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  1. @BioFringe Good decision. The new Ryzen CPU´s look pretty good, but it was just a presentation by AMD, we need to wait for the independent benchmarks. AMD was pretty honest with the benchmarks when presenting the last generation tough. The new Nvidia RTX 3000 is a paperlaunch, more likely to win some money at a slot machine than getting a RTX3000. They said the situation won´t change until 2021 (and didn´t name a specific date, not even wich quarter....). 28th of October AMD presents their GPU line up, let´s all hope they can compete and deliver. Ryzen 5000 CPU´s should be in stores on Nov. 5th. I personally wait with upgrades until after christmas. Usually you get some sweet deals in the first few days after christmas. @stample is right about watercooling. Unless you go custom watercooling a good air cooler will outperform most AIO´s. If you don´t mind spending a bit of money on cooling, i would recommend a Noctua cooler. They provide a new montage system for free if you change your CPU and the old one doesn´t fit the new socket. Also they are pretty good and silent. A case with good airflow is also importnant. Watch Gamers Nexus on YT for in depth case reviews.
  2. The SMG5 with Silencer still get´s you screamers. Not yet sure about the desert vulture, need to get one to test that. So far only the pistol and the sniper/marksman don´t wake up everyone in a room.
  3. As said before: If you can, go desktop. I gamed on laptops for a long time. Going back to desktop was the best decision ever. It´s cheaper for the same performance or the performance is better for the same price. Also upgrades are possible in the future. Saves you a ton in the long run.
  4. Nice idea. I like it. The right place would be here: Pimp Dreams
  5. @Danidas That only happens when mining. I can stand in our base right next to the 6 forges and 6 chemstations with only a wall between me and the screamer and they will not scream until they see me and they are way closer to the heat source than when i am mining. Tested that after they screamed without seeing me while mining. @Sjustus548 Hmm, nope no mods. Also one difficulty lower than you. Might be because of MP with 3-4 players maybe? I suppose you already tried to not kill the screamer to see if they call in more screamers? We did that in A18 to get a nice big horde.
  6. Yeah, CPU utilisation is often understood wrong. MSI Afterburner can display every core on it´s own. Takes up a lot of space on the screen tough. There is only very few games who actually use all cores of your CPU evenly. 30-40% usually mean that one core is at 100%. I really hope that TFP will change that before release. That would have such a huge impact on performance. Nowadays 6 and 8 core CPU´s are wide spread already.
  7. Well seems you got lucky so far when mining @Sjustus548 The last few times i mined with the auger, they screamed without seeing me (small entrance to the mine, only one block), always calling in 2 or 3 feral screamers who also screamed instantly. When i came out of the mine, there were already like 50 zombies. Can´t mine with the auger longer than a few minutes, without the next screamer showing up wich again will call a bunch of new screamers. I gave up on the auger. I am actually faster when using the iron pickaxe because i don´t get disturbed. What difficulty are you playing on?
  8. @Scyris Midnight? Meh, nope. Not in MP. Day 35, 90mins, they came all night long. Those fence poles look very exposed on your screenshot. Don´t they get destroyed by cop puke?
  9. We play on survivalist now and i again highly recommend someone specs into demo. We have an electric fence where they get stuck, i use a contact grenade on demolishers followed by a frag rocket wich kills them when you use atom junkies. Very importnant: Everyone else stops shooting when a demo shows up so the button doesn´t get triggered by accident. Works like a charm. We hardly ever have a demo exploding. Add in some dart traps and it´s even easier. The base design can vary as long as you have an electric fence where they get stuck.
  10. @Danidas Eh well, confused that a bit there. I totally forgot about the extra 100% damage with Pummel Pete for consecutive hits tough. Another things making clubs even stronger. Point is that Clubs are OP and everything else sucks compared to them. A machete is easily as deadly as a baseball bat in RL. The skills and books are unbalanced af. For playing attribute builds, that´s totally on you and not the games fault. It´s a suboptimal play style tbh.
  11. @Danidas Sexy T-Rex is fine as it counts for every melee weapon/tool and you need it anyways for mining and strenght for cooking while flurry of blows is exclusivly for bladed weapons and has no other use. The real problem is Pummel Pete also giving you extra stamina and the HomeRun refill.
  12. The Machete is really nice. The Club is still way more powerfull. The books allow you to never run out of stamina and the damage is higher. I could just see this at stalliondens POI, the one with like 100 Z´s in the basement. Buddy was running around clubbing nonstop, needed less hits per zombie (both at level 4 with our weaponskills, Sexy T-rex and and maxed Rule 1 cardio) while i needed to pull out the pistol every few zombies because i ran out of stamina. Either the club needs a nerf or the knifes a buff or a book series. Until that i am going clubs and only spending one point in deep cuts at the start. The bleeding helps a lot in the first few days.
  13. Turn down terrain quality to low. Doesn´t make a huge difference in the graphic but gives you some performance.
  14. @ElCabong Btw take a look at compopack. A mod that adds around 300 usermade POI´s. The vanilla tier 5 quests are small and short. Not sure if it is a quest location but the amusement park took us three and half days to clear out and loot. I just stepped in for the last bit and the looting tough. My buddy did all the killing, i only cleared the parking lot.
  15. What kind of RWG maps do you guys get? RWG is so far away from smooth terrain. Miles away. Like said there is a huge amount of terrain on the pregen maps where i rather don´t drive or it´s even impossible to drive. Same with the last three RWG maps we tried. Always has those hilly terrain with every block having a different orientation making it litteraly impossible to drive there. Never had that issue in Nitrogen. Not even once in A19. @Boidster Could you post screenshots of that worse smoothing? I will get some with that impossible to drive terrain.
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