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  1. Yeah mechanical parts and springs needed would defeat the whole purpose the pipe weapons have. So nope. And they are horrible. So no, not too cheap. I mean i don´t mind it costing more materials, but stay with materials they need now, otherwise they are even more useless.
  2. I didn´t even find any pocket mod schematic so far on day 16. And thanks to those annoying magazines i do loot containers that have recipes in the pool a LOT. No matter the version they always put in a reason so that you can´t avoid strength. It´s tiring. That plus the magazines. It´s time to unintall and not have the game installed for the first time in 10 years. Then wait for the game to grow into an actual 1.0 version and 1.0 not just beeing a label. Then wait for mods to fix the game. We might come back if the mods are good.
  3. The thing is that removing the screamer and/or replacing it with wandering hordes would make your base an absolute safe space. Yes, wandering hordes might spawn when you are at your base, but that won´t happen too often. Unless they are way more frequently than now, but then your problem stays the same, you will still get hordes when doing quests. That said, a rework of the mechanic couldn´t hurt. Right now a moat, 1 deep and 3 wide filled with spikes and no windows on the ground floor is enough to make sure you only get a screamer horde when you are unlucky entering/leaving the base or repairing the spikes. In theory it´s possible to never get a screamer horde at home ever if you want to go all the way for home safety. Make a tunnel entrance that you enter outside of the screamer spawn zone And if you need to repair spikes you turn off the heat sources. Snow/Wasteland infestation quests and a screamer or two showing up are fun though.
  4. I actually didn´t miss it when they removed it back then. I´d rather have the plains biome back instead of the burnt biome.
  5. How could they not see that everyone and their grandmother will abuse this to no end? Go take a look on servers and youtube. The vast majority uses STR weapons. Nice job killing diversity instead of having a balanced system where it doesn´t matter wich attribute you wanna start out with. I actually thought this is just a balance issue that will be fixed at some point. Seeing this is intended is kinda shocking tbh.
  6. If you have a good base and you can kill them fast, even day 28 is over before 4am. It sucks tbh. I want full horde nights from start back. Or at least at day 14.
  7. Not gonna play for a while anyways but thanks.
  8. Already slow? If you min/maxed the game or even just spammed quests nothing could touch you anymore at day 28 before you even get fully lasting blood moons. And yes, that´s with difficulty turned way up and max zombies hordenight. Now i don´t have the time to play for another 10 days, but if it is slower that is good. One thing i can already say it that the shared quest progression is kinda meh. But not for vanilla, i don´t mind it there i think. Just depends on how the overhaul mods will handle it. With challenging difficulty settings in DF or War3zUK you don´t wanna be stuck in T1 for ages in MP for example.
  9. Is that a setting or a XML edit?
  10. Jeez. How do you come up with such an idea and why? If 2 people do a quest together they usually do the same amount of work. Along with the water changes from A21 and magazines this is another step into kinda forcing people to go solo in a MP game. If this is just to slow down progression what will happen is that many people will spam quests like crazy solo until T6 wich defeats the slowing down again. They nerfed trader rewards so quests aren´t as OP anymore and people don´t just spam them but at the same time they give us another reason to spam them. Nice. I hope that is just a bug or something.
  11. @gpcstargate +1. Having Rekt as your starter trader is god damn awful. Starting a new game and after 10mins seeing his face downs the mood instantly. It´s like they want you to not use the trader.
  12. Sinks and toilets. Pretty sure on air conditioners and fridges you only get iron. Mind you that´s A21 knowledge.
  13. Seeing Rekt is in the forest, we will need a mod once we start playing again. Even though we don´t use traders not nearly as much as the YT meta abusing min/max addicts, i still don´t wanna have to deal with him early game. In fact we usually avoid him as much as possible. I wish there would be a no trader setting when creating the world. But i guess the whole new challenge system doesn´t allow that. While i think you can simply ignore the challenges, the game might be acting up if a challenge involves a trader and there is none.
  14. So how is performance? I used to play on high-max settings with no problems on a 13700K, 32GB RAM and RX6600XT. Apart from the usual drops near skyscrapers, i hope the new method of opaque windows does help here. I am still busy in FO76 (yeah, go roast me, we are having tons of fun even though i am already level 690 by now) because Fasnacht event starts tomorrow for 2 weeks, so i can´t check myself as it is an hourly event.
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