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  1. Then you need to check your journal. Open Trade Route quests occur every 5/15/25/35/45 quests completed. It is not connected to tier. Therefore you should've already had it.
  2. Yeah. It's an option in sphereii-core under blocks.xml. Just go in there and turn it off. Done.
  3. Not very. The headshot only mechanic kinda ruins sorcery spells.
  4. You're looking in the wrong section. There's a "Do you have any other work for me?" option and Open Trade Routes is in there. EVERY trader gives it. I know that because I had it.
  5. Do trader quests. She's ALWAYS Open Trade Routes 5.
  6. You have to re-add it via console Yep Increase the max zombies on the main menu. I run with 125
  7. It is correct. 1080p is very CPU bound. Also, maybe DONT run the game on ultra? I use a mix of medium and high settings on an i7-10700K and 2070 Super and get 50+ FPS on horde night, on a 144hz gsync screen (with 32 zombies, and an overhaul mod. Usually sits around 70fps with 12 zombies) So if it doesn't look nice on your screen, you don't have gsync on. Turn it on. This reminds me that I need to test 7DTD on my new rig. I was getting about the same FPS as you at 1440p on medium with a 980ti and Ryzen 7 2700X. Will be interesting to see how the 2080ti and i9-10850K with 5.2/5.1ghz overclock will do.
  8. Ready? Absolutely not. Looking forward to it though. Looks like a pretty substantial upgrade over A19.
  9. Nope Animals currently don't work properly. I'm working on that. Radiation is in but not the same as starvation. In A16, we had an unlimited rad biome. We haven't had that since A17. But the wasteland is radiated (make sure you have PvP on, even in single player, otherwise it doesn't work. This is a vanilla problem)
  10. Could be. Sounds like it might be overwriting something in the entityclasses file.
  11. Yeah. You're missing the big forge.
  12. If the Restore Power quests are now a thing... Can we now build POI's with electrics hooked up and SAVE it? (Currently not possible in A19)
  13. Yeah, head hitbox moves with the head cos it's attached to the head bone.
  14. ndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array TypeLoadException: Could not resolve type with token 01000017 (from typeref, class/assembly RH_Options, Mods, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null) ^ you installed it over a version of the game that still had RH installed. Get a clean copy.
  15. I know that feel. I overclocked a Xeon X5650 (X79 platform) from 2.66ghz to 4.5ghz and was super happy with that. That PC is in a mates house now.
  16. Sounds about right. I did my testing on my 10850K before I started messing with overclocking properly (5.2ghz single, 5.1ghz dual, 5ghz quad, 4.8ghz all-core, tweaked numbers to 5.2ghz single/dual, 5.1ghz quad for the test. Now running 5.2ghz single -> quad, 5ghz all core)
  17. Older hardware still had turbo boost for single core vs all core. It just wasn't as granular as the newer hardware that has like single, dual, quad and all core turbo.
  18. I think Madmole mentioned during the stream about needing to update POI's. Is that just for the blocks or also for RWG since you folks are using a new system? Anything you can share on that or is it hush-hush until later? (totally understand if it is)
  19. I can tell you exactly why No 1 happens. Valheim and 7DTD like CPU speed more than CPU cores. Therefore, limiting to 4 cores allows the CPU to turbo higher as they all have "per core" turbo that depends on how much is being used. If you turned on "Multi-core enhancement" in your BIOS (I believe this is available for both AMD and Intel) you'd see the exact same behaviour happen as your system auto-overclocks ALL cores to the "single core turbo" speed. However, be aware this uses more voltage and more heat. Tested it myself by limiting 7DTD to 4 cores at 5.1ghz vs 8 cores at 4.8ghz.
  20. ^ this. And if what i'm hearing about A20 is true, DMT-based mods are gonna be even easier to install.
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