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  1. Confirmed bug on both Rick Danger Augers. I'm a bit confused on this as I haven't made a change to this in over 7 days. But I'm on it now and looking at what might cause it. Once I get it fixed, I'll have to publish another bugfix release. After I mentioned this to my wife right before I retested it she tells me she did encounter it but thought it was her and didn't think to mention it to me. So sorry about that and all the bugs everyone! It's been a particularly rough transition from A19->A20. Things should smooth out once we are past these release candidates. If only one player was reverted back to level 1, that is more likely related to the game itself than the modlet. There is only one quest in the pack that has a progression.xml, Kuva's Armor.. and I haven't modified anything in this file in 11 months. If it was the modlet itself, all players would have reset to level 1. The one exception to this is if you switched between combined and expanded versions of this modlet (the two different download links), that WOULD cause all players' progress to reset. So make sure you pick one and stick with it!
  2. So glad you enjoy it and stopped by to say so. I'm not aware of any vanilla quest that allows you a re-do on the quest if you die. It requires going back through obtaining a new card and trying again. I would suggest building a defensible structure on your next attempt. Most of the initial quests in the back give out some concrete blocks as a reward. You might consider doing one or two of the other quests first, then take on the Bear Grylls one. As reminder, when you successfully complete a Tier 1 ToC quest, you are given your citizenship card back. This specific one was requested and was designed with the help of @SteamM0nkey due to his gf being knuckle-crazy and wanting a challenge. He might be able to offer some other tips.
  3. @chikuwa I am not familiar with what would generate an error listing MiniQuestBulletinBoard. If I had to guess, you may have another modlet installed that offers quests via a bulletin board? Again, if you can link me to that modlet, I'm happy to take a look at compatibility between this pack and that modlet. I did find that somehow some code got reverted for Spirit of Vengeance and caused it not to work. This is fixed in the newest version A20_1.0i_rc2, which you can download from page 1 of this thread. The newest version is always listed on the first page of this thread. The 7daystodiemods.com is an excellent site, but doesn't always have the absolute newest version linked. BUGFIX release candidate 2: (can be downloaded from the first post on page 1 of this thread) Fix for Amelia's quest not offering enough reward options. Set Amelia's map as guaranteed reward. Tested with max. Daring Adventurer. Fix for Deschain's Revolver quest not actually dropping the gun sometimes. This was conflict with Spirit of Vengeance quest. Revert fix for Spirit of Vengeance quest that was previously fixed and somehow had its code reverted back to a state where it was broken again Fix for 1000z Tier 5 quest not actually showing up in the list of the Trader's Tier 5 quests Removed Elite crate, as I apparently missed removing it previously
  4. yes we have made it to tier 5 and have a done a few dozen of them still nothing also when we went ahead and spawned in the purple papers and turned them in or we spawned the bike in it caused red line exception error

  5. And just to confirm, you have achieved Tier 5 Trader quests and have worked through a few to cycle the quests available on the Trader? Admittedly, I have not yet achieved Tier 5 on my test server, which is partly why I released this as release candidate. With that said, I did double check the coding again and it looks correct. When the Trader offers you he Tier 5 quests though, there are a pool of them and they are offered to you randomly. So there is a chance you may have to do a couple quests and let the pool refresh before it will show up.
  6. Not sure on this one. Looks like a problem with the MiniQuestBulletinBoard.. I'm happy to check out compatibility with it if you could link me to where you downloaded it. I've got bugfix put in for Amelia's map reward offering (was simple fix). Found bug with Deschain's quest too where the player *sometimes* would not receive the actual gun.. which is a real bummer after spending the time to collect all the books. Only time player progress gets reset is if there is a change to progression.xml, which I don't *believe* there is between last bugfixes.. but as stated on the first page, I would always strongly suggest that you take backup of your savegame data... just in case! Aeyvi and I have been hard at work writing up quest text and designing the Dwarven Forge quest, which is going to be the most epic quest in the pack. Lots and lots of goodies are being packed into this one. I just know ya'll are going to love this one! Side-effect is its probably going to take some time to get this one fully written and tested. Will look at publishing another bugfix release soon.
