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  2. I always do . Have played since the land was square and blocky But , every single alpha...I start all over and play for as long as I feel like it without getting burned out . Every single alpha my time played and days played thru has increased...one playthrough and get to a certain point and stop till the next alpha . A18 I played up till day 86...which is the longest I have played till as of yet . Cant wait for A19 and see how many days I will play on it . I may not have thousands of hours , but I am way over 300 hours so far...and not burned out on this game at all...
  3. Ha yeah this exactly 🙂 Who was it anyways who lately said "I don't read manuals, i press buttons!"😄 To be honest, it's shame on us "early accessers", we immediately get used to things we tried out once and then take it for real and being cast in stone, although we should know things are being tweaked by every alpha...even every single non-public experimental build. In that context: Hated made me laugh hard with his "pre experimental invite thread". Damn, how many layers of "not ready" is this??? Gold Beta Alpha experimental alpha pre experimental alpha 😆 next predescent level feels like: 6-year-old Madmole sitting at his breakfast table thinking "I guess I want to be a game developer when I'm older" So people: take A19 as a completely new game and try out every single Detail as it would be(and probably is) someting you get your fingers to first time. I will do so, and I can't wait.
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  5. Good catch, thanks for informing me. Lets blame the type-o's 😛 Fixed now, I uploaded a new version of the compass line to imgur, but due to me not finding out if I can retain the same link name for it I updated the repo with a new texture link. So once you download and update the modlet that should be fixed
  6. I get one of these for each of the biomes. The ore is in game, though. Are these anything to concern myself with? BTW, thank you for the mod. Edit: could be conflict with Punishing Weather by Doughphungus. They both alter the same line in biomes.xml
  7. is the nitrogen and the combopack compatible with 18.4? When I run my server it has multiple warnings that [xcostum.....] not found and goes to the next... what am I doing wrong..?
  8. Ohhh haha right... ahh, we leave that one for now then.. 🤐
  9. Yes it was mentioned I believe in the context of “super difficult problems to solve” and “things that will be very expensive performance wise to implement” and “stuff that will have to be pushed back if we do it at all”.....
  10. What about the whining crowd design ? When will that be fixed ?Omg TFP should really look into it.
  11. Why is a small lantern brighter than a studio light then? Propably due to early access and them working on it at later point in time. I hope. And if bandits don´t radically change the endgame, draw-call-expensive furniture is the only thing left in endgame....
  12. It’s actually a bit unfair to us now. We can’t just stand on that slope without sliding down but they can. The roof of that cabin with the super steep slope used to be a place of safety but no more. You swung the pendulum too far faatal. Too far.... 😉
  13. Light definitely tanks FPS. I once put about 50 torches on a slope on a rather low-end PC. Looking at the lights removed 20 FPS (if I remember correctly). But light is a neccessity in this game, much like zombies. Draw-call-expensive furniture is not. That post by madmole was about the new bookshelves in A19. Look at the pictures MM recently posted on twitter, you'll know what I mean.
  14. @Boidster Ah yeah, that one. We propably all looked like that baby when we opened the door and the greenies where running towards us. I love the idea tough, sadly a one time experience as we now look carefully at the open sign before entering. And as nice as spawning all together is, having different spawning points usually is better due to mostly having at least two traders right at start already.
  15. Wasn't this mentioned some time back that bases could in some sense be included in the landscape details to avoid pop in ?
  16. Lamps? But the superbright lanterns and spotlights don´t hurt perfomance? Well i don´t understand anything of programming but that seems a bit odd. I really hope the lightning gets an overhaul sometimes. It´s either dimm or superbright right now unless you play around with hiding the lightsource behind blocks. Wich is an annoying task with only mediocre results tbh. I have about 50 bookshelves in my last villa, in one corner of a 3 story house. No FPS drops.
