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    Hey Everyone! This weekend we have A19.1 b4 for you to have fun with. If you want to continue your A19 b180 savegame, please make a backup, in case there is an incompatibility issue we did not find yet. A19.1 has: We found Tim the Toolman Taylor's toolbelt and gave it to players allowing you to carry 10 instead of 8 slots A fix for the robotic turret freezing games and servers when destroying a block as collateral damage Huge improvement to ladder usage Some new and shiny zombies, one of them with hair physics! Added Player side stepping while on ladders Players falling onto ladders will be slowed until they reach a reasonable speed to attach Support defining POI zones in Prefab Editor Set entity rigid body drag to .25 when spawned with 0 Death ragdoll physics set max velocities lower 20 Slot Toolbelt for Prefab Editor New Stripper, Utility, and Business zombies Changed Improved AI ladder use Ladder type blocks to only be climbable when vertical Increased player horizontal move speed on ladders and running boosts Jumping conflicts with starting to climb a ladder Console command replies on the Windows Dedicated Server terminal window same green as regular console output now Loot window of writable storage box shows custom text if assigned Reduced zombie flesh physics bounce and increased fat bounce Increased toolbelt size to 10 slots Increased value of cigars Reenabled docks_02 in Navezgane Fixed Switch lights do not seem to be working when they are placed. Switches that are turned on will be white when logging back into the game Fixed light source on player industrial light First person hand animation for block placing is faster and doesn't de sync with fast placed blocks Stone axe abledo brightness Trees are invisible from one side and not the other Object quality diminishes world object render distance too far Cops and Radiated Cops aim poorly (Increased vomit radius) Soldier zombie only shows head on fire Goldenrod seed uses full grown stage ghost when planting (and similar drawing bugs in other plants) Block placement would start rotated for certain blocks Broken glass looked white when holding AI jumping at you thinking the path to you was unreachable if you had moved AI could not jump while on a ladder AI obstacle check was disabled on ladder if not climbing AI pathing not making horizontal ladder connections AI pathing making unneeded inside drop connections "house_modern_03" has zombie trapped in tub if/when spawned Trader hughes poi has missing beam Terrain AirPocket in cave_04 House_old_victorian_10 fire place paint looks out of place Player jumping to a ladder block after having used a ladder would not attach unless jump was still pressed after entering the ladder block Player or AI moving down from air to a ladder would fall 1m Player moving down to ground while in a ladder block would keep you attached (slow) Holding jump after attaching to a ladder slowly slides you down Player does not use stamina when bunny hopping Ladder rung above hay bale negates hay bale protection Water makes moving dots effect HUD timers overlap icons with local language changes Prefab Editor nullref when toggling 'Show Stability Glue' "ERR Prefab loading failed" when clients join a world with a custom POI Toolbelt only remembers one slot per item type to return to (e.g. multiple spears) Controller unable to select player profile character onSelfEquip event consistency issues Harvest animation plays when out of range to harvest Healing other player is not working Food animation speeds up after firing any weapon Deployed robotic sledge animation doesn't have firing sound(s) for clients Deployed robotic sledge animation doesn't fire correctly for clients AP rounds not working as expected Robotic sledge placement can be rotated using reload key during placement process Junk Sledge dupe on 2 player pickup Auto turret and traps use mod of item held in hand. ie. burning shaft mod Spawning in a trader with ctrl num* causes nre Error if anim pause (ctrl num*) enabled when placing robotic turrets Dynamic resolution causes Z selection box issues Floating crawler stumble Zombies fall through floor/world when jumping over metalRailing blocks Knocked down Fat Cops play a weird ragdoll Bear corpse harvest ragdoll is excessive Bear ragdoll hips could keep moving and improved impact handling Lab and Hazmat zombie show no fire when burning Robotic Turret freezing game when shooting a block and having 0 BlockPenetrationFactor
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    Hey guys! Small correction patch coming up! Changelog b5-b8 Added Ambulance, Mopower and working stiff service trucks Changed Removed simple rotations from POI decoration hubcapNoMine Fixed Toolbelt slots 9&10 do not have localization Exchanged Feral Hawaiian with old model
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    Hello! We are releasing A19 b180 to stable today. You can find the changelog here. You can report bugs here, but please read here first. We hope you all have a great time with A19.0 and its .x patches to follow.
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    Thanks for your input. It has been received and taken under advisement. There is no further need to talk about this as the proper people who needed to see your feedback have seen it and will make their decision on the artistic representation of the zombies as well as the relative strengths and weaknesses between zombie types. Further discussion of how race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, political persuasion, etc are represented or under-represented or over-represented in the game shall be considered political discussion and dealt with under that rule. Leave it and let TFP design what they will in this regard.
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    You think I don’t know the rules for this thread let alone the whole forum and that I just go off assumptions based upon emotional outbursts by Madmole and never have direct conversations with him where he says, “Roland, let’s try and do a better job keeping the mod talk out of the dev diary”? When you say that sometimes a mod brings better balance, what you mean is that a mod sometimes makes the game feel better and more fun FOR YOU. But by all means keep bring up mods in this thread and see what happens...
