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  1. Well done mate. Twd world slowly gathering momentum once again.
  2. Have you looked thru the darkness falls thread. Maybe best to post in there to.
  3. Thank you we appreciate this the number of great prefab creators have given the community so much more to play with. Glad you are enjoying it.
  4. Well first thoughts was a telescope but i dont think that fit a govt building.
  5. been thru it. great work on the ducts not many use the actual duct block lol. The statue looks good to :-). The only thing is the observation level. it is bare have you plans for that area or. But other then that it all looks good. Ofc you are to do damage and zs etc but at the point of the poi at moment wouldnt change it .
  6. lol was just in it lol ok will check the latest one out lol.
  7. Honestly it dont look as bad as you are saying lol. But you have to be happy with it. Keep playing with the different blocks different ways you can use those shapes. Can be frustrating. Take a break free the mind and come back and try again til you are happy. I am 100% positive you can create something you are happy with. 'Modified aragon quote from end battle retirn of the King' "One day you will quit, but today. Today is not that day"
  8. It could fit in a museum as a piece of art work 😜. Can only see 1 side is he kneeling
  9. Well seems you are set for a while lol in creating prefabs for the community lol. But yeh buildings that have a history etc like castles etc
  10. Looks great. There seems to be alot of historic buildings where you live.
  11. Yeh we wont know until a20 exp is released. But happy to keep communication open and talk further so as to when a20 exp comes out you can let us know what your tool requires if any changes.
  12. hi @KingSlayerGM probably not at this stage. we wont be doing anything with the cp until a20 exp comes out and we start work on it again. we dont know what a20 has installed. However will look at this as a option come a20 so as it works with your tool. I have noted them down for when i go thru them in a20 exp.
  13. A data server room maybe being govt. A small library Maybe a files room also.
  14. Brilliant idea 🙂 Good luck and again looks great 🙂
  15. It is like 20 odd stories high lol . Glad you like it. The creator did a nice job on that 1 for sure.
  16. Been thru the poi. Great work and design. Except... if you know the movie grease (the first one) there is a song in it lol beauty school drop out. Went thru it singing that song and now it stuck in my head lol..
  17. did you place your world from the server in the generated world folder then go to editing tools then world editor
  18. You can use the world editor to manually place the prefab. If you have admin and able to upload and dl from the server. Dl the world and add via world editor then re upload.
  19. Rolling them out well done look forward once again to seeing the end product 🙂
  20. The gap between block and terrain is easily fixed in pilles editor. Happy to help you there. With the slope you can highlight (press z one one block and then hold shift g and increase the blue box to highlight the 3 terrain blocks) a row at a time and then use the up down left right arrows to mesh better a slope.
  21. So great work :-). So a user wont have control over the pois the map generator does like nitrogen does or that is planned
  22. i normally just click the 3 dots up right hand side of my post but another user had to message roland to ask to enable it to weird forum
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