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  1. Stealth is not for speed running efficiency players. I’ll grant you that. But then those players miss a lot more of the game than just stealth and feel forced into a much narrower set of tactics than how to respond to an auto aggro room. Of course, they set those limits on themselves and some of them even acknowledge that rather than coming here and complaining that the game screws them over....
  2. Maybe they’ll restore LBD elements for the movie and the first forty minutes can be watching the protagonist grind up his skills before he does anything to advance the plot. That’s sure to garner a few points on the tomatometer!
  3. I do understand that there will always be people who want anything. The thing is that the auto aggro rooms are not YOU waking up the zombies. It is the situation you are confronted by. You didn't fail stealth and you can still claim 100% stealth kills for the entire POI even with auto aggro rooms. Again, I understand some people will not enjoy shooting mobile targets from stealth when they are so enammored with shooting stationary targets. so no design will please everyone. However, the auto aggro rooms don't force confrontation. They force a quick-thinking reaction if you wish to remain in a stealthy mode of clearing. At the beginning of this thread the assumption was that the only way to resolve the room was via guns blazing but that assumption proved false. So this idea that the devs want to limit us to one type of interaction with zombies makes for a dynamic sounding claim but it is just strawman that carries no weight in light of what has been discovered since the beginning of the thread.
  4. Oh man...you love killing unconscious enemies. What are you going to do when bandits are added and they aren't sleeper bandits but awake and alert bandits?
  5. The first punch is not a freebee because it never connects. You walk in the room and the trigger happens and....by golly, you still have stealth at your disposal to avoid the punch. We're still going with the analogy that the punch represents the complete invalidation of stealth forcing the player to handle the zombies in an unstealthy manner...correct? So the punch is thrown and you retreat, hide, re-emerge and kill all the zombies with all your stealth enhanced multipliers. The trigger is just an event-- an event that does not remove your ability to stealth. So it isn't a freebee sucker punch. It never connected. 1. It's just one option, man. What the devs do or do not favor has no bearing on what you choose to do. If you didn't frequent these forums you'd never know what the devs favor or have any kind of paranoia about what you think they want you to do... 2. Some people do this regardless of the room. Its a choice among 4 others. You don't have to have prior knowledge of any room to have five options for how to handle the next room. Prior knowledge would certainly increase the priority you might give this option but I've elevated myself into the rafters of a room and made a hole into the next room before not knowing whether it was an auto aggro room. I just did it because I saw rafters and I thought it would be fun. 3) No and it is completely relevent to your point and you have continued to ignore its implications for a dozen pages because it entirely destroys your argument about stealth being invalidated. You have championed your side from the position that you love stealth and yet you ignore an entirely new stealth tactic that emerged from this discussion all because it is detrimental to your argument. I wake up sleepers now on purpose at times and run and hide and then kill them from the shadows simply because it is more fun than what you want 100% of the game to be. 4) Parkour might not be appropriate at all times but the tactic is there for use when it can be used. Maybe we need a new thread about how the sloped roof designs of POIs have totally screwed over Parkour players... 5) I know people who always carry spikes and barbed wire when exploring pois and have them ready to plant in a doorway or across a hall as needed. You don't need prior knowledge of a particular POI. You treat all rooms as though they could wake up so you are ready to react with a number of tactics at your disposal. So when I said that shooting sleeping corpses would be boring if that is all there was without any triggers YOU said I invalidated 90% of stealth gameplay. I'm just going by your own hip shot on the numbers. I'm fine with calling it 80% or 70%. <shrug> Of course that means I only invalidated 80% or 70% of stealth by my earlier comments. Are you prepared to be okay with that because 90% sounds more dramatic. If a mugger slammed me into a wall and demanded money and I escaped by kicking him in the crotch I would not call that a mugging. I'd call that a damn fine story I would be telling at every party for the next year. BTW, your little scenario actually does happen. People DO get surprised by an event they could not have avoided and when they somehow avoid and escape that event it makes for a great adventure. These events in the game that can't be avoided create situations for great stories and great adventures depending on how the player reacts and there are many ways to react-- stealth among them.
  6. Nope...I'm just using the material I was given. Figured I'd work within the paramaters Hiemy, himself, set.
  7. Solomon did answer that he wasn't saying that about 7 Days to Die but @Jeraal has been pretty vocal and openly dismayed about Vanilla for the past year or so. Maybe they can answer the question... The choices you speak against are never changing-- at least for this game. Knowing that, why continue with the negativity? At some point you have to resolve yourself to adapt or move on to a game you actually enjoy. My library is littered with games I no longer play because they grew stale or I simply lost interest. That's normal. I'm glad you have fond memories of the way 7 Days to Die used to be but the reality is that the finalized game is going to be what we have right now but with a few additional features-- but nothing planned by the devs is going to turn 7 Days to Die back into pre-A17. If there was a chance for changing it I'd say keep going but there's zero chance for it now. The die is cast.
