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  1. lol, that was a bad place to start, Eden Mall is a dungeon prefab. meant for hardcore players.
  2. yeah, did it the down and dirty way. should do that. I sometimes get lost in all that damned nesting
  3. 1. not sure never tried 2. you cant except for as a quest reward the way the quest sections does it. you can add rewards in the stat quest included in it.
  4. ah, sorry, havent kept up with mc since 1.12. waiting on some mods in 1.15 to finish before I go back and take a look. would been a nice way to empty a bucket tho
  5. did, and still doesnt change what I said. the second half may dissipate, but the first part is still infinite. and they are tied together.
  6. bad example since that water just recreates itself where you took it from
  7. come to here and I will help you https://discord.gg/EygpXj this channel here has installation instructions with pictures for nitrogen installation of the CP https://discord.gg/S9F679
  8. sorry, I dont believe in free rides in the Apoc. It still makes a great base and I made sure not to have it as a quest poi. But you will have to clean it out and clean it up. else why would the people who built it not still be there? The aftermath of a battle seemed more appropriate.
  9. it does. snow biome only in rwg map. unfortunately, we dont have biome placement in nitro yet. pester the creator of nitro. it would be good to get biome placement
  10. it should be on its own line, odd that yours isnt when mine is. since mine was the one in the released package. Sorry about the ocd option being default on load, I forgot to reset that? But yes, //old west and the saloon shouldnt be on the same line also, if you dont allow customized towns to spawn, you may not get it.
  11. sorry that I cant provide support in this area as I have no experience with dedicated server. but I do not believe it to be a CP problem as single player and coop servers are working fine.
  12. uhm... making glass jars. over time in mp, we have had to do this many times
  13. has nothing to do with it. wood isnt "mining" either and we can bundle it. the fact that they are resources obtained with the mining skill is the point. the amount you gain is increased with mining skills, using mining tools. and the reason the others were allowed to be bundled is because you get so much and it is for storage reasons. this also applies to sand and clay as much as it does the others. usefulness not withstanding
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