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  2. Fix worked for me, so thanks
  3. I have installed this off the 7D2D Mod Launcher. I launch the game and it gets as far as where the main menu should load, but it opens the console and just sits there. The only line of red text i can see is "IndexOutOfRangeException". I have reinstalled twice. Any help is appreciated. I really wanna play this. Addition: I have now dowloaded the mod files directly from the forum and replaced as necessary. Still same issue.
  4. I remember reading a blip of it a few years ago in some version discussion thread, pre-A16. I think madmole or one of the other devs mentioned that this is a world that had its virus event in the late 90's or something, not post 2000's though. Hey if i'm wrong or they changed it since then no biggie. But ask them about it.
  5. Sounds like it's not installed properly on your server. I'd check the Mods folder. HOWEVER, I know for a fact that Nitrado don't allow DLL uploads, so I guarantee DF won't work.
  6. My friend and I split it up, he puts his bedroll and LCB down at the kill base site, and I put mine down at the main base and we are both set to allies so we can both build/harvest whatever at both sites. I do put down wood frames and fill them in where the Z's spawn for the jump/scare drops that ignore detection and only activate when you enter the area's perimeter, but other then that we clear all the extra furniture so we have clear lines of sight in the pois. Like those Z's that hide in the clothing cabinets? Knock out the side after you've cleared the room, then y
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  8. There is a third party map generator called Nitrogen, which has more options for variety. This tool is unofficial and hasn’t been updated for some time though, so reliability is iffy. In the next Alpha, A20, there will be an overhaul to RWG, including changes to the biome distribution: Lastly, if you’re feeling ambitious you can edit Config/rwgmixer.xml yourself to change how random worlds are generated.
  9. Per attaching items, what if they extended the "bottom" of textures to go through a full block. That way if a half block is present it still connects? I dunno, spitballin'
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  11. i get something similar, i have solars to battery bank, to sensors that feed back to lights and speakers, (to sound alarm when zombies are in range its a loop), ive noticed that sometimes, they get triggered (set to triggered/instant) that they dont stop even when no zeds about, so i then turn off battery banks, and then turn back on, it stops.....until next time, defo some kind of bug there
  12. Perhaps I consumed too much glue as a child, I would have given better stats. I think I was mistaking it for gun powder, but I'm unsure.
  13. I hope this helps in the future, I wrote a batch file that saves single player saves folders AS LONG AS YOUR GAME IS INSTALLED INTO ITS DEFAULT FOLDERS Its creates a backup file of your single player folders with the current date and time, when ran (double clicked on) It can be run as many times as needed, as it creates a whole new file each time, so that’s up to you on how many times you want to create backups of your single player, probably best once an hour 1st though you will need to install winrar for it to work, found at https://www.win-rar
  14. Careful, you're messing with a veteran of the game.
  15. Try this: https://github.com/SphereII/7D2DModLauncherReleases/archive/master.zip Extract, and run. It won't auto-update, but there usually isn't a lot of updates.
  16. The random world generations always comes out with huge forests in the middle which my friend and I don't like at all. Is there some way to make it completely random? I've tried to look around a bit but couldn't really find much information. I would even install a mod if I have to. Thanks for any replies!
  17. I am very new to modding, but was looking to make a mod that would include a Basic Crafting Table. This would be used, similar to the workbench, but would be required to build basic items (Wood Frames, Ladders, Hatches, Flagstone Blocks, etc). I made a Prefab using the Prefab Editor that was just a Saw Horse and a Wood Plate on top, like a table. I was wondering if there is a way for me to assign a Prefab as a Block or Item. So I could build it in game and then use it as a Crafting Table? I currently have the Saw Horse as the Workbench, but I have to manually add the wood plate to it after pla
  18. Hey! Me and my friends are excited to try this mod out. This is my first time dealing with mods on any game and xml files and what not. I think I am understanding it. I have my own nitrado server, and when I drag and drop the mod files into the server files through filezilla it seems to not work. I can load into the world, but the HUD and skills, are normal. I can tell some things have changed because there are different blocks and such. Any advice? Thanks Edit: Grammar and clarification
  19. I've downloaded the Mod Launcher, but it always shows and Error during install. Error 1001. Ive tried different locations to load the program and have downloaded the installer multiple times, I've turned off AV during download and install, not sure what to try next.
  20. Yea, the camera properties are set in Unity. I may take another look and reduce the cameras fps load as a variant camera for those who need it. Maybe a low rez version.
  21. Hopefully ya can find more programmers to help you out, keep up the good work man
  22. Full logs from both sides when the issue occurs. Use Pastebin.
  23. Sure, we could do a lot of things, but that is low priority.
  24. I've been looking all over to try to figure out if there is a way to stop the zeds respawning in a particular POI. So far I have found: Bed rolls blocks zombies from spawning within a certain range of them. But you can only have one...and usually you want it somewhere specific so if you die you can come back where you want to. Player placed non-ground blocks will block random wandering zombie spawns, but not POI spawns. Placing a block on the space where sleeper zeds spawn at SOME point used to keep them from spawning there again, but no recent info on wheth
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