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Your hopes/dreams for a20 in the future?


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One of mine is that they make looting fun again, I much prefer a18's loot to a19's as it was unpredictable, A19 loot is kinda boring because its the same every game with 0 variety pretty much. All a18's loot needed was some tweaks to make steel stuff MUCH harder to find early. I am also not fond of how your guarnteed to always get quality 6 stuff past a certain GS for each "tier" It should be very rare that you find quality 4-6 things, with 1-3 being the norm again like A18.


Another would be that they fix rwg so it doesn't take 20-30 mins to generate a 8k map, or just remove the internal rwg and maybe hire the nitrogen guy to make a map generation tool for the offical game.


I'd also like to see a new tier of materials above steel. Steel has been top tier for years, we need something new, make it craft only and the stuff never drops in loot period. Right now I never really spec in intel as there is 0 need to. Though I do admit, I get adv engineering 1 for early forge and the faster crafting in it. I'd be tempted to get grease Monkey level 1 if it only needed the 1 base intel to get, I mean it CAN if you have the +1 int glasses.


People are excited over bandits, me? i'm not, the structural engineer, swimming, digging zombies is enough imo. Last thing I need is a npc aimbot. If the bandits are mostly melee or have ranged weapons that do vastly less damage than the players do so its fair (considering they will prob have infinite ammo), i'd be fine with it though.


*beats a dead horse* I would like learn by doing to come back but only for weapons and mining tools, with the perks being reliant on those instead of the stats, 1,20,40,60,80 skill for level 1-5 of the perk respectivly, perk also controls craftign quality its basically the same weapon/mining perks we have now, but your skill in that weapon type determines what level you can up it too removing them from stats. For an example of this try the darkness falls mod, it works great in that mod.


Graphically I feel the game is fine, it just needs some optimization. We need content now I feel.

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My dreams for a20?

  • We need more variety of zeds poppin' up. If we're not the only survivors, let's see more survivor-turned-zed lookin' undead. Give us some scrap-armor zombies, some leather armored zombies, some steel plate mail zombies. Show us that we're not just a survivor in a wasteland. Show us that we're the survivor who is outlasting the wasteland.
    • Building off this, how about some of the dead survivor zed be a kind of 'freshly infected' zombie? Ones that got enough motor function to carry melee weapons. For example..
      • Low Tier "freshly infected": Maybe has Cloth armor, swings a knife or a wooden club.
      • Mid Tier FI: Leather Armor/Scrap Armor, and attacks with a baton (third strike shocks!), or a machete.
      • High Tier FI: Steel Plate Mail, feral, barrels at the player with a @%$*#!ing Sledgehammer
      • Maybe they all drop a bag on death (items may vary).
  • I'd like to see actual NPC's/Merchants of the clans, or the Duke. Be they zed or alive, I don't care, but some addition to the story would be nice.
  • A Scrap-Iron Baton (Iron, Leather, Duct Tape, Electric Parts), so Intellect has a weapon early on.
  • Zed bears during horde night.
  • Return of the MURDER HORNETS!


/dreams Thanks for listenin'.


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1 hour ago, Scyris said:

One of mine is that they make looting fun again



Though if we gotta go with hopes and dreams, it would have to be all about late game.


- Bandit NPCs.

- Merchant NPCs.

- POIs controlled by said NPCs.

- More quests and missions.

- Replacement of radiated zombies. (I think they mentioned unique, stronger, mutated zombies. I'd like to see where that goes.).

- Dangerous areas in the wasteland that are more tough, but have all the good stuff.

- Radiated areas.

- End Boss.


To be honest, I think late game is what this game lacks the most. Once you're past early game and middle game, there's little else to do, and all the T5 quests are just not worth the effort and time, imo.

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A way better loot experience than now. It´s really horrible right now.


And more options for builders. Good looking ones. Aka more colours, interior that doesn´t look worn out etc, etc


Also that the smears on the bulletproof glass get removed. It looks bad no matter if you wanna achieve the worn out apocalyptic look due to the symmetry of the smears or if you wanna have something nice looking with it.


