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    No you guys are not players, you are back seat designers who want a grindy complicated sharp stick fest (well most of you anyway). Players are guys who just bought the game today, and maybe guys who play 20 or 100 hours. You guys are obsessed and have 5000 hours and because of that you want more and more challenge. If you could mind wipe you would just get in and enjoy the game more now than ever but because you are tainted with 18 alphas that cannot be undone. I think the game is way way way way way too easy. But I have 15000 hours so I cannot take my experience and pass that on to a new player. So you have to be smart and watch new players play without coaching them. If they get it you did a good job, if they need wikis and friends coaching them to do everything then you suck and need to change your designs or make it more user friendly. Anyhow I think it will be better. Instead of punishing players for cooking we're rewarding them. The best foods require canned foods to make and give very nice bonuses, like +40 stamina for 5 minutes. This pretty much makes power attacking more and mining much more enjoyable so for me its a new drive to get the better recipes instead of "oh I won't puke". natural healing is nerfed so you might need to eat for health which puts a dent in your food supply. At the end of the day its not done and you guys are bored so nit picking this is life right now I guess. I say wait til you play it as a whole with all the changes then judge it.
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    One of my favorite aspects of the game in recent alphas is how they took the focus off of the player as the center of the universe. You can see a horde and they aren't walking straight at you. Details like this really make you feel part of the world rather than that feeling that the world was created for you. Here is a small clip of Alpha 19 I was allowed to share. It shows a bit of the new music and there is this point where you can see what I'm talking about where you aren't the focus of the world. You might catch sight of one of the new zombies as well..
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    Survivors, Avoiders, and Maniacs! Since a lot of people are sitting at home and are looking to kill some time, we would like to offer you guys a chance to bite A19's bugs before they even arrive on EXP. You will need to be able to communicate in english. Broken, fluid, native speaker, avid learner, as long as you can describe an issue, you are fine, fear not. Builds are coming regularly, having to start over up to several times a day should not be an issue, if you are interested. For communication we will provide a discord server where you can report bugs, talk to other people and maybe catch some of the QA team by chance. Here is what we would need from you: Steam name: Hours played: Started on Alpha: Discord name: Native language: Operating system : Hours played and community involvement will be big factors counting towards an invite. Added operating system, as we will need more linux and mac testers. If you already applied, please just edit your original post.
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    Here you go pepsi man. https://captiongenerator.com/1844062/A19-is-not-out-yet
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    Welcome to the Alpha 19 Dev Diary. As of this time we don't even know what to call Alpha 19. It might be small named updates like "The New Combat Book Update" which could start at "19.0", with the "Vehicle Update" landing on 19.2, etc. What we do know is we're working on some new books, a vehicle update, etc but how and when we roll out what is to be determined. Hopefully it can be several point release patches to get you guys more frequent updates over 6-12 months instead of one big drop in a year. Weapons Update All weapon types will have 3 tiers. (eg: Wood Club --> Baseball Bat --> Steel Mace) Each weapon still has 6 quality levels. New top tier Auto Shotgun New mid tier Machine Gun New low tier Junk Sledge New top tier Junk Drone Most pre-alpha 18 weapons have new models and textures New Steel Fireaxe, new Steel Club. New Books Tech Junkie Learn from MacDyver himself to build useful gadgets from common household junk! Grease Monkey Learn to modify and craft vehicles of all currently existing shapes and sizes Bar Brawling Learn from Irish legend "Lucky @%$*#!" himself and never get bested in a good ol' fashioned bar room brawl. Spear Hunter Get connected with your inner caveman and master the forgotten art of spear hunting. Perk tree reduction Many non combat perks didn't feel like they were worth investing into or the cost was too great for what they offered, so many perks are being reduced to 3 ranks instead of 5. Lucky Looter: removed all digging bonuses. New perception perk: Treasure Hunter: Become one of the greatest treasure hunters of all time learning tricks that would even make Blackbeard envious. Rank 1: Plunderer Narrow down treasure locations to 7 meters and find 10% more items in buried treasure. Rank 2: Maurader: 5 meters and 20% more items. Treasure Hunter: 3 meters and 30% more items. The Infiltrator, Animal Tracker, The Penetrator, Lockpicking, Sexual Rex, Well Insulated, Living off the Land, Rule #1 Cardio, Run and Gun, Flurry of Blows, Parkour, Hidden Strike, From the Shadows, Daring Adventurer, Charismatic Nature, Physician will all have reductions or changes made to them. Yeah science will be removed and its perks distributed to others. Candy Candy will be added to vending machines, making canned foods more scarce in the process. Candy has zero calories but will boost attributes or provide special abilities for a short duration, like recog and