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  1. tried that, no luck for the people on my server but it the icons show for me though
  2. I need help getting the icons to show up in game. I run the dedicated server on my pc and play from the pc, it is all setup accordingly working smoothly till I made changes for Alpha 18+ , now custom icons won't show. Also, has the custom icon location hierarchy changed? *Edit* I just woke up and in the fuzz I think I posted in the wrong place, also there isn't a log - see picture below for proof.
  3. I update Electric Eel Trap for Alpha 18.3 (b4) https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?110136-Eelectric-Eel-Trap-Be-VERY-careful!-lol
  4. Red Eagle LXIX, your UI mod is awesome and I miss it! I can't get it to work for A18.3 (b4), everytime I do I get the results show in the picture and the only way I can get out of it is to Alt+F4. I can't find a error log to look at, please help. sorry, the red letters say: "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  5. This may be it, does my xml look correct? <config> <remove xpath="/Sounds/SoundDataNode[@name='keystone_build_warning']/AudioSource[@name='Sounds/AudioSource_Impact_Small']/AudioClip[@name='Sounds/Misc/keystone_build_warning']/LocalCrouchVolumeScale[@value='1.0']/CrouchNoiseScale[@value='0.5']/NoiseScale[@value='1']/MaxVoices[@value='3']/MaxRepeatRate[@value='0.01']"/> <remove xpath="/Sounds/SoundDataNode[@name='keystone_destroyed']/AudioSource[@name='Sounds/AudioSource_Impact_Small']/AudioClip[@name='Sounds/Misc/keystone_build_warning']/LocalCrouchVolumeScale[@value='1.0']/CrouchNoiseScale[@value='0.5']/NoiseScale[@value='1']/MaxVoices[@value='3']/MaxRepeatRate[@value='0.01']"/> <remove xpath="/Sounds/SoundDataNode[@name='keystone_build_overlay']/AudioSource[@name='Sounds/AudioSource_Impact_Small']/AudioClip[@name='Sounds/Misc/keystone_build_warning']/LocalCrouchVolumeScale[@value='1.0']/CrouchNoiseScale[@value='0.5']/NoiseScale[@value='1']/MaxVoices[@value='3']/MaxRepeatRate[@value='0.05']"/> </config>
  6. Me and my friend have a base that we shoot it out on blood moons, during that time we are allies and this sound constantly loops from 22:00 to 4:00 non stop that drives us insane. It happens I assume every time he damages my base, so I went in the sound xml to look for the demon only to be miffed by all the sounds in there; I'm not really sure which one it could be. I would be tremendously grateful for help in sending this demon back to hell to annoy the condemned souls there.
  7. I build bases with a ramp built near the side using a drawbridge to connect the ramp to my base. The drawbridge leads to a small garage that is part of my base. I vaguely remember when the minibike was the only means of transportation and it would go up ramps without any problems. New vehicles are available, which is great, only catch is - all the vehicles have been neutered and barely have any spunk unless one is on flat ground. Example: I'm using the motorcycle as my guinea pig and I have change almost every numeric value in the attributes to no avail. Please help me.
  8. Awesome! I googled "voxel" and gave my curiosity a good scratch. thank you very much
  9. Not a concern but I am curious what the two clods are above the red arrows. I was in the process of clearing out rubble and I reduced it to two clods that cannot be passed through nor destroyed with the HoG so I got to googling to no avail.
  10. M60 machine gun is going to problematic to keep supplied with ammo with the restrictive amount of lead. I speak of one raw lead being smelted into one lead whereas something like one raw iron is smelted into five iron.
  11. Here is a great digging/mining mod: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?116928-Super-Auger-Put-a-mole-on-crack-to-shame&p=974101#post974101
  12. imo, deleting all the "modern items" wouldn't be too difficult but designing swords, lances, etc. would be out of my league; reduce the game to iron/wood weapons and buildings of wood/earth/stone
  13. here's a PKM (Light Machine Gun); https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?110345-PKM-(Light-Machine-Gun)&p=949314#post949314
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