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  1. Thanks Its client and server as the mod has new unity assets added so both require the mod files. Ragsy !!
  2. Thanks for your feedback on this regarding spawning ... we will be tuning things a bit for the next release. Regards Ragsy !!
  3. I will take a look at the Firetruck when i go on a server ...... not had that reported by anyone else yet so will check it out. regards Ragsy !!
  4. There are lootable versions of military and emergency vehicles , the probabilities on getting working versions are set very low to spawn so you may have lucked out on rng . I have lots of feedback saying there are too many spawned working vehicles .... some do get the miltary stuff and emergency vehicles so its a lottery on what you get which is the point of the overhaul. I had one test world that I got one vehicle in 20 days of exploring and that was a rusty taxi, others i got the quad taxi, sedan and military truck in 10 days . Ragsy !!
  5. Well done glad you took the time to learn how , more vehicle modders can only be a good thing. Regards Ragsy !!
  6. I appreciate all the feedback and the time you have taken to play the overhaul so no problem there my friend Ragsy!!
  7. I have fixed the motorcycle error for the next update, tweaked the spawning rates, added some new vehicles and so on ..... realistically the next beta version will be out in January 2021 unless I get more free time , recently Actinium has just started a new job also so his time is limited on the overhaul at present as well. regards Ragsy !!
  8. See above on the reply for engines .... thanks for the feedback , spawning was an area that we needed more feedback on and is difficult to balance .... as for MP servers needs a few more spawns but on single player you could be in one area a long time before venturing out to find other stuff but will reduce spawns for next version. The 'bounce in' is an odd one but will take a look at the rusty white sedan car as it has been mentioned before somewhere and the Miltary Truck can bounce when loggin in to game again .. not entirely sure why at the moment but will look to improve that. The vehicles do not get so much damage as the first version of VM this is due to the vehicle hit scales being changed to damage things (wood) on impact , the vehicles will be adjusted to compensate for this in the next update as you are right it is harder now to damage them ... Zombies will damage vehicles rapidly and i have been playing with a method that makes zombies move towards vehicles more when player is in them .... which may make horde night interesting if you jump in a vehicle lol. Regards Ragsy !!
  9. Great feedback much appreciated ... sorry for late reply been offline for 3 weeks . What we can do in next update regarding the auto workbench is add a recipe for making a compressor and up the chances in loot for ratchet set ...... i like the idea that Crazy Alumininum posted regrding being able to make a standard engine from say two damaged VM versions and will add that in next update as you need these also for generators and at present the only place you can find them is in rare vehicle loot and even more rare in vehicles and motorcycle chassis. Storage capacity in vehicles is to be looked at in next update so hopefully that will help.... Vehicle speed can be reviewed but the idea is too not have certain vehicles out perform the others and give incentive to go say for the meaty vehicles such and the Cobra Mustang or fastback stuff. Big vehicles like the trucks are intentionally slower as they would be in real life . Gas is intentionally reduced as Guppycur stated to balance things out and encourage making your own and make it so that finding a vehicle early on in the game means you have to factor in that you have to find gas for the first refill. regards Ragsy !!
  10. Bobbing can be done but it is permanent and not easy to get the right look , for the Jetski it would look ok but the vehicle bounces up down at full stop. I Tried to do things in unity to simulate bouyancy but unfortunately to make it work 100% would have to go for code C# solution and mod then becomes a DMT version ..... which I am trying to avoid . If there are breakthroughs I will update but I rather suspect boats will break in A20 as TFP are actively working on changing water in the game ... so it may be will be a start from scratch situation probably. Particles animations are in the works and this for me is a new area of unity so bear with me on this Regards Ragsy !!
  11. Thanks for the feedback Tengu, We are actively looking at making all vehicles fit in more over the course of the next updates .... adding new vehicles and re texturing some with a rustic look . As for the looting of vehicles that is still completely 'vanilla' so follows the Fun Pimps amounts in everyway , no alterations were made to that side of loot apart from adding extra loot container for Ambulance and Miltary / Police loot, will look at vanilla loot in vehicles regarding ammo amounts , yeah sure you may find some but vanilla is always OTT on ammo. Spawning was something we need feedback on and so far had some useful feedback on amounts of vehicles spawning ..... thanks for yours Scale of vehicles is being reviewed and always difficult to get right lol ... Unity sets the size of the gameobject , you can alter scale in XML but there are consequences ..... the player size on exit is affected ... and strange things happen lol ... below is a mini Chevy ...on exit player arms changed size . Regards Ragsy n Tiger !!
  12. The UI icons are in the mod in UIAtlas but the xml for nav objects is not ... we feel it spoils emmersion when vehicles spawn thats the reason the xml is not included. If you really really really want them to show up then place the attached nav_objects.xml into the mods config folder ...... then go into entityclasses.xml and uncomment the bottom line on each vehicle entity by removing the <--- and --> from the line statement nav_objects.xml or remember where you parked ... Regards Ragsy!!
  13. Well i have it installed on A19.2 and all seems fine so far although the AI seem dumber than in A18.4 lol .... I just needed to remove progression.xml ( Headshots) as that is not working in A19. They also come straight at you if you lay down spkies so far so good .... I will test some more whilst i am doing my other stuff and all being well will upload a A19 specific version/ regards Ragsy !!
