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  1. Look Frank, I can see there is some bad blood between you and Sylen. You are coming off quite a bit more strongly beligerent than he is, btw, and really injecting more unkindness into his response than I think is actually there. The fact is that nobody is going to be more knowledgeable and able to help than the mod author who created those commands. So why not go inquire in their thread and get their knowhow? If those commands are vanilla commands (I really have no idea sorry) then there is a standard procedure for finding the conflict. Standard procedure in this support forum for people who are having issues is to uninstall all mods and then proceed from vanilla settings to see if the issue can be worked out. Then start adding the mods back in to learn the source of the conflict. At that point the person is asked to go communicate with the mod author to work out the conflict from their end. This is the only course that makes sense. So it is simply being smart to send you there and ass has nothing to do with it.
  2. Hi Frank, A couple things for your consideration: 1) Sylen could be nicer but he also wasn't any "meaner" than you were. You were the one who opened the door about people not paying attention. Is it ideal customer service to mirror the customer's own snarky manner? Probably not. But Sylen is good at tech support if you can look past the bluntness. 2) Your report was not very detailed. Quests are always activated by selecting the rally marker in the yard of that POI. Until that marker is activated no changes or reseting of the POI occurs. That is one of the failsafes in place so you can cancel a quest if it happens to take place in a POI you are using as a base. A second failsafe is that the rally marker will not activate and reset the POI if there is an active bedroll or claim block inside. You stated you did not activate the Rally Marker so did somebody else? If they did can you be sure your claim block and bedroll were currently active? If the POI was reset the moment it was selected as a quest location that is a bug and not normal and I've never seen that happen for any quest. If the POI was reset when the rally marker was activated and an active bedroll/claim block was inside then that is a bug. If the bedroll/claimblock became inactive without a new bedroll/claimblock being placed then that is a bug. If any of the above turns out to be true then they are bugs and need to be reported in the bug pool. Just bringing them up here complaining that the dev team isn't paying attention invites the responses you don't want and does nothing to get the needed information to the people who are writing tickets for the bugs to be fixed. Now, to be fair to Sylen, he did give you a workaround that you can use in your server. Workarounds are what the support forum is all about. You want ideas to keep your players happy until a particular bug gets fixed, nobody is better than Sylen and he gave you a great temporary fix but if you want the problem fixed fixed then report it in the bug pool with more clarity. So as bitter a pill as it might be to take Sylen's advice to work out some details about the situation and see if there is a cause that is reproducible and post that over in the appropriate place, it is the correct instruction that he gave you.
  3. What Sylen is saying is that if you click on the red banner that has the link titled: "For information on future updates and releases for the console version of the game, please read the Blog post" you will be taken to the last posted press release by The Fun Pimps themselves which should give you the official word that Meganoth paraphrased for you.
  4. Post it as a bug and see what happens. Your expected result for breaking down a door is to get a door knob. List the reproducible steps for NOT getting a doorknob. The QA team will take it from there. These sort of small things are exactly the kind they like to fix and post in the changelog when people are looking and hoping to find that zombie and player reaches have been normalized...
