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  1. What makes him invulnerable is the NPCID property that enables the trader functionality. You could try backing up the game save then remove that property from the trader then you should be able to kill him, but it may 1. corrupt the game save (hence the backup) and 2. will disable all other custom traders. Once hes killed, put the property back and restart, but keep that backup savegame handy cause it might corrupt on restarting that version.
  2. No idea on that one. Likely there is a console command to remove it if you know the entityid number.
  3. xyth

    Xyth's Modlet Collection

    delete or edit the blockplaceholders.xml file from the mod.
  4. xyth

    Xyth's Modlet Collection

    Not for A18. The sound roll off effect (gets quieter as you move away) was broken in A18 and i found it annoying. Hopefully will be fixed in A19 which uses a different version of Unity.
  5. I tend to agree that too many mods make so many changes that inevitably you like some changes and hate others. That is why im a supporter of single function modlets that make a limited number of changes that the player can choose to accept of reject. In the creaturepacks, we separate humans from zombies from fantasy characters so you can just add more conventional zombies to the mix with no game changes. Want overpowered or unconventional zombies? There is a another mod for that. If you load a big mod then you get a mix of good and bad.
  6. Look for the mass property: Normal zeds have a mass of 150-250. If mass is set to say 50, they will fly when they ragdoll.
  7. It may not be the NPCs directly. It sounds like your adding a second currency which I don't think you can do without code. You can change the primary currency from dukes to say bullet casings, and that works, but to have one trader use coins and another casings likely will crash.
  8. xyth

    NPCs DMT Mod

    Some characters in the characterpackHumans were never added to the NPCPack, just cause I am disorganized and somewhat lazy about completeness. Ive never gotten around to testing the pathing blocks for the same reasons. This mod is bigger than the few working on it, and right now the A18.4 version is featurelocked.
  9. xyth

    NPCs DMT Mod

    Your seeing factions at work. if they are in different factions that hate each other they will attack on sight. By same team do you mean you hired them all? That may be a bug, as they should not attack other followers Patrol changed to using pathing blocks to define a route. Maybe Mr. Devolver can explain that process. They should stay using the stay here, which replace the guard here command. Anyway, the entire AI is getting overhauled for A19, as "we expect" the drone code to be the new basis for NPCs. Just enjoy whats there for now and it should be amazing in a19.
  10. xyth

    NPCs DMT Mod

    You can spawn them in during the game if you have admin privileges and type DM in the console. Then press F6 then find the NPC you want and spawn him in. U suggest using the environmental spawner setting rather than the synamic spawner though. You can also edit the spawning.xml to increase the chance of an NPC spawning.
  11. xyth

    NPCs DMT Mod

    I'm not sure the Maslow xode is even working in A18. You would at least need to add the maslow Aitask to the xml to get it working.
  12. xyth

    DMT Modding Tool

    Make sure you have the latest version of DMT. DMT no longer handles localization like it did previously. That's done by the game now.
  13. xyth

    NPCs DMT Mod

    The home block is part of the maslow code that we kinda abandoned. It was so the cows knew where to return to to get buffed.
  14. And no, this mod does not touch vanilla textures.
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