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  1. I'd generally have to agree with the above. It seems that I've also only witness a downward trend in FPS performance under Mac..
  2. ShoudenKalferas

    Origin UI MOD

    I've taken it upon myself to fix this modlet for A19..Enjoy! https://github.com/XelaNull/7dtd-Origin-UI/archive/A19_1.0.zip https://github.com/XelaNull/7dtd-Origin-UI
  3. So I've got a better "fix" for this than downloading the entire game.. * Right click the game in Steam, and click Properties * Click the "Local Files" tab at the top of the popup * Click the "Browse Local Files" button, which will open a Finder window (do not close the Steam Properties popup) * Right-Click the "7DaysToDie.app" file and choose "Show Package Contents" * Double-Click the "Data" folder * Right-Click and Move To Trash, the folder named "Config" * Back in the Steam popup window click the button: "Verify Integrity of Game Files" * This causes the game to discover the directory you deleted (all 14.3MB worth of files) and re-download them * Close the Steam pop-up and click Play in Steam as you normally would to run the game. Hope this helps someone else not have to sit and wait for the entire game to download!
  4. Also can confirm that running it manually from inside the package fixes it for me. But gosh the performance is terrible. Like 2fps terrible.. Even on 1068 resolution with lowest graphics settings Im only getting like 5 fps
  5. I like your suggestion of BlackBart! I'll work to see if I can shift this modlet around (and provide backwards-compatibility on the rename) for the next release. Thanks for this and for sharing your additions. Your elite level addition has inspired me to add some new items to this modlet pack too. Work in progress. Thanks again
  6. I'm interested in the Elite quest line and the crossbow, and would be open to expanding on the other quest lines to provide more Elite quests. If you could please raise a merge request on the GIT repo, that would be most ideal and I'll pick and choose. I'm obviously not going to change the Bambi questline to name it after you, though. And Freya the goddess had nothing to do with digging, so not interested in changing that one either. But I would be open to changing it to something else if a better suggestion is sent my way. If you dont know how to raise a merge request on GIT, please PM me a zip file with your version of the mod pack. I'm also on the 7DTD official Discord server if you want to send it that way.
  7. Magoli -- I have a couple prefabs I'd like to donate to the COMPOPACK. What's the best way to provide it to you for inclusion?
  8. I've got the Lights modlet working as intended now and the Parts modlet has been reported by players as working. The only modlet not tested at this point is signs. Once I let this lights release bake in a bit as far as release, I'll then circle back around to the signs. Enjoy working wrenchable POI Lights giving you usable placeable lights!
  9. I'm happy to report that Im over the blocker that was preventing me from getting the Lights modlet working. It may take me some time to work through the needful across all the lights.. but I will definitely be able to make this work!
  10. Hope there is some word on localization.txt push from server for Modlets soon..
  11. Sadly, it looks like the lighting mod is not working properly. I am able to wrench off lights and obtain items.. However, when I go to place the light somewhere, even with power connected up the light does not turn on. Oddly, I do have the switch enabled so you get the option in-game to turn the light on and off.. but the actual light does not come on. I'm not sure why this is and will have to dig around further to see if I can come up with a way to fix this. If anyone has any modding experience and has an idea on this, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. I've tried asking on Discord without any luck.
  12. Here is a Modlet pack I've been working on. This is a Work In Progress (WIP), so please be kind with any problem reports. It kept annoying me that I would pass a military base with a generator ("destroyed") and be unable to wrench on it and have at least a CHANCE at recovering a working unit. The same with solar panels. Just because the world went to crap and everyone turned to Zombies doesn't mean all the electronics of the world stop functioning. So I'm working through a Modlet pack that will allow the players to wrench at any electronics (solar, generator, battery, signs, lights, and misc parts), and at least have a chance at obtaining a usable item that they can place in their own base. TESTED as working: Battery Bank Generator Solar Bank Lights Parts UNTESTED: Signs I've split this into multiple Modlets to make it easy for you to enable/disable any specific category of items: Salvaged Electronics - Battery Bank (tested) Salvaged Electronics - Generator (tested) Salvaged Electronics - Lights (tested) Salvaged Electronics - Parts (tested) Salvaged Electronics - Signs (untested, use at own risk) Salvaged Electronics - Solar (tested) Current Download: A18.3_1.1 - https://github.com/XelaNull/7DTD-SalvagedElectronics/archive/A18.3_1.1.zip Previous Download: https://github.com/XelaNull/7DTD-Sal.../A18.3_1.0.zip
  13. I raised a merge (pull) request against your GIT repo with fixes for A18. A couple recipes for Deco Pillars had to be commented out (I couldn't find it in Vanilla code for A18), one perk was changed, some models were updated, and empty can was removed from usage for filling with water. With the changes I've proposed in the pull request, the modlet loads with no errors. Enjoy! https://github.com/OrbitalBliss/HOME_DEPOT_7D2D_MOD/pull/1
  14. !! BUGFIX RELEASE !! I'm sorry to say, I found another bug in the Deschain's questline that was preventing proper completion. In the loot list for the books that drop, one of the books was missing and never would drop for the player. This has been fixed in the 1.7d release. Please see the first post for the latest update.
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