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  2. Not really possible given how quests work, at least from a "mod the quest" standpoint. Each POI is tagged as a certain tier, and when a quest chooses a POI, its based upon the tier of the quest. Its possible to get around by having sub-quests, but things like quantity of zombies are based on the POI, not the quest, and what mobs spawn is primarily based on your gamestage. If you could get T5 quests at level 5, they'd be all normals in nearly every case. You could fake it by copying the POI, and making the copy T5 instead of T4, and bump up the zombies in each spawn volume, as well as adjusting what loot boxes exist. You'd then have to re-gen your world, and hope you got some T4s and some T5s of that given POI. Nothing guaranteed, though.
  3. Without knowing what you tried, its hard to say what you did wrong. I would expect this entry to work to reduce by 70% and 90% for levels 4 and 5. <passive_effect name="CraftingIngredientCount" level="1,2,3,4,5" operation="perc_add" value="-.3,-.5,-.5,-.7,-.9" tags="foodRottingFlesh,resourcePotassiumNitratePowder,resourceClayLump"/> You'll need to update both the value attribute's values and the level attribute's value, so 2 xpath statements. When you get stuck on xpath, I recommend hard-coding your changes directly into the config xml, rather than a mod with xpath statements. Then you can separate if its what you're doing, vs the xpath statements themselves being wrong.
  4. No that was just in frustration. For some reason the game is instantly killing me when I touch spikes. The first time should only have been barbed wire as I was crossing over the barbed wire barrier in the Shotgun Messiah factory offices above the target range and labs. Should have done minimal damage. None of my mods should do that. I'll look them over again, but I'm at a total loss as to how a backpack mod or a loot mod that does nothing to blocks would make this happen. Edit: Oops. This is a case of misdirected frustration. It was a mod. Wanted a less infected type playthrough and downloaded a headshots only mod. Modder added block damage that made traps do insane damage....like 10k damage. I guess the Fun Pimps are less unfun now. Don't mind me while I wipe the egg off my face.
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  6. (edit) cause what I wrote was a bit sassy. Dear Fun Pimps, It is my observation that many of the advanced recipe's require pea's. Could we possibly make it so they do not? there are several food items that do not make anything. Perhaps those could be utilized? With kindest regards.
  7. I'll report back after this little test; have to check tickets (there was/is a KI about vehicles not triggering traps).
  8. Then it is a bug. That is what the 1x5 trigger plates are for. It may be a known issue and just not fixed yet. @schwanz9000 @Laz Man @unholyjoe @Jugginator
  9. That's the one I made. Driving my 4X4 over it didn't open the drawbridge, but walking across it did. Didn't test the motorcycle...saw something on Reddit after the fact about the 4X4 not working with them because the player sits up high enough that they don't trigger plates or tripwires...maybe that's what happened? Anyway, switched it over to just using motion sensors on both sides, so it works now. Was just really surprised I could drive across trigger plates with the 4X4 without triggering them.
  10. As Candy said, craft the one on the right for vehicles.
  11. We are having an issue with the latest November update, where the Pumpkin dude doesnt take any damage. Any idea on how to fix?
  12. I think they are just POI sleepers that actively patrol inside the POI, but I could stand to be corrected.
  13. With my experience, here's a 1x5 trigger plate inside AND outside the garage so a vehicle can get in.
  14. I am also Just curious if it causes issues having multiple battery banks.
  15. if it's the base Snufkin is it perhaps because not all the zombies are available all the time? Some of them spawn on night only, one by a quest iirc and another on the bloodmoon. so maybe you aren't seeing them because of time of day or biome? just an idea
  16. Is the crawler supposed to be floating?
  17. Hi. We just launched a new map with this mod tonight and one of our players experienced a weird error with the firetruck. I'm attaching an image but I'll also described exactly what he told me. He (let's call him Steve) and Fred were in a working firetruck they found (Steve was in the driver's seat). Sam then tried to get into the truck as well and then Steve got a console command error that kept repeating on him so he could not close it out. He had to relog to get out of the truck and keep playing. Fred did not get the error but Sam also got the same error and had to relog.
  18. Okay... too many ENTtittys, what about the just titty limit? Have they reached the limit there?? @Roland can you make the dev diary discussion always be at the top of the general forum page? Cause it gets buried way below a bunch of other topics and there's hardly anyone talking on it as it is. Just a request and thank you for all you do around here to keep things from falling into chaos
  19. New version is out. 1.6. bug fix and adjustments to the stats of the baby animals.
  20. You read the Stickied thread that tells you to read it before posting, and follow the instructions.
  21. Would need logs to see what the error is, and advise you on fixing it.
  22. Every time I try to play single player or set up a server to play with friends, I get into the world but the command console won't close. I click everything, googled what common fixes were (nothing worked) uninstalled/reinstalled/validated files....nothing is working. I just want to play!!!! Are there any fixes for this?
  23. So, it's possible I'm just an idiot, but do vehicles actually not set off trigger plates? I just set up a powered drawbridge with a motion sensor outside and a trigger plate inside, and driving the vehicle across the trigger plate doesn't seem to activate it. It works if I walk across it, so it seems to be working, but driving my 4X4 across it causes no reaction. Are these supposed to work like this, and if so...why?
  24. Really? It would make more sense if the last in line was sending the power, and then the previous banks were replenishing it. Oh well, hopefully I don't need more than one. If it proves to be a problem, I guess I'll just split it up into separate lines.
  25. yeah but same science also proves that zombies would get quickly inflated by own bacterias and and explode err thats pretty much zombie bear role zombie workers/sappers with augers on other side :D:D
  26. Hey, my corridor is only 13 blocks long, I don't have room for more...though I guess I could have put another 26 in the ceiling... I just like blade traps and a couple of the blade traps are just set up to keep them away from the sides of the stairs. My gamestage 178 horde barely made it past the first set of dart traps outside of the occasional dog or spider zombie, so it's not like I really need more.
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