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  1. Haidrgna


    Gnamod has been updated to == This patch aims to fix some balance issues and bugs around puking zombies. ++Core++ - Fixed: Normal birds cannot puke anymore and deal crits like they should. - Changed: Rebalanced sleepers to spawn less pukers, especially early game. - Changed: Puke has slightly less radius vs blocks. - Changed: Wood POI blocks hp and strength overhauled, they now are no longer super weak against puke and in line with metal and stone in terms of HP. - Changed: Broken blocks in the world now harvest for resources, things like rebar, broken concrete, broken brick and broken wood. Pallets now harvest for Sawed Wood. ++CoreUI++ - Fixed: (Hopefully) Arrow in the player display should properly rotate to their location.
  2. Haidrgna


    Alright it is there and ready to go on the Stable branch of the Mod Launcher and the manual downloads have been updated with this version as well. Check the notes for all changes in this new version of Gnamod! == Gnamod is like in between a big update 0.9 and adding in improvements to existing features where there is no need to hold them back. This update focuses on improvements to the HUD of Gnamod CoreUI and additional balance updates and fixes to the existing gameplay. ++Core++ Fixed: Removed fake cabinets from placeholder. If it looks like a cabinet it should be lootable. Fixed: Animals (such as bears) no longer spawn wounded. Fixed: Proper icons used for deployable turrets. Fixed: Nailgun producing a lot of additional heat for no reason. Changed: Puke applies a healing effect on zombies, this mostly counters the damage the blast deals to them, but may heal some more. Changed: Removed Pigs. Mainly because their model no longer has working collision and thus they cannot be killed. Changed: Climber and Bomber zombies that have no unique voice (Arnold, Ryan, Crispy) will now use the spider sounds if male and screamer sounds if female. Changed: Limepowder stacks to 1000. Changed: Recipe for farmplots no longer uses clay, but uses nails and a bit more nitrate. The discount is applied each level of perk now, up to 60%. This does not show in the perk description (since those are going to change soon). Changed: Scouts now come in slightly larger groups when time passes than before. Changed: Scrap arrows/bolts are no longer sold by traders. Added: A new type of Vulture called Spitvulture, these will always puke but are slower and have more hp. The normal vultures no longer puke and see further away. Balance: Puke corrosive effect rebalance, direct hits have 5% chance to cause ragdoll (down from 50%) and when it happen it adds no stacks from the direct hit. Balance: Puke is less accurate for all sources, direct damage and explosive damage also have been reduced. Balance: Rebalanced the spawns of Wandering Hordes. Removed exploding zombies and increased counts and reduced delays between waves. Balance: Increased the overall danger of Sleeper zombies. Removed exploding (except Arnold) from the lists but increased the overall power level of sleepers. Balance: Tweaked the animal spawns in biomes, removed super rare spawns from some that made little sense. Balance: Mines have been made a bit more dangerous. The base timer is lower now, so difficulty and perk have a lot more influence on the final timer. Balance: Tweaked nests and their loot. There will always be at least 1 feather in a nest now (in addition to other loot) and the number of fresh eggs has gone up. Balance: Redone craft times of arrows/bolts to make more sense in the stage of the game you use them. Same goes for the arrow components. Balance: Reduced the passive heat generation of actions by 20%. ++CoreUI++ Changed: Redesigned the HUD elements, mostly using a shadow effect to improve readability of texts and make it look neat. Changed: Compass, time and other info now in one block, including the mod version number. Changed: Bars on the left are now 2 rows of 2 with buffs on top stacking horizontally. This gives much more room for buffs and easier to see whats active. Changed: Removed delay of pickup/xp and reworked it to be the same as the buffs. Changed: XP bar is now on the left together with ammo indicator. The UI will work with either toolbar. Changed: Increased chat size and text delay time. Chat text also has more space on the screen. Changed: Reworked the player bars on top left, can now display up to 10 players. Changed: Cleaned up the quest display header. Changed: Twitch menu moved to fit the sidebar. Using the classic toolbar will move it back. ++Horde Mode++ Balance: Rebalanced the vendor stocks, mainly on the number of raw resources being sold and where. Amounts have increased and distribution changed. Balance: Vendors will sell a lot more readymade blocks the first 5 levels of the player, after that the machine will stock between 0-2 rolls of blocks, so they become much rarer. Readymade blocks are only there to help getting started. Building material stocks are increased. Balance: Cash rewards from zombies are now tied to gamestage so the chance to get more cash will go up as you progress. This shows all the elements of the HUD when activated, including the Twitch window and 10 dummy players. Shows both toolbars, generally there will be only the one on the right, unless you enable the Classic Toolbar.
  3. Haidrgna


