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  1. I noticed with autoturrets, the 4 settings, self, allies, etc... but they dont target passive entities? why is that and can a setting be included for it or sent to xml se we can do it ourselves if we so desire? I mean they shoot bears and wolves and even coyotes, not sure on snakes, but completely ignore rabbits, chickens, and deer. I mean if you want them to target every thing that moves, shouldn't they be able to then target EVERY thing that moves?
  2. welp, now they are officially late, but that's nothing new. lets see what goof Joel makes tonight.
  3. Navezgane has been updated in previous alphas to include new material. I dont see why it wont this time
  4. 1. Have any new spawn groups been added to the prefab editor? like all female or all male? I know this also falls under modding, but since the editor is part of the game package it should also fall into a20 category. it feels like some of the spawn group types are lacking. I mean the all female group would be great for the his/her bathroom spawns. the strip club, etc. a group for nurses and lab techs for hospitals and such. and yes although these can be modded, they are also easy additions that would make logical sense in certain prefabs. just as we have a workman group for joe builders and a military group for military poi's. 2. are the drop note quests getting an update to include the new zombie types? as it stands the party girl, lab tech missing from lady killer, as an example.
  5. i always thought the speaker alarm should attract zombies. I mean they are supposedly alerted to a thrown rock. so why does the speaker not affect them?
  6. @faatal another feral sense question. I have read that it extends in a 30 block radius. is that along the x and z axis only or also along the y? so basically I am 6 stories up a skyscraper, are zeds on the ground gonna feral sense me since they are technically less than 30 blocks away?
  7. ok, now that you are sharing these stories, I do have a question for you on feral sense and stealth. I mean they still gonna notice you from 30 away even with max stealth perks and mods? armor mods, not game mods
  8. so you are saying my wife and I can be playing a20 for our anniversary in october?
  9. houston, sometimes a small state like delaware. at a20.3, we are gonna try for the entire state of texas pop. barring any needed restarts due to updates
  10. In a19 coop. as party leader and host, I kept getting a bunch of conditions on first hit, yet the rest of the party rarely got any. also in coop as the server if I was in stealth and that chopped down say a burnt tree or opened a trash can. they could be 300 away and still it was my stealth meter that moved from 19 to 82. even tho I was standing still. The reverse tho is not true. my actions do not affect their stealth. now that I set up a dedi server, these issues no longer exist, it is only in coop steam server that this happened. we tested every tree type and trash can. their actions no longer affect me. and I am also no longer getting 3-4 conditions on a single hit. Has this issue for coop been addressed and corrected in A20?
  11. wife and I have a long term game, we look up the population of an area, and that is our target zombie count before we call an area cleared.
  12. ok, the ip address, or the tcpip address on the lan? this is not something I have done before. will need an idiots guide. I saw the ones that go up for public, but it asks for the external ip. the internet one. I dont want it to have to have the local machines ping the internet just to bounce back to the local network. If I have this idea worng, I would appreciate a correction and maybe some details
  13. got a technical question. I am moving to an area with no broadband. I am setting up a local sever for 7days for my family. is there a way to set it up as a local host through our router so that it doesnt have to go online to play and connect? we will be having a 2 up 10 down wireless connection for internet. which is @%$# for online gaming
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