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  1. If they can oversell then I can undersell…
  2. My stone axe is usually better than the first iron axe I get. Where is there room for a step in between them?
  3. If not, I hope it is because A20 got delayed and not because you left the seat up on the toilet one time too many...
  4. Of course the critics are going to just skip years 8 and 9 go right to DECADE... 😆
  5. I've always felt that to be true from the start. Whenever I treated the injury it cut the time for healing in half and I was not nearly as hampered as with the full injury. To be honest, it surprised me whenever people would complain that the timer was still too long after treating their injury and that they still couldn't do anything. To me, it almost felt like normal-- not quite and the timer extension for jumping or running on a bum leg even after treating it made me walk a lot but I felt like I could run and jump close to normal if I needed to and was willing to take the penalty for it. And then, of course, eating a health bar from the concession machine has been the Balm of the Gods ever since candy was introduced. But, whatever the case, glad it is working in a way you are enjoying better now.
  6. What area? A county in Arizona that encorporates mostly Mojave Desert vs one that has Phoenix could result in two very different lengths of games. Greenlee County: 8600 Maricopa County: 4.6 Million
  7. Start a new game using the mod launcher and then you can continue that game even while checking out the experimental versions whenever they become available. Experimental versions aren’t great for a long term game anyway so even if it were to drop in August, you wouldn’t really be ready to start a new long term A20 game until October. So having a long term A19 game on the mod launcher while checking out the new features of A20 on Steam is the best method and you could start now with a new long term A19 game.
  8. It depends on what you like about the game. If you like building highly creative bases and designing POI's then for that aspect of gameplay it really is going to be a dramatic improvement and "whole new game".
  9. Time to start convincing anyone who can help fund you that you absolutely need a new computer with 1 TB SSD, 64 GB of RAM, and top-of-the-line Video Card with 8 GB Video RAM for school/work/research....
  10. Huh....that is not mentioned at all in the changelog. Are you sure you noticed that big of a difference between earlier A19 versions and A19.5? The whole injury system seems to be the same to me and I haven't noticed anyone working on it in the dev work log. Weird but....glad you like what you are seeing better than what you used to see.
  11. I'm glad you're here! Don't mistake disagreement with some of your controversial opinions with annoyance in you. You've been playing the game for years and years but only started posting here last year and I'm glad you decided to start!!
  12. Confirmed. I changed the description to more accurately fit what will be released for A20 based on faatal's statement that there is unlikely to be any additional changes to the options menu before A20. It's possible there will be more nuance added later as that was what was originally stated as the plan but at least for A20 the current description is the....current reality.
  13. I felt uneasy at first because I couldn't hear anything at all after the 3-2-1. Then I decided probably only dogs and superman can hear that frequency so I felt better. Honestly, if they use that "sound" for nighttime it will be extremely peaceful for me...
  14. It is not the same year the outbreak happened. The Duke built his empire and the Whiteriver rebellion began to grow after the outbreak. The Duke and his bandits are one way in which society has come back after the apocolypse. The little detailed clues you are pointing out about clothes and shoes and car windows are not intentional clues the developers have purposely included to help us figure out the timeline in a Mat Pat game theory. If anything they are oversights and continuity errors because the artists who created the models didn't consider some of the things you brought up. They just modeled the decorations and clothing in ways that "looked cool" and didn't worry about whether such things would signify 3 months after the apocalypse vs 10 years after the apocalypse. In other words, you are reading way too much into the details you are hanging your theories on. What's more....Madmole could come on here next year after working on the Duke and the bandits for A21 and tell us that the Duke grew to power and formed his organization over the course of 7 years following the initial outbreak and nuclear bombing when the player wakes up at game start-- and he may still even then decided to keep high heels on the shoes and windows intact in the vehicles despite the fact that those details don't seem to align with 7 yeas of attrition post apocalypse.
