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  1. Thanks everyone. Especially the first posts. I was able to make a few adjustments.
  2. Remember that I want to see if the forum is filtering properly. We already know people can misspell cuss words in order to circumvent the filter. That's why there is a rule against doing that. There was a post in which some words were spelled properly and were not filtered and it was from a first-time poster.
  3. Amusingly enough there is no rule agains swearing. The rule is simply that if you are going to do it then please watch your spelling so the @%$#ing filter can change your @%$# into @%$#.
  4. Our swear filter is being weird so it’s time for some science. Come in here and swear at me. Hopefully we will figure out the issue and you can receive some much needed catharsis. If anyone has been lurking for a long time and all you’ve been waiting for is permission to unload on me, then this is your chance. We want to see if there is a glitch with first time posters for sure so don’t be shy. Correct spelling only, wise guys!!
  5. I have 3 pipe shotguns on my tool belt that say “Blunderbuss Who?” Loudly.
  6. Go into the game launcher (there is a prompt for this on startup) and select the tools tab and then clean and select everything to clean. Simply uninstalling and reinstalling does not affect your save games and maps. Doing a full clean will. Then start a new game and see how things go. That's all I got without seeing an output log. Oh..also (just in case) try updating your graphics card driver. You never know...
  7. What? You think this is 2019 or something? Joking aside, the answer, I'm sorry to say is no. The Fun Pimps actually get quite a few requests for meetings and interviews as well as requests to do surveys and to review projects all by college students in programming. They just don't have time to fulfill all of those requests. Perhaps, someday, if there is a game convention of some kind that TFP takes part in there will be an opportunity to meet and greet or be part of a panel discussion on game design but for now they aren't doing those kinds of things. Good luck on your project thou
  8. Are these really that OP? The steep slope meta worked because zombies could not climb up nor could they attack those blocks so they were an impeneterable defense. The fix for that was to simply allow zombies to interact with those blocks the same as they do all blocks. In other words-- fix a bug in the interaction between zombies and those specific blocks in that specific rotation. Zombies do attack the open hatch doors correct? The player has to maintain and repair them along with battling zombies. I'm not sure what bug would need to be fixed in this case. If all you're asking for
  9. There is a robotic flying drone companion planned for A20. It is the replacement for the previously planned dog companion. The drone will be able to path easier through terrain so while less emotionally fulfilling than a dog it should still fill the role of a companion that takes simple commands nicely. Plus with the teddy bear attachment you can feel cuddly too. The drone companion is still on target for A20
  10. Sent you a message Anti. Give me the information in a private message that you tried entering and I can get you a replacement Steam key.
  11. Post it here: https://community.7daystodie.com/bug-test-1/bug-pool/ I have no idea but there are enough gun nuts around here to be able to tell you. You should know, however, that the guns in the game are inspired by actual guns. They are not meant to accurately represent them within the game. Don’t expect this to be a gun sim.
  12. Not our motivation. Only players who like to brag about playtime care about playtime numbers. We get full payment for the game regardless of whether someone plays 5 minutes or 5000+ hours. This not a subscription game. Not our concern. We already know our game is successful and we aren't measuring success in terms of any other game. Of course we celebrate milestones like 39K concurrent players and being in the top 100 but once again you are projecting player concerns onto developers. It is players who like to debate whether playstation is better than xbox or 7 Days is better than Proje
  13. That is temporary. It is already improved in A20 and will continue to be improved as time goes on. However, there is likely to always be primitive weaponry to be found in containers during the first week if you are looting in an area that does not have a modified gamestage.
  14. So what's the verdict? Did 19.4 get it right?
  15. Dammit! You said this before I had a chance to respond to your last post. Now I gotta respond with relatability and understanding or say nothing. So here's my response:
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