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  1. Oh nice to know... (Quietly gathers all my modlets to send to chikorina) haha
  2. Oh sir you are awesome. And haha many people fall for the trader poi haha... great work.
  3. lol i wasnt going to remove em haha 😛 . but yeh cant just have all the good stuff being dug up only lol
  4. No lol the human remains were in there as a joke thing lol. The others is random terrain blocks some you can use others you can do what you did etc.
  5. Ok so all sorted l. Let me know and I can take a look. Will look at the back packs in the morning.
  6. FIXED: Modinfo.xmls to current alpha version
  7. hi @sq33k i will check the modinfo but they all work for a19. have you made sure it is the correct folders you are adding to the mod folder. like valmars expanded storage then when you open it up there should be config, icon folder and modinfo.xml. but any other mods. any errors in the console or output.log/players.log. You named the Mods folder with a capital M. And placed in the common/7 days to die folder where the exe's are. Making one modinfo wont work becauyse you need the modinfo.xml to call that mod and it needs to be the same name as the mod it is in.
  8. Heard a few things. Hope it is wrong tho. But nitro hasn't been updated past a19exp. Other projects/games .
  9. yeh i imagine but cool unfort i dont think nitro will be updated (hoping to be wrong ofc) but this looks great 🙂
  10. Download the compopack. We have step by step guide to installing the cp with nitrogen on magolis compopack discord. The link can be found in the latest compo pack thread. If any issues we can also assist you thru the process.
  11. Unfort no updates on nitro since a19 exp. Havent heard from Damocles either. However it still works mostly with an occasional hiccup. The cp works with it still vanilla pois do to. Altho you may have to add the new vanilla pois to the prefablist
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