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Ravenhearst Mod

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Ravenhearst 7.2.4 for 19.2b4 Stable has Released



NOW Available on the Launcher and Gitlab




Client Files


Server Files


Head to our Discord for bug reports, help and information. We hope you guys enjoy this edition, but remember it is still unfinished so expect issues, bugs and possibly wipes until we reach stable 7.



**Patch 7.2.4 for 19.2b4 Stable**


Patch Released. No Wipes Necessary

When updating your UI's will be reset. This is an unfortunate side effect of how the code calls for the various UI. You will NEED to go into your mods folder and delete ALL the OptionalUI folders. Once you have done this you can update as usual. You will need to go back in and select your preferred UI again and restart the game. This will save your ui choice.

Patch 7.2.4

Change: Buried supplies zombies should now be faster

Fix: Craft time for legendary weapons reduced
Fix: Added tools and traps to table saw ui
Fix: Tungsten machete is now craftable





Major Announcement




We look to forward to hearing what you think, and to helping us to shape the best experience possible for you. My time on these forums is very limited and the majority of my development team has moved to Discord only. If you would like your questions answered quickly please join our Discord. We have an amazing community of fellow RH veterans and new players alike that are always willing to help out and offer tips and advice, as well as myself and my team checking in daily. Full patch notes will be posted here over the weekend.







Welcome to Ravenhearst a place where your nightmares grow and fester and the world around you is trying to kill you at every turn. Ravenhearst is a full overhaul mod that uses the amazing 7 Days to Die and turns expectations in its head. Every aspect of the vanilla game has been tweaked or tuned to increase challenge and difficulty. Ravenhearst has often been called the mod that is not for everyone. It is best played by those that have a basic understanding of the vanilla 7 Days to Die experience, and for those looking to challenge themselves.


Below you will learn just a little bit about what we have to offer. Keep in mind that Ravenhearst, just like the actual 7 Days to Die game, is nowhere a near finished experience and it's development is ongoing, and as such should be played with the open mind that there can be major updates that will cause save breaks and resets to your game. We pride ourselves on using our team of testers to thoroughly play and beg test so that we can provide you with the most solid gaming experience we can manage to put forth. But also keep in mind as with anything, things can happen. We just try to reduce these "things"



WARNING: This is an overhaul mod and as such is not intended to work well with modlets. If you use a modlet you do so at your own risk. There is a possibility your game may break or even your save. We can not troubleshoot any errors related to the use of outside modlets. There are just too many core changes to guarantee any will work well within our mod.







Paypal Donation: If you appreciate my work on Ravenhearst feel free to use this link to show support. Donations go towards the acquisition of new Unity Assets as well as test servers etc, or even just a small show of appreciation with pizza! Pizza always makes smiles :D


We also have a Patreon set up for those who wish to offer ongoing support for development. You can check that out here




All the Worlds a Stage


The ENTIRE game is now gamestaged. The incredibly talented wOOkie nOOkie has enabled me the chance to gamestage every aspect of the game. Wilderness Spawns, Wandering Hordes, Biome Spawns, Night Time Spawns ALL of it is now set according to your gamestage so you wont see ferals or cops on Day 2. Not until you reach over a certain gamestage. Night Terrors do not spawn pre Gamestage 50. Gamestage tiers are as follows:


GS1 - Normal Zeds

GS50 - Tier 2

GS100 - Tier 3


This ensures you do not get overwhelmed and also that the challenge increases as your level increases



The Night Bleeds


The nights in Ravenhearst are full of disgusting creatures. Night Walkers are mud soaked zombies who seek blood and are faster than a normal zombie. They have high chance of Infection. But fear not they disappear by morning... until you grow stronger. As your gamestage increases so do the chance that they will remain in the world!



Living Off The Land


Farming has received an overhaul. Farm plots can now be made a number of different ways and have longer growing times. Water is required for the plots to grow. The Farm Table is where you can craft seeds from crops or from seed packs you find out in the world. We have added back in Fertilizer, the Composter and yes Turds. Fertilizer made from the compost is one of the most efficient ways you can plant a farm plot. Ground farming with a hoe has been brought back! Water will now deplete as your crops grow. You can work towards an irrigation pipe system. Irrigation will prevent water from being depleted.


