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  1. Yeah, but one of the reasons for having those children is to play games together and they are probably still a bit too young to play. How about this: There's no need to worry about grandchildren. You will easily be able to play the finished version of 7 Days to Die with your own kids by time they are old enough to be able to play. disclaimer: If you're one of those kind of parents who takes their five year olds to rated R horror movies then all bets are off....
  2. The pipe baton is not an electrical weapon. It is basically a better club and you usually find one early enough that it would always replace the club on your belt until/if you decide to start perking into clubs.
  3. You are correct and I was going to make the same observation. If only I would have been 3.1000000 times faster on my response time instead of only 3.1 times faster, I would have been the one to point that out instead of you!!!
  4. Everyone says A17 was atrocious but I really enjoyed the stuffed full POIs and new zombie AI was lots of fun outside of horde nights.
  5. Looks like he has chemical burns around his mouth chin and neck which could be the result of his own vomit. (They still vomit)
  6. I was just poking some fun at the title of the thread. OP admits that the harder areas are more fun. That should make it worthwhile playing in those areas regardless of the loot. In fact, if the loot was worse but the game play way more fun then people would want to play there anyway, right? I am aware that the loot tables will be changed and I'm not against it. I'd love more fun AND better loot. I'm no communist...
  7. Was the argument really about coasters? hmmm...?
  8. I doubt anyone wants to put a shotgun slug through MY cranium...
  9. The most horrific part of this is that only half of his shirt is untucked. Killin' me!
  10. Just some slight points of clarification: A17 was when looting zombies was removed and the zombies continue to have names. Arlene still roams the countryside of Navezgane-- even in the development builds of Alpha 20. Finally, the use of a limited number of models is not an attempt at MMORPG style. It is purely a limitation of current technology. I agree with you that it would be better if there was more variation among the different zombies so that the same enemies wouldn't become so repetitive. TFP agrees as well. But they have to strike a balance between per
  11. I think it’s mainly that the downward stroke of the seven perfectly aligns with and covers the handle of the stone axe. I would like it better, I think, if the seven were maybe slightly smaller and lowered just a bit so that the handle of the axe it covers could be seen as well. Even if covered with a mason jar of coffee,I would know...lol. Having said that, though, I’m really just trying my best not to get aggressive with myself now over my own slight expression of negativity towards 7DTD. 😉
  12. So you were being thoughtless in your word usage instead of intentional. Gotcha. You can play off your word choices as meaningless and claim innocence but you know and we know why you used the phrases you did. You even gave the keyboard warrior reason for it: we're on the friggin internet. Pretend if you want that misinterpretation is happening. It's not though and you know it. Sure. But I freely admit that I'm aggressively calling you out on what everyone knows you were doing. Question is, why can't you just admit that you were actually trying to be offens
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