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  1. THAT is the ultimate "credit card check"
  2. Let's see who can find me a link to a good cookie image with transparent background and I'll change it to the best one. Cookie Contest begins now.
  3. I actually moved your original post here because I thought it was just a general discussion starter. I moved it back and added an @madmole tag to it so that it would be more apparent-- but you should know that the devs respond better to sincere questions rather than long texts. So, best is to ask a question on one subject per post instead of three and be brief in your own feedback regarding the issue. So, for example, your first issue could be its own post where you simply ask if the letterman jacket boost of 10% speed will be preserved in the new outfit model because that benefit
  4. Can someone name one game option that exists in the registry that the OP might be talking about needing to go there to change? I’m trying to understand their complaint and am coming up short.
  5. ...with the intent to generate unauthorized copies of the game or pass off official content as your own or your own content as an official part of 7 Days to Die. You can mod the game files to create a modified version of the game as long as you offer your content free of charge, identify it as a mod to the base game, and don’t create a mod that is “stand alone”. As long as people still need to purchase the authorized game to play your mod there is no problem. Be aware that you also agree that all derivative work you do becomes the property of The Fun Pimps if they choose to
  6. Which settings are you referring to that can only be changed in the registry?
  7. I think you should scrap the brass before smelting it if you are tempted to sit and watch a timer for five minutes. Either put ten candlesticks in and go do something else and come back or scrap everything and take the penalty so you don’t have to babysit. I scrap everything for inventory space and so I can load it all in to the forge at once and I have plenty of brass. There is way more brass and ammo to be found in A19 than ever before.
  8. Why is it Hugh and not Hue? Because he’s so off color....
  9. Welcome Vav and Shown. Now, do something!
  10. Bambi's mom's name is in the credits. Its Barbie. Barbie Que. btw... Ever since playing Valheim I'm so grateful that deer don't make any vocalizations in 7 Days.....
  11. Instead of testing it with a mod, just go into god mode and you will see the hp bar for any zombie you are looking at. Then you can easily see the dps happening from bleed and the waters aren't getting muddied with any mods. Yeah, yeah...the mod may not affect anything blah blah blah but nobody on the QA team will take your test seriously if you have mods installed. So use the simple debug mode and keep it vanilla.
  12. Any project that is being edited for its final version typically has more cut than added. The process is usually tougher on the creator more than anyone but any competent designer whether it is a game, a movie, an essay, a book, or a work of art knows the value of cutting away the bloat and chaff and simplify their project to a high functioning lean product. Hey, I love extended versions of movies and also wonder about all those deleted scenes and why they had to be cut in the first place and I also enjoyed many aspects of 7 Days to Die that ended up on the cutting room floor. But
  13. @SylenThunder that announcement was made exactly five days ago if that helps clear up the confusion.
  14. @BioFringe just in case you missed this important announcement....
  15. I went from a 960 to a 1650 and it was night and day. It think the worst of the lot is going to be absolutely amazing if you are able to get your hands on it.
  16. I like it and wish it went further-- as in smaller backpacks with less slots to larger backpacks with more slots than we currently have. The whole point of it is to feel that sense of accomplishment once you have a vehicle and/or all slots cleared. I have played with mods that increase backpack size and/or clear all slots by spending one skill point in pack mule and those mods make the game feel much closer to creative mode to me. Same with the early game struggle to manage stamina. It might be annoying and we might wish to be able to do everything we want wearing whatever we want for as long
  17. Joel has plainly stated that much of the inspiration for the game has come from the Fallout series. Although...he also admitted to having a few Rust buddies as well.
  18. Now that I'm older, I won't mess with active volcanos. But all non-volcanic mountains and extinct volcanos are still on notice!
  19. Using the trader is completely voluntary. Cancel the initial tutorial quest and you won't be directed to a trader AND you also won't get the four free skill points. Only a millennial-lover would want to take those initial four skill points and wreck the pure survival experience....
  20. Exactly. Whereas if all you do is treat the game like a spreadsheet for leveling-up, then it really doesn’t matter whether you play this or Ark or Conan or Empyrion, or Valheim or....whatever else has character progression because then the various themes are just skins covering the same grind to get top gear and stats as quickly as possible from one game to the next.
  21. What I meant is that once you choose a tree you are not locked out of weapons and gear that belong to a different tree. If I focus on Agility, shotguns are never grayed out and no message pops up to tell me that my class isn't allowed to use such weapons and I'm not restricted from wearing heavy armor if I want to. It is more expensive to go broad instead of specialized but it isn't impossible to play even late game with a broader mix of skills. Sure, it is fun to progress with the intent of maxing out at least one weapon but it definitely is not a forced situation. Th
  22. This attitude right here is what has turned the game into the unsatisfying grind that it is for you. How about forget about an iron tool and your knowledge that leveling up quickly will get you an iron tool sooner. Instead, try staying close to your spawn point and whatever closest POI you come to start fortifying it. Work on planting a garden and playing the game like a survival game. Don’t spend any perk points and don’t finish the trader quest portion of the tutorial quest chain until after your first bloodmoon. During that first week just explore around and loot any POI
  23. I find gobs of useful stuff besides stone tools and weapons. I think you are too focused on efficiency and opportunity cost. Stop thinking about what you might find later if you just put off opening containers until you have a higher gamestage and work with what you can find now. You are simply playing the game as a grind to get your levels up higher as quickly as you can. That is your choice and there is no one forcing you to spam quest after quest. Also, the current state of the game is temporary. Whatever it feels like it has turned into for you, it will turn into something els
  24. Welcome to the forums. Being as how this topic is getting close to a year old and was dead for six months before you reignited it, I would think that the idea of the snow biome being a more difficult place would’ve sunk in by now. Don’t go there before you’re ready and the wildlife won’t be OP. Ever since they limited Pumas to the snow and Dire wolves to night, I haven’t died to either one.
  25. I found this posted from October so it is A19 but not sure if the map changed at all between the .x updates
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