    Yes I seen that now, it was because the modlet's info file had the same name as the toolbar so it did not see it. It is there in the actual folder though. I have pushed a small fix to this file to rename it, so it should appear if you sync the mod. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Haidrgna


    The modlet is packed with the mod and has a file that is called Disabled-ModInfo.xml, if you remove the Disabled- bit the modlet will be loaded. In the mod launcher you can easily do this with the manage modlets button.
  5. Haidrgna


    Not really, it is woven into the mod pretty deeply. I technically could make a vanilla modlet out of it, but that is not on my radar at all atm. This would also not be something that is easily made, since I have specific upgrade materials that do not exist in vanilla that would need to come with such a modlet as well.
  6. Haidrgna


    That is to bad But there is always YouTube and Twitch, there are video's of people playing the mod to be found to give an idea how it plays now.
  7. Haidrgna


    Only one way to find out
  8. Haidrgna


    Gnamod has been updated to, you will find all the changes done in the release notes. It has been pushed to the mod launcher stable branch and is available for manual download. == The first patch to this aims to fix a bug that would appear at night after having visited the trader and trying to craft anything. It also has some additional fixes and balance tweaks. Fixed: Food vending machines were not appearing in the world. Fixed: Index out of range spam at night after visiting a trader recently. Fixed: Blunderbuss ammo longer has a higher value than it should have. Fixed: Blueprint blocks properly scrap into blueprints now. Fixed: Scrap metal stacks can no longer be scrapped into stacks of cans. Fixed: Wrench and the likes are now properly back to Salvage Operations for quality/crafting. Fixed: Flashlight no longer locked behind nothing. Fixed: Cooking boiled meat with a can no longer gives back more meat than used. Fixed: Display icons now use the actual Ammo icon I added for that purpose. Added: Added 3 more loading tips (Heat, Modlets and Horde Mode). Finetuned the texts in existing ones. Added: Zinc scraps are now part of the scrap metal loot so will appear more frequently. Changed: Altered some placeholders to not produce air for certain blocks. Fridges can now also be from another type. Changed: Hatches can be used as drawbridges again. Changed: Night penalties from trader only apply if you remain nearby. Changed: All non-special arrows/bolts can now be crafted per 1 and always use at least wooden shafts and basic fletches. Making quivers is still more resource efficient. Changed: Sawed wood bundles do not give excessive amounts of scrap wood anymore. Changed: Renamed Store Shelves to whatever they contain or just Shelve, since they are not limited to stores. Changed: Increased frequency of pristine cans in loot. Changed: Broken vending machines have their own loot pool now and are either filled with stuff from food vending machines or food from soda machines, not combined like before. Changed: All parts are now equal in rarity, so you will find tool and melee parts in loot as frequently as weapon parts. Changed: Minor loot balance, slightly less lockpicks, glass in trash loot. Changed: Making sawed wood bundles is now a lot faster. Changed: Passive heat generation increased from all actions and it lingers longer. Weapon fire now adds more heat and lasts longer to attract zombies from anywhere. Changed: Soda machines sell more types of drinks. Changed: Vending machines found in the world now sell stuff at only 1/4th the actual price, so its cheap but they are very limited in stock. See this as them selling with old prices and since they never restock, you are taking the last remaining items.
  9. Haidrgna


