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  1. With out the aim thing. it would be like this. You hold you're bow Side ways when you're just roaming around. Say you see a Zombie that wants to take a Nice bite out of you But when you aim, you hold you're bow in a Normal way! While you're bow is in the Same piston with a Arrow on it, you just click and you quickly fire a Arrow, You may it it or you may not. ill have to draw it out, because im as Useful with words as a Arrow without a Stick. Also i got 964 Hours
  2. Compound? I have not been able to find one yet but i am enjoying the Wooden bow.. Those Gears on it *uhhhhhhhh* its so nice! crap im turning into Snowdog!
  3. why not both. my idea to make the bow at least simi better is Sight (it has a Base sight and you can put reflex sight on it) Faster but less accrete Fire when not ADSing Slower but stronger shoots when ADSing New way of holding it Able to fire more then one arrow (by holding R and selecting Muilti shoot. you will need 3 stone, iron or steel arrows) More Mods to uses (Laser sight, New sight and Flashlight) Does bleed damage (10% with stone, 25 with iron, 50% with steel) Does More cripple damage when hitting the knee. (i took a arrow to the knee) i guess that and for me most of the time they don't hit the thing i want. (but i may just be bad SMH)
  4. But Crossbows are boring! There i said it! REAL MEN uses Bows! But Still Bows need some Good old TLC. i may make a post a Idea about bows on the pimp dreams.
  5. I think bows should get a Complete Redo. Its hard to aim and don't do too much damage.
  6. after i am doing a desert survival (im living in the boobie trap) and MAN! i want to see Joshua trees In this game! Its So weird to me seeing Oak trees in a Dry desert... if you don't know what they look like. this is what they look like, And Plus they can get REALLY Big even bigger then i though and They would Fit well in game because they are in Arizona, Arizona Has desert, Navezgane is in Arizona! HINT!
  7. i thought they removed that, When i find the same item with same level i see no difference. Or am i thinking of something else?
  8. idk about you! but for me i can run the game at pretty good graphics even with my makeshift ass PC. NOW I CAN READ LOGOS! and it runs a nice 45FPS (im used to 30 FPS)
  9. I kinda disagree with the Shock effect being annoying. it makes me feel like i GOT the POWER!!!!!!!!!! but i can see what you mean! The Main turn off for me is "For now" theres is no other tiers, Hell for intellect there is only One Range weapon! What i hope they do is for each baton they add a unique effect for each Junk/pipe/Scrap/Whatever its called Baton: could have just a Shock that does damage over time and Slightly slow down the Target. (the shock effect is smaller though) Stun baton: Does More Shock damage overtime, a Very slight increases of Damage and Can Stun! (the shock effect is less then the One we have now) Tesla/Plasma/Lightning/Whatever they will call it Baton: it Does much more damage, the Stun Can set targets on FIRE! and can break/cripple Limbs! (the shock effect would be the same as the baton we have now!)
  10. i think you forgot the leather! Cowboy hats, boots and Goth legging and boots give leather. But still good job, i don't have the patients for that Lol
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