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  1. My forge has 4 slots for tools, I added a mold to make bricks, but it would not let me put the mold (only the 4 tools that are shown in the slots), the solution was to edit this part that is in windows.xml, I assume your mod has it and it also has windowToolsX, so edit this: required_tools_only = "true" Change it to "false" With this, the forge allows you to put any tool or mold, but you will have to change them every time you want to make one thing or another. Regards
  2. I have finished the mod, if you are interested here is the code. This deletes the recipe and puts it back but with the crafting time at 4 seconds (original 13 seconds), you can change it according to your criteria. Regards <Gouki> <remove xpath="/recipes/recipe[@name='resourceConcreteMix']"/> <append xpath="/recipes"> <recipe name="resourceConcreteMix" count="1" craft_time="4" craft_area="cementMixer" tags="cementMixerCrafting"> <ingredient name="resourceCrushedSand" count="1"/> <ingredient name="resourceRockSmall" count="1"/> <ingredient name="resourceCement" count="1"/> </recipe> </append> </Gouki>
  3. Hi darchon You can add this to the original recipes.xml file, look for the recipe and add it: craft_time="2" With this the concreteMix is done in 2 seconds. Or add it to the code that Cranberry Monster told you. Regards
  4. Hi Senzo If I understood you correctly, your forge accepts all the molds that appear in your image (14 molds = 14 slots), I can assume that it would be a kind of bug what happens, there are too many slots for the tools. Regards
  5. Gouki

    Train Station

    Here is an example: 1- Press update imposter and it will automatically be generated the mesh file, then press save to save the changes. 2- For properties press prefab properties and mark according to your criteria,then press save to save the changes. Make sure to always make a backup copy of your prefab. When you go to generate the mesh file, do it when you have everything ready (objects, loot, prefabs, etc), the sleepers can be added later. Regards
  6. The prefab is vanilla: Carlot 01 and the version he's playing is A19.2 b4, if that's what you mean, maybe I've already found the solution. Regards
  7. Gouki

    Train Station

    Hi maxley A great job on this prefab, I really liked it. Regards P.D. You need to generate the mesh file and add a zone type to the prefab, otherwise everything is ok.
  8. Thank you very much ShoudenKalferas Great work Regards
  9. Hi Darchon Before modifying it again, make a backup copy of the prefab. I suppose you tried to erase the part that you don't want using: Press "z" in one corner of the stone piece, then press "z" again in the other corner of the stone piece, all that selected part will appear. Now hold down "Shift + G" to accommodate the selection you have made with the arrows that will appear, when you have it selected press "J" and that part will be deleted. Do the same as you did, update the prefab limit and finally save the changes. Check that everything is ok, entering the play test option. Regards P.S. This prefab is vanilla and you just edited it? You can still share your prefab and in the afternoon I could test it.
  10. It's a great idea to have a couple of books that offer advice throughout your journey. Regards
  11. Hi FranticDan I have made it mod xpath (I had my version from before, but I never published it), if you don't mind in the afternoon I can share it done with your code. You test it and give it your approval. Regards
  12. Hi DrHugoS The box that you show in the image is cntStorageGeneric that has a size = 8,9 , but you enlarged the storage to 11,13 , you could change it to 9,13 and thus eliminate the last 2 lines of slots and avoid overlapping with the ui of life and stamina, I hope that helps you. Regards
  13. Hi aY227 I don't think you can, apart from subquake I configure it like this to give it a new Ui touch, unless subquake edits it or tells you how to do it. The new style that he put in looks good, but it could have left him hp block in number. Regards
  14. Hi CriptycGirl Nitrogen has its prefablist.txt with the pois of the CompoPack and vanilla mixed in. I think it also has another prefablist.txt where it only has the vanilla pois, check it in its resources folder. You can still copy the list that EB64 gives you. Regards
  15. Thank you very much Smitty
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