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  1. It has a proc for extra damage vs zombies. Everyone needs the extra RAM. The host just needs more. The books are likely being removed from the traders later.
  2. XLarge is really only for people who have more than 16GB RAM to play smoothly in multiplayer. You can JUST about play it in single player with 16GB. Good standing is faction 30 or higher. You also NEED 100k+ dukes on your character or the option won't show. Increase your paging file/virtual memory.
  3. Yes, that book was added by me. It can spawn in ANY bookcase. It's not bunker-specific.
  4. Advanced tac rigging is security mastery. Large backpack is survivalist mastery. One of the players in discord was working on one. Not sure what happened with that. The DF prefabs overwrite the vanilla ones. They're intended to be there.
  5. Use a pickaxe for mining. The auger is designed for mass clearance, not gathering resources. Also silenced pistols and silenced rifles make WAY less noise than auto weapons and shotguns. So I recommend those for dealing with screamers. Huh, that's odd. Hit it with a rocket? I've seen that destroy invisible blocks.
  6. No 1 is a vanilla issue. You need PvP on for it to work. You can literally run to the edge of the world in vanilla. Will have a look at the others. I suspect the game is failing at math again.
  7. You need all pack mule ranks, 3 triple slot mods and then a medium backpack AND advanced tacticaal rigging, or a LARGE backpack and normal tactical rigging. And I think that unlocks all but 1 slot. EDIT: Oh! Goth pants and overalls also unlock 3 slots instead of 2, so you'd want one of those, then some kind of shirt for another 2 and a coat for 3.
  8. Having the trader POI update based on what tier you're at for quests is actually really difficult. I COULD grant the player resources to upgrade it on new tier, but I bet most folks would just go spend it on their base.
  9. They all worked for me. The only one I had an issue with, I think was VSmall2. Sometimes it derps out on the cave generation near one of the towns.
  10. Medium backpack isn't locked. Anyone can make it. Just needs a tailoring bench. Schematics often unlock perks, which is not the same as vanilla. So check the perks list. If you see a perk in red, click on it, then click on the perk level to get the description and it'll tell you what the requirements are. If you're on windows, increase your windows paging file size. If you're on Linux, go into the Mods folder and delete the active ingredients folder.
  11. Gonna be honest, I am NOT a server guy. If my server doesn't work, I nuke it and reinstall. I'd also check the mod works in SP first. Wasteland treasures doesn't unlock larger backpack capacity. Pack Mule does.
  12. Tell them to stop messing about in the creative menu. And he's hosed. He's not gonna be able to get classes back. He'll need to delete his profile.
  13. Yep, you should be able to just keep doing the quests. T5 sends you to caitlin. Also it's givequest tier4_nexttrader_jen
  14. I was gonna say I can't read that, but it looks like the end of stream error. End of stream error when connecting to a server typically means "This server doesn't have enough RAM." I'd do what Canute said. Boot the mod in single player first. ALWAYS test in single player before trying to connect to any kind of server. Then boot the server and check for errors in the log/terminal window before connecting, then connect. That helps minimize issues and determine if it's a client or server error.
  15. Good idea. I'll check. First error on the server means it's not installed properly. Second error means EAC is on. Turn it off.
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