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theredwolf13_First Aid Bandage Splint Double the potency of the vanilla first aid bandage with a twist. The twist being your leg. >_> Left click for heals, right click for cast.


theredwolf13_MultiTools Hate all that inventory management? Not enough bag space or just like to carry around all the essentials 'just in case'? Why not crunch it all into one tool? And by one, I mean three. <_<


*AxePickShovel combo

*WrenchHammer combo (Left click for your wrenchy needs and right for upgrades) Pretty much what it already does.. but not.

*MacheteShears combo (Left click for stabby stab goodness while right for doing the lawn.)


theredwolf13_Trader Limits Opening hours too mainstream? Trader wont buy your 34th pistol? Simply want to give Joel a reason to be a grumpy snake oil peddler? How's zero sleep sound!? Ya douchebaguette. >_<


*Traders open 24/7

*All vending machines will buy your goods

*Traders restock daily


theredwolf13_Falling Trees Simple little thing to stop the tree falling animation. Nothing fancy but may help if you play 7dtd on a toaster. Mmmm jam. Or just hate trees having a final revenge attempt.


theredwolf13_First Aid Bandage Find it odd that first aid bandages are only made with plain cloth when you have all these bandages waiting to be smeared with that sweet, sweet aloe? Now you have choices! Smear away!




Thank you very much sphereii, Guppycur, Valmar, stallionsden, Ragsy 2145, scwanobi and really, everybody in the mod forums. :) It is a lovely community. I am sure I could go on with names of all the lovely people.





Falling Trees and Trader Limits work for a18. Have yet to check the others for errors since a17. I imagine the items need work since the introduction of mods in a18.

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It seems the recipe for the Machete Shears is wrong.  The recipe calls for "meleeToolHuntingKnife", but it should be "meleeToolKnifeIron".


Also, what is needed to unlock the recipes?  I have Advanced Engineering maxed out, and it's still locked.


The MacheteShears have no icon and look like some weird cloth thing in your hand.  The WrenchHammer functions, but is invisible in your hand.

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