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  1. That thing is a pain in the ass. I may do a workaround. Try this alternate link. https://dev.azure.com/KhaineUK/_git/DarknessFallsA19Client
  2. I mean you can absolutely combine both. Obviously you have to use 1 book to unlock the skill, but once you've done that, you could spend 2 points to buy level 2 and then use 3 books to get the other 3 levels. Or you can use books for all 5 levels. After that, there's no use for the books (considering alternatives for this atm) I'd need to see the error and log. My guess is the console popped up with a ton of red text.
  3. Nope. They're just kinda dumb. Sure. The books just give you a level. So you could use 1 book (to unlock it), spend 2 points (for level 2) and then use the last 3 books to get to 5. Pretty sure they work from inventory or toolbelt.
  4. Open the Mods folder and delete Redbeardt-ActiveIngredients. I don't know WHY it crashes, but it does, and ONLY on the Linux version of the game. Works fine in Windows.
  5. 1) You need a titanium clawhammer or a laser multitool. 2) You need to edit the file in Mods/0-DarknessFallsCore/Config. HOWEVER, I do not recommend doing this. Loot bags are entities. Too many entities = FPS hit. You should be running shorter days (90 mins is fine with bloodmoon and the default loot bag settings)
  6. I'll have to see if I can reproduce that issue, but it's not my code and I haven't had any issues yet. No idea. I'd reinstall since the mod is working for other folks. Because I don't want it to. It'd be pointless to have food poisoning on them and thus add the cooking recipes if you could just take vitamins to ignore it.
  7. Nope. Turrets can only have one "ammo" type, unfortunately. I'd need to make a new turret specifically for the steel ammo
  8. A lot of the seeds have an incorrect unlock listed. It's living off the land though (fixed locally, may be in 19.5 if the rumours are true). The research notes can be used to make more books, which still level the Tech crafting perk. AKA, you dont need to spend points on it if you don't want to. You can just farm notes.
  9. Then get the fresh download from the first page for 19.4?
  10. Yep, I know. It's because they aren't vanilla entities. 1) Find rock. Hit rock. If rock gives oil, get digging. 2) Blessed metal + coil weapon, or laser weapon.
  11. The one on the first page should be updated. I set it to non-expiring.
  12. All class quests. All class masteries. Finish tech crafting. It does not state "You have to max every perk in every class."
  13. You just have to mod the gloves, take them off and put them on. Some folk have said the watch MUST be in the first mod slot but i've not been able to reproduce that. Yes, resetting the POI can make it derp out. No idea why.
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