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Ztensity's Modlet Creation Tutorial


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Ztensity's Modlet Creation Tutorial For Unity, XMLs & Localization

Downloadable Walkthrough For Setting Up Animator For Switch Class With Lights




After spending the past few weeks learning about Localization.txt files, how to use Unity, creating a light to work with the "switch" class and putting that into the game, I've decided to capture a large part of the process via a guide I've put together. This guide includes steps on how to add colliders, tags and an animator to an object into Unity and then getting that file into your modlet.


Then, I went a step further and provided thorough steps on how to create the modlet (modInfo.xml, Read Me.md, blocks.xml, recipes.xml, Localization.txt, Resources folder, Config folder, UIAtlases folder and an ItemIconAtlas folder). While I have a rudimentary understanding of everything at best, I believe this guide should help with understanding how to build the modlet without any outside resource.


It's taken me many nights and many hours, but here is my work in progress guide for people to learn how to create a modlet, the general hierarchy, certain aspects of Unity, etc. Within the guide, you will also find an assortment of other useful resources/links.



Download my guide here: 7 Days to Die Modlet Guide




Shout Outs: I want to give shouts to mod authors in Guppy's Discord like wrathmaniac, TSBX, Xyth, Mumpfy, sphereii, seminal, Khaine, chiko, Guppy, bdubyah, Zoro8183 and Ragsy for helping me learn the entire of process of recipes, block, Localizations, Unity, "Switch Classes" etc. I couldn't have made my first mods, as much progress I have on my soon to be announced public project and this guide without everyone in that community.





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