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    i am a crab and i like crabs and i hate CAMELS
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    Professional Camel puncher! - Living on my Ship Drinking Grog
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    i like to play 7 days to die and many more games and i live in a box

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  1. well at least in PVP you can get your stuff back in some way shape or from i like to make them look "Modded out" like if a waste lander Like me would live in there.
  2. i may take over that crack a Book for the new book shelfs!
  3. i say Bill Cosby stole it, But that Bug pisses me Off! that needs to be fixed
  4. i hope they get a uses or be replaced with a More useful plant, like a herb, maybe Yarrow, Sage, etc could be uses to make meds
  5. you didn't hear? 7dtd Made Pepsi's new Flavor! Snowberry! Time when it comes out? When its done! That new knife looks cool!
  6. i said that because yesterday i checked the Adult movie theater and i saw all those pics of people that made me go. "that would be cool if there was some posters here, like Mock up movies, stores, Traders and maybe even the Fun pimps poster" they would not do anything but make your room and base look cool!
  7. please god no! i want a Working stiff or SM poster, or a Bobbie trap poster
  8. its about TIME! a New pic Came! hahahaah i hate my self
  9. too be honest. i love using paint, i like to pain my base to look like its made of scrap. Also. Damn, madmole has been posting alot. not saying thats a bad thing!
  10. you know what 7 days to die Really needs? not new guns or zombies...... IT is!
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