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  1. twister? i thought he used darts and a ouija board. while sacrificing a nude pic of snowdog to the furies... furies, furries, not sure which he meant or snowdog prefers
  2. @madmole you ever gonna bring the cigar in line with the stat glasses price wise at the trader? I mean seriously, purchased for 90 dukes for a +1 str?
  3. lol, been using the hatch since a17, it is great. only spiders dogs and wolves get through. place a pole at the top stops that
  4. cp45 is in the final phase. no more submissions for a little while. Magoli is swamped with everything everyone has sent him. especially since several of us redid the same prefabs. give him a chance to catch up. anything new will be considered for cp46, but at the moment he is going over all corrections and adding them to nitrogen prefab lists. he has a lot of tweaking that only he can do. prefab rotations for north, y offsets, and all that to make it smoother for mapping. I personally sent him far too much, so... I am one of the guilty parties... ~ewg~ <Evil Wicked Grin>
  5. testing poi, but the arrow problem is vanilla, just decided at that time to take a screenshot
  6. will arrows and bolts get fixed soon? arrows and bolts float away from zombies. I mean the 2nd pic was a head shot. and the first pic, the bow is loaded and aimed, but no arrow
  7. not completely accurate, nitro was updated, and the new prefabs settings needs to be tweaked into it, plus need to test them all for accuracy and weird elevations. please be patient. mag's is working hard and you should love this new one. we may have fixed the pois that are terrain filled buildings bug
  8. not truly floating. that is a block that isnt full. place wood frames around it, and you will watch the terrain level change a partial bit up or down. those depicted above will change upward.
  9. no prob, tired. i just noticed that 4 builds ago, they deprecated at about a 1/3 of the speed they are being damaged now.
  10. I can also read the xml's, and I too noticed that part didnt change, but this part <property name="BreakingPercentage" value="0.5"/> <property name="BrokenPercentage" value="0.25"/> doesnt seem to be calculating. it is taking damage all the time instead of the percant chance
  11. is something going on with blade traps? I have noticed that they are being damaged alot faster in the last 2 builds. on a typical horde night I only have to repair them 2-3 times, this last horde night was 8 times
  12. here you go mags, a few more. a19 prefab update p2.rar
  13. xcostum_SC_Bunker(by_Rhapsodos)2 too small, no work needed xcostum_RestArea_Desert(by_Guppycur) not in cp send it to me?
  14. invite sent also, working on 3 more, some I made unquestable, and the farm fields, dont think they need volumes, just randomized crops. the wandering zeds should be enough
  15. here you go Mags, update prefabs with name corrections a19 prefab update p1.rar
  16. ok, I will ask stallion where he left off.
  17. we got an update on which prefabs still need work from the no zombies list?
  18. some unfortunately are so old, that blocks have been removed, containers renamed... require overhaul on a few. but most is as you say edit: tho, I will admit, changing the generic shelves for the new ones isnt bad
  19. lol, xcostum_TheMill(by_MoNKeYest1) (adding some fields!?) already loved it today it has fields, I just made them more dangerous... bears gotta eat xcostum_Tank_Garage(by_LuckyStar)marked as no zombies, it has sleeper volumes with zeds. just not questable and doesnt have to be imo. edit nvm, volumes were set up wrong
  20. will do, have been trying, my skills are limited as I learn I will get better. also xcostum_ThePyramid_1(by_Andyjoki) not in compopack and, sorry, the english prof in me is screaming...do you mean custom?
  21. as to the satchel, couldnt get it to sit on the gun safe. its like the gunsafe wasnt lining up. will remove and put in a new one. was trying to keep the original authors feel and was correcting block issues and placing zombies for quest purposes. he did give me free reign so I will see about more trash and such. sent stallion a set of poi updates. feel free to altar what you think needs altering. mostly did block correction, such as stairs rotated wrong and such, added sleeper volumes, satchels, boss chest, and some crates as well as a quest marker. edit: also updating some house gardens to random helper instead of static. 1 house poi gave me 200 blueberries...
  22. that place is beautiful. not gonna make it a quest. but will add sleeper volumes, change some of the lighting, update and do block corrections. place vultures like gargoyles would be. and a boss chest somewhere
  23. my next xcostum_NotreDamn_(by_tehkarma) will take me a while, but I love this poi
  24. just the 2 in the .rar file, waiting on Mag's ok and input to see if changes are needed. they are my first 2 ever messed with
  25. ok, had to delete and reupload the rar file. should be good now. got some input from guppy and laz
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