There are also some new farm pois designed by sinder.

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Wookies Suite of DLL Harmony Tweaks


It goes without saying that wOOkie nOOkie has been a major driving force behind Ravenhearst. He has designed a host of dll tweaks to game mechanics to increase difficulty and functionality. By enabling Harmony usage at the very start of 5.1 development he opened up doors for us never thought of before. Here is a sampling of what he has done:


Anti Nerd Poling - No longer can you jump and place frames. You have to plan out your builds with ladders and other blocks now. More realistic and challenges people to come up with new ways of overcoming challenges


Recipe Ingredient Limit Removal - Recipes can now have dozens of ingredients so we are no longer restricted to 5. If a recipe has MORE than 5 there will be an arrow below the description you can click. It will scroll through the pages of ingredients.


Blood Moon Vehicle Disabled - Our mod introduces challenges we expect players to face. Vehicles will become disabled on Horde Night. Bicycles will still work. Think of red moon and horde night like an EMP bomb, electricity is whacked during it.


Safe Zone - Players in SP and those who start with a fresh server will see no spawning until 2200 on Day 1. This does NOT include sleepers.


Combine - The workbench now has Combine returned. You can now store your damaged tools and weapons and reuse them to repair similar items later on with minimal quality loss. The combiner will not combine for a QL higher than your highest weapon though. No need to worry about your mods either, a message will pop up alerting you if you have a mod installed so it will not destroy it.


Skill Points Bonus - You will now gain 5 Skill Points every 10 levels as a boost to your perks. You can use these points just like any other and they are automatically added. So every 10 levels you have something to look forward to!


Gamma Limiter - This may cause some controversy but we have set a limit on Gamma to 75. The reason for this is we have noticed players jacking their gamma up so they can see in house and at night. Some of these pois were designed with shadowy dark corners in mind. A little gamma bump is ok but bumping to 100 defeats the work put in by our POI makers. This is till open to some editing and tuning.


Trader XP Removal - You will no longer level your Player by selling items. This is a gameplay decision made by me. I want actions to count for your level not selling to traders. Other aspects of traders are the same... for now


Shared XP Limiter - When shared party XP first released we all assumed that it would be for questing and groups who work together. Recently it is accounting for people who do not level their weapons or skills but gain levels from party XP. This has led to complaints of tough zombies and unfair gamestages. We have hardcoded the xp sharing to 200M. The reason is gamestage related. Too many undergeared, under powered players who dont go questing with their partners are getting killed by zombies at the gamestage when their skills are not ready.


Modified Descriptions - Now the station something is crafted in and the tool you need are automatically displayed at the end of every description. Descriptions will also display the number of slots an item has.


Expanded Toolbelt - The toolbelt now has 10 slots for you to utilize


Airdrop Spawning - Zombies will now spawn dependent on gamestage at airdrops. You will have to fight your way to the airdrop.


All New Game Options - You can set quest fetches to show indicators on the map, enable headshots only mode, control the size and frequency of wandering hordes, increase range zombies can see you at, enable or disable rage and super rage or set it to begin at certain gamestages. These settings work on servers as well and a serverconfig will be included.


POI Zombie Multiplier - zombies will now spawn around groups of pois, making cities dangerous. You can control the multiplier in settings


Loot Window Searching - Now you can search your storage inventories with the addition of a search box.


Quest Crafting Warning - A message will display if you leave a table while crafting an item needed to complete a quest.


Reverse Rotation - QoL addition that allows you to reverse a rotation on blocks placed using LeftShift and LeftMouseClick.


Stash Backpack - The original stash backpack you know and love designed by wookie


Vehicle Pickup Disable - Realistic weights on vehicles. You can no longer pick up and store your heavy vehicles. Bicycles can be picked up. Be careful while driving and prepare to dig a vehicle out if it is stuck.


New Video Options - Field of view setting, show crosshairs, change the color of crosshairs or completely disable activation texts for a true clear hud



Infection Matters


When you are infected it will now kill you within 3 days. You MUST find a cure for your infection. It will persist through death. If you do not find a cure it will kill you. Beehives can be made once the schematic is found. This zombie apocalypse is very real and very dangerous.