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    The main point would be to decrease the zombies hit range a good amount. Decreasing the player's range say 10% or 20% is not going to gimp you if the zombie's was 25% less. There are incremental changes to reach a balance. Sooner than later??? Today I fixed the bug I hated most in the game! I like 2m high "jump" ladders and this would get me quite often. Fixed player jumping to a ladder block after having used a ladder would not attach unless jump was still pressed after entering the ladder block (and then have to release jump before you fell out of block). These are nice too: Fixed player or AI moving down from air to a ladder would fall 1m. Fixed player moving down to ground while in a ladder block would keep you attached (slow). Added player side stepping while on ladders. Increased player horizontal move speed on ladders and running boosts.
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    I never understood how people could enjoy A16 with the broken zombie pathing and OP stealth at night rendering you 100% safe and undetectable by zombies from even a block away if you crouched. Then there were the stilt bases and column bases that you could build before your first horde night and would keep you safe forever rendering the bloodmoons pretty pointless. I played lots of A15 and very little A16 because the player was just too OP in too many ways compared to the zombies. Now reading how all the same people hate the new weapons progression because they can't have OP weapons sooner rather than later I begin to understand...
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    These should be all the ladder related changed: Fixed AI could not jump while on a ladder. Fixed AI obstacle check was disabled on ladder if not climbing. Improved AI ladder use (Use direct motion. Slow animation. Don't face if up or down motion. GetMoveToLocation, FindSupportingBlockPos, CanNavigatePath and zombie fall anims handle elevators). Added path navigate can advance if near line of travel. Changed ladder type blocks to only be climbable when vertical. Fixed AI pathing not making horizontal ladder connections. Fixed AI pathing making unneeded inside drop connections. Fixed AI jumping from the top of ladders when blocked but no head room. Fixed player jumping to a ladder block after having used a ladder would not attach unless jump was still pressed after entering the ladder block. Fixed player or AI moving down from air to a ladder would fall 1m. Fixed player moving down to ground while in a ladder block would keep you attached (slow). Added player side stepping while on ladders. Increased player horizontal move speed on ladders and running boosts. Changed: Jumping conflicts with starting to climb a ladder (reworked air attach to attach at peak of jump and not care if jump still pressed). Fixed holding jump after attaching to a ladder slowly slides you down. Added players falling onto ladders will be slowed until they reach a reasonable speed to attach. Fixed: Ladder rung above hay bale negates hay bale protection.
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    But the Rust players are leaving to play Empyrion. On the Empyrion forums they are leaving to play Space Engineers. On the Space Engineers forums they are leaving to play No Man's Sky. On the No Man's Sky forums they are leaving to play 7 Days To Die.
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    At what point in leveling do u put a point in paragraphs?
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    I have logged 2,930 hours on this game. I purchased it several alphas ago and it has been my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE for years. But this new linear loot system is killing me with bland boredom. I know precisely what I am getting from loot crates early game. Nothing of worth. I loot an entire Shotgun Messiah factory to get nothing but a high level blunderbuss. After blunderbuss. After blunderbuss. After blunderbuss. There is no point to breaking open safes. I am able to craft better weapons that I can every find in a gun safe or loot crate for weeks in gameplay. Zero randomness to loot. No exciting surprises. Bland, boring, GRINDY. It does not matter if I take the Lucky Looter perk. Bland repeats of the same low level gear. There is no joy for taking the risk of raiding facilities. It this rate, I have no desire to GRIND, GRIND, GRIND for days on end before I can get a piece of decent hardware of ANY type. I am beyond disappointed. Doubt I'll bother getting to 3,000 hours. It's just a grindy snoozefest now, no matter how pretty you made the graphics.
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    So everyone who's responsible for their own bugs should sit idle and wait for the 1-2 devs that can fix performance? TBH performance is top priority. We're going to be working directly with Unity staff to optimize the game.
