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  1. Actually 68.. somewhere he owes a lady 1 πŸ˜‰
  2. Dukes bouncing up and down on their side from the trader to the quest poi and you drive your 4x4 collecting dukes 😁
  3. Very nice look forward to going thru it
  4. Hey deverezieaux 25 x 25 42 x 42 60 x 60 100 x 100 Big discussion on the dev diary a while back
  5. Wait.. you promised some xxx tiles for us.. are you not gonna do it now lol 😜..
  6. But yeh got the prefabbers when they are building new pois to build within the poi marker size so all the new ones being made are gonna slot right in as well.
  7. Lmao when a20 exp is released they will be being worked onπŸ™‚
  8. They showed you a view of the whole city.
  9. but as a player we have more ability to create situations to deflect zombies. Whether it be use of blocks a certain way or traps etc. A zombie going thru 1 block would give the oh crap moments. But I don't mind if the payer couldn't go thru 1 block tho that be cool to. Quick exits of a poi when you are overwhelmed etc. Jump thru a wibdow etc. But there is a mod by shpereii or xyth I think that allows a player thru 1 block to.
  10. Hi @Simon_MD My gosh that is a awesome castle such wonderful details. Is it ok to add to the compopack πŸ™‚.
  11. Hi @thomsi I unsure of what war of the walkers add. But if you edit the war of the walkers entity classes.xml and add the 3 special forces bags to it (may have to remove water can of food and torch maybe.) That should work
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