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  1. Hey man! I appreciate the kind words, I can add this to the list of things to work on for the next update whenever I get to it!
  2. Hey man, I 100% recommend that you update the mod to version 2.0.0. I've definitely recalibrated all item's HP, material types etc. I'm pretty sure that came with version 1.3.0, but 2.0.0 is best with workable kitchen appliances and more. Definitely check out my page and recent comments for updates! As for tweaks to the double doors and expensive recipe to match, can you show me what you've done? Maybe via direct message or via the Discord? I'm sure I could potentially update the mod to cater to what you've done if it seems more immersive. As for the fridge storage c
  3. Hey @doughphunghus, the mod is set up to have a majority of the paintings appear at random throughout POIs. I believe they are mixed in with the vanilla. This was designed by Snufkin originally and I left that feature. I hope that helps You cannot however pick up the paintings still in a POI. Once you find the books to unlock various paintings and posters, you can eventually replace the paintings with what you want in a POI if the random painting isn't showing. Of course you can also buy a few paintings from a trader as well (exlusive to traders). I hope that helps! It's all a
  4. UPDATE After the public release of Paintings & Posters, which added up to 50 paintings and posters to be either unlocked and crafted or bought, I present update 1.1.0. This update adds a new thinned out light designed for placement above paintings and posters! Ztensity
  5. Haha, no problem man! I'm glad like some of it You're welcome too! I appreciate the support!
  6. Ztensity's Paintings & Posters Redesigning Snufkin's Paintings & Posters for A19.4 (Permission Granted by Snufkin) UPDATE After the public release of Paintings & Posters, which added up to 50 paintings and posters to be either unlocked and crafted or bought, I present update 1.1.0. This update adds a new thinned out light designed for placement above paintings and posters! INTRODUCTION Originally created by Snufkin, Paintings Posters contained twenty paintings and twenty posters that could be fou
  7. Ztensity's Functional Elevator Redesigning Guppycur's Elevator for A19.3 (Permission Granted by Guppycur) Assets Purchased For Release INTRODUCTION Originally designed for Alpha 18 with compatibility for Alpha 17 by Guppycur, his Working Elevator modlet now gets its next iteration for the latest build of 7 Days to Die, A19. Similarly to the original mod, this elevator only moves from one floor to the next across roughly 2 flights, while also taking up 3 blocks wide, 7 blocks high and 3 blocks deep (x,y,z). This version of the el
  8. Hey man, use the modern fireplace like the lights and TVs. Use the wire tool when you see 0W and it should turn the wire on and then cut it off. Voila, you can then use it. It looks best when hidden on the sides with concrete or something 😀
  9. Hey man, I completely understand. Thanks for reliving any anxiety and stress I may have gotten there haha. If I circle back to it later and think it's possible, I'll definitely let you know! Cadamier, yes I always forget how to explain how it works haha, but that's it! I'll remember that for the next time someone asks lol. Very exciting man!
  10. Hey man, I've never looked at Undead Legacy for compatibility. I'm not sure what it all does either. I can say that I wasn't intending on doing any other compatibility versions of UBBI post version 2.0.0 due to complications with UI adjustments and progression systems. Currently there is a Gnamod compatibility version available on the launcher for UBBI's 1.3.0 version and a War of the Walkers compatibility version of UBBI's 2.0.0 update available on the launcher as well. Eventually, I will remove the War of the Walkers standalone download too, as Dwallorde and I have agreed to make
  11. Hey, that's amazing to hear! Feel free to drop any other suggestions or notes as you notice things or think of things. I'll be glad to think about suggestions for future updates! I'll be excited that more people are using it and enjoying it Especially after version 2.0.0!
  12. Hey Cadamier, Thanks for the notes! I could definitely work on the Teddy Bear in the future. As for anything using the switch class (lights, tvs, chimney, sound bar, doorbell etc.) you must use a wire tool. You absolutely should not be connecting these sources to a power generator. Please start fresh by removing the power generator connections to those items, remove the items, rebuild them and then get a wire tool out, use the wire tool on the object when you see the 0W appear and then right click to remove the wire. Then and only then can you use the the object appr
  13. UPDATE 2.0.0! I have released updated version 2.0.0, but before updating, you must first destroy and remove the following items from your inventory, chests and placed in the game-space: stove, oven cooktop, toaster, coffee maker, microwave, shower head, shower glass mirrors, shower sliding glass doors, toilet paper, bathroom towel and closet pieces. In version 2.0.0, if you use Sirillion's SMX, you must get the new patch available for UBBI via optional files in addition to updating to the new edition, as various UI elements were created and adjusted for new features as
  14. I figured out a work around after speaking with Sirillion! Sirillion informed me earlier today that it's "not really meant to be part of the UI at all, just a piece of code I found when browsing through the engine." So since he said "StaminaChangeOT" was hardcoded, I decided to go a different route. So I dug through his files to hide the code he added that brought back old buff stat displays (which can't be localized) via the below code: <remove xpath="windows/window[@name='buffInfoPanel']/panel/rect/rect[@name='description2']" /> I then used localization
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