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  1. Some decent leap in yet another proper direction. --- The addition of more variety of tier 0 guns is great. Finally no additional blunderbuss ammo solely for one gun! Even bow got a buff! Only Pipe shotgun suffers from blunderbuss syndrome of overly long animation, especially when only one slug might be loaded at a given time. Sweet Lord, have mercy over my soul... I wouldn`t say there is too much ammo, especially while I`m playing with mates who spray everywhere with your well-earned equipment like there is no freaking tomorrow. Astonishing world generator, custom-made objects baked into the world generation process - huge positive. Finally, the city looks like a City! Underground levels and other complex systems! Outskirts - wow! Warrior difficulty feels like Warrior. Feral wolves, zombies in the first 7-10 days feel like overkill in bright daylight, always. Call an ambulance! But, not for me with 1000+ hours... Food availability - seems like a complete overhaul. I played with friends today and it is more difficult to keep all of us well fed. The trader has very low supplies for 4 of us as well. Playing solo for me is much easier nowadays when it comes to food management. Chickens and bears literally run into You to save your day, quite literally. Everything in this aspect seems different and more tricky at least in the early stages. It`s just different, I can`t say if it`s for the better or worse yet. Devs, please add someday more music or something that could be called a soundtrack in contrast to random noise or the same 4 notes played in a constant loop. It`s not like I`m hating on anyone because even so-called triple-A studios fail in that department in 2021. The soundtrack improved and I truly like it, simply need more! Vastly improved dog animations and art style, I only hope for the rest of animals having the same overhaul. More animals also in the future, please! Even more birds. Zombies can crawl even through one block! True game changer! New, fresh game mechanics is the right way! Dismemberance. Keep it going but have the option to turn that off too. Absolutely love the building system and how responsive and organically this looks. Organic - my favorite word lately. New objects, new crates that look less blocky, continue to move away from blockiness wherever you can Devs. Amazing stuff. We finally moved away from candy-like, fortnitish, disneylandish art style quite a bit - I`m not hating on anyone again, no offence to anyone, but it`s the only rightful move when it comes to 7DTD. Don`t copy others - be an example instead. Be smart and avoid a never-ending identity crisis that leads nowhere except for the loss of fandom. Stay brave on this one! --- Ok. The best thing about this one update... the game steers towards an adult-like crowd at least not in theory but in practice. Artstyle is way better. Sound keeps me in suspense, music, ambient sound, footsteps. On the other hand, there is no need for traders repeating the F... Fudge word to keep the game in a specific tone. Entire generations play this game so pay attention to what slips through the development process. Traders might be grittier, not everyone has to look-a-like a country music festival attendant. There are so many features I forgot about and worth mentioning, it`s unbelievable.
  2. Well, potato PC owners are in trouble indeed! At least I`m not freezing with my R9 3900X and RTX2070 this winter!
  3. The extreme density of the fog makes sense. It is probably a matter of further adjustments. I only hope for longer transitions between normal weather and foggy. Right now the surroundings become instantly foggy. I`d rather see slow alterations of weather. Different variations of fog density, visibility, and the list go on. Slow, heavy rain. With thunders, humming in a distance or close, etc. Weather, that may impact a player's ability not only to see at a distance or build an atmosphere of fear.
