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  1. I see road markings. All kinds of road markings.
  2. @Devs is there any news about "dynamic prefabs" and about the water rework that is mentioned in A20... What does those things bring us and what do they do? Other questions: 1. Will you ever offload S.I to the GPU (it is the perfect problem space match) and will you ever use all CPU cores for A.I ? 2. I only have a #1. Sorry.
  3. I'm definitely NOT going to open a bug report for this - rather let have work on performance and stuff like that that are real issues.
  4. It doesn't bother me enough and I would rather have TFP spend their resources on things that actually does. And it wasn't reported by me. EDIT - it doesn't seem to be generated beforehand because if it was the order in which the containers was searched would not matter.
  5. The problem is this: If you make a copy of your save before you loot a house, and then loot it, then restore the saved game and loot it again in the exact same order, you get the exact same loot. So it isn't very random. FWIW I only know about this because it was reported in the Bugs report section by someone.
  6. I mostly disagree with point #1 above. I assume you mean lack of variety in weapons, not lack of variety in this game. Ignoring that I really agree with the above as a general "the game is not finished and needs a lot of polish". If I know anything about software development (and I do) I would bet that many of the performance issues relates to just how broad this games is in terms of features. Sure it can be optimised but the number of concepts here is actually mind boggling. You have distributed state management in a game with RPG and Tower of defence and FPS rolled into one. Then you have concepts like time management, resource management, and S.I. Those things are each worth a book and people just take them for granted. Fully destructable world. Check. Zombie AI and pathing through a fully destructable world.... NOW things get serious. Just for fun we also have 3d spacial stuff - lighting, reflections, weather. But wait, there's more. Because everything is moddable and controlled via XML config. Enough? Nope. We have buffs and status effects and bonusses. Lets not forget about effect types - explosions affect blocks differently to say a melee attack. And then we still need to get to entities, vehicles, and other things that are not part of the environment. There is nothing else even remotely as ambitious as this. Oh and that little "distributed state management" thing I glossed over... Whoever coded that needs a medal.
  7. Love this. Agree with this. Plus you can throw it on a wall and pick it back up! Love the torch early game, and the lighting from it has a nicer atmosphere.
  8. There is more amiss with the sound system than just linear fall-off. It seems that only the horizontal element of distance is considered. Vertical distance doesn't matter - so sounds 200m above you while in a mine at bedrock is just as loud as sound right next to you at the surface. But yes. +100 to this from me.
  9. Is the vehicle collision system that was mentioned for A19 still a thing?
  10. I have a wish-list item for NitroGen! I don't know if there is a better place to post this... I don't know what exact options but perhaps something like this: Main option: Tree spread: Default / Random / Clustered If selecting Clustered then the following options applies: 1. Size of clearing between clusters: Small, medium, large, Varied 2. Small clusters: None, one, few, some, many, lots 3. Medium clusters: None, one, few, some, many, lots 4. Large clusters: None, one, few, many, lots 5. Very large clusters: None, one, few, many, lots 6. Cluster Tree Density: None, Sparse, Dense, Thick, Varied 7. Tree density in space between clusters: None, sparse, dense, thick, varied
  11. I want Zeds that jump over holes, but sometimes miss and fall down. I want zeds the climb up walls, but sometimes falls back down. I want zeds that makes it across a wedge, but only 80% of the time. I want zeds that selects a path to the player that is sometimes not the cheapest path, with most of them takeing that path. And if they fall then they have a high chance of avoiding any path that involves that spot they fell the last time!
  12. Wow,I've never played anymods but this makes me want to use mods!
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