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  1. Downloadsize is 4.8GB, but after installation it takes up 10.6GB on your drive. Files are compressed for download.
  2. Has nothing do with beeing woke or not. A lot people beeing against things like stripclubs and such are simply conservatives and/or religious. They already were against those things way before the people who created the word "woke" were born. It´s the same category as fanboi or white knight. Mostly used as an insult wich shows a lack of discussion culture imo. Also usually shows a lack of arguments.
  3. The 2 women in our group love it. On youtube there was a series of 3 female gamers choosing it as their base. Not all women have a problem with this POI. In fact this is the first occasion during 8 years that i see anyone having a problem with this. I ask myself, do you speak up against strip clubs in RL? Are you taking actions to get them closed? @Gazz Once you are over 40, everyone under 30 is young. She could be 25 for all we know. Young women isn´t a term i would use to describe a minor tbh.
  4. @Biglittle Are you sure you installed the mod correctly on the server? This sounds like you didn´t put the prefabs folder on the server. Afaik war3zuk does use custom buildings right?
  5. It is needed. Not badly, not a must, but it is a huge QoL improvement. It is true that people just need to learn this and that and they need no steam workshop. But the truth is, that there are people that struggle with steam workshop and that´s by far the easiest method to mod a game. So yeah, make it as easily to mod as possible and you will reach more people. There is people who don´t buy games if they can´t mod them trough the workshop. No need to do it before it´s done tough. Making this work in alpha would be a mistake imo.
  6. The problem with this game is, that you progress way too fast. There is pretty much nothing that can stop you on day 30. You barely get to the point where hordes last all night before you are pretty much OP. Was always this way, but after playing subsistence for a while now, i realize how fast the progress here really is. Not saying it should be as slow as in subsistence, but if TFP doesn´t want the game to be over after 40 hours there needs to be some tweaking done. Not sure what game of endgame content besides bandits is planned. Bandits alone won´t make an actual endgame imo.
  7. I remember that when that slider was removed, that it was said that it´s only due to balancing reasons and that it will come back. I really should start screenshooting such posts from the team. @Roland We really shouldn´t have to fiddle around with xml files just because we don´t play on a potatoe. I don´t even have a high end PC (CPU was 180€), but i can up the spawn at least 3 times with no performance issues. What is wrong with bringing back that slider? Won´t stop the game from running on old computers.
  8. Pretty much what @Maharin said. I doubt we will get actually challenging horde nights tbh. Unless you restricht yourself a lot. Like not using traders, turning down the loot, not using the tons of cobblestone and cement lying around in POI´s, not using augers and so on. But even then i doubt it. Tbh i rather think that unity destroyed their dream a bit and their new game on UE is where the dream is now. I doubt that a pretty much empty world was their dream. (And no, feral sense is not gonna help here a lot. 8 Zombies max per chunk is not enough, especially not in a city, no matter how they behave. Give us the slider for the spawnrate back.)
  9. How is clicking on a quest and then clicking the icon for sharing a hassle? I am really interested how you would make that even easier than it already is. And when you share the quest, there is a text popping up on the screen that clearly says who shared it. For the sorting of your inventory in containers, they will hopefully soon introduce the lock slots in your inventory option. Right now it´s only available via a mod but it´s already in the code. WIth the mod for locked slots using the inventory buttons it´s super easy and super fast to empty your inventory into containers. It´s only 2 clicks, opening the container and double clicking the first inventory button.
  10. Well that furniture is what survived the demolotion of the POI that once stood there (including a floating courier satchel). And we have snufkins vehicle mod installed, we actually can fill the space easily.
  11. My bet is that we get details when 7 days goes into beta. I wonder if they go early access again with their next title.
  12. Well if it´s like navezgane and not done by random generation that would be something i´d like to see tbh. You could make handcrafted maps that you will never get trough RWG or any 3rd party generator. With the new biome/gamestage thingy you could even create challenge maps.
  13. That´s multiplayer, with 4 people. 3 of us have mining skills. No big deal on day 51 to get enough iron and cement for this.
  14. It´s still 8 zombies max. That´s nice. No sorry, that´s cute. That´s what it is. Propably will see more zombies than now but still nowhere near to what is actually needed to not feel like playing in an empty world. I was really hoping for at least the option to have more zombies but i guess not. I was playing with that low zombie count, hoping it would get better but seeing it will not really is demotivating. Well there is still the pile of shame in my steam library that i need to finally play trough.
