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  1. I forgot one thing: Beeing able to put dye on vehicles. No matter if the other vehicle mods are coming or not. That can´t be too hard to realize, right? Also bring back the vehicle marker on the map. Why is it even gone?
  2. Well, all that counts if you find it very early on. At the stage i find it usually, i don´t care anymore if i have to carry stuff or not because i have a vehicle already, time isn´t that precious that i can´t take care of some extra stuff. I think my earliest super corn was like day 13 or something like that. Really not lucky with finding bob´s boars. I do plant it tough if i find it. But it takes ages until you get a decent amount of seeds so you can fully switch to glue made from super corn. You get exactly 9 ears of super corn at bob´s boars, wich is one short for two seeds. Is there any other POI that has it?
  3. What do you eat if you don´t hunt for meat until you find a gun? Also early game. I don´t even have a clue where the wasteland is in the first few days. We talk the first 3 or 4 days here, there is no guns in the first days unless you still play A18.
  4. If i can get a sneak shot with the bow it is a one shot kill once i have the right skills and a compound bow that is fully modded. And tbh, i don´t bother with bears early on. And if i have to because i can´t find anything else to hunt, i lure them to my base. And finish them from above. I play permadeath, so avoiding bears in early game is a must. Happens to easy that you make a mistake and die.
  5. Tried one RWG map. Had a gravel road that suddenly turned 90° sideways. Not lef or right. Up. LIke a wall. Instantly went back to nitrogen. And tbh, no matter what they do with the RWG mixer, i am 100% sure we will never get as many options to choose from as nitrogen has. Don´t think i will ever use RWG again other than testing the new versions.
  6. Well in MP Coop you can´t wait until you have a gun or see a bear. You need the meat, impossible that 4 people live from canned food. And chickens are nice for feathers. Also bones for glue. And tbh using guns to hunt is weak. Guns are generally just for emergencies in small rooms with more than 3 zombies and for hordenight.
  7. I use the bow. The 4x sneak damage is just to good to be ignored. Sure it doesn´t kill the big animals at one shot but you do a lot of damage while beeing far enough away to switch to a spear wich you can throw before you go melee. @Bashtiks I haven´t seen a gun since day 6 in my last game. And tbh a level one pistol vs a bear is a joke.
  8. Knowing this game for quite a while, i doubt you would save time. Even if they change the animation, the time needed would propably stay the same. Other than that: This is not a simulator.
  9. You are ok with auger/chainsaw but not with trader joel? Uhm. Ok. Auger/Chainsaw make it impossible to talk on TS/Discord, it´s unbearable on headphones even when not talking to someone and if you play on speakers, every neighbour knows you play. And turning the volume down isn´t an option either if you don´t wanna be surprised by a wandering horde or a screamer. That two sentences are loud, yes. But it´s only two short sentences. In fact, they are a good reminder that the night is coming soon. Helped me a lot of times already, so i don´t come late to return a quest and get a new one. I´d prefer it stays that loud.
  10. It´s fine for glue. I would never use glue to make paper tough. You play PvP i guess, then it´s understandable if you stay inside. At PvE the questing is way more effective and faster. Also you get a lot more than just paper. It´s just a nice to have tbh, so you don´t have to hunt animals and harvest carcasses during your whole game. If you don´t find super corn early on, you propably have a ton of bones, paper and glue already when you get it.
  11. MP/SP doesn´t matter, crack a book is a quest POI. It respawns when you start the quest. @myrkana
  12. Well you sounded like you need every bit of brass you can find while looting, thought you do so because it´s your only source. I kinda don´t even look for brass because there is so many coins. I actually leave it behind some times...
  13. @wizard puke Rocket launcher with frag ammo and contact grenades are great vs demolishers. Also now that you need the demolition skill to bulk craft gunpowder, it´s inviting to use explosives. Just don´t use the atomic junkies candy during horde night. They also boost the block damage of explosives. Not recommended.
  14. You know that you can smelt the coins to brass? Lootable brass is just a nice little add on for bullet casings.
  15. Paper shortage? Nope. Paper mill and the big crack a book (the paper rolls there are now actually paper. I doubt you can use all that paper you get there)
  16. Nice one @hotpoon @Gideon The red haired zombie is clearly Lois from Family Guy imo. The clothes have the exact same color as the ones Lois is wearing.
  17. Never ate or farmed it. When i get supercorn i always have already a farm running and no food worries (I am always unlucky with finding bob´s boars early on. Meh, could use it for more than just supercorn) Now i can at least use it and can ignore animals and carcasses. Veggie stew and the new foods ftw. The nerf doesn´t bother me at all.
  18. Oh now you want crafting gone too? So you actually want to play a pure FPS. Wrong game buddy. Wrong game. You need to accept that this is never going your way. They will force you into POI´s. The story line will do that. You need another mod.
  19. Go and read the devs diary. You play a game that highly concentrates on looting and don´t like it. I think you are the one who is projecting here. You actually want to play something else. Rising world has what you want i think. What happens if you can build everything from scratch and don´t need to loot? You can stay away from the enemies. That is for sure not what TFP has planned for this game. Do you think they create all those dungeon style POI´s with pathes and hidden loot just for fun? There is even a perk that is just about looting and looting has it own book series.
  20. Poll isn´t working like you want it to. Can´t vote no, without voting for the second question also. It´s required to answer both. Wich will corrupt the outcome. Would vote no. Too much RNG luck needed for my taste. Already not liking that i need luck with the parts we have right now.
  21. Your problem is that you don´t want to loot. In a game where you are supposed to do so. Again: The circular dependencies exist so that people do not avoid zombies by living far away from cities not entering POI´s. You try to dodge that by using a modded map and want TFP to change that. It needs to be there in order to confront players with enemies. This problem doesn´t exist on vanilla maps. It is a mod problem. And that you want to play a different game. This game is about looting. Don´t want it any other way personally. If you want to avoid looting you need a another mod for your modded map. It´s not going to happen that you can play the game without entering any POI, still beeing able to build a huge base against the horde. Also the whole story line will revolve around traders and the white river citizens vs the duke and his bandits. With quests beeing a part of it, that for sure will include POI´s.
  22. @meganoth That mod reduces entity damage and boosts block damage.
  23. So you play on a map that was generated from the game itself? You didn´t use nitrogen or modded the game yourself to get fewer POI´s? I doubt that. Normal maps have loads of POI´s. There is always enoug POI´s in reach if you use vanilla maps. If you used nitrogen or modded the game in any way to get a map with fewer POI´s, it is a self made mod problem. @Maharin And as said already: This game is designed with the intention to loot POI´s. They don´t want people to sit in the wilderness avoiding zombies. You would render the whole game to something completly different if you can just avoid places where zombies are. You need mods for your problem. TFP won´t give you what you want.
  24. You can´t balance a game for mods and vanilla. That dosen´t work and no game ever did that. It´s a self inflicted problem caused by a mod that can easily be solved with another mod that allows you to make short iron pipes from raw iron.
  25. The importnant quests, buried supplies, are always near. The others are nice if you do them, but not needed at all cost. With the traders in the cities now, you just do buried supplies and loot POI´s without quest until you have a vehicle. Works fine for me that way.
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