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  1. There is an app that calculates loot probabilities at a starting perk level, but doesnt adjust for perks. Not sure if it still working on A19.
  2. xyth

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Not having to maintain 2 character mods, one without code, and the other with, will help the most. Separating Human AI from zombie AI will free the human characters from zombie code limitations. I dont think it will be any more isolated from all the changes made between alphas. Especially when they will be focused on their own human implementation in the next 2 alphas.
  3. xyth

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    if you going to run the 1-npcpack animals, then you have to load the dependancy 0-Creaturepackanimals. Same with the others. that should fix it. If not, also load the creatureeffectspack as well.
  4. Where in the hierarchy did you put those scale figures? On the top empty parent, or on the child object?
  5. Since it uses SphereIIs core, the core must also be loaded. As the core uses code, for A19 this mod and the core either must both be loaded by the mod launcher, or otherwise compiled with DMT.
  6. We (I) do not knowingly use or support the use of copyrighted models in 7 Days mods. I'm not sure about the 2 models you mentioned that Guppy added, but in many cases the models are redone to look similar to characters in other games. I also prefer realistic characters that fit the theme of the mod, and I expect you will see more of those as more modders learn to make characters.
  7. if you do scaling in unity, make sure you scale a child object and do not mess with the top parent object. Its preferable to scale a copy of the .fbx file before importing, but both methods work
  8. All good, thanks.
  9. Hey Sub, I finally downloaded your mod and looked at your locks implementation. While the models are new, it seems you used my unity files like camera configuration, controller and zoom animations without asking me or mentioning that in your credits. I'm sure its just an oversight, but a credit for that work would be appropriate. Thanks.
  10. I expect TFP to surprise us when they work on the Bandits. I have built working bandits and other NPC characters since A16, and the the Creaturepack NPC mod has many of the advanced features mentioned in this thread. It would be trivial for TFP to expand on the basics we already have enabled. In A20, Sphereii and I have abandoned using the zombie AI and replaced it with an extended version of the built-in, but unused, Utility AI system. In a20, NPCs will, in addition to following, patrolling, obeying factions, etc, will also have new advanced AI abilities, like healing, looting, crafting etc, all fully customizable. Basically each NPC will be given AI packages, with each package having xml configurable actions. So if you load the healing package, the NPC can heal itself and others based on if it has the bandages, likes you or not, and if it should heal now or rather defend or attack instead at that moment. Its a full decision tree system for A20. We went this direction under the assumption/hope TFP will go this direction as well. Having bandits and NPCs make real-time decisions based on the actual situation they are in makes for fun gameplay.
  11. NPCIsAlert similar to _notAlerted cvar but does not have a built-in delay These are status flags, and wont change the zombies behavior like your suggesting
  12. try adding the player to the approach and attack tasks list. But dont add it to the aitarget. Not sure if it will still attack zombies, but add the player at the end of the list if it wont, that might work.
  13. Are you using the official tag manager or did you manually add tags into Unity? If your not using the full tag manager, which is available in my tutorial project or in my templates repo, then that's one explanation. Another is try removing the t_block tag, as that might be blocking the correct T_Mesh_B tag on the child with the collider. You could use the T_Block tag, but not on the default layer like you have it.
  14. xyth

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Are you saying with the recent patch for this not attacking zombies, they still wont attack zombies? Do you have the latest version of of the NPCHuman mod, 19.6.1 ?
  15. xyth

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Pushed a workaround fix submitted by RedArmy45, NPCs now attack zombies before and after hiring more reliably. Update added to Humans, Mechs and animal NPCs.
  16. Just remove all scripts from the model. Ignore the animation warnings.
  17. You can do that by editing the AITasks on the character. Remove the wander task and the Approach tasks.
  18. There isnt an xml solution, as the distance is hardcoded in code.
  19. The next versions of creaturepacks (A20) will radically change so I wouldn't both with compatibility unless you did so soon.
  20. xyth

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    No fix yet, but I will poke Sphereii to look at what changed in code.
  21. You can easily remove them from the vulture group in entitygroups.xml Open the entiyygroups.xml file in the mod using a text editor like Notepad++. At the end of the file you will see these 3 lines:<append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='VultureGroup']"><entity name="mechBee" /></append>Delete those 3 lines and save the file. Mech Bees will no longer spawn.
  22. The spawn probability of a zombie in a group is based on the total probability of that group. So if there is 10 zombies in the group, each with a probability of 1, then the total probability of the group is 10. Any one zombie with a probability of 1 has a 10% (1/10 of the total) chance of spawning if one zombie should spawn.
  23. My understanding was no probability means probability = 1
  24. If you load your mods including this one with the Mod Launcher you won't need to mess with DMT as the launcher handles that complexity. If you don't want the launcher auto updating your edited mods then uncheck auto updates.
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