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  2. Don't understand why rope would be part of the fuel. Typically you use a diesel to petrol (gasoline) mix of about 90% to 10% but 75%/25% would probably be better for balance. Could just add a diesel recipe to the chem station made from oil (presumably it is used motor oil as it's extracted from cars). Could also add a bio-diesel recipe that consists of vegetable oil (from seeds, perhaps a use for tree seeds?), methanol (plant fibre, wood or corn), lye/sodium hydroxide (from wood ash* and murky water) and bottled water. Only wood ash would need to be added as a new ingredient - obtained from campfire in a separate output slot? and/or chem station and/or harvested from burnt wood in wasteland/POIs. Finally, you'd mix 3 parts diesel or bio-diesel to 1 part gasoline for flamethrower fuel.
  3. a brilliant work up of the flamethrower has been one of the weapons included in a Mod for 7D2D over on Nexus Mods. However I haven't yet seen an update on it for A20. The last build for the mod was a version 4.5 which was updated up through A19.3 I felt the flamethrower in 'Firearms Expansion 4.5' was pretty well done. The asset for the flamethrower itself was good to look at. Movement was hampered quite a bit as the weapon is designated as clunky. Flame sounds and the damage was well thought out. Nice and effective at short ranges for early to mid level play, but really wasn't a "zombie killer" once you reach higher levels, but still a fun way to enter a poi and get everyone awake. Members of My little play group enjoyed it immensely, just for the variety it added
  4. I honestly loved this about spider zombies. I kinda miss it.
  5. while every single one of my weapons I'm currently using in my MP are semi-auto.. I've been looting more ammo than I can possibly go through. I'm not going to be upset about this at all.
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  7. I remember in past alphas pooling dukes to smelt for bullet casings because that was easier and less time consuming than trying to break everything down unless spec'd for scavenger. Everyone had to pitch in, those who didn't didn't get ammo made lol
  8. Could make it tier... Molis being level 1.... flamethrower level 2..... and maybe napham or thermite or white phosphorus grenade level 3. oh... maybe even a smoke grenade could be an option for diversion / escape option... lol
  9. It has been reported before and I think it a case of cross spawning, like a tree spawning on a birds nest, and when harvested you get feathers/eggs.
  10. My only real complaint about horde night is that it isn't endless. It's far too easy to kill all the Zombies before the dawn, and then there is nothing to do but repair the base and twiddle thumbs.
  11. So as you start the game as a bit of a couch potato and need to level up in the many days to come. I find it a little uncharacteristic that you can read 20+ books on day one especilly when your busy basing zombies. So have been playing for a while now where I can only read one book per day. And its not that much of a handicap as you barely get one good book a day and the rest go into storage box or sold for early dukes. But enough to make your first books strategical of what you read. But I do forget how many I read after a while so a mod to limit this would be nice. Would be a nice addition to the game.... but the TFP would probably not go for it.
  12. So far, works great. Just as amazing as A19 version, only better! I can't wait to build the Spiker (Magnum Opus), the Armoured Cobra, and Mad Max's Interceptor (Black on Black).
  13. Allan committed a fix for it and similar blocks today. He changed the colliders and xml tags, so path raycasts can now see the colliders. It was a general fix for things falling through the world, which also effects vehicles. One of our testers retested vehicles and it is better, but he still found cases of them moving, so more testing when I get back to it.
  14. In the spirit of modding and sharing knowledge (which the Mod Author should have embraced...) I will share how to make a floating object..Make a new prefab. Place a letter (or any other shape you want, letters work best) then raise the ground level to the height of the floating thing you want or support you need to add then Copy the object and the vertical space to just below the ground grid. Paste it where you need it and you have an invisible support. You're welcome fellow modders.Share the knowledge! Nice POI!
  15. You could also try the Cellar Doors. Maybe they would do what you need them to do.
  16. We're still getting broken huge amounts of ammo in A20.1 loot bags. I can do a small Tier 1 POI with maybe 15 zombies, and walk out with 300 shotgun shells.
