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  1. Added stamina drain to buffFrostbite in animal pack.
  2. Will move to discussions if no link to download is provided soon.
  3. Best way is to remove it from entitygroups.xml. That is save safe.
  4. xyth

    New Mod List Project

    Requires Sphereii's core loaded which has the code to make these locks work. Load both with the mod launcher, or build with DMT.
  5. Still looking for feedback on how this plays. If none, I will assume its okay and "lock" it down till A20. Enjoy.
  6. All the edits are in xml so compare the bee to a bandit and play with the differences until you get the effects you want.
  7. The bandits and survivors spawn in the zombieall group by default, and at higher gamestages, some spawn as sleepers. They do spawn in roaming hordes if that day the zombieall group is used.
  8. Pushed update to the Lock modlet, forcing advanced lockpicking to True. Seems to work well now. Thanks!
  9. I think the latest version of the Core toggled off advanced lockpicking by default, which is why its not working. I will push a patch to toggle that back on but for now edit the blocks.xml file in the Core and set this property from : <property name="AdvancedLocks" value="false" /> to <property name="AdvancedLocks" value="true" />
  10. Still hoping for feedback on the difficulty.
  11. xyth


    it is available around the base of POIs, and deep under the snow in some places.
  12. Any fixes would be implemented in Sphereii's core modlet. This locks mod is nothing more than models adapted to react to that code.
  13. Added the locks mod. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/23100-skyrim-style-lockpicking/
  14. Like the title says, SphereII and I missed the Skyrim style lockpicking mini game so we introduced it into the WinterWeen mod. It was well received, so I'm releasing a modlet of the locks that work with the lockpicking code added to the 19.3 version of SphereII's Core. This mod requires DMT, so use the mod launcher and add the core and this locks mod. The launcher with do the rest. The difficulty of the locks is configurable in the core, but it set to offer a challenge but not be impossible for folks that didn't master lockpicking in Skyrim. To pick a lock, press "E" on any l
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