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  1. Honestly, I would really like to see LBD as an optional progression system but I have no bloody idea how to tackle the constant creation of tools aka spamcrafting in order to progress. Simply constant usage of a given item would progress automatically its craftable quality at the same time but not crafting itself - one and the only option that comes to my mind. I would rather not see weapon parts in chests. Parts might have stayed stay restrained to dismantling the weapons or purchasing them from a trader. Having weapons in inventory while looting is enough in my humble opinion, no need for additional overloading with clutter while looting. Either way, devs have to experiment when it comes to progression system for the upcoming projects. Currently, I`m rather leaning towards the LBD system after so many years for a few reasons. Right now after introducing a skill point system players are bound to choose from 5 different playstyles/classes. Each weapon is assigned to a given playstyle, armour is available only in 2 classes as heavy and light types of protection. Usually, players choose a class based on weapon type either skills that help them to survive the first days - that`s my gut feeling. The current order of things doesn`t speak to me because I would rather have 1 main gate instead of 5. Levelling could have been simply slower or skills at 4th and 5th lvl more expensive with one main attribute. What I would love to see is complete freedom when it comes to leveling a particular weapon with a combination of skills to my choosing. My honest opinion.
  2. It`s one of my wet dreams also, to be honest, Andrew. Having stationary cannons which could be controlled by the player is not a bad idea. Also, stationary .50 could be used as a minigame in a mission to defend a choke point with other players. One guy could take control over the stationary cannon and spray through a barricade right at incoming zeds during a mission - pretty generic but might be fun. Honestly, I really would like to have a chance to steer a real deal truck in 2 versions, 1 pickup and the second as a military truck 4x4 with a stationary cannon or a controllable robotic turret, vehicle on high suspension, completely bulletproof against smaller caliber. Having 5 seats on board could be definitely enough for my bad company. Enemy player(s) might then set up traps, try to blow the turret as a separate element, ground the vehicle with a mine, etc. Full restoration of max speed and armor would require retreat to a safe base after initial repairs.
  3. I`m glad that blunderbuss is no longer a basic starting weapon for a few reasons. First of all, the one type of ammo dedicated exclusively for one particular gun is going to be removed which I reckon is a huge plus, especially in the early game without having a bigger backpack, etc. Reloading the blunderbuss took ages just only to give one shot, and hopefully an accurate one. On top of my personal issues without having any skill assigned to "running and gunning" the player just slowed down drastically while refilling the weapon. I wish only that default player movement would be something at 1pt in "running and gunning" assigned, feels more natural when it comes to movement and the game seems much more responsive and enjoyable at least for me. For me to make blunderbuss worthwhile I had to carry like 2 of them and constantly shuffle between them. If someone feels nostalgic about blunderbuss I would leave it behind a book or something. Simply make this peculiar weapon ridiculously powerful at really close range like 1,5 meters. Having blunderbuss as a day 1 weapon is just a huge misunderstanding so far... I`m playing 7DTD for a long time so blunderbuss is no longer a problem for me to cope with, it`s an oddly satisfying weapon in some sense. But for someone new to the game is a small of a bit of surprise. I believe that instead of blunderbuss ammo we all gonna receive more than 9mm and so on. Honestly, I would like to see less ammo in the forest biome, so players would have to opt for more melee combat. Instead, the radiated zone could be rich with all types of munitions. Again, the risk and reward factor is the most fun thing ever.
  4. I could only hope for a remastered version of a bee in enhanced Burnt/Radiated biome. Nostalgia is real 🌞
  5. World generation is always fine until things go completely (w)rec(k)triangular. I would really like to experience someday huge open areas, meadows or cornfields, or any other fields. Having ranches stretching for miles and small towns visible from afar is something I may look forward to. Pre-created/pre-generated mountains and ponds sound good to me because the more believable landscape is the better for everyone. I`m truly looking forward to improvement in world generation. Any slider that may change the flow of the game is something I would deeply appreciate. The more options the game has to offer, the greater uniqueness of each play is.
  6. I`d rather see more tree models and even more detailed foliage rather than more statues...
  7. Experiment with the sliders Chronic or try finding someone for a co-op that would explain the things going around in recent Alpha. The game looks pretty hermetic for newcomers and challenging at the same time. Most modern games have unlimited sprinting or quick health regeneration. After learning some of certain mechanics I came to the realization that the game has been so far incredible in its own way. I have no idea if it`s a super tough game by the current standards. I just rerun the game each Alpha to witness changes and then play with my mates for the laughs. Kinda feel the same but in the long run, it doesn`t change a thing because at the end of the day You`ll get LVL 6 quality items. I can`t call the recent progression aspects as completely enjoyable. I just play the game for the content and locking loot NOT by POIs or by geographical location doesn`t sound compelling for me. I think that the game needs even more content, a more believable and beautifully crafted world, even more variety of missions (not necessarily claustrophobic in nature) to keep selling. To me, the character movement is extremely important, in 7DTD seems fine. Other aspects are animations from 1st and 3rd perspectives. Well-written Netcode that prevents teleportations and desyncs is the most important for PvP. If I were the Pimp, I would make sure that servers for 20+ players are top-notch and prevent high pingers to increase latency lag and bring them down with laggers completely.
