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  1. Vehicle Madness now updated to version 1.1 ... download link in the OP A brand new save game is required as lots of blocks changed and have been added for this update ..... The main changes are the new variations in wrecks so i will leave it up to current users to decide wether they want to update or not. Pictures here Changelog Beta 1.1 : 1. Added various new wrecks created by bdubyah for the ultimate salvage variation ( There is only 1 vanilla sedan in chain as required by some POI's and all others are now custom). 2. Tweaked some vehicle speeds and camera positions and some storage on the big vehicles 3. Increased amount of wrecks on roads and in biomes to provide more resources. 4. Experimental block damage changes 5. Added Quad to world spawns and reduced spawns very slightly (feedback on this will be required as catering for server vs single player). 6. Added compressor to EMS and Military loot options , increased probabilities in automotive and rare automotive loot as were too rare before. 7. Removed damaged motorcyle part2 from spawn ( will add more motorcycle variant wrecks at some point) Next update will include some new vehicles and will showcase those here as we move closer to the next update in October. Special thanks to our small testing group for thier input over the last few months. Regards Ragsy and Tiger !!
  2. Bath Boat Modlet for A19.1 Launch Place the bathtub boat on/in water in a 'shallow water' area that has fairly flat ground underneath, if you have no shallow water in your map then build a small launch dock, then add fuel to bath tub boat and off you go. The Bath tub boat can be placed on land but will barely be able to move ( new physics colliders experiment) rendering it unsteerable and very very slow to move. Controls Usual controls for 'vehicles' except space bar and c control the up and down angles (same as the gyro) which you may need to adjust slightly as you travel on water. If you let go of w and shift (Turbo) then the boat slowly comes to a stop, pressing s will slow the boat down more quickly this replaces spacebar as the brake key. This version has steering from the back of the boat as it would normally be when driven by the outboard motor so will handle accordingly. Anchoring To anchor the bath boat and stop it drifting away use c and spacebar to level the boat till it stops drifting, useful if you have a fishing mod installed. Crafting The bathtub boat is craftable in a standard workbench with no progression needed at the cost of various resources and by creating the required assemblies to build it, it will help early game if you actually find a 'working workbench' and this allow you to make the bath tub a lot sooner. Other The bath tub boat can be picked up into inventory providing the boats inventory is empty as per normal vehicles if you sink it at any point , although be careful if you sink it too far away from the shores as it could be a long swim back. Best to not store stuff as Zombies now can attack water vehicles in game. There are some bigger boats and new smaller options in the works, as of the 9th September 2020 I have a small fishing boat (WIP) and a Larger River boat (WIP). Next planned watercraft are the smaller types 1 seater and 2 seater and looking at a yacht. Bathtub Boat Download Happy Boating in A19 Ragsy!!
  3. Hi , the mod is generic and covers anything that has the word 'vehicle' so if you do not have any of the big mods that have extra vehicles then it will still work fine with the vanilla game. If you then add any of the bigger vehicle mods like Vehicle Madness, Manux ,Bdubyahs vehicles , AC's vehicles or Harry's vehicles and they happen to have the word 'vehicle' in thier xml name the mod will pick those up and set the brightness level. You can change the brightness level to higher if need ( Currently set at 7 ). Hope this helps Regards Ragsy !!
  4. I will take a look at that thanks for the feedback Ragsy !!
  5. 👍 Yeah as bdubyah says its not supposed to be something you find very easily ... might up the chance slightly in car loot as chances are some people have portable compressors in their cars nowadays ( I have one in mine) . Working on updating the mod for a 'interim release' version with bdubyahs new wreck varieties soon , reviewed the storage sizes .. with bigger storage in the full trucks and van for next release and some handling tweaks. The next major release after that will be a while with some new vehicles coming along with some of the older vehicles taking on a new post-apocalyptic look Ragsy !!
  6. Awesome ... looking real nice . Ragsy !!
  7. The name in A19 is <property name="CustomIcon" value="bladeTrap"/> have to watch the upper and lower cases .. also to tell yours apart from the original you could add custom tint colour to the icon <property name="CustomIconTint" value="ff0000"/> Hope this helps Ragsy !!
  8. You can add mod slots for vehicles via effect_group in the items.xml <effect_group name="vehicleGuppyPickupPlaceable" tiered="false"> <passive_effect name="ModSlots" operation="base_set" value="1"/> <passive_effect name="ModPowerBonus" operation="base_add" value="300" tags="EconomicValue"/> <passive_effect name="DegradationMax" operation="base_set" value="3000"/> </effect_group> This is example from Vehicle Madness , i think the only useable mod for vehicles I have seen are War3zuk enhancements but thats assuming you have vehicles with the mods slots set already https://7daystodiemods.com/vehicle-revamp/ Moderator can you please move this to Discussions and Requests . Regards Ragsy !!
  9. Glad you are enjoying it ... yeah we are looking at sorting the sizes for each storage on next update in line with type of vehicle . bdubyah has been busy as well with adding new wreck models for vehicle madness ... so there will be no more 'endless rows of sedans' , he has added trucks ,vans ,SUV's even a old Lada somewhere 😊. Still going to be the odd vanilla sedan but most of the salvage will be 'customs' to give the world even more variety. Regards VM Team Ragsy !!
  10. It shows up in workbench using standard items to craft ... you may have a conflict with something ! Ragsy!!
  11. Please call me Ragsy Rags or whatever I think we know each other on here well enough now Gouki lol ... unfortunately my first account on here got lost and had to re register with the numbers bit , but i have been on forums a long time . Regards Ragsy !!
  12. In vehicle madness the final stage is designed to give the player a chance of obtaining the 'damaged chassis' to use in recipes to make your own vehicles so its up to you ... if you add a chance to have the vehicle go to a respawn cycle then you have to consider this point also. I presume you just want to give the option in modlet form for 'user choice' and we have no problem with that if you do that . Regards Ragsy!!
  13. There are car respawner mods out there for A19 I believe so they will respawn the vanilla ones in the world providing the respawn block is not destroyed, JaxTeller has one and a few others ... These will not repawn the additional vehicles that guppy added and we have no plans on salvage vehicle respawning for the overhaul. What you said is kind of the point as you may have fight for the resources that are there or hope you get a lucky spawn full vehicle. Not tried the spawner modlets myself at all but if they should work for vanilla vehicles in this mod overhaul but no full guarantee on that . Regards Ragsy !!
  14. Vehicle speeds , inventory sizes and a few other things will be reviewed as time goes on .... glad you are enjoying it thanks for the feedback Regards Ragsy !!
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