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  1. Scomar

    Jegethy's Modlets

    I prefer green for you can read it, and red for allready known. So i replaced the icons for me with the follow ones.
  2. V1.1: Add a crafting-timer to reduce craftingtime
  3. Hi, nice work so far. I would like a button next to "open Worlds folder" which open the generated Folder for easier copy and paste. And an option to choose how many towns and villages appear on the map were pretty cool. I like 1 big town and many cities and villages, but allways i generate a map, there are only few of them.
  4. Hi, inspired from Ravenhearst and Darkness Falls, where you can scrap the Schematics, i made this modlet for Vanilla Game to use similar mechanic. Put an end to the eternal search for a missing book in a series, simply disassemble the schematics and books you have already learned. with the corresponding number of SchematicParts you can then craft the missing book yourself. All schematics and skill books as well as quest papers can be disassembled into schematic parts. With these parts as well as a ruler, pencil and paper, which can be found in loot, you can craft the schematics and skill books yourself. Furthermore, 3 mission books can also be crafted from this parts. They will give you a killing quest to finish for a reward. Installation notes: 7 Days in Version 19.4 or higher - supported languages: english, german Just unzip the archive into the Mods folder of 7 Days. Example:(your drive:\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\) V1.1: Add a crafting-timer to reduce craftingtime Download: Nexus Mods Github
  5. hi, i downloaded A19.3 CP 47 Nitrogen.rar and then i got this message: Can i just ignore this ore is something wrong with the rar file?
  6. New in v1.3: Alpha 19.1 or higher: - Added Zombiekills left and Deaths right from the Toolbelt, switched health and stamina bar.
  7. Scomar

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Every UI has its own style, somebody hate this, otherone don't like this...., You are the Creator of this UI, and u should like it. We can not make it perfect for everyone. In my UI most of the Infos are on bottem left, because i often look there, thats why i did my HUD. But yours are also great, i like it. You did a good job. 😃 The XP Circle with an circle above so you see only one line walking around are pretty cool. 👍
  8. Thank you Jax, i am happy to hear, that this UI is used in a Mod 😃
  9. A19.1 - 10 Slot Toolbelt support
  10. v1.1: Added a Center-Marker to the Compass and slight improvements to the visual display
  11. Scomar

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    The new version looks very good, congrats 👍
  12. Nice to hear, good ideas are the basement of all modding 😀
  13. Why dont you ask in the df topic? Weapon and tools degenerate when you repair them, if you have zero point in the equal crafting skill, they can break.
  14. can you name the modlet, so that we can look at that.
  15. v1.05: I did a slight improvement to the toolbeltnumbers, they are now more visible.
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