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  1. That's the thing. You bought into an idea and got disappointed that it didn't exactly go the way you fantasized it. Unless you like being surprised by change, which you seem to be resistant to, you might wanna stick to buying finished products in the future. Just something to think about.
  2. Must be nice having time to scroll through the forum of a game you dislike so much. Why did I make kids? 😆
  3. It's called an overstatement; but anyways we both know you didn't.
  4. No, I don't mean a "lack of complete loot balance". I'm sure there is a fine middleground between "the path to greatness is tailored like a 20cm wide staircase" and "everything is handed to me on day 1". I'm not saying finding a level 5 M60 on day 1 should be a thing on a regular basis, but the loot progression definitely can't feel like the iLvl of items in a game like Diablo, for there aren't funky affixes or various bonus effects attached to make the small item pool at any given stage rich and fun enough. I mean, as a whole, yes; your overall progression should be a steady grind. But the od
  5. What's the point of starting over with the same character though ? I mean if anything i'd want a fresh start just to see how much better I'll do compared to my first playthrough. Reusing my already existing character to just do the same story over with the added bonus of being both mechanically better AND my character being a beast seems foolish to me. That being said I don't look forward to starting a 2nd Valheim playthrough, because while the game is fun it definitely doesn't have much replayability value for now; one of the biggest asset 7DTD has over Valheim (or should I say, h
  6. I gotta say regarding the argument about how "Valheim's skill system enhances the player instead of confining him"... I STRONGLY disagree. We all went blunt damage early (not even gonna argue about why you should ever play anything else really), and at some point I was like "dude, I want a sword". It was painful; even though it was the next tier compared to my mace, the damage was @%$#poor because just like in 7 days to die, once you're specialized in something, it's really uneffective to switch to something else. I grinded my ass off for hours before I was merely able to deal the same damage
  7. I know but that "mid to end game content" has been on 7 days to die's roadmap before Valheim even started being under development, not to mention Valheim has a roadmap of its own, so I think it's only fair comparing what the products have delivered as of today without taking into consideration any "will have should have"s.
  8. "Story-driven" is a stretch for Valheim lol, it's more of a system where 1 biome = X monsters + 1 ressource + 1 boss. But you can totally "sandbox" the experience and go visit (almost) all areas on day 1, just like in 7 days to die. The key difference in 7 days to die is that there really isn't a huge difference between say the snow biome and the forest. Blueberries, differently skinned zombies, cold weather and cougars but... that's it. Meadows and the swamps are nothing alike in Valheim, to only name a few. Then again all those "story driven" elements and bandits and such are yet
  9. One huge asset Valheim has over 7 days to die is that, as some have stated, time is no issue. You could be grinding the starter biome for 20 hours if that's fun to you, just casually hunting birds and deers, or you could try to rush as quickly as possible to the next biome until you finish the game (or get rekt and realise you need to prepare). This also brings a level of flexibility 7 days doesn't have. We've had days with my group where we really wanted to push it and get a challenge, and then there were days of "let's just hunt some meat and feathers and maybe do a low level cave because we
  10. I'm sorry if this has been asked before as I've been off the forums for a while, how is the new "biome tier system" coming along, and how exactly will it work ? I'm talking about having better loot in tougher biomes / POIs.
  11. A new tool to pickup any deco block in POIs would be one of the most welcome additions for my player group. But performance reasons for people who would abuse it somehow makes it a bad idea...
  12. Having lots of zeds in the cities would not only make it more fun but it would also bring some challenge to what is currently a day 1 lootville ! It used to be "logical" in some way, concentrated loot area = hard area. Back in the days we looted isolated houses and small towns, but a hub city ? Better be ready for that. Right now, there's no reason not to head towards the biggest city nearby on day 1, and it kinda kills any sense of area progression and makes all those isolated POIs / smaller towns a waste of time, not an opportunity. The best of all would be a dynamic POI concentr
  13. I'm not sure his issue is latency-related. I think it's more about the overall animations, feel, variety in gameplay. And on that subject, he's not wrong, there's really nothing special about the combat system. It's really binary to be honest, left click or right click with the right timing, rinse and repeat. Quite honestly it's the only thing, along with animations, that still screams "alpha" when I play; it seems like a first pass of something bigger.
  14. This, exactly this! Make cities the end game not the Day 1 loot fest!
  15. Well yeah, reading the official list of planned changes completely changed my mind on what I wrote on page 2. Alpha 20 looks amazing, moreso than A19 for my taste since A19 brought more eye candy and the loot progression was a fun killer. Hope the changes to that will be good. Damn I'm hyped! 😍 I know no dates, ready when it's ready etc... But earlier this year there were talks of A20 being a late 2020 update, is that still a possibility or is the A20 update way more ambitious than initially planned?
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