  7. I've published a bugfix release that addresses the food & water bars not working properly, displaying the wrong values, or otherwise not consistently updating. They do now use the current percentage, using 100% as a maximum. Be aware I would prefer to use the actual maximum value to display but when I do that the bar does not update properly. As time permits, I'll keep working at it to see if I can get it to show the actual numeric value instead of % out of 100%. But as it is right now, the values do properly update, and do properly show the value out of 100%. It's just harder to tell how much food or water to consume to get to 100% if you are at an actual maximum value greater than 100%, which happens as you progress in the game. I've also taken a new screenshot and added it to the post, to reflect the current state of the UI.
  8. BUGFIX release candidate 1 has been published. In this bugfix release, contains the following: Fixed issue with out-of-order randomEliteQuests/ToCBooks in the combined modlet, preventing the 4 x Veteran -> Random Elite Quest from working Fixed wording/localization issue on the Gupta's quest Fixed Amelia's Gyrocopter so it is place-able on the ground (Thanks arramus, for saving me the troubleshooting the bugfix on this!) Fixed Remington's Steel Ammo quest and added it back to the main quest pack Ensure balancing of Remington's quest and rewards so it is in line with the rest of the pack Please let me know if ya'll find any other bugs or wording that should be adjusted. Assuming nothing else is found, I'll next tale a fresh stab at seeing if I can rebuild some of the tools & armor from vanilla code using Extends to a greater degree (and to shorten the modlet code). Then after that, I'll get back to working on the Dwarven Forge quest.
  9. Yikes. Will have a look at this tonight. I had a similar issue with the custom motorcycle. I ended up having to copy the code out of Snufkin's newest quest for A20 to get it working again and never truly got to the bottom of why it didn't work. But I'll get to the bottom of this and get it working. I also caught some warnings in the logs after I published this release related to the Veteran x 4 --> Random Elite quest code not working in the combined quest modlet, due to some out-of-order code. I've got that fixed and will work to publish a bugfix release tonight. As far as localization text goes, I wrote some really indepth scripts that convert English text to all the languages using IBM Watson and it's super easy for me to do the language conversion. But admittedly, my eyes gloss over when looking at these localization.txt files. They can be a real bear to read through. I generally do try to use non-gender specific words such as "Them" and "They" when referring to the trader, due to Jen being female and not knowing which Trader the player accepted the quest from. But I also agree that its okay for the Gupta's quest to mention a male Doctor as the intention is for the doctor to be an imaginary individual that is part of the White River community and not specifically a trader. When I do the localization updates I'll adjust this Gupta's quest according to this standard and definitely appreciate the pointing out of this detail and discussion around the roleplaying element. Very very glad to read this as this is definitely what I had in mind and how I play through it myself. I don't specifically call out that element of the quest pack anywhere, so it's really great to see others approach it the same way. For existing save, you should see it show up as a Trader T1 quest called "Put 10 fallen citizens to rest". Not seeing the item show up in CM leads me to believe the quest pack may not even be loading for you. Please double check F1 console to make sure the quest(s) are loading without error.
  10. I am still working on updating this. At the moment, I've got about 70 of the ~100 above working with A20. I probably will plan on shrinking the pack down to what is currently compatible with A20, and then over time continue to add more back to it.