    Gnamod has just been updated to and is fully compatible with 19.5 and Twitch Integration now for all those brave souls that find it to easy You will find the mod on the usual download link and in the Mod Launcher. It may still show outdated data on the Mod Launcher for a bit but it should download this version on either branches, but it is recommended to play on Stable for long term games. It should be possible to update an existing game, but it is wise to backup before doing so. I have posted the release notes below, you can also find them in the download link folder. Good luck survivors == Gnamod 0.8.3 is an update to fit in between the development towards 0.9 and keeping the mod working on 19.5. A lot of stuff that could be ported backwards from the 0.9 version in development will be in here as well as some fixes and stuff that I have done specifically for this update. It is aimed to be one of the final versions of Gnamod for A19 as the 0.9 update is targeted to release with A20 or somewhere after it becoming stable (depending on the amount of rework needed for it). I have also added a 4th version number for patches. There is a chance of a 0.8.4 version coming as well, but that will mainly focus on the UI changes that are also needed for 0.9 that should be compatible with 19.5. ++Core++ Fixed: Crates sometimes spawning a new crate or nothing. Fixed: Placeholders for sheet fences and wild west coffins now work. Fixed: Walloven (the red ones) now uses the correct lootgroup. Fixed: Gaspumps no longer sink into the ground and no longer have a car model as explosion. Fixed: Couches and Sofa’s now properly give scraps again when harvested and occasionally a full material (leather or cloth). Fixed: All shoe piles are lootable now. Fixed: Certain animals such as Zombie Dogs were getting stuck in walls, they will now properly try to wreck your base if they cannot path to you. Fixed: Pricing of turret ammo does not break the economy anymore. Fixed: Throwable items like rocks now cause a distraction reaction from zombies again. Fixed: Special arrows cannot be opened anymore for no effect. They will not have the option. Fixed: Display of food/water from edible items use a new group that should work for all items Gnamod affects currently. Also fixed a display issue in boiled water cans. Fixed: Water and Snow items are now working as intended when eaten, giving food and a chance to get dysentery. Fixed: Reduced max range of treasure quests to prevent an index out of range error. Fixed: Icon for coffee beans now not being the same as coffee seeds. Added: More lootable blocks now degrade into empty variants of their model on looting them. This includes Freezers, Gunstore racks, Cloth Racks and more. Added: Pallet blocks such as the blue tarp or cement bags now show what they are and give on harvest via a display text. Added: Support for Twitch integration using Gnamod zombies, loot tables etc. The balance is still mostly vanilla, any feedback on pricing etc is welcome. Added: Ammo type icon to ammo items and specific type icons to canned goods to show if they need a can-opener or can be opened right away or are already open. Added: 33 new loading tips to help plays with Gnamod and the concepts that seemed the most confusing to new players. Some tips are adapted from the base game and those are no longer displayed. Feedback on the tips or suggestions for new ones is welcome. Added: Localization for all Zombies and Animals to show their simple name. Zombies with special abilities will have this reflected in their name. Added: Electric traps can now be obtained through looting. Added: Some new UI Icons for canned goods. Changed: Blocks now upgrade to the blueprint version of the same shape of the next level of material. This requires a blueprint to upgrade; any upgrade tool can do this upgrade. The new blueprint does not offer support, so it can collapse a structure. Changed: Recipes using building materials (such as Platedwood + Nails) are now using the individual pieces in the recipe to remove the extra step of needing to make it first. Repair of blocks also changed to match this change. Changed: Drawbridge now is only 1 block deep making it easier to use and place. It will need to be placed on properly supported blocks or it will fall. Changed: Puke now passes through any blocks that also allow bullets/arrows to pass through such as bars. Puke now applies its effect as a stack and only direct hits add the most effect and can ragdoll the player. Multiple hits stack and worsen the effect. Drinks can be used to reduce the number of stacks. Changed: Mine overhaul makes them more dependent on difficulty. The lower