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  1. Now we're talking some righteous tedium!
  2. I still think it will. But even if it doesn't-- increasing the number and frequency of respawn is the easiest edits there are. Sure, its not ideal for those who refuse to go there but it is extremely easy to change those settings for anyone who really cares to do it.
  3. I submit that those who find planting seeds annoying and tedious are not really into farming in the first place. Returning the action of planting to people who enjoy the farming aspect of the game is definitely a step forward. Personally, I'm unhappy about any game actions that are changed to be automated. It is really too bad that the world terrain does not support the hoeing action any longer. That was a loss. I think that farming should be designed to be fun for the people who find it fun. It shouldn't be marginalized as an automated feature just to satisfy those who are annoyed by it and find it tedious. I hoed AND replanted seeds for thousands of hours of gameplay before it was changed to auto-replant and crafted planter boxes and when it changed I wasn't giddy for my release from the bondage of farming. Planting really is no more tedious than harvesting and actually more interesting if you are trying to organize and group plants together. Should harvesting be automated as well for those of you who are crying "TEDIOUS!"? The chance of not getting viable seeds fits with the setting. This isn't farming in civilized times under the best of conditions. This is farming in the wake of nuclear bombs affecting the soil so it makes sense that plants are going to struggle and some won't produce a seed that germinates. There are more seeds in loot than there used to be so even if the worst happens and you lose your farm, you can get it back after some looting and scavenging. As for fears of losing those precious few Super Corn seeds that are super rare to be found, Super Corn is not a necessity. It is not something that any unperked farmer wannabe should be able to be guaranteed to have thrive for them. If you want to farm Super Corn then you should learn how to farm better so that you'll be assured of a productive farm. By removing the automation they are making farming more appealing to the people who actually care about farming. Replanting by hand is no more or less tedious than any other action in the game and the fact that you find it tedious is evidence that you are actually the type of person for whom farming means nothing. So in reality, the game is currently (once again) more tailored to those who actually care about farming as a feature in the game. So I agree with you that the people who care less about farming should be the ones who have to mod it. Joel has mentioned a number of times that this game isn't a farming game and that he, himself, doesn't play it to farm. I never expected for farming to recover any of its old depth for its own sake. Even if he didn't change it for the reason of making farming more immersive and more action oriented instead of just an automated food dispenser, I'm glad it happened and we recovered a bit of what has been lost over the years. Too bad it is "instead of" food spoilage- but I'll take wins when they come and I'm glad farming with more active participation is back. Now....what about water and fertilizer....?
  4. This almost always means you have A19 data interfering with your A20 game. Use the clean tool to remove all previous maps and saves.
  5. I agree and we will have to see what they ultimately do. I doubt they will increase zombies, however, until they've added bandits and see where things are. If they load up the zombies now and then have to dial them back to fit bandits in then people will scream that TFP takes away every time they add. Better to mod in greater numbers for now until they've added all entities they are going to add and then they can experiment with raising levels of zombies and testing performance and making that tough decision of what minimum specs they will support. My mom always kicked me off my Colecovision after an hour to go play outside. It's a real thing.
  6. I've had both experiences. There are times I just can't get the buried supplies dug up because I am constantly being interrupted by zombies but there have been other times where everyone must be at the zombie convention
  7. AFAIK that is now just a percent chance of happening if you fail your stealth check when crossing the line. It was discussed and planned as a change to them always automatically waking up. So since A20 just came out and you probably are still low level it is going to be common for you to fail that stealth check. Now it could be that it hasn't been implemented yet either but the plan is there at the very least.
  8. Just to be clear for the conspiracy theorists out there, I edited out a part of someone's post that was crude and insulting while leaving the gist of their post the same. I did not edit the original estimate I gave for when A20 would be released in order to rewrite history and world domination.
  9. I hope by fix you mean you placed a few more snakes in strategic places...lol
  10. We did not just lose the existing feature of being able to place snow blocks in another biome and have them stay snow. That has been the case since A17 when they switched to microsplat terrain. This terrain has many benefits that help make the game playable and solve many problems that the old terrain couldn't handle. It was deemed worth it even at the expense of farming in its original form. So in A17 farming changed because terrain generation changed. The issue you raise hasn't been on the list to fix since then because there is no fix. It is simply the way the world works and the way it has worked for the past couple of years. If the technology changes in the future and it isn't too difficult to apply those changes to 7 Days to Die then things might change. But for now it isn't even categorized as a bug. The terrain is actually working as expected and the new cities are not the culprit (although if the terrain change hadn't been made back in A17 we probably wouldn't ever get what we have now..)
  11. That link hiefire posted is what you want.
  12. Experimental builds are only available through the Steam beta opt-in UI. If you don't have that then you will have to wait for A20 to go stable at which point it will be on Steams main branch that gets pushed out to everyone who installs the game and loads it without having opted in to anything.
  13. Click on the green banner to go to the bug pool and read the directions. Then post your issue. Make sure you have cleared out your mods folder if you had anything in there and that you are not using an old save from A19 with A20.
  14. This issue most likely won't be fixed as it is a technical limitation of the terrain generation the game uses. It is the reason farming was changed.
  15. Impossible. Everyone is working until Friday night...
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