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    im not the sharpest tool in Working stiff!

    thats all you really need to know!
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    The asylum state of Florida
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    Professional Camel puncher, Grog drinking, Drawling poorly, bathsalts, 7DTD, Talking to myself

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  1. Tbh I like traders in the deeper woods Trader Jimmy is still missing 😢 hope we can find his camp someday laz...
  2. Speaking off. Will navezgane get some updates like the new roads decor like stop lights, Cuz random gen at times looks better lmao
  3. Scissors!!!! 😎😎😎😎 shoe NEW PICTURE!!! FOR 1.0
  4. Why are you so tuff on me, no need to grind me now about it. Just mine your business!!! ROCK
  5. I mean the game company is pretty small. So it's fine that they act like thatc
  6. I want one so I can build on it. I like building in the parks Flat land, looks nice, and most are in the middle of town I KNOW FOR A FACT LAZ I'm going to build a discount diamond city
  7. I would love to build on a small baseball feild Or hell even a stadium!!! I'm going to build in the football one You you know what you have too do
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