Too Much Too Soon


Loot has undergone a complete rebalance (and may again in future versions) so that you are not swimming in loot early game. Scavenging and exploring now matters as you hunt for the best weapons and tools. Loot lists have been readjusted so they make more sense to what you would find in them.



From My Cold Dead Hands


In the ongoing quest to preserve what we love about 7 Days, we have readded some pulled game mechanics. Raw Iron returns, parts for guns are as they were with SMG scrapping to SMG parts instead of generic rifle parts and more returns to former mechanics loved by many is ongoing for suture updates.

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Progression that means Progressing


Levelling has been slowed down quite a bit to give the old way of doing things more prominence. You need to get out there and work those quests, which after tier 4 will award skill points. All main attributes are now Player Level dependent. Perks have been rebalanced so as not to give the appearance of a character becoming Superman by Perk 5 of everything.



Quality Control


Quality has been returned to 7 Days to Die thanks to @wOOkie nOOkie and his coding genius. Each tool and weapon now has a quality level. 1,120. Each 20th level is considered next tier and every single item has had stats attached to them so that finding new weapons and tools is no longer a boring process. Loot is exciting again! Find level 72 pickaxe, but know there are better out there. This will promote levelling as well as scavenging.



Better Watch That Weapon Boy


Along with Quality returning we have Degradation returning as well! Thanks to @wOOkie nOOkie your weapon and tool will now degrade by 10 Quality Levels each time you repair it at the start.


On top of this we've taken care of any mods that are in your item or weapon. If when repairing a weapon the quality reduction results in a lose of a mod slot any mod in that lost slot will be placed in the players inventory. Be careful to have a spare slot though as a full bag and inventory will result in the mod falling on the floor!


So how do you salvage this? By levelling Construction Tools. Each 10th level of Construction Tools after level 20 reduces that number by 1. So level 21 in Const Tools you will lose 9 Durability and so on. A true progression system. So, how do you level Construction Tools?



Actions Speak Louder than Perks


Action Skills have returned. Along with Quality you will receive a slight bonus in stats every time you level an Action Skill. This is Learn by Doing. Use axes and picks to level Construction, Bows to level Archery, Blades to level.... well Blades. You can keep track of your Action Skills progress on the skills screen.



The Home You Have Always Dreamed Of


Ravenhearst likes to pride itself on being a builders dream mod. We have added dozens of new deco items for you to craft and decorate with, a number of new player storage options, movie posters you can collect, art you can collect, tvs, holiday items, playable radios and record players, streamer logos and flags as well as made previously unavailable vanilla deco items accessible for crafting in our Decor Table. We are constantly adding new items as well.


Apart from over 50 new deco blocks i have also created several new block placeholders for poi makers. From new corpses to arcade and slot machines to miscellaneous trash decos like bullets and blood and liquor bottles and posters and potted plants, new mail box and trash can placeholders, now POI builders who wish to make RH specific pois can design them with variety in mind. More placeholders to come as well.





The backpack perk is now gone. In its place are backpacks that you can find in the world that unlocks three slots at a time to your inventory. These can be found in dressers, semis and other clothing related loot spots.



The Journal


We have introduced a quest based player journal that will take you on a questline all while teaching you the basic added mechanics of Ravenhearst. If you complete all the chapters of this journal you will receive exclusive recipes to craft some pretty cool items.





Food and water have undergone a major reword. Food spoilage is now possible. You can craft fridges and coolers that will preserve your crops and meat for long periods of time but walking around with food in your backpack can be a risk. Water is also now contaminated and you will need to build a water filtration unit to decontaminate it before you can drink it safely.

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POI Wonderland


Our dev Sinder has put in overtime to update and redesign all of your favorite pois from Magoli, including adding quite a few new pois from some of the best poi makers in the community. Aside from those pois, we have included community made pois from the likes of Taz, NAGG, HN, KnightRath, FallenDice and sinder herself. Along with all new sleepers and loot spots as well as new paint and decos, there are new farms and crop patches as well as several new pois based on famous locations such as Taco Bell, Subway and Walmart. The world is fuller than ever!



