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  2. Fast travel is really only necessary for games that only have walking / running to your next location as your only options (i.e. Fallout 3 / Fallout 4 - though 4 you can get smoke grenades and align yourself with the BoS to travel via flight between locations). 7D2D has vehicles that allow you to travel between locations. Since the game provides multiple modes of transport, fast travel is not necessary
  3. I've used the old prefab in the Dregora's Universe map that was hosted for one wipe on the Anarchy server and among several prefabs, such as the vault 81 I made the A16 castle you made also got a ton of feedback. From what I understood a lot of people were drawn to the castle but found there was a lack of loot and too much candles around that were causing them to have lag For A19 (Dregora V2.0) I was planning on giving it a huge facelift but it seems the original creator beat me to it I yet have to download the new version but among all the updates and new stuff that came to A19 for this d
  4. Did you upload that working version anywhere? I've been working on a server side overhaul mod I'd love to include these in, and I can't seem to figure out what's causing the NRE's when I spawn in zombieChang. I'm already using the Snufkins Zombies, and MikePewPew's Server Side Zombies, and a couple of random remixes from Doughphungus, but I'd like to use these as well.
  5. too be fair the melee is a tad bit clanky but not THAT bad. tbh the only melee weapon i don't uses is Knives only if i have nothing else to uses. and for animals. I LOVE the Machete and wish there was swords but knifes are not really my style. I would rather uses a axe. at least i can chop more limbs off (nothing to say really) the loot from traders is not mad. TBH i would rather take extra cash then items at times. but at tier 5, i don't do quest. takes too long and im already armed to the teeth. if there are weapons though. i sell them
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  7. You are correct - different prefabs is the answer
  8. I know i know. My point on this is to find a logical and extensive solution , which could be good proposition for TFP right? So i thinks the best way is to mix this two solutions into one - creating zombie groups - my proposition : normal zombies - normal civilians (random non job clothes like pjamas tshirt etc ), doctors , postman, stipper , cook , factory worker, civilian pilot, rich bussines guys etc uncommon - ( have something special but they are still more like normal) - welder with wedling mask ( head armor) - diffrents colurs of their clothes , labs patients ( bleedin
  9. Thank you so much for responding. I tried it the way you described it. Left the game. Changed the settings to "drop everything upon death", went back in the game, dropped everything in a chest, killed myself, and guess what was in my inventory when I respawned. Yup. The trader supplies are still there. Gosh dernit!
  10. I have a 12 year old and he's allowed to play with me for 4 hours on the weekends. So far he's used up all of my explosives, all my 7.62 ammo and my first aid chest. There's also a giant pit in front of my base. He's mature enough for his age to handle the gore (he's played more gory games and seen zombie movies with me) but I wouldn't let him play until they changed the stripper zombie. We found the Shotgun Messiah Shooting Range the other day. It was awesome.
  11. What has changed? Imho instant travel is immersion breaking, especially as it still does not fit in the lore (in opposite to e.g. a space game where they may have teleporters). Your playing on a computer. Just let spotify run in the background (and turn off ingame music)?
  12. Greetings to all 7D2D players, server admin, and modders. This Wasteland Mod Server List thread is to publicise servers running the recently released mod 'The Wasteland' by @bdubyah. Full details about this mod can be found here. It is much more than a modlet but cannot be classed as an overhaul because it still retains all Vanilla game traits. It would be fair to describe 'The Wasteland' as a DLC expansion. Once installed, you will be able to join regular servers and 'The Wasteland' modded servers without needing to restart your game. The most recent r
  13. I just started with a str/fort sledge build and I'm literally unkillable. I moved from steel knuckles because it was just, too op for me and wanted to go a step down. Sledge is so goddamn fun compared to steel knuckles though is SLIGHTLY weaker. I've been meaning to do a stealth build but the sleeper volumes pretty much ruin that and your seen on horde nights anyway so it's (useless?) Perhaps more tweaking can be done. But your point is correct, the game is what you make of it. Especially with talks of armor sets, a full archer set would be cool, same with a
  14. Try 7Zip. It's what I use. If that doesn't work, then you may need a download manager. Not a lot I can do about spotty internet. Yes. Probably need to reboot the server. I've seen perks not unlock stuff randomly until a game reboot
  15. Hey @KhaineGB I have an issue, i play on my serv and everytime i read a book i dont unlock the recipe. It worked fine for 1-2 books, then i died and now i cant unlock anything. It's pretty raging when you shoul've unlocked like 20 recipes and it's still locked...
