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    im not the sharpest tool in Working stiff!

    thats all you really need to know!
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    Professional Camel puncher, Grog drinking, Drawling poorly, bathsalts, 7DTD, Talking to myself

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  1. But gods live off Steak and Potatos
  2. Corn is for the weak CHADS EAT POTATOS!
  3. all Electronics are more fried then KFC chicken. it was a old PC so it was bound too happen lol
  4. Welp this was short lived. My pc became a pipebomb and popped! i shall Wait for it too come out on Xbox
  5. but so far loving it, aside from my potato food/gear is much harder to find Feral sense is great and makes the game scary again for me Weapons look good and love the pipe weapons new zombies look great 11/10
  6. not sure if i even have one, it didn't list it
  7. Prosc: ADM FX(TM)-6350 SIX-CORE Proscessor RAM: 8.00 GB System: 64-Bit and my credit card number is
  8. From what i can play, Its much better then A19 i raided a diner and if it was A19 i would have gotten a shotgun on day 1, but instead i get level 4 knuckles wraps. I LOVE THAT! im going to keep playing and see when my PC will go Kaboom!
  9. 20FPS and Potato settings... IM KING HERE!
  10. As a console peasant, I take offence of this.. I can't wait for 7DTD to come out for console, my xbox can run Ark like Butter so i can't imagen 7DTD running on it. Sure no mods but i don't play with them anyways, IDC if i have to rebuy it 2 times!
  11. This is the 9900000000000000000000 one i made before and i looked to update the other one but..... i couldn't find it Tier 1: One Special/normal zombies (Drop yellow bags) Husk: (150 HP) (Many types) calling it a zombie is rather nice but they are almost skin, bones, organs and some meat... They look like burnt zombies but... Not burned Leaper (AKA Feral Crawlers): when a feral zombie turns into a crawler they will turn into leapers. they move much faster and they try to lung at you but once they hit the ground they have a small cool down before they can do it again. Tier 2: (Special/Normal zombies (Some drop yellow and some drop Blue bags) Husk Versions (Husk is a general term that gives a Basic zombie special abilities) Burning husk (The new Burning zombie name) (80 HP, Jogging speed/Nightmare during night) They can set you on fire but are very weak Gaseous Husk: (lots of Jiggly skin with Boils and dark grey skin), (Hp: 125, Base movement). A low tier zombie that has a Fairly short range puke attack, 70% Chance of infection when they hit you, When close to death they will try to explode into a gaseous cloud (does no damage to area but will harm you) Radioactive Husk: (New name for Burnt radioactive zombie) Slasher: (HP:230 Base movement speed) (Normal, feral, Radioactive) , A zombie thats main role is to Kill targets over help break down buildings and blocks. arms have been broken and uses its arm bone as a blade to slash at target, does high AP damage and very high chance of bleed. Does little to nothing to blocks Reavers: (HP:250, Slightly slower movement, Armored(sometimes), Armed with weapons),(Normal, feral, Radioactive) this strange zombie looks very strange, they have No skin and are down to the mussel but have Gangues color and have a very rotten face.. they are a "Blank template" for a zombie so they can spawn in with Armor that the player/NPCs can spawn with (if they wear armor they gain armor like solder). They can also Spawn with Weapons/tools (Bones, Pipes, Wrench's, Knifes, picks, Axes, Spears, Hammers). the different weapons give if better buffs (blades give bleed, Blunt goes through armor and Tools can damage blocks more) Tier 3: Special/boss zombies (Drop red bags) Skulker: (HP: 700, High movement speed, BLIND!), this zombie kind of looks like the old behemoth in terms of not having eyes but they mostly like to wander around POIs or go out at night and they are Blind as a Rock but can hear a Pen drop from 3 blocks away (meaning they are easy to be lured/tricked). They can be found guarding good loot as well so you must ether sneak pass them or try to kill them by stabbing the back (if you stab the back it does 5x more damage and could instakill it). due to them being blind they can loose you very quickly! They don't spawn during blood moons unless one is camped near by, too know if one is near just lessen, they make loud sounds (mixed with spider and Crawler) (Spawns on day 15 in the wild, Spawns in POIs and Nighttime only) Brute: (1500 HP, Very slow). Looks very similar to the Demolisher and makes the same sound but they wear a tank top and shorts, they are very slow and at night they can only lightly jog. they can wreck spikes, are very hard to stun and can VERY rarely spawn in the wild/POIS unlike demolisher. they can cripple/break a limb if they hit you so watched out! (Spawns on Day 50 in the wild Tormentor: (HP:250 kinda),(Keeps coming back!, Base movement, Rages Really fast, Harden limbs: This zombie looks very mutated but still human looking, LOTS of extra fleshy growths. this zombie Loves to not die, Going for the head can work but they may get back up again! This zombie only can die by (Chopping off all the limbs, Fire, Explosives, Electricity). they have a set time when they "die" before they get back up so it gives you a chance to chop them up or do whatever. if you shoot it with a RPG, Molotov or burning shaft can put them down for good without the work, the Limbs are stronger but not invisible, when they lose there heads they go into a Rage and just attack EVERYTHING like a chicken with its head cut off! Random gen on zombies: sense the new system can allow some blocks to spawn with new colors.. why not do that for zombies! it changes cloths, skin tone, movement style (Not spider zombies/spider movement)
  12. also No one going to talk about how sexy the pump shotgun is?
  13. i already got someone for that. thanks... NO NO, NOT THE BARBED WIRE ONE!
  14. I really like what iv seen of Alpha 20 (still haven't played it but watched it) but i have One nit pick (as i always do) Pipe gun cost... 5 glue, 10 pipes and some wood to get a Pipe SMG, Im not sure thats how that works! ether way i love the look of everything and i can't wait to get my ass Wrecked due to how rusty i am
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