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  1. That slider alreadey existed. I asked for the comeback of it and got told that it was only removed for balancing purposes and that it should get added again in the future. That was a while ago tough. Can´t even remember wich alpha it was.
  2. In Valheim you also place blocks and you can overlap them. There is no upgrading blocks tough. That might be an issue here.
  3. Is there any chance that 7D will get the ability to blockmix aka beeing able to overlap blocks when building? Unity can definitely do this and it´s great. I love it.
  4. @bdubyah I am talking about TFP staff and mods. @Kandrathe Snow has a ton of bears, wolves and cougars for me too. Zombies are also rare. Vultures in the desert are in between, semi rare. Wasteland is the only biome where it is a bit better with the zombie spawns. But the wastelands aren´t the place where i wanna live. Ugly and depressing. Also a nightmare to drive due to all the junk.
  5. @JCrook1028 Vanilla on a Nitrogen map. It only happened that hordenight. I dunno, maybe they spawned right before 22:00 and got stuck somewhere between home base and horde base and it took them a while to get to us. I would have to check the rocks between the two bases. We moved the next day, but i will check if i am in that area next time. @BFT2020 Possible as they didn´t scream.
  6. @Liesel Weppen I have quite some hours in A19 and until a few days ago, i would have fully agreeed with you on screamers during horde night. But i was prooven wrong. Saw some during the day 28 horde. They didn´t scream tough. They just attacked like the others. And it wasn´t at the start of the night, it was around mignight.
  7. @Kandrathe I am not asking for more screamers. I know how to get those easily if i want. i want more zombies wandering around. We did an oopsie last horde night and our base took some serious damage, we survived tough. Spent 24 ingame hours to repair it, 200m away from a small town. I didn´t see a single zombie the whole time. I was actually checking the settings if the other admin turned off zombies while i was offline... You shouldn´t be able to spend 24hours in one place not seeing a single enemy. There is no excuse for that.
  8. I know there is zombies spawning. Doesn´t matter tough, if i don´t see them. We need more of them. I am not complaining about animals, tough it is not nearly many enough when coming from a realistic standpoint, but the balance is needed here, that´s fine. I do complain only about the lack of zombies. I discovered a small town, checked out what buildings it has. Not a single zombie was outside. Not one. That is a joke. Ofc you do see some outside here and there. But that´s way too less zombies. The world feels empty. Recently harvested one of those big rocks near my bas
  9. Yeah i know, you mentioned GPU power aswell. They do bother to give us shiny zombies, that don´t fit the setting at all. (How the F can shoes be that shiny in this situation?) But caring about a not empty world would be a much more needed priority. But ok go on. Let´em make a game that needs mods to really give you the experience of a zombie apocalypse. Pretty sure it will be game of the year that way....
  10. Mods. Again. The solution for everything. You need mods to craft a normal looking door. To get more diversity in usable colours. To have blocks that you can see in game but not craft or buy. To get more zombies. And so on and so on. All those things should be a given tbh. And when you complain on here that all these mods don´t work properly together we will get a snarky answer that this is our own fault for using mods. Also no one will judge this game by how it runs with mods. If this is a sucess or not is dependent on how vanilla runs.
  11. It would be enough if the world wasn´t basically empty outside POI´s and when hordenights don´t stop way too early for the first few weeks. Can´t hear the performance argument anymore from TFP. Nearly no zombies outside but those have shiny clothes. Like how the F are the shoes of the businessman shiny, looking at his overall appearance? And why is a suit made out of fabric shiny?
  12. You are right with the bloodmoons. Or were for older versions. Now the first bloodmoons end super early, even in a group of 4 at day 28, it was over at 01:00 am. Not really hard to be prepared for and in SP it´s even easier because you don´t have the higher gamestage as you have in a group. I think my day 35 bloodmoon in SP ended right after midnight. And when they finally start to last all night, you usually have enough of everything so you basically only need to repair your base. Getting ressources is easy because we play in an empty world. If you use the iron pickaxe you can min
  13. Just don´t put points in lucky looter? I usually don´t do that either, still get good enough loot.
  14. Just a quick question for the armor, no time right now to read all the pages or watch the video. Will i still be able to choose between light and heavy armor? I absolutly hate heavy armor.
  15. We can´t live from one single mine, not gonna tunnel under our base to every mine we need, structural integrity and so on. We just do it in pairs, one is augering away while the other is above dealing with screamer hordes if we need a lot. otherwise we just use a pickaxe
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