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  2. yeez this is epick XD could be also : for more zombie variants XD
  3. It depends on what you like about the game. If you like building highly creative bases and designing POI's then for that aspect of gameplay it really is going to be a dramatic improvement and "whole new game".
  4. ok, why would that happen on a config change/restart and how am I suppose to fix it? I have already restored backups. Re-downloaded the mod files to my client and server. Even started a new map
  5. INF Missing paint ID XML entry: 247 for block 'corrugatedMetalBlock' ^ that's likely your problem.
  6. Cmon people... You all pretend to know a lot about guns, but you keep calling all AK style guns AK-47...
  7. Ok so to reduce the chance of this goofy bouncing ill probably do a SizeScale of 3 for the regular behemoth and 4.5 to 5 for the radiated one.
  8. so, 60/45 is 105... try 60/40.
  9. Does the health bar mod work with zombies from other mods as well?
  10. really like what i see. now dont get me wrong editing the height code in the architypes for the giants did work a little bit but if u can fix the SizeScale code so increasing it doesn't make the giants appear to float in mid air that would be fantastic because when i and most other people think of giants we think of these massive human like monsters that can do all kinds of damage to humans and other things. im saying this because i also have a mod that brings the old behemoth zombie back to the game so i was thinking of using the giants from this mod as the behemoths minions sort of speak while the behemoth is a more boss type version of the giants.
  11. Today
  12. You guys are hilarious. From a release date topic to C64 nostalgia thread, of which I happened to own one myself in the latter part of the 80s, to play RPGs and keep me entertained until I bought my Amiga 500.
  13. Thanks..but this 61 year old lady can FIND IT! I might have found it.. I might have managed to delete all saves.. I'll scream if I need further assistance.
  14. All of this is covered in the Pinned Support FAQ Thread. Both the location of save files, and how to possibly recover a corrupted save. The game launcher also has a tool for cleaning game data.
  15. Well there are cases in real life where the bolt on an M4 or M16 may be released forward when reloading thus u have to pull it back when reloading but then again all u gotta do in that case is pull back the bolt load a new mag then hit the release button and ur good to go. and yeah thats why i dont use optics on the AK47 but the AK is getting a new model (about time) in A20 so hopefully that'll fix it
  16. I had a blackout while playing the game and it corrupted my files. I've deleted and reinstalled 7 times and it's still corrupted. Where are the game data files saved on my computer so I can start with clean files?
  17. The appearance of copper ore is too similar to ordinary stone, and bronze ore is difficult to find. Since copper ore and bronze ore are used instead of iron as basic resources, it should be easy to find, instead of spending a lot of time searching for these basic ores. If the ore can be find on the surface just like other ores(iron,lead, coal) will be much helper
  18. Version 1.6 Released! (Updated download link on original post) - added wasteland goblins - added a forest, snow, burnt and wasteland goblin quests - slightly increased game animal spawning in all biomes - slightly reduced zombie dog and vulture spawning in horde night - made the burnt goblins and giant, and burnt male and female flamers immune to fire attacks - fixed errors with the burnt goblin torches and giants - created new Snufkin Zombies Addon (refer to Addons section) There are now armor-wearing goblins residing in the wasteland - who try to slash you with their bone knives! I've also added four new challenge quests that each are centered around the forest goblins, snow goblins, burnt goblins, or wasteland goblins. If you want to experience what it's like to be ambushed by an army of goblins and their giants, this is it. 😁 I did more troubleshooting with the buggy torch object associated with the burnt goblins... and found a good fix. After testing, I no longer see pink torch textures, bad performance, or server errors. What I did was replace those torches with ones that were unlit and added a separate flame particle to simulate a burning torch. For some reason this works much better. Let me know if this helps you. Snufkin zombies PLUS Addon Mod - This mod adds all Snufkin community zombies alongside enZombies. The Snufkin zombies will spawn outside in the various biomes, within the screamer hordes, the wandering hordes, and the blood moon horde night.. along with the enZombies. The Snufkin zombies do not spawn inside POI's like as sleepers, but I have included code within ENTITYGROUPS.XML where you can enable it. Download link in original post --> ADD-ONS section. Please share me your bugs and feedback. Enjoy!
  19. Ok somehow I though I was in the thread. Just starting to use this board.
  20. i could agree if would be added cement mixed as truck as tier 2 and 3d printer as workbench tier 2
  21. I don't see the problem. Imagine a late game cooking station that operates on electricity. This would be a pure comfort upgrade as wood is limitless at that stage. It would still be sought after.
  22. Not quite. A20 still has new features (vehicle parts, shape menue, pipe weapons) and the usual redesign of placeholders or parts that seemed not ready for release (RWG). But more and more parts are made of cement that is slowly drying in the sun. Someone might still round the edges or put a cable canal into that cement, but generally those parts are largely what you will see in the release version as well. Whether someone considers new features that are still on the agenda as game changing or just filling in the blanks (like the pipe weapons are for the weapon system) is in the eye of the beholder.... ...There could even be fundamental changes to gameplay if one of the new features leads to this. Yes, bandits and story will essentially shut down any new featureitis, but until then developers not involved in bandit work will surely add stuff that is high on the wanted list.
  23. Actually matt from demolition ranch is the @%$# when it comes to 500 S$W cause he still flinches when he fires it while scott was always firing his without flinching, at least before his accident. the Harry's new calibers mod adds tons of new calibers to the vanilla guns with their own sounds including the 500 Magnum. the Harry's new calibers mod adds the 45-70 for both the hunting rifle and the revolver and its fun.
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