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  1. Just manually install. It's not hard
  2. DF isn't out for A20 officially, which means it's not on the launcher. For the A19 version, it might just be gitlab playing silly @%$#s.
  3. Anything not a wandering horde, screamer horde or POI is NOT gamestaged.
  4. The lab is just to prepare you for dealing with demons. If you can survive a horde night when it starts throwing proper demons at you, like the incubus, succubus and demonic behemoth, then you're done. Back up saves that matter, clear out your data as per TFP's recommendation for A20, put the saves back you care about, then play (and you'll probably need a new DF save) That's just how 7DTD works. It's always saving. If your power goes out, RIP your save.
  5. Nope. I'd have to have a look. Thats literally the point of the mod though. The wilderness is supposed to be a refuge from the madness so you have somewhere to build. Awesome
  6. You played on nomad. What do you expect? That's easy mode for this mod. There's literally a succubus with like 7.5k hp that flies and throws fireballs at you, an incubus with 10k hp and a demonic behemoth with 50k hp, all of which NEED a laser weapon to disable the regen. So that's on you. Old bug from A18 and A19 that happens if you use the same seed/game name on a map.
  7. You mean like it already is? Behemoths don't start until GS 150 on wandering horde, 177 in screamer hordes No. Yep, that'll happen. It's cos of the crossplay crap they shoe-horned in.
  8. At some point towards the end of this month, all going well. They CANT spawn on Day 1. It's hard coded. Wandering Horde calculations don't start until midnight of Day 2.
  9. I actually removed some of the effects from near death with the build the testers just got, so hopefully that'll be sorted. Razor is fixed in the current testing build (not public) I'm gonna be blunt. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to get a huge wandering horde unless you have some kind of mod running that multiplies the numbers. The absolute max number of zombies I set for it is 40, whcih starts around GS 80 and does not have any behemoths in it. And those numbers were tested and reported as fine. I'd have to do it in audacity and re-export. Because I had to mess with the mass in unity to fix some other bugs. The car is being removed in A20 since the unity project is now gone. (HDD fail)
  10. Oven wall like the rest of us do. Polymer problem solved.
  11. That sounds like it needs tweaking. 1 and 2 both fixed. Not planning to change water.
  12. Yep. Known issue and potentially fixed on my local build last night... the lathes that is. I actually don't mind the racks/torches. They're gamestaged to help people get them faster.
  13. Added a chicken coop modlet! These work like the ones in DF (in fact, this model will be in the A20 version of DF). So craft one, place it, wait, loot to get feathers and/or eggs. Once looted, you need to "feed the chickens" with animal feed. To do this, make animal feed, place it on your hotbar, select it, right-click on the chicken coop while it's in your hand to "upgrade" the block and start the process again. Has animated chickens. Amount of chickens tells you how close it is to being "ready for harvest." Recipes unlocked with Living off the Land 1 so you don't need a stupid point investment to get there. See the first post for download link. This modlet also has a terms of use, which has been edited into the main post, so please read that if you're planning to include it in your own modpack.
  14. You probably had biome-spawned zombies walking over too, because they will if you're in a POI. Get quests from her OR rekt. Fixed locally. Same with Joel's POI.
  15. I am pretty sure it does not change the type. Just increases the amount.
  16. That's because the behemoth uses the same rig as these. You would need to delete physicsbodies.xml from the behemoth mod.
  17. I've seen the tree before in A19. It's when a tree spawns on top of a lootable container, like a purse or birds nest. Second one I probably just placed it wrong. I'll check later but the wandering horde is definitely set to a max of about 40 zombies. I'd make sure you don't have the wandering horde modlet installed.
  18. Just double checked and it's working locally, so I would guess bad download. Also re-pushed it to git just in case.
  19. Nope because I don't test on servers, but i'm willing to bet vanilla has the same problem since it's vanilla code i'm using.
  20. If you're doing a lot of fast digging, that adds to heat, and then the campfire will too. And then if you keep firing guns, that'll continue to add to the heat, so you'll get more screamers. That's why I go a chunk or two over and drag things towards me and start killing there so I don't add to the heat in the chunk I was in, which stops screamer chains. It should work fine, but yes, you can move them if you need to.
  21. Right, i'm mad busy atm, but Romero Mod V2 is uploaded and ready https://github.com/KhaineGB/RomeroModA20 Romero Mod V2 changelog. - Updated to A20. - Updated Sphereii-Core. - Removed my pipe weapons in favour of TFP's as the models are better. - Removed the Guppy-carts as they are a little buggy. - Removed a lot of modlets to allow players greater customization features. - Cops should HOPEFULLY no longer run at the player when below 50% health. So what is actually included? - Scrap tier of weapons and tools. - Log spikes. - Large wandering hordes. - Cops and vultures should not spit. - Cops should not do their "sprint and explode" thing. - Forced bloodmoon off and zombies to walk. - Headshot only mode. - Pickup plants with E. - HP Bar. - Dangerous Cities modlet. - No trader protection or god-mode traders. - Random zombie walk types for greater variance. Install Instructions. Download the zip and open it. There will be a folder called RomeroModA20-main. Click on that and you'll see a load more folders. Go to your 7DTD folder, make a Mods folder, drag the folders from the zip into Mods, run with EAC off, done. Reasons for the changes. Honestly, I realised there was a lot of my modlets in there that -I- wanted. Which was not the intent of Romero Mod. So I stripped a lot of them out and left only the ones that I felt were in keeping with the setting. This allows greater customization for you, the end user (like using any UI you want), and also lowers the download size and RAM usage, so better performance.
  22. I think a more pertenent question is... What the hell were you doing to generate that much heat? 😛
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