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  1. Very glad to hear this. I've tried very hard to strike a balance between having quests accessible and workable for new players but also enough complexity for more veteran players to also be challenged. I looked into the "ceiling" value for Amelia's gyrocopter in the vehicles.xml file and found it was set below the vanilla gyrocopter. I've set it slightly above vanilla in next release that is upcoming. Thanks for reporting! Found cause of this and have bugfix in place on next release upcoming. Thanks for letting me know on this.
  2. Just ran through both of these reports on the test/experimental server. Kuva's worked fine for us. When we ran through Pavlichenko, we found it did NOT ask for "5 marksmen rifles" and did indeed ask for 5 lever-action rifles. We ran through the Pavlichenko several times and oddly one of the times we ran into the map marker saying "nearby" for the quest while standing in the Trader, and there was no marker for the quest. But when we ran through it again following the same procedure, it worked fine the next time. The only real bug we found that was consistently repeatable is the questitem_vetcoin_pav not having proper localization. No title and no descriptive text on it. We're running the combined A20_1.0k modlet on our experimental server. FYI -- I'm still hard at work on the Dwarven Forge (now renamed: The Tribe of the Little People) quest. I've got some really nice goodies in store as reward coming out of this one. Also have some really terrific custom zombies in store for this one thanks to @arramus. Sadly, life got in the way and I'll have to take a few days break from modding to catch up on some other work.
  3. Thank you! These look amazing and perfect and exactly what I was imagining. I was looking for a variety and you definitely delivered! "I am shocked" (to quote one of the images)
  4. I'm working on a new quest for the Tools of Citizenship quest pack and would like to add some custom zombie dwarves. Any chance anyone here is interested creating something like this that I can use for the quest pack? Figured it didn't hurt to ask, in case someone was interested in the challenge.
  5. Sadly no, this is limitation of the game coding. yes, this is exactly how it works. This should be possible.. but as mentioned, it would not work with living off the land.. which in my eyes is a pretty big requirement for farming. This is why I never bothered to do this. Getting only 1 from your farmed plant sucks. But having the advantage to rolling through a patch of cotton and picking it all quickly is nice. Have a look in the traders.xml file for this. If all else fails, find the 7DTD Official Discord (linked at top of page here on the forums) and ask in the #modcreators-help channel.
  6. Maybe the answer is to add a third ingredient to the quest. Maybe 3 x potato? You bring up good point on the Living Off the Land perk.. I'll plan on making corn 7 instead of 5, which would require 4 corn. This is where we get to the thought that we want the quest to be accessible to new players who may not know about LOTL, but also not have it tuned so low that an extremely small amount of effort is required to complete. I double-checked Leon... it looks like the basic version of the quest used a T2 quality template range and the veteran uses T3 quality template range. So it looks like it's probably a combination of you being lucky on basic, unlucky on vet. I'll drop the basic quest down to T1 quality template which should ensure that a T4 quality wont drop for a newish player on the basic quest. You are correct in that quest, the Leon's quest only has two SMG items.. the degraded SMG and the regular SMG. Between the Basic and Vet versions of the quest, it just hands out a higher tier on the regular SMG. With the right perks, creating 10 pistols and 5 SMGs is not terribly difficult as it is. So if I go down the route of making a vet version of the Leon's SMG, I may need to also look at changing the required items to complete the veteran quest.
  7. I'll have to give this some thought as to how best to continue tuning these. I'm not sure that moving them all to T2 is the right answer as that moves away from one of the core ideas of this quest pack of extending the new player quest line. I did find that Jason's quest had the wrong quality template applied (T3) instead of (T2), which is probably why you got a lucky roll and ended up with a T6. That definitely shouldn't be possible. I have seen with Taza's Axe even with a crappy Tier 1 stone axe I'm able to gather the necessary quest items on day 1. The "Vanilla" Taza's Axe IS already faster than a standard axe. That is the defining vanilla characteristic of Taza's axe. Bambi's bow requires bow parts which is not necessarily easy to come by quickly and typically requires getting lucky on the trader. And Everdeen's arrows requires 3 corn, which is not necessarily easy to come by either within first few days of playing unless you happen upon a corn farm or know where one is, and 3 blueberries.. which you'd either have to get lucky in finding a POI that just happenes to have blueberries, or you'd have to travel to the snow biome. Due to the design of the Jason & Dundee's quests, I'm not sure that it would be appropriate to create a second tier for them. In my head I'm toying around with maybe: * Increasing the number of bow parts needed for Bambi's Compound Bow from 2 to 5 * Lowering the quality tier that the Bambi's quests give out from T2 to T1 quality template. * Slowing down the "default" speed of Taza's axe and increasing the randomness of the stats on the speed. This would make it so you'd have to get lucky on the RNG to get a Taza's axe that is noticeably faster than the vanilla Taza's axe. * Increasing the quantity of rock needed to obtain Taza's axe * Combining the 10z and Taza's axe quests so that the player has to first kill 10 zombies with a stone axe, then obtain the rock & plant fibers, then craft the 20 stone axes. Then the player would obtain the basic citizen's card along with the Taza's axe. * For Everdeen's arrows, I'm thinking to lower the number of arrows you receive to maybe 25-75 (lowered by 50%), and increase the number of corn from 3 to 5, and the number of blueberries from 3 to 10. I definitely do appreciate the honest feedback. And I'm certainly open to anyone's opinions on the above proposed changes. The underlying intent of the entire quest pack is to give more to do, and items that are worth pursuing but are not too OP. The quest pack should be reasonably playable and provide content for both new players and vet players alike. I have not yet tested this on 20.1exp but will make it a point to do so this weekend.