  15. I could have told you that without going into flip top shoes.... The universes of depicted by other survival media doesn't matter. When I said roleplay, I only meant to act as though you were really in that situation without taking any gamey mechanics into consideration. In a real post apocalyptic world finding anything would be pure happenstance. Gamestage is not meant to be something you consciously play and manipulate for your benefit. It is the algorithm by which the universe of 7 Days to Die creates "happenstance" for us. It should be something in the background and not consciously considered by us-- just like right now. You don't check your gamestage before going to work or logging into the forums. You just do these things. You predominately take actions that benefit you the most for now. Even when you do things that are investments for future returns there is no algorithm to refer to that will guarantee you the results you want. You pray or hope or resign yourself. That's because the real life algorithm for how the real life universe works is beyond our comprehension. In the game the algorithm is a simple rule and once known is extremely predictable. Therefore, for an organic experience that is more on the roleplay end of the spectrum, you have to ignore, "forget", and work to avoid calculating out your future based on these finite rules that guide the workings of the artificial universe in which you play-- just like you do in pen and paper RPGs. RPGs specifically differientiate "player knowledge" and "character knowledge" and if you want to have an immersive and fulfilling experience then you act and make decisions based on character knowledge and try your best not to let player knowledge influence you. So as a player you know and understand gamestage (I'm envious of new players who don't follow forums and probably have no idea how gamestage works) but your character would have no knowledge of it. As a player you find a pipe pistol and some ammo and you know and can strategize that after another few hours of play you'll have something better for that ammo but as a character you would be ecstatic for anything that gives you damage dealing power at range and you would use it because who knows when or if you might find anything else.
  16. The game works perfectly for that IF you role play it and not let knowledge of the inner workings cause you to meta play for efficiency. if you were a survivor and found a pipe machine gun you’d carry it around with you. If you found ammo that worked with it you would load it and use it. You would not toss the gun and save the ammo because you knew for a certainty that in about a week or two your gamestage would rise to the point that you’d be guaranteed to find an AK-47. You say you want ammo to be scarce. If that’s so then use what you get when you get it and don’t horde it for the future guns your game knowledge tells you is coming. Primitive ammo to go with the primitive guns would only guarantee people stockpiling the good ammo. Because the new guns utilize the same ammo, you will use it up and have more scarcity.
  17. You are playing A18 and having A19 conversations!? A18 was notorious for getting lots of guns early--even on day 1. That was nerfed in a significant way for A19. You should know that most people on this forum are expressing opinions and sharing feedback about the current version and not making claims about the balance of weaponry based on how the game played a year and a half ago.
  18. For those who prefer melee, a sledgehammer makes all ranged weapons "pointless". As for crossbow....um...are you sure you don't have the creative menu enabled if you are playing with a crossbow during the first couple weeks? I play mostly melee and wood bow in the beginning with guns and ammo being saved for bloodmoons. Unless you are trying hard to play the system and speedrun you will most likely be using the the pipe level weaponry during your first and maybe second bloodmoons. But there will also be emergency moments where you will be tempted to switch to guns (if you have them on your belt) and use up ammo outside of bloodmoons. What I've found in A19 is that by bloodmoon #3 I have stacks and stacks of ammo saved up because I was able to stockpile while using primitive ammo and blunderbusses. In A20, I find that my ammo is much more depleted because I am using it in the pipe weapons on bloodmoons #1 and #2. Now, maybe you won't do that and you'll just save your ammo for the good guns and never use pipe weapons and only use a sledgehammer and cheat in a crossbow-- but that is just a choice and doesn't make pipe weapons pointless for everyone.
  19. Only if you play with the creative menu on...
  20. From here, you should post a thread in the support forum with your output log attached. Missing or failing textures means there is some issue with how your graphics card is interacting with the game. It could be game side as in missing textures which could be handled by doing a full clean and then verifying your files. Or it could be a failure of some kind with your graphic card or lack of memory. Your output log will give info on your memory and gc driver. But if you want to try first opening the game launcher when you first start the game and then select the tools tab and select Clean and then check all boxes and clean up your registry and then go into steam and verify the integrity of your files that would be a good place to start. After doing that start a new game and if the problem still exists upload the output log for that most recent play and start a thread in support. er...yes...removing all mods and testing in Vanilla is also an often fruitful avenue. When you add the mods back in do them one at a time and test to isolate the one causing the texture flicker.
  21. Actually, Madmole has stated that even sealed crates aren't intended to represent factory sealed crates from before the apocolypse. Given that is true, it would probably be best at some point for TFP to change the presentation so as to not give a false impression (or provide some reason why NPCs in the world are boxing things up in nailed shut crates....). However, it does indicate that despite the deceptive visual cues, pretty much everything really has been touched before in the minds of the developers and since they are establishing the balance of ammo in the world it really only matters what their intention is.
  22. I would check to see if there is an update for your graphics card. Sometimes your automatic installer doesn't update your card automatically.
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