. Hi Kattenijin Thank you very much for the mod, I'll take a look at it. Regards
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