Maybe TFP can also stop jumping from one extreme to the other when they change things...


Random stats be gone please. I have a primitive bow tier 5. Can´t find any wooden or compound bow with tier 5 that doesn´t have way less damage. (And yes i do compare them with the same ammo)


Crossbow should reload automatically again or we do this with all weapons. Why only the crossbow?

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*  MZRA!  (Make Zombies Random Again)  Or at least give modders a way to do it.

*  Loot system changes (maybe they will have the loot-based-on-poi-difficulty done by then?)

*  Maximum distance on trader quests for level 1 quests.  In my first A19 playthrough, I got one quest within 600 yards (which is not really close either) and the rest were all close to 1.5 to 2 K away.  With no good loot and having to run forever to get to and from quests, it made the quests something I didn't even want to do, but which I normally enjoy doing.  Keep it random, just maybe have a max distance for level 1s.


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27 minutes ago, pApA^LeGBa said:

Crossbow should reload automatically again or we do this with all weapons. Why only the crossbow?

It is all weapons, not just the crossbow.

Bows are the only inconsistency now because their reload is near instant so it would be pointless.

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#1 has to be bandits / bosses for me. I'm afraid we will have to settle for way less than we expect though, given the game's limitations due to voxels. I mean, the pathing for zombies that have 2 animations and are braindead "go for it" entities is already far from perfect, I wonder how proper, intelligent and believeable bandits will make it. We'll see. Anyways, this long awaited feature is the one that may totally change the gameplay, and it has been postponed over and over for wayyyy too long now.


#2 would be gamestaged POIs/biomes, and especially making biomes for towns/cities. It just bothers me that we get this stone-age progression cap shoved down our throat, yet there is no actual progression in regards to choosing a location. It's even worse now the traders are in the cities - there's literally no more incentive to setup you Day 1 base anywhere else than in the middle of Lootville, near the trader. I want cities to be full of loot, but I want to work to clear them and make them clean and lootable before I can enjoy the goods. 


#3 is more of a pipe dream than a specific feature. Basically the game has too many "efficiency treshholds"; the game is well balanced until suddenly it becomes way too easy, especially before/after your first gun. The most basic level 1 pistol turns the whole game into an easy peasy shooter because the shooting mechanics are so simple. The pivotal point is so strong, going from a level 4 primitive bow / wooden club to a level 1 Pistol, and the ammo is so easy to come by, it's basically a different game.


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@Gazz Really? I mean do usually reload before my magazines are empty, still think i had occasions where i didn´t have to reload manually. But i would have lost a bet if anyone not from staff would have told me it´s all weapons. I could swear guns do reload automatically.



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My number 1 would be more variety and a bit of polishing to the quest system.
- Defend POI (like a mini horde event. Would be much more interesting with NPCs though)
- Fortify/rebuild parts of a POI
- More tier 5 POIs or perhaps tier 5 quests with tier 4 POIs but with some twist to make them tier 5 worthy
- Maybe even the slightly boring resource run / bring item X
- Limit tier 1 quest distances

Number 2 would be NPCs that you can interact with out in the world plus the bandits.

Number 3 would be to have some core technical issues fixed. (Right now the thing that bugs me the most is the ADS grid snap when using scopes)

Aaand Number 4 is to bring the player model and animations to HD standards like the zombies in A19.

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1. Being able to mod vehicles.  Especially the color for multi-player games.  

2. Small animals (snakes, chickens, rabbits) should be able to path through a 1-high space.  They can path through a 1.5 high space so why not 1-high?  

3. Climbing zeds (with a percentage chance of them falling and starting over) that can scale a vertical wall.

4. Smarted AI that avoids a spot where they fall, or perhaps if they fall twice in the same spot (Just let the AI assign a very high cost to that node in the path) and also lets them not always choose the shortet path to you - some percentage of the time they should chose other paths that are not available.

