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  1. They will be, My health hasnt been the best last couple months but hopefully soon i can update.
  2. You can try it dont see why it wouldnt it looks out of the way of the backpack. Maybe cause issues with forge windows unsure. Can always test it out and see.
  3. Hi Rodrigocar@%$*#!o no it doesnt sorry.
  4. Argh ok ty and well opened editor again and lol it was there 😞
  5. Can you post your players log or output log please
  6. Ok will look at it after a sleep. Where will i find the log files.
  7. Yeh game directory was set. Will triple check again tho.
  8. What xml did you edit in data/config
  9. can you see it in the ingame editor in the game menu, i dl it and tested it in there and it comes up. In pilles editor it dont show up but no poi in pilles editor shows. have you updated pilles editor.
  10. Hi Pille Updated the editor. however no matter what poi i select it is always blank and only shows the sleeper volumes.
  11. Hi dino I will take a look today for you.
  12. look for Jaxtellers modlets, not his overhaul but his modlet thread he has increased spawns modlets.
  13. you have alot of diff names for the crucible. but need to see the sugar free candy modlet if you can upload the whole modlet can take a look.
  14. adding modlets to a overhaul can be either impossible or very time consuming. Depending on what the overhaul edits to what the modlet adds.
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