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  1. One of my favorite A20 changes is that if you have 3 spears on your belt and you throw them all, when you scoop them back up they ALL return to your belt in the right slots. For those of us who love spears this is HUGE!
  2. Even if you set your days to 1 second you might not live long enough to finish playing the game... Of course a comma in the right place changes everything
  3. TFP knows what lines they can't cross in order to keep international markets open to them. Everyone can just settle down. What's in the game isn't going to cause a problem and what is not in the game that would cause a problem won't be added. Going forward, if a major market were to change policies that might cause the game to be banned then the developers would make their decision on whether to keep the content or cut it.
  4. Perhaps you can use the game as a teaching moment and a show of your commitment to your values. Just as you would not patronize a stripper club in the real world, you could show your young daughters your values by not ever going into the stripper club in the game. By foregoing whatever loot might be in there and canceling any quest that might take you inside you could show your kids that even though such places exist, we don't have to take part in them. If you are religious as well you could even take the view that the proliferation of strip clubs in the pre-apocalyptic world brought down the judgement of the Almighty with a plague and punishment equal to the Flood in its devastation. In that case you would need to see the evidence of wickedness in the world that justified the wrath and that could justify their inclusion. Removing the strip clubs from the game as well as the stripper zombies wouldn't really do anything to lessen the objectification of women in the world. But YOU boycotting them by either removing them from the game, or refusing to interact with them, or even uninstalling 7 Days to Die and removing it from your household all together and letting your daughters witness your actions could be a powerful way to fight the objectification of women in your own sphere and set the example for the values you hold dear. The real lesson of import is that we cannot often control what the world and our environment throws at us that may violate our values. All we can control is what we do in response. To that end I applaud your feedback because you are doing something in reaction. As it is unlikely that there will be any change, you will have to choose next how you will react. Also....seeing as I quoted the part of your OP that gives people the faintest idea of why you are letting young children play an M-rated game in the first place....why are you? Actually the reason is because they want this game to be an international hit and some countries would ban a game in which children (even zombie children) are being killed. I don't think the devs are against it, themselves, as The Walking Dead was a major source of inspiration and it is infamous for depicting children being killed. Zombie Girl shot by Rick in the pilot episode and "look at the yellow flowers" being the two big examples I can think of. No, there is no reticence about including it in the game in and of itself. It comes down to what markets would we lose if we did it.
  5. I think he focused on the "tougher enemies" part of the quote regarding the biome gamestage boosting. BTW....do you think it all means that there will be an underwater biome that is tougher and full of carnivorous monster fish? What have you said about that?
  6. There are more specialized containers in A20 for particular POI types. I believe they are moving towards what you guys are wanting.
  7. Because the game isn't finished yet. They are still developing stuff. I would tag faatal and ask this in the dev diary since your agenda didn't pan out last night.
  8. Delete all on death is a pretty good optional penalty for dying. Try it out. The game can be a looter shooter if you play it that way. But it can also be played otherwise. Granted!
  9. What about upgrading a block to something that would cause SI to fail? Is there a visual for that?
  10. The three inspirations for the game from the very beginning were Minecraft, Fallout, and The Walking Dead. From Minecraft we get crafting, unit block building, exploration From Fallout we get post-apocalyptic RPG elements like the traders, quests, and player progression From Walking Dead we get zombies, setting up and defending a base, and survival All of this was in the minds of the creators when they made their plans, did their preliminary prototype for kickstarter and then continued into early access on Steam. They NEVER said, lets build a survival game and then as they continued on added crafting, and building, and RPG elements as appendages to the main idea of survival. They NEVER said, lets make a tower defense game and then tried to mesh in elements of survival and roleplaying as supporting gameplay options. The idea itself was that it would be a hybrid game and they have pursued their goal without deviation from day one. Sure, they experimented with HOW those goals might be implemented and some people became enamored with some of those experiments to the point that they thought that those implementations were the point of the game. For example, Learn By Doing was a method to push player progression and after experimenting with it they chose a more traditional (and much more Fallout-esque) method of central experience pool for purchasing advancements in progression. So their goal of player progression as one of the elements of the RPG genre that they wanted for the game never wavered but the way they implemented it changed-- for better or worse depending on who you talk to Before Alpha 11 there was no RPG elements to speak of other than progressing from primitive tools and weapons to better tools and weapons. Those weapons and tools didn't even have tiers of quality. So for 10 alphas there were no RPG elements to the game to speak of because they had not reached the point at which they felt it was time. In Alpha 11 we got the first push which was that every time we crafted a tool we could craft a better one with a +/- 50 randomizer. For the first time ever in the history of the game "spam crafting" became a thing and it was a huge game changer and the only form of progression in the game. From Alpha 11 until Alpha 16 various forms of progression and experience cocktails were experimented with as well as the role of books and schematics and what advancements could be purchased with points and which would be learned by repeated action. Finally, in A17 the final decision about how players would progress was made and it has been built upon until now. My point in relating this history is that to the casual observer it might appear that RPG elements were not originally conceived to be part of the game but were tacked on later. But this is far from the truth. That this game would be a mix of survival, tower defense, and RPG was planned from the beginning. If past studios have always started with one pure genre and branched out from there then I can definitively state that the approach TFP took was ground breaking because they did not start out at all focused on a single primary genre. But I suspect, that this idea that a studio must start with one primary and all others are secondary to it is a misconception and not true at all. I doubt TFP were the first, although they have been quite successful.
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