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  2. whelp, I'm unable to figure that out ;0. I've only messed with buffs that trigger once, just copy-pasting existing ones. I don't even know how a cvar works :) I think I have a buff on the screamer , and the only trigger I can think of that will work is: trigger="onSelfFirstSpawn" <effect_group name="Dough Screamer Scream Buff"> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfFirstSpawn" action="AddBuff" target="self" buff="doughsScreamerScream"/> </effect_group> Then, in the buff, I guess this should cause it to repeat and "scream" once per buff...but its not appearing to work: <buff name="doughsScreamerScream" icon="ui_game_symbol_perk" icon_color="132,0,155"> <display_value_key value="doughsScreamerScream"/> <!-- Likely wont see this --> <display_value value="doughs Screamer Scream"/> <!-- Likely wont see this --> <stack_type value="ignore"/> <!-- I guess this is in seconds --> <duration value="10"/> <!-- I guess this should be > 1/2 of duration, AND < duration, so 1 update occurs So yo have this much time to kill her before she updates and screams? --> <update_rate value="6"/> <effect_group> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="PlaySound" sound="zombiefemalescoutroam"/> <!-- Maybe remove this? --> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffUpdate" action="PlaySound" sound="zombiefemalescoutalert"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffRemove" action="AddBuff" buff="doughsScreamerScream"/> </effect_group> </buff>
  3. could be, maybe, idk. can really remember idk which guy that is
  4. xxx73

    sphereii's DMT Mods

    Really stunning work. A few questions about SphereII A Better Life. The fish is really great, I just wonder about the spawning. There seem to be a lot of fish even if I try to add invisibleanimal and reduce probability. So I wonder how large area does the spawning cover, is it the whole body of water or just a few blocks? Also I see the fish sometimes is out of water swimming on land, they get back into water again after looking a little confused, but it think this happen if I move fast on a vehicle close to water. Any plans to improve this, or is it just my heavy modded game?
  5. I have made most of the mods work for DF, but my files is very much changed to work well in DF so no reason to share anything here.
  6. I have lots more birds and animals, so once the WinterWeen mod is released I should have time to add more. Any requests?
  7. I got it working now, sadly Im not sure why this happened, I dont think I did any more changes, but after restarting games a few times I suddenly got the crafting level I expected.
  8. This description sounds like actual Interesting and engaging stealth gameplay as opposed to just shooting sleeper after sleeper in the head. People really want only that over and over again in every POI for 100’s and 1000’s of hours of gameplay?! Not me. I appreciate some variety to the stealth gameplay experience. THANK YOU auto-Aggro rooms!!!
  9. are you running the server app or just hosting the game directly?
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  11. I play SP and have seen this. Not so much the inventory issue, but duplicates of vehicles from the past showing up here and there. I'll try to crunch this a bit, but frankly I've just been ENJOYING the game too much to post as much lately. 😃 -Morloc
  12. yeah, i can't seem to cause them to actually summon wandering hordes, but they are definitely spawning in more often even in pois. Pretty sure the scream that summons is somewhere else in the code. Haven't been able to find it yet. Had considered just making the heatmap rise faster.
  13. yeah i realize that the hard way AKA don't drink homemade hooch made of Ketchup when you are doing to do something..... wait what?
  14. sort of I was originally trying to determine a good "spawn rate" for each spawn group that was not "specialized" spawn groups ) like animal group spawns. This is because each spawn group has X number of zeds in it, sometimes with probabilities that are not "1". After messing with it, I said "hmmm, what if I just added it into *every group* and made it a 1 line modlet just to see if it will work well enough, as this is easily maintainable". I commented out all the original code in case I needed to go back and use it. But: Yeah, you can also uncomment it and try out whatever you like! If you do and find some good "numbers" to use, let me know and I'll update my modlet (and possibly use your settings as I have not yet played the modlet in one of my personal games ). Originally I thought just "have a lot of screamers" was the goal but now I find out that the JaWoodle stream had some additional changes to them which I'll probably try to add based on some comments. But I don't really have any idea what settings to use (like spawn rates, etc)
  15. Adrenalin does nasty stuff to self control. Ya, her den roof isn't that stable. Best just to shoot from an edge instead of trying to make a roost there.
  16. i keep chickens, please tell me you are being silly for silliness sake an not implying a chicken has a womb within which to gestate a fetus? 🤣🤣🤣
  17. I hope they post the recordings to You Tube. Twitch hates my internet connection.
  18. well i did remember that i did Light her up with my M60 even when she was dead! (kinda like when you shoot a animal twice) and i was on the top of that platform drop, i made a new one, and i guess i didn't make it "Stable" enough to support my fat Ass! RIP!
  19. 1. Don't face tank her in light armor, she hits like a semi-truck. 2. Unless TFP reduced it ( @madmole was it reduced?) Grace harvests into more meat, bone, fat and leather than a bear. Lay off the trigger maybe? You get more mats out of harvested animals & zombie animals if you don't keep shooting the body after it dies.
  20. yeah, it's time to open the a20 thread:
  21. Really Love this new skins for the zombies! Was this guy's skin supposed to be blue? Pretty cool either way.
  22. Like many computer games of past : silent hill, resident evil, doom. once the game is complete The fun pimps should sell the movie rights. Many of the zombies are unique, and undoubt the story will be facinating and would make a great stage for a movie, mini series or full blown Tv series Saga.
  23. He hasn’t played 7dtd in 2 years and he’s impressed with how far the game has come
  24. I still have so many question about Grace! Why did TFP make her? Why is she a thing why is she green? Why did she kill me when i had full Military's gear? And why did i get a very little amount of meat after gutting her!
  25. I am hosting game for 4 people with 6k nitrogen map. My specs are Ryzen 5 2600,16gb ram,ssd, rx 5700 xt
  26. Absolute fantastic, you nailed it, the delay did it. Walking around in the forest with many birds make such a great atmosphere now. Thanks again for making all this animals, I'm using all of them in my next game with friends. Just wish there was more mods that added more new animals and birds, just love making different setup for each biome.
  27. Alright, so, for some reason I can't edit my post, whatever. I've fiddled with the stats of the weapon a bunch, and I've discovered the ammotype is to blame. For some reason it functions fine when swapping it to 7.62. I will report back when I find out why this is. Edit: So I've discovered adding the tag '9mmGun' to the tags, like so: <property name="Tags" value="weapon,ranged,holdBreathAiming,reloadPenalty,gun,barrelAttachments,sideAttachments,smallTopAttachments,mediumTopAttachments,stock,magazine,drumMagazine,firingMode,selfLoading,bottomAttachments,attPerception,perkDeadEye,9mmGun,canHaveCosmetic"/> fixes the issue. Frankly, I find this ridiculous, but it is what it is.
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