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  1. Hi All At the moment I am going thru and fixing up my prefabs and will have a release some time for you. The new releases of the current prefabs will involve zombie number fixes and volume fixes as well as prefabs being updated to A19 standards. The city combos will stay the same (will have a volume and z pass thru) However a new series of prefabs will be released sometime when I am finished with them all. The city combos will move to the rural/wilderness areas as run down prefabs and the new prefabs released will replace the city combos in the towns and cities. Hopefully I will finish them sometime soon. Having worked on the Compo Pack I have learnt alot and made some fixes I have learnt from that and i have to thank @Magoli and @wolfbain5 for sharing and assisting me in fixing up some errors I made previously (mainly not knowing how to use Pilles great tool the auto z gen and auto volume generator properly) So hopefully you will get to enjoy them soon.
  2. Yeh you can do that to. Just remember to add to rwgmixer or you can make a modlet lol and put in mods folder does it all for you. If notro tho you will have to add to the compopack_46 prefablist.txt to tho
  4. You can lol. You can even have your poi as a modlet and run it and the cp modlet together. Or can add it to nitro depending your play choice.
  5. Hi truckers Will look at it tomorrow to see if I can find something and fix. Should be the trader you got the quest from tho.
  6. Check the xml name and search. But should be chicken or rabbit should work also. Also make sure you have the requested items needed to craft and the perk/book
  7. Yes there is issues with water rotations and metas. The research vessel was omitted from the cp46 to fix and should be back in cp47.
  8. I can see where you are coming from and to be honest I originally thought cpt Krunch was attacking the cp. It was a misunderstanding and sorted further in pm. As for your prefabs looks good and decorative. Def would add zs when you can to it. What size dimensions are they both. (In the in game editor press escape and should be top right next to the tools menu if you were unaware. And I would never say anything bad bout anyones prefabs.
  9. did you open the .rar up it only has whats needed and not the extra stuff that was in previous versions
  10. Oh this sounds amazing.. Yeh some more groups would be good to also a female only group. A friendly animal group be handy as well. PS: would love to see this prefab and see maybe adding it to the compo Pack with credits in prefab file name ofc.
  11. Nepa base got nerfed. No longer a walk in. It is in the Pack tho
  12. It should be ok. Just need to redo prefab costs and imposters blocks
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