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  1. It's definitely just you. Gitlab compresses all the files into a zip and then sends it to your computer. The uploaded files are definitely all ok because other folks are playing fine.
  2. Nah, it's higher than intended. Probably gonna drop a patch in a few days. Just added something new for the testers to test. If it's that link another user provided, it might need to be uploaded. My A19.2 links on the first page for git should be good.
  3. Yeah, I don't want people on 19.1 when 19.2 fixes a lot of 19.1 bugs.
  4. Hmmmmm... maybe. There's a mutated one that's a pain in the ass.
  5. Dont use it in slots 11-15 on the toolbelt. Use it from backpack or slots 1-10.
  6. > Thanks. I actually fixed some localization stuff for 19.2 so i'll have to do a diff compare. Hi KhaineGB, I diffcompared the versions, so the attached file should include your fixes and my german translatations. Pls check. @German players: Copy the attached Localization.txt to "DarknessFalls - A19.2\Data\Config\" to get slightly better german localization. Localization.txt 8.67 MB · 0 downloads Much appreciated. Grabbed and merged into my working directory for the next patch. If you have 3.2, you don't need the hotfix. If you're on 3.1, here you go. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EVKwULkuotI8sO6-DfzDWRYPZBOxS3Qc/view?usp=sharing Goes in Data/Config.
  7. Nope. I'm currently tweaking craft times. So there will be a smaller patch later. Probably next week.
  8. Wasteland. If you're on 3.1, I did post a hotfix to fix an issue with titanium.
  9. Generic skill books give skill points, not levels. Faction books are the old method I was using to get trader factions working. They're not needed anymore. I left them in just in case of save corruption and a player/server admin needs to help rebuild a character (including trader faction)
  10. I'll have to look into that It IS updated. I just forgot to update the XML to say it's for 19.1 (at least I think I did, but the mod is 100% updated). Never believe the launcher. Always believe what I post here instead. 😛
  11. You're STILL on 19.1. You MUST download and install 19.2. (Opt out of all betas on steam) Make sure THAT works in vanilla, then apply the mod. I wonder if it's related to keyboard language settings... cos I know this was a thing in 18.4 with russian keyboards IIRC. It won't retroactively fix your world. The grass is already spawned. You need a new save or to delete all region files to force chunk regeneration. No.
  12. No. Adding extra menu items is REALLY hard. The last time I tried it straight up didn't work, then corrupted my options file so much I couldn't even play vanilla. I can TRY and add it as an XML option, but no promises. Protected trader you can do yourself. It's in 0-SphereiiCore/Config/blocks.xml. I turned it off because I felt it was more fitting of the Romero-style setting. As far as I know, the trader can die but will eventually respawn. I already added dismemberment chance to explosions for zombies. And no idea on survivors/bandits. If you're getting NRE's, my guess is something isn't configured right.
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