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  1. Solved, no longer necessary.
  2. Hello everyone Does anyone know how to activate distance terrain through the console or is there any mod available, I know that the legacy distance terrain of sphereii is there or how can I install the one of sphereii.
  3. Hi Wyrm187 You need to start a new game, because in the already started it causes the trees to have 1 hit and you knock them down with one hit.
  4. Hi Scubahalo DUST2DEATH is right, it is not worth wasting time fixing the textures, with the A19 they will be changed, better enjoy what is still compatible. Cheers
  5. Hello everyone to avoid the problem of feeding in animals, you can eliminate the lines where you add what you feed with and leave them with a high or medium growrate, so I did it. Cheers
  6. Gouki

    Guppycur's Modlets

    Hehe, you can change the honey for something else, you also have to add a biomes.xml file to add them, it happened to me to comment yesterday. Regards
  7. Gouki

    Guppycur's Modlets

    Hi Guppycur Just remove these lines: <property name = "IsDistantDecoration" value = "false" /> <property name = "CanPlayersSpawnOn" value = "false" /> and add these lines: <property name = "FallOver" value = "false" /> <drop event = "Destroy" name = "foodHoney" count = "1" prob = ". 08" /> That was it, I hope it helps.
  8. Hi everyone I have fixed some bugs that I found: Fixed a bug where the seeds could not be planted, they disappeared (jungleseed, desertseed, alpineseed, palmseed), corrected the icon folder, now if it shows them. I currently use Baseline Biome Overhaul and Biome particles effects, A18.4 stable. Thank you very much DUST2DEATH,your effort is greatly appreciated.
  9. Gouki

    Guppycur's Modlets

    Solved (Guppy Trees), now I can add them,A18.4 stable.
  10. Thank you very much xyth and darkstardragon have clarified my doubts.
  11. Thank you xyth and all those who contribute to the creature pack, all your effort is greatly appreciated, day by day they improve this wonderful pack. Question, can survivors be put to attack zombies and bandits instead of running away? Cheers Gouki
  12. Gouki

    Guppycur's Modlets

    Hello Guppycur First of all, thank you for all the contribution you have made to the creature pack (apart from all your mods too) and to all the others who contribute. I have a doubt about the tree mod, how it works, because I already added it and nothing appears to me, I checked it in the creative and when putting the trees they disappear completely, I also added a biomes.xml file to put them in certain biomes and It doesn't work, or I'm doing something wrong. Cheers Gouki
  13. Exactly, you are absolutely right, regarding the graphics I think they are in second place, I do not see any sense in improving the graphics and letting much more important things happen.
  14. Gouki

    Gouki´s Modlets

  15. Hi psouza4 Nice model,Great job, keep it up regards Gouki
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