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    I heard that random gen is going to be worked on for alpha 20, and I'd like to point out something that I've noticed after looking at map previews for hundreds of seeds (literally -- check https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E1abSNz0_rsoDd-3AVp6SzxY-AF7eVjMfVNhIXN3X20/edit#gid=997179930 for a list of the seeds I generated on b180 alone). There's a subtle issue impacting the quality of cities in random gen: a disconnect between block sizes and prefab dimensions. Let me explain that with images. Take the following city, which is about as big as they can be in alpha 19 stable: The first thing to notice is how varied the size of each one is. Out of 356 prefabs, 195 do not share dimensions with any other prefab and 80 share it with only one other prefab. Only 38 prefabs share dimensions with more than four others. Note that this isn't about the size of building themselves, but about the "plot" the occupy, including green area. More importantly, the dimensions of the prefabs do not take into account the actual available space inside a city. In alpha 19 stable each block is 120x120 of usable space unless a road is missing. The space between any two prefabs is 8m, so optimal non-wilderness prefab sizes are 24x24 and 56x56, but there's only one prefab with the first dimension and none with the second. On the other hand, the size shared by most prefabs is 25x25, which inevitably causes empty spaces. In the case of downtown prefabs, it is even worse. Downtown is at most four blocks in size, but the skyscrapers, which are downtown-only, all exceed 56m in at least one dimension, as you can see here: The Crack a Book is the only one of them that could fit side-by-side with another one equal to it. Regardless, the disregard for optimal prefab sizes for cities result in a lot of empty space, like the industrial area of that city: Unless random gen is made to make roads fit prefab placement, one of the most important things to improve random gen cities is to make prefab dimensions and block sizes a better fit for each other. PS: I'm only talking about x and z dimensions, not y. Height isn't relevant here. I also sorted x and z before making these statistics, so x,?,z was considered the same size as z,??,x.
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    I have been thinking about posting this for a few days, contemplating whether or not it would be worth the time and effort . . . Players take the whole game too literally. As I have said in other posts, the game is an abstraction of the real world : 1. To give the loot a container to sit in. Why is it that we can handle all the leather bags, piles of ammo, and equipment bags and the ridiculous things they contain (like an AK47 in a bag the size of a football), but people loose their minds over a sealed crate (again, abstraction) with primitive tools in it? 2. Because creating an appropriate loot container for every different tech level of loot would be too resource intensive, both in manpower and hardware terms. Not to mention tying the different models to the appropriate code to swap them out as necessary. 3. The items in the game are just an abstraction. If it makes you feel better, call the stone tools "makeshift", "scrap", or whatever else you think would be appropriate to find in a "sealed" crate. What is important here is the progression through the necessary steps to make the game challenging and balanced, not the names or the models. 4. This is not a simulation and taking the systems contained herein as such will only lead to frustration and confusion. Overall this game has only gotten better with each alpha. Sure there have been a few stumbles along the way, but TFP have always addressed issues in an effort to make the game better.
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    TY @Muci on your A19 stable celebration video....🤣
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    ahoi hoi survivalists here is COMPOPACK_45hotfix02(for Alpha19stable_built180) (not compatible with all A18 and previous alpha-versions) important hot news: I decided to Release a 2nd hotfix for CP45 because some of us are getting NullRef-errors when they tried to continue their worlds after they have quit playing the game We found the Issue and fixed it !!! It was 2 corrupted prefabs !!! It was xcostum_PeerCafe(by_Stallionsden) and xcostum_Stallionsdens_Ranch(by_Stallionsden) - they had too much Sleepers in one single Volume Once you have got the NullRef-freeze when loading your map it is needed to start a new world !!! If u havent any problems yet u can continue using your existing map !!! However we strongly recommend to install the hotfix02 to avoid your game to get corrupted and get lost !!! (then u will be able to continue your existing map without getting any Issues ) COMPOPACK is a Collection of 340 Prefabs made by the members of this forum and also some Prefabs from Nexus. COMPOPACK is easy to implement (just a copy/paste - process) - and totally supports EAC (steam-easyanticheat) what you can expect when using COMPOACK ? : - 340 extra POI's for Nitrogen generated maps - 9 different townships (=towns/cities will differ from each other because of specialized prefab-rule-sets) Whats new in CP45 ? this CP-version has by far the biggest content-drop that was ever made in the history of COMPOPACK (CP45-CHANGELOG has 1138 lines LOL) a lot of prefabs was reworked by wolfbain5 , Stallionsden , sinda and also a few by myself most changes belongs to set up Sleepers/Volumes - Questsettings - adjusting Lootamounts - new A19 blocks added - old blocks changed/removed - repainting - rotation-fixes a big amount of new POI's are added This CP-version contains: - the prefab-files that are needed at all - CP-Nitrogen-prefablist.txt for generating your own CP-maps (also my configUI.txt) (for Nitrogen-map-generation) - a pregenerated 