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  1. I have a wish-list item for NitroGen! I don't know if there is a better place to post this... I don't know what exact options but perhaps something like this: Main option: Tree spread: Default / Random / Clustered If selecting Clustered then the following options applies: 1. Size of clearing between clusters: Small, medium, large, Varied 2. Small clusters: None, one, few, some, many, lots 3. Medium clusters: None, one, few, some, many, lots 4. Large clusters: None, one, few, many, lots 5. Very large clusters: None, one, few, many, lots 6. Cluster Tree Density: None, Sparse, Dense, Thick, Varied 7. Tree density in space between clusters: None, sparse, dense, thick, varied
  2. Thank you, that is useful info. I also googled it and finding more results and clues now that I know to look for tearing. There are some suggestions for settings in the nVidia control panel that I am going to try.
  3. My understanding of Tearing could be wrong but I think it is when you see half of one screen and half of another. This is more like the game stutters. Like very low FPS. About G-Sync / freesync. I have an nVidia GPU so it would be G-Sync but I've never even heard of it and just googled it. Seems it requires specific hardware support and my GPU - the 1060 - is not mentioned. I assume my screen does not support it either. I have V-sync turned off in the game. So perhaps this is an issue related to Sync, so the next thing to try would be just to run with a single monitor and see if that is any better. I should probably also try ask on the OBS forums. I just did a quick test without the external monitor connected and still have issues though I think it is marginaly better. Since Liesel mentioned it I checked for Tearing specifically. I don't realy notice any in game while recording but the recording itself when I play it back has tearing.
  4. I don't record a lot, and usually it is just a short clip when I do. Half the reason I don't record more is how terrible the performance is lately. When I play the game with everything on LOW graphics settings I get 100 FPS or more. As soon as I start OBS the FPS still shows the same values, round-about the 90 to 110 mark... but the display stutters. It is especially bad when you just turn from side to side. Note that this is not recording - OBS is just running on another monitor. I don't know what to call this display stutter. It looks like low fps but the game still shows 100 fps (Using F8 to show the in-game fps counter) Note that it used to be OK but then after installing updates I noticed that it is no longer any good. Unfortunately since recording is something I often don't even think about for months between recordings I can't pin-point when it went bad exactly. I last recorded in Alpha 18, but since then I've also had updates to OBS and to the operating system (Linux), and possibly significantly I'm on X now where I used to be on Wayland. Perhaps I should try to get Wayland working. I really noticed the issue after essentially everything updated in a short space of time - OS, OBS, and 7 days to Die all updated in a matter of a month so it is really hard to tell where the issue comes from. For what it is worth: I am playing on an entry-level gaming laptop - MSI Leopard 8RE, i7 8750H, 24 GB ram, M2 and SSD drive, Nvidia 1060 mobile (6GB), running KDE neon 5.19, which is Ubuntu based with a current 5.4.0 kernel and Nvidia drivers 450.66. OBS is version 25.0.8
  5. The solution would address exactly that issue. Every block needs to have a property that indicates which sides of the voxel it claims. Including concrete blocks in your example, which will claim all 6 sides. So they cannot share because they can only be placed in a block where all the sides are free. But I agree - the more finely grained the world is, the more objects that can be in it, the more work the computer needs to do. So this will definitely have a performance impact. But I dream of such things being possible if TFP could optimise it enough.
  6. I don't really understand the issues you are trying to describe Liesel but I imagine that there are two things preventing this Firstly it would be a change that touches the core of the voxel world framework. So it would not be trivial to implement. Secondly each "voxel" implies a certain amount of work for the game engine to get it to render correctly, collide correctly, allow pathing over and through, and so on. If there can be up to 6 blocks in a single voxel it means that the game engine would need to in theory do that work 6 times per voxel, for all possible items in the voxel. Perhaps not exactly 6 times but in some way or form the game would have more to deal with than it does now, so it would have a performance impact. About which items can occupy the same voxel space at the same time - it would depend on the sides they occupy. Two items cannot both try to claim the "north" or "top" or "bottom". But if one item is orientated to claim the top and another claims the bottom then they can both go into the same voxel. As a bonus It would instantly resolve the issue of building corners for cages with bars. Or even cubes!
  7. I really wish the game woudl allow you to place multiple items in a single voxel block. For example two ladders, one on each side, in a corner. Though that would not be very useful it describes exactly what I want to achieve. Better examples would be to be able to put a switch and a ladder into a single voxel. On different sides of the voxel of course, so you could have a ladder going up to the roof in the corner of the room and use the other side of that corner for small things like switches. The game would have a concept of which "sides" of a voxel a single item or block would claim. A light bulb, switch or plate for example would claim only one side. "Corner fences" would claim two sides. Those catwalks with railings on two sides and a bottom would claim 3 sides. And so on. This opens up another posibility: Currently blocks give support either on All sides (most normal blocks), No Sides (such as a blade trap and other blocks that you cannot build on top of), or only vertically (glue support is zero with vertical support in tact, eg hay bales). If TFP would make it so that an item could claim one or more sides of a voxel, it could also be made to also provide support on only some sides. This would mean that a block can't provide support on a side that doesn't exist.
  8. Do you also like to run over things - zeds and trash bags - with the vehicles? I do wish it only took 3 or 4 runs to kill a zed, in stead of about 20. I am sad to say that I tried to run over a zed over and over until it died, and when it did it may have been from boredom. When I am driving distances it is about 50-50 whether I stop to kill a zed or just run them over to see them flying. Very satisfactory, they way they ragdol or sometimes get stuck on the spikes on the front of the motorcycle. Also those shopping trolleys! I kinda wish they could be pushed around ... I'd like to not have to turn to go around them. Just bash them and send them flying. P.S: I'm not posting this in Pimp dreams because it's just some random thoughts, not a real wishlist thing.
  9. Well I'm the worstest worst player ever because when I play permadeath I only manage one of the initial quests.
  10. About my likes and dislikes I generally agree with other people. What I love: The beautiful lighting, and the early game scary-ness (sneaking with a candle through dark buildings looking for a pistol) What I hate: There's nothing I would use the word "hate" on. I dislike the auger hit sounds strongly and wish for improved AI for the zeds (not smarter zeds. Just the current AI feels cobbled together and a bit broken) I also like that it gets cold at night and hot in the day.
  11. Think of it this way: You did find 50 books but most of them were useless, the loot you see is only the actually useful stuff.
  12. I think forges does the same thing but I need sleep now, I will look at it tomorrow.
  13. Is there a reason why the lockers place like this? https://imgur.com/a/Ky5ZA5u
  14. For some reason I through it was not possible to Party up unless you are allies already. This is really interesting!
  15. Noticed that since B177 rabits can path through a tunnel 1 block high. Chickens are still scared of it. Up until B173 rabbits would only path through a tunnel at least 1.5 blocks high. I forgot to test it with the sneks. Edit: Just tested sneks and they too now path throw 1-high tunnels.
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