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  2. can we at least change the radius of the sound? make it smaller so the volume gets lower after 10 blocks?
  3. Hi there wondering if anyone can help frist of I love this mod I can't get enough of it. I have this problem where some of the new zombies types spawn In but are missing textures for example the pumpkin head one has no arms or head the chainsaw one is missing the skull head and chainsaw etc. I am hosting the sever on my pc and my friends join me I can and error messages to pop up now and again next time we are on ill screen shoot it if anyone has any idea please let me know as I really want to keep playing with is mod many thanks
  4. It's on the first page: RELEASE TARGET: First Part of December
  5. Well this sound good. BTW i have a question about your creature pack : do you planning make "realistic " zombie pack maybe? i mean zombies in l4d2 common/uncommon style, maybe some special type like : teens zombie, zombie in riot armor, decaying zombie etc?
  6. Today
  7. and another question would be: the small TVs have lower volume than the billboards or theather. So there must be a way to lower the volume from the core, yes? can you help me with that? the default volume settings is just way too high.
  8. Welcome to my series for 7 Days To Die Alpha 19.6 - Agility: Random Hordes as we continue to wait for Alpha 20. In this episode we do some questing, unlock a new Trader and get some new wheels!
  9. where does it say a set time for an update to be out...
  10. did you just call 1.5 year for an update impatient?
  11. People are so damned impatient.
  12. no A20 yet? really? this is a joke right?
  13. We'll most likely get told the release date the day before the streamer weekend starts so only 4 days before experimental drops. That could still be a couple of weeks away at this point too
  14. The experimental release target is the first half of December. I hope they mean December 2021.
  15. Surely we're close enough to get exact dates by now?
  16. so when is the alpha 20 release
  17. Is it really that easy to tag someone with a spear in a way that makes them unaware that they have a homing beacon stuck on them so they go running to their Yavin 4 base and give away their location?
  18. My take is two-fold. First, we are not waking up on the first morning of the apocalypse. Years have definitely passed since the virus struck and the bombs came down. So the inversion principle could have already occurred as backstory to the day we call Day One. All the easily found high quality stuff has already been looted and we aren’t able to find the rare good stuff until our skill as scavengers progresses. There is no mini-game of us actually rooting around through cupboards filled with junk to find something worthwhile that others might have missed. That is all abstracted and generalized by the current system. It’s not that the cupboard only had can of Sham that didn’t go bad. It had a bunch of stuff and buried under it all in the back was that good can of food that is presented in the user interface. Secondly, for gameplay purposes it would be really stupid to have end game gear appear so early on. I know it would be stupid from first-hand experience during previous alpha versions where that was indeed the case. If you really want to try playing the game where any weapon could be found at the beginning just try some of the previous versions where that was possible. Maybe you’ll find it fun as everyone is different, but in my opinion, it significantly shortens the desire to play in that world and makes future looting less exciting. Granted, Alpha 19 turned out to be extremely linear but A20 fixes that with the pipe weapons and the new Lootstage that is modified by biome.
  19. Thank you so much! Then I had to restore the level and items through the console. But now everything is fine. And I apologize for my inattention
  20. thx for the response. i would like to ask more questions if you dont mind cause i really love ur mods and play with them 24/7. they really are very immersive. so is there a way to add more videos than just 3? why makes it limit to 3 only? Your radio has 16 mp4s which is very cool. can i change the type of the tv to "poweredlight" in the xml to make it work with a connected powerswitch? thx
  21. I know i've spoiled it, but I also dont want to do this trick in pvp, its a boring way of finding enemies or other bases. I like to play it all straight, without any kind of cheats, tricks og informations 😊
  22. Oh, so it might be closer than I thought, okay. Still, that's just our wishful thinking, it never was anything more, because with every delay it's said they will release it when it's ready, so yeah... 😃
  23. If I woke in the world of 7D2D and had to make my way, I'd perish. (I'm no good at any of the things required of the player character.) But pretending that I were more capable than I am, I'd suspect that I was being @%$#ed with on a pretty grand scale. Because the quality of loot in an apocalypse should be the inverse of what we find. Finding crappy, handmade tools and no guns early on makes no sense: proper tools and weapons are *abundant* in the modern world. With the advent of the apocalypse, *new* tools and weapons cease being made. As things get used up, they vanish from the dying world. (I'm more willing to believe that armor found early on is garbage: the world has not needed quality armor til now, so it'll be a while before crafters are turning out decent stuff.) Players should be able to find canned goods, bottled water, medicines, clothes, tools and weapons right away. (When they are also utterly lacking in the better survival skills.) As they struggle with the loss of decent supplies, as they run headlong into the need to repair and improvise, they should be learning new survival skills along the way. The idea that I should find high quality stuff at roughly the same time as I've gained the skills to make great use of it seems deeply weird to me. I've seen lots of complaints about the loot system in the forum, and I've seen modders take a stab at balance. The Romero mod adds in scrap tools, which makes more sense to me than the stone tools of vanilla 7D2D, but even that mod lacks the inversion principle. Are there any mods taking this tack? (I'm open to being talked around to a different way of thinking. There's clearly some world building in the background of the game that might render a lot of my thoughts invalid.)
  24. I think he wrote this as joke
  25. Kids playing or not has nothing to do with why no children zombies.
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