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  1. @madmole how does feral sense work in regards to stealth? does it shorten up the range? completely negate stealth play?
  2. thanks for the tips, but those won't help all drivers up to date, and I already cleaned all data. 1 of the machines is new. and it only happens on the pc that is the coop server. since sound is a known issue, putting it in bugs is just redundant. here I was just informing that it is still a problem.
  3. sound is still wonky. playing coop through steam with the wife. my comp is the server. and sound keeps cutting out, I dig in dirt for 5 minutes, and you can see the shovel dig, but the sound is off, late, however you wish to phrase it. went to upgrade with the nail gun. sound is delayed or not played there as well. this is in 19.4 with the sound changes.
  4. ok, slight topic change. In the editor, we can update imposter. for those who dont know I believe the imposter is what we see in the LOD. so we can destroy the building, but go far away and still see it. how resource intensive would it be for the game to upon reloading, update the imposters. not on a timer, just upon shut down or restart of the game server
  5. I believe the person is asking about either coming up from above or below it "stairs, ramp, etc" and triggering the volume.
  6. Another question for @faatal with the drop quests, I can share them with party, and no matter who kills the zed. bear, animal, female, any. they count for anyone on the quest, except dogs. Is this intentional, or something not hooked in like the vultures? are the quest kills meant to be individual the way dogs are, or party kills as all others are? edit: another correction snake is counted as zombie kill instead of an animal kill
  7. your fanboi'ism isn't what you try to shove in people's face... regardless of gender
  8. ah, when I ask for official, I just mean I am asking for those who dont know to not post guesses and cloud up the answer. TFP are adults who can decide for themselves whether or not they will answer. sometimes a fanboi will get in my face thinking they are defending against an attack when it is merely an honest question.
  9. thanks. uhm, calculated in, bad wording, but didnt have a better way to phrase. as you drive by buildings, you get near volumes, I didnt know if the game calculates them as you approach to get them ready to render or not. basically hold in memory before you get close enough to render.
  10. well, not really your place to questions others either, but if you must know, I am in the group that does the CP pack. I am trying to stream line lag and such. server zombie count for dedi vs coop, range to trigger zombie population, texture streaming and the like all contribute. so, If I know the range, I can better tweak the prefabs for smoother game play for the many that use it. as it is zeds stay in memory for a certain amount of time after triggering them. overload that and you get wonky zed spawns and empty volumes that spawn after you enter if not done right.
  11. can I have an official response to how far away from a volume you can be before triggering spawns? not just them showing up, but also them being calculated in?
  12. it does not work in reverse. she does not get a stealth meter jump if I cut down trees. and we are in party. so if you don't wish to take my word for it, host a coop game on steam, join a party, both people crouch and look at the stealth meter. 1 person chop down a baby pine to test. then the other. I dont have any mods that affect stealth in any ways.
  13. I am actually hoping they just fix the trees in stealth. in a party with my wife, I am in the attic, she is 2 km away, she chops down a baby pine tree, and my stealth meter goes to 100? that is just wrong
  14. since a19.4 is in experimental, and this looks like it was a simple fix, you did it so damn fast. is this one that will be back ported or just hold my horses and wait til a20
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