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  1. It was uploaded... almost 2 weeks ago (17th) Also it's the last release of DF for A18.
  2. Fixed in 2.50.2 Also reduced wasteland clutter to help with vehicles, increase portal spawn chance, increase rock spawn chance and decrease lag.
  3. What I do is this. Load 7DTD from steam. One of the options will be "show game launcher." Click that and play, then go to the tools tab, click "clear game data", tick the game data box (untick profiles if you like) and then hit clean. That's always done it for me.
  4. No. The quests aren't repeatable so you can't just make a new book and start again. You CAN get an admin book from the creative menu (make sure the dev icon is lit up) to give you all the points in skills as if you finished the class quest to "fix" yourself.
  5. You sure it's the exact same weapon? The quest checks for item name rather than item quality. So a Quality 1 wooden club vs a Quality 60 wooden club wouldn't matter.
  6. To add to what Sylen said... My gaming laptop is an older model. i7-4710MQ, 32GB RAM, GTX 980M (4GB), 1TB NVME drive and a 4TB SSD (yeah, it was on sale, I had to). I can get around 50-60fps at 1080p, but typically run 900p windowed as I also develop my mod on this same laptop. I would say an i7, 16GB RAM and something around a 1060/1650 MAX-Q would do you fine (those cards are slightly better than mine according to notebookcheck.net)
  7. At the moment it is not possible to increase spawn counts in cities. In A15 (and earlier), cities were their own biomes, which is why there were more zombies there. That is no longer the case in A17+
  8. As per several replies on this thread. There is an issue with the Launcher and Gitlab (where I host the mod). Sphereii is working on fixing it. I can't easily host the mod somewhere else for launcher installs because gitlab is the only host that allows files larger than 100mb in size (which I need for the custom worlds). The animalhunterpotionparticle error doesn't exist AT ALL if you do a manual install. As such, the advice is the same as i've said a few times. Manually. Install. The. Mod. It fixes pretty much all of the issues folks have been having. I will be looking at setting up a basic HTTP server with download links to just grab a zip file to help facilitate this.
  9. Ahhhh, it's that bleeding crap again. Okay. I know how to fix that. The problem is related to the bleeding buff removing the bleed effect, which then caused errors on some entities. In A17, I changed it so the bleeding effect is removed via perma-buff on the PLAYER, which solved the issue Maps may get replaced/updated in A19 depending how broken stuff is.
  10. Haven't had an issues with the goats myself. Will double check since i'm re-doing XML and unity assets anyways.
  11. 1) Will fix that. 2) I actually bought a model for it a while back and never re-did the model. Since i'm likely going to have to update everything for A19, it'll get replaced then. Will also check what mods it can/can't take. 3) Will see if TFP give them any buffs in A19 and adjust depending on that. Rare drops off demons only.
  12. You'd need to find a way to disable the bicycle in C#. Myth basically "turns off" the engine with a C# patch, which is why those vehicles don't work.
  13. I... actually have no idea on that. I think I saw someone have a similar issue and it was related to either texture size options or LOD distance? Aha, now I know what that one is. It's a bug with either Tree Quality, Object Quality or Occlusion. I normally put the 2 quality options at medium and turn Occlusion off and that sorts it out. If you're using the launcher, my advise is to make sure saves are local to the mod. I believe it has that option and should resolve it. That looks like something isn't installed properly, assuming you're not using any modlets with the mod. I honestly have no idea what's going on with that error. It's like it's breaking the biomes.png or something else in save games and I don't understand why. I just know the manual installs I have on my laptop and desktop are working fine. I can start a game, play, fully quit, reload and all good. I know sphereii is also tracking an issue with gitlab (which is what I use) because they changed something that's caused launcher issues. I think there ARE a couple of those on the DF maps, but I tried to dump them out in the wasteland. Basically a risk vs reward thing. Deal with radiation and zombies from hell, get good loot. It's another gitlab, but I have a mirror on my personal server. Seems to work better since less folk are using it.
  14. A18 vanilla issue. You're either using a seed or save game name for a game that already exists and the data hasn't been fully cleared. So it's loading part of the old data. If you mean the T2 trader quests, i'm pretty sure that the latest version has a patch which increases the required amount of quests from 5 to 10. If you mean "class mastery", get level 50 and buy the perk, or find/buy the book, read it and then hit level 50.
  15. If you're playing on a server, you get 1 blank class book. Open the backpack. There's AT LEAST 2 on the medium map in one of the wasteland areas. I don't remember which medium map, but one is near a river. Single player - 2 books. Multiplayer via dedicated server - 1 book. This is intended to encourage player co-operation.
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