  16. That "otherwise" doesn't make any sense. SAME CPU, different GPU => SAME FPS is the clearest case of a bottleneck you could get. To prove that you still have an issue you need to show that someone else with a similar CPU has much better FPS than you at the same settings(!).
  17. What method are you using to assign affinity? You should see at least a 50% increase in performance.
  18. You might not have enough time to change ammo but you could have a gun for armorless targets and a gun for armored targets in your toolbelt. Also another important part is who to target first and who last (hard hitting zombies first). Or even which zombies are ok to melee and which ones you want to gun down. But hey, we don't have to agree, our priorities are just different. And while I voted yes, it is a very mild yes, I shoot anything that is declared as a zombie no matter how it looks 😁
  19. saw a reference in a conversation about an old topic on instant travel. i must have missed that one. so what do folks reckon now? personally i would pass on this one. would rather effort was spent on an in game stereo system that played your nominated spotify playlist...
  20. ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! thanks roland, that was funny! the watched pot never boils
  21. im playing a str sledge build right now backup fort to augment master chef. rely on rng for forge etc. there are so many ways to play this game why do people complain? have they tried all combos? or just their faves? the only things that limit your enjoyment of this game is your imagination and your willingness to have fun using the royal ''your'' there of course.
  22. I encounter some "Unzippable" things from another game. If you use maybe an "older" tool it could cause problems, try to get a new tool like 7zip (windows/linux). When you got an instable connection, i suggest to use download manager anyway. Their resume procedure is better then the standard ones from the webbrowsers which avoid download errors. The archives from Github and azure definitive are OK
  23. A security software like Kaspersky has two parts, one part is running like any normal program on your PC, a second part is injected deep into the bowels of your operating system. If you prevent the normal program from running you have just disabled the user interface, the serious heavy lifting should still be working as (un)intended. Without an official uninstall utility from Kaspersky you won't get rid of the software (and more paranoid people might even believe not even that will get rid of it 😁 ) Not saying that is the cause, but like SylenThunder said, anti-virus so
  24. 1. In your opinion melee is generally awful. 2. I'm not judging here, but I cannot for the life of me understand why some people find it's more rewarding to grab a handful of common materials out of their storage and craft the best gear in the game rather than going outside and looting. 3. Have you played Alpha 19? If so, you'd know that this statement couldn't be further from the truth. Unless you're talking about trader quest rewards; those will be properly balanced in A20.
  25. Left stick not working as you said in the other thread sounds like Steam controller desktop config is being utilized. Using GloSC, you would have to uncheck desktop config in GloSC - or set up Steam's desktop config to reflect your actual 'game' controller settings. I am in no way associated with GloSC; it is just the only solution that has worked for me for now.
  26. With more than 3 years of operations, Lands of Vikings is one of the uniquest operating servers in 7 Days to Die. Our main focus has always been to taking 7 Days to Die to the next level and creating an impressive PvE environment which is well balanced and challenging. Most of mods are made by the LoV staff and are only found here. Dedicated Physical Server(Intel Core i9 9900K, 128GB RAM, SSD M.2 NVMe). Hosted in Germany, Frankfurt Datacenter in Europe. Automated restarts(tooks 30-40sec for reboot). Allocs Server fixes, CPM, CSMM and ServerTools. Interactive Server Web Maps. Cu
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