  8. Well, this could make a lot of sense to me only if fists are meant to be drawn any time no matter what. Fists might work as a basic/default defence/offence weapon in my view and might be upgradeable throughout the game. Interesting idea with fists functioning as a part of the garment. Having fists as functional/efficient as a machete or a club doesn't add up for me unless the game wants to stay arcade to the core. I`ve got mixed feelings about a 9mm pistol functioning close to a Sniper with a cope attached in 7DTD... with lower degradation accuracy could slightly decrease also so keeping the weapon in proper shape with oiling/cleaning the weapon could be a thing...
  9. Hello, Currently, players scavenge through claustrophobic houses or more complex factory buildings. I would like to see POIs/zones (call it as you want) on the open fields. >Vehicle Scrapyard - surrounded by scrap heaps, players would have to find their way sometimes through narrow paths, a small building/hangar at the center of the location can be included. Perfect location for vehicle parts and mods. >Small Park - fenced around so the player could figure out the size of the zone, I have no bloody idea what objects might be included there except for rocks, trees, benches, public toilets, some small public tennis court nearby, etc... >The Great Dam - Players could go through a massive dam, to reach all the levels players would have to take stairs, ladders, or climb through scaffolds, etc, challenging POI with great views... >Industrial Zone - there might be situated several simple hangars that could contain timber and various materials, etc, >Huge ranch consisting of 3-4 buildings in one complex surrounded in cornfield etc, for miles, >Huge inactive telecomunications antenna - pretty much self explanatory... >Remote tiny complex on the island or situated on a lake or nearby coast... >Anything anyone may come up with... with more open areas... - buildings typical for Marina resorts/zones etc, What is great about Shooting Range POI is the fact it combines open areas in my opinion. Right now finding a note leads to a mission that requires the neutralization of zombies on the open fields. How about having such a mission under the traders' list? Plus activation of such a mini-wave would require sending a flare-up to the sky (from a stationary beacon at the location possibly) so in theory, this action could attract zombies and interested players in PVP just by seeing a flare from afar. Player(s) could determine the difficulty and several waves, also difficulty would change after adding another player to such mission/party/lobby - you name it. Survivors could defend 2 sides of a bridge or any other small location. Such endeavors might possibly have 2 points of interest or a simple requirement just to survive - this type of mission could be available for at least 2 players. On the bridge might be left several vehicles so the players might jump on them or have some temporary cover against dogs and so on The bridge defense might behave the same as POIs when it comes to resetting the whole entity and contained objects. Also, this type of mission could work well against bandits. Players could defend themselves or some point of interest in pre-created scenarios/zones/POIs etc. Rookies could defend themselves against mini-waves of zombies in locations created by the devs. Devs, please focus on creating more scenery rather than solely focusing on one yet another dungeon-like stylized house 🙄.
  10. Honest and importatnt opinion mate. 7DTD feels strong in coop mode with friends and single player, PVP is a bit lost cause at least for now. I would rather see more stuff available at trader in PVP mode, most of the neighbourhoods always seem to be looted... well if the map could be at 12k. I`m not saying it`s a downside but PVP completely brings new sensations.
  11. God damn I meant progressed in day one to your likings in similar manner... 😅
  12. Everything seems blunt... I would have swallowed the current classes system only if at least all weapons and armor types were available in every class. That would solve the major problem at least for me. Weapons might be unique just by having different times to reload, bigger mags, slower or faster rpm, higher weapon kick, lower/better stability, less/more accurate, not every scope attachable/available, differ in damage dealt, effective range and the list goes on. Just that would make the game fun on its own. Right now 9mm pistol seems on par with any low-tier weapon... just nerfing a pistol would not solve everything. I`m not trying to bash the current balance for the sake of bashing... in my eyes, the weapons seem overly too balanced 😅. In some way, it is a good thing but more can be done in this matter.
  13. Slicing every zed after each blood moon was a laborous activity. First should be performance gains and gameplay solutions then implementation of certain mechanics.
  14. I believe there is no straight answer in order to make loot crates/drops fun to the core and I'm aware of the possible exploits. What I would do in this case you`ve mentioned... Entering vehicles by pressing E may require 2 seconds by holding a key so players would not be able to instantly hop into a seat and drive off like that (same with seat switching, some E action icon could appear on the screen with entering progression - in similar as opening the crate). Additionally player would have to run the engine by pressing and holding some key shown on the HUD as well and that action could take some time also. In such a scenario becoming an easy target is a higher gamble and getting away unpunished becomes lower. Also, every attempt of a player when it comes to shooting the target (except bows and suppressed/silenced weapons) might be shown on the compass, I mean the general direction of the shots fired. By doing so the game would become much more balanced and fun.
  15. Also the opening of the crate could take up to 5 seconds so a player(s) would be exposed for a brief period of time?
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