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  1. You can also get coal from the T5 Shotgun Messiah factory, in the big smelter that has burnt zombies up in the rafters. Quite a bit of, iirc. I think it was 18 blocks worth. But, yeah... Remember back in A15 or A16 when the "ideal" place for your base was at the intersection of 3 or more biomes, so you could find everything? I do miss having a reason to go to snow or desert or burnt biome.
  2. Only time I ever experienced something like that was when I'd lost connectivity to the server briefly. You try to shoot, or open a container, and nothing happens until connection is re-established, and then it all happens at once.
  3. @Riles Use Notepad++. It has a Search All Open Files feature. I just select all in the config dir, drag them into the program, and search all. Also, get the "XML Tools" plug-in. Its a must-have.
  4. So I tried hordenight in a gyro to see how effective vultures were. Turbo vultures don't even stop you from cheesing horde in a vehicle. Get in your gyrocopter, fly way up. Vultures spawn near ground level, and if you're up near ceiling cap they are too far to chase you. if you spend 1 of every 4 seconds driving, and the other 3 coasting, you can make it all night w/o needing gas. The problem here is how much effort TFP puts into anti-cheesing, which is either a) ineffective or b) opening roads to a new type of cheese. It feels like they spend more time trying to prevent players from playing differently than adding new features. Vehicles are one example, zombies never missing a block when attacking is another, engineering-degree AI is another. Zombie swimming faster than people, can't forget that. Look, I like that they're improving the game. I think finding ways to make hordes less avoidable is good. But vultures and swimming just feel punitive. To steal from good ole Mr. Ford You can play this open-world survival crafting zombie horde game any way you want to... as long as its how Joel wants you to.
  5. Since you mentioned watercooling, thought I'd share this. I just saw it a few days ago, and was surprised at how well good airflow works, and can even be better than watercooling (and certainly lasts longer). I'm starting to really like Linus Tech Tips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23vjWtUpItk
  6. You know, I thought workstations all had a 20% chance to find their schem. I swear that's what was in the patch notes... but in reality, that's not the case. They actually scale so that the higher Int-required ones have an ever smaller chance to drop. 25% for Forge, 12.5% for Workbench and Mixer, then all the way down to 4% for Chem Stations <!-- cntCollapsedForge --> <lootcontainer id="91" count="1" size="7,4" sound_open="forge_open" sound_close="forge_close" loot_quality_template="qualBaseTemplate"> <item group="forgeLoot"/> <item name="forgeSchematic" prob=".25"/> </lootcontainer> <!-- cntCollapsedWorkbench --> <lootcontainer id="92" count="1" size="7,4" sound_open="open_workbench" sound_close="close_workbench" loot_quality_template="qualBaseTemplate"> <item group="workbenchLoot"/> <item group="groupToolsTiered" prob=".2"/> <item group="groupRareToolsTiered"/> <item group="vehiclePartsTiered" prob=".2"/> <item name="workbenchSchematic" prob=".125"/> </lootcontainer> <!-- cntCollapsedCementMixer --> <lootcontainer id="93" count="1" size="7,4" sound_open="cement_mixer_open" sound_close="cement_mixer_close" loot_quality_template="qualBaseTemplate"> <item group="cementMixerLoot" count="1" /> <item name="cementMixerSchematic" prob="0.125"/> </lootcontainer> <!-- cntCollapsedChemistryStation --> <lootcontainer id="94" count="1" size="7,4" sound_open="chem_station_open" sound_close="chem_station_close" loot_quality_template="qualBaseTemplate"> <item group="labEquipment" prob="0.48"/> <item group="chemistryStationLoot" prob="0.48"/> <item name="chemistryStationSchematic" prob="0.04"/> </lootcontainer> Back on subject, Silencers only drop from ModGunT2 loot group, which only appears near the bottom of the groupModAllT2 loot group, which in turn comes from groupQuestMods and groupModAllScaled. Now groupModAllScaled comes from a number of places, but each one is only a tiny chance of being the silencer, rolling against all other mods. groupBuriedWeaponChest groupHeroChestLootSub groupSafeLoot groupAmmoPileLootSub groupWeaponsBagLoot groupBuriedLootStashTreasureSub <lootcontainer id="40"> <!-- military munitions ammo box --> <lootcontainer id="50"> <!-- shotgun Messiah --> <lootcontainer id="71"> <!-- EntityLootContainerStrong, rare random drop off strong zombies --> <lootcontainer id="73"> <!-- EntityLootContainerBoss, rare random drop off bosses --> <lootcontainer id="95"> <!-- cntLootCrateHero, Hero / Hidden Stash Cardboard Loot-->
  7. Yeah the big ones we lost are Bookshelves and Fridge. Having 30 bookshelves to hold magazines for your mates, b/c they only hold 8 or 10 items, and cannot be locked, is irritating. And kitchens need fridges. I'm not storing my meat in a box, even if I did find it in a box in the first place.
  8. blah, you're right. I thought when I downloaded it it looked better, but its not just the display. I'll find a place to host it. I swear there was a View Original link before, but now I don't see it.
  9. Hmm, probably much harder then. You can only list 1 repair item in the item. Unless you have 3 different flashlights which each use one of 3 different batteries? Well, if we can get past the durability part, we can re-examine that.
  10. That wouldn't be a hard modlet. Having the buffs trigger a withdrawal buff when they expire would be trivial. Iirc, one of the perks used to give you a reduced chance to get an effect like that, but it was never implemented. Or maybe I"m confusing it with a perk from Fallout 2... idk anymore. Renaming them is easy enough, too. Probably the most annoying hurdle is that you'd be stuck with either the candy graphics, or it'd be client-side, or they'd have to all use the 'roids icon with color-coding. Bleh.
  11. Actually, if you had a way to cause it to lose durability, that'd be the best solution. Its how batteries work, after all. Just change the repair item to a battery (maybe a new one, not a car battery) and that solves it I think. But how to get it to use durability when on, rather than swinging?
  12. I'd be careful with just letting it retain food. What if you die from hunger? Will you respawn already taking damage? Maybe put that buff back in and check the level. If below 30, bump it to 30. Something like that.
  13. What is in item_modifiers gets applied to the items, though. In theory it should be possible, but create_item only works with the consumed (food/drink) items, and those don't have mods. So unless you want to add modslots to a sandwhich and have that mod be consumed with the sandwich, there's probably no practical use for it.
  14. Yep, there isn't a value to set it to. Just delete that line and you're done. Look at the treasure map quests. They work the same way.
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