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  1. <I dislike the new bulletproof glas. Another slap in the face for builders.
  2. @Hrod Land Try Nitrogen maps. They have a higher spawnrate for Higashi/Dishong/CrackaBook
  3. So it´s not allowed to share things? Or do you mean you won´t do this? Otherwise a nice idea. Will take a look at the vids for sure once there is some builds up.
  4. Wait for stable then. That´s what you might get with experimental. Didn´t have a single crash so far. Stable FPS, no invisible Z´s. Just zombies falling into the ground with their bottom half a few times.
  5. Just choose the option to loose nothing on death until it is fixed.
  6. Yeah, let´s keep the health bar where it belongs. Away from the game unless you do some testing in god mode.
  7. Please no minigame. Minigames suck. They suck hard. Every time. No matter wich game. Haven´t seen an enjoyable non frustrating minigame in over 20 years of gaming.
  8. The music doesn´t fit the game setting at all. The battle music for example would be fine in something like skyrim or any other fantasy game. Well i am not into background music anyways so i could care less. No matter the game, it get´s turned off. The beeing at home music is very nice tough but again not fitting for the genre, the trader one i didn´t even realize. But i really just had it on for the first two ingame days so i heard it at least once.
  9. I hope the loot get´s some overhaul. Now at day 20, it´s really stale. Everyone finding the same things over and over again. Only buying from the trader brings in a bit of variance.
  10. Nah, got enough bow parts to make my own tier 3 compound bow at day 10. Not sure when i had enough parts, but on day 10 i found the recipe for it.
  11. I spawned right next to it, how should i keep distance? I thought it´s a new POI for starting. 😛 And yes there are empty houses, i even had one in A19 already. Those spawn houses only existed on Navezgane tough, really not much in them besides a few cupboards and an old bed, also pretty ruined already. Seems like they are gone now, i actually started Navezgane on accident, so i didn´t try again, maybe they are still there on other spawn points.
  12. I spawned right next to a trailer with a dog in the yard. On Navezgane. I thought it was on of those houses you usually have at the spawn with a few basic loot containers and no zombies in it. Well, the dog ended it pretty fast. Meh.
  13. It seems to be broken for some people. I don´t get hungry too fast, but a day without eating is downright impossible. My m8 eats, is full, goes mining for 2 mins and is hungry again. You don´t die if you are at 50%, but the max stamina goes down, mining is even more of a pain then. Stamina usage is already harsh when you are not hungry.
  14. Having a mixed armor is pretty much impossible right now. The loot is so strictly levelbased that you basically find the same stuff over and over again. I love the slower progression, but right now we look all the same with the same weapons and same tools. We even found the duster all on the same day...
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