fortbites. Here are a few examples of over 10 new candy items coming to A19. Skull Crushers Rock hard candy: Gives you a rock hard punch. Increases melee damage 50% for 2 minutes. Atom Junkies: Atom sized candy and atomic sized power! Increase explosive damage 50% for 2 minutes. Sugar Butts: If ifs and butts were candy and nuts every day would be Christmas! Well now it can be with one tasty Sugar Butts Candy. Increases Better Barter one rank for 2 minutes. New super filling foods All new super foods have 0% food poisoning. Gumbo Stew Shepard's Pie Spaghetti Tuna Fish Gravy on Toast Improved Animations Player arms in third person will no longer be stiff when moving with one handed tools, fists or weapons, instead their arms will move more naturally when they walk and run. Zombies heads will turn to track the player. Loading Screen Tips Loading screens will come with interactive survival tips the user can advance or go back to read the next or previous tip. Random World Gen Improvements Random biomes! Points of interest 7 new or refurbished ranger stations Hardware stores reimagined Much much more. Traders All traders still sell everything, but now each one specializes in something. Joel sells armor, Jen sells meds, Bob sells vehicles and tools, Hugh sells weapons and ammo, and Rekt will sell food and seeds. After graduating to the next quest tier traders offer a special quest that will take you to the next trader. Traders have head tracking so they look at the player. Integrated Survival System Hunger and thirst bars returned to main play screen New Zombie vs player critical hits system give specific injury debuffs such as lacerations, arm sprains and breaks, etc Injuries cause a lowering of max health and/or stamina until they are remedied. Multiple injury effects stack. Vomitting removed. Bad food hurts health and has a chance for dysentery. Basic food heals a little and adds fullness. Advanced recipes give max stamina bonuses and greatly increases health and fullness. Vehicle Update - pushed to A20 Vehicle Mods Vehicle break down and collision system
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    I will take the blame for sharing my enthusiasm with the fans. Some TFP members agreed a shorter cycle was a great idea in principal so I said that on the forums, but nobody wanted to do the graphics overhaul in a side branch or to deal with merging 3-4 months later so we just did the work and now we are here. Things change so what we intend one month is not the intent the next. Game development isn't flipping burgers, nobody can predict how long something will take. I can predict that 19 will take much less time than 18 did, and 18 took less than 17 so things are getting better. We should be in experimental in June and stable before the summer sale if all goes well but if not, relax, its just a game and there are bigger things to worry about right now with this virus, the economy, etc. We were also reminded how short builds break save games and everyone was having a lot of fun with 18, and larger builds have that "whole new game" feel so there are benefits to it taking some time.
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    Zombie swim animations are in, synced up with the motion and some bugs fixed. Looking pretty good.
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    Added underwater fog (darkens with night, worldglobal xml has density, speed and color settings).
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    Soooo I started testing yesterday. I spawned in the forest and did my tutorial and found my way to the trader, trader Bob. Upon entering the compound I got some nice trader music and interacting with him felt much more polished. I did a couple of dig quests, the dig quests have a nice "shrinking circle" now when you dig that helps you eventually find the target it feels much more polished and enjoyable now. I found the new food and water bars immersive and not distracting at all, and quite helpful. Health seems hard to get now and I was struggling with low health. I am trying an INT build and I'm not used to the stun baton its range had me getting hit quite a lot and it isn't very good against crowds IMO. I know it will be great later when I have junk turrets and perks so it takes less swings to get a charge. The graphics are beautiful. On day 2 I did my 4th quest, a clear the zombies quest and I had only 20-30% health when I started. Not a good idea. I had a pistol I bought from the trader with 10 rounds but that didn't last long but I think I was close to clearing it so I kept going, but the stun baton wasn't doing so well, I was getting hit too much. I switched to the steel battle axe I got as a reward and power attacked and knocked two guys down with one swing it was glorious. It had me thinking a strength build would be a better move lol, but then I got hit again and could not switch to a bandage quick enough and bled out. Overall a much better start than A18 testing had. There is new combat and behaviors, guys stumbling and falling over fences, and when they break a door they stumble or fall, its very cool. This game has an intensity to it that is amazing. I've decided I will start a base when I get my stuff back. I already bought the forge perk so I can get some tools going and get a mine started at least. It feels more challenging regarding food. Vending machines had very little food and mostly candy, so I'm doing dig quests to keep fed, but my low health situation keeps me from storing any surplus I'm eating everything to keep my health up. I haven't got any criticals other than infection. I had to take the herbal antibiotics as a quest reward to get rid of infection, and passed up on a q2 steel club which sucked. No honey was found yet either.