the difficulty the more time before a mine detonates, stronger mines detonate faster. Mines deal less extreme damage to players but still good damage to zombies and animals. Proper protection and full health should keep one safe from a blast at point blank. Mines can give buffs now, like sprain/broken leg and concussion. Cooking pot mines now explode like molotovs. Recipes are made less expensive. Changed: Trader prices are extreme at night now to reflect that they are closed. You also get no experience while being within the trader’s influence at night. Changed: Destroyed containers now drop a piece of trash rather than a purse. This will last for 30 seconds, so if you want to salvage loot from broken containers you will need to be fast. Protect your containers in your base! Changed: Scouts are no longer limited to Anna and Axel (Screamer/Spider), but any zombie can be a scout. You will never really know and thus scout hordes will feel more natural rather than a bunch of the same zombies showing up each time. Changed: Unified the upgrade tools working, they all repair 100 damage per hit and all require the same amount of hits for upgrade, but speed per hit goes up for the better tools. So nailguns will make a lot more hits in the same time. This way upgrade hits still matter and repairing is not instant but takes effort to fully repair a block. Changed: Bandages now heal 10 HP, Medical Cream 20 and First Aid Bandages 30. They do not give XP for use anymore. Changed: Re-localized in English many lootable blocks to reflect that they are lootable now and not empty or have a long name. Many blocks will have simple names like Boxes, Trashcan, Freezer etc. Changed: Bloodbags are no longer lootable or tradeable and are no longer part of any recipe. Changed: Infiltrator now allows picking up mines each level, unlocking more pickable mines each time. Changed: New localized offer for the Trader Advert quest. Changed: Blunderbuss now uses Glue and Sawed Wood in its recipe. Changed: Fortbites now uses Testosterone Extract to make. Changed: Worktable now needs 50 Sawed Wood instead of 200 Scrap Wood to make. Changed: Vending Machines now sell unopened cans of water as they can be opened without a can opener now. Balance: Reduced amount of working vehicles spawning in the world slightly. Balance: Reduced number of intact ruins in the snow biome significantly. Balance: Reduced ore gain from vanilla ore blocks. Balance: Reduced amount of feathers from harvest in world and animals to reflect other changes. You need less feathers for most stuff now so they can be rarer. Balance: Altered Bloodmoons to be gentler on the very low gamestages and rack up to more extremes on higher ones. Trickle zombies increased in numbers, so you always have action all night. Balance: Rebalanced the chance of dysentery for raw vegetables/fruit items. The minimal chance is now 5%. Balance: Honeycombs now cure 3% infection. They did 2.5, but that never displayed properly. Balance: Reduced the amount of building material drops, they were way to common and in too large quantities given in certain containers. Balance: Trader rewards are now tied to tier more, where higher tier quests have better chance of being higher in quality and quantity or better items. Quests always offer a choice of money or other items and the amount of choices increases with tier. Balance: Reduced the amount of Armor in loot and the chances to get a whole set have been reduced as well. Getting full armor was way to easy with just looting. As long as there is limited amount of armor/clothes available in the mod this will remain. Balance: Removed feathers from book loot and made paper more common in bookshelves. Bookshelves that are lootable should be more common as well. Balance: Cooking pots are a bit more common; hammers are a bit rarer. Balance: A lot of changes to loot balance that affect the final feel of the mod’s looting and how it is determined to prepare for 0.9 with weapon parts being added into the mix. Balance: Many containers are now by default not affected by Loot Abundance, only a handful still are where it is not a huge problem. The way Gnamod’s loot is setup makes any setting of loot abundance above 100 break the balance severely as there already is a chance to get much more loot in containers build in. Balance: Palisade blocks now use 2 sticks to make in addition to the other items. ++CoreUI++ Fixed: Nav icons for Twitch Zombies, Backpacks and Spears no longer have a minimum range so always show. Changed: Location of the Gnamod UI logo to the left so it does not interfere with the version number. Changed: Localization for loot containers and interactable items has been improved with color coding to show the state of something (Green untouched/locked, blue touched, red empty). Added: Target Bar to display names of zombies that is always active. Added: New modlet to enable a health bar in the UI instead of just a name. This modlet is disabled by default. ++Horde Mode++ Fixed: Horde Mode buffs and display messages are now localized. Changed: Beacon no longer applies the Shocked buff to zombies, but instead tags them with a simple shock effect that deals only minor damage. It will serve as a warning to you, but not kill off zombies for you.