5. Multiple inputs on eletrical items.  And a double-throw switch.  And being able to turn on one circuit with another completely isolated circuit (that is actually what a real relay does)

6. A horse I can ride in the apocalypse.

7. "repairing" an item should require you to be able to craft the item.  That will make you think twice about thrwing away the lower tier item when you find a new higher tier item.

8. Blocks should not provide support on the sides where they have a gap or hole.  So basically no floating-in-the-air blocks.

9. My pipedream item:  Allow up to 6 "sub-blocks" per voxel. For example a ladder on one side and a switch on another side in the same voxel.  A voxel has 6 sides.  A block should occupy between 1 and 6 of those sides.

10. S.I be adjusted to let you build further out than 15 blocks.  I suspect the limit is due to the number of permutations it needs to work through when calculating what is supporting what and whether there is enough support anywhere nearby.  It would scale exponentially with every added block...  So I guess that's also a pipedream.


And finally:  Water physics that lets me plant dynamite along the base of the hoover dam and them when all the zeds storm into the ravine, I blow the dam wall as I fly away in my gyro.


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I would like to see the following:


Better loot progression.

No more random stats on items that make levels somewhat meaningless.
Retextured terrain makes a return.

Option to disable select zombies from the menu.

Primitive farming vs. farm plots.

Stamina rework; latest update is better.

More craftable decor blocks.

Expansion of battery banks/solar cells to allow continuous operation.

The ability to rewire lights in POIs.

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For A20 i don't have much hope , it is planned for release too quick. Knowing TFP is unsolvable in release dates, for better or worse, i take that with just about as much salt as there is in a bag of popcorn.


As for dreams, more technical stuff to tinker around with to automate various aspects of the game. I highly doubt we'll see much of that though. And of course i dream of return of the plains biome. More seriously, i hope they can make lategame a bit more intresting then just better loottables. As in, adding more meaning to fight hordes, be it a "clear the map" mode or "rebuild a city" type of thing.

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My Wish list (these are not ideas but things i wish for)

  • Mix lock picking and Infiltrator as a perk (i mean thats what i think of when i hear "infiltration"
  • New zombies types
  • New tiers for Batons
  • Allow more zombie types to spawn during bloodmoon hordes (like burning zombies)
  • UNFROZEN lumberjack!
  • allow coyotes to spawn in the forest as a weak hostile animal to kill! but they give less meat!
  • Allow mountain Lions to spawn in the desert (to add some more danger)
  • More ISS like Frostbite, Burns, Feral infection
  • make feral zombies scary! (can infect you faster, have deeper sounds, can jump higher)
  • Firefighter helmet model!
  • Berserk Axe mod (its like the Fire axe mod but its does more damage agents entities goes up with deepcuts)
  • Iron and steel sword (swords deal more cripple damage and more damage then knifes but less bleed and does not hit as fast and can't get much meat!, goes under deepcuts)
  • Intellect range weapons
  • rabbits are a bit bigger!
  • Chickens are now turkeys! and you can get eggs from gutting them
  • Better bow damage. (compound bows can have nearly as much damage as a sniper rifle)
  • Able to fire multiple arrows from a bow 
  • Repeating crossbow mod
  • Able to put extra ammo on double barrels with the shotgun tubes mod, (adds 2 makeshift barrels on top)
  • able to put a small mag on the hunting rifle (adds 3 shots)
  • Screamer can spawn in later bloodmoons but will die off when it turns day!


thats just a wish list in stuff that would be cool in my imagination 

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The thing I really want is a more fleshed out electricity system:   

  • Logic gates (AND, OR, XOR, etc...)
  • More electric traps
  • electric powered work stations
  • transfer switches
  • different quality generators

I'd also like some decent looking windows for vanity buildings.   I hate the options we currently have.


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My wishes and hopes:


- Loot determined by difficulty of POI instead of gamestage

- Bigger differences in difficulty of POIs

- More settings to customize experience (night length, night darkness, drain rates, speed of walking, running, etc ...)

- Climbing zombies

- Adding new types of quests as well as max distance for T1 quests

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In no specific order...


