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  1. xyth

    NPCs DMT Mod

    I think the sync issue is due to TFP adding new animation events for the attack initiation sound (swoosh) and the hit sound. Since those are scripted events, we cant use them. I have not figured out a work around for vanilla that wont cause different issue, yet. Since footsteps are animation events, Sphereii was able to replace that with code, so NPCs can have footstep sounds. If needed we can do something similar for hit sounds. Anyway, I will look into Humans and NPCs soon and see if they have these zombie issues.
  2. xyth

    NPCs DMT Mod

    The only issue, and its a big one, is getting zombies to land attacks correctly. Right now crawlers and spiders never hit, and with some adjusting walkers only hit 80% of the time. Even on those the sync of the hit is way off and conventional adjustments are not working. Its likely this can be sorted with code for NPCs, but vanilla zombies may be a problem. I have not tested human characters yet. The animals and mechs are fine, as those seems to work as expected. Vanilla zombies have some issues so perhaps this bug will magically go away in the next experimental update.
  3. xyth

    NPCs DMT Mod

    Sorry, just saw that. Your log is full of errors saying it cannot find the code loaded by the Core. The core is loading though. Not sure whats happening with your install. Maybe ask Sphereii, as it might be a pathing error in the launcher.
  4. xyth

    NPCs DMT Mod

    A testing version (limited characters, current DMT code base) based on the experimental drop will likely be pushed within the week assuming I can resolve the significant issues in the A19 build.
  5. xyth

    NPCs DMT Mod

    The issue on aiming is a known issue and hundreds of hours went into finding a creative non-code solution, but in the end that cannot be improved on in A18. The NPC characters have code that fixes that. The bandit class also fixes it but that class will NRE when it enters a trader area. DF characters dont move so he can use that bandit class and he also turns off trader area protection that solves that issue. Again, if your loading all the dependencies it should work without error. If you link a log, we might know whats going on, otherwise we cant help.
  6. xyth

    NPCs DMT Mod

    CreaturePack characters cannot be interacted with, only NPC pack characters can. Npc pack has 3 dependancy mods that also must be loaded or you will get those errors. Vanilla ranged characters do not turn towards targets before shooting, and that cannot be fixed. NPC ranged characters are very accurate though. If you need help finding errors, we need to see your log files to understand whats going wrong.
  7. Harley is no longer a bandit if she uses the survivor template. Survivors attack bandits, and bandits attack survivors. The character name is meaningless, its the class property that determines what type of character it is, and then that class is referenced in the AI target properties.
  8. xyth

    NPCs DMT Mod

    No harm playing with it now as the initial A19 version will be almost the same but will incorporate the A19 vanilla entity changes. I think there will be some additional fixes like guard and ranged characters should keep distance better.
  9. Survivors wont attack the player unless attacked. In vanilla creaturepacks, what each class each class attacks is configured in the AITasks. In the NPC addon, its faction based attacking.
  10. The creature packs are intended to be a resource mod; one where you can adjust things easily to fit your needs. If you want Harley to be a survivor rather than a bandit, you just need to make a small edit to the entityclasses.xml file. For example, BanditHarley has this line: <entity_class name="humanHarleyBandit" extends="humanMeleeMaleBanditTemplate"> To make Harley a survivor, you would change that line to: <entity_class name="humanHarleyBandit" extends="humanMaleSurvivorTemplate"> Have fun.
  11. It is not intentional. We don't remove any vanilla zombies, so not sure whats going on in your case.
  12. <property name="Shape" value="ModelEntity" /> <property name="Model" value="#@modfolder:Resources/Cube.unity3d?MyCube"/> Those two lines call the custom model you made. This assumed the file name for the exported .unity3d bundle was Cube.unity3d (not cube.unity3d) and inside unity, the name of the object you made was named MyCube (not myCube, mycube, or myCube).
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