  10. Once a world is generated you do not really need the modlet anymore after that. It comes with copies of the POI, but only for their XML which contain placement rules. Once a map is finished it can run the prefabs from the game folder as well since they are the same. You can share these maps with other users as well. (Sorry for the late response, I never got a notification for this).
  11. Yes @doughphunghus is correct, Gnamod Horde Mode is a mod that does the thing you ask for. If you search on YouTube for Gnamod Horde Mode you will likely still find video's of the mod, though many are likely from older versions of the game/mod. But I think what you speak of is the original Horde Mode that used to be in very early builds of this game, I never seen those myself either and only heard that it once existed. I first created this mode for A16 and it resolves around guarding a (radio) Beacon on a mostly flat map. You are given some supplies and cash and can buy supplies from the Beacon to build defenses around it. Every night waves of zombies come that try to break the Beacon and if they succeed it explodes taking everything build around it with them. The mod essentially turns the game into an arcade version. It is however an add-on modlet to Gnamod Core, so it follows the rules of my overhaul as well, there is no version for a purely vanilla experience. If you are using sphereii's Mod Launcher then you can install it by installing Gnamod Core and then using 'Manage Modlets' to enable this add-on modlet and then selecting one of the Horde Mode maps that come with it. If you play without such map you will not have a Beacon to defend, but will still get daily hordes, so that may not be recommended
  12. Forgot to add the download link, now it is added
  13. Hello, some of you may know me from the Gnamod overhaul(s) but I sometimes also release modlets, usually when I find something that should have been in the vanilla game and simply want to share it with everyone out here. I was chatting with some people about the lack of ability to hide pieces of clothing or armor on characters and how other games supported such feature and got me thinking this game already supports a cosmetic item that makes something invisible. So I tested it and it worked, so I decided to make it into a simple modlet for people to enjoy as well. Download This simple modlet adds 1 new item and English localization for it called Invisible Dye. It can be applied to clothes and armor (but not shades, as they for some reason do not count as either.) If you add it to the item, it hides the UMA layer of that item and then makes whatever is under it visible, though I have not extensively tested what happens with overlapping clothes and hiding only one piece. As you can see the player model becomes visible with all pieces having the mod. It is added to he dyes lootgroup and will appear in clothes sometimes like other dyes do. Terms of Use Anyone is free to take the code of this modlet and expand upon it, use it in their own overhaul or modpack or create a modified version of this modlet for personal use. In anything published to the public it is required to tell people you used this modlet in its creation, a note of credit to me or an entry in your mod's readme file is usually enough. This mod likely will remain working for as long as the game keeps using UMA for the character model, when they stop that it may also stop functioning. Note: I have not checked if someone else already made a similar modlet, if they did us theirs instead and let me know
  14. Haidrgna


    Hello, Horde Mode is an add-on to Gnamod and gets its balance and implementation 95% from Gnamod Core. Separating it to work with vanilla would be a totally different mod, something that is very far from what I do. Playing this on Insane may indeed prove to be very very hard, not recommended if you are new to Gnamod and how it works compared to vanilla. On default the birds should not one-shot the player, though they are still very nasty.
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