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  1. Haidrgna


    Hello, Horde Mode is an add-on to Gnamod and gets its balance and implementation 95% from Gnamod Core. Separating it to work with vanilla would be a totally different mod, something that is very far from what I do. Playing this on Insane may indeed prove to be very very hard, not recommended if you are new to Gnamod and how it works compared to vanilla. On default the birds should not one-shot the player, though they are still very nasty.
  2. Haidrgna


    I have been working a bit on a next patch, 0.8.2c, which will be released in a moment to the launcher and then to the manual download. Most notably it will fix the annoying UI bug where the craft action was on the wrong spot causing it to overlap with the first slot in the belt. There was no real change that needed Gnamod to update to make it compatible with 19.2, so this version is compatible with 19.1 and 19.2 still. Changes: - Minor rebalance to amount of usable world vehicles (seemed it was still to high now that the on -hud icon reveals them from much further). - Replaced v
  3. Haidrgna


    Hotfix 0.8.2b released to the mod launcher and manual download, this is a bit of a bigger hotfix than usual because it has the UI changes in it needed to make it all work with the changed toolbelt. I have done some more patch-up and fixed some of the recently reported issues: - Fixed Scrap Iron hatch upgrading/repairing with the wrong material. - Fixed Iron Railing block to have same HP as Iron Bars and same repair material (since it works identical to it). - Changed Shale drops to be higher, so mining shale will give you more, up to twice as much depending on your luck. This should a
  4. Haidrgna


    I am working on updating Gnamod to work properly with A19.1 Experimental and will release a working version shortly to the Latest branch on the Mod Launcher. It is not finishes as some windows are not entirely correct and not all things are properly aligned yet. I will release it as a Hotfix 0.8.2b because I expect the experimental to be short and likely not last long enough for me to finish 0.8.3, which I want to fix all of the outstanding minor UI problems and redesign a certain amount of windows that were not done yet or no longer look correctly after all the changes. Fixes:
  5. Haidrgna


    Hotfix 0.8.2a I have pushed a hotfix update to both stable and latest branches of the Mod Launcher to fix an issue with the Medkit and Ration items that happen when you touch water blocks with the equipped and cause NRE spam that will not stop until you leave the water. Other fixes: - Quests were not awarding next trader quests options after completing a tier, it should now offer them again (I have not completed 10 quests to test, let me know if its not fixed). - Lucky Looter level 1 was giving to high bonus on search times. - Display issue where Spoiled Rations did not dis
  6. Haidrgna


    The images are all loaded from the Textures folder of the mod so you can grab any for promotional purposes if you want.
  7. Haidrgna


    They would not make much sense outside of Gnamod I am afraid, they have a logo and feature a lot of Gnamod specific deco and scenes. But you can easily make your own from in-game screenshots and I can tell you how to load them as a modlet too if you wanted
  8. Haidrgna


    Gnamod 0.8.2 for A19 is leaving Experimental and going to stable after a long periods of updating, testing and balancing it is finally ready to become the first Stable version for A19. The Mod Launcher download and Manual downloads have been updated and the A18 version of the mod has been moved to a Legacy branch. You may not see this change on the Mod Launcher right away and might take a bit before its updated by Sphereii's code. But the Experimental download currently there has the exact same version so you can play that in the mean time. Changelog for 0.8.2 with all changes s
  9. Haidrgna


    I pushed a new update to Gnamod Experimental on the Mod Launcher only. It should make it fully compatible with B180 (only thing that really broke was the wine barrels not being lootable anymore change). I have updated localizations of many starter items to match the changes in Gnamod so they properly tell you what you need to repair for example and that the Hunting Rifle uses .44 ammo. I have started updating perk descriptions as well but this is still ongoing. I added a new loading tip and plan to add more, added Gnamod specific loading images, 10 for each biome instead of the van
  10. Are you going to make this available as a DMT mod instead of redistributed dll? Could be that if your optimizations are easy enough the Fun Pimps could pick them up and implement them to the core game. It sounds promising that this may just allow a bit more zombies on the screen at once which is always a good thing,
  11. Haidrgna


    Update: I just pushed a new version to the Experimental A19 on the Mod Launcher. This version 'may' break earlier savegames because I removed all the Wood blocks and upgrade items. Why? I felt that the wood blocks were to niche and to costly compared to what they offered. The palisade set will be improved in the future to fill the gap it leaves behind with some more square filling variants that are stronger and possibly frame/low level blueprints kind of shapes to fill in like the other blocks. The first materials are now Platedwood (metal) and Cobblestone (stone) that require blueprints bu
  12. Haidrgna


    Thank you for taking the time to notify me of a bug And yeah lot of work went into getting the mod to this level and a lot more will be needed polish out the rough edges You can use the world map to find ores, niter will appear as grey/whitish and coal are dark/blackish spots. You will find coal in the snow biome (or some POIs have it, like the coal dump and SM factory). Niter is found in the wasteland biome. I am not sure what Journal entry says anywhere, I guess I need make one for mining in Gnamod specifically to overwrite the vanilla one. Journal tips and tutorials etc are
  13. Haidrgna


    If you are loading a save from an older build that could have corrupted things or broken them. Have you tried it on a new save, it will likely work there. It sadly is the nature of Experimental to break saves, even if the mod may not the updates the Pimps do to the game usually require a new game to be started. I just tested clicking the recipe and it gives out an error, so I will look into this further and see if I can fix it. Addition: I found it was caused by pointing to a no longer existing Yeah Science perk for unlocks on Oil and Chemistry station. It w
  14. Haidrgna


    I have tested it both on B178 with Gnamod Core and only with Gnamod CoreUI and on either the chemistry station opened just fine without errors, showing recipes like it should. You may need to provide with more information and make sure your game is at the latest build and the mod is the latest version uploaded (when in doubt let the Mod Launcher delete it all and reinstall). If that does not fix the issue, please post your log files and other info like reproduction steps to the problem you are experiencing so I can track it down. Just stating something does not work is sadly not
  15. Haidrgna


    I have uploaded a zip file to the A18 download link (currently the link you follow in the first post to Download) to contain a zip for the A19 Experimental version of Gnamod. Since it's mostly ready to go and I am expecting A19 to go stable soon its time for more people (and people not using or having issue with the Mod Launcher) to have access to it. Note that this is the exact same package you would be getting for the Mod Launcher, it comes with Horde Mode and Classic Toolbar disabled and you will need to manually enable them if you want to use them. Installing should
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