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  2. Really?? I thought you'd seen all the info about the new city layouts considering you're here 99% of the time!
  3. How'd you like to see this guy stumbling around the burnt biome. Good thing zeds can't talk.
  4. Definitely a good one, worth anyone getting. No change to gameplay just more variety. Makes things richer. One thing I did want to ask, is it possible to add more in, just by adding a colour tint to some of them? I know you can tint existing icons with items, don't know if it works will the zombies, but might be a simple way to add a few more?
  5. Welcome to my series for 7 Days To Die Alpha 19.5 - The Perception Connection. In this episode we continue our journey with the T4 Quests, and end up face to face with a Feral Radiated Zombie. We also do A LOT of wrenching!
  6. Well it can be done like gotham from batman movies - city on small island - big and small in this same time - high skyscrappers , flats , police station hospital etc on 2km^2 map
  7. it's called "selective arguing" does'nt have to be of importance or even mean anything, just has to be a disagreement to arguing or complain... i think it's a new stress relief. and in return when they want to argue with me... i just don't answer... my kids are all grown and doing fine arguing amongst themselves without me now. so i don't need anymore.... arguments that is.. also don't forget... we can carry a stack of concrete blocks but argue when one more glass jar puts them into "over encumbrance"
  8. Today
  9. Quick example : hunter from l4d2 - mutated muscles let him jump higher . Splitter have scares from acid so she isn't 100% immune. But flaming zombie can't work long ( maybe for 15 sec?) . So spider zombie from 7dtd and hunter from l4d2 works in this same way .
  10. Thx for making that clear! It makes sense that way. My first thought when I saw those new models was: "Ok next reveal will be the new tier one pipe wand, with which we can block the fireballs the new skeleton fire mage zombie is summoning at us". (I also expected Adam to photoshop according different coloured versions of the zombie with poison damage, ice damage and arcane damage) But now I can sleep well again, phew.
  11. @errornull I attempted to duplicate some things you had used but with the Tipsy Squatch entity. First I tried this as a simple append. <entitygroup name="sleeperHordeStageGS1"> <entity name="zombieTipsySquatch"/> </entitygroup> And got this. Then I tried as you attempted. <remove xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[starts-with(@name, 'sleeperHordeStageGS')]" /> <append xpath="/entitygroups"> <entitygroup name="sleeperHordeStageGS1"> <entity name="zombieTipsySquatch"/> </entitygroup
  12. people really out here trying to argue that a flaming zombie is unrealistic while playing a game where a zombie on all 4's can jump like 4 meters high
  13. Well i hope so cities will like in l4d1 ( small but some bulding connected with walls small shops and small yards etc)
  14. Thanks for replying! Can you provide me a download link? I'd like to play with a friend.
  15. Where did they mention anything about city/town layouts? I would like to see for myself.
  16. gimme a new Zombie survivalgame for free! Ähm I mean cant wait for A20 to hit me ^^
  17. Nice. In case that wasn't a hypothetical question: You should be able to get out and survive the drop. Then simply destroy the antenna on roof height (or higher if that is too much blocks to destroy) so that it collapses and the copter will glide downwards
  18. Hah, thanks; I didn't exactly know what to ask, but that was more than I would've asked for .. O(n^2), yeah, that seems like an issue. Then again, reading the transcript, it's just a hard limit of "less than", so they'll just need to solve it for the largest one, the small ones will be pretty instant ... And fire/ban anyone who proposes adding the ability to do larger maps ...
  19. Okay, fine, 1 minute per linear kilometer. I was remembering wrong how the map sizes are listed. But here you can hear it straight from the programmer. 14:30 Kinyajuu: The speed of world gen right now, the idea is to keep it at, at most, 1 minute per kilometer. So like an 8K, we don't want to go over 8 minutes. 10K... speaking of, the three new sizes for the new maps. We're gonna start with 6,144 (m) since that's the Navezgane size. We're not gonna do the 4K. They felt real small, and 6K kinda feels about right, and then we have 8K still, and then we're also
  20. I have been using King Gen to make custom maps with specific city and district layouts (industrial/commercial/residential) https://imgur.com/a/VogzfUF - 8k custom height map/biomes/city layout/districts/water. Everything is designed using Gimp and King Gen. Takes some work but you can make some really specific maps. Now they implemented custom water spawn so we can go below "sea level" on maps. Check it out here
  21. What is the odds to get stuck in a antenna!! 🙂 Not flying by, was planning to land on the roof there. Now woundering how to save the copter.
  22. The layout of the Towns/Cities(?) is very good news! Making things seem more logical is a huge step forward! Thanks guys for continuing the great endeavor that is 7D2D!! (Looking forward to New York City 7D2D Part 2, or any random big city for that matter! It looks like you guys are building the foundations for it. Or am I wrong?)
  23. @Roland I seem to remember you had something to with teaching math, help a virus out here...?
  24. Hi Arramus, Thanks for your insight and for passing along my observation. Actually, I have already added the server side zombies without issues to all other entity groups without issue... like scoutHordeStageGS, feralHordeStageGS, wanderingHordeStageGS, ZombieFootballStadiumGroupGS, ZombieGhostTownGroupGS, etc. 😊 It is only the sleeperHordeStageGS entity group that results in error when I try to do the same. Another thing which I think you'll find interesting - I do not get this problem when adding Mumpfy's custom textured zombies into this sleeperHordeS
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