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  1. Make every key except WASD eject the player, imo.
  2. Sneak preview of my favorite feature in the upcoming new module, Vanilla Expanded: Hunting Wounded animals now leave a trail of blood behind as they flee. Can you follow the track and locate the downed prey? Your survival just may depend on it.
  3. Cal po partum on the side?

    1. Bartledoo


      Haha pringum dang

  4. We had that for loot open timers, but that was 86'ed. I'm glad for that. The timer itself is okay, it could just use a little tweaking to be more in-line with the other scrap timers, not ripped out entirely.
  5. That's why you want to make a workbench. It allows you to offload crafting and scrapping to a secondary source so you can focus on your here and now in your inventory. Scrapping is sacrificing when compared to melting things into the forge. It's a meaningful choice, and we like those, right?
  6. Some people might do that, but most probably don't. Like bdubyah mentioned, inventory management is part of the experience. Deciding whether or not you take those jars of coffee you found back to base, or put them aside for the radiator you got from a car makes the player have a meaningful decision to what's more important. Being able to mine more or making some more rounds for horde night. Timers can be easily tweaked, but ripping the whole system out doesn't sound like a good idea.
  7. Are you using any mods? Did you change the AI block damage setting? What game version are you on? I just tested in 19.2 b4 and Arlene was only doing 8 damage to all three blocks you mentioned, regardless of difficulty.
  8. Pressing F7 removes all of the HUD including the ability to open containers and otherwise interact with anything meaningfully, which makes it sub-optimal at it's ceiling. Options are good, and this is one that has been talked about for a long time. There are even Moms that do this.
  9. Personally, I find the process of Raw Materials > Processed Materials > Finished Goods very rewarding, and that a bigger backpack to account for finding more world building items (Alarm clocks, Nail clippers, paper clips, a can full of old screws, spark plugs, etc.) you could scrap for more than one base material ( Scissors would yield plastic and metal) would make the scavenging aspect of the game really shine. It's disappointing to evolve into the era of ignoring certain loot because you have more than you need at the base. I love how Fallout 4 did their scrapping system, as it meant m
  10. Well, yeah the calculation for SI would need to run at RWG or in the initial loading screen, I'm not arguing that. I'm just saying that calculating it outside of a game would reduce the CPU overhead in this hypothetical system. It's a moot point anyhow, as I don't foresee this feature ever seeing the light of day.
  11. Whoa there big guy, it was a joke. Didn't intend to ruffle any feathers.
  12. Yeah, I'm hoping they won't be like unique items from Diablo lore, it's much more fun to have some fluidity to the effects gear can bring to play.
  13. TSBX


    That FubarPrime guy does a pretty good job. https://www.twitch.tv/fubar_prime
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