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  1. ^ this. Would be nice to have as a DMT mod because then users can easily add it to other mods.
  2. Not easily but they can be. You should just be able to remove them from the entitygroups file.
  3. Yes it will. a18 worlds don't work on A19 for a start
  4. Mmmkay. *Increased Sci-fi theme with junkturrets (and now drones coming?) - Easy to remove *Removal of gun and motorparts, affects final product - Cannot be modded back in. Gun parts can be modded back in and then you use those to make an item, but not affect the quality level. The "assembly" window is the new mods window. *1-600 Quality levels. - HIGHLY unlikely. Looking through the DLL, 255-ish seems to be the max. *Random Stats - Easy to remove *Sleeper zombies removed the feel of a zombie infested world. - Why? I'm not 100% sure they were in A15 but they definitely were in A16. You should be able to remove them though by just removing all sleeper references in all POI XML files. *Jumping zombies. looks ridicoulous - Can't be fixed cos they jump whenever there's something in the way, like a small rock (and yes, it annoys the crap out of me) *No corpselooting - Super easy to put back. *Smell removed - Would need a DMT mod to turn back on. The code is there, it just needs hooking up. *Dungeonstyle POI's - Grab the A16 prefabs and convert them. It takes a while, but it can be done. Then you can just edit RWG to only spawn those. Done. *Traders OP - You can remove the quest option from the trader dialogue so they only sell/buy stuff. *Leveled things - A pain but do-able. *Overall shift of being hunted to being a hunter. - Not really sure how you'd fix that other than to just jack up the zombie spawns. *No Hubcity. - I don't think nitrogen has a "generate central wasteland and city" option. Which is a shame. Cos I miss it too. *Learn by Doing. - Can be MOSTLY done. Some skills don't work at all (like barter) *Magic learning skills - If i'm understanding correctly, you don't want to be able to use skill points to learn stuff. This is MOSTLY do-able, but then skill points would be pointless. But in theory, you can just remove perks, or make them have a cost of 0 so you have to find the books.
  5. I'm definitely NOT adding more vehicles because they're a complete pain to rig and get working.
  6. You need an action 1. That code is for a SECONDARY attack. Not a primary attack. Like you wanted.
  7. The 96 slot backpack icons are intended to be small to keep the inventory within the confines of the vanilla UI. So I won't be making any edits to make them bigger. If you want them bigger, feel free to edit it yourself, or use the 60 slot. Speaking of the 96 slot backpack... Pushed an update to fix the issue with container slots being a little too "small" in where you need to put the mouse, and also fixed the overlap with the toolbar.
  8. Ah, I need to edit the modinfo xml. Will do that later. It doesn't save from what I can tell. So yes, you have to reset it. Not sure what you mean? I'll have a look at this later. Might be easier to make a new control/style sheet for the backpack and then use the default for the storage to fix it.
  9. <effect_group name="Secondary Action"> <passive_effect name="HarvestCount" operation="perc_add" value="-1" tags="secondary"/> <passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="base_set" value="2000" tags="secondary"/> </effect_group> Try that
  10. I... have absolutely no idea. I didnt mess with the craft window or anything and yet it's scaled. I'd have a look at the UI options in Video. Looks like you have some scaling issues.
  11. I've seen a few folks say that, which is why I decided to update the first mod I need to go edit the description
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