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  1. Since the A20 dev diary isn't even up yet, I think you are good to go for several months
  2. It mostly depends on how long your days are set at. Day 15 on 90min days as a 3 man group, with 125% experience, and we're slowly finding decent T2 stuff. Definitely way too slow for our taste but then again we lack about 15 GS compared to the same time played on 60 min days.
  3. Ha sorry if my tone seemed more rude than it was supposed to, just read it imagining a deep and relaxed voice 😅
  4. Not this argument again Roland... you nailed it, it's literally the second weekend after stable hit. Of course people are gonna play - it takes some time to realise you don't like where the loot progression is at. And even then, most people don't look to comment on a subject they like/dislike; they deal with it or stop playing. Regarding people modding or not... what does that have to do with the initial question of whether this loot progression is better than A18's counterpart ? I could just aswell tell you this 35K player peak is due to covid lockdowns giving everyone more time to play, it has nothing to do with a factual assesment of the current state of looting. What's the point of this poll if you twist the numbers any way that suits you and sacrifice it on the "35K players peak" hostel anyway ? This poll may or may not be an accurate representation of the feel of the playerbase as a whole, as with all polls, but the results are there : there are more people that chose "hate or dislike" than people who chose "like". I'm trying not to beat a dead horse though but making a poll and disregarding an unpleasant result by invoking other metrics feels like an argument of authority if anything. Slightly offtopic question but when is the A20 dev diary coming ? It would be easier for the forums to think ahead if there was a proper place to discuss what's coming soon, rather than continuously reflecting on what we have now...
  5. Not trying to imply you're wrong but you're just as biased. For all we know people who didn't like it just stopped playing and aren't "perfectly happy with it". For all we know A19 had awesome marketing especially with these weird times where a lot of people have way more time to spend playing video games... for all we know the numbers would've been even better with A18's loot system, or small tweaks to it instead of a complete and unfinished revamp. Like I said, I have no clue whether any of those sentences are true or not. But neither do any of you, and I've read enough times that "current numbers don't lie". Also, keep in mind one of the big loss of the linear progression is replayability. A19 is still very new, let's wait for 2-3 months before we draw any conclusions.
  6. You make a very good point regarding the linear progression. My group has played 90 minutes days for as long as I can remember, because it gives us more time to just enjoy the game instead of always being in a rush to be ready for horde night. But with the new progression, indeed, 90 min days are boring. The primitive age lasts way too long for our taste, even with a 150% experience multiplier, and the time you have to loot is just huge with 90 min days, so loot redundancy early game is really a big bummer. Honestly, I hope some day in the future the "loot progression checkpoints" (GS 11, GS 51, GS 91) will have their own option in the menu. We'd probably enjoy the game much more with something like GS 11 / GS 36 / GS 61. Then again the whole zombie spawning depending on GS would be out of balance aswell so I don't know if it is that simple, it would probably have to be "Speed multiplier" option that modifies a bunch of parameters at once to keep it balanced regardless of speed.
  7. Well yes, that is a problem and one that always has been. But locking out the loot because the game can't offer a decent challenge in between normal zeds and feral zeds gotta be one of the worst argument you could come up with honestly... Also, ferals don't appear before GS 66 iirc, so your point is moot because that's at least 15 hours of game play during which you most definitely found a gun and destroyed all the zombies on the way. Different topic but I'd rather have them nerf the abundance and easiness to craft ammunition, rather than filling my chests with bullets from the get go but not offering me any guns to use them. I understand finding a day 1 pistol kinda ruins the first 2 or 3 'struggle days', and those are fun. The problem lies in the fact it doesn't ramp up fast enough after that. Playing the stone age game for 15 hours gets old quick. And the problem is much broader than guns, schematics / vehicles being hard locked out of the loot tables are probably a bigger problem for me to be honest.
  8. That being said if you replace 'usually' with 'sometimes' it becomes a pretty good illustration of what was amazing back in the days and what is terrible now. Scyris is probably overexagerating by some margin but I get where he is coming from. No matter how many raised gamestages POI's you loot in the future, you'll still know exactly what's in the loot tables and what isn't. I'd much rather have them make the best crates / chests less abundant and give them a balanced probability of finding something good once in a while. Unpredictability is key in a looting game, and sadly there just aren't enough items in the game to stay random while linear. As for the original question, I wish I couldn't answer it, because being able to answer such a question is exactly what I dislike with the new progression.
