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    im not the sharpest tool in Working stiff!

    thats all you really need to know!
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  1. So the stream is this Wednesday? or did i miss it.
  2. na i would just eat the paint off of his house, got enough brain damage already! AKA i got brain worms! Also i meant to say "Can it float" Again! B R A I N W O R M S
  3. bruh i would put barrels on my 4x4 and a boat motor and sail across the sea! Who needs boats? Like this! TFP i will be waiting for my paycheck
  4. Im always drunk. Got and hooch? Made from ketchup?
  5. Me coming back after i get a Email
  6. same, when i see a new alpha, i kinda look at the base game like "i don't want you, i want you!"
  7. melee is any tool. I do think that iron could be a bit better, but i think its fine!
  8. thats 2ed tier is going to be burnt forset. (the rest, idk)
  9. can't wait to get M E A T! from a Rod with a string
  10. TBH im fine the way it is. i just kinda wish it was a bit harder or maybe they could put "Infiltrator and lock picking" into the same perk. Think about it! what is one way to Infiltrate Something? Lockpicking!, plus it could make room for another perk. or not. thats cool too, i don't make the game
  11. i hope all the pipe guns look REALLY makeshift! Like if a Hobo tried to make a gun
  12. i want them to be more "generic" rather then wearing very specific cloths, like the Cop could have very little cloths and his gut glows green due to acid.
  13. @madmole So what place will the hunting rifle have compared to the pipe rifle, will they both be single shot? or will there be a change?
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