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    The reason random puking wasn't well received was because of how it was implemented, not that it existed. Like a lot of TFP things (*cough*LBD*cough*) the implementation gets screwed up and they just scrap the entire thing rather than making it better. What if food poisoning was done like infection? You got sicker and sicker *until* you puked? What if it occurred on things that made sense for you to get sick on, instead of things that didn't make sense? What if creating a thousand stone axes didn't give you the ability to make concrete, but instead only made you really good (at a cap) at making stone axes? See? Things can be done better, without scrapping it entirely. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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    Testing is going really well. It feels solid like 18 but looks pretty. I like the new ISS. Eating and drinking feel good you don't get any penalties until 50% so you don't really feel the need to over eat anymore. Health and water bars are immersive. Combat is cool, the stumbling zombies never gets old. I survived day 7 no problem with a meager 7x7 but I did have two rows of concrete but they didn't get past my traps or grenades. I haven't died yet so the GS was about 30, so there were a fair amount of zombies. I'm doing an INT build. The baton is fine. I used a junk sledge quite a bit the first week but now I have a Q5 AK so I don't bother with it so much. INT is pretty easy. Str is my secondary attribute so I can mine and need some sex rex for melee. The new cheaper auxiliary perks are nice and I've been dabbling in more than I normally would. I crafted a bicycle but then my stamina was so lame I ended up getting a rank of cardio. Food is a struggle the first week and when your t1 dig quests are gone you end up eating everything you can find, but the meat stockpiles up. I caved in and bought master chef so I could make teas and boil meat. I found a spaghetti recipe I can't wait to craft, 0% chance for food poisoning.
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    No I've been pushing for it for a long time. Its AMAZING. Traders still can provide higher tier stuff than you can find but you can't afford it since you aren't swimming in guns to sell. I'm loving it! I used the blunderbuss for the first time in years and its great. I mined nitrate and coal all night to make 35 rounds so I could clear a POI and save up 1600 for that rare crucible schematic that spawned on day 1 at the trader.
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    We're mainly focusing on making the first few hours more intuitive and trying to limit "cheap deaths" due to bugs, overly aggressive animals, spawning in a hell zone, etc. I agree a more involved tutorial would be helpful. We made a hyperlink system on the buffs now, click it to see what ails you. It takes you right to the active effects screen and highlights the buff you clicked on on the left corner.
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    At one studio I worked for, they told us, repeatedly, that "You are not the player!" i.e. that we didn't play games the way typical gamers do, we don't need tutorials the way neophytes do, we don't stare dumbfounded at confusing UIs the way laypeople do, we don't struggle to learn how best to navigate complex skill trees, we aren't new tot the idea of minmaxing in any game with stats, etc. The same applies to devout fans of your game. They aren't typical players. They minmax, they adapt quickly to changes, they find every nook and cranny of the knowledgebase, they exploit weaknesses in the systems, they look for ways to combine things that weren't intended, etc. They aren't roleplaying, and they definitely are not your Average Joe dropped into a zombie apocalypse like the game is actually meant to be. I commend you for understanding this and resisting their unrelenting pressures to do things that might be fun for them, but not for the majority. You're the one assuming too much here. You see complaints that agree with what you're complaining about, so you see agreement. But that's confirmation bias at play. People don't go on forums to complain that they like the way the game is. They complain about what they don't like. If thousands of people decry a change in the game, that's one thing, but I don't see that here or on Steam. I see some dedicated players who don't like it because it doesn't fit with how they feel the game should be. There's nothing invalid about their opinion, because like all opinions, it's entirely subjective, but the opinion is not necessarily typical just because it's been seen here or on Steam.
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    My main complaint is with zombie behaviors that are unintended and not with how players choose to defend. If zombies are supposed to attack steep slope blocks but arenโ€™t then I want that fixed. If zombies are supposed to leap a gap from a ledge but are just falling off that ledge then that should be fixed. If zombies are remaining stuck in a loop when it is intended that they will stop and go into destruction mode then I want that fixed. If zombies are supposed to be able to travel across the narrow edge of a wedge block but they are always falling then I want that fixed. Once the zombies are all behaving the way the devs say they should be behaving, I guarantee that people will stil find easy ways to defend and that is perfectly fine. The game supports these choices. The developers are not in a battle against player metas. They simply are working to get the enemies to behave correctly and this process will cause certain defenses to not be 100% any longer.
