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  1. I will add to this as time goes on. Wolfbain5's start chest. https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/954?tab=description. Gives the player the materials needed to quickly get through the tutorial quests. Crossbows reload https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1813/ brings back the crossbows ability to auto reload
  2. joe... the bigger one has red eyes and in the dark you can see them from a distance as if glowing and yes, you can compare them to the size of bears in the snow biome. especially when you can see them both during the day at the same time. well being color blind may be helping me out on the whole eye color. see the little wolf has dark eyes
  3. size and glowing red eyes and hp. I could pop the head of a wolf with 2 pipe shotgun blasts. these easily took 6
  4. Waifu, already tested and confirmed. sorry about the caps. definitely solidly in the wastelands. sorry about the confusion
  5. i agree, it is, and well placed. but they were supposed to be night time only... this was day. so night 1 is when they were expected
  6. @madmolehey man, I thought you said in the previous alpha that we were supposed to start in the forest. so far I have a start in the wasteland and one in the snow biome... Did you change your mind? also. Dire wolves during the day on day 1? is that an intended change? this was snow biome.
  7. bloody hell, didnt even look. lock this thread or just delete it
  8. @faatal @madmoleis it possible to tie the zero loot respawn and the zed respawn to the biome or district zed respawn times instead of 30 days? I mean if zeds can walk in every 5 days to the biomes and districts, then wouldn't they also be walking into the prefabs we emptied? I mean using most story line game logic this would make the most sense.
  9. to finish looting, to go in and salvage the place, to tear it down for mats. to tear it down for space. to rebuild the city for the fun of it. so many reasons so little zombies
  10. it is not a bug so reporting it there will fail, Faatal... <i think it was him> stated that if loot respawn is turned of zeds respawn after 30 days.... that is still way too long a lapse
  11. is there a way via xml to separate loot respawn timer from zombie respawn? I turn loot respawn off, but after 40 days, I still haven't seen a single prefab zombie respawn. makes the world feel too empty. I mean I turn of the loot because who is refilling the cabinets and such, but zombies are always wandering around
  12. SILENCE! Such heresy will not be condoned, there is no such thing as too much!
  13. yep, time to update main post and remove october from potential release date. I mean yes, it is still october, but since they are also doing streamer weekend, nd it is the last weekend... it wont make it. Here's hoping for xmas
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