  17. @winkky Yeah I bet its XMl incompatibilities. The randomizer makes copies of each entity, then essentially has rules on how to randomize each one. If the entity XML changed from a19 -> a20 then it makes sense that it would have issues. I'll se if I can generate some more for the latest a20 stable and experimental so maybe you can get some copies that work better, but other than light testing ( load them all up and spawn a few zeds to make sure they at least run around/attack) I can't be sure it will work 100% great in a20 as all the rules (and values) were designed around a20. Also: yeah, Perl was my first "use for work" language, and it is so backwards compatible (and in version 5.x for ... well, its still in 5.x since 1998? ) that I've used it "almost forever" for anything I want to "get dun quick and fast" but its showing its age a lot when you want to do anything "new and cool". Mods load in alphabetical order by their top level folder name (that are in the "Mods" folder). My first guess is that the Starter Crate's Mod folder starts with "Doughs..." and JaxTeller's mod starts with "JaxTeller..." so the starter create loads first, and there is not yet a 'JaxTeller FiberCutter' loaded for it to add. Try renaming the Jaxteller mod folder to load before mine ( e.g. rename the folder "1-JaxTeller..." or a-JaxTeller..." or similar) or make mine load last ( e.g. rename the starter create mod folder "z-Doughs....")
  18. I normally avoid the bloodmoons (ie: heading to the roof of a poi and letting the timer expire) or run around and let them chase me. I play on a harder difficulty/sprint or faster zombie speed and normally find that they just aren't worth the resources/effort and usually result in a net loss in ammo/cement vs. rewards received. Have tried bases and (at least in A19) only a kill base was really viable. But the amount of work/repairs and (in the later part of A19) acid being thrown just completely made it annoying to maintain. Normally on private/personal games, I just disable it or make it once every 30 days or so just because it's not enjoyable to me to have endless waves of enemies. (If there was a total count per night or something to track progress/rewards, that would be better)
  19. Yes, I might have to make my own groups. But not sure if I could add my own groups with gamestages. Yes wasteland have those birds spawn with a 0.02 chance. Updated Nerfthemall. It gave errors around trader area because I had removed the quest id's, but didn't remove them from the quest list. Now that is fixed.
  20. Thank you! He was a very cute budgie that learned to talk. He passed away in summer 2013. Thank you! Guess I was not thinking of removing them from the questlist also. So now it seems to work well. <remove xpath="/quests/quest[@id='tier2_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest[@id='tier3_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest[@id='tier4_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest[@id='tier5_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest_list[@id='trader_quests']/quest[@id='tier2_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest_list[@id='trader_quests']/quest[@id='tier3_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest_list[@id='trader_quests']/quest[@id='tier4_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest_list[@id='trader_quests']/quest[@id='tier5_nexttrader']" />
  21. @BastiAKA Did you test out the mod after the latest fix? version 1.4 makes the cement mixer uncraftable. For the love of this game.....TEST YOUR MODS FIRST BEFORE RELEASING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. @SketchFoxsky Here is an update for the Server Side Vehicles: https://github.com/arramus/A20-ServerSideVehicles-2022Jan20 The Magic Bus returns to A20 and has received a small upgrade. As the image suggests, the Magic Bus can hold up to 9 players without the need for a seating mod. This will accommodate larger communities, or servers that use the extended party mod that typically allows 8 players to 'party up'. Players will need to enter the bus from the non driver's side via the sliding door. ^^ Player No.9 sitting in the last rear seat at the back of the bus. The Magic Bus can still accept all vehicle mods, even though the seating mod will have no effect, and see the benefits they provide. Since only the Magic Bus and the Whirligig use non standard seating, players can see the seat count as they approach these vehicles. As with A19, when the headlights are turned on, flames will appear from the front 'impalers'. Driving into a zombie will knock them over and set them on fire. There will be no XP gain for any eliminations using this method of zombie control.
  23. Exclude your 7 Days folder from your antivirus/antimalware software. If that doesn't fix it, post your entire log here using a pastebin link so we can look for other hints however, usually it's the antivirus.
  24. Yep in the past few Alpha builds we make sure to grab every bit of Brass we can find while in houses. We break faucets, light fixtures, take apart radiators and A/C units, anything we can do to get more Brass. This Alpha though we haven't had a need to due to finding more ammo than we can use. I kind of miss having to worry about getting enough Brass to be able to get more ammo.
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