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  1. Then use the mod launcher. Download it from the modding forum and use it to create a copy of the 18.4 version. Then go ahead and update to A19. When you want to play your 18.4 game launch from the mod launcher. When you want to play A19 launch from Steam.
  2. No. The site is correct and you are not. This is actually an issue that TFP will hopefully be able to resolve. The reason that TellTale is listed as the publishers is because they are the publisher of that version in the stores. No subsequent version was ever published and TFP are not console publishers. Getting the rights to their game does not make them publishers. It does allow them to license their IP out to a new publisher in the future if they want to bring the full PC version to the next gen consoles. In the future, they will not be publishing the next console game. They will partner with a console publisher as they did with Telltale in order to make it all happen. TFP is a PC game studio period. They have not been, are not now, and will not be the publishers of the console version of 7 Days to Die. Since it was always Telltale that dealt with Microsoft and Sony stores, TFP will have to make contact and work through making the changes. This can't be entirely true at least based on the Steam store. Perhaps the base price point is set by publishers but online stores can run sales and discount the game and inform the developer or publisher that they are doing so. At any rate that was all handled by Telltale. TFP has never dictated the price nor had direct dealings with the Microsoft store or Sony Store. They are indeed looking into that now. I've worked in retail myself and can tell you that stores often run discounts and price reductions at their own discretion.
  3. You literally repeated what I posted... So....agreed. Great insight.
  4. @Sydious Name me a crafting game anywhere in which you don’t have to gather materials for the crafting. You like the term “looting” because it rhymes with “shooting”. But let’s be honest. In any game that involves crafting, part of the crafting is gathering mats and some gathering is going to be easier and some is going to be harder but it is not a simple is there more gathering or more crafting. They are connected. The real problem is that as you gather resources you have a good chance of finding the very item you want to craft or that you just crafted and that item could be better Than what you can make which takes the wind out of your sales. If 98% of everything found in containers was brown with only a 2% chance of finding something better, then orange, yellow, green, and blue would be the domain of crafting With very little chance that anything found would one-up what you made. The devs have moved in this direction and hopefully they will continue shifting.
  5. Go to the beta opt in screen on Steam today and opt in to Alpha 18.4 so that when Alpha 19 leaves experimental you won't automatically update to it and then have to reinstall Alpha 18.4. Then you can just continue on with your game. If you are already 100 hours into this save then you are already past 90% of what is new with this update and you are used to the graphics anyway. It will probably be at least 5-6 months before the next major update so once you start feeling bored of your current game at that point go ahead and switch over to A19 and start fresh. You will have lots of time before the next necessary restart will hit. These restarts really aren't that often. You just started close to one but the next one won't be for quite awhile.
  6. Landmines are LBW Learn by Wrenching.
  7. I'd be fine with no loss of stats. Mainly I think we need to have items break after a number of repairs so that the player has to find or craft a replacement. I think the broken item should still be scrappable for parts as that will help facilitate crafting that replacement.
  8. 7 years? Try 7 months. The music system was first implemented in Alpha 18 with only a few exploration tracks. Now there are several exploration tracks and only one or two tracks for other situations such as combat. Those were added over the course of the last 4-6 months. Not all features were started 7 years ago. Some are much newer additions.
  9. So what if the steepened cost is exactly the same amount as it costs now? You’d be fine with that? The way it is now you pay a steeper price for a black sheep perk but you also gain the benefit of getting other perks from that attribute for much cheaper not to mention the benefits of the attribute itself for whenever you might use a weapon from that track. So you would trade those benefits for no benefits but still paying the same steeper price just to get it out of the attribute it’s in? Instead of thinkIng of it as investing in an attribute you don’t care about, think of it as just the steeper cost for that perk which you already say you are willing to pay. —————- @Khalagar you’ve convinced me that you aren’t naive. I believe you about what you are seeing. Rick also reads a lot of different forums and Reddits. They are aware.
  10. Yes. Now that food and water bar mods are obsolete there is a real vaccuum. Just think, rather than someone doing yet another backpack mod someone might take RhinoW's perk ideas to heart and give us another overhaul to play with.
  11. And slightly better than that one...
  12. Lengthy treatises are not the best way. He will most likely skim it if it too long. The main thing is to keep in mind that while TFP is open to feedback they do have a plan of their own already written up and they have a living document full of ideas that they have discussed and gathered-- so many that some of their favorites are already earmarked for the next game. Presenting them with a full re-work is probably not going to be openly and immediately accepted though there might be parts of it that will make an impact. The key is to do this for yourself because you enjoy thinking about game design and the exercise is inherently fun and interesting to you. That way if it is rejected in part or whole you won't be upset and start ranting that TFP doesn't listen to feedback. You can also submit your idea in the discussions and requests subforum in the Modding forum. It might inspire a modder to implement your reworking of the perks and if so your dream will become a reality regardless of how much or how little Madmole may agree with you.
  13. Salted Butter. If you're going to do it then go all in.
  14. I agree that there is nothing false about saying that. But you went beyond that. Also disagreeing with feedback or at least not fully accepting it right away is not the same thing as ignoring it. Madmole already stated there is still work to be done with Agility, Intellect, and Perception. So obviously he is not ignoring feedback about those builds. But he isn't going to just change it completely based upon your preferences. I know right....? "Trying to imply" is weak sauce in your book. You have to just come out and post your claim to the majority--straight up like you did. That's the trick.
  15. Problem is that I didn't use that as a tactic. I made a joke about it in the first line. Then I presented a counter-argument. In follow up posts I discussed asymmetrical design and how not every path to victory needs to represent optimal dps for horde night. But there is another kind of tactic used by people who know they are wrong and that is known as ad hominem. Your follow up posts have not addressed my counterpoints or faatal's or madmole's views at all but have simply been focused on me being intellectually dishonest in your view. The other tactic you used which I joked about was to claim the unknown majority of players for your own personal set of preferences.
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