  17. Its not fixed. Zombies should climb up and then slide down using a rug shouting "Wheeeee"
  18. Does anyone have contacts DerPopo ? mail, social network, twitter, insta?
  19. I am pretty sure it´s the evil witch. It´s single zombies mostly. Ofc a wandering horde crosses my way once in a while, during raiding a POI. Can´t be the heat, i currently do bow/knife mostly (this rocks btw, i just had two of them dying side by side with the same animation due to bleeding out, nearly died to the next zombie due to laughing), only using guns in emergencies. And i loot. That´s it.
  20. MM hinted at a performance reason: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/16394-alpha-19-dev-diary/?do=findComment&comment=360510 Obviously this is only a reason not to include things like microwave ovens, intricate lamps etc, not for simple wall textures.
  21. Nice ideas there. You just need to keep the old way also. Too many people wouldn´t like this if it is mandatory. Definitly a mod i would install for SP.
  22. They do not have to play solo. They are responsible for updating their own servers. The version they play for the pre-launch will be the same exact version for the launch unless there are some glaring issues that emerge that must be fixed. I don’t foresee that happening. A18 was the most stable experimental launch we’ve ever had and A19 looks to be even better. I am confident that you guys will all get it on that Monday following the event. As long as I didn’t just jinx it.... Yes. We want to encourage multiplayer games for the event so we allow the streamer to invite others to play with them. Those others are not allowed to stream it themselves. Last time we only had about three people that we needed to contact and ask to stop streaming. The community does a good job of tattling on those who shouldn’t be streaming. It’s also in the best interest of the streamers to maintain their exclusivity to not give out the password to people they don’t trust. it’s not perfect but it has been a success for three alphas running now.
  23. If you can handle the current crafting menu, you can handle it with creative blocks also. What survival elements? The survival part is so easy already. Just do buried supplies quests at the start, buy canned food at the vending machine and you are done with the survival part. And how would more blocks hurt the gaming performance? That makes no sense. These blocks would hurt gameperformance already as they are in the POI´s we have in the game. We have a storage full of creative menu blocks because we don´t won´t CM on all the time. I don´t see any negative impact on the performance. I don´t want to be forced to use creative mode to have nice things also. I want to actually get the ressources and crafting for it needed whjle trying to survive vs the Z´s. People wanna do this in MP also. There aren´t many servers, if any at all, with CM on. It would already help a lot if we could have more colours. Can´t be that hard and doesn´t harm the game in any way.
  24. Hi Sphereii, There is only one instance of this issue that sounds similar with the Mod Launcher upon searching the thread (here) and coincides with having NREs in game. Not saying it's related but I also have the same NRE with my 2 day old save as I use 'Save All Games Local to Mod' option. Issue caused by selecting "Pre-Sync Mod" - the other alternative "Refresh Mods Automatically" also triggers the following popup error: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\7D2D\Alpha18\My_Mods\Undead_Legacy\Mods\UndeadLegacy\Resources\desktop.ini' is denied. If I don't select those options I can load into the game but now have to download files manually. It seems to be Mod Launcher related but please correct me if I'm wrong. Full log of exception - https://pastebin.com/adcWkM0p Thanks
  25. The steep wall design is fixed. The zombies can walk up and down and even stand on the slope. If you build a vertical wall at the top of the slope they can attack those blocks. When standing on the slope they will pound downward on it. It’s fixed.
  26. If I may suggest Roland.. Follower count is not an indicator of success. A lot of streamers buy followers. I run a little directory for local ZA streamers and I've seen many of them go up by thousands of followers in one day when they haven't even had that many visitors to their stream in a year. I just had a look at a few sites so I can give you actual figures - it looks like 5000 followers will cost you in the region of $30 to $75 once off. The most accurate way to see if a Twitch streamer really is popular is to look them up on https://sullygnome.com/ - set the stats to 90 days or more and look at their average viewers. If they are sitting with 5000+ followers but single digit average viewers then they aren't really popular. A streamer can buy viewers as well, but it's doubtful they would do it over a long period, so that's why it's best to look at 90 days or more.
  27. I think faatal responded it was fixed so no matter. 😃
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