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  1. Yes it adds a breaking sound as that is how the container is able to change states.
  2. Fixed thank you for bringing it to my attention
  3. STALLIONS MODLETS UPDATES: One Book To Rule Them All - now all books are read and the 2 change to read when you read them. Anti Block Ammo - Fixed books not being read and fixed a few other issues found. Supply Crate - Removed ability for the rates to spawn on the roads Whiperers and Whispererswithlightandreducedstamina - fixed issue with removing set and re adding and zs ignoring you Renamed invisible animal fix to More Animals, removed the extra big animals and made a new modlet called - Animals on Viagra. Animals on Viagra - adds big animals to the game friendly and enemy. Open Door Syndrome (no loot respawn) - bought to A20 Big loot fix on most modlets VALMAR MODLETS UPDATES: Survivor Notes - updated to include all the new stuff including the drone Starter Class System - Added icons to the items missing icons Big loot fix on all modlets
  4. just tested this and i was able to scrap everything inc the stone axe and empty cans
  5. Looking great mate. Looking forward to more of your work 😀.
  6. It is great to see you using parts Adds a lot of details to a prefab for sure.
  7. Oh I been seeing lots of animals. I can def get it going for sure for you. Will add it to my to do list and hopefully get it to you soon.
  8. I haven't updated that one as yet it is on my to do list tho.
  9. That is how valmar had it I have tried to keep his code intact where possible. The loot tho should be fixed in the survivor notes and most of his modlets if you dl the latest version. As for mine I will get to em in due course when I can. Thank you tho for letting me know
  10. I have removed the destroy area Ai code from them. Will see if I missed another line.
  11. I still have some loot changes I do have to get to for sure. Will get them out when I have em ready.
  12. Hmm it works for me. Any errors. I will recheck the reading amount of quests but I get bullet tips paper and gunpowder. Is it only on a particular ammo type or all you are having issues with.
  13. Argh welcome back glad to see you back to building again. Yes alot has changed in a20 and new awesome things to play with by tfp. Those pois look great and happy to have more of your pois included in the compopack when ready and all... Stallionsden
  14. Oh great thank you. Yeh I combined threads. Was spose to get archived which would a had the link here lol.
  15. Thank you. Cp48 is progressing nicely not close yet and no not having any major issues at all with getting it all to a20. But you all will love cp48 and what is planned that will be revealed in due course.
  16. You dl the whole mod list. But you only need to drag the mod you want into the server/client mod folder 📂
  17. there is a link in the first post of this thread in the opening post (valmars mod download) always has the upto date downloads. i not certain when that site gets updated tho it does say (new) next to loot
  18. no worries do let me know if any issues
  19. Am consolidating threads so all Valmars modlets can be found on this THREAD.
  20. oh shouldnt need to remove the stuff now if you remove and reupload the mod and have it there. it only changes the loot findings.
  21. do you have the mod installed locally as well as it has custom icons. Tho you can change the icons to a vanilla icon and it be ok to be serverside. and yes you will need to reinstall the mod for the changes. i changed the location where the book is found to working stiff crate now and gave it a loot prob verylow so shouldnt be found as much. The mod has been updated btw
  22. argh ok i will take a look in a moment and adjust the loot so it is better. give me a few
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