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  1. Yes go to the biomes.xml and decrease the prob value of spawnVehicleBlock in each of the poi name sections. regards Ragsy !!
  2. No problem i have copied the text from pastebin and I have uploaded the replacement localization file to the main gitlab source now ....again many thanks for doing that work for Vehicle Madness , if anyone else has translations feel free to do so using the new file as a base. Regards Ragsy !!
  3. Thank you for doing a spanish version .... the localisation file can be attached to your post here they are quite small in size. I can link to it from main page for those then wanting the option . Regards Ragsy!!
  4. Appears this has gone from the listing . Regards Ragsy !
  5. Sorry for late reply .... You need the modlet on both client and server for vehicles as they use custom assets. If you want server side only you could try Snufkins Server Sided Vehicles Mod which is being updated by a new talented team of modders who are keeping that mod alive ...
  6. Yup close ... Some good work can come from modding collaborations and its a good way to learn new stuff if you are new at modding I can say that because i have been on that journey . https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/23400-unnofficial-modding-discord/ UVM needs updating moving forward for A19 and beyond , Dust2Death has been away for so long it may not be possible to get the original assets (convertion to linear lighting is required and Dust paid for the assets) ....if he does not return by May 2021 then it will have been a year and we can look into u
  7. Nice to see the hind has a partner now
  8. Thanks for the kind words .... I did post up in early days that i would do a Jetski , ended up doing the bathtub boat first as fits the apocalipse more . The windsurfer I looked for ages to get one in game but in the end gave up , ActiniumTiger my partner in Vehicle Madness spotted that one above so have him to thank for finding it . I have a Speedboat , Riverboat , Small Fishing Boat and a Rowing Boat in the works but holding back on them a while as i would rather get the rowing boat sorted first . The bigger boat stuff would be more endgame .
  9. I dont understand ....it works without DMT its just Standard Modlet required on client and server . I have now sorted out particle system for some of the water vehicles , basically offering a choice , if you press F you can have particle effects showing and if you have an old potato PC you can switch them off I found that the FPS was dropping a lot , I managed to optimise the model and particle effect more and now the FPS drop is minimised (although i do like my settings on high and Ultra lol) so the Jetski will be available soon , also now wi
  10. A 'cleaner' way i would say CrazyAluminium ..... there are multiple ways to accomplish the same goal in Xpath so if it works it works whatever but not amateurish just different. Ragsy !!
  11. Not sure as to why you would get no visuals with various mods .... i have had no feedback from others on the Helicopter regarding a crafting issue yet. I tested on vanilla today and i can see the visual icon for the Helicopter in workstation. UI mods ? Linux Server ? If you are a Linux server check the folder names as linux is case sensitive maybe ... Ragsy !!
  12. Changed download link to Gitlab now ..... and updated original Hind post https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/11266-ragsy-s-modlets/page/9/?tab=comments#comment-412209 Ragsy_and_Tigers_Hind_Helicopter Regards Ragsy !!
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Well having weapons working would be the way forward on vehicles , at present its not easily done however not to say it can not be done as we have some fantastic talents in modding for 7 days to die community so who knows. The speed of the hind can be faster or slower but I set it fairly slow because it is literally a flying tank . In this type of control system 'force1' controls the speed currently set at 0.12 , you can go up in increments to perhaps .2 at the most . Regards Ragsy
  14. I have been busy with other things of late and other real life stuff ... I have started working on Vehicle Madness updates and trying to get time to sort of some more watercraft . This however was done as a project learning curve on Helicopters in Unity for myself and Tiger ... we needed the practice :). This is Heli is using different controls compared to the Gyro , Controls are spacebar = up/ tilt back slighlty C = Down /Tiltforward Slightly W = Forward and Shift for Turbo S = Slow/Brake/ reverse AD = Left /r
  15. Thanks Its client and server as the mod has new unity assets added so both require the mod files. Ragsy !!
  16. Thanks for your feedback on this regarding spawning ... we will be tuning things a bit for the next release. Regards Ragsy !!
  17. I will take a look at the Firetruck when i go on a server ...... not had that reported by anyone else yet so will check it out. regards Ragsy !!
  18. There are lootable versions of military and emergency vehicles , the probabilities on getting working versions are set very low to spawn so you may have lucked out on rng . I have lots of feedback saying there are too many spawned working vehicles .... some do get the miltary stuff and emergency vehicles so its a lottery on what you get which is the point of the overhaul. I had one test world that I got one vehicle in 20 days of exploring and that was a rusty taxi, others i got the quad taxi, sedan and military truck in 10 days . Ragsy !!
  19. Well done glad you took the time to learn how , more vehicle modders can only be a good thing. Regards Ragsy !!
  20. I appreciate all the feedback and the time you have taken to play the overhaul so no problem there my friend Ragsy!!
  21. I have fixed the motorcycle error for the next update, tweaked the spawning rates, added some new vehicles and so on ..... realistically the next beta version will be out in January 2021 unless I get more free time , recently Actinium has just started a new job also so his time is limited on the overhaul at present as well. regards Ragsy !!
  22. See above on the reply for engines .... thanks for the feedback , spawning was an area that we needed more feedback on and is difficult to balance .... as for MP servers needs a few more spawns but on single player you could be in one area a long time before venturing out to find other stuff but will reduce spawns for next version. The 'bounce in' is an odd one but will take a look at the rusty white sedan car as it has been mentioned before somewhere and the Miltary Truck can bounce when loggin in to game again .. not entirely sure why at the moment but will look to improve that.
  23. Great feedback much appreciated ... sorry for late reply been offline for 3 weeks . What we can do in next update regarding the auto workbench is add a recipe for making a compressor and up the chances in loot for ratchet set ...... i like the idea that Crazy Alumininum posted regrding being able to make a standard engine from say two damaged VM versions and will add that in next update as you need these also for generators and at present the only place you can find them is in rare vehicle loot and even more rare in vehicles and motorcycle chassis. Storage capacit
  24. Bobbing can be done but it is permanent and not easy to get the right look , for the Jetski it would look ok but the vehicle bounces up down at full stop. I Tried to do things in unity to simulate bouyancy but unfortunately to make it work 100% would have to go for code C# solution and mod then becomes a DMT version ..... which I am trying to avoid . If there are breakthroughs I will update but I rather suspect boats will break in A20 as TFP are actively working on changing water in the game ... so it may be will be a start from scratch situation probably.
  25. Thanks for the feedback Tengu, We are actively looking at making all vehicles fit in more over the course of the next updates .... adding new vehicles and re texturing some with a rustic look . As for the looting of vehicles that is still completely 'vanilla' so follows the Fun Pimps amounts in everyway , no alterations were made to that side of loot apart from adding extra loot container for Ambulance and Miltary / Police loot, will look at vanilla loot in vehicles regarding ammo amounts , yeah sure you may find some but vanilla is
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