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  1. If it makes you feel any better, the developers use creative mode to design with those blocks all the time. They certainly aren't crafting them. The serious reasons you don't have access to them in the default game as craftable items is as follows: 1) Some are high polygon count specialty decoration blocks that could cause performance issues if overused 2) Too many crafting recipes bog down the crafting menu and hurt performance. 3) Many shapes are meant to be only used for the creation of POI's for the game and not to be in the game. Alpha 20 may have a new shape feature that might make it feasible to have every shape in the game. We don't know details yet but hopefully in the coming months it will be made clear how much more we might get access to. But we won't ever get everything simply because the shapes aren't always designed with the intent of having them for gameplay-- just for designing. At least they haven't simply hidden all them from us.
  2. She's a bit bald for my taste. Oh! you mean the one in the blue outfit....
  3. I am not moderation ----------------- So....when did you start playing the game? What is your favorite aspect of 7 Days to Die? Are you excited for the new restore power quest?
  4. Well...there are quite a few dedicated servers that are set up for families and friends and trusted groups to play with each other and they have a lot of fun and don't have the same issues as open public servers that cater to strangers on the internet. So I think calling for a shut down of all dedicated servers is probably premature just because the way you are using them is problematic. Don't get me wrong, I hope the problems you are facing from hackers are able to get fixed at some point but if they never do and you have to close up shop, there will still be people having a rewarding online experience within their trusted groups on dedicated servers. That's because that isn't their area of focus. The developer who is aware and does have a clue already responded in this thread. TFP is not the borg collective where every member of the team instantly knows about every issue in every other team member's area and frankly, the problem with the hackers that you are describing is not at the top of the priority list. Sorry.
  5. If scheduling is proving so hard, why not let the community help out with the baby sitting, errand running, and cleaning? Surely there is some calendar or spreadsheet that can be released, or some projected date that we can help brainstorm around.
  6. oof...I'm Chris Farley. You ninja'd me by 52 minutes...
  7. You are correct. I CAN'T fix my game so 0XP languishes in development hell until A19.3 eventually releases and I can get some help from the big wigs. As for this thread, it isn't closed. Hopefully, a few more people like @Beelzybub will pick up the torch and find repro steps and get it fixed. I take it you don't plan to be one of those?
  8. With those wrecking ball fists? Absolutely!
  9. Animal Crossing 7DTD here we come!
  10. Oh please...you guys can't stomach even the slightest pushback to your own viewpoint. Someone posts an alternative view and all of a sudden you are being stifled. Boidster never said that he hopes TFP never strives to improve the loot progression, he was being pragmatic about what you can do NOW to enjoy the game while you wait for the improvements. It's not like TFP has no idea about the linearity of the loot progression and YOUR revelations are going to make lightbulbs turn on over the devs' heads. They know, and there is a plan to improve things, and despite all of that you can still complain and voice your disappointment and it all stands in digital print for anyone to read and nothing that Boidster nor me nor anyone else types in response is going to remove or oppress or stop what you've typed. So stop with the martyr shtick please (or is that too stifling...?)
  11. How about your thoughts on the game so we don't all think you are a spambot? (I already do) Welcome...
  12. Restless Nerdpole Syndrome. It's a thing.
  13. Hah! You're hoping it replaces auto-aggro rooms! You don't fool me!!
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