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    The majority of the statistics quoted in this topic are straight out of the Millennium Year Application Software System.
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    I don't know what point was made by the guy you are replying to, nor do I wish for more paint, as your reply is very valid. However, I am here to represent the Paint Gang, we do be painting, and I personally paint every single base I make, as do all of my friends. We are here, we are watching, we are painting.
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    Currently There is Max Health and Current Health. Max Health is represented by the black bar that grows from the right side of the health graphic thus shrinking your overall health. You can only improve Max Health by using bandages, medicated bandages, and first aid kits. Current Health will recover from pain killers, aloe, medicated bandages, first aid kits, food, and over time naturally but only up to whatever the Max Health currently is. A19 There is Max Health and Current Health. Max Health is represented by the black bar that grows from the right side of the health graphic thus shrinking your overall health. Whenever you take damage your chance to receive a critical hit grows and at some point you will fall victim to a critical hit which will give you one of the debuffs such as "deep lacerations" or "Sprained or Broken Arm or Leg" or "infection". These debuffs cause a set amount of max health decreases and they stack with each other. The max health can only be increased by removing the debuff which can only happen by using a specific treatment or waiting for time to heal in some cases (or dying...). Just using bandages won't fix your Max health any longer. If you have deep lacerations a bandage will stop the bleeding but to get rid of the debuff and heal your max health you will have to use a sewing kit or first aid kit. Each debuff has its own treatment. Currently There is Max Stamina and Current Stamina. Max Stamina is represented by the black bar that grows from the right side of the stamina graphic thus shrinking your overall stamina. Max stamina is equal to your food bar. As your fullness drops below 100 your max stamina drops by a 1:1 ratio. You can overfill yourself to 50 points above the fully healed max stamina. Current Stamina regenerates at a rate that is affected by your thirst. There is no visible indicator to show thirst or the rate at which stamina is recovered. A19 There is Max Stamina and Current Stamina. Max Stamina is represented by the black bar that grows from the right side of the stamina graphic thus shrinking your overall stamina. Max Stamina no longer follows your fullness at a 1:1 ratio. There is now a fullness bar and a hydration bar displayed on the main play screen. When your fullness drops to 50% you get a hunger debuff which decreases your Max Stamina. That decrease to your max stamina won't be healed until your fullness bar increases above the 50% mark again. You can still eat more than 100% but it shows up as a buff with a timer so you know how long you have until the fullness bar starts to drop again. Hydration works the same way. Eating certain foods can give you a boost to Max Stamina. There may be some debuffs from certain injuries that might also damage your Max Stamina and that would remain until you treated those ailments. So not really an overhaul. Just another iteration. The presentation is still the same but it is much more clear to the player why their max stamina or max health is damaged and each debuff explains the treatment needed to remove it on the character status screen. Also the food and water bar mini-game is back for those who love to play that. The effects of "overeating" and "over drinking" are much more clear to the player. If you eat a meal that gives 30 points of food and your bar is at 90 then you will see the bar fill up to 100 and then a food buff icon will appear with a countdown starting from 20 and when that timer reaches zero the food bar start emptying once again. Finally, with the food and stamina no longer being 1:1 there is more of a grace period of having your food bar empty and when you see the effects on your stamina show up.
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    And that's what mods are for. The vanilla game can not, will not, and does not want to only cater to players with 1000+ hours played. Modders get more toys to play with every alpha - even ones that are not actually used in the vanilla game - so everyone wins.
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    Just a case of premature suggestulation. It's more common than most think.
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    I don't think you guys understand, that hunger is a tier 1 problem. Survival in the desert will be a tier 2 problem. Survival in the snow will be a tier 3 problem. Survival in the wasteland will be a tier 4 problem. We've properly made food a teir 1 problem that can evolve into assisting in the higher tiers. A player should not be given a tier 4 problem on day 1. To be clear weather survival is still a complete joke but will get harder in A20.
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    Edge case Smedge Smase... I disagree with your premise. I think that it is PREFERABLE that quests can get interrupted by other events. If you are in the middle of a quest there should not be a bubble of protection around you. A wandering horde could happen by, the blood moon could start, or even bandits could crash your party in the future. If that makes you fail the quest then so be it. We have new settings to make the horde night happen randomly and with no warning other than thunder starting 4 hours before the event happens. That is a wonderful and amazing setting that would be competely screwed over by designing things so that hordes can never overlap quests. If you have your horde night set on regular intervals and know what those intervals are then it should be no problem to keep the two events from colliding. And if for some reason you miscalculate and it happens then you have to deal with it- either by abandoning the quest or MacGueyvering a defense out of what you have.
