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  1. Added a new zombie expansion pack from DarkStarDragon
  2. Remove her from entitygroups, though that might break some other things, id need to check . She that bad? 😃 Shes the A19 version texture wise, needs a refresh.
  3. 500? no, just 5 should drop in a separate drop bundle. Our testers never saw this issue, and you cant loot npc corpses, so some mod you might have added is bugging it. That info only shows if your in DM, debug mode. Its debugging info We added localization in the next release, so that should sort the name issue. SMX provided the additional UI stuff, so look in the mods UI folder.
  4. We are close to a new release which will fix that issue finally, as well as falling through the world and many other fixes.
  5. You can backup your save game and try it. But since this mode, specifically the SCore, has so much code, its almost like adding new a game into 7 Days to Die. That's likely to break any savegame since so much of the game is being changed.
  6. The falling into the ground is a vanilla issue which was recently acknowledged by TFP, and is being fixed. In the meantime, in the next build we added the player unstuck code to attempt to unstick NPCs as they fall and place them a bit above ground. Seems to be working well. We are almost done with the must fix bugs on dedi servers so a new build should be coming soon.
  7. Its really NOT SAFE to add to an existing save. We made a lot of progress on dedi, still some spawning bugs to resolve and a friendly fire issue, but we are getting close.
  8. Thats unexpected. Are you sure you had 1000 coins on you so you actually completed the hiring? That is a setting in xml that can be adjusted but rapid despawning is needed right now as a work around for another issue. 1 damage is the minimum the game code enforces. There is no xml way to reduce that to zero yet.
  9. yet another expansion added
  10. added new expansion packs.
  11. The XNPCCore has a few example characters included, a nurse capable of healing it's leader, a Baker who someday hopes to craft meals, the tutorial zombie, a verbose bandit lady, and a snowfox. These demonstrate the xml templates included in the cores. Glad you enjoy our work!
  12. In the SCore mod, there is a blocks.xml file used for configuration. Try changing this property: <property name="ShowTargetHealthBar" value="true" /> to false
  13. Just a reminder to all, there are way too many bugs on dedicated server right now, so avoid loading on dedi until further notice.
  14. I updated the link to the SCore. You only place the SCore mod, not his entire repository, into the Mods folder. The mod does not add traders, so maybe you are spawning vanilla traders Update your SCore, should be fixed.
  15. The error says the SCore is not loaded. They spawn with some random perks, but in this first release, beyond those perks, only damage increases as they get kills. We want NPCs to otherwise level up, and be trained up using books placed in their backpacks, but this release is just about validating all the new features and AI we added for A20 You can edit the xml to make the hiring cost very high so it cant be done. That's the easiest solution <property name="HireCurrency" value="casinoCoin" /> <property name="HireCost" value="1000" /> That is found in entitieclasses.xml, under the first NPCMelee template, top of file Currency can be any item.
  16. This wasn't clear in the install instructions? "Option 1: Download using the links below then just drop the 2 Core modlets into your MODS folder. Then load as many expansion packs as desired. If you are using a dedicated server, you also need to load both Core modlets into your dedi server Mods folder. So copies in both the client side Mods folder and also on the server Mods folder." So you need to load 3 mods, SCore, NPCCore and then the soldiers. Load all 3 on BOTH the server and every client.
  17. The installation could be simpler. Look on the first post under the install section.
  18. If someone doesn't dig into the new drone, likely I will eventually.
  19. I cant read your error. Linking a log would help LOG LOCATIONS: Windows: From Steam <gamefolder>\7DaysToDie_Data\output_log__<DATETIME>.txt From Mod Launcher <gamefolder>\7DaysToDie_Data\output.log From .exe %AppData%\..\LocalLow\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die\player.log From dedicated through startdedicated.bat <gamefolder>/7DaysToDie_Data/output_log_<DATETIME>.txt Linux From Executable <homefolder>/.config/unity3d/The Fun Pimps/7 Days To Die <- Dedicated>/Player.log From start scripts or Steam <gamefolder>/7DaysToDie_Data/output_log__<DATETIME>.txt From server with management scripts /home/sdtd/instances/<instancename>/logs/output_log_<DATETIME>.txt MacOS <homefolder>/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log
  20. So on default balance: Right now all of the expansion packs spawn into the wildgameforest group. In vanilla, there is a 65% chance of spawning a rabbit or chicken, 30% chance of spawning nothing at all in that , and a small 5% chance of a deer or wolf. The expansionpacks all loaded with the core changes this to about 60% chicken or rabbit, 20% nothing, and 3% deer/wolf etc. Then about 10% chance of a human, and 7% a bird So humans will spawn, its just not as common as other things at this point. The NPCCore entities spawn in other biomes generally, like snow or desert.
  21. They are uncommon spawns, but are around. Nothing is balanced yet, mostly because this isn't primarily intended to be a mod used alone, but for POI builders and mod makers to use in their mods. You can use it alone, but balance is then on you because we don't know how many or which expansion packs you might load.
  22. Added 2 new expansion packs from DarkStarDragon: Vault dwellers (The Wasteland mod has Vault POIs, so expect these to live there eventually) , and a Robots pack.
  23. The A20 vanilla controller removed support for the Behemoth, and i did not add it back in, as i wanted the zombiecontroller released in the tutorialproject to be a perfect clone of vanilla for now
  24. Correct. The tutorial project contains a zombie controller as well as the human one.
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