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  1. updated AAC Workstations you can now pick up broken workstations with 8 pieces of lumber as if you crated them up. the related perk is now needed to repair the workstation in the recipe
  2. uhm, this seems to be wrong the ground level for this poi seems to be way up. using nitrogen
  3. https://github.com/wolfbain5/7dtd-a18/tree/master/No recipe challenge you can still choose the perks, they will have the other benefits, you just have to actually find recipes. Now some recipes are only gotten from a perk, and those stayed in.
  4. good to hear on the food changes. I do not use many of the str abilities except miner, motherload and 1 level of cooking. I use the hell out of agility. perception tho, salvage and 1 point of lockpick so that I can make em. balance wise, str had a decent amount of benefits, it prolly has the most used would consider that sexy t-rex should be a Fort thing perc, not so much,lockpick 1, salvage 4 Fort, temp and healing factor early on, later game a few of the others. agility with the stealth and stealth weaponry + light armor, sneak attacks intel I get tons of use, just not the baton or charisma. you say there is some changes and books for int weapons. I really do hope so.
  5. run, hide, protect the sheep and the sheep dog too
  6. as long as they dont use the same engine as the last 3. they need to update or swap game engines. and with FO76, they have proven they can set it to mp if they wished. a small lannable ES game would be fun
  7. would be nice tho if corpses floated. tired of shooting a deer just to have it sink 13 paces and being unable to skin it. as for the zombies, they could easily swim, expanding gasses in a decomposing corpse cause flotation, their movement to chase you cause forward momentum. I mean olympic speeds? nah, but regular swimming, why not?
  8. such a small place for so special a feeling.
  9. you tease original quote was editted for... space. needed to be a little tighter for snowdog access
  10. @faatal oh... now you've done it
  11. its special, just for snowdog and company, Super VD joking aside, liked the svd in farcry 2. will bring back memories
  12. I thought his fav was trader joel, you know that beard and all.
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