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  1. They won't all be glowing and on fire. The original one that was shown a few months back is the regular burnt zombie, the glowing one is a higher tier and the ignited one is highest. It sort of aligns with normal -> Feral -> irradiated. I've played with the normal ones and although they are the weakest of the three, they are super creepy and hard to see in the dark. I've experienced more jump scares from them than any other zombie because in dark interiors they are easy to miss skeletal creepy nightmares. These new guys will be tougher to kill but hard to miss seeing in the d
  2. This is the only one from your list that I disagree with. I love that they can find paths to me. It adds to the horror. If they all just came up to the wall and pounded on it until I shot them like fish in a barrel it would not be as much fun in my opinion. Knowing that if I left a crack in my defense somewhere they could breach and overwhelm is more exciting. In POI exploration zombies in the environment might come back if they fell from a height or hear me from outside. Without their ability to always path to me minus some random forgetfulness put in there so that it doesn't ALWAYS happen,
  3. But what about stealth?!?!?!? New challenge? No....those bandits better all be sleeping and stay asleep when I approach them or stealth will be completely invalidated when bandits get implemented!!!!
  4. This isn’t the only thread you’ve been making the claim that stealth is completely invalidated because one or two rooms out of an entire POI auto triggers the zombies. That’s why I finally responded. Also, what I want for the game is for a variety of encounters and moments wher you must think fast and change up what you’re doing. So I want the occasional auto trigger room to remain— as well as wandering sleepers for even more variety. This thread is for posting what you want and I want the opposite of what you want and I disagree that stealth is invalidated by the auto triggers.
  5. Madmole recently talked about simplifying building by removing some of the intermediary block upgrade steps. so complexity was in building.
  6. After years of reading these forums I have doubts about any significant number of people wanting to use any weapon they haven’t perked into. No need to single out the stun baton. Seems like the majority let their inner min/maxer dictate to them what weapon is or is not worth a spot on their belt.
  7. Not remotely true. This whole conversation happened months ago and it was proven that with stealth perks you can hide and then stealth attack the zombies that woke up. Unperked….no. That’s the difference between being skilled and unskilled. wanting the entire population to stay asleep without any deviation is a recipe for boring gameplay. Using actual player skill to retreat, hide, re-emerge, and stealth kill the now wandering zombies is way more interesting than simply ANOTHER room of completely unconscious enemies.
  8. If this line starts trending on Twitter and FaceBook, may you be doomed to play A14 forever...
  9. Because overhauling every system over and over again just to keep them fresh for longtime players is not the way to design a game. You have to settle upon a design and stick with that and accept the universal truth that eventually people will get bored of your game and move on to another one. Hopefully your own sequel... Valheim has a good system but if every game uses the same system then there really is no escape from the boredom. Playing Valheim gives a fresh perspective on food and hunger so it is fun until it gets boring. If 7 Days adopts that system then people m
  10. I'm most excited for the random event manager and I hope it makes it into the game and is robust resulting in lots of different types of random encounters.
  11. The devs played quite a bit of Valheim so they are aware of how the water works in that game. Whether they are able to replicate that tech for this game or not is another matter. I believe that Valheim water is probably beyond the scope of what they plan for water in this game and I think that the voxel worlds are handled differently in both games. Valheim's voxel terrain seems to a pretty thin layer before you hit the water level whereas in this game you can dig down much deeper and never hit a water table that prevents you from digging further. I think Valheim's trade off of not having so ma
  12. Mega is right that healing injuries and eating and drinking is mundane. Sure...changing up how those things work WOULD be more fun....at first. But within a few weeks of playing with the new way they would become mundane too. How to make it fun? Change it again. Other than changing how these things work to make them feel fresh and new again, there is no way to make them feel interesting long term. No matter what you do, healing, eating & drinking are common repetitive tasks that become mundane and rote pretty quickly. This doesn't mean they are hated tasks or that we should re
  13. So....Lava monster was the goal all along.
  14. What matters is whether it results in fun horde nights. If it makes blood moon enjoyable then it is legit. If you find yourself bored and thinking of starting over to build a different base then it is a fail. I think building that wall and testing it out was probably the extent of the real fun so that was worth it to do once-- but would anyone always build their base this way and play through dozens of blood moons and find it enjoyable? I don't think I would and reading the OP's report of how it worked and looking at their screenshots was definitely interesting but also satisfies for me any it
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