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  1. Alright, i'm gonna say this one more time, because i'm starting to get annoyed. ALL of the trader issues you're experience is because TRADER PROTECTION IS OFF!!!! Double captains? No trader protection. ! under the world? No trader protection. Can't talk to traders? No trader protection. The ! thing doesn't matter. The double captains and/or traders? Kill one. Can't talk to one? Reboot your game. All of this has been brought up several times in this thread and fixes explained.
  2. Thats just because the trader have no trader area, therefore the ! is in the wrong place. Talking to any trader in the POI completes the quest.
  3. The guard captain thing can just happen. Don't worry about it. No spider modelt is here - https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/235?tab=files&BH=0
  4. Okay. This is cool as hell. Looking forward to messing with that.
  5. That'd require the Nexus Launcher (Vortex) to work properly with just basic XML mods. Spoiler. It doesn't.
  6. I think I got a spare 8GB stick of DDR3 somewhere if you want it sending over
  7. No but there's a mod to make the titanium crossbow work like a laser weapon.
  8. That doesnt surprise me tbh. I might see if I can cobble something together as a side project.
  9. I'm looking forward to it. Especially about custom POI's and rwg since an earlier stream mentioned some kind of tool being needed.
  10. Salvage Operations have it for sure
  11. Awesome, thanks roland. That means it's easy to add back in then for folks who want it.
  12. Kill the trader, reboot the SERVER, that usually fixes it.
  13. Talk to them and see if they can sort it for you. If they won't, then Logic Servers or BlueFang both work. Logic don't allow DLL uploads but have an installer for the mod. Bluefang do allow DLL uploads.
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