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  1. Hi Pipermac Thanks for the new update, I hope to have my zombie guards soon. Thanks also for the new cloning cameras. Regards
  2. Hi Telric The line of code you put in is removing the blocks. I don't know if this is the correct way, but you can check it out. Regards <set xpath="/blocks/block[contains(@name, 'cntWallOven')]/property[@name='Class']/@value"></set> You can add this code in case it doesn't work just by removing Property Class. <set xpath="/blocks/block[contains(@name, 'cntWallOven')]/property[@name='LootList']/@value"></set>
  3. Hi Deverezieaux First of all thanks for all the new prefabs that you have shared, I already have them in my new map and they are great. Regarding if a large POI causes performance problems, in my case if (only if several are generated), I currently have the Big Hotel in Stallionsden (3 were generated) and I have noticed that the performance drops a lot, at least for me, my pc is not last generation but it knows how to defend itself with other prefabs, I also just installed the Woodbury Jail and it is also very big, I have not seen it on my map yet to know how much performance drops,
  4. Hi KingSlayerGM In the next update you will add the option (unique) to generate large POIs only one per map, I ask because I am playing a new map and they were generated as 3 large Stallions Hotels and other pois and it affects the performance too much. Regards
  5. Hi Pipermac Thank you very much for the update 1.21, simple curiosity, in the description it shows only a fix issue and nothing else, ¿are there more changes or was it just that? I ask because it would be easier to download only the files that were modified, instead of having to download the entire mod. There is also something that I would like to see changed, I mean the cloning cameras, they emit a lot of light and my vision tires me out, you think that change can be made. Regards
  6. Hi NecroNile and Untamed_Wolf If they already had points in Intellect and Fortitude, and then they started doing the cloning mission, possibly they got bugged and that is the reason why it does not take that they have already learned the cloning skill. It could also be because of some other mod that they have installed and cause incompatibility. Regards P.S. Pipermac there is a small error in the recipe of the mission to make the Random Turret Guard Cloning, he asks you for the Animal DNA recipe when it should be Human DNA.
  7. Hi Pipermac and AnkhAsmodeus The problem could be an incompatibility with sirilion's SMX mod, it changes the game's UI. Because I have not had any problem with the KitchNaid and the Webber Grill to open them, only a problem with the sound of the webber grill and rustic smoker, nothing is heard when opening or closing or making something, but it is easy to solve. Regards
  8. Wow !, the iron giant. A beautiful prefab to loot, thanks Deverezieaux.
  9. Thank you very much KingSlayerGM, I really liked how the shores of the lakes and rivers are blurred, they are not so abrupt and also the ability to increase the size of the biomes, my map is beautiful. The generation of worlds is faster than with Nitrogen, although there are exceptions, because certain prefabs do not add them because they do not have AllowedTownShip (I think so), but that can be easily fixed. I have also noticed that it goes lagged if I leave the size of the mountains in medium, so for the moment I leave them in small. Thank you for creating this great tool. Regards
  10. I just checked it and it worked, now if the list of Prefabs is generated. Select the folder where the game prefabs and Compopack are (click on POI's folder) and then I had to make a text file (click on POI's file), I marked that that list was already there, overwritten the file, press after generating and it worked. Now I must check if the list works in (Custom list) to generate the map. Regards
  11. Thanks, after a while I check it and comment if it worked for me or not. Regards
  12. Yes, it does not generate any list of POIs, I have all the prefabs in the Prefabs folder of the game (vanilla + CompoPack 47), when I select in Advanced Options the folder where all the prefabs are, I click on generate the list, but it does not generate anything. Or am I doing it wrong? It is good to know that the error is easy to correct, I will wait for the next version. Regards
  13. Hi KingSlayerGM I have tried to make a map with the vanilla + CompoPack list, but it always shows me this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "gui.py", line 677, in generate File "ntime.py", line 11, in ntime File "world.py", line 661, in run File "world.py", line 58, in __init__ File "poi.py", line 38, in __init__ File "poi.py", line 38, in <genexpr> TypeError: __init__() takes 9 positional arguments but 17 were given when generating a map with the vanilla list the map is made without problem. Nor does it generat
  14. Thanks Pipermac I have started a new game.
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