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  2. The current loot progression puts progression over common sense. I would prefer it if all items could be found at any point. But at the start, be mostly low quality and have lower stats, those stats being fire rate, damage, stamina usage, hit speed, etc. Along with bringing back quality levels 1-600 instead of 1-6. Or perhaps a blend of the current system and my suggested system would be even better. That being, still able to find higher tier but lower level items from the start, yet low tier items being more common. Reducing the quantity of loot crates, and increasing loot quality in loot crates could support being able to find all tiers of items. Honestly, I still find it nonsensical to be finding blunderbusses and stone tools in sealed shipping crates and locked gun safes. It's also nonsensical that most quality leveled items just don't even exist in loot until 14 hours of game-play more or less. I can see some people just giving up on the game thinking it didn't have any guns or different items, after playing for 5 hours. If of course they didn't just buy guns and tools at the trader. Which brings me to my next point. Why even lock down higher tier items when we can just go to a trader and buy them. So many loot crates all filled with items worse then what we can just buy at the traders. I'd like it, if looting was as rewarding as trading, from the start. A negative of the current system is that players may not even be able to collect the lower tier level 6 items after progressing far enough. Then we have those instances when for example, I have level 6 primitive items and I start finding the next tier, iron tools and weapons, but the iron items are useless because the primitive items have better stats. Honestly I don't expect anything to change. After playing a lot of alpha 19 and previous alpha's, I still prefer it when I was finding all items with quality and stats increasing over time. I will always kind of resent the direction TFP took with the loot balance. And, I don't expect my opinion to change once pipe guns are added.
  3. This will probably be the last update before a20, unless any big bugs are found. I will try and get it updated to a20 as quick as I can, but it will definitely not release before a20 is out of experimental. But my plan is to use the EXP time to make some of the bigger changes to loot and stuff, and I would like to overhaul perks/skills as well, but that will probably have to wait till later on in a20.
  4. which by my count is 1 person. 😄
  5. Wow. I had forgotten about this game and I played it so much when I could find it. The arcade had an actual steel ball or something in it “drop” or “hit” when you fell off the platform. No electronic noise. Probably an old pinball machine mechanic. The “cursing” and “qubert jump block change” sounds could be added to the jumping spider zed!
  6. I never heard of this, but it might be easy to explain: If a land owner wanted a tree cut on their ground they just cut the tree and told everyone it was a thief. So that that excuse doesn't work anymore the government probably made it law that the land owner has to prove it really was a thief, otherwise he has to pay. That is just pragmatic if most trees are really cut by land owners than thiefs
  7. Well not only this - jokes , some activities even "posters" or slogans. I will tell how sometimes law is stupid- in my country few years ago you coudn't cut down tree on your ground without permission. Logical. But if thiefs cutted this tree - you must pay a fee. why? because cutting tree need permission. I know this sound stupid but it was true. So strange things can happens. I know about that. just sometimes law is just stupid. Like in some countries cartoons with smoking characters are banned. In Czech republic one of episode of popular cartoon were banned because main charactere were making hooch. XD Honestly - i hate stupid law and i hope players in new zeland , australia , germany will someday start protesting to eliminate stupid laws connected with games
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  9. One of my favorite A20 changes is that if you have 3 spears on your belt and you throw them all, when you scoop them back up they ALL return to your belt in the right slots. For those of us who love spears this is HUGE!
  10. Even if you set your days to 1 second you might not live long enough to finish playing the game... Of course a comma in the right place changes everything
  11. as you said "offensive to some" tho you want it to be like, if its not good to me its not good for anyone... thats a bit far. especially for just a strip club 🙃
  12. I am going hardcore. My modlet I am working on for Alpha 20, you can't get any guns from looting (just parts), you can't unlock the recipes via perks, and the only weapons that traders have are Q6 weapons at inflated prices. So you are going to have to track down the schematics for the weapons (which by the way only the traders sell and they all don't sell the same ones) and find enough parts to craft them. No more toilet pistols, no more toilet knives. It's going to be interesting to see how brutal it will be once I start playing with it.