8k-Nitrogen-map for example-purposes - this COMPOPACK-version does NOT have a CP-rwgmixer.xml (for ingame RWG-map-generation) !!! check out the updatepost to get detailed information special thx to Damocles for providing such a wonderful map-generation-tool and adding the customzone-stuff for me https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?114207-Tool-NITROGEN-a-random-world-generator-for-7DtD also special thx to Pille for providing me the ability to do what is needed to do with the prefabs with his editor https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?62501-Prefab-Editor-(Alpha) still super-special-thx to Pille who made the whole block-conversation from A18 to A19 this time special-thanks goes out to my new CP-TEAM wolfbain5 and Stallionsden for doing most of the reworks, cleaning up the xml's and also creating new mesh-files and also to all Creators especially from Nexus-mods who uploaded their creations for free usage - thx alot guys and girls ( u guys rock ! ) As always the COMPOPACK is 100% EAC-friendly !!! Current version is: COMPOPACK_45hotfix02(for Alpha19stable_built180) HERE you can download COMPOPACK_45hotfix02(for Alpha19stable_built180) (Install-Instructions and the current Releasenotes are in the Download-file (.zip) ) IMPORTANT INFO: IF U PLAY MP THE PREFAB-FILES HAS TO BE ON SERVERSITE AND CLIENTSITE here is a tutorial on how to use Nitrogen with COMPOPACK from EpicSpire: as EpicSpire said: U have to overwrite the default prefablist.txt in the Nitrogen Resourcesfolder with the prefablist.txt from the CP-download - and than just choose A19 Vanilla(default) in the prefab list box !!! optional you can also overwrite the default configUI.txt with the configUI.txt from the CP-download to have the exactly same Nitrogen-settings which I used to generate the examplemap KNOWN ISSUES IN DETAIL: -no POI-groups are setted yet (has no impact on spawning and gameplay!) (will be implemented in further releases) -some wierd blocks (Rotations) on few prefabs (will be fixed in further Releases) -some missing, wrong or unbalanced Sleepers/Volumes on few prefabs (will be fixed in further Releases) Wishes or constructive critic is welcome. If u see any errors or strangers please report it here !!! (with picture when possible !) Sidenote: Some creations are look like a littlebit curious (especially the furnish, paintings and deco or displaced looking blocks) with the help of my reworker-team (wolfbain5 and Stallionsden) we will try to update, renovate and balance all of the older prefabs without losing their original style step by step Here are some previous CP-Releases: COMPOPACK_44(for Alpha19exp_built169) COMPOPACK_43(for Alpha18.3_built3) COMPOPACK_42(for Alpha18.2_built5) COMPOPACK_39(for Alpha18_exp_built143) COMPOPACK_38(for Alpha17.1_stable_b9) COMPOPACK_35 for Alpha17exp_b233 COMPOPACK_31(for_alpha16.4) COMPOPACK_30_foralpha16.4 COMPOPACK_29_foralpha16.3 COMPOPACK_28_for_alpha16.2 COMPOPACK_27_for_alpha16.2 COMPOPACK_26_for_alpha16.0_also_16.1 COMPOPACK_25 for_alpha16experimental COMPOPACK_24_for_alpha15stable-b105 COMPOPACK_22_for_alpha14.7 Alltime Special-thx to: Hal9000 - Randor9 - RedMunich - bigc90210 - thugsta - acidchaulk - JayzenFreeze - LT. - elitelex - Damocles - Stallionsden - StompyNZ - Slaan - LuckyStar - NODABBA - Pille - LazMan - Guppycur - War3zuk - TopMinder - wolfbain5 and OFC all the Prefabbers and Modders out there, who spend their work to the community !!! OK - thats all guys have fun Mag
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    He's working hard so that we might be able to open the A20 dev diary with some reportable content pretty soon....
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    Some folks are just angry that big mama wasn't the test subject for it.
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    There are talks of more T5's at some point. They will be developed in the multi player editor by a bunch of guys all at once to hopefully just get one done in a week with a team of guys.
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    Don't worry. I understand suspension of disbelief. I also understand selective application... No, I expicitly and quite purposely said people don't want to be disappointed when they open a box. I was careful to leave it at that and make no comment that it had to do with machine guns on day 1. The whole of my point was simply that for whatever reason (and that reason could be different for each person) people are feeling disappointed when they open up boxes in the game now but stating it in terms of "it doesn't make sense for this or that" when there are lots of times the exciting things we pull out of boxes also don't make sense but nobody says anything because they like what they got. My further statement was to demonstrate that if primitive gear was something people were not disappointed to get then nobody would be complaining about getting it even if it came in a factory sealed crate straight from pre-apocalyptic Shotgun Messiah. At most people would comment about how funny it was. And now we are back to selective application again.
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    Sweet dreams everyone. 7 Days To Die 2020-08-27 17-22-38.mp4
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    He simply made what we gave him on a character sheet. We make small adjustments as needed to make sure everything looks like it was made by the same guy, but not every zombie needs to have a bunch of disgusting gore or it simply makes it feel over done and then when you do see it you are numb to it and it has no impact. No offense, but we don't need art critique, it just isn't helpful and clogs up the thread and wastes my time when I could be answering real questions. We have the some of the best in the industry. Alpha isn't gold, it's just another stamp on the roadmap to gold. We refine stuff constantly.