  5. Welcome to the forum and I am so glad a conversation such as this compelled you to sign up! This was stated near the beginning of the conversation BEFORE we learned that auto-aggro rooms do not, in fact, force direct confrontation. You can still use stealth tactics to react to those rooms and gain the benefits of your perk multipliers for one-shot kill headshots as the zeds wander around unaware of you. I do feel that the devs do want direct confrontation in the game but as of now, auto-aggro rooms are not necessarily one of those times. I hope you don't think that the developers need to design around your modification choices. They can't possibly know that because you have modded the game a certain way, that you have your fill and then some of direct confrontation. They can't remove instances of designed direct confrontation just because some people added more of their own in elsewhere. That was a choice to play a game you (or another modder) created and not the one the devs made. I want to address this issue. Unlike other stealth games, this game does not have any awake enemies or guards on sentry duty. Every single enemy is dormant so the stealth is very samey. The auto-aggro rooms give us enemies that are awake and aggravated but they don't immediately target you unless once they come out they happen to see you. In some other game this would be like coming to a hallway with some alert guards walking their rounds. Just because they are awake and active does not mean your stealth has failed. It means you have to change your tactics-- but they are still stealth tactic. Same in this game. You can hide and throw rocks to distract and you will evade them. Then you can take your headshots from crouched position and get your multipliers and bonuses and not alert nearby awake zombies. The developers cannot just put already wandering and awake zombies in rooms or they will tear things apart before the player gets to them. They wake up upon entrance so that they are freshly awake enemies but they haven't destroyed everything while waiting for the player. The distinction you have to understand is that YOU did not wake them up. They are just awake. You can still use stealth in reaction to their status as awake and alert and aggravated enemies if you want. You can also go guns blazing if that is your choice. Random chance for it to happen anywhere would be great. I agree with you that for those who are bothered by it, such a randomizer could make it so they don't notice or at least have a hard time ascribing it to a certain event. The delay idea....I think that would make it more of a death trap and more of an unfair event that you guys are already complaining about. Because it goes off the moment you enter the volume, you have time to react and space to backtrack to hide and re-emerge in stealth mode. If it delays and you are in the middle or far end of a room when it goes off then you really would be forced to shift into guns blazing because you could find yourself easily surrounded with no hiding places. What you propose sounds exactly like what you guys are complaining about right now whereas what we have right now is not a stealth breaker but a stealth shocker but the stealth player can react and continue to play in a completely stealthy manner to the trigger.
  6. (They won’t go down this road) For mass market appeal, snowball progression is fun while managing entropy is not.
  7. That's because ALL of this stuff having to do with entropy in the game has been brought up over and over again for years. We just had this same exact thread a month or two ago. We just rehash the same things again and again. Not as many times as child zombies tho...
  8. What is interesting is that by going one step further than just removing repair kits and not even repairing T0 items that don't require a repair kit, all of a sudden those containers with extra T0 items aren't so useless. It's nice to scrap my old and replace with a found one with more durability and same or better quality. Managing mod slots gets old but if durability was extended more then it wouldn't be quite so often. YMMV, but I find that playing no-repair is worth the inconvenience of re-tooling your mods.
  9. It’s no longer a single no repair play through. It is now my voluntary way of playing much like dead is dead. I give myself a single repair because it is a bit annoying at the current durability levels. I’d give myself two repairs but who can track and remember all that?
  10. What they should really do is get rid of repair altogether. Then you use parts to just make a new item. Triple the durability of everything to make them last longer before they’re junk and can be scrapped...for parts. Then, mods that increase durability are actually meaningful and finding a tier 3 weapon early on will only be a temporary advantage instead of lasting the entire game.
  11. Stealth is not for speed running efficiency players. I’ll grant you that. But then those players miss a lot more of the game than just stealth and feel forced into a much narrower set of tactics than how to respond to an auto aggro room. Of course, they set those limits on themselves and some of them even acknowledge that rather than coming here and complaining that the game screws them over....
  12. Maybe they’ll restore LBD elements for the movie and the first forty minutes can be watching the protagonist grind up his skills before he does anything to advance the plot. That’s sure to garner a few points on the tomatometer!
  13. I do understand that there will always be people who want anything. The thing is that the auto aggro rooms are not YOU waking up the zombies. It is the situation you are confronted by. You didn't fail stealth and you can still claim 100% stealth kills for the entire POI even with auto aggro rooms. Again, I understand some people will not enjoy shooting mobile targets from stealth when they are so enammored with shooting stationary targets. so no design will please everyone. However, the auto aggro rooms don't force confrontation. They force a quick-thinking reaction if you wish to remain in a stealthy mode of clearing. At the beginning of this thread the assumption was that the only way to resolve the room was via guns blazing but that assumption proved false. So this idea that the devs want to limit us to one type of interaction with zombies makes for a dynamic sounding claim but it is just strawman that carries no weight in light of what has been discovered since the beginning of the thread.
  14. Oh man...you love killing unconscious enemies. What are you going to do when bandits are added and they aren't sleeper bandits but awake and alert bandits?
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