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  1. Does TFP have any choice now but to name "house_old_3" "Cooter's place"!? I think not! 🤣
  2. For me, the only trader changes I'd like are: 1. Add a way to specify favorite items so when I bring up the list of items, I can just click favorites to find the ones for which I am looking. 2. Add the ability to do all previous quest levels. Once you have leveled up to quest level 2, then you should still have level 1 quests available, level 3 should still have level 2 and 1, etc. 3. Add a feature where POIs are not reusable as quest destinations. This can be a configuration option but I'd be OK with never reusing a POI. This also would remove my worry that a quest might
  3. I still don't understand why some players complain about other's choices for how they play the game! If you don't like a certain tactic, just don't use it! I personally still miss being able to just get in a vehicle and drive during horde night, or tunnel down to bedrock to hide from hordes, and the mindless zombies that didn't know how to find a way to you better than you yourself know! So, the bases where you can essentially go AFK during horde night... I love that idea! You don't? Then don't use it! Each player should be able to play this game how they want to play it and thi
  4. Is there an option planned for A20 or later where we could guarantee that all of the POIs available are generated on a map? I hate previewing the maps ahead of playing them as it spoils the fun of discovering but also hate not having all the higher level POIs such as the skyscrapers.
  5. Is there a place to watch the stream post-streaming? I checked TFP's youtube page and nothing.
  6. I know it won't be in A20 and probably won't ever be in, but I'd love an auto shotgun mount on the 4x4 so I can drive around and have vultures shot out of the sky that follow me!
  7. Do the pregens, other than Navezgane, have all the POIs in the game? I'm bored with Navezgane but generating my own worlds doesn't appeal anymore either since I don't know if I'll have all the POIs.
  8. Dang I hope by "punted" this means its still possible as a future change! I love this game and where it has gone from the A11/12 days when I first started playing it, but I really miss the horde night feel when I just didn't know where they would come from and had to protect everything. Now, you either make a killing corridor or some type of elevated path to you that they are forced to follow by their AI rules or, if you don't have one, as soon as one block is damaged, all zombies go to that one block and smash it open. I would be very happy for a horde night sense slider and a digging
  9. I am hoping the zombie intelligence selector in A20 allows the A16-style zombie to make a comeback! Loved making bases back then and not knowing where they were going to attack! Loving A19 but its definitely a different experience regarding horde-night.
  10. Anyone know of a good seed with lots of towns, all the major POIs, such as large factories, Dishong, Crack-a-Book HQ, and is relatively flat! I really don't like the huge chasms I come across in all the generated maps with no easy way to travel between them.
  11. I for one never got past day 2 on any of my A19 play-throughs - just not fun for me - I'm one of those who really enjoyed the "treasure hunt" aspect of the game and the feeling of elation when you found a weapon day one or the feeling of let down when it took you several days to find a decent weapon. Additionally, one of my play-throughs I dropped because it was the stone age combined with the traders quests all being over 1 kilometer away, which is nuts!
  12. I played at least 100 hours for each expansion before this one - just can't get into the stone age on this alpha.
  13. I'll edit the files using vi I'm and old-school coder who still likes and uses vi daily. Might try the modlets thing though so I don't have to reedit all the time. Thanks for the tip! I loved A16 hordes! I remember not knowing which direction they were going to come from and knowing I had a weak-side I hadn't been able to fully build out and hoping they wouldn't randomly come from that direction! That was intense. Now, just make something that looks weak to the zombies and funnel them down a tunnel whacking them with sledges and killing them as they all pile up in
  14. Is Nitrogen compatible with A19? I love that map generator and the speed in which it generates maps is great.
  15. * MZRA! (Make Zombies Random Again) Or at least give modders a way to do it. * Loot system changes (maybe they will have the loot-based-on-poi-difficulty done by then?) * Maximum distance on trader quests for level 1 quests. In my first A19 playthrough, I got one quest within 600 yards (which is not really close either) and the rest were all close to 1.5 to 2 K away. With no good loot and having to run forever to get to and from quests, it made the quests something I didn't even want to do, but which I normally enjoy doing. Keep it random, just maybe have a max distance for l
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