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  1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will add some new animals soon. The base creaturepacks should be highly compatible with most mods, as I tried to isolate them from edits to the vanilla game.
  2. We have lots of Boat-tailed Grackles that hang out in the trees near our dock. I doubt i can find a grackle model but i can use a raven. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 grackle.mp3
  3. xyth

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    You cant load the NPCanimals an NPCMechs without also loading the 0-creaturepack animals and mechs. Those packs have the actual meshes so thats why they are spawning without meshes.
  4. The bandits should be gamestaged, but Im heads down working on the WinterWeen project. Maybe someone will write that xpath before i get to it.
  5. I am. There is a mod thread on the NPC characterpacks, but for hirable NPCs you will need to load several files using the modlauncher.
  6. the 2-charactereffectspack and the 2-NPCFactions are not required by good additions. The effects pack adds random walktypes, fixes the particle on mesh warnings and adds infections. The factions are nice as those better control targeting.
  7. xyth

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    I think you would need to move any of those out of the zombieall groups and into different spawn groups, like animal groups.
  8. I have lots more birds and animals, so once the WinterWeen mod is released I should have time to add more. Any requests?
  9. added some delay to the end of bird sounds, varied length depending on the bird. Let me know if that helped.
  10. The NPCAnimals has the basis of this, hire a dog for 10 meat.
  11. xyth

    sphereii's DMT Mods

    FYI, on DMT the last line is the erro message needed. `C:\Users\Puppy\Downloads\DMT Mods\SphereII.ModsA19-master/0-SphereIICore/Scripts\EAI\EAIApproachAndFollowTargetSDX.cs(283,35): error CS1501: No overload for method 'CalcIfUnreachablePos' takes 1 arguments` My guess is your SphereiiCore version is not updated.
  12. I can add some delay at the end of those fixed clips. I will try to get that done this weekend. What delay do you suggest? Otherwise I will make it 10 seconds.
  13. Pushed update to animals lowering range of bird sound clips from 150M to 100M. My hearing isn't the best, but even with the clips volume leveled, some seem louder than others, like the Altatraz.
  14. Unity only allows a single clip per audiosource component. You can have more, but then you would need to edit the animations to drive the swap, so its even more labor intensive.
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