Fix Water

Fishing System


Shorter/thinner grass

Hire Damocles (Nitrogen Guru

Make Crafting Great Again

Vehicle Mods

Undo/Redo Progression/Looting

Being able to select Quest Tier

Get Rid of Vultures

Get Rid of Person that thought Vultures was a good idea


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13 hours ago, pApA^LeGBa said:

@Gazz Really? I mean do usually reload before my magazines are empty, still think i had occasions where i didn´t have to reload manually. But i would have lost a bet if anyone not from staff would have told me it´s all weapons. I could swear guns do reload automatically.



Use the hunting rifle, since it's only a one shot.  I actually noticed it on that weapon first, amazingly enough.

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-NPCs as Bandits, occupied POIs by friendly and hostile NPCs.

-Bolt action sniper mods and semi automatic sniper rifles - bring them back to its past glory.

-Sandbox quests like assasination of (hostile) NPCs, escorting (friendly) NPCs, finding specific item or amount of items for extra gold and resources.

-Meaningful vehicle mods that include engine performance and strenght (ECU/Nitro, Front Bumpers for ZEDs ellimination, Suspension etc.)

-Modular electric/hydrogen powered vehicles with many space for players, loot and turrets.

-Flags and flagpoles for the bases for immersion.

-More variety of vehicles for resource scraping.

-New awesome SMGs with at least 40 mag size and fast BPS that vicerates/stuns enemies at close range.

-Flooded, radiated, gassed POIs with decent loot hidden in dangerous/hazardous areas.

-Hatchet primaly as a weapon effective against ZEDs and less against blocks (possibly throwable weapon as well).

-Items like gas masks, unique, complete outfits with camouflage dedicated for each BIOM - could be unlocked by doing quests etc.

-Ferals in late game that could go invisible/transparent like with glowing eyes, traversing only in the night/dark at the game stage above 150.

-Having in options magazine reloads DISABLED/ENABLED!

-Possibility to remove weapon (I mean guns primarily) CROSSHAIR - DISABLED/ENABLED for better immersion.

-Megacities with unique POIs/enemies/loot - filled with zombies only in certain areas to avoid impact on performance.

-End game BOSS/entities and BIOM.

-End game powerful weapon as Gauss Rifle for Intelligence class - that depreciates completely/fast after 20 shots so its not too OP.

-Pressure plate explosive traps with bigger detection range or ready made mine fileds in 5 per 5 blocks that could be easily deployed and restocked.

-Quick Spotting/Ping system in 7DTD.

-Updated nicely looking grass/small bushes with levels of complexity in geometry/rendering etc. so potato users could enable and see on their screens sth too.

-High fidelity objects for NASA computers.

-Some fishing system that could work as a meme xD. 




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Hopefully TFP devs read this and can add some of this stuff in. I also hope they fix stealth, this means removing all the damn paper and glass piles right in front of paths we have to take (real @%$*#! move there devs), and making zombies less sensitve to sounds because damn, even with full padded armor WITH -8% sound things EVERYTHING still hears me from half a room away.

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@Scyris Bear den is absolutly awful. I have From the shadows 3, the book that allows you to fall silently, noise reduction on mostly leather armor and they still wake up once i hit the ground.


Also the Shotgun messiah shooting range, the one outside. Sneaking with from the shadows 3 and they start waking up when i am still like 20 blocks away.


Armor and mods don´t change a single thing here. I tested it. Same results with padded armor and noise mods, heavy armor and no mods and no armor. Also no difference between having points in From the shadows or not.

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Some areas will trigger zombies no matter what. I don't know why this exists in a game that supposedly lets you choose how to approach challenges, but then again TFP have a habit of implementing conflicting mechanics.


Silliness of the trigger mechanic aside, I think you can still use stealth in such situations by moving away from where you triggered the zombies and crouching out of sight to reacquire stealth.

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@Hrod Land Uhm, well if they are awake already, what use it it go back, they won´t just go back to sleep unless you go back really far, wich is impossible when on a quest and also i just kill them then. They still sleep in the next room/area anyways


Stealth is basically useless right now, wich is a shame. There needs to be a fix. Not a workaround.

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