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  1. @Roland please unpin old mod list thread.
  2. Back in A15 you both couldn't nerdpole to the top since buildings weren't "loot dungeons" and roaming zombies would prevent you from building weak temporal structures around POIs. Basically devs shot themselves into the lag and now trying to apply band-aid to gunshot wound with stone age mechanic, cool
  3. Exactly same thing. It just went downhill from A17 gameplay-wise. Devs devalued bases, crafting and removed roaming zombies, so what's there thats left? How 7d is now any different from any other sandbox game now? We are playing F76 now (decided to give a try) and honestly we feel just like playing A19, but better A15 and A19 honestly feel like completely different games. A15 had unique things that were only found in 7d2d, and now most of them are gone. If Dead Matter won't be a total we will probably move over to it.
  4. No, this is outdated and should be unpinned, you should look for mods in https://community.7daystodie.com/forum/27-mods/ Look for threads that have "A19" in their name
  5. YESSSS Exactly. This mod is gamesaver for me
  6. While the game greatly improved in visuals, its mechanics become more and more dumbed down and rigid with each alpha. Broken sleepers that spawn in house where you are, which is big NO-NO if you play on max difficulty (note that in last devstream devs shown they deliberately spawn enemies in certain places which can come and attack you after you cleared the place) most POIs were turned into dungeons which you "finish" to find a "loot chest" at the end, quests spam instead of world exploration, devaluation of base-building, zombies having x16 damage when hitting same wall together, weapon
  7. So I guess I should merge all loot templates like ProbT0, ProbT1, ProbT2, ProbT3 into one singular loot template to make the game the way it used to be? And also replace all occurances of said teamplate with the new one? This looked more like thread derail attempt than the actual answer.
  8. Is that a trolling or did you misunderstand the question? I don't want to give myself million exp or other band-aid in any of such manner. I want to properly remove this mechanic from game by editing XML.
  9. As most of you know, in A19 devs introduced a so called "stone age" mechanic, which works as follows: Until certain in-game day, you can't find hige-grade loot (AK, snipers, pump shotguns, chainsaws, augers), no matter what - no random loot, no rewards, no nothing. Did anyone find how to disable this yet?
  10. In A19, we played on max difficulty and never had any ammo problems, without crafting them even once. And there was 4 of us. You get more than enough from quests / chest loots at the end of the dungeon. Just take fetch or fetch/clear quest and rush it, easy ammo / guns / anything By day 50 we had almost 15k unused 9mm ammo, since none of us used SMG. Mind that only 1 of us used AK, we used autisniper + shotguns / (auto)sniper + revolver / ak / and last gal was using bows + melee
  11. You sound just like Battlefield V PR manager Absolutely this. Still, take bedroll marker for example. It will be permanently visible while you are within 15m range, which means it will keep annoying you while you spend your time at home crafting items / building your home.
  12. Absolutely agree. This looks primitive, immersion-breaking and just fits more arcade type of games, instead of exploration games like 7d. That's interesting. Do you imply that devs are actually salty, and do this and 3d markers to spite their fanbase? This... actually is quite possible scenario.
  13. I honestly feel like I'm being treated like this kind of audience now =\
  14. In new devstream developers showed that literally everything - including enemies - will have mark not only map/compas, but also will have 3d mark in world. This even includes spear. Why? This makes game look primitive, arcadish. Just like zombie HP bar that they tried to introduce back in A18, I feel 3d marks for everything is overboard. Personal (locked) car and dropped loot - okay, makes sense. But spears, quests, traders, quest objectives, animals, treasures are overboard. And you even want to add 3d mark for junk turret you place? Why?! Please stop!
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