  11. At long last, I'm pleased to be able to offer to you this RELEASE CANDIDATE. This means that while I do not expect the code to change substantially before the next release, this version should be stable enough to install on a dedicated server. I have done my best to give this a run through of my own. However, there may still be some minor bugs. I need the community's help giving this a run through and reporting any issues they may find. As you'll read below, this was a MAJOR release, and a lot of code was updated. As requested, I've released this version as both a singular modlet that contains all quests, and as a broken-out version in case someone wants to remove a specific quest. This release is A20 compatible, has been re-balanced, and has been worked into the Trader's quest tiering to ensure player progress through the quest pack is slowed down. In my own play-thru, I feel it strikes a nice balance, ensures players are forced to complete Trader quests to progress to the next level of citizenship, and ensures that players that aren't familiar with these quests would stumble upon them through the completion of the vanilla Trader quests. This also has the added bonus of allowing this quest pack to be added after a game has started and has active players. By only tying the citizenship card quests through the Trader's quest tiering, we allow the equipment quests in this pack to be completed in parallel to the normal Trader quests, but gate the citizenship card quests themselves through the Trader's quest tiering. Fixed/Adjusted: Updated all code to be A20 compliant Completely upended and changed the way the citizen's cards are gained. The declaration of citizenship is offered to the player by the Trader when the player finishes the new player quests. In addition, the 10z citizenship quest is offered now as a Tier 1 trader quest. Due to this, each player would naturally end up with multiple (a few) basic citizenship cards. The 100z citizenship quest can now only be started as a Tier 3 trader quest. No veteran level quest will return any citizenship card. So as a player wants to pursue multiple veteran level quests, they would need to run through the 100z Tier 3 trader quest multiple times. The 1000z citizenship quest can now only be started as a Tier 5 trader quest. It is still possible to turn in four veteran citizenship cards for a random elite quest. Removed all loot crates as rewards. Conversion of all quests to use the trader dialog for quest rewards Updated all quest rewards to better utilize already created loot groups. Due to the new scarcity of food, geared some of the rewards towards offering food and seeds. Converted all item reward tiers to use the loot quality tables defined by TFP that are based on the player's gamestage, instead of pure randomness. This should ensure that beginner or new players don't end up with Tier 6 items. This also should encourage players as they increase in gamestages to go back through some quests a second time in hopes of gaining a higher tiered item. Removal of Snowberries from Kuva's quest and replacement with Blueberries Removal of Marksman rifle from Pavlichenko and replaced with lever action rifle Removed Remington's Steel Ammo quest TEMPORARILY, due to error. Will fix and add back in during a subsequent release. Removed QwikCrete Quest due to wet cement not existing in A20. At the moment, I have no plans to add this quest back. Reduced the number of reward items guaranteed to the player upon completion of each quest. Items that used to be assured to the player now will have to be gained either as a random reward option or the old fashioned way. Reduced the amount of dukes (casinoCoin) offered to player for each quest and re-balanced across all quests, for standardization amongst the quests and in comparison to the vanilla quests. Removed skillpoints as a reward from all but only the most challenging quests. Substantially reduced the amount of experience points given for the completion of each quest. Bringing these quests closer to in-line with vanilla quests. Substantially reduced the chances of the Greek Fire book dropping. May need to reduce this further. Substantially reduced the drop chance for all of the Dark Tower books. May need to reduce this further. Set BlackBart's quest to be repeatable. Yet to do: Take a fresh stab at recreating all custom armor, weapons, and tools from A20 vanilla, with an eye to using "Extends" as much as possible, to shrink the code overall and make it more efficient and easier to read. Add Trader reward dialog to the popup at the end of each quest. Double-check localization for Kuva and Pavlichenko quests to ensure accuracy to match the item swaps I had to do. Test each elite quest as a full run through to ensure they are all working as expected. Fix Remington's Steel Ammo quest and add back to the pack. This release is SAFE to add to an already started server. Players would just need to complete the Tier 1 Trader quest to kill 10 zombies to gain their basic citizenship card. As usual, I would encourage everyone to report any bugs here, and if you have any suggestions or ideas for a future release, please feel free to drop them in this thread, as a private message to me, or find me on the official 7DTD Discord server and send them to me there.
  12. I've increased the number of hotbar buttons to 10, fixed the water & food bars to show the percentage in A20, removed the feels like temperature as it had little bearing on actual gameplay, slightly adjusted the compass coloring, and shifted the player's level to below the achievement cup (to the left of the hotbar).