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    Vehicle Madness Version 3 Beta 1.1 Guppycur's awesome original concept for Vehicle Madness returns to 7 Days to Die in A19, Guppy handed over the reigns of the project to me to rework and develop further the visions we have for vehicles in the game. This is a ongoing project and I am glad to say that ActiniumTiger has actively joined the 'pit crew' and has already done some great work with the mod as well as bringing along some good ideas into the mix that we are looking to implement in the next version. Features 26 vehicles ( all with overhauled unity vehicle physics and updated to linear lighting). Revamped the vehicle harvesting system ( Balancing feedback required ) . Updated the custom vehicles build system. A brand new custom vehicle spawner , so no more double or triple spawned vehicles and vehicle piles. ( Custom code was written by HaidrGna and we adapted it for Vehicle Madness with his kind permission) Added more vehicles to the craftable options for now. About Vehicle Madness For those that have not played the mod before ..... This mod will NOT let you build the 'custom vehicles' in the vanilla style...however you can still build vanilla vehicles in the usual way as all vanilla parts are still available in world. You will come across a variety of vehicles in the world, from firetrucks to humvee's to police cars to sedans and a few old rusted vehicles. You can only HOPE they are running. if not, you'll be forced to loot them to find salvageable parts, such as: Transmission (and damaged version) Engine (and damaged version) Seats (and damaged versions) Carburetor (and damaged version) Battery (and damaged version) Alternator (and damaged version) Chassis (and damaged version) Body parts (doors, hood, trunk and Fender and bumper) Full Vehicle Madness Style Wheels Wheel Rims We have adopted a system where 2x Damaged Parts go towards making 1 good working part along with other smaller items in the recipes. Tires that you find on the ground? They can be picked up! But, they are NOT WHEELS. You must find a wheel rim , these can be obtained by salvaging the vehicles in the world (you may be lucky and get full wheels and a wheel rim during salvage), or you can make a fully functional wheel by adding tire and wheel rim and using the air compressor tool in the Auto-Workbench. To make the Auto-workbench you need to first be able to craft 'normal workbenches' as you will need one to build the full Auto-workbench along with a compressor an ratchet set (lootable in world) ......you can then, after learning how, assemble the various vehicle parts into the various assemblies to build your custom vehicle. Car body assembly (requires a fully body kit) Electrical subsystem assembly Car engine assembly Car Body Kit Vehicle Madness wheels Then Build your chosen custom vehicle from the selection available. ** Vanilla vehicles can be crafted using the existing parts as before on a normal workbench so we have left in vanilla items for now but they will not fit the custom vehicles system ** You can only use the cool stuff like firetrucks, police car , military car and 5 ton military truck by finding driveable versions! Gas will be at a premium and minimal drops from vehicles means you may have to raid gas stations or make your own. More to come..... New things are planned along the way , such as a new tire fitting station and car lift system and possibly adding more parts to to the salvage options but not too much to make it a chore to do it. We will be adding more vehicles options for your post apocaliptic driving pleasures. A Dedicated POI for Automotive Repairs Looking at a new system to spawn in broken vehicle with no gas that needs fueling to get back to workshop for full repair (early stage development). Changing the engine sounds along the way. Looking to adapt and add my fuel siphon modlet that i developed in A17 for use in Vehicle Madness in A19. Work on localisation updates. A few vehicles (Motorcycles and the working Chevy) are missing from the original release and may return or may be replaced with new options. Guppy's fun shopping cart is now a separate thing and can be found here Guppycur's Modlets Credits: Guppycur, ActiniumTiger, HaidrGna, Mumpfy, Random Person, bdubyah, Dust2Death The 'Crew' on Guppy's Modding Discord' for their previous work and input on first version of which I was originally involved in a smaller role and their continuing support on the new version and helping shape the future direction of this mod. Note: You are not allowed to extract and alter the assets in this mod in any way, the assets can be used in other mods that are purely 'non profit'. These assets must not be used in any venture that attempts to make money out of modding VEHICLE MADNESS 3 BETA1.1 DOWNLOAD LINK ***** Please Note : This is an Overhaul in modlet form and is required on both Client and Server as with other mods that add new assets. ******* A new game save is required as the mod adds a lot of new blocks in the game and changes existing ones too !! Changelog Beta 1.1 : 1. Added various new wrecks created by bdubyah for the ultimate salvage variation ( There is only 1 vanilla sedan in chain as required by some POI's and all others are now custom). 2. Tweaked some vehicle speeds and camera positions and some storage on the big vehicles 3. Increased amount of wrecks on roads and in biomes to provide more resources. 4. Experimental block damage changes 5. Added Quad to world spawns and reduced spawns very slightly (feedback on this will be required as catering for server vs single player). 6. Added compressor to EMS and Military loot options , increased probabilities in automotive and rare automotive loot as were too rare before. 7. Removed damaged motorcyle part2 from spawn ( will add more motorcycle variant wrecks at some point) Have Fun Ragsy and Tiger !!!
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    You are assuming we care that there is controversy. Some controversy is fine, it gives you guys something to do in between alphas. We're constantly sprinting forward, caring about what a few guys on a forum say is like thinking about an ant you might have crushed half a mile back on your jog... no you don't think about that, you are looking forward, breathing hard, sweating and focused on the finish line. Sorry but some ants may or may not have got smashed in your jog, but the main thing is you completed your jog and reached the finish line.