  13. The Wasteland Updated to 2.4, for A19.6 Download at Gitlab or Nexus -----FIXED/CHANGED----- -Added: A couple new various POIs, from arramus <3 -Added: Periodic screen effects when you have rad poisoning -Added: 2 new single shot shotguns -Added: Magnum Buckshot ammo -Added: 2 1911 pistol versions -Added: Thompson SMG -Added: Vector SMG -Added: .45 ACP ammo types -Added: Harpoon Gun, with Harpoon Bolt and Net ammo types (Gotta loot it from a specific zed...) -Added: Several new zeds, with multiple texture variants. Regular and Feral versions. Should spawn everywhere vanilla zeds do -Added: Mutant Dogs, spawn in all biomes, more in wasteland and desert -Added: Mutant Scorpions, spawn in desert and wasteland -Added: Hunters, can spawn everywhere -Added: Mosquitoes, can spawn everywhere -Added: Aliens...? -Added: Several new foods based on new creatures -Added: Two new magazines -Changed: Both Rad and Feral Ghouls will heal zeds and mutants that are within their buff range -Changed: Feral Ghouls now have a small health drain as part of their buff -Changed: Small changes to the Power Armor Stealth Crouch perk: Faster crouch walk, no stam use when crouch running, harder to detect when crouching -Changed: Removed crosshairs on most weapons when aiming -Changed: Updated POI list for KingGen 13.1 -Changed: Various loot tweaks -Fixed: Bull Rush perk being lost on death(will need to read the book again if you died since reading it the last time) -Fixed: Incorrect downgrade block on van wreck -Fixed: BAR iron sight offset -Fixed: Couple missing item unlock info On Git, the launcher and Nexus now.
  14. TFP knows what lines they can't cross in order to keep international markets open to them. Everyone can just settle down. What's in the game isn't going to cause a problem and what is not in the game that would cause a problem won't be added. Going forward, if a major market were to change policies that might cause the game to be banned then the developers would make their decision on whether to keep the content or cut it.
  15. We know nudity can lead to bans or changes. There is nothing strange or random about this. But there is no nudity in this POI, the POI is not naked, the zombies are not naked. A sex doll has a strong likeness to a nude person. Still much more than a sign on a house.
  16. That true. I don't know the reasons but in my setup 7dtd works better using windows version in ubuntu with proton than the regular linux version. System is AMD (CPU & GPU). Is not so much but in a modest computer even few fps matter
  17. Well, per protonDB the overall performance of the native linux version appears to be hit or miss, and that's using just the posts from the last 6 months. I haven't personally tried playing 7dtd on linux, I was just curious. Some are saying the native version is terrible so they have to use the wine/proton version, therefore losing EAC protected servers. Per the article from epic it seems that it's just a few clicks to enable, and then some testing per faatal. "To make it easy for developers to ship their games across PC platforms, support for the Wine and Proton compatibility layers on Linux is included. Starting with the latest SDK release, developers can activate anti-cheat support for Linux via Wine or Proton with just a few clicks in the Epic Online Services Developer Portal."
  18. And? Why are you going on about "what if's" in regards to possible bans by countries? You really going to walk on eggshells over that and restrict creativity, content, and a bit of fun over worrying about some other country might "ban" the content? Pretty sure China and North Korea will ban anything regardless of your feelings or intent. Nothing to get worried over.
  19. Sound direction is also very confusing. Often I have no idea whether zeds are coming from left, right, front or behind - so I run few steps in each direction and try to judge by loudness of the noise. This might easily be the most annoying thing for me currently.
  20. Well said. It doesnt matter whether or not I agree if we should have strip clubs, "women in cages", Munchez Carpets, or the mens @%$# bar - I cant remember the name, (etc). I believe in what you have stated
  21. No. Just no. With so much wokeness and over the top political correctness today and people wanting to desperately virtue signal to their peers for some sort of "feel goodness", i'm going to go the opposite route to balance it out. Tired of it all. I'm a father of daughters as well and I don't care, my wife doesn't care, and neither do my daughters, who are of the age to make their own decisions in life. Stop trying to change the world to your liking... it's a game made by "The Fun Pimps" if that eluded you.
  22. I may have missed this somewhere somehow, but I am trying to have 2 instances running at the same time on my machine, one with 7 day bloodmoon and one with a daily bloodmoon. I can't seem to find where i can set the daily instance to 1day though. I know I can do this with a local game on my computer, but I was wanting to run both instances on my server that is using Alloc's linux installation scripts.
  23. EAC has supported Linux for years for native games like 7days. No reason to update anything for just that. Only lazy devs that don't care about anything but Windows were an issue here
  24. When switching to exclusive mode, wait 10 frames and check if Screen width/height what you wanted. If not then switch back to the res you wanted in windowed mode, so the user can try again. Possibly later. I don't know that we have the time before A20 experimental to upgrade and test it.
  25. TFP continues the Developer Stream series Sept. 29th at 9 PM CST. Join the Environment Art Character Team and the Weapon Team with Host & Senior Developer Lathan (@fubar_prime) for an in-depth look at Environment Art, Rendering, and HD Weapons. Check it out here!
  26. We would like to thank everyone who joined Wednesday night's stream with Joel B, Joey, Keanu, Brett, Ryan and Koji! Here is the video for those who missed the event! Check it out here!
  27. This is the modlet you're looking for:
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