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  1. Yep! I remember when Ultima Online came out, and I still miss the loot system that it had at that time - you could find anything at any time and it made it exciting not knowing if that low level mob was going to be carrying something really good. I agree with the OP, yes we can mod it, but by default it would be nice if there was a real chance, however small, of finding good loot. As a loot fiend, that was the best thing I liked about the game - never knowing if that box or safe was going to have something that would be really cool or a game changer.
  2. Does TFP have any choice now but to name "house_old_3" "Cooter's place"!? I think not! 🤣
  3. For me, the only trader changes I'd like are: 1. Add a way to specify favorite items so when I bring up the list of items, I can just click favorites to find the ones for which I am looking. 2. Add the ability to do all previous quest levels. Once you have leveled up to quest level 2, then you should still have level 1 quests available, level 3 should still have level 2 and 1, etc. 3. Add a feature where POIs are not reusable as quest destinations. This can be a configuration option but I'd be OK with never reusing a POI. This also would remove my worry that a quest might reset the POI I've taken over for either a base or horde-base since I can only have one land-claim block. (Alternatively, having two land-claims would remove this worry). 4. I'd be OK with removing invulnerability, but since most players, after 50 days or so, have super-fortified bases, I'd be OK with stainless steel trader bases and regular vault doors that just lock after-hours. If we can do it, it goes to reason a trader could as well. Add a guard or two that will shoot-to-kill after hours and that would be fun.
  4. I still don't understand why some players complain about other's choices for how they play the game! If you don't like a certain tactic, just don't use it! I personally still miss being able to just get in a vehicle and drive during horde night, or tunnel down to bedrock to hide from hordes, and the mindless zombies that didn't know how to find a way to you better than you yourself know! So, the bases where you can essentially go AFK during horde night... I love that idea! You don't? Then don't use it! Each player should be able to play this game how they want to play it and this is what attracted me to 7 Days initially. With each release, it seems to be getting harder and harder to make it what I want to make it and instead we get dev- and player-directed changes that some of us just don't want. And before ya assume how I play, I now play dead-is-dead. It makes the game difficult in a way I want to make it difficult. No dev interaction required!
  5. Is there an option planned for A20 or later where we could guarantee that all of the POIs available are generated on a map? I hate previewing the maps ahead of playing them as it spoils the fun of discovering but also hate not having all the higher level POIs such as the skyscrapers.
  6. Is there a place to watch the stream post-streaming? I checked TFP's youtube page and nothing.
  7. I know it won't be in A20 and probably won't ever be in, but I'd love an auto shotgun mount on the 4x4 so I can drive around and have vultures shot out of the sky that follow me!
  8. Do the pregens, other than Navezgane, have all the POIs in the game? I'm bored with Navezgane but generating my own worlds doesn't appeal anymore either since I don't know if I'll have all the POIs.
  9. Dang I hope by "punted" this means its still possible as a future change! I love this game and where it has gone from the A11/12 days when I first started playing it, but I really miss the horde night feel when I just didn't know where they would come from and had to protect everything. Now, you either make a killing corridor or some type of elevated path to you that they are forced to follow by their AI rules or, if you don't have one, as soon as one block is damaged, all zombies go to that one block and smash it open. I would be very happy for a horde night sense slider and a digging slider. Regardless, keep up the good work!
  10. I am hoping the zombie intelligence selector in A20 allows the A16-style zombie to make a comeback! Loved making bases back then and not knowing where they were going to attack! Loving A19 but its definitely a different experience regarding horde-night.
  11. Anyone know of a good seed with lots of towns, all the major POIs, such as large factories, Dishong, Crack-a-Book HQ, and is relatively flat! I really don't like the huge chasms I come across in all the generated maps with no easy way to travel between them.
  12. My biggest dislike so far is the change where you can't find anything good until you get higher game stages. It is so frustrating to open up sealed crate after sealed crate and have stone @%$*#! tools and weapons. I love how it looks, how it plays, but the linear loot progression sucks and is something I loved about the game in the past, that you could find something good day one.
  13. I'm thankful for the inventory management system! I HATE the games that have the different sized blocks which you then put one of each item in the various blocks, and the various items you have take up one or more of the blocks. It is what keeps this game my favorite, by light years, survival game. Sure, you can carry way more than you should be able to, but game play is so much more important to me than realism in the carrying of the various things you need to carry.
  14. I'm still in awe how long it takes me to generate 8k worlds on Vanilla (25 to 30 minutes) and on Nitrogen (3.5 minutes)! Someone needs to hire you, Damocles!
  15. In the Nitrogen tool, it lists compopack 39. Will 40 be added soon? Thanks in advance and love this tool!
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