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  1. If the UIAtlas is already loaded in memory, couldn't those icons be used for crate paint? That would add dozens of icons with little to no overhead unless I'm dead wrong. (Possible )
  2. I feel like the wildcard here is going to be the ISS. It sounds like it will be pretty in depth, I just wonder if the food/water aspect will be included in that or not. Really excited to see how some of the stuff plays out. I guess I'll have to reserve judgement until then.
  3. I'm digging the face on the business end of the sledge turret, and that's one nice sunset.
  4. I look forward to GameSparks reminding me that it's my mother's birthday.
  5. Anything new for 19 you can disclose? I love reading about new ways to rewire things.
  6. As long as its transparent what data is being captured, I really couldn't care less. There are much bigger things to worry about than whether you drink more goldenrod or red tea.
  7. I guess I'll have to wait another week to get my A19 fix. Oh well, there's worse problems to have!
  8. Any chance of a video this weekend?
  9. What somebody does in their own home with a severed tree limb is their business...
  10. Nah dawg, that kind of stuff is a major turn off for a lot of players.
  11. Uhh...excuse me? Please go on...
  12. Leave the baby alone, it doesn't have to go with the bathwater. One thing being unrealistic doesn't mean you have to go careening down that slope and take anything that's not securely rooted in reality away. It's one of the worst arguments out there, and it crops up a LOT. Subjectivity is a thing, and not everything is binary.
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