  13. This is a repost of an older UI that I've updated for use with A20. I did not create this UI mod, and original credit goes to user Tritox. You can find the original thread here: As the original thread is archived from the forum move and the UI hasn't seen an update since A17, I've taken it upon myself to fix the outstanding errors in the mod so that it is A20 compatible, and I'm creating this new forum thread. If Tritox returns, I'll gladly redirect this thread over to a thread started by them. The main idea of Origin is to keep the UI's look as close as possible to the original 7DTD UI (hence the modlet name), while spicing up the UI with some quality of life changes. Download Current Version Origin UI for A20 v1.0b Previous Versions Origin UI for A19 v1.1 (Top left) : Re-positioned day and time coupled with the world temperature and elevation indicators (Top center) : Added indicator to compass to show which way the player is facing (Top right) : Added text outlines to active quest tracker (Bottom left) : Added bars for water & food above the current stamina and health bars (Bottom center) : Added player level indicator left from the XP bar and numbers for toolbelt slots Before installing any modlet, it's always a good idea to back up your existing files! This UI consists of three main files which come in an XPath-compatible modlet. Simply extract the contents of the archive to [steam location]\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\ -directory. Overwrite prompt should only occur if you are updating the mod. For multiplayer: This UI is intended to be installed only on the server. For singleplayer: You would need to download and install the modlet to your computer. "I remember seeing coordinates in the HUD, where are they?" - In A14, a bug was introduced to the UI which causes several unexpected errors if the player adds waypoints while the coordinate indicators is on. Later on, in A16, enabling the coordinates caused the UI pretty much to exploded, so they were removed entirely from the and they aren't coming back. "Can you change the temperature to Celcius?" - The temperature unit can be changed by yourself in the console (works in MP only if you are an admin). Type settempunit c for Celcius and settempunit f for Fahrenheit. "Why there is only a static fill for the core temperature bar?" - The core temperature is just a value in the game UI and there isn't any changing fill related to it like there is for food/water/etc. "Can this mod be used in multiplayer games?" - Only if the host uses the mod. 7DTD multiplayer servers push most of the game files to the clients, including the XML files which this UI modlet uses. So even if you have this modlet installed and the server you play on doesn't, you are forced to use the whatever UI the server uses. "I don't like the feature X in your mod" - And you absolutely shouldn't. This is a matter of taste like oh-so-many other things in the world. Luckily, you can always remove/add parts to your liking. I've tried to comment the mod files well and removing features pretty much comes down to comment out or remove sections from the XML files. If you don't know how to do this, I can probably help you out to some extent. MODIFICATIONS/COPYING This modlet, like many others in this wonderful community is consider opensource. You may copy it, modify it, distribute it. The only request is to make sure that everyone listed in the credits below are included, to call recognition to the many people who have contributed over the years to the creation and ongoing maintenance of this modlet. CREDITS Tritox, for his original work to create this, and the years put in maintaining this. Big thanks to all the people in the forums who have helped with the UI hacks: Sirillion & Red Eagle LXIX Thank you to all the other UI modders who have given me good tips and ideas! Also huge thanks to YseGuy for creating the initial XPath modlet version and helping out with various fixes. Oh, and of course huge kudos for The Fun Pimps for creating this major timesink of a game for us. ShoudenKalferas, for picking up on-going maintenance of this modlet from A19 onward.
  14. Removal of all Quest Crates (100% complete) Conversion of all Quest rewards to use the Trader Dialog (100% complete) Removal of nearly all skillpoint rewards & re-balancing of the experience provided across all quests and tiers (100% complete) Also reconfigured the casinoCoin rewards to be closer to and in-line with the vanilla quests Only remaining task for this upcoming A20_1.0 release: Re-balance all custom weapons, armor, and tools against vanilla. If possible and I can work through it fast enough, I'd like to see if I can condense some of them down using "Extends" option. Code is updated on master branch in git.
  15. I've got all the code posted on Github in case you (or anyone else) wants to create a pull request with suggested modifications. Or please feel free to DM me here or on Discord if you have any specific changes that you'd like me to make. I'm pretty easy going and as a general rule, I usually accept and implement any recommendation provided. I'm definitely open to any suggestions anyone has to slow progress down further. If you have cod to offere, great.. if not, no big deal. I just got back from family vacation and am back to work on this quest pack. I'm sorry it's taking so long, but there are a few things I'd like to do my best to sort through before releasing A20_1.0: Removal of all Quest Crates (80% complete) Conversion of all Quest rewards to use the Trader Dialog (50% complete) Removal of nearly all skillpoint rewards & re-balancing of the experience provided across all quests and tiers Re-balance all custom weapons, armor, and tools against vanilla. If possible and I can work through it fast enough, I'd like to see if I can condense some of them down using "Extends" option. * Darkness Falls compatibility mod will have to be handled after the A20_1.0 release, as DF itself has not yet been released for A20 and Khaine doesn't expect it to be released until mid to late January. I can sympathize. It's a LOT of work updating even this quest pack for A20. I can only imagine the amount of work involved in updating DF (which is a substantially larger set of code). For anyone daring, I am publishing my changes as I go, directly onto the master branch in GitHub. Be aware though, that the version there may have bugs or errors until I complete this next release.
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