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  1. Yes there are plans to update for version 1.0 at some point depending on the amount of changes they do to vehicles from the A21 release. A21 was a big big update to do for Vehicle Madness and a very very time consuming update. Regards Ragsy!!
  2. Vehicle Madness may not work with Ravenhearst as they do a lot of changes to the base game and have thier own code implementations. Regards Ragsy!!
  3. I only ever played the original flatout but yeah that is something if game is still being played online today wow. I will change the name in a future update ;). Regards Ragsy!!
  4. All of the A21 modlets from Myself and Tiger so far are here .... A Team Modlets For A21 Older A20 modlets will be updated as and when we get to them ...... A20 Modlets from me are here for reference https://gitlab.com/Ragsy2145/ragsy-a20-modlets When Tiger is around again he will update the OP on this thread. Regards Ragsy!!
  5. No definitive chart has ever been done as the some of vehicles have been changed / replaced from the first release way back in A17, they will keep changing for each alpha that Vehicle Madness is around ( Models either updated or replaced with new vehicles). This project sort of grew from 26 vehicles in early days to 67 now for A21. If anyone wants to they can document stats stuff if they like and get due credit but it may be a massive job now. Regards Ragsy!!
  6. A few people been asking about this modlet so here it is Download Link click here --->> The Chaos Motorcycle Modlet for A21 Model created by Chaos aka 'Random Person' in this forum Regards Ragsy!!
  7. Yeah thats one of mine .... there are two vehicle variant xmls in that mod , one for my preferred style of flying by default and the other is the original flying style that myself and bdub came up with for bdubs MD500 . I have no problem if you want to release an improved version of either methods. Regards Ragsy!!
  8. Nice I assume that the original author of Harry's Vehicles is inactive at present as usually that modlet does get an update at each alpha for Vehicle Madness and Bdubs Vehicles compatibility. Regards Ragsy!!
  9. Sorry for late reply , Vehicle Madness does not have any custom vehicle mods and only accepts vanilla vehicle mods ? This sounds like an add on modlet you have from another mod maker, so i would check back with them as they may need to add an extra tag to be compatible with Vehicle Madness vehicles. Regards Ragsy !!
  10. No promises but will look into it for the future updates ... Not sure on how that was implemented as it was a server side vehicle mod but shooting from a vehicle rather than fixed guns on vehicles would be the route I would rather take in the long run. Regards Ragsy !!
  11. Sounds logical good work . Regards Ragsy !!
  12. No info is written anywhere on what to do as it is unsupported but in the XML's comments are preceeded with <-- and end with --> to uncomment remove the <-- and --> . The xmls affected are biomes.xml blocks.xml and blockplaceholders.xml Answers 1. Yes 2. Both need the changes Regards Ragsy!!
  13. The Modlet has not been updated to A21 yet as a few real life things came up for ActiniumTiger , I know Tiger was looking to do an update for A21 perhaps send him what you have done so far and this may help him get the mod sorted out. Ragsy!!
  14. Was thinking of adding a helicopter at some point locked to high tier special repair kit as there is a Helicopter wreck in Vehicle Madness .... Although there are a few Mods about adding flying stuff to the game. Thanks an Italian Localization would also be a nice addition. Well we want to have working/partial working Vehicle spawn system back at some point perhaps driven by a quest system or game event and 'on completion' trigger a vehicle spawns in game but thats a way off at the moment as we delve deeper into the changes A21 has bought to the game. The old vehicle spawning system code is still in Vehicle Madness and commented out but is "not going to be supported at all" if users decide to implement and get any issues!! As stated in the update log for A21 it has become more problematic since A20.3 and onward. Regards Ragsy!!
  15. Looking at that pack of vehicles pack Piper has his own spawning block placeholder names so loading it after Vehicle Madness should in theory work. If it is just the AOO vehicle pack then rename the AOO Vehicles modlet to something like ZAOO Regards Ragsy!!
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