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  1. FreakUK

    FreakUK's Modlets

    Working on them all. Should be ready early January
  2. Nice reference piece. For what it's worth, http://smuggerstech.com/7DTD/Assets/Sprites/ Might come in handy for future reference
  3. You suck. I demand you retract this statement immediately, and fix Z2 so it works properly within the next 2 hours, or I swear by all that is holy I'm gonna sneak in to your game and strategically place explosives all over your hoarde base so the Z's can decimate it!!! In all seriousness, I hope that at some point you revisit Z2, as it is, by far, the best UI mod available - but I know how difficult and time consuming creating and maintaing mods can be (especially something as awkwardly annoying as a UI mod) - so I get it. You suck, but I get it 😛
  4. Your a19 "Enemy Reach Shortener" zip contains the Health Bar files, not the reach reduction files
  5. http://smuggerstech.com/7DTD/Assets/Sprites/ Might help
  6. FreakUK

    FreakUK's Modlets

    Hey folks - sorry for being absent recently. I'll Check any affected mods over the next week or so. If anyone is having issues, please let me know! Yep that situation is exactly why I made it Glad it's helpful!
  7. FreakUK

    FreakUK's Modlets

    Ammo Crafting updated to include Shotgun Ammo.
  8. FreakUK

    FreakUK's Modlets

    None of these modlets should affect an existing game, assuming you take the necessary precautions: Ammo Crafting: Remove any bullet tips or casings from storage/crafting queues. As an aside, you should ALWAYS back up your save files before installing a new modlet, just in case something goes wrong. I've installed all of these mods mid-game (solo and co-op, haven't tried a server), and not had any issues, but I, like any mod author, cannot guarantee that their wont be any problems - It all depends on what other mods you're running, and whether the game decides to play nice or not. If you're thinking of using the Ammo Crafting Modlet, I'd suggest waiting until early next week, as there is an update coming, that alters shotgun ammo crafting.
  9. FreakUK

    FreakUK's Modlets

    Try renaming the modinfo.xml to Modinfo.xml (note the capital M) - Linux is VERY case sensitive (My fault - I should have capitalised it in the first place!)
  10. FreakUK

    FreakUK's Modlets

    Ammo Crafting Mod updated to include AP/HP variants of the Steel Ammo, Added HP/AP bullet tips for all calibers, added different sized primers (Small Pistol, Large Pistol and Large Rifle).
  11. FreakUK

    FreakUK's Modlets

    New Mod added: Ammo Crafting.
  12. FreakUK

    FreakUK's Modlets

    New Mod added: Schematics Desk.
  13. You can ignore that - it's there just to make sure there are no mod conflicts with the Motorcycle Alterations mod.
  14. FreakUK

    FreakUK's Modlets

    Correct, it has to be installed client side as well as server side, as do ALL mods that aren't just xml tweaks, and/or use custom assets. I will, however, amend the first post to reduce the likelyhood of future confusion.
  15. FreakUK

    FreakUK's Modlets

    New "Mod" added - Dev Drugs - no use for a normal playthrough - intended to help modders whilst they're testing.
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