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  1. The dog and some of the other zombie overhauls will arrive as they are completed in the 20.x updates.
  2. What can we say? There was a delay at the Pretzel factory...
  3. Welcome to BeetleBomb streaming in English from USA West Coast! Welcome to Colonel_Frosty streaming from the USA in English!
  4. They could just make armor be mods for the clothing. Then you could choose what type of armor mods to put into your clothing and have light armor vs heavy armor choices for each and every outfit.
  5. The last thing Madmole wants to think about is dropping something...
  6. I suppose replay issues for any game lie in those areas that a particular player dislikes re-experiencing. For you going through the same lineup of bosses and biomes and knowing what you will have to grind to do each is blech and for me it is grinding up the same LBD skills.
  7. But, to my point, the big difference that I see between Subnautica and 7 Days to Die is that Subnautica is more of a story that you play through and once you reach the end you would just be playing through the same story. 7 Days to Die is more of a field upon which you compete against the progression curve of the game and every 7 days against a zombie onslaught. Like any field game there are a myriad of strategies you can employ and random factors will cause unforeseen events to take place that will necessitate adaptation. This competititon feels different every time much the same way as a new game of chess or soccer feels different every time-- even though the rules and the gameplay are the same every time. Valheim is very much like 7 Days to Die in this regard. But Valheim has a big barrier to restarting that 7 Days does not: "Learn by Doing". It is extremely tough to want to start over in Valheim knowing you will need to grind back up all the skills by doing specific actions-- some of which you may not enjoy all that much (Thank goodness they changed it so you no longer have to click the mouse button for each and every chop...). It is a daunting idea to start out once again at zero skills knowing all the forced grinding that lies ahead of you. 7 Days to Die is easier to restart because you can play however you want and apply the xp points wherever you want. So you can spend your time doing preferred activities and still get your skills up in those areas you'd rather not grind. I believe that there are more people who are rolling new worlds and replaying 7 Days from the beginning than you give credit AND I think it is happening a lot more often than at each forced update restart. If not so, I believe that the 7 Days graph would look like the Subnautica graph with high spikes like Subnautica's gold launch spike and then almost immediate return to minimal players playing mostly representative of new people purchasing the game and doing their one playthrough. But it isn't that way for 7 Days to Die-- Especially since A17 and the end of Learn By Doing which was a barrier to wanting to start fresh and have to re-grind all the skills by doing those particular actions. You can see the increased overall activity since A17 and also you can see that the drop after each update is much less significant. It seems unlikely that these recorded plays are overwhelmingly players just playing one playthrough and then leaving until the next update. It seems more likely that many are replaying multiple runs. In fact, a very common question that we see on the forums when a new update is believed to be close is: "Do you think I have time to start over and do another run before the next update comes out?"
  8. "we" are all the normal regular video game players who only play through a game once and done and who obviously and overwhelmingly = practically everyone. YOU are a hardcore 7 Days fan who plays it over and over and over and over and over again. And you and Roland plus maybe a dozen others are the only ones who do this. This is so self-evident that there is no need for evidence.
  9. I could go outside tonight and play a game of kickball and have a blast even though the rules and conditions have been the same since I was in grade school. A game theory that requires subsequent plays of a game have completely new experiences is extremely faulty. 7 Days pits us competitively against the game. It is very akin to a sport game. The blood moon hordes make it so but so does everything that works against us. It is our progression vs the game's gamestage progression and whether we can stay ahead of the curve. There are ways to mod the game to make that curve a tougher opponent if we wish. I suggested upping the xp earning to 300% and someone stated that it would also affect the gamestage. That's a good thing. It keeps the gamestage progression curve tough to pace which makes for a good game. Just increasing the skillpoints each level up would destroy the competition that the game evokes between it and us. This game is good on replays much the same way that a pickup game of Basketball is always fun even though you aren't adding stilts or trampolines or multiple balls or differently shaped courts, or katanas on subsequent plays -- supposedly needing something to make those replays interesting.