  4. Hello. I just wanted to thank you for the next A20 update. Simply put, the new tile system is amazing and the towns/cities look dope. I haven`t checked thoroughly sewers and underground systems yet, but they do fit the 7DTD genre amazingly well. My expectations were exceeded by not 1 mile, but like 7 parsecs in the galaxy. Well thought... well thought. The amount of adjustable settings in-game options is incredible - good work on that! The performance and optimization on high-end PCs seem better as well at a first glance. Well done and keep going in that direction. Every owner of mid-range PC who I spoke to is waaay happier... I don`t know how about dirt cheap potato users. The Weather system and many other aspects of terrain look way better. Except for small grass also small weeds, flowers, etc. might be added in the next updates. Think of creating vast spaces that may be covered solely with grass (no trees for even several hundred meters) especially around the cities - this might even help with overall performance in certain parts of the map. I wish to see someday different terrain specifically dedicated to the forest. Forestation might be denser in some parts of the map, also having in mind performance in the first place. Please, think of creating a more creative, organic, and believable world overall devs. New art and objects look absolutely gorgeous. New shapes and the way players build nowadays are absolutely terrific! Nice addition of having some traders rewards after accomplishing some set of missions. The biggest problem when it comes to balancing - pipe weapons. Why - reload timings of the pipe hunting rifle and shotgun. Animations are an absolute blast the quality of reload anims is solid 4.1/5. Reload animation of pipe shotgun takes forever and must be shortened by at least 1/3rd or even slashed at half. 1 shell is loaded at a given time dear devs. Hunting rifle animation takes too long in my humble opinion. Instead of bashing twice the barrel in order to open a chamber, once would be just fine. It`s safer to use pipe pistols and pipe machine guns in POIs and other danger zones. These are my first impressions at least. Animations perfectly show the struggle of the player, well done! Weapon ADS improvement! Finally, I have the option to hold my weapon zoom mouse key. I`m uber-ultra satisfied in that matter. But now, I need an automatic weapon reload option after a mag is depleted. Think of adding a single fire mode except for automatic fire for the AK and SMG. Single fire, burst mode for a Tactical Rifle. Devs - these are basic mechanics weapons in 2021. I probably forgot about a few things. Anyways so far I`m impressed. The soldier and crawler models look god damn triple-Aish! I can sense some DOOM 3 dev vibes also here and there around the map. Well done again, can`t wait for more to be discovered.
  5. GPU is being fried mainly due to budget PSU. "Blacklisted" PSUs provide "improper" voltage over time due to low-quality components. Faulty, "no-name PSU" is also damaging hard drives day 1. Stop gaming immediately and replace PSU first. Visit a friend's house and then test the GPU before making any purchase decision. Low-quality PSUs are fine for browsing the Internet... but gaming will ultimately lower the lifespan of your whole setup. I always build my PC and tweak it by myself to my preferences. Pre-made setups for most of the time are a travesty also. I`m learning from my own mistakes over the years. The first thing that requires attention is the PSU quality. Simply put, any branded 550W 80+ bronze PSU is going to be better than 750W no name. You can`t compare PSUs by their theoretical performance, only components matter. There is no money saved or justice done to Your PC by wasting cash on budget PSUs. Make sure that the PC is well ventilated with proper airflow, in-take and out-take of air are truly important. PC case and cooling is another thing to consider. Make sure to clean the housing and also replace CPU thermal paste at least every 2 years. Don`t keep PC cases directly on the carpet. Cleaning the room and maintaining the PC is in my best interest. If You ever think of an upgrade some day, first make sure that the motherboard has got a proper/recommendable power section for 10+ core CPUs. I use Seasonic Focus 650W, Noctua CPU cooler and fans - the best purchase You could ever make so far. Pricey but reliable, pure performance without LED lights/disco ball cringe. Only SSDs, PSU and Noctua Fans are actually new in my PC! I made a mistake on the PC case but the permanent removal of the front panel fixed the issue. Silence, low temperatures, and performance are of the essence.
  6. Apologies for a bad practice if I respond. I am somehow partially responsible for the current state of a progression system. What "kills it" at least for the players who have been playing for years is a "class system" consisting of 5 playstyles mostly. In previous "LBD" progression system any action has been attributed to a given skill. With the current division of skillsets, the player is more strictly obliged to certain pathways. This simple fact seems like a downgrade rather than an upgrade. I just wanted to "end spam crafting", but solving one issue spawned another one called "5 main attributes" instead of one nicely done "skill tree". After all those years "Excel rubrics" is still present. I only suggested a "skill point system". Thanks to that solution, players have been given chance to excel at any skill, no matter what weapon they used or getting accomplished activity and so on - to me, such an option seemed like an upgrade rather than a downgrade of the progression system back then. To me, it`s completely irrelevant whether attributes grant 3% of this or 10% of that. There has to be only a sense of progression and something that keeps players busy. A system that possibly grants as much freedom of choice as possible, right? At the end of the day all stubborn players will level up at everything, but I don`t see a reason why the devs should make life more complicated with "5 main attributes/classes". So coming back to a drone...
  7. Treat my post as bread for thought. I have nothing against a current system and order of things. I was only wondering if anyone can come up with anything else tbh.