  9. We aren't, but then again we can only comment on what we have in front of us can't we ? I mean, if you go down that route nothing ever gets discussed before gold, because god forbid no feature is in it's final version yet. You stated something very interesting though. "It is what could be fit into A19". We have had the loot system of A18- for... 18 alphas. Why the rush to squeeze in such a 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT feature if you knew you didn't have the time to prepare the rest for A19 anyways ? "Massive improvement" is one hell of a stretch imo. Somehow we've played a 60 hour gameplay in A18 with me as the Int guy (so a LOT of content was unlocked with perk points), and after 20 hours we still had a @%$*#!ton of stuff to find. That is bound not to happen in A19 even though none of my group chose to play Int. Weirdly enough we have so much left to find, but it feels like such a grind it's just painful.
  10. I think it's pretty sad that you imply all of those against the current (not talking about future "if's" here) progression are members of the "We Want It Now" squad. I wish I would dig into my history but I remember being VERY fond of the idea of a stone age, to the point it was the one feature I kept talking about to my friends to hype them up about A19. I don't want AK47's in every gun safe on day 1. I like the fact that progression is slow, and that I real feel like a guy that just woke up and starts getting better at being the hunter instead of the prey, one day at a time. I dislike that the game makes it very obvious to me what I can and what I can't find when opening a container, without a single hope for a "lucky drop", even when opening some of the best containers you can find. Some like looting for the "hoarding toilet paper feeling", and some like looting for the "perfect come-up experience". I'm on on both sides, and I miss the latter. I also hate the fact certain things seem very unbalanced and don't really warrant such a drastic level gate (because in the end, it is exactly what it is). I don't expect to fly a gyro on day 7, but I also don't expect to not ever find better than a bicycle part schematic in both a 10 hour game and a 20 hour game. Trader Joel's would probably threaten my life with a magnum if I tried selling him anymore bicycle chassis schematics to be honest. Same can be said for mods. We all have a different connection to "immersion". Some need the visual representation to match exactly the provided gameplay experience, and get thrown off by finding junk in military boxes. Some can't be hooked by a game that doesn't provide the best content right away. And then some think it's immersion breaking when they know with a 100% certainty that they'll never find an astounding majority of the items until they've lived enough days to be worthy of them.
  11. It doesn't have anything to do with trash. Sleepers work in a weird way that you can sometimes empty a full clip of your M60 in the doorway and not wake up anyone, but then you silently crouch into their detection range and they wake up for some reason. It was made for gameplay reasons (not waking up the whole building and fighting them outside) but it makes being sneaky basically useless (or better said, it doesn't matter if you try to be sneaky or not, what matters is you crossing certain "wake-up checkpoints" or not)
  12. Mhhhh, I tend to agree and disagree at the same time. I think it was a mistake to release it as is. Do you think it would be a good idea to release bandits that are static entities that don't do anything but shoot on sight ? Just because it is a WIP doesn't mean it has to be released. Sure, you can't always wait for something to be totally done before you release it, but it looks like this was way too premature. At least they got a lot of feedback and realise the roadmap regarding in-game progression is quite big... Regarding the numbers, they won't show the big picture for a while. The biggest thing that got decimated with this new progression (half-)system is replayability. One of the best indicators is how the game will fare in some weeks, when people either quit realising they need to grind for 20hours until they find their first iron tools that are an upgrade (Q3+) to their stone age gear, or after they ended the gameplay without the thrive for a new game that will playout exactly the same. Or maybe I'm wrong and numbers will stay at an all-time high, but unless A19 somehow got a massive amount of copies sold, I don't see them numbers being better than A18's.
  13. I get that it's a temporary state, but the one question I have is... why push that half-assed feature out for A19 ? If I remember correctly, madmole even stated it has been a last minute idea / feature; so basically, what was the motivation behind pushing out Step 1. of a slow/linear/predictable/boring progression, instead of keeping it stashed for when the rest of the feature is ready ? I voted 2 but quite frankly it's probably a mixture of 1 and 2. I really dislike it as is, and haven't been playing lately and I doubt my group is thrilled about continuing our current game. We'll probably hope for a very good A20, even though madmole stated A20 is gonna be fairly small and mostly polishing / eye candy.
  14. Honestly I doubt it will go as far as bandits taking cover behind blocks depending on how much HP the block has. I'd be pretty amazed if they take cover in a believable way at all. It's probably off topic and a stretch to know the extent of what they can achieve but making "realistic" bandit behaviours depending on their loadout, your own loadout and the surroundings is one hell of a task in such a game imo; even the zombies that are admittedly dumber creatures still have goofy pathing sometimes, and they follow a pretty basic "run down the shortest lane" that wouldn't ever make sense for human beings supposed to outsmart you (at least for some of them). Frankly I've had my doubts if we'd ever see bandits at all in 7 days, it's been such a quiet topic for so long now, I wouldn't be that surprised if it's set to be the major feature of the sequel. I hope to be wrong but I think most of us fantasize what behaviour the bandits could have way beyond what we'll see in the end product.
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