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  1. I've been trying to figure it out in the xml files, but I didn't find the way to do it. Basically I just want to make it so the iron axe has the ability to decapitate zombies heads and limbs like the machete does. Would it be possible?
  2. I think some things shouldn't be streamlined just for the sake of new players. If materials aren't first smelted, then there's no dilemma of turning the forge on or not at night in case a screamer may come. In fact, having a forge if there's no smelting process feels a bit pointless, just let the players craft it in their backpack like back in the days then.
  3. Goddamn, bro. Who **** in your cereal?
  4. I feel his eyes, forever watchful, judging every word, every sentence I type. I can sense his cursor clicking on the reaction button in my comment, slowly creeping towards the thumbs down icon. One thumbs down, worth more than a thousand rants. I can feel him savoring the moment, tasting my fear from the distance. The Boogeyman from the forums. He scares me, Roland. He scares me.
  5. Fair enough, though there's also a problem when someone is trying to legitimately give negative feedback on something and it just gets shrugged off as a "rant", while also twisting words to try and make someone sound irrational.
  6. Fixed that for you. Phrasing is everything. Loot in alpha 19 wasn't "healthy", it was broken. Now it isn't because people complained and the developers tweaked it. If no one cared when something is broken, then the devs wouldn't fix it and it would stay broken. Rants are necessary, cause they're feedback too. I can't speak for the farming/block health changes because I haven't had my experience with them yet, but if they are as broken as loot in A19 was, then the rants are justified and they're up for some tweaking as well.
  7. Isn't the shooting sound the exact same one from Half-Life?
  8. I'm pleasantly surprised by this update, to the point where I don't really mind the lack of late-game content. It's probably the most optimized alpha in years; even in its first experimental version it's running very smoothly. I also never thought food and water would actually ever be a concern anymore in vanilla, but this update has changed that, which is really awesome. Love that we can now play with few-none rivers/lakes, and thus water bottles are actually valuable. Also, definitely the best RWG in years as well, and the new HD models give a better look and feel to the game. It's actually bringing back the creepy vibes that I felt from the very first updates and thought had been lost.
  9. Would it be possible to make them instant by editing the files, tho?
  10. You just want to show off your drawing skills, don't you?
  11. Absolutely wonderful news! Alpha 11 insta spawns, here I come.
  12. How so? Last time I asked people told me one could only adjust biome spawning in A19, since cities weren't entries anymore; or is this actually a change coming to A20?
  13. So I got a question prompted from seeing the new RWG. Will the spawning.xml file have entries for cities in Alpha 20? It would be pretty dope to be able to control zombie spawning inside cities and separate from biome spawning like in previous alphas.
  14. Yeah, one of the big problems with this game (imo) is that, from a certain moment in the development, there just weren't enough zombies anymore and it's never really recovered from that; the reason being that too many zombies are a big hit in performance. There was a certain moment back in previous versions when it was pretty much perfect. Instant respawn of zombies in hub cities, which meant you could never clear them, and random wandering hordes composed of 20+ zombies. Sometimes, they would catch you off guard while looting a house, they would clog all exits and corners, and you would have to get lucky or get smart to survive. Those were the days. Anyways, don't expect them to bring all that fun back. Pray that modding will take care of it.
  15. Followed by another year of 3D model replacements and features pushed further to later alphas. Can't wait. Just half kidding.
  16. Sorry to be that guy, but honestly, a bit weak for an overhauled version, especially compared to the other new models.
  17. Smart way to blow off steam without getting banned
  18. I believe the same was said for doors, was it not?
  19. This streamlining stravaganza sure is frightening... I don't care much about the streamlining of building, but I can't help but wonder what's next on the streamline list and where exactly will the line be drawn...
  20. The burnt forest, pine forest and the plains required no extra clicks.
  21. They were the best. That's where you had to go if you wanted the good loot, but you always had to be prepared, since you couldn't just clear them out. Miss them.
  22. What are the plans for radiated zombies, then? I believe at some point you guys said you hated how they looked and were planning on replacing them with tougher/special enemies. Also, whatever happened to the "gasser" zombie? Or is he not in the "special enemy" category?
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