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  1. First you have to find the stones to craft the campfire, which is a Perception feat.
  2. I'm quite proud of this so thought I'd share this the latest server base tour video from our community server.
  3. @Devs is there any news about "dynamic prefabs" and about the water rework that is mentioned in A20... What does those things bring us and what do they do? Other questions: 1. Will you ever offload S.I to the GPU (it is the perfect problem space match) and will you ever use all CPU cores for A.I ? 2. I only have a #1. Sorry.
  4. I have seen posts in the bug section with comments that indicate that people experience this to be related to wearing glasses. I'm trying to understand whether there is a workaround? I seem to have the same bug regardless of weather I wear glasses or not. Small animals works (at least some of the times) while dogs, bears, wolves etc can be visible right in front of me and it shows tracking but they don't show the icon or indicator on the compass. P.S I am not trying to report a new bug - this is confirmed as a known bug (eg https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/19974
  5. In case anybody else comes across this, the game started working after one more restart. I did start it from the CLI in stead of via the launcher icon. I did not remove any of the updates. Next time I play I'll use the item on the menu as I normally do and if there's anything different I'll post about it here.
  6. Yesterday I updated the operating system. There was a large number of updates, including some related to Wayland and X. I am running an Ubundu derivative known as KDE Neon. It is based on the 20.04 LTS version of Ubuntu but with rolling updates specifically to the Desktop Environment. Last night's updates was a long list and I may need to try and roll back to before the updates. But perhaps this can be fixed. The symptoms is that everything seems to work, including loging in on the steam client, but when I launch the game itself it just hangs. The game in
  7. I don't believe there is a vanilla way to do this but perhaps via a tool externally to the game or via a mod? I really would love to have a keyboard shortcut for "Copy Rotation" And a close second would be to access the inventory on a vehicle.
  8. I'm definitely NOT going to open a bug report for this - rather let have work on performance and stuff like that that are real issues.
  9. It doesn't bother me enough and I would rather have TFP spend their resources on things that actually does. And it wasn't reported by me. EDIT - it doesn't seem to be generated beforehand because if it was the order in which the containers was searched would not matter.
  10. The problem is this: If you make a copy of your save before you loot a house, and then loot it, then restore the saved game and loot it again in the exact same order, you get the exact same loot. So it isn't very random. FWIW I only know about this because it was reported in the Bugs report section by someone.
  11. This, along with twerky cops and bouncy bears, may become part of the bugs we wished TFP did not fix.
  12. I believe it happesn specifically when a small animal dies from something other than being hit by a player - eg fall damage, spike damage, etc.
  13. I agree with what Liezel said but here's the TL:DR 1. Blood-moon, like everything else, depends on Game Stage. 2. Your game stage depends primarily on the level of the players. (there are other factors, like recent deaths and what biome you are in) 3. As you progress your level goes up and the blood moon gets harder. A LOT harder. Do NOT expect your 10th blood moon to be as easy. It increases gradually.
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