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  2. I was playing with some friends last night and my internet blipped. After that the game started acting weird, I closed the server to reset it. When I attempted to open it I got the red text as follows: EndofstreamException: Attempted to read past the end of stream. My friends and I have spent a good month on this server and I would really like to get it back. Also, its a non-dedicated server. just running off my PC and no mods or anything. Thanks,
  3. I'm pretty sure the ranger stations are planned for just that, but don't quote me on that.
  4. You know what would be really cool, regarding bandits.. maybe some bandit outposts.. some new pois that are guarded by bandits, like a small comunity of outlaw survivors.
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  6. Well guys, I lost track of time and had a very long night playing with the random world generator lol. I think I found my new seed, its so good I posted it in the official seed thread. Go take a look and happy hunting!
  7. The Best Random Gen Seed I Have Ever Created! Seed Name: Decillionaire Seed Generated County Name: Voluje Territory Seed Number: -527725406 World Size: 8192 x 8192 Game Version: Alpha 19.3 (b6) Discovered: Jan 26, 2021 Traders: 8 (I Believe...) What is SPECIAL About It: Just take a look at the pictures, it is a MASSIVE city-world, more large cities and more huge, high-tier POIs than Ive ever seen in any world I've ever played on since I bought the game 5 years ago. I spent several hours looking at other top-rated seeds and then generating m
  8. @faatal Hi! In one of the updates in the game, there is a test shader for an improved batching/instancing process. Will it improve in the A20? Any details?
  9. Since they are talking about an update from 7.7 to 7.8 in the video, i guess you're right with alpha 7. And since the video was uploaded on 15.04.2014, even before 7.11 was released on 21.04.2014, i'm pretty sure you are right.
  10. It's confirmed , i don't know what i have done but yesterday i packed Nitrate for the first time and it gave me 18000xp. Even if it is a book that i read it is still way off balance. OOHH first try it was at the latest stable version and yesterday i moved to 19.4 b3 and i've done it with Nitrate.
  11. just visit this.: https://racketsblog.com/best-tennis-rackets/
  12. Update v 1.5 Added a Drafting Table (I had to take this step, as the schemes cluttered the list of recipes in the workbench.) For the Drawing Table model, MANY THANKS to a good person with the nickname iDizor. At merchants and at locations, in places where a workbench used to come across, it will now sometimes be possible to meet a Drawing Table. The Drafting Table scheme can be purchased from a merchant, found in loot, or in broken workbenches. Added description for Drafting Table in recipe list and notes All recipes for weapon
  13. Richard, one of the founders, said that he would like to support cross-play, but if ever, it will be one day in the distant future, after gold.
  14. ---- Updates --- More Tweaks to the server side mods, increased feather spawn in bird nests. Tweaked server side zombies plus - Buffs ----Server Side Mod Changes----- Removed wireless_fuseboxes_1.2 Added PhD Better Lights 3.3 (A19) Added PhD Bigger Output Queue 1.0 (A19) Added PhD Bigger Vehicle Storage 1.0 (A19)
  15. Known issue with Occlusion. Disable Occlusion from the main menu.
  16. HI Liesel. Yes. It is the text box that comes up after loading into the server but before actually getting in-game. I want to put discord details. rules and general mod info on it before ppl start. I will check out that xml thank you so much
  17. By "screen" you mean this textbox that shows up after joining a server? It's the "ServerLoginConfirmationText" from your serverconfig.xml.
  18. Hi, I am looking at creating a welcome screen on me dedi server once the game is loaded but before players load into game. I have seen this on other servers and I would like one to display some server info and rules, with a "continue" or "accept" button. Cant seem to find anywhere how to add this in Any assistance would be much appreciated
  19. If using cp46 330. Cp 47 pushes it to just around 500 now
  20. Sadly not. These are all client logs, too much of them and none of them before the problem appeared. The first two logs seem to be proprietary logs of the server hoster with unknown meaning. What is your setup exactly? From whom did you rent a server (or did you set it up yourself)? I assume you have access to the 7D2D directory on the server. There should be a 7DaysToDieServer_Data directory in there and there should be output_log__... files in there just like in your client. Is that correct?
  21. Buenas, buscamos gente para servidor privado de 7 days, estamos en la 18.3 y llevamos 164 dias de juego, es un servidor de amigos, buscamos personas adultas, educadas, que ayuden y que sepan pensar y actuar de acorde a las situaciones. ofrecemos cuenta con el juego si no lo teneis comprado. para mas informacion entrad al discord: https://discord.gg/cXdcsHUwdG Os esperamos.
  22. Decent, you found a workaround and shared it. This will now be a further option for other users to explore should it come to that.
  23. saminal

    Sam's Deco Stuff

    For the house-flippers, the base-builders, the flib-gibbers and other weirdos, here are a bunch of blocks you can use to make your bunker a nice warm home. This is a server-side mod so it only uses existing blocks; it just makes them accessible outside of the creative menu. Most of the blocks are divided up into a few recipes that give a shape variant block, so you can use the same materials and make a bunch of different items. There are a handful of special items that felt like they needed to be kept separate. Just search 'deco' in the workbench crafting menu and you'll be well on
  24. Will I be able to use other mods with this? For instance I use Riles HUD Plus.
  25. I will check the RAM speed. SLI support has been discontinued by the game industry this year. And I'm already clarifying whether I can use a new 30xx for the two 1080s.
  26. Interesting lol, further proves computers are weird sometimes indeed. Yeah I don't think I've ever heard from anyone that's actually benefited from SLI enough to warrant the latency and such that comes with it.
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