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  1. Great you just scared off all the zombies.... lol And yes this is the place for ideas.
  2. They were part of kickstarter goals. And a promise which if not put in the game could lead to legal ramifications on tfp part for not having them in fairly certain with kickstarter rules.
  3. attenburg castle meant to be in wilderness. Due to the malls size they spawn in the wilderness for there is a size limit so wilderness is where they will spawn
  4. Hi spud42 I would need to see which pois you are talking bout. Stallionsden
  5. Nice mate πŸ™‚ . Look forward to going thru it
  6. Weird. Have you tried cleaning your game for like any bugged maps etc. Uninstalling game is ok and all but your appdata stuff still remains. Go to your 7dts game folder where the exe is located. Then click on 7dlauncher Then tools tab Then clean game and then select all boxes you see and clean. Note: this will remove all game maps and saves so maybe move em elsewhere if you want them saved. Then try game without adding ay back.
  7. Thanks @sq33k Glad it is working for you now πŸ™‚
  8. You can continue your game. Simply copy your game folder located in steam/steamapps/common and rename it say 7 days to die - special and regardless if the steam folder updates you will always have that copied game folder to continue your game play for as long as you wish or even til tfp release their new game
  9. Why would that suck. That be awesome and add more flavour to the game. This has been discussed at length and has its very own thread. And if you read the thread the answers lay within. I will even point you to the general discussion thread I think it is in there.
  10. Hi @sq33k can you please send me your output.log and or player.log please
  11. No the poi randomness will be great. Don't forget tfp are doing more tiles as well and I am sure you will get alot of cool ones from the prefabbing community... ohhhh if I could make a tile.. you wouldn't get near the pois. I would have the tile full with the stripper.. you would forget all about the poi you were meant to Get to.. this tile would be called the snowdog trapπŸ˜„
  12. Yep lots a ways lol but yeh obviously their way of playing. Pretty boring for others tho. But can have lots of fun on them as well
  13. Just cause the ladders are there does not mean you have to use them.. go thru the poi as you want. Let them go thru it how they want But for you you can place a well placed land mine to give them a boost to the roof πŸ˜„ .
  14. @SnowDog1942 go book yourself some time at the strip club i can guarantee what ever is thrown at us the cp will continue πŸ™‚. Once a20 exp is out be heads down and keyboards up and going πŸ™‚
  15. I dont know why they can't use download lol instead of the word code. But ty for keeping the video you do upto date.
  16. Look for a green code button on right. Click on the link it be a drop down where you will see the download link.
  17. Yeh that code I think is old lol. Yeh the chimney stacks are cool and all huge fps killers tho and ashamed they aren't finished
  18. Sorry forgot to add if you dont rotate the poi to face the correct way i the editor the poi will possibly spawn the wrong way. I normally make sure both nitrogen and vanilla are facing the correct way. So I will adjust the vanilla rotation to be correct and then use the vanilla rotation for the nitrogen
  19. ok. vanilla it needs to be orientated correctly facing the way you want it to face the street. so the arrow after show facing is ticked needs to face the way the road will connect to the poi to enter the front way.
  20. If you turn the show facing option in tools 2 tab which way does the arrow point
  21. Hi fleshus You can rotate a poi in the editor and in game it should face the way you place it and with the smoke the way you want. The smoke stack tho the smoke will start in a different place at the start then will align. A bug with that block as it is unfinished and wasn't actually meant to be in the game as yet.
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