You Have Some Red On Ya


Zombies come in many forms. We have added additional looks to zombies thanks to Mumpfy's awesome textures. Higher tiered zombies will look and sound different so you can tell them apart.



Complex Crafting


Ravenhearst has always been about more realistic crafting and this version is no exception. At start you are given a Personal Workbench. This is your hub for all things crafting. The backpack has very limited recipes, just the absolute basics. You will need to carry this table with you. It can be picked up easily by destroying it. We have added workbenches and stations such as the Farm Table, the Armor Bench, The Ammunition Press, The Water Filtration Unit, Survival Campfire, Auto Workbench, Research Table and the Decor Table, all with its own uses and recipes. This will help you find what you are looking for better and also spice up that basement work area.


Along with the stations, there are complex recipes such as tool heads for crafting tools, molds for forge crafting and vehicle parts.



Vehicular Homicide


We have reworked how vehicles are made completely. You will need to find engine parts and more from harvesting vehicles with the crowbar. There is now an Auto Workbench found in Gas Station POIs (they may or may not work) and those are used to construct parts. You will have to build chassis from scratch using parts like car seats, alternators, sparkplugs and more.


We have also added a few new vehicles for you to collect such as community favorites from bdubya like the Box Truck and Jeep as well as the brand new Deans Charger from Supernatural! All of these vehicles have their own unique assemblies and parts and are locked behind schematics you must find in the world.



Barnes and Noble? Where!


All schematics now scrap into Knowledge Points, which can be used with Ink found in the world in the Research Desk to craft any missing recipes and perk books. There is also a set of limited edition novels you can find in the world made by @sinder that scraps into a stack of paper for you to use.



Legacy Distant Terrain Integrated


Our mod utilizes sphereii's Legacy Distant Terrain, which disables the A18 way of generating distance in terrain in favor of the much less resource heavy A17 way. This will give us a dramatic increase in performance across the board.



The World Is Alive


We have included as default Dust2Deaths Incredible Tree system as well as his gorgeous lighting and particles, reducing overall performance loss and giving the world a more vivid and cleaner clearer look in all biomes, specially the Burnt and Wasteland biomes.




Ravenhearst has always been a labor of love for me, but it also has been a labor of love for many others as well, without whom this mod would not be possible.



Development Team


Sinder - POI Design and Redesign/ QA/Art/Documentation

WookieNookie - Coding/Programming/Harmony Implementation

Shades - Documentation/QA/Test Team Lead

shortypants1976 - Design and Balance/Testing/Coffee Fueler

KnightRath - Design and Balance



Testing Team










Dev Hall of Fame







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Current Version: 6.4.5 for 18.4b4



Dedicated Server Links for 6.4.5



For anyone who wants a direct download or wishes to set up their own Dedi or Server you can use these links. They contain Multiplayer files needed to run a server only.


Ravenhearst 6.4.5 for 18.4b4 Server Files





EAC MUST be disabled to play this mod




The following link always contains the latest and most current version of Ravenhearst for Single Player/Co-Op.




To Download Single Player or Client Side ONLY Files use the following links


Ravenhearst 6.4.4 Client/SP Files




Server Config REQUIRED for Server Owners for 6.4.5


Ravenhearst comes packaged with a server config file that you need to use in order to use our custom settings. If you need a new or fresh copy of this file you can download it below


Ravenhearst serverconfig file





Nitrogen Prefablist For Ravenhearst 6.4.3 and 6.4.4 Only


Everything you need to generate maps using Damocles awesome Nitrogen tool! Includes vanilla pois.


Nitrogen Link


Prefab File for 8k Maps


Prefab File for 4k-6k Maps




Archived Older Versions



Need to find an older version or just want to experience our older mods? Click below to be taken to our complete archive page.


