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  1. could be a just a bugged spawn. had no one else tho have issues with this poi. I will keep a eye out for it tho. Maybe the zs saw you coming and topped themselves lol. (joking)
  2. it most definately has zombies in it. only other one atm is the trader 02 and trader 02 destroyed by zyncosa collapses. this is fixed in next version.
  3. Thank you @pApA^LeGBa This has been corrected in the next version to the correct tier. Regards Stallionsden
  4. Hi @weaponspec Welcome to prefabbing. Will take a look at these today thank you and let you know 🙂 . Look forward to seeing more of your work 🙂 welcome to join our discord channel to if you wish. https://discord.gg/q8uc97Nh Stallionsden
  5. Why do I not believe you lol 😛 haha great work 🙂 look forward to seeing it
  6. Hi @doughphunghus Upto the creators of the pois there. We have some that submit and say do what ever you want with it. Update it etc. Others maintain their own pois as well and re submit each new alpha. We do have a discord linked on the front page as well if you want to join and participate easier with other prefabbers as well. Regards Stallionsden
  7. Looks to me like it spawned ground level as seen in the background. But didn't take into account the crater and raised it to meet the maps needs. So it is ground level. This bottom pic is just where kinggen made the city and removed the part of the mountain that it went into to spawn the whole city.
  8. Looks awesome man great work.
  9. There is you must have dev blocks on for it to be shown. Other ways is use a half block and paint the book texture on it as well.
  10. Hi @pApA^LeGBa Thank you. Will take a look at it. The showquestclearcount will be in next version.
  11. Have you removed kinggen from the dl folder. Have you unzipped it to a new folder. Then try what deakon wrote.
  12. You add the poi files of your custom poi to your game prefab folder then when you select generate list in kinggen you direct it to the game prefab folder then simply name the list. Remember where you save this list to. It will then generate a list then select custom list in kinggen and direct it to the list you just created.
  13. You can use one list and combine another list. But you also need both lists pois in the game prefab folder. But concentrate on getting one to work first before trying to add others.
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