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  2. I also play on an own dedicated with a friend with a nitrogen 8K map. We both had those ghostblocks, but in different locations and in different times. For me everything looked fine where he saw ghostblocks. So this is definetely a client side problem. We had this problem more often when the game was fresh, so in the first few days. We're now on day 80 and haven't it seen for a long time. I never saw this in A19 experimental and also not in A18 but i didn't use nitrogen maps back then. I also watch some streamers, they also didn't have it in A19 experimental (with rwg map), but suddenly in A19 release on a nitrogen map. (Me and the streamers use nitrogen without compopack).
  3. I couldn't help but notice that one of the steam hidden achievements is to break your leg. Something I have done a lil too often. Is it just that one achievement that is bugged or are there more? I would like to 100% the game and just get the achievements done.
  4. Why not both? How about stone age and then scrap age? Maybe with a little bit faster transition between them to make sure that the players won't get bored by the time they get some good stuff.
  5. Heh...ya...but a shotgun vs a safe is probably going to leave your face like American drywall... I think the point is the block damage is a abit over the top, making the shotties less viable overall...and that's a shame. Shotguns are my favourite in most shooter games but not in 7D. Maybe if all that block damage was reserved for a special ammo type and the default shells not do the damage of a howitzer
  6. I'd give the stone axe melee stats like a club, digging stats like a shovel and call it the starter multi-tool. Keep the primitive bow so those two tutorial items stay, but don't appear in loot tables. Then, just have 3 tiers (or 4 or whatever they want) of actual commercial type weapons for each tree that you can buy or loot or eventually craft.
  7. Hi, i would start to modding with the dedicated server. So no visual stuff or messing with items. I'd like to start with some basis, like getting a player died event and write something to multiplayer chat or in the console. So, how do i start with that? PS: Programming with C# is well known here
  8. Generating a map may take a while, even more than 30 minutes and the server doesn't give a sign of life in this time, besids cpu usage. On our server with a phenom x6 it took almost two hours to generate the map. mmap might mean you ran out of RAM. Map generation also uses a high amount of RAM. What's your server's specs? Under Linux also make sure the server has write-access to where the generated files are put.
  9. Could always just make it require like 5 points in perception before you could get it, but I see what you are saying. Would make more sense if they named it a weapons crate and then added scrap weapons. Still think it's ridiculous I can find "primitive" weapons in crates and stuff like that, would make more sense if we could only find stone tools and primitive weapons in like survivor camps or something.
  10. Today
  11. People would just rush lucky looter or the needed perk then and balance would be messed up. I could see a renaming it to Weapons messiah or some other not gun specific name.
  12. Im on a linux machine running a 7dtd dedicated server. (steamCMD) Clean alpha 19 setup. After starting the server i get the following control panel output: > 2020-09-19T11:57:58 1.138 INF Awake done in 1083 ms > Loading Biome Stamp took 96.92 seconds > 2020-09-19T11:59:36 99.395 INF [GSM] GameSparks Connected > Loading Stamp took 0.039 seconds > Loading Stamp took 0.04 seconds > Loading Stamp took 0.042 seconds > Loading Stamp took 0.042 seconds > Loading Stamp took 0.042 seconds > Loading Stamp took 0.043 seconds > Loading Stamp took 0.042 seconds > Loading Stamp took 0.051 seconds > Loading Stamp took 0.04 seconds > Loading Stamp took 0.043 seconds > Loading Stamp took 0.042 seconds After that i dont get any response from the server. htop tells me that the process is still using a lot of the CPU. startup args: -logfile <mypath> -quit -batchmode -nographics -dedicated -configfile=serverconfig.xml Is the server already generating the map? (Its now been running for 30mins without a sign of life) PS: now i got mmap(PROT_NONE) failed Aborted In my shell and the server stopped...
  13. @pApA^LeGBa Just an idea here, but what if you had to be a certain level in a certain perk to be able to open them? like what if they made it so you need 3 points in lucky looter to be able to open it? or maybe you could have it so you can't use the gun until you put a point into the governing perk. I mean realistically if you don't know how a gun works you probably won't be able to reload/maintain it. Maybe you can get guns but you can't reload them until you put a point into it's perk? Not too sure though, grasping at straws here. Balancing realism and gameplay is tough.
  14. @Vanetooth Well, what you gonna do with the shotgun crates during the stone age? Not sure if you can tie their existence to game stage, and how would you introduce them in the game after you reached a game stage where you find the proper loot in it? Just making them pop up in POI´s that didn´t have them before would break immersion even more.
  15. A scrap age would be cool. I do like the new progression but I also do like my immersion, and finding a tier 2 wooden club in a shotgun messiah crate kinda breaks that.
  16. I would prefer a scrap age after the stone age tbh. The new slower progression in early game is nice but after the stone age things still get too easy very fast.
  17. Why do you want to avoid steam so much? What is your problem? Did you even read the answers in your other topic? The answer is still no. And if you ask again the answer will still be no. I think i can smell piracy here...
  18. Playing on a dedicated server with a customised nitrogen 12K map, one of my friends sees this issue yet I don't see it at all. The server - IBM SystemX 3650 M3, Dual 3.46 Ghz hex core xeons, 80GB ram, running off a 12Gb/s raid 6 array... his system - AMD Ryzen 5 2600 , 16GB ram, AMD RX580 8GB video card my system I7 9799k, 32GB ram, ASUS RTX 2070 Super 8GB video card. Now on the other maps on the server we play on he does not have these issues at all, those maps are smaller. I have seen the issue once in the past on a different map in A19 experimental (before A19 stable was launched) but only the once.
  19. CSMM 1.15.3 released https://github.com/CatalysmsServerManager/7-days-to-die-server-manager/releases/tag/v1.15.3
  20. It's more or less Alpha 15 with a few bits of Alpha 16. And no there are no more updates to come, the ps4 version (and xbox) is what it is.
  21. @madmole u there? Staph designing and throw us a bone. We are gonna develop a real Zombie virus from the wait !. We need a special infected Roland Zd that instead of moaning throws puns at the players along with Math books. Jokes aside, a talking Zombie would be amazing. Big "nope" moments guaranteed.
  22. Instead of stone age weapons and tools, why not make them Scrap Age ! Yes, make the lowest levels stuff repurposed scrap equivanced weapons and tools ? This way it makes more sense finding around everywhere. The stone axe and wooden club fine for the start but then players need to scrap metal stuff and mine a few iron nodes to move up from there ? This would make more sense than finding stone tech everywhere, but repurposed scrap tools and weapons (melee)... Just a thought.
  23. Yeah, I agree.... I'd love to see severe weather actually force you to modify your game play to some extent.
  24. Are you suggesting that other drywall is better? 00
  25. i7-6700HQ is your CPU, not a I7-6300HQ btw. I see you're on a laptop, So, one or all 3 of things are happening: overheating, old drivers, bloatware. Remove all your bloatware stuff (i.e. anything not Vital to keep Windows up and running, just google the term "laptop Win10 bloatware"). Update drivers (FROM your manufacturer, not someplace like "drivereasy"). Clean dust out your laptop, invest in a cooler, and you can try gaming without the battery in (shut down, remove battery, plug in reboot) to reduce some heat (just know you should shutdown before putting the battery back in). Set Windows to automatically set page file.
  26. Especially seeing how a flying pebble also produces the same result with drywall lol
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