Ravenhearst Archives






Mod Credits



Even though Ravenhearst is written by hand and has a lot of original content, we do utilize some of the fantastic modlets that are available from this amazing community. All modlets used below are specifically balanced to utilize our mod, but you can find the original work below to use in your own games



Mumphy - Zombie Textures


Sirillion - SMX MainMenu


Magoli - Magoli Compo Pack


Dust2Death - HD Texture Pack/Lighting


sphereii - AnimationSDX/Zombie Transmogrifier/Take and Replace/Legacy Terrain/Food Spoilage


Alfacinha - Decor


Guppycur - Green Eyed Rads/Hospital Blocks/Commercial Blocks/Heads on Sticks


Khelldon - Screws/Bolts/Baby Bears


psousza4 - Copper and Ore/Fishing/Marijuana


Genosis/Daphy (NotAGamerGaming) - POIS (Insane Asylum, Library, Izea, Canucks)


Eihwaz - Jarls Estate POI


bdubyah - Nuka Factory and Items/Vehicles


DMC - Deco Blocks (Blood/Pictures/Doors)


Axebeard- Italian Restaurant/Wilderness/Strip Mall POI


OrbitalBliss - Creative Menu recipes


Khaine - Countless Hints and Tips and Advice


HN - Christmas Decorations



Also if you have not done so check out our website https://ravenhearst.enjin.com/

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Archived Files


Looking for an older version of Ravenhearst? The link below chronicles an archived version of all major releases dating back to version 1.0.


The following links will remain permanent if you would like to go back to an earlier version. These files each include all the extra files in a separate folder like Extra Spawning, Disabled Weather etc. All links also provide the server files for each version if available.










The best way to download and STAY updated is through the Mod Launcher. This ensures you get the latest up to date files and also offers you way more variety in not only my mod but multiple other mods too. Designed by sphereii the Mod Launcher is an essential tool for the 7 Days Mod Playing Enthusiast.



Current Version: 6.4.5








Contacting Me and Development Team Interaction



I know a few of you have been looking for support and to have questions answered. I have been absolutely swamped with work, RL and working on RH that I do not frequently have time to be able to come here and answer all questions. Your best bet is to head over to Discord and there are a number of VERY knowledgeable players and mods, myself included, that are always around to answer questions. It is a very active and great community.










Server Hosting



Host Your Own Ravenhearst Server



Bluefang currently hosts the 7 Day version and Streamer version of Ravenhearst! Just select the Ravenhearst option that is best for you! Their setup is flexible and offers everything you need. Want to upload your OWN XML edits and mods for others to play on your server? You can do that EASILY with full FTP Access.


If you decide to rent with Bluefang using this link 5 percent of the sale will go towards adding new assets into the mod and is a great way to support its development. Bluefang is offering Ravenhearst free of any additional charges to their customers.


NON Referral Direct Link To Bluefang



Referral Link Below





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Cpt Krunch Custom Map


Krunch has worked hard on a new map for Ravenhearst and we present it to you in 5.5.2. Gorgeously designed and rich, RWG may be the recommended way to play RH but this map is a new experience in and of itself. Using ALL of our prefabs and more Krunch has designed a Navezgane like map that is sure to surprise and excite all of our players who dare to try it!


Custom Maps have been REMOVED from the base install of Ravenhearst. To install a custom map you will need to Select Ravenhearst on the Launcher, Click Manage Modlets, look for cpt_krunch name under authors and select it. You will see a list of the Ravenhearst Maps. Choose One (City Zone is the latest, Official is the previous map for those who want to continue on that one) and right click on it. Download it. The map will disappear from the list. It is now installed.


When updates are made to maps you will see it in your list and you can choose to update it or not. Direct Downloading works the same way as adding a normal modlet. Download the map you wish to use, unzip it and add it to your Mods folder inside of Ravenhearst Install.



**Official Map Modlet for 5.5.3**




**Official Map Updated Modlet For 5.5.4**


















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Setting Up a Server (Special Thanks to BMT for these Instructions)


I just started too but it's not too hard to setup compared to other games. here's how I have a working setup for a dedicated running from a local machine, that also connects as a client to play.


