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  1. A new tool to pickup any deco block in POIs would be one of the most welcome additions for my player group. But performance reasons for people who would abuse it somehow makes it a bad idea...
  2. Having lots of zeds in the cities would not only make it more fun but it would also bring some challenge to what is currently a day 1 lootville ! It used to be "logical" in some way, concentrated loot area = hard area. Back in the days we looted isolated houses and small towns, but a hub city ? Better be ready for that. Right now, there's no reason not to head towards the biggest city nearby on day 1, and it kinda kills any sense of area progression and makes all those isolated POIs / smaller towns a waste of time, not an opportunity. The best of all would be a dynamic POI concentr
  3. I'm not sure his issue is latency-related. I think it's more about the overall animations, feel, variety in gameplay. And on that subject, he's not wrong, there's really nothing special about the combat system. It's really binary to be honest, left click or right click with the right timing, rinse and repeat. Quite honestly it's the only thing, along with animations, that still screams "alpha" when I play; it seems like a first pass of something bigger.
  4. This