  8. Most items you gain from the quests are tuned to only be slightly better than vanilla. Some only have a chance at being better than vanilla. I would be curious to know specifically which quests you are referring to.
  9. It looks like the Elite Molino quest is improperly giving out a Veteran's card. Both quests take and give back an Elite card. I've corrected this in the source code and the bugfix will be available in the next release. Thanks for the report.
  10. BUGFIX release A20_1.0k_rc4: Adjusted the Pavlichenko's Rifle Localization code Added code to the quest coins to improve ServerTools compatibility Fixed the sound effect for the silencer with Leon's SMG Added Trader quest rewards to the random elite to ensure compatibility with Daring Adventurer Fixed code related to the random elite quest items to ensure a count of 1 when they are offered through the sealed random elite crate Todo: Regenerate the non-English localization for Pavlichenko to ensure accuracy. They *Should* be right today, but this is extra step to make sure. You can play this A20_1.0k_rc4, or whatever the newest code I'm testing on my test server at:
  11. I ran through testing the random elite quest and the Spirit of Vengeance quest with another person and both tested out fine for both of us. In a group, it doesn't matter who kills the Juggernaut, only the person with the quest gets the Writ card. Both players get the exp from the tough kill. And four veteran cards got crafted into a writ of elite random quest, which when read directs the player to the trader, which gives a sealed random elite crate, and when opening the crate up there was an elite quest starter.
  12. I've got bugfixes added to the source code for Pavlichenko's localization, ServerTools compatibility, and Leon's SMG sound effect. I'm hoping to work through these last two bugs today and be able to publish another release candidate later today. Party Juggernaut kill: I've validated Juggernaut kill does register for singleplayer. I still have yet to test the Juggernaut kill as a member of a group. Specifically, letting someone OTHER than the quest holder kill it. I'm still testing on this one to try and recreate it. Random Elite Quest: I also ran through the 4 Veteran card -> random elite quest and was not specifically able to recreate the "no items, no loot", but I did find that some of the quests were not specified with a count of 1. This resulted in the player receiving two quest starters instead of one. I found this was caused by some of the quests not having a default count of items to provide. I suppose its possible that it might have triggered against one of them with a quantity of 0. I've set in the code a default value of 1. This should make sure that only one item is offered in the crate. I ran through 20 crates and it seems to be working properly at this point. I also ran through the entire quest and found the Trader wasn't offering any reward choices, which as we saw on a different quest, the Trader dialog requires reward choices for Daring Adventurer perk. I've added additional quest rewards to this on the Trader dialog to ensure this quest works, even with Daring Adventurer perk. Based on the current modified (not yet released) code, it appears to be working as intended in both the combined and non-combined versions.
  13. Thanks. I had this one on my todo list but managed to let it fall off my list before I fixed it. Got it fixed in the source code and will be fixed on next release. They explained to me how the ServerTools code functions, so I can add in a slight modification within this questpack to fix this. Will have it fixed in next bugfix release.
  14. This sounds like more of a bug on the ServerTools side of things. I'm a bit surprised to hear this considering in the ServerTools config it asks you to specify an item name. The item names I use are different (but admittedly do contain the word "coin", but not "casinoCoin"). I've reached out to ServerTools on their Discord server under bug_reports channel to ask them about this.
  15. It is intended to get Hellbeast Quest at completion of Deschain's Revolver quest as the gun is intended and tuned to be used to help kill the beast. As far as being grouped and killing the Juggernaut, I'll have to double check that one for a bug. I believe that should have been sufficient, so will have to check this on my test server to make sure its working properly. Will get back to you on this one.
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