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  1. Published new release: A19.3_1.0d Changelog: Bugfixes: Endless Screamers, caused by heatmap generation from Death by Campfire. Adjusted the mod to remove this feature. Fixed Localization on H7SB Seats & Storage Removed: more recieps by wolfbain5, as they were mostly duplicates of recipes other modlets were providing zStorage (Big) by Eihwaz, as the storage containers were large enough without this Added: JaxTeller718_IncreasedBiomeZombiesx2 MorePaintTextures by Eric Beaudoin White River Tools of Citizenship - Molino Bulletproof Glass
  2. I've literally been spending days and days trying to track this one down. I've had numerous people complain that its too OP and causes endless screamers. In my testing I'd get 4-6 screamers at once and if I didn't kill them fast enough get as massive horde that followed. Now that I think about it more, each location I was testing was somewhat near a campfire that was running cooking food. Thank you so much for drawing attention to this. Admittedly, I added this modlet in the most recent additions and thought it'd be safe enough to add without much testing. I do love the idea of it, but now th
  3. @Sal I sent you a PM asking for some help troubleshooting this. The only time I've seen this happen was before Neopolitan even existed. And it seems to only happen exceedingly rare. There also are others who have posted this error and have indicated it seems to happen in vanilla game without mods installed.
  4. I'm pretty sure I've got this one tracked down to the Bigger Wandering Hordes modlet, sadly. Embaressingly, I added a few modlets to this pack right before I released it with the thought I wanted to get the count to 100 modlets. I should have taken more time to test the last few I added better, and missed this detail. It took me about an hour of testing tonight to reproduce this problem.. it was crazy.. like three screamers would spawn at once, and one of them would scream and three more would spawn.. and on and on. It was like endless blood moon, for a level 2 player. I barely could keep up e
  5. Tested with A19.3 & A19.4Exp Neopolitan - A Collection Modlet - A19.3 - Neopolitan, because who eats just the vanilla? What exactly IS a Collection Modlet? This is a term some others on the 7DTD Official Discord helped me formulate. A collection modlet is a single modlet that is combined from the code of many other modlets. What is this Neopolitan modlet? This Collection Modlet should be considered Vanilla+, and contains the combined code of over 100 modlets from a wide variety of authors. This modlet collection is the same one I use on my server and al
  6. "Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist."
  7. I'm not sure how I missed this! Thanks for noticing this and posting. I did test and didn't see any obvious warnings/errors. Kind of puzzled on that one. But looking at it closely I do see what you mean about the first lootgroup referring to a second lootgroup that hasn't been declared yet. I'll work through publishing a release on this now. ----- bugfix release published
  8. Senzo -- It seems that English is not your first language and I'm having trouble understanding you. Counter Strike is probably a bad example to point at, to compare to 7dtd. It was originally released in 1999 so has had more than 20 years to develop on their game and make multiple releases of it. I don't disagree with your point that it would be nice if 7dtd supported more than XML in its official support to automatically download from the server. As a mod creator with dozens of modlets created, I've encountered this countless times where "it would be nice" to have this capability.
  9. I'm not aware of any way to make this happen. Would love to have a mod that did this
  10. Garage doors work this way... but are 4 blocks wide.
  11. To be fair, the OFFICIAL method of modding.. XPath Modlet style, DOES download all the Modlets to the client players machine... all automatically. I've been running a server for years with over 90 mods, at times more than 150 mods.. all are XML-only and all automatically download to the client player with nothing more than them connecting to the server. When you as a server admin choose to install a mod that steps OUTSIDE the official modding path, aka.. installing a custom DLL, you cannot expect TFP to provide you an automated method for that to work within the confines of the off
  12. Likely that Dead Rising game just has a much larger pool of already created variations that are hard coded into the game.
  13. Thanks all for your input on this. I've created an official thread for it at:
  14. This educational XPath modlet will place into your game, 15 volumes/books of an Encyclopedia named Zombiepedia. The Zombiepedia was assembled from tips, tricks, and helpful pointers of other survivors. When you find one of the books and read it, a popup is shown on the screen with the tips that are related to the topic or category of the specific volume you found. For each book you read, you are provided 2 skill points for increasing your knowledge of the world and game, and that specific Encyclopedia volume is added to your Journal in case you want to read back through it later. The Encyclope
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