  15. Our builder asked how big our garage should be and i answered "Yes". That´s what we get now:
  16. @BFT2020 Nah romero changes too much. I would play it if the only things changed would be headshots only, more zombies and bigger wandering hordes. But he also removed bloodmoon and did a lot of other changes i don´t like. The walking only also will get too easy once you reach a certain level. I have a 170$ CPU and i can play romero with 5X spawn and large wandering hordes just fine. Too bad it changes too much. And tbh, i don´t wanna have to mess with mods. A few here and there for fun, like flying sharks is noce, but that´s a shorttime fun for trying out once. @meganoth I can already see that limit going down to 6 or even 4 with feral senses if that really leads to more zombies at once. If we now are on the limit for minimum specs that needs to be adjusted to keep it there following the logic that we only have low zombie numbers due to minimum spec. There is no mechanic that can replace simply having more zombies.
  17. I highly doubt that feral sense will change the feeling of an empty world if there is a limit of 8 per player. Pretty please with a cherry on top, make this an option in the menu so we can set that limit higher than 8. Sure make the default for minimum specs and make it clear that increasing may hit your performance hard if you have a weak PC. The current min specs is a dual core CPU. I mean yeah sure TFP wants as many possible customers as they can get, but a dual core? Really? Don´t think there is more than a handfull actually playing new games on a dual core. That limit doesn´t seem to be per player btw. We should see a lot more zombies in a group then when we are in the city. But it´s the same as i would play SP. Hardly any zombie to be seen outside.
  18. It´s more about the zombies outside of POI´s. They are basically non existent. I had days where i mined 24 ingame hours and not a single zombie showed up. That the spawnrate outside of POI´s won´t be altered much is a joke tbh.
  19. That we won´t get 200 Z big hordes was pretty clear. But that the zombie count will just slightly go up after optimization is more than dissapointing. That´s a step from an empty world to a nearly empty world. Meh. Can´t really be the goal of development to have a an empty world in a zombie game.
  20. You can have a lot of zombies, yeah. But not nearly enough to have a real horde. Like 200. That will cause lag on every PC. And when it comes to zombies that´s a number you should aim for at least. A city should hold even more overall. Heck Dishong alone should hav more than 200. And what is the best PC good for if they don´t spawn. Doesn´t matter how good my PC is, the world is empty besides from blood moon and 64 zombies during blood moon barely qualify as a horde. And you say they won´t turn up the numbers a lot? Really? Better take out the word "horde" from the games subtitle tbh. I can´t hear that min spec argument anymore. Make it an option and include a warning that a potatoe will struggle to perform with a higher number of zombies, so everyone can turn the numbers up if they have a good PC. Why do people with better hardware get punished? (Don´t tell me about other games here, doesn´t matter what those do or have) So i really hope they will do a sequel and manage to get us real hordes with UE.
  21. It would make driving a very slow experience now that i think of it. There is always a chance you simply get stuck, it happens. Be it a hole dug by yourself, a slope you didn´t see and now you are stuck between a wall and the mountain or a cop that exploded. The gyro get´s stuck easily if you mess things up near a building. Yes that can be solved also, but tbh digging and building a ramp everytime or making every hole there is for whatever reason, safe to drive again would realyl be a big annoyance. Especially in MP that would be problem.
  22. I never pick my vehicle up, unless i get stuck in a hole, because i always have stuff in it. Vitamins, splint, antibiotics, extra gas, nailgun, rockbusters&coffee, healthbar, food. So i always have a garage once i get a motorcycle. Same in MP, most of us have stuff in their vehicles so there is always a garage including a helipad on the top. Also playing with snufkins vehicles right now and you actually wanna see that fancy flying shark instead of hiding it. I´d say let people have the choice how to do it. It´s also kind of a QoL thing, People with limited time will for sure be happy if they can save time by driving to their backpack when dying instead of wasting time running there.
  23. @doughphunghus I can understand why they do it, but then at least make it so it is easily modable to get more colours for all blocks. None of TFP´s bussines if i wanna stress my hardware to the max with mods or not.
  24. More colours and textures. Yes please. Or at least make them so that you can easily mod in new colours and textures.
  25. Afaik the plan is A20, A21 and then Beta. So yeah, beta could start next year if things go well. Considering how long they already work on 7 days, i would call that the final phase, yeah. And it actually doesn´t matter if they work on a sequel or a another game. Both is business as usual. My personal guess is, that it is indeed a sequel. I think they coudln´t really do what they wanted to with Unity. And the next project is done on Unreal Engine. (That´s a fact, otherwise they wouldn´t hire people with experience in Unreal Engine)
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