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  1. Made a jump in the right direction: This would be perfect except for two flaws: 1. I'm not getting the designated level 3 items thus stateed and 2. The superior goggles mod is not generated upon opening crate
  2. I rented a server, normally I use server tools to get my starter items yet server tools won't work on the rented server thus I seek an alternative. I'm going to pop a starter items mod in the mod folder an call it good.... except, there is one caveat: I don't know how to achieve this specific goal. Here is what I've come up with thus far: The code in the pastebin link is a machination that brings forth only two of the listed items: water and spaghetti
  3. Guess I went a little overboard with the mods, huh? Thank you for taking the time to look and give me advice, much appreciated.
  4. sorry, when i try to put that into paste bin... it crashes firefox; so here's a link to download - output_log_2021-07-18_081009
  5. I have a dedicated server that I play with my friend and the plane suddenly start dropping tons of supply crates - can anyone tell me how to fix this? I use the RAT server manager to run the dedicated server.
  6. Thank you very much for the responses, I love to tinker yet sometimes some things are not meant to be.... on to the next thing 😊
  7. I found this line: "<property name="NoScrapping" value="true"/>" within the blocks.xml yet it doesn't make the blocks have the scrap option once I modified it to my needs. Perhaps there is additional steps? I'm working on an additional step to this mod that makes many blocks that would be destroyed and returned as raw materials be returned as their original shape to the bag of the player. As of now the player will get a bunch of blocks that they can't scrap and dropping really isn't an option so I'm looking to incorporate a scrap option. I would really appreciate some help/advice on how to make blocks scrappable. If you want to look at the mod: Builder's Friend
  8. Thank you for the suggestion, I tried it in my game and it didn't work.
  9. I'm a builder and I'm particular about where things are placed. I will put blocks down, not like the position, then break them and try something else - anywho; is there a way to set the hammer of god to harvest blocks instead of destroying them? I figure I could add a line like this after every block, or there might be a way to get the hammer to harvest the block instead.
  10. I speak of the following tree: main menu - options - controls - options. After a ranged weapon's ammo is expended the character automatically begins reloading/reloading animation, that's how it used to be - if I recall correctly. I'm happy with the way it is (due to reloading problems) yet everyone has there own play style therefore I believe such things as the aforementioned should be put back in the game as an option. Some like toggle crouch, some like hold crouch, the reloading topic, etc could be options that can be toggled on/off in the main menu - options - controls - options.
  11. I scrolled/searched through the entire buffs xml and did not see any active buffs with "BlockPenetrationFactor"; I did find the description yet that's only a description therefore it doesn't help.
  12. I've modded the blocks to be much tougher, that's why I want "The Penetrator" attribute to have a bit more bite.
  13. I thought as much yet I don't know how this: <!-- Note: the 1 penetration effect is on <item name="ammo762mmBulletAP"> and other AP bullets --> <passive_effect name="EntityPenetrationCount" operation="perc_add" level="2,4" value="1,3" tags="perkDeadEye"/> <!-- All AP ammo has 1 penetration --> Translates to 1000 hit points, better yet - how am I to change it so that it translates to say 10000 hit points?
  14. I play with a mod that makes most blocks much tougher than default value therefore I would like to change the default "The Penetrator" value from ~1000 hit points on a block to a higher block value. There are some things that can be changed yet I don't see this as being one of the things that can be modified.
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