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  1. Hi BarillaRambo I didn't put any description in my mods about that because most people already have an idea (if a mod doesn't work one way on Server, it has to be done the other way). I already put the description in my forum post, for any other inconvenience. Regards
  2. Hi Odyne It should work without any problem, my mod does not add any assets or custom icons. Check it out and if it doesn't work, use the method you mention. Regards
  3. mod "GK Old System Upgrade" updated. Changes v1.2: PouredConcrete block is added stage 1 and 2, it has a different texture because the original is not there, the blocks are improved the same as the others, because using upgraded rate the block disappears and using plantgrowing marks an error. The rebarFrameIron block is added in a different way (another texture and shape) and improved to pouredConcrete stage 2. Now rebarFrameIron is needed to fabricate the concreteReinforced block, which is fabricated in the workbench. Two new items are added: Accelerator concrete and Steel polish homemade. The first one is for the modified concreteMix recipe, now it also asks for a bucket of water. The second is to improve the StainlessSteel blocks and to manufacture the block, which is manufactured on the workbench. The stone axe will only upgrade blocks to brick. The hammer improves blocks up to concreteReinforced. The nail gun improves all the blocks. I may forget a few changes, but these are the majority. New mod added "GK Snowberry Returns" New mod added "GK Herbal Painkillers" New mod added "GK Clean Money ATM" Happy start of the year everyone. Enjoy the mods.
  4. Hi Laoucetios I have checked the file and at the beginning it loads the S-core mod without problem, but it gives you a warning because it has custom code and you need to disable EAC for it to load. The start of the error starts with a block of that mod: 2021-12-31T10: 42: 35 39.886 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing 'blocks.xml' failed 2021-12-31T10: 42: 35 39.892 EXC Class 'PathFinding, SCore' not found on block PathingCube! From there there are more errors, but everything is due to this mod, it is necessary to disable EAC, if it does not work, try to remove this mod and the other Jaxteller mod should work without problem. Regards Happy New Year
  5. Hi Loucetios and LastTugBoat243 Maybe if they share the output log, it would be helpful. In the image it is not clear. Regards Happy New Year
  6. Hi Dough Take as long as it takes for the Soundscommon mod, there's no rush. What I like about mods is the balance and challenge, I like to build and mine, that they don't give you everything on a silver platter, apart from adding more things to the game, for me it's great, that's why I have the mod fiveIngredients, gives a different touch in recipes. Regards Happy New Year
  7. Hi Deceptive Pastry Thank you very much for the mod, I'll take a look at it. The hard work it took you to finish it is appreciated and apart from not knowing anything about unity, it is twice the effort, twice thanks. Regards
  8. Thank you very much, I'll take a look at it.
  9. Wonderful, that's another mod that I like, animal husbandry, I'll be waiting for the update. Regards
  10. Hi Doughphunghus Thanks for all the updated mods. Here are some of my favorites: Doughs-Screamers-Spawn-More, SousChefOfTheApocalypse, UIAddFiveRecipeIngredients and the one for Doughscommonsounds (I currently have the one for a19 and only have a few warnings in yellow). By the way, will you update the sounds? Regards Happy holidays everyone
  11. Hi Telric Going through your post to comment that the Spiders mod works in A20, there is only a small error in entitygroups regarding Invisibleanimal, it is only deleted and that's it. Thanks also for the other updated mods. Regards Happy holidays everyone
  12. Next update for mod "GK Old System Upgrade". Poured concrete blocks are added and rebar frame iron block is added differently. Regards Happy holidays everyone
  13. Hi Jaxteller718 You plan to share the mod so that the crops need water. I really like that mechanic in the game, I still don't understand why TFP hasn't implemented it. Regards Happy holidays everyone
  14. No, just repair them, it would be too easy to do so. Regards Happy holidays everyone Hi Tpunk21 The point is basically to give variety to the recipe and to continue with the complexity of finding acid, there is no more. If your problem is acid, you can download a mod from the forum or from another page and it will be easier for you to make them. You can still continue with the A19 mod (you need to check it first), in case of some small bug, it could be updated. Regards Happy holidays everyone Thoughts: I wonder why the curiosity for this simple change, in previous versions the tires gave resourceForgedSteel and resourceOil, and no person was curious about that, the detail is the acid.
  15. Hi HYper I just tested it with the hatches and it does not affect anything, I can improve and update them without any problem. The hatches are not improved like the blocks and their shapes, it should not affect. I left the game and re-entered the game and my metal hatches and the bunker hatch are still there. You may have another mod that causes conflict. I am playing singleplayer, not multiplayer. Regards
  16. All my mods work on A20 stable. Happy Holidays to all.
  17. Thank you very much Rags. I finally have my bathtub and my duckling, now I will take a bath at ease. Regards and Happy Holidays
  18. Hi jonsmith31415 The steel block can be improved to stainless steel, the resourceForgedSteel is used, later I will add another resource to improve it instead of using ForgedSteel. The concrete block is not improved to poured concrete, because TFP eliminated the texture and for the moment it will only be improved to reinforced concrete, later I will add it but with a different texture. Regards and Happy Holidays Hi HYper The bricks can be harvested from the gray Brick pallets that are found in some places on the map. So you can make the brick mold. Regards and Happy Holidays
  19. Enjoy the mod and happy holidays to you too. Regards
  20. mod "GK Old System Upgrade" updated. Scrap iron block, scrap iron reinforced and stainlessSteel are added. Recipe is added for all the blocks that have been added, later the recipes of concrete blocks, steel blocks and stainlessSteel will be blocked at Advanced Engineering level 4, because they are too easy to manufacture. Some shapes don't get full Hp (they get half or much less Hp), which is good. Until TFP removes the blocks and textures (I pray you not), the mod will remain as it is, but in case they remove them, I will add textures from other blocks.
  21. Wonderful, the raft boat is back. Thank you very much rags, I have to wait for my motorized bathtub. Regards
  22. Hi buggi I also had to change the texture for a block that I added (stronger than steel), the one I currently put in is the one with vanilla bridges (rusty metal with screw rivet). The only place where I have checked is in the blocks.xml file and checking the game icons and from there I base it. Regards
  23. Hi dwarfmaster1974 This is the code that the Basic survival 7 mission has for the rebarframe, you can apply it to your code. Now everything is handled differently (by shapes). Regards <objective type = "Craft" id = "frameShapes: VariantHelper" value = "1" phase = "2" /> <objective type = "BlockPlace" id = "frameShapes: VariantHelper" value = "1" phase = "2" /> <objective type = "BlockUpgrade" id = "frameShapes" value = "1" phase = "2" />
  24. Hi gpcstargate The hp of the steel is 10000, I thought to put it a little higher, but in the end I decided to leave it as it was. Regards
  25. Hi Rumobok I don't think so, I'm using it in A20 and without any problem. If you look closely at the code you put in, the mod is Pickup Plants A20 and it is another author. Regards
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