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    Pfft. None of that means anything. All that matters is the game is fun. We've deliberately been vague so we're not painted into a corner by hardcore fans who are dogmatic about lore and what is acceptable. They could be undead. That is just some voodoo word meaning "this guy should by all intensive purposes be dead, but is somehow still walking". We might get a little more rigid with our lore as we start pushing out more story towards the end, but during early alpha development we wanted to be vague so we could make a fun game, and not be having conversations regarding lore or have the fun police step in and ruin a good game mechanic. If lore and immersion were so important Telltale would have survived instead of us.
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    I'm not sure, I'm no min maxer. I just like to keep busy. I kill almost every zombie I see, loot every trash bag then I chop up the sack for paper/plastic (if being a shotgun build), I mine at night, keep building. I think building is a really fast way to level, but only after you've got some perks so you can get a lot of mats. I keep working on my base and add on a bit every week or two. Stop, adding on and get that upgraded, etc. Once I get a motorized vehicle I start harvesting cars for fuel and parts I'll need for vault doors and traps. Leveling up means zombies get harder too, so I don't really try to power level, but I don't mind leveling up either because I get perks. Table saw is no longer a thing, you can find them in POIs but they are just a decoration you can harvest for some parts, no longer a workstation. No new shapes nor paint afaik, but lots of textures have been upgraded.
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    Mostly worked on rage and pain this week. My release note additions this week: Changed: Reduced AI rage chance base damage to 40 Fixed: AI rage chance above the base damage Changed: Dynamic resolution default mode to off Changed: Player local prefab to use new male and female arm mesh and mats and deleted old nail game objects Changed: gamestage diminishing returns to a scale and set to .5 and difficulty bonus to a single number and set to 1.2 Added: Bear pain resistance, moved pain to an anim layer, so can still move and doubled health Fixed: Movement slowing when attacked was not removed with pain resistance Changed: Removed bashing attacks randomly not causing pain Added: Pain resistance on all animals and anim layer on boar, deer, mountain lion and wolf Changed: Increased minimum pain duration Changed: Increased boss Grace's health Fixed: Players invisible to AI on dedi
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    So far I think it is going to have this effect. I'm getting a proper carrot on a stick so far. I think that traders upset the balance a little, but its fine. They give you t1 guns before you could find one but loot will out grow what they can sell you. The way my game has gone so far up to day 10-11 or so, level 15 ish I believe is something like this: I found a brown blunderbuss just before I was going to craft one. I was two shotting most zombies with it and having a great time. Then I was given a brown double barrel and I use both weapons. I use the blunder first, and if I didn't kill them with it I switched to my double barrel to finish them off. Great times. I spec'd into str and probably around te horde time I crafted a yellow blunderbuss which was a bit better than the brown one. I also got a brown pistol in loot and an ak47 as a quest reward, also brown, and very nerfed to make room for the new mid tier assault machine gun which feels more like the AK we all know and love. It shoots kind of slow and I had 4 rounds so I just stowed it away. FFW to last night, I found a green blunderbuss so I swapped my mods into it and smelted my yellow one. Yes we are modding primitives actually! Then I found an orange double barrel that does 1 more damage than my brown one did, and so I scrapped the brown to parts so I can make a pump shotgun when I get tier 4 rank (which unlocks t2 weapon crafting). Parts are more common now, so crafting seems more relevant. For armor I have a hodge podge of things. Purple cloth hood, blue scrap leg armor, green iron chest (found in hero chest at POI), yellow iron boots (quest reward) and brown iron gloves I think. Nothing great. So to me it feels like a little bit longer stone age than before, and then you'll really feel a lot longer early mid, mid and late game hopefully and use several items of mid teirs before advancing to top tier things. Its one of the best changes to the game I've seen in years. Eventually (A20) we want to put in a game and loot slider in so you can have enemies get harder faster or slower, and loot get better faster or slower so there is some simulation controls there. I get tired of the same exact base every game so even though I start with a 7x7 box I do something different with it every time. Change the crenelations etc.
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    Right that needs code to work, we don't have any code bandwidth, but we want to do this as a usability improvement, hopefully a20. Welcome and thanks. Yes we are rebalancing loot and the multi player game stage multipliers so you guys don't get demolishers on day 14 in groups, especially considering the new arsenal you will likely have on day 14 now.
