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  1. The animation looks like they are kind of figuring it out or using instinctive motions. They aren't coordinating strokes with kicks or anything and they usually get to the surface for a moment and then sink again and then repeat. It is pretty scary and weird but it doesn't seem beyond the realm of possibility that they are doing what they are doing when I watch it.
  2. This isn't your fault at all Mechanical.... It's those dirty rotten hard-core.
  3. I wouldn’t say fails but I agree it is a gray area. We allow it for two reasons: 1) This game’s best quality is the amazing co-op gameplay it provides. We want people to see friends playing together so they can witness just how much fun this game is beyond solo and aside from the glut of PvP games on the market. We can only accomplish showing this side of the game if we allow streamers to play with their friends. 2) Many streamers do their shows as teams and we discovered the first year we did this that it would be detrimental to force solo plays upon teams. BeardedGuysGaming were the first streamers recruited and we took both of them. We realize the system isn’t perfect but we also know that those who are against it will never be satisfied unless we just cancel the event. What we have as our criteria has resulted in a great event that is fun and exciting and a big part of that is allowing MP. But I absolutely understand the “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” component. That can’t be honestly denied.
  4. Um...no. How is this even a question? How can you read the rules in the OP and come to the conclusion that being a supporter since kickstart or needing help with content to get off the ground are the requirements? Not this at all. You wouldn't be accepted in the first place based on some other criteria and THEN rejected because of your numbers. You would be accepted if you have 5000+ followers period. Anything else you might be or have is gravy. Followers is the only requirement we are considering. I'm not sure how to make it more clear, tbh. Like you, Vedui did not meet the requirement last time and did not participate. After employing his skill and talent for the past 6 months he is now in a position to be able to participate. Instead of asking for an exception....get to work. Put "A20 or bust!" on a sticky note and post it on your bathroom mirror.
  5. I think Steve was an Expectant Father when he turned. Good enough?
  6. Unfair it decidedly is not. Unfair would be granting exceptions. The requirements are known and we accept all who meet them. I haven’t turned away a single person who has qualified. There is equal opportunity here.
  7. Welcome to: Vedui broadcasting from Singapore Jack Fleischhammer broadcasting from Germany JBMagic broadcasting from USA East Rhinocrunch broadcasting from USA West Check out their links in the lists above.
  8. Everybody catch the launch today? My 14-year old daughter got teary-eyed. I've never been more proud of her.
  9. What if the child is Haley Joel Osment and the thing he says is, "I see dead people"?
  10. Who said that it would cost us anything? I mean it might but probably will be free dlc. DLC stands for down loadable content. That can be free or they can charge for it. I just think you are not well suited for the development process. You want to play the final version that they finally decided to stick to. A16 was not what they wanted. Why stick to those guns if they weren't happy with it? You believe A16 to be the culmination of all their efforts and then they chopped it down back to square one to try something else. As long as you believe that there is really nothing anyone can say to make you happy. I definitely don't see A16 as the culmination and A17 was not a complete restart. I see a long series of experiments and trials to reach the point where they wanted to be. In other words-- development. It is a process that not everyone has the stomach for especially if they are the type to just go with the first idea out of the box and good or bad stick to it.
  11. I am in complete agreement. This is what I have been saying. What they have right now without any new content is a fantastic and full game that will give anyone who has never played it before potentially 100s of hours of entertainment. But the current content isn't ready for release. It needs to be fixed, polished, and optimized so that anyone who meets the spec requirements will have a fun experience and not get frustrated by stutters, glitches, and cruddy presentation. That is the "needs to finish" part. Once the game goes gold and they continue to update it with DLCs, those should extend the game for everyone who has already played out what is currently in there: new blocks to build with, new quests to achieve, new perks, new enemies, new story, etc. That is the "get more features someday" part. If they add more content to keep all of us who have already played through the game several times happy right now and then in another 6 months do that again because by then we will have devoured all the new content from this time, they will never finish what they have to standard they want for gold release. Calling for extending the end game with additional content right now is premature. They have to get it done. heh...nothing will satisfy those players except for all new content that extends gameplay more. But how long will they be satisfied with that before they are again dissatisfied and start demanding more again? Some of those players devour new content within hours or days of releasing it because of how they play games. The credit roll was mostly a joke but really this game already has sandbox endless play as long as you are into collecting every book, building new structures, renovating existing POI's, and maxing out your character. And then there is the best option (IMO) which is to start over fresh and make different choices for some alternative challenges. Adding a credit roll wouldn't change any of that. It would just signify to the player from the developers, "You've basically won and now you can do whatever you want".
  12. Roland


    Fishing in games like this can be fun. I'm all for it.
  13. What hostility....? I think you took it wrong. He seemed to be talking “in general” and not calling you out personally as a hardcore player. I don’t even think he meant the term “hardcore” pejoratively.
  14. Actually what they could do that would ironically satisfy and please a lot of people is add a single boss and once he is dead roll the credits and THEN let the player play on forever doing whatever. That is all people really want. A final boss and a credit roll. Nobody would complain then that they would just be continuing on without end just like they do now. Really though it's mostly just the credit roll. Stick a credit roll after the 49th day horde night and people will be fist pumping that they hit endgame and then be super pleased that they get to keep playing on if they want to. Huh....I might suggest to the devs adding a credit roll after one of the horde nights just to see the psycological effect. I bet a bunch of people will write in thanking them for finally putting in an endgame...
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