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  1. Glad you like it! I don't use the World Editor, because I've had a rough time using it also. I just added it to my NitroGen prefab list. I'm sure the World Editor is useful if one takes the time to learn it, but since I exclusively use NitroGen these days, I haven't been bothered to do so.
  2. Yes they do exist in creative. They have to exist because they're used in POIs. Like Hugh's trading post, for example. You place them upside down not just to repair easily, but so zombies don't bob up and down while running across them. So you can get them headshots. Plus you could place barbed wire directly on top of it to slow them down, too. Yeah, they were OP. But good, sensible traps. I miss them.
  3. Your trick breaks my immersion. I expect to be able to live off a pond full of water for my whole life, but magically refilling sinks and toilets when no one lives there? Game-breaking!
  4. Its actually broken in favor of the player. Or last I knew it was. It doesn't stop reducing armor when armor is gone; rather it puts their armor to a -%, causing ever increasing damage with each successive shot. I use Ergo, Spike, Flaming, Weighted.
  5. Might be able to do something similar in PvP, but not PvE. No way to build something (in-game) that has spawners.
  6. Thanks, @Gouki, means a lot coming from you
  7. What you're seeing is the imposter that the base map says exists there. It's how you see buildings that are too far away to be rendered without tanking performance. When you get close, it goes away and renders the actual blocks, which is your base. As Jugginator said, its something they are working on.
  8. Random, with a uniform amount per quality tier. <passive_effect name="PhysicalDamageResist" operation="base_add" value="7.25,10.25"/> <passive_effect name="PhysicalDamageResist" operation="base_add" value="0,3.75" tier="1,6"/> Basically its random between 7.25 and 10.25 base, then .75 per QL above 1. Its got much more overlap than weapons' damage ratings. A perfect roll on T1 would only be slightly worse than the worst roll on T6, and exactly match a worst roll on T5.
  9. "Blood Falls", an underground lake and waterfall. Tourist attraction for many kilometers in every direction the interstates run. This is a large-ish prefab, primarily underground, inspired by the many caves in my part of the country, and one particular underground waterfall. Complete with garishly colored lights that curators seem to think "enhance" the natural beauty of cave formations. My first prefab attempt, trying to teach myself proper prefabbing. Many thanks to Genosis (sp?) at NotAGamer Gaming, for his video tutorial series. I'm calling it T4, bu
  10. Liking a lot of the changes, but two things have me worried: Inventory unlocking: Currently you can unlock your entire inventory using double clothing pocket mods and triple armor pocket mods. Going down to only 4 pieces of equipment means we'd like 6-pocket mods or something like it. Or will Pack Mule become required to fully unlock your encumbrance slots? It was mentioned much earlier in this thread that possibly a larger backpack is something on the roadmap in the future. That would only make this even more vital. Temperature management: Are there plans to dras
  11. stample

    Stamples Modlets

    Probably not, since it will be adding items to the world. It's likely to mess up the order of any other custom items, if anyone is in possession of any when you load it
  12. Sounds like we need to get more replies into this thread so we don't confuse people
  13. Nevermind. I actually hadn't noticed the Invite Friends button before.
  14. I would try adding a direct damage component to the traps. I suspect they don't take dmg if they don't inflict it, directly.
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