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    Agreed. Where's my vote to kick option, can we like vote to XtraKick Xtrakicking from teamchat Madmole has already nailed it like 3 times, it's pretty straight forward IMO 1. Dev time is EXTREMELY valuable for all companies, I know this first hand from my own job. It's a very, very hotly sought after resource on all sides, and it nearly always goes to the highest bidder . . .the one that will make the company more money. Passion projects are like near bottom priority 2. Valuable dev time above is going to things far, far more impactful to the game like adding new enemy types and weapons and vehicles. Those things will bring in new players / encourage returning players. Literally nobody is going to pick a game back up because "We made the food system more tedious! That's it, that's the big change for A19!" 3. Tedious hunger / survival systems in general are not the focus of the game and are not something most players care about / want. Even in this thread, there's like . . .a grand total of one or two people who want the food system to be drastically revamped, and most responses in this thread about the food are like me where it basically boils down to "it could be better but it could be worse, just don't make it really annoying because I'm not playing the game for the hunger system" That, and, we aren't the target market . . .because we've already paid. See point 1. In the corporate world, the first response to literally every change or new feature request is just "Who's going to pay for this? How does this help us profit? What else could our devs be working on instead?". Die hard survival game fans already know all about 7 Days to Die and bought it 40 years ago during a sale for $6, the devs are trying to appeal to the rest of the market. Flashy new mechanics, vehicles, zombies, and locations do that far more than overhauling hunger systems TLDR; The Fun Pimps are wasting their time by not adding zombie dinosaurs to the game, we really, really need zombie raptors that can jump 2-3 blocks high to shake up the fortification meta. Clearly. I started out joking, but then realized I actually want zombie raptors
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    So just delete it because we're not doing an overly complicated clunky survival simulation? Yeah lets make players get all their macros otherwise suffer vitamin deficiencies, that is so cool ๐Ÿ˜› Food was always meant to be an easy milestone for a new player to get past. You have to give new players some victories to get them into the game. The horde is coming. You still have to take some time out of your day to eat/loot. I run out of food if I get OCD building/mining for too long so it does force you out of your mole hole.
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    This is how TFP feels pretty much. Food is a day 1-2 problem and beyond that as long as you kill everything you see and loot or farm it should be a short lived problem. Its just a lot more interesting to figure out how to stop a new special infected from ruining your base, or figure out how to deal with bandits, not be wasting TFP's time on something that needs to be solved by noobs because noobs have to deal with food survival the first hour of game play. It cannot be overly hard or punishing. Its an entry level game mechanic. However the current system has deep rewards now for cooking we feel the new system is better for the game. We'll balance it if it feels too easy. Only me and Roland get to play that game. Spit it out or off with your head! For me food has always been trivial. Even when we had a bug that made consumption 5x faster I still managed and had fun with it. But I'm pretty hardcore and like a challenge, where most people do not.
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    No offense taken at all, RH was designed by veteran players and its intended purpose is to give other fans of older alphas their fix while still honoring some of the newer alphas additions and improvements. Sticks, molds, irrigation, LBD all live and breathe in an A18 environment. Also we like to think we fill a niche for players who want a slower longer more survival oriented gameplay style. Let Pimps do their thing while avoiding some of the more routine requests for things to come back.
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    Not 100% sure because we're still fleshing out all the rules, but plain bandages do not restore any max health but just stop you from bleeding out. Regular damage doesn't lower your max health at all now, only critical injuries.
