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  1. Nah. Might do in the future, but haven't been doing that for DF.
  2. I personally leave loot at 100%. 100 zombies, leave animals as default, bloodmoon every 7 days, 60 min days, warrior difficulty, air drops every 3 and I usually leave the marker on.
  3. She's a random biome spawn, just like animals and zombies. So... nope.
  4. Pushed a fix for the forge. WIll remove the sniper rifle modlet shortly as that's no longer needed as of b157.
  5. The current plan is to basically get the 18.4 version working, with a few extra items, and some bug fixes. That's about it. If I have time, then i'll add some extra content.
  6. Tested and working with A19b157 and DMT V2.0
  7. Pretty much everything is done right now. This is what i've got left to do to get the mod back to the same state it was in for A18.4. - Fix aim down sights for my custom guns. - Check attachments on my custom guns. - Re-do per-zombie loot lists. - Add some variance to the snow biome. - Re-do bloodmoon and wandering horde (maybe a slightly slower burn since better guns are rarer now?) - Various localization fixes.
  8. Added a Sniper Rifle Fix modlet to the main post. That way folks can use it until TFP fix it properly.
  9. I -think- it's out. Or at least I got prompted to update from 1.6 to 2 yesterday.
  10. Nope, I haven't. They'd probably need to be rebuilt for the new Linear Colour Space. XML is what the main game files are written in. Basically it means these mods don't need any custom DLL patches. Will have a look at it, but everything has been working great for me. It's basically just the bigforge code from DF ported over as a modlet. I generally assume most folks know how to manually install modlets since it's been a thing since A17. Make a Mods folder in your 7DTD directory, open the zip file you downloaded. There will be a folder with a stupid long name. Open that folder and you'll see another folder called something like KHA19-60BBM (using the backpack as an example). Put THAT in your Mods folder.
  11. There won't be a mod release until A19 STABLE at the very least. If previous alphas are anything to go by, it might not even be until A19.1, because what happened in A17 and A18, is I got the mod ready for an experimental release, then A17.1/A18.1 experiemental dropped and I had to update all my stuff again. There definitely won't be anything like nuclear power plants (tried to add that, broke the code REALLY badly), jet packs or helicopters. I am working on a potential quest line, but have hit a bit of a snag. 3 of the POI's for it are done, though. And since TFP removed the "increased gamestage from higher difficulty" thing, i'm working on my own difficulty modifiers right now.
  12. I don't do release dates or eta's. It's done when it's done. Mod only works on A18.4. Latest mod version is 2.50.2.
  13. It would still be super jacked up because the nailgun is a ranged item, so digging and destroying blocks would look super wrong
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