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  1. They should all catch fire. Some need a different particle included in the effectspack. I should move that to the main zombiepack I guess. Which zombie isn't catching fire?
  2. xyth

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    The mods do not change any rights, so Im not sure what going on. Without a link yo your log files its impossible to know what went wrong.
  3. xyth

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    You are loading the animal and mech NPC packs without also loading the creaturepack animals and mechs.
  4. xyth

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    That bug has been reported but seem intermittent. Its a code issue we have to resolve apparently.
  5. The only zip I provide is an occasional NEXUS one, which isnt typically the most current version. best way is just pull from the repo.
  6. xyth

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    He likely got infected and is turning into a zombie. There is a cure for that which is a rare drop. That is in the effectspack if you loaded that.
  7. Yea, the camera properties are set in Unity. I may take another look and reduce the cameras fps load as a variant camera for those who need it. Maybe a low rez version.
  8. Pushed new version. Fixed large monito placement offset. TFP changed multidim orientation. Fixed invalid layer index warning. Slowed panning significantly so you can sneak past cameras. Maybe some improvement in FPS hit but it is significantly worst in 19.3. Without reducing range and angle of resolution on the cameras, I'm not sure I can do more. TFP changed something. Unity always has issues with video components across release versions so hopefully the A20 Unity version will help.
  9. They might have changed the multidim property code. It was aligned before. Yup, will check it out too.
  10. The only difference is the model. One is large and old school, the smaller is newer design. I will take a look at the FPS issue. I did extensive testing in A19 early builds and it was minimal FPS impact. perhaps something changed in recent builds.
  11. xyth

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Sphereii and I both are occupied with other things but plan to get back to working on the NPCs. If there is a better xml order, please let me know and I will push that change.
  12. If you want to PM a link to the resource file I would be happy to look at it and see if its usable in this game.
  13. Might just be low random spawn rates, but without your log file its hard to know what might be wrong.
  14. The wood material has collision properties. Make a new material without collision.
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