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    I go in phases. Like I'll take 3 days off from everything and work on my base, typically when the horde is coming, then just do small things at night or early dawn but I have to be to work by 8am (on the road to a paid job clearing a POI). But typically day 1-3 I'm finding my first trader, doing dig quests for food. I'll set up a bedroll and storage box right outside the traders front door and put my loot in there. I'll mark mines all over the place most of them I won't ever even use because I'll find one closer and closer to the trader I'm at as I progress or get closer. I'll mine at night on night 2+. I often will spend the night at a POI I cleared just before dusk and mine everything I can. I take dig quests until I can't because all that clay I can use to make cobblestones. I started building with wood again because I can get more XP upgrading through the wood and straight to bricks. By placing flagstone you don't get any xp for the wood upgrade. Wood is cheap enough. I'll get my 7x7 done and 4 high walls with wood bars by night 4 at the latest, and I'll keep doing POIS all day getting all the cobblestone and cement I can from the tarps at POIs. Those brick piles are amazing for xp and stone get those too. Typically by day 7 I'll have brick all the way up 4 high and sometimes I'll even have 2 rows of concrete starting above the foundation and stopping at eye level where the zombies tend to strike the most. After that I do the find the trader quests and get a 2nd or 3rd trader if I haven't already, and start doing clear the zombie quests. I'll mine every night get the blacksmith perk and start making iron for repair kits as soon as possible. I chop every corpse so I have a large supply of glue. I'll craft the first few dozen in my campfire then start doing larger batches at the traders chem station if it works. I guess my normal day is leave at 4-6 am to clear a POI. Be home by dark or sooner so I can sell to the trader my loot for the day. I repair everything above tier 1 for maximum coin and xp. Scrap tier 1 because the parts are worth more. Save parts of specialized guns I find. Unload my gear into boxes, then by dark or so I'll mine until dawn, then repeat. I tend to take a couple days off before the horde sometimes, if I feel like I'm due for some fort upgrades. If I'm getting into it I might spend 3-4 days on it, but this isn't until day 30 or so when I have enough food to spend time at it. Early game I'm constantly in search of food so I don't have the luxury of working on my base like that. Before you get a motor vehicle all the jogging/mining/combat use a TON of food. I really like what we have done with food. The stamina bonus for the good foods is very cool and it makes wanting a farm and cooking because there is a very tangible reward now.
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    In a real zombie apocalypse, it would be silly not to exploit the fact that zombies aren't smart, so why not do it in game as well? I'm not sure why some people feel that if you find a risk free way to survive horde night that you are somehow cheating. If all this game was was a simple FPS, then you would be ruining the game for yourself by avoiding direct combat, but 7 days to die is so much more than a simple FPS. Personally, I enjoy a more hands on horde night, but for some people grinding for and designing a base that does the combat for you is very satisfying. I don't think it is a 'wrong' play style, just one of many play styles for the many-layered game that it is.
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    I'm pretty sure players will just have the same as A18. To me its more work fixing up an old place than making a new one. Often you think you got everything boarded up nice but then some zombie gets in through a weak point you didn't see. More like early to mid game and .02% Making a proper container has useful function in easily identifying what resources are in what storage container. I'd like to get at least one upgrade for the campfire and forge.
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    - ALWAYS MAKE A BACK UP OF YOUR GAME FILES BEFORE MAKING CHANGES YOU ARE NOT SURE OF - - Backstory (not important) I recently found myself wishing to reset a few regions/chunks on my server, as I had salvaged all of the vehicles and was quickly running out of parts/gas, I set off on a journey to find out how to do this, in the current patch. After 4 days of hard searching, posting to the forums and reddit, I finally had a reply from an Official QA tester of the 7d2d game, so I am here to share our combined knowledge in hopes to help out those wishing to do the same. - How to reset regions (this is what you came for) First off, you will need console access on the server you wish to perform this on. Start off by pressing F1 to bring up the console menu, and typing "dm" to enable Debug Mode. Now press F3 to open up the Debug Screen, followed by your inventory key (default is TAB) to enable your Mouse Cursor. It will bring up a menu window with various details and settings on the left side of your screen, navigate to "CH" at the top and check the box, it should now look like this: You will now be able to see the "Chunk" section at the bottom, see the last part of the first line, for example, mine is: "Region: r.-2.-3" that is the region I am currently in. Now, go to the area of your base and start at one corner, leave some space (about 10 blocks) around the area you wish to save, take note of the Region. Then, simple run a square/circle around your base, ensuring that the Region doesn't change, if it doesn't, then that single Region File is the file that contains the area data that your base is stored in. (if the Region does change, take not of both [or more] Regions and save a backup of all of those files) Once you've done this, and you are confident that you know which Region your base is in, you can close the game and shut down the server. Then head to "C:\Users\Admin 1991\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves\<WORLD NAME>\<SEED>\Region" (world name and seed will be different depending on what you have set it to. This folder will contain a Region File for every region that currently exists in your world save (note that the game only creates a region file when you have visited that region, they are generated upon discovery, so the number of files will vary) Simply delete all of the region (7RG FILES) in this folder apart from the ones you wish to keep (for example, where your base is located) and it will reset every region that has been deleted. Start up your world, log in to the game and there you go; a fresh new world, but with whatever you wanted to keep intact, intact. P.S. Likewise, you can simply find the region in-game that you wish to reset and delete that single file, to reset a single region, the guide above is more about resetting the entire world apart from a certain region You will notice a lot more roaming animals and zombies at first, this is a good sign that it has worked. Any questions, please feel free to ask me below, this is my first guide and I've only carried this out twice myself but it has worked perfectly fine both times without isssue. Cheers
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    You drastically over estimate the number of players who paint. Its a late game luxury for those who've mastered the survival aspects few ever do. The community is .0001% of the player base. You guys are hardcore and know every system in and out, the player base is water washing over the rocks, you guys are grains of sand stuck in the rocks, watching all the water pass by. I get what you are saying, but there are so many 10-30 hour guys who never paint, its not something we should keep investing into because the lack of more important features is preventing them from discovering paint in the first place. Yes we will unify the shapes menus, but would like to automate it instead of doing everything by hand so its more flexible and easy to maintain as we add more shapes. Hopefully copy shape will even work with any block of any material. Not right now though. We can go back to crafting all the blocks if you think its that bad No it isn't like that at all. Brown guns are amazing compared to primitive ones, and parts are useful for crafting once you outgrow them. I crafted a blue pump shotgun last night made from 5 double barrels I looted. But that first brown double barrel was amazing compared to my trusty blunderbuss, because it had two shots. Browns are lethal enough IMO. You guys will need superior firepower for what is coming for A20, special infected 2.0. Its not like we nerfed every gun, its just the ak was filling the role of T1-T2 before, now that the assault rifle is in it doesn't need to.
