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  1. Or use plates, fence, or bars. You can walk on them, Zeds cant. The thing is the zeds path in the middle of the block. This explains why they can walk across centered bars but not across normal bars. TFP just put in some special case code for wedge tips, in stead of making the AI find parts of the block where they can stand. I imagine it is a performance thing. Looking for surfaces spots where the zed can and can not walk across blocks means extra processing. I've seen some videos that shows the the zeds won't loop any more. In my testing they do. I believe the solution is that the Zeds need to avoid places where they fall or go into a loop (mark the block as impassable in the zed's pathing AI) Fix the Pathing to look for parts where the block does have a surface that can provide support. And combine it with a slightly better S.I that does not provide support on ALL sides of a block, only those sides where the block has something in. Essentially if you can move through that space, the blocks should not magically hover above one another. Simplest case: Plates must face in the same direction to support another plate and have their back in the same plane. For what it is worth I did not watch this video.
  2. Yes but seems like posts have disappeared. Eg my bug report about switches in A19.
  3. It is not linked anywhere on the forum. I have a browser tab open on another PC which happens to have a post on another "Bug thread" but that is nowhere visible on the forums. About 12 hours ago I still reported a bug and now I can't even find my post.
  4. I don't know whether it is new in A19. I probably never tried this in A18. Flying in God mode gives you a first person view. Tap F5 to switch. Landing the gyro in first person view is amazing! I wish this would work in normal mode!
  5. I want Zeds that jump over holes, but sometimes miss and fall down. I want zeds the climb up walls, but sometimes falls back down. I want zeds that makes it across a wedge, but only 80% of the time. I want zeds that selects a path to the player that is sometimes not the cheapest path, with most of them takeing that path. And if they fall then they have a high chance of avoiding any path that involves that spot they fell the last time!
  6. I have this issue. The "prefab" is an export from another game, not from the prefab editor. I have tried Load Prefab into selection Apply BB positions Recalc stability Save all POI positions Recalc stability (again) Exit and reload the game. The building collapses when I place any frame or block (which probably trigers the SI calculation)
  7. Like they came out of a wax museum?
  8. Jacket and running shoes! Wheeeee!!!!!
  9. Agree with all, except nr 1. I seem to be alone in thinking that the game, but particularly the zeds, looks over saturated.
  10. Why? Was sooooo much fun to have that bloody explosion. Now it is quite "Meh".
  11. I'm not 100% sold on it. Positive: The environment is beautiful, the light is gorgeous, details are great. Negative: Zeds feels like they walked out of a wax museum. They no longer fit with the rest of the graphics and the best way I can describe it is to say they seem over saturated. While on the whole the game looks better, the zeds feels so wrong to me that I keep on wondering why am I the only one who sees this?
  12. This is good to know. But ... what about the config directory?
  13. To me that sounds like Yes, not like "no, no and no". I did not mention party but my assumption is when I join a server I'm not in any part, but as you confirmed even if you are in a party but far away from the other players you will get your own game stage.
  14. My understanding is that in A18 the GS depends on not only your level, but on the levels of other players "nearby". So that means if a level 1 player joins a day 300 sever where many players have a high GS, if you go sit on the far side of the map you should still have a low GS horde, but if you try to join the high level players in their base you are going to face the high level zeds. Does this change in Alpha 19? Is it still true that a group of low GS players with enough distance between themselves and another group at high GS will have each group be faced with an approriate horde for their respective group size and combined local GS? Or is the horde "difficulty" a single value across the entire map?
  15. Where is this option? How would you launch this then? Does this mean I can have both A19 and A18 and choose which one I want to launch?
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