  8. How is agi/stealth getting screwed over by the POI design? For that matter how are the devs punching anyone in the face to force them into one thing that they want them to do? Here are some reactions to the auto aggro rooms that I can think of off top of my head 1) Guns Blazing and kill them all (non-stealthy) 2) Break a hole in ceiling or wall and kill them (stealthy) 3) Retreat/ Hide/ Re-emerge/ Stealth Kill (stealthy) 4) Parkour to high safe spot and pick them off (agility) 5) Set traps and barriers to delay them and hurt them while you actively kill them (non-stealthy) There's five which is a nice variety of options-- none of which are discouraged or stopped by the developers. There are probably even more. Only number 2 requires that you know ahead of time that the room is auto aggro. The only thing you cannot do is shoot them in the head as sleeping, immobile, heaps simply by walking in the room. But since you can do that gameplay for 90% of the rest of the time what's the loss? Where is the screw over? I understand ya'all don't LIKE it and that you would rather be able to shoot every zombie every time while it slumbered every playthrough and there is nothing I have against you liking or disliking the situation. But the options we have to respond to the trigger are plentiful and varied and a far cry from being forced to only respond in the alleged one way TFP wants us to respond and also a far cry from POI design screwing over stealth. Yes, there is a scripted trigger but our ability to respond to that trigger in a stealthy manner is preserved. That is a fact. Opinion is liking or disliking it but-- proven incontrovertible fact is that all the player's stealth perks are preserved to be used in reaction to any POI event and hence there is no screw over.
  9. Your analogy of getting face punched would be spot on as long as you acknowledge that the target can feint, dodge, and counter. The game gives us those equivalents so... You can’t stop the punch from happening but you can react in a fun and rewarding manner.
  10. @hiemfire I didn’t discount anything. I said that if it was the only stealth gameplay there was, it would be utterly boring. The fact that there is a change up for 10% of stealth gameplay is a great thing. And you’re wrong about it not mattering that stealth gameplay is preserved after a scripted trigger event. That is all that matters. Sorry you don’t like it but the design philosophy is sound.
  11. This description sounds like actual Interesting and engaging stealth gameplay as opposed to just shooting sleeper after sleeper in the head. People really want only that over and over again in every POI for 100’s and 1000’s of hours of gameplay?! Not me. I appreciate some variety to the stealth gameplay experience. THANK YOU auto-Aggro rooms!!!
  12. As I’ve said before, I’m in favor of your idea to have some visible or audible cause for the zombies waking up. A siren, a stack of boxes falling, a slamming door deeper within out of sight, a chicken running through, —some “bad luck” event that occurs beyond the player’s control but provides an understandable reason why they woke up. But all this speculation about how the devs want us to not stealth fight is just paranoid silliness. You can run away, hide, and then re-emerge to kill them all through stealth. The devs wouldn’t have put a “forget timer” on the zombies if there really was some conspiracy to end more stealth in the game.
  13. Please tell me the names of the mods that must be installed to make the game playable. I’d really be interested to know which ones are doing the work that TFP should be doing and making the game the way it is intended to be. Pretend I’m a new player that just downloaded the game because I must have missed the thread where everyone is helping new players by telling them to be sure to install these critical mods. So what are your picks because the devs @%$#ed up and the game can’t run as intended without ______________, _____________, and ______________? Wait, let me guess one of them: Sorcery! Right...?
  14. Then you're asking for no modding support-- which is problematic since this game was created on the idea that it would be fully moddable so that individuals and communities could tailor the game to exactly their preferences and add more depth in those areas they deem important. The vanilla game will be the dev's vision but no matter how packed that might be with content, there will come a day when you've wrung it dry and will be wanting more. But, now you've just stated that you hope there isn't more to be found from mods beyond the standard game. This attitude of seeing a modable game as some kind of detrimental thing is just beyond bafflement to me. The developers have their plan and they will deliver the game they want to make. They have also made it so that others can modify it in whatever creative ways they can think of. This should be a cause of celebration and gratitude and not for gloom and criticism. No game can cater perfectly to every gamer. What you detest in the default package, others love --and that is where the beauty of modding comes in to bridge that gap between the preferences of different gamers and make the game appealing to many more people than it normally would be. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, Bethesda aside, OF COURSE you are going to seek mods to get more out of the game than the basic package. #Duh pfft....we've been there for 6+ YEARS. We had mods being made from almost the very beginning. Saying that we are "already there" on needing to seek out mods to deliver a deeper and more enjoyable experience for our own preferences is like saying we are "already there" on needing dedicated graphics cards to play the game.... #DoubleDuh
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