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  1. Why is a small lantern brighter than a studio light then? Propably due to early access and them working on it at later point in time. I hope. And if bandits don´t radically change the endgame, draw-call-expensive furniture is the only thing left in endgame....
  2. @Boidster Ah yeah, that one. We propably all looked like that baby when we opened the door and the greenies where running towards us. I love the idea tough, sadly a one time experience as we now look carefully at the open sign before entering. And as nice as spawning all together is, having different spawning points usually is better due to mostly having at least two traders right at start already.
  3. Lamps? But the superbright lanterns and spotlights don´t hurt perfomance? Well i don´t understand anything of programming but that seems a bit odd. I really hope the lightning gets an overhaul sometimes. It´s either dimm or superbright right now unless you play around with hiding the lightsource behind blocks. Wich is an annoying task with only mediocre results tbh. I have about 50 bookshelves in my last villa, in one corner of a 3 story house. No FPS drops.
  4. I am pretty sure it´s the evil witch. It´s single zombies mostly. Ofc a wandering horde crosses my way once in a while, during raiding a POI. Can´t be the heat, i currently do bow/knife mostly (this rocks btw, i just had two of them dying side by side with the same animation due to bleeding out, nearly died to the next zombie due to laughing), only using guns in emergencies. And i loot. That´s it.
  5. Nice ideas there. You just need to keep the old way also. Too many people wouldn´t like this if it is mandatory. Definitly a mod i would install for SP.
  6. If you can handle the current crafting menu, you can handle it with creative blocks also. What survival elements? The survival part is so easy already. Just do buried supplies quests at the start, buy canned food at the vending machine and you are done with the survival part. And how would more blocks hurt the gaming performance? That makes no sense. These blocks would hurt gameperformance already as they are in the POI´s we have in the game. We have a storage full of creative menu blocks because we don´t won´t CM on all the time. I don´t see any negative impact on the performance. I don´t want to be forced to use creative mode to have nice things also. I want to actually get the ressources and crafting for it needed whjle trying to survive vs the Z´s. People wanna do this in MP also. There aren´t many servers, if any at all, with CM on. It would already help a lot if we could have more colours. Can´t be that hard and doesn´t harm the game in any way.
  7. Not on topic i know, but why do they cut down on the players ability to build so hard then? If you look everywhere else except this forum, you will see people love to build and will constantly rant why you can´t craft every block that is in the game. I know Joel wants the game to look worn out. Nothing stops him from doing that, but why can´t we have nice things to build? Doesn´t change the original look of the game, it´s not that people are going to rebuild the whole map. And tbh why the heck does he care how people want their bases and homes to look like? You can´t tell people who don´t know this game that they can build what ever they want. Huge chance they miss out on here imo.
  8. @meganoth In that water works quest where i mined a couple of hours before, right next to it with none showing up, i had one banging on the wall pretty much every time i went in the next room. It´s always like that, not that bad like in that case but still. One wouldn´t bother me either. It´s just never only one unless in smaller POI´s. It´s like the game calls them all in as soon as i do anything in a POI. Could be nitrogen and the tight city layout tough. But i don´t think that this increases the number of zombies, there are as few as always when i am outside.
  9. Still is for me. No zombies seen around the Water works POI for hours, was mining some coal before i started the quest, but as soon as i am in, those little b´s hear everything you do in a 10km radius. Every time. I started to clear around POI´s before i go in. Doesn´t help. Killed everything around the bank that i could find, killed everything inside, started hitting the first safe and within 2 minutes i hear something banging on the wall. Every f*** time.
  10. There is only a very small chance someone choose the same map name like you did. Random gen maps are generated based on the name you give the map. When i used RWG it was usually at least one trader per biome. I had around 6 to 8 traders on my 8K maps. Doesn´t mean anything as i only played very few RWG maps before i switched to nitrogen maps.
  11. A 200-250$ GPU and another 8GB or even 4GB of RAM (Depends how many slots/modules you have now if you can easily upgrade the RAM) would do wonders here. I would wait until all the new releases in Q3 this year tough regarding the GPU. Not a good time to buy hardware right now.
  12. If it needs to be right now and you can´t wait until Q3 2020 the AMD RX580 or the Nvidia GTX 1650 Super are in your price range. When the new generations come this year, there might be some reduced prices for older models. Or maybe a new model in your price range that is better. If you buy right now i would spend 250 for GTX1660 Super. You get roughly 30% more power than for 200. And who knows how GPU intense A19 will be? It looks like it will be a bit more than A18. Can´t really tell from screenshots only tough. But honestly, saving until later this year sounds like your best option. I am starting to save already. My 420€ GTX1070 from 2016 is on par with a 250€ GTX1660. That hurts a little bit. But meh i have it for a while now.
  13. Less noise is the advantage. Let´s be happy it´s not a minigame tbh. For crafting them you need only level one of the lockpicking skill. Or all "The great Heist" books. (I think it´s the heist books, correct me if am wrong) Is it just me, or do they nearly never break during the first 3 quarters of the time for everyone?
  14. @Liesel Weppen I never said you can´t find them. I said i didn´t find them. That´s a different thing. Also i never said that i want brass to be mineable, i said you need the trader for brass. Also a completly different thing. I would lilke to see bullet casings cheaper and tokens not beeing able to be smelted or made out of iron or something else. I would love to play without trader, simply for a change, but the current state of the game forces you to use it. Wich is a shame. Due to the parts, T5 beeing lootable easy, mostly before you can craft it and T6 not beeing craftable i barely craft things like weapons, tools or armor. Pretty much never, besides the auger. That can´t be the point of all that either. Constantly having to go to the trader and doing quests also lead to that. You just get more loot that way due to the rewards and on many occasions the main loot is way too easy to reach to let the chance of double dipping just pass. I know that´s on me, but just not getting something so simple just feels wrong in a survival game. Let´s see if the slow vanishing of crafting in this game goes on in A19.
  15. 500 steel bars on day 50? A lot but somehow doable. I´d rather have a riddiculous amount of ressources needed than pure luck. Pure luck is the worst game experience especially in a crafting game, unless you willingly play a loot shooter like borderlands. It could be also level dependent to make sure it´s endgame.
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