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  1. Several major mods are working to add the new NPCCore/SCore engine into their mods, so that should make things more interesting in A20.
  2. Pushed a small update to rename the ranged and melee UAI tasks to standards, and some xml cleanup.
  3. Version uploaded. Lots of fixes and new features! Fixes (Yea, its a complicated mod) NPCMOD-SP-0001 Ranged NPCs do not have the normal get up animation like melee ones do NPCMOD-SP-0002 Melee anims not synching with damage / damage being dealt without anims (Note: more apparent when unarmed) NPCMOD-SP-0003 Baker's head goes from left to right with biome spawn NPCMOD-SP-0004 NPCs don't drop down holes right away when following (Boe does) NPCMOD-SP-0006 NPCs do not jump over an empty block when following (Boe does) NPCMOD-SP-0008 Hired NPC damage too low (identified as bandits when they aren't) NPCMOD-SP-0009 NPCs being knocked down too easily NPCMOD-SP-0011 Enhanced healing not working NPCMOD-SP-0012 Ranged and melee weapon damage unbalanced, melee needs a boost. MaxRange should be adjusted per weapon type NPCMOD-SP-0013 NPCs engaged in combat when player enters vehicle will disappear but zeds continue to attack the invisible NPC NPCMOD-SP-0014 Junk Turrets do not target bandits NPCMOD-SP-0015 NPCs of the same faction can unintentionally damage each other when in groups (more obvious with club NPCs) NPCMOD-SP-0016 NPCs of the same faction will target each other as enemies if they accidentally damage each other NPCMOD-SP-0017 NPCs in active sleeper volumes do not activate/move NPCMOD-SP-0019 Hostile NPCs sometimes turn to face the player and "chat" - seems to score higher than the "move to enemy" task? NPCMOD-SP-0020 Ranged NPCs don't "see" through blocks that they can shoot through (bars, etc.) NPCMOD-SP-0022 NPCs get clipped at the hips (half underground) when fighting NPCMOD-SP-0023 NPCs walk backwards fairly far when hit with a melee weapon NPCMOD-SP-0024 NPCs will not heal themselves unless they are hired NPCMOD-SP-0025 Bandits no longer consider the player to be an enemy NPCMOD-SP-0026 Cannot interact with NPCs right after they have been fighting. At least 5 seconds NPCMOD-SP-0027 Ranged NPCs cannot damage a Steve Crawler NPCMOD-SP-0028 Ranged NPCs often crouch when targeting a crawler NPCMOD-SP-0029 Ranged NPCs turn their heads to the left and back when crouched and attacking NPCMOD-SP-0030 NPCs will not stay when you enter a vehicle and immediately exit when in sight (See notes) NPCMOD-SP-0031 There is a significant delay between the time you damage a neutral faction standing melee NPC and the time they start attacking you (at least 3 seconds, sometimes more if action_delay is increased) NPCMOD-SP-0033 NPCs spawned-in with the Quest Action SpawnEnemy, the Quest Action GameEvent and the GameEvent Trigger Action will be seen as a threat to the player by their hired NPC even if the spawned in NPC is of neutral (or non-hostile) faction standing NPCMOD-SP-0035 Ranged NPCs can damage crawlers when they far but as they come closer they can no longer damage them (until they come in melee range) NPCMOD-SP-0036 If you hire an NPC, crouch and then spawn in a crawler, they stay in the crouched position, shooting in the direction they were crouched in, up in the air, never hitting the crawler, no matter how far or close they are NPCMOD-SP-0038 Friendly NPCs spawned in "attack" sleeper volumes, by the SpawnEnemy Quest Action, the Quest GameEvent Quest Action or GameEvent Trigger Action cannot be interacted with until they no longer consider you an enemy NPCMOD-SP-0040 NPCs become very indecisive when there are many targets surrounding them NPCMOD-SP-0041 Hired NPCs take a very long time to detect hostiles NPCMOD-SP-0042 The Bow weapon had accuracy issues, would not damage entities when up close NPCMOD-SP-0043 Bandit melee NPCs push WhiteRiver NPCs rather than attacking them NPCMOD-SP-0045 Ranged NPCs keep firing while applying healing NPCMOD-SP-0046 Hired NPC bodies do not despawn when they die and their map markers remain until you exit the current game session. The bodies only despawn if you die. NPCMOD-SP-0047 After you hire an NPC that follows you and enter a vehicle you get the following warning once or multiple times: Cannot play a disabled audio source NPCMOD-DEDI-0001 NPCs sometime will keep standing up when dead until their body despawns NPCMOD-DEDI-0002 NPCs still have health when they die NPCMOD-DEDI-0003 On rare occasions, dead NPCs regenerate life and their remains cannot be hit NPCMOD-DEDI-0005 NPCs have no hit reaction to ranged damage NPCMOD-DEDI-0007 NPCs hired by different players will shoot or aggro on each other all the time NPCMOD-DEDI-0009 If the leader crouches but another player comes close they stand up as if they