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  1. Walking sleepers sounds great. POIs need some unpredictability.
  2. Hey Bud, 

    Quick question about your head shot multiplier mod, are you going to update it for Alpha 19? As it's still currently sitting on A18.



  3. The CP adds the new zombies to the various spawn groups, so yes you will see them spawn outside of POI's, if I'm interpreting your question correctly.
  4. Yep. It will be "locked" for I believe 1 game day if you log out in the middle of a quest.
  5. If it raises a red flag for you, make a report. Worst case it gets filed as Not a Bug or a Duplicate, but best case you help make the game better!
  6. ...n integer in his function.
  7. Speaking of mining helmets being made less of a must have item, maybe they should add an effect similar to that mining book that gives you less damage from falling blocks.
  8. In A19 are there going to be further quest parameters exposed to XML for modded quests?
  9. Hey gang, thanks for the 3k+ hour game! Demolishers aside, what plans are there for zombie enemies that require more varied tactics and gameplay than, "Shoot more to kill"?
  10. Looks like now she won't have to share a wardrobe with the screamer anymore!
  11. If the UIAtlas is already loaded in memory, couldn't those icons be used for crate paint? That would add dozens of icons with little to no overhead unless I'm dead wrong. (Possible )
  12. I feel like the wildcard here is going to be the ISS. It sounds like it will be pretty in depth, I just wonder if the food/water aspect will be included in that or not. Really excited to see how some of the stuff plays out. I guess I'll have to reserve judgement until then.
  13. I'm digging the face on the business end of the sledge turret, and that's one nice sunset.
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