  10. @Viktoriusiii admits he's only played the game once. So any of his thoughts about how replayable the game is on a second or third or fourth playthrough is purely speculative on his part. That the game can't be played in different ways and has zero to offer on a second playthrough is just theory to him. Now, I've talked to a lot of people who have played through this game more than once and so I've been able to hear about their actual experiences with the replay value of this game and what they have to say is completely the opposites of Vik's conjectures and thought exercises on the subject. I too have restarted many times and found new experiences and fun situations often during those replays and there are still ways of playing I have not tried yet. I think the source of information is important when evaluating the worth of that information and I'm going to believe actual experiences of gamers who have played and replayed this game over the hypothesis of a one play wonder. I also believe that the ever increasing player base over 8 years is mostly made up of people who are not playing for the first time so I seriously doubt his assertion that most people play the game once and done. If once and done was true, the steam charts would show us far far below what it has been. I think Subnautica is a game where most play once and then they're done and you can see it in the play history compared to our game. Subnautica has been every bit as popular as 7 Days and when it went gold had a spike in plays that went beyond our best day. And yet because people play through it once, their numbers are low--representing new players. Our numbers have steadily risen because we get new players + old players continue to replay. We KNOW people are replaying because everyone MUST restart every alpha update. So I truly believe that most people are replaying this game and not simply playing it once and not seeing any reason to restart. And even though I am so certain that I am right about this I DID provide some evidence for people to look at and consider.
  11. Simply change the xp earnings to 300% in the options menu and you will level faster. No modding know how required.
  12. That's really interesting. Sometimes I get emails begging for the game for free or for a huge discount from people claiming that they live in poor countries or countries currently being ravaged by war. I never gave much credence to those. In our game's case I don't think the keys are region blocked. I've generated keys for streamers who reside all over the world and I didn't need to know where they were living before generating the keys to make sure they would work for them.
  13. You could buy it from Humble Bundle which gives you a key. Then send the key to your friend in an email. They can enter it into steam and activate the game.
  14. Hitler Finds Out A20 is Delayed
  15. Skeleton with a note. Final answer.
  16. Sure…a corpse or a note. My point is that the healing effect is a lot less noticeable. While playing you rarely even see it because it heals you automatically from behind you.
  17. In my opinion, the quest marker being a floating glowing exclamation mark is a much bigger fish to fry. I’d like to see that change to an NPC
  18. Just to be clear, there are no servers for Xbox. You are playing person to person and either you or your friend is hosting the game on one of your machines. I would check with whomever is hosting and see whether you can connect with them for another game if you happen to have one in common. See if you can join some random player's 7 Days to Die game. If you can, then there might just be a network error going on with the friend you are tying to join. See if they can join a game you start where you are the host. Try working things out with your friends so that you can be the first one to join and see if that works. (Remember that 4 players total is the limit) Unfortunately, there is no "server troubleshooting" that can be done because there are no servers. It is simply whether your xbox is able to communicate with your friend's xbox and the problem could be at your end, their end, or somewhere in the middle (check with your ISP).
  19. I've looked around and can't find any of the caption generator sites that offer the Hitler video any longer. Seems YouTube took down all the posted Hitler videos as well after it was requested by the film-makers of the Hitler movie that was always used for those spoofs. I guess if someone has a clip of it and some caption generation software they could do it but the old easy way is gone now and it can't be uploaded to YouTube so you'd have to host it somewhere else.
  20. Welcome to charlisin46 who is broadcasting from Spain in Spanish
  21. The long game. Building a larger team that will work on A21 and future projects is fine because they will have time to get up to speed. However, hiring new programmers or re-tasking people to try and shrink a 6-8 week timeline down to a 3 week timeline just to achieve an estimated release date mentioned off the cuff in a video is not beneficial. That's why some team members have begun some A21 tasks rather than being tasked to fix some of the bugs that faatal or Prime is assigned to handle.
  22. How do you know that the new outfits will be bland? Currently there are very few clothing items that grant abilities in addition to warming or cooling effects. In the future every piece of clothing will grant a buff of some kind. It is going to be much less bland than it is now. You will still be able to mix and match outfit pieces to get the results that you want. You never are forced to waste inventory slots to carry anything. You simply have to make a choice about where you want buffs and then play with those strengths. Feeling like you have to be always as strong as you possibly can be in every action you take which necessitates you changing clothes before undertaking any action is not a weakness of the game. If you want to be strong in all areas then the price you pay is a full inventory and lots of switching clothes. I'm perfectly happy to play with some strengths and some weaknesses so my inventory will be empty of other outfits and my playtime will be devoid of making outfit changes. Just because you will get a bonus for wearing matching gear for a complete outfit doesn't mean you can't mix and match for a spectrum of small bonuses. You can wear a hat that grants an Intellect bonus, a top that grants a Strength bonus, a bottom that grants a Perception bonus and footwear that grants an Agility bonus. That right there is much more broad and multi-classing than any clothing combination we can currently wear in this system. There is nothing finalized about it yet. Maybe there will end up being more than four slots which would be cool. Mainly they don't want layering any longer.
  23. The best way to not be disappointed. The troll in me is always happy when an estimated target date is given. lol We've weathered those same riots 19 times now and will again.
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