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  1. Now where did i say lies or deceit? Don´t put words in my mouth. I just said it´s annoying af. You do realize that people take the informations they got and acutally use it to shut up trolls on the steam forums? Saw that a alredey. Guy got called a liar because he trusted info he got from a moderator. (Not me though, i wouldn´t care tbh, don´t give a F what the internet thinks of me)
  2. The player base is still bigger than ever. Sure it was going down after the release peak but that´s normal. And no it´s not complete. The map generation needs a lot of work (FOr example all T5 poi´s at least once per map, why is this so hard?) , the NPC´s aren´t in yet, the story is missing, The balancing is still way off, we have 300 levels and can beat everything with level 50.
  3. This game isn´t designed for massive multiplayer (8 players is the max supported number). Also it was never intended that one person feeds a whole server. I would tell your players to get their @%$# together and care for their own food. Yeah, in A20 on day 28, single player, i had tons of cooked meals. Enough to sell half of them to the traders and i would still have had enough to feed 2 more people.
  4. Different topics wasn´t meant as different threads of why zombies where removed. It´s the same with bandits and zombie AI. For a long time we were told the zombies behave way too intelligent because the devs use them as test objects for the bandit AI. Now it turned out that wasn´t the case at all. It´s annoying af at this point tbh. Same with the slider for spawn rate. Got told it was removed for balancing issues and that it will return after that it´s done. Now it´s a "maybe it will return".
  5. @Matt115 Mods as in moderators. @Roland It´s confusing af. And it´s not the first topic where this happens.
  6. Well at least that´s a reason i can get behind. But the mods should maybe stick to one version when telling people why they got removed.
  7. Someone said those zombies appeared in places where you wouldn´t see them before the apocalypse. But that is true for the biker, the nurse and the worker also. Also the amount of women running around in a short black dress is riddiculous tbh. I´d really like to know the real reasons.
  8. Food scarcity is not an issue at all in this game. You don´t need farming. It´s basically a nice to have. Not a must have. There is more animals than ever before now. More farm POI`s than in any other alpha. That´s why i have no issues at all with a cost of skillpoints for a guaranteed net gain. Also one point isn´t enough, you need lots of luck to get a self sustaining farm with one point in Lotl. 2 points is what you need for that. And 3 points can give you enough food to get rich with selling it at the trader. And the snow biome is always full of meat, you can go hunting there pretty early if you are cautios enough, no need to tough, there is enough in the other biomes. And again, they changed the system because you could get infinite food with no skill point. And you suggest a new method that doesn´t need skillpoints either. No matter what you think it costs in ressources changes that fact (that ressources are basically "free" not really but it´s not really an effort to get them, you don´t need to do any extra work for it). The whole point TFP wanted to achieve is gating it behind a perk.
  9. Also wanna add that you not really have to invest any time on getting rotten meat/bones. You get that by questing wich we do anyways all the time. Once you reach T5 you have dogs and birds in every quest location. T4 already has a lot of them and in T2 and T3 you just need to know wich locations to take when questing.
  10. I don´t ignore that. It´s still free food. All the things you need for fertilizer are things you would collect anyways. It´s not a real cost. Bones and rotten meat come from the same source. And that is not an infinite source btw. Your method would bring up severe problems for multiplayer. Especially on servers with up to 50 people. Nitrate is something you mine anyways, the part you need for fertilizer is small compared to what you need for gunpowder.
  11. I had a 20 plot farm and 10 mushrooms, took me not even 2 mins every 2 hours and i had enough food for 3 people at least.
  12. Farming gets you the good stuff constantly. Looting/buying/hunting doesn´t do that. That´s why points are needed. For the good stuff that gives you a stamina bonus, lasts longer, heals more and even can give you an attribute bonus with the sham chowder. It just a few points. Fortitude is something where points should be put in anyways, no matter wich build you play. It´s a good system, those few points you need really don´t hurt. Not at all. I do play survivalist and i don´t miss those points. With fertilizer you would have a net gain of 4 guaranteed per seed. That´s infinite food with no skill invested. As we had in A19 and even more effective. Not gonna happen. TFP doesn´t want that. If you want to suggest a new method, it needs to be in a way that a guaranteed net gain needs skill points.
  13. Your method has a guaranteed gain without skill points. @bloodmoth13 Just a matter of time to get infinite food without needing any skill. That´s exactly what TFP doesn´t want. If you want guaranteed infinite food it´s only fair having to invest skill points. And farming is just a part of food. You act like it´s the only food source. We do have a functioning food system. It works too well to be honest, food isn´t a problem at all, wich kinda sucks for a survival game. Day 4 evening, didn´t do any extra hunting besides what i saw on my travels, didn´t go out of my way for vending machines other than those i came across on my travels. I did harvest 2 farm POI´s and bought cans, vegetables and some cooked meals from the trader.
  14. Well it´s only a bad deal if you don´t invest enough skill points as you said. But it isn´t mandatory to have a farm to get enough food. You can easily play without farming and never starve. You see farming as a seperate thing, while it is just a part of the whole food mechanic. I had tons of meat on day 20 when i started my farm and only had some minor food issues for the first 2 days. You can even get the good stuff where you need vegetables to cook it. You can loot/buy/harvest a lot of vegetables and ready cooked meals. Tell me one thing in the game where you can maximize the profit/effectivity without investing skill points and tell me why farming should be different please. This might sound a bit harsh, but if you can´t afford to spend those skill points, you dificulty is maybe too high.
  15. Not really sure but i get the feeling that feral sense makes it way harder to stealth trough a POI, seems like sleepers are also effected by it. Wich would be a bit weird tbh. Only played a few hours without feral sense with a friend, but it seems it was way easier to stealth in POI´s in that game.
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