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  1. This game is still in development. Full optimization comes when all the content is added. So in the beta phase and we are still in alpha with this game. Optimizing everything before all the content is added would just mean a huge amount of work and time aka a lot of money. You simply can´t do that every new alpha. Ofc there is some optimization done during alpha also, otherwise it would propably be unplayable. What kind of proof do yo expect besides someone from the team saying it will happen? It´s the normal cycle of game development that is happening here. Optimizatio
  2. @Maharin Wrong topic? @FA_Q2 Well if i survive until i found 2 blunders it´s mostly all good and i can survive pretty far. It´s more the questions how many attempts i need to get to day 2. The answer is a lot.
  3. Every time i find honey right after my infection crossed the 5% mark.
  4. Warrior, permadeath, 50 mins, walking at day, running at night, no loot respawn, 64 zombies at horde night every 5 days. On a wasteland map with a bit of desert in the south. Doing survivalist difficulty if i don´t play on a wasteland map. Can´t count anymore how often i died to dogs on day one on the wasteland maps. 😛
  5. It´s pretty nice on higher difficulties in early game and even later on with a machete. I usually put a point in blade wepaons right at start. If you kite them good it can even be usefull for larger groups.
  6. Did a little correction here. We are paying customers.
  7. It might not be the case for everyone that this would make the game better. That´s just an opinion.
  8. Are we playing different games? Raw materials? You mean like forged steel they sometimes have for a price that is way too high? And 24 or maybe 32 bars if you are lucky? What do i do with such a small amount? Or the tiny amounts of ammo/gunpowder or casings? Seriously they do have materials, but only in such small amounts for really high prices. Better of grinding them instead of trying to get tokens to buy them. By the time i can actually buy decent armor and weapons from the trader, i can either make them myself or i have already looted them and in early game
  9. That slider alreadey existed. I asked for the comeback of it and got told that it was only removed for balancing purposes and that it should get added again in the future. That was a while ago tough. Can´t even remember wich alpha it was.
  10. In Valheim you also place blocks and you can overlap them. There is no upgrading blocks tough. That might be an issue here.
  11. Is there any chance that 7D will get the ability to blockmix aka beeing able to overlap blocks when building? Unity can definitely do this and it´s great. I love it.
  12. @bdubyah I am talking about TFP staff and mods. @Kandrathe Snow has a ton of bears, wolves and cougars for me too. Zombies are also rare. Vultures in the desert are in between, semi rare. Wasteland is the only biome where it is a bit better with the zombie spawns. But the wastelands aren´t the place where i wanna live. Ugly and depressing. Also a nightmare to drive due to all the junk.
  13. @JCrook1028 Vanilla on a Nitrogen map. It only happened that hordenight. I dunno, maybe they spawned right before 22:00 and got stuck somewhere between home base and horde base and it took them a while to get to us. I would have to check the rocks between the two bases. We moved the next day, but i will check if i am in that area next time. @BFT2020 Possible as they didn´t scream.
  14. @Liesel Weppen I have quite some hours in A19 and until a few days ago, i would have fully agreeed with you on screamers during horde night. But i was prooven wrong. Saw some during the day 28 horde. They didn´t scream tough. They just attacked like the others. And it wasn´t at the start of the night, it was around mignight.
  15. @Kandrathe I am not asking for more screamers. I know how to get those easily if i want. i want more zombies wandering around. We did an oopsie last horde night and our base took some serious damage, we survived tough. Spent 24 ingame hours to repair it, 200m away from a small town. I didn´t see a single zombie the whole time. I was actually checking the settings if the other admin turned off zombies while i was offline... You shouldn´t be able to spend 24hours in one place not seeing a single enemy. There is no excuse for that.
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