  8. I have already played most of the popular mods.
  9. I will try to explain how I would see the weight system with movement improvements. >So first of all without any better armour, mods, perks, stimulants, each given player can only carry up to 40 kgs. Above 50kgs figure, there would be no possibility to even move. After breaching the 40kgs limit players stamina is depleted rapidly while running. No possibility to sprint. >Up to 15kgs on a player, then the character is able to run without stamina loss. Actions like a melee attack would cost less stamina by 10% also. A basic armour set could weigh around 5kg without a helmet etc. The more complex armour then the heavier it becomes and the more protection it usually gives. Mods might reduce the weight of armour also. >Ak may weigh 3.5kg, bandage 0.05kg, basic first aid 0.15kg etc. Stacking of the items would be easier, equipment of the same quality and durability can be stacked onto one another also. Any weight might be established by the devs. >Except for running players would have the option to sprint for a short period of time (Sprinting might be faster by 10% than running and deplete stamina faster by 25% accordingly). >Players might have the option to drop a Backpack. The item would work in the same manner as a chest, could be craftable and even upgraded with mods and better versions or types. >Players could be able to craft and find Toolbelts between 6-12 slots - now 10 is a standard available. >>> >Ore, building materials paradox and gameplay. >I have no bloody idea how to balance this one out. This one will never make perfect sense so I would probably have like 5-15 slots exclusively reserved in the backpack for the collected wood, ore and other building materials for gunpowder no matter what the real weight might be - so basically these objects would be weightless and only represent gathered materials by the player. This is within the devs reach.
  10. Well. I`m not sure how much a given player would derive from tornadoes ripping through POIs - looks stunning usually on the marketing materials and that`s all. I hope that the devs will focus on the weather changes, extreme weather conditions also. I`m pretty sure PIMPs can deliver something interesting, so the world will look as less static and believable as possible in this manner. I would really appreciate some simulation of the weather indeed. The direction of the wind impacts snow particles, raindrops, not only grass and tree branches but changes the direction of clouds also - right now there is a spinning skybox in a circle. Simple things that change the perception of the game and the surrounding world. For example, blowing wind in the snow biome could cause hypothermia way faster. In the desert mini sandstorms may limit your vision, raise body temperature and cause faster dehydration, slower the players' movement in one direction, and so on. In such circumstances players would really have to fight for survival in the nearest POI, clear it or wait some short period of time in the shelter. Thanks to that not only the icon on the HUD, or some code actually represents what`s about to happen to a player. That`s the one step towards the survival aspects of the game. Another great rework would be some "weight system", backpacks, toolbelts between 6-12 slots perhaps someday. I believe that the community would tackle the ore weight aspect one way or another.
  11. The drone must have a directional light/flashlight as a standard option but as a mod a radial 360 degrees (dome, radial in the same manner as a primitive torch) light source. The drone must have the ability to heal up the owner and possibly other allied players in near proximity, only if the health goes down to critical levels (under 50% hp?). A drone might shoot with syringes (???), but a cooldown must be included. Please add the option to silence the drone's generic voice acting... no offense.
  12. The drone needs 360 degrees flashlight/source of light as a mod, not a directional light. The drone should automatically heal up a player if the players' health is at some critical level with a cooldown system or something.
  13. Animations are not the worst not the best like in most of the games. The only solution is to improve animation flow and sequences on the screen - someone has to visit shooting range devs and have a look by himself. That would be a priceless and fun experience for the team and you might do recaps for yt. Record some of the behavior and sounds of the guns, this might be performed by the Professionals in the field then draw conclusions for the game obviously. Find some experts on melee combat - there is a lot to be learned. TFP, treat such an approach as an investment into the future. Still, I`m happy to see some progress in new/refreshed equipment. Not everything has to be uber realistic but timings of the finalized actions have to be right, otherwise the brain starts to jitter 😘. Try exporting weapon animations up to 240 frames, not 120 and check the results on 165hz screens on a really high end PC.
  14. I`m not sure if it`s a good idea but just my thought - what if a trader is only available after surviving the first wave, or when the player reaches a certain reputation or level. In such a "postponed scenario" a player will solely focus on survival aspects for some time. This might be a fun factor for some.
  15. Craftable Walkie-talkie grants the opportunity to talk safely between bases - sounds like a fun factor more than a game chat already full of profanity 😘. Some radio that can be deployed somewhere in the base or even used in a car also, unlimitted proximity communication only on players activation. Alongside showers may I ask about for some conditioners of high qualitea 😉 so the zombies could appreciate my presence more.
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