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  1. well different topic for me. playing mp with wife and a friend. I am hosting the game. after 4 hours of play, we started having visual glitches.. we were trying to do a quest, but we had blocks showing up that we could walk through. blocks that just werent there, but didnt let us see a damn thing. I made a short vid if necessary. kicking everyone off and restarting the game cleared it up. specs are ryzen 5 2600 16gb ram on an ssd drive radeon rx5800.
  2. that depends on terrain. 2 hours over flat land, much longer over mountains. also, you have to take time out for encounters, such as dogs and the like. and I am not talking about rngesus helping out with roids or mega.
  3. uhm comparing questing in here to skyrim is foolish. skyrim doesnt have a time constraint that leads to horde night. early game, 1.7 km is almost a day away. then do the questing and almost a day back. that is alot of time away spent mostly traveling early on. most level 1's should be under 1 km. perhaps even level 2's. I mean once you reach level 2, you are gonna be traveling far enough to find the next trader anyways
  4. khaine made a 3 slot forge one
  5. yeah, but need games to play with the wife. this being locked in a house together can become an issue if I dont spend time with her. so I got her hooked into 7dtd but still have to play mmo with her. but now that they are dead, she is pestering me with is it out yet?!? well at least it is the opposite problem snowdog has.
  6. I tend to rotate between 7dtd, MC, and hitman lately. no new good mmo's have come out lately. wow is too easy, gw2 lost most of it's writers and has gone down hill
  7. colonies? you really are in the stone age. and we were part of the developed world, then some zombie apoc happened and now we have a ruined arizona and zombie walking around staring at a piece of plastic in their hands
  8. GAZZ the realism and immersion are way off!! where is my drum mod for my combat shotgun!
  9. I can, this is a badass game, I myself have over 8k hours
  10. nah, I don't wanna go blind before the game comes out, my vision is already 220/20
  11. well, DaVega will get his rocks off today, snowdog will be right behind... bad visual
  12. well, in all fairness, some of them may not know how.
  13. the entire point of getting the food is so I dont take the time cooking it in order to have more time playing it with my team
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