Install 7 Days to Die Dedicated Server in your Steam tools library. (and install 7 Days To Die itself already if you haven't :distrust:)


Get yourself 7D2D RAT (Remote Admin Tool), along with the BCManager and server fix mods it tells you to get on its download page. Get the 7D2D Mod Launcher, set your mod install destination to anything outside of your Steam install and then install whichever day schedule you're planning on playing (using the option to copy from your steam directory), so in my case I got Ravenhearst SDX SP 21 Day Blood Moons (which will make that folder where you have specified - eg. C:\7D2D\Dawn_of_the_New_Apocalypse\Ravenhearst_SDX_SP_21_Day_Blood_Moons\ - I'll refer to this as Ravenhearst Install).


Extract the 2x mods required for 7D2D RAT (BCManager and 3x Allocs_ folders) into your Ravenhearst Install mods folder.


Copy the 7DaysToDieServer_Data, Data and Mods folder from your 7 Days To Die Dedicated Server folder (in your SteamLibrary/steamapps/common) to the Ravenhearst Install. Also copy the 7DaysToDieServer.exe* from your dedicated folder to the Ravenhearst Install.


Configure your server settings using 7D2D RAT. If you are running the host from the same machine make sure to check 'Enable Local Server'. Make sure the Server Path dir is set to your Ravenhearst Install. Set the executable name to 7DaysToDieServer.exe*. Make sure Telnet is enabled in the connections tab (essential for controlling the server with RAT). Click Start server, if its the first time making the server and using a new seed give it a while to generate the world, it may seem unresponsive for a few minutes. Then you and your peeps join using the Mod Launcher!


Update, minor notes: If you play a private server with friends you don't need to worry about using EAC. Make sure you and your players have "Refresh Mods Automatically" checked in your Mod Launcher!






Streamers Who Have Streamed Ravenhearst



A Huge thank you to the following for getting immersed into the world of Ravenhearst!




Mike Pope



My IDOL has finally done a play of Ravenhearst! Please check it out.



Amazing member of our Discord community. VERY entertaining and incredibly sexy ;)












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this mod looks really cool


but im finding it hard to "compare" all the diffrent large mods.

like what can this mod do that starwation cant... and the other way around ?




Well I can say this two years ago this mod started out as something for just our server. We piled in a bunch of ideas from our favorite mods at the time. We have been tweaking tuning and adding ever since, so it is two years of rebalancing and adding.


We have some new models like Starvation does. Not their models of course. But we focus more in slow progression and a zombie apocalypse so there are a lot of zombies, no killer animals like Starvation. We offer a lot of gun choices, but our focus is primarily on keeping the player interested in the long game. It is not as detailed as something like True Survival or Starvation though. If you enjoy mods like Walker or Valmod but with a pinch of progression difficulty then you should enjoy this.

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thank you alot for info.

so manney mods.... so little time.

personaly i love true survival,, love it hard.. but its time for me to try something else.

do you have somekind of list of whats added,,,, new weapons ?? armors ??




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thank you alot for info.

so manney mods.... so little time.

personaly i love true survival,, love it hard.. but its time for me to try something else.

do you have somekind of list of whats added,,,, new weapons ?? armors ??





By my own admission Documentation is my weak point. What you see above right now is how far I have gotten but I do plan on adding much more to the documentation.


Our armor includes steel and Diamond Coated, there are 2 sniper rifles on top of the vanilla ones. 3 Assault Rifles, a handful of new melee weapons like bats, a pipe, 3 knives, a Katana, a Grenade that explodes on impact when thrown, Desert Eagle, Silenced Weapons, Vanilla Extended Mag Weapons, shock weapons like electrified sledgehammer, machete, spike club and pipe.


There are more but this is off the top of my head right now.

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nice very impressive,, argh now i wana try it out... its YOUR fault :)


thank you for info again.

think ill download it and try it tonight :)



and thank you for making another cool mod :) you "modders" never cease to impress me :)

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Very impressive so far!! so much to do, but I noticed a bug in SP 21 day H, weather doesn't affect player. Temp stays the same even though I'm currently residing in a well diversified biome town(Snow/burnt/forest so far, only ventured out a few blocks)

Keep up the great work!!:encouragement::star:



Missing icons; "playercraftedappletree1"(think this was it), lockpick

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