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    Fantastic loot.... like a +1 Musket!? 😋 It's a game balance/pacing thing. I overcome any immersion-breaking by imagining that these are not so much actual sticks-and-stones constructs I'm finding as much as really, really damaged/dull/broken gear. Equipment sitting in crates (even ones with the lids still nailed on) is going to see water/fire/critter damage in many/most cases. Why does it magically get better later on?...you've learned to ignore piles of crap that are too far gone. You've learned how to make lemonade out of the lemons you do find....a little TLC and that iron ax you found can be sharpened and functioning as an orange iron ax instead of (the equivalent of) a yellow stone ax. You're also more keen-eyed, and may find things you would have missed when you were a neophyte of the apocalypse (e.g. a salvageable hunting knife stuck in layers of desiccated packing foam that you would have discarded...). Don't take things too literally. The crate you see may be a representation of a pile of crates...scores of them. This is like when you find a town/city, there's only 23 buildings. Of course there are more buildings in a real town, but in the 7d2d world, the developers can't make 12,000 piles of rubble in various degrees of disrepair. What we see is ultimately the "interesting stuff". You end up using your best adventurer-judgement and poking through the what you believe (at the time) is most promising. I'm a pretty ancient veteran player and I don't despise the current loot system. I like it quite a bit! In my current game I'm over level 100, and all three of my primary tools are still blue. I only recently upgraded a blue bow (the regular one) I was using. I still have blue armor pieces. It's been a long long time since I dragged a playthrough this many days. I'm actually using electricity and building large structures etc. I didn't like being forced to deal with the horde; but now, I'm okay with it. As 7d2d sees more balance (it swings back and forth), we get scraped up out of our old stagnant comfort zones. -Morloc
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    Primitive Intel melee/ranged weapon.
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    It appears the robotic sledge turret and cops are good match as dancing companions. And yes, i did loose my sledgeturret on accident.
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    I expect there to be a chance right from the start. Knowing what I will get and when takes the fun out of looting. That's what the item quality levels are for, to limit you from getting the best from the start. Now we have two gates on looting, item levels and game stage. This takes away the feeling that you could get lucky and find something nice and takes a big chunk of the excitement out of looting.
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    Concurrent Players are at 35k right now. Lets hope for a new peak tonight. https://steamcharts.com/app/251570 As a side note...just a fun creative build for Lathan/Prime since people are always giving him hell for his small hardware store POI. Looks nice next to the Bear Den. Edit: I may change the color of the pink ice cream truck as it sticks out like a sore thumb....might be a good or bad thing depending on the person lol....
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    "indignation"? Ummm...not capable of listening to constructive criticism for a game you didn't code? I expressed my opinion. I didn't insult the makers. I didn't insult the game. Nearly 3000 hours of play makes it obvious I am invested in the game. I put in my two cents on what I KNOW is an alpha. Without feedback, they can't tweek the game properly. Too much for you delicate sensibilities? Dude...the internet is gonna be rough for you.
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    That is an A20 topic. He was the best. I hope he knows his positive influence on us has reached millions of people and even though he was just a humble farmer and custodian, his actions, love and encouragement ended up causing a ripple effect that moved mountains and changed a lot of people's lives for the better. I doubt it, we need to leave some features and incentive to buy the sequel
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    Well I was thinking about using cheese to survive in the game, so I was thinking of a zombie bill of right to be more fair to them. 1. Too many traps. I think a minimum of 8 traps, this would give the zombies a much better chance of winning and it is really only fair. 2. Not using junk turrets. 3.Not using walls. Well just because the zombies have a degree in engineering to detect the slightest 50HP damage in a wall doesn't mean you should take advantage of this, again its just unfair to them. 4. Try and have a talk with the screamer before using violence. Well maybe she just want to have a conversation, perhaps make her some hot coco and some finger sandwiches to make her feel more welcome would be a better solution. More to come later. I say lets be more fair to our enemy, I know that they just want to eat you alive, but that does really make them bad? So lets vote upon the premise that using the tools the game gives you to survive does not necessarily make it right to use them and having restraint means a better , brighter future for the zombies. I recently upgraded my base with a 3rd outer wall and I have come to see the error in my ways. I think I will cut down from 8 junk turrets to two and make hole in the wall so they will not have to harm their hands when they pound at it it so violently. I may even make a special ladder that will allow them greater access to my base, a sort of good neighbor policy and maybe we can come to an agreement that they only attack my my base and try to eat me alive to maybe only 2 week at a time.
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    Cheese means somebody got upset that you don't spend the same amount of time and effort as they did because they didn't think of doing that Cheese means somebody got upset that you understood the mechanics of the game and took advantage of it to not die Cheese means somebody got upset that you used everything in your disposal to not die. You shouldn't do that Cheese means somebody got upset that you exercised too much freedom in your archictetural project and the zombies haven't been taught to deal with that Cheese just means you've defeated the game. Now you either restrain yourself or move on
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    Another A19 vote here. I don´t miss anything from A16. It´s just that A16 fans cry louder. People usually voice their opinon more likely when they don´t like something.