need to talk (must be that they are waiting to be hired although they already are - likely related to issue NPCMOD-DEDI-0008) NPCMOD-DEDI-0010 NPCs will sometimes stop fighting each other NPCMOD-DEDI-0011 Synchronizing on NPCs battling each other seems off. They can hit each other from really far and then they come back to each other. Sometimes they will have their backs to a target and somehow are still able to hit them NPCMOD-DEDI-0012 Dead NPCs can still be interacted with (ex: Hiring them) NPCMOD-DEDI-0013 NPCs cannot be despawned after you hire them NPCMOD-DEDI-0014 NPCs are frozen after you spawn them in, disconnect and reconnect. Entities spawned in using the following methods do not despawn when you disconnect: - Dynamic spawner - Quest SpawnEnemy action - Quest GameEvent action - GameEvent Trigger NPCMOD-DEDI-0017 Cannot dismiss an NPC. They still follow you and then appear as hired again NPCMOD-DEDI-0018 Hired NPCs cannot damage Allied Player NPCs but can damage the allied player NPCMOD-DEDI-0019 Hired NPCs will not attack a player if that player hurt their leader NPCMOD-DEDI-0020 Hired NPCs will not friendly fire non-allied players if Kill Strangers is on (possibly Kill All as well) New Features These are the new features in this build: NPCMOD-FT-0004 "Configure damage prevention from other players' hired NPCs as per server's settings" The NPCs now follow the server setting related to killing other, allies, etc. By default, kill strangers only is active, but this can be changed in the game settings. NPCMOD-FT-0006 Have hired NPCs automatically follow me on dedicated servers The NPCs will default to following you once hired NPCMOD-FT-0017 Have my hired NPCs teleport next to me when I die There is a new setting which needs more testing, to control what happens to the hired NPCs when the hiring player dies. <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfFirstSpawn" action="ModifyCVar" cvar="respawn" operation="set" value="1"/> Adding (or uncommenting it in the default NPCMelee template) will enable hired NPCs to respawn with player on the players bedroll , highly experimental NPCMOD-FT-0021 Prevent NPCs from damaging vehicles Yea, that was happening, NPCs were damaging their owners vehicles And the best for last! New command interface that gives you more control over your hired NPCs. This feature is in testing now, so let us know what you think. Here is an older (to be updated) demonstration of the features and how to enable the commands. More in the works, stay tuned!
  4. There are many fixes in this next build, which should be available later today. No limit on hiring at this point although there probably is an upper limit to the number of NPCs active at once if your rig isn't strong enough. We need more testing at this point to see how this engine runs under load.
  5. Added a new zombie expansion pack from DarkStarDragon
  6. Remove her from entitygroups, though that might break some other things, id need to check . She that bad? 😃 Shes the A19 version texture wise, needs a refresh.
  7. 500? no, just 5 should drop in a separate drop bundle. Our testers never saw this issue, and you cant loot npc corpses, so some mod you might have added is bugging it. That info only shows if your in DM, debug mode. Its debugging info We added localization in the next release, so that should sort the name issue. SMX provided the additional UI stuff, so look in the mods UI folder.
  8. We are close to a new release which will fix that issue finally, as well as falling through the world and many other fixes.
  9. You can backup your save game and try it. But since this mode, specifically the SCore, has so much code, its almost like adding new a game into 7 Days to Die. That's likely to break any savegame since so much of the game is being changed.
  10. The falling into the ground is a vanilla issue which was recently acknowledged by TFP, and is being fixed. In the meantime, in the next build we added the player unstuck code to attempt to unstick NPCs as they fall and place them a bit above ground. Seems to be working well. We are almost done with the must fix bugs on dedi servers so a new build should be coming soon.
  11. Its really NOT SAFE to add to an existing save. We made a lot of progress on dedi, still some spawning bugs to resolve and a friendly fire issue, but we are getting close.
  12. Thats unexpected. Are you sure you had 1000 coins on you so you actually completed the hiring? That is a setting in xml that can be adjusted but rapid despawning is needed right now as a work around for another issue. 1 damage is the minimum the game code enforces. There is no xml way to reduce that to zero yet.
  13. yet another expansion added
  14. added new expansion packs.
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