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    No, we decided ninja cheap deaths weren't good for the game. At least not early game. Maybe down the road when we get some more improvements to pacing. It worked great they never even breached the original tower which is a 7x7 with bars around it, but I had r concrete and vault doors and 25 grenades that said you aren't getting in bro. Mid game is the new early game. Not sure what is next but I'm excited to find out. Level 35 and I'm getting mostly brown and orange t1 tools and weapons.
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    Emergency Meeting at TFPs head quarters. Major show stopper...
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    I think it would be great to have a simple modification that works for each primitive tool and weapon...like a duct tape wrap for the grip. The trader could give you the recipe as part of the reward for for finding him. Then it could be crafted and added to your primitive weapons for a slight stat boost and a nice tutorial on how mods work.
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    You would fall long, and then end up in a place full of lost backpacks and spears, that all the previous players lost at one point due to glitching. The spears point upwards.
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    LBD would have been fine if it was fixed and there were alternative methods to "learn". I'm a big fan of the fact that you can find books in addition to having to spend points. It makes the game/grind SOOO much better than just having to spend points...
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    They cut things out that they decided didn't work well. Please don't confuse updates with experimental content for DLC's with bonus finished content. The game is still in development and the developers are developing and that means lots of iterations and trials. Will some players fall in love with some of those trials that eventually get cut? Yes. Does that mean that those things never needed cutting? Not necessarily. Now in this case, TFP listened to a lot of feedback concerning the barfing mechanic and decided to rework things. There will be a difference between good food and bad food health-wise. For A19 they decided they wanted to remove the barfing all your food to zero mechanic and put in a placeholder mechanic of getting a health and stamina debuff. In A20 they will flesh it out so that it is more in line with all of the other injuries and ailments. I, like you, had no problem with the vomit mechanic. However, I'm not married to the mechanic and the way TFP is doing things like lacerations, infection, broken bones, sprains, etc. is great. I think that getting sick from eating bad food if done in line with those other things will be better than the current vomiting mechanic. I promise this is good news and the fact that they want to get a quick replacement in for vomit that won't add extra development time shows how close A19 is. This is exactly what they are going to do with consequences of eating bad food-- make it more fun. Currently the consequence is barfing all of your food out. That was a good experiment. Now they want to make it better. You say that infection used to be a big joke but they made it fun. That required removing "the big joke" and replacing it with "the more fun." The process of removing and replacing is what is known as "development" in the business. The A19 change will be an adequate replacement and the A20 solution will have players in the future saying the same thing you did about infection but saying it about illness from eating bad food.
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    That's a cool idea but no, I haven't heard anything like that. So far the in-game journal is only for @Gazz to write to us exactly how to do things and for us to completely ignore and then ask here how to do those things.
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    I'm telling you that the telemetry and analytics TFP uses is very next gen...
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    uuuuhhh... no skirts there puppy.
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    What if I dont want to eat because ? Choices. Then I deal with the consequences and die. What if I want to jump off a skycraper because ? Choices . Then I deal with the consequences and die. Just like you will deal with the consequences of starting a T5 right before horde night. Im also not worried because I believe TFP wouldnt do something like delay a horde night because you dont know how to plan your questing.
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    Worked out ins and outs on adding basic 4 wheel vehicles
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