  36. 6 points
    you can create a faux tree house...
  37. 6 points
    What? I love hearing farts, as long as they are close to someone else's face and not mine. It's smelling farts that nobody wants.
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    You didn't just publicly post all of that for everyone to see did you? You should nerd pole your self out of this thread. I would have posted more but the Italian Grand Prix was about to start...what a cracking race. Anyway... 1-It's not a stealth game. Never has been, probably never will be. Sure there are some stealth perks, they work in certain situations, and are actually kind of handy in the first few days...but they're not going to allow you to stealth the entire game. That's like someone perking into Robotics and expecting to just sit back and let the turrets kill all of the things for them. Maybe that's possible, but surely wouldn't be intended. BTW...maybe you just mistyped, but once you've found that book, you need to crouch-walk (not walk) over trash piles for the noise cancellation. 2-They killed some exploits. Usually, that's a good thing. I suppose it does take away some choices in that, now, using one of those particular exploits is no longer a choice. Now the way they killed the exploits could maybe have been better. I am hoping some are just placeholders...like maybe the vultures will lose their boosters with the vehicles update if the devs can come up with a better way to prevent horde night runners. If the ability to hop in a vehicle and just drive away from horde night was left in game, it would be cheese. I understand your issue was with choice...and we have the choice to turn horde nights off....so... 3-I haven't had an SI failure in several hundred hours of A19. As far as I know nothing has changed with SI in years. If you're having issues with it, I dare say it's not the game. You can always start a creative world to see what you can get away with. That all said, you're suggestions here would be nice, but I doubt they'll ever happen....we're 7 years in already without a creaking noise when things are at their stress limit. 4-Nerd poling out of the room is something I've never needed to do. I've been surprised / jumped by a room full of zombies, probably in the same POI's. Normally I play permadeath so a cheese room that killed me would have pistol'd me off enough I'd remember it. I do remember the rush, and the satisfaction of winning the fight. A couple points in Strength (who doesn't have a few points in Strength for Sex-T-Rex and mining buffs?) and a club to knock 'em down is all you need unless you're playing Nightmare or something, but then, if you're playing with a much higher difficulty...and your nerd poling... I get your frustrated. Me too by certain things. I've come to accept this is a B game at best and will never have the polish of games from bigger studios. I truly think the devs were, and maybe still are, over-ambitious with their goals for the game. There's so many unforeseen things that have crept in that they then had to deal with some how...sometimes with an elegant solution, sometimes not. Can't wait until Bandits get introduced and break all my regular routines! At the same time, even though it's campy, it's quirky, it's buggy, it's illogical...it's still pretty fun with all it's faults. Maybe, eventually some of these issues (yours and mine) will get sorted out but I've come to accept they probably won't.
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    Mission accomplished.
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    Hey @madmole, I took some of your advice with this new castle and broke up some of the walls so they don't just have the same texture. I also put some nice curves into the walls and I think it made for a very nice looking castle. If you have time, take a look and let me know what you think. Cheers from Lee. P.S, I appreciate your time is limited so if you have time, watch my pretend drone view from 0:51 to 1:44 to get an overhead view.
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    Stealth is a play style for having fun. In its current form, like other things in the game, it may not be the best for min/maxer play styles. Cosmetic items also do nothing for succeeding in the game, but some play styles like them for having fun. I generally don't touch cosmetic items and often play stealth. Why? That is my combination of fun. Your version of fun is not mine.
  42. 6 points
    2 out of how many volumes? If it is 2 out of 4 so you could only utilize stealth for 50% of the POI then I agree that it really invalidates the stealth points that were taken. However, if it is 2 out 10 then Stealth is great and you had a stealthy experience for 80% and an open combat experience for 20%. Sometimes there are circumstances that work against you and having to quickly adapt to a changing situation is challenging and fun-- or at least different than always playing it out the same way. @pApA^LeGBa made the point on a different thread that there should be some sort of visual or audio cue as a logical reason that communicates the automatic wake up to the player so that they are not confused about why it happened and just think their stealth is bugged. So maybe you hear a crate fall from out of sight and the noise wakes them all up. Your stealth was fine but bad luck sent you a curve ball. I agree with pApA that having some kind of cue that explains why they all wake up would be good to have. But I think having occasional areas where things are not going to be able to be stealthed is fine. It adds variety to the gameplay.
  43. 6 points
    Reaction limits per day have been upped to 50
  44. 6 points
    Because they desire an AK47. They can talk about immersion all day but what it really comes down to is they don’t want to be disappointed when they open that box. If primitive gear could one shot zombies and decimate trees and boulders you wouldn’t hear a peep about how it makes no sense for primitive weapons being in safes. Just like we don’t hear a peep about AK47s being found in a small wall safe it could never fit into.
