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  1. Hi SG1-09 Good prefab, I like the design and detail you have put into it. I'll take a look when you finish it, share it, and add it to my special POIS prefablist, thanks. Regards
  2. Gouki

    DMC ClockTower

    Hi DMC Beautiful prefab, thanks for sharing. Regards
  3. Hi Zerir I think I remember that there are some mods like that, one mod is from Khaine (DMT) and the other is from Khzmusik (Xml), take a look at them.
  4. Hi Stallions No problem, thanks for adding more zombies. I'm still cleaning and looting the Big Hotel, a great POI too. Hi Ringkeeper It is good to know that you liked the POI, have fun killing zombies or maybe they will kill you.
  5. Thank you very much Snufkin.
  6. Hi kamakazi I can't tell you what could be the error you have, share your output log, from there you could check. Also this should be posted in the Darkness mod post or Discussion and Request, not where the mods go. Regards
  7. Hi Xtrakicking I like that idea, to have that back in the game, I hope some of the veteran modders catch their attention or that it is implemented via DMT, I can't say if it's possible or not, but in the community we have very talented people and they can surprise us. Regards
  8. Hi walkingwounded You could add the recipe to make only the signed box, that would be easier. Regards
  9. Yes, that will work, I have it configured like this. Regards
  10. Hi Data It is a small problem as you configured your xml file, because the traders and the machine have a reset interval and since you did not specify the ID number you want to change, I also apply it to the selling machine, that was the error. Regards
  11. Hi ZaraEatsRainbows I have that same version, which is the last one where it adds the mutants and I have not had any problems. Regards
  12. Hi pipermac The mining machine has it added, it is this: <property name = "TakeDelay" value = "12" /> To know when the mining machine is ready, it is when it only spews steam. When it is mining, it spews fire and steam, that's the difference. Hope that helps you. Regards
  13. Hi Stallions I made some changes and the sound of the mining machine continues to be heard loudly, I made changes again and lowered it to the minimum and it gives me an error on the console. I suppose it may be because the sound has a specific value and I can't go beyond there. Or I'll be doing something wrong, I don't know. Regards
  14. Thank you so much Stallions. I will add it to my generated map. Regards
  15. Gouki

    Skyhigh Plaza

    Thank you so much Gobarg and Mana. Regards
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