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  1. Definately a clever solution to this as lots of people asked this question in the past . Ragsy !!
  2. Mod author is not active anymore .....but someone else carried on this work and expanded upon it https://7daystodiemods.com/h7sb-seats/ https://7daystodiemods.com/h7sb-sleeping/ https://7daystodiemods.com/h7sb-storage/ regards Ragsy !!
  3. Working on it ... or trying lol Ragsy !!
  4. Next addition will be this .... Fanboat !! Will now be pushed back to A20 drops Regards !! Ragsy
  5. A20 looms and there will be major changes in the loots side of things so definately will be not worth pushing this update with the 20 new vehicles until we sort out the new loot stuff. in the meantime: Current Total will be roughly 46 vehicles in Vehicle Madness ... may change before release in A20 . Regards Ragsy n Tiger
  6. Glad you are ok though and corona does suck ...... Yeah bit slow of late due to real life things happening with members of the Team holding a couple of things up , although now with us being so close to A20 we think its wise now to wait to see what breaks with A20 release. We dont want to release and have it out of action after a short period . At the moment going through a few playtests myself and making a few tweaks here and there. Will be probably 20 new vehicles in total and a few game play changes to Vehicle Madness inline with the great feedback received by the players over the last several months . regards Ragsy !!
  7. Nice concept for doing this as XML only and server side .... with no DMT ! Regards Ragsy !!
  8. Dust is absent at the moment due to real life stuff so until he returns again there will be no updates to the unity side for linear colourspace , he purchased the assets so i we do not have a copies of them to update for the mod. Glad to see that Arramus kindly updated the loot stuff to make it usable again . Ragsy !!
  9. Its a farm truck apparently ...smaller than a normal rig used for towing equipment around farms , this one was dressed up for the apocalpse by the modeller who posted it up for use. I can have it destroy vehicles just needs the convex mesh set up at front , but it needs to be angled upward slightly otherwise the vehicle will not climb an incline properly ... vehicle wrecks explode on impact scattering wreckage particles but this is vanilla not anything i have done you see this affect during the digger tests at beginning of the video . Problem with destroying vehicle wrecks is you deplete the harvesting yields for the world and may hamper the building of vehicles further down the line ... Theres a few more vehicles to add and some revamped vehicles .... will post up progress when we have them in game Ragsy !!
  10. Slow as we have all had holiday breaks over the last few weeks for first time in 2 years .... for now concentrating on getting the next version out with the 14 plus new vehicles ... The Dozer and Tank may be on an interim release, With A20 dropping soon may scupper plans depending on what gets changed name wise again . Just a few shots of whats coming ... Regards Ragsy !!
  11. You mean respawn car wrecks ? Ragsy !!
  12. No problem there lots of stuff in the thread .... Ragsy !!
  13. The Tank and Digger will be a while yet and i dont expect a release in Beta 2 which may be August/Sept , but if reasonable progress is made then can release an interim update to include those when we are happy with them . I strongly recommend you look into Unity stuff as its changed my whole dynamic of modding... Guppycur prodded me into unity last May as i was resisting for a while lol . If you do decide to do vehicle stuff or just want new blocks in game via unity then join the The unnofficial Modding Discord Community server , plenty of folks from around the world that give up their free time to help others out. Regards VM Team
  14. This is planned for Firetruck ... was posted awhile back ..also rusted out the BMW's and a few others
  15. Yeah that was coded solution not XML but still very cool for A16 , I have been experimenting a bit with digging but trying to stay XML as much as possible before giving up ... This is a 1st pass at digger since A16 and is using only unity physics at the moment .... it definately need some more work but does dig but slowly .... trying some stuff with harvesting resources but again very early days on this too. Regards The VM Team !!
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