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    Similar problem with looting stone tools repeatedly. Stone tool specifically are worthless as loot and break SOD. Who the hell is crafting these caveman tools and then leaving them around in sealed crates? Surely the sealed crates are meant to contain supplies from before the bombs fell? If the stuff in these crates is actually limited by your level or gamestage, then doesn't it mean that there's absolutely no incentive to open them until you hit a decent level because it's a total waste to spend a valuable Working Stuff or Shotgun Messiah crate if your low GS won't allow it to roll anything higher tier than stone? No. Sealed crates (and supply drops) shouldn't be effected by game stage at all, because they're untouched, unopened supplies from before the bombs fell. Nothing in them should be hand-made by apocalyptic survivors. It should all be hammers and wrenches and guns. If you want to make low-tier guns like pistols more common than high tier guns like auto-shotguns, that makes perfect sense. But why would a shotgun messiah store stock blunderbusses or primitive bows? Why world a Working Stuff factory stock stone sledgehammers or stone axes? No. Grade 0 weapons and tools (things clearly built after the end of the world) shouldn't be on the loot-table for these locations at all.
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    Hehe, I woke up this morning and saw this thread and just had to throw this together. It would need some animation editing as there is no easy way to force her to hold the pole. Anyway, enjoy!
  47. 5 points
    How many complaints do the devs have to get before we go back to Alpha 16 and improve the game, rather than changing everything? I like 19 better than 18, but both are trash compared to 16. Devs, are you listening to your customers????? How many of these rant threads have to appear before devs accept they made a mistake?
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    Role Play is nice, but having an in game Character generator with strengths and weaknesses would be epic. dlc? Examples: "Click to Generate" "Survivor Dixie Normas" Traits: + Shamburger Helper (starts knowing a random food recipe) + Good Looking (gets a 1% discount at traders) - Empty Headed (easily concussed) - Bed Wetter (lose hydration 30% faster at night) "Click to Confirm"
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    Well, could be worse. It could be your humble opinion.
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    TL-DR: I already expect over half you people to go "Get Gud Scrub" But seeing as Ive been playing this game for THOUSANDS of Hours, you can go F$%k Right off. Ive enjoyed this game since EARLY Alphas and Ive never honestly felt this terrible about the game. Even the alpha 17 update didnt make me feel this terrible about playing a game Ive LOVED. Early Game Play of Alpha 19: Spawns in, does the usual opening missions, scavenges for 20 minutes finding now rare birds feathers to make a buncha arrows. Preps self up to go to war with early zombies with a bow and arrows. Heads out to a near by town. Fights off a few dogs, a couple FERALS on day 1 and even a Cop zombie. Finds a Shot gun Messiah. Breaks in quietly and proceeds to attempt to snipe sleeping zombies with a bow. After the first one took 3 arrows to the head before dying, stops and puts a point into stealth damage. Kills the last few zombies with 2 arrows each to the skull totaling in about 7 zombies, 2 of which were ferals. Now that the building is cleared out.. Starts to hack into the couple pre-Apocalypse crates that are there... only to find a primitive bow.. stone spear.. and blunderbuss.. in.. Both.. uhm.. what? This game takes place in America, land of guns in a cereal box.. why are these pre-apocalypse still sealed boxes containing... Post apocalypse beginner weaponry? Ok so then... looting the gun store is worthless.. Lets go get us some tools.. After a bit of searching, killing a couple hordes and patching myself up, I find a working stiffs. Same thing as the first store. Go in quietly, stealth all 12 zombies in this place, have one or two wake up since they are ferals that can smell the fart I let out when I saw glowing eyes. Heads over to the crates Pre-Apocalypse still sealed crates and cracks them open... only to find 3 stone-axes and two stone-shovels in every single box... So... before the apocalypse happened.. this store ordered tools cheaper than you get made in china? Was Carl in the back of the store just making these by hand cause if he was, these things suck as they are all level 2... Damn Carl youve worked at this store long enough, havnt you figured out how to make a god damned stone tool? Ok so.. Looks like looting is out the window for tools and weaponry.. but I just noticed.. its been maybe 5-7 hours in game and.. well Im STARVING apparently.. at like 70 hunger and thirst.. @%$*#! guess I need to find me a food source. 2 small wandering hordes and a dog bite later.. Finds Shamway, repeats process from other two stores, opens crates.... Well I mean Shamway has always sucked.. No one cares. Ok, so looting ANYTHING in early game sucks now.. Meaning that theres no point in doing ANY Pois, no point in going into cities, no point in going into factories, the early in game seems to now be locked to.. kill zombies or do trader missions... what happen to the go anywhere, build kill and loot anything to survive? What happen to that joy you felt when you got lucky and cracked open that one crate in 20 that had your lv1 steel pickaxe on day 3~4 where you knew you couldnt do anything to make it better, but you no longer had to suffer breaking rocks with a stone tool? I'd rather have low level garbage loot than this primitive tool set. Why are primitive tools even a lootable object? Especially from before everything went to @%$*#!?
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