  14. Thanks I have this to finish setting up ... Still working out stuff on a speedboat and the bigger boats but put those back a bit as Vehicle Maness seems to take up most of my free time. regards Ragsy !!
  15. To be honest I have not had the free time time to update the A18.4 version .... it may or may not work in A19 , been busy with Vehicle Madness , Boats and other project stuff. Another reason for not updating this mod to A19 was Khaine releasing the Romero Mod suite of which i was all for him doing when he mentioned it in our modding discord. I could make the AI and pathing bit a seperate small modlet at some point to dumb them down .... The Romero Mod covers Headshots and zombie increases . Regards Ragsy
  16. Yeah this is my fault .... just checked it over and there are 6 ingredients in the recipe and the 6th one does not show up in the UI (vehicle Wheels). I have updated the modlet to have only 5 ingredients .... I did fix this before in A17 but I must have uploaded the wrong modlet when I created the A19 repository Sorry for the hassle .. Regards Ragsy !!
  17. Thank you for the feedback .. regards Ragsy !!
  18. No we have our own miltary truck in the mod that Guppy did in A17 , might be adding another military style vehicle one at some point its just lots of people have done military stuff since A17 dropped and we wanna make the next one something more special. Not really that keen on the vanilla Military truck either ... Ragsy !!
  19. Thanks for the feedback and glad you are enjoying it . Vanilla spawns still have the indicator enabled ..so yeah will turn them off in next update. The bounce effect is strange and seems to happen on uneven ground more ... looking at possible fixes for that. The Military Truck glitch may be due to the vehicle collider not destroying the the spawn block instantly and can depend on the rotation of the spawn block.... we have changed the colliders for next update and have actively been looking at a fix for that , it seemed to happen on that truck from the recent update so maybe something I did messed that up on for the last update. The spawns for servers information is useful and thanks for the feedback on your findings ... Regards Ragsy and Tiger
  20. Where you in debug mode when you logged out ? have not seen this in all our testing but sometimes in debug mode vehicles do strange things like fly up in the air or have moved when you come back in game but never seen it in normal game mode . Ragsy !!
  21. Thanks for the feedback. If you want to implement the UI indicators we have left in the option to do this if thats a user preference, the path to the UI indicator is commented out at the bottom of the individual vehicle xmls. We feel that these indicators break emmersion but everyone has thier own preference. We have gone for a more realistic option to build vehicles in sub assemblies as thats the goal of vehicle madness .... i can tell you now that the vanilla way of building the original vanilla vehicles will stay as it is in the overhaul (keeps it compatible with bdubs great collection ) .... that way if you dont find a vehicle for a while then you can at least build a bicycle or minibike to go off searching the world. The broken vehicles spawn system is the plan depending on how that develops along the way and if its still workable in a good way (bear in mind that this may be months and months till that happens ) we can still leave an option to stay as it is and spawn full vehicles at that point. Then its your choice to rely on finding a working vehicle spawned in the world or salvage them and build your own VM vehicles ... Regards Ragsy !!
  22. Might happen a few more times with restarts in the Beta phases ... but thats normal in overhauls , its hard not produce a meaningful update without changing major systems in the game . I forgot to mention in the update notes that we also added some experimental vehicle damage changes in beta 1.1. Regards Ragsy and Tiger !!
  23. Thanks for the feedback .... glad to hear it works well with Compo Pack We are planning to improve all engine sounds and look to replace the base engine (4x4 ) sounds over the next couple of updates ... Ragsy !!
  24. Well if you really do want no vehicle spawns then simplest thing is to go into biomes.xml and look for the spawnVehicleBlock and set the probabilty to '0'. Although doing that there are some vehicles are purposely not craftable so you would have to add the recipes yourself for the missing stuff. From the original post about the future of Vehicle Madness The goal in the OP was eventually to get the overhaul to the stage where you find a vehicle that is broken and and you will have to upgrade them to get basic running vehicle either by using parts to repair or some may just need fuel adding but will be partially functional ....... or possibly you may find a partially functioning vehicle that you take back to a dedicated repair station to upgrade to fully functional. We have done some test work with that already with the Fastback .... the Broken fastback spawns in world and you can slowly get it back to base to a repair station. The more stages the bigger the amount of alternate models and meshes are required so the mod could get huge in size very quickly. So might just target the special vehicles as non functional and upgrade to use ... we will see. Ragsy!!
  25. Vehicle Madness now updated to version 1.1 ... download link in the OP A brand new save game is required as lots of blocks changed and have been added for this update ..... The main changes are the new variations in wrecks so i will leave it up to current users to decide wether they want to update or not. Pictures here Changelog Beta 1.1 : 1. Added various new wrecks created by bdubyah for the ultimate salvage variation ( There is only 1 vanilla sedan in chain as required by some POI's and all others are now custom). 2. Tweaked some vehicle speeds and camera positions and some storage on the big vehicles 3. Increased amount of wrecks on roads and in biomes to provide more resources. 4. Experimental block damage changes 5. Added Quad to world spawns and reduced spawns very slightly (feedback on this will be required as catering for server vs single player). 6. Added compressor to EMS and Military loot options , increased probabilities in automotive and rare automotive loot as were too rare before. 7. Removed damaged motorcyle part2 from spawn ( will add more motorcycle variant wrecks at some point) Next update will include some new vehicles and will showcase those here as we move closer to the next update in October. Special thanks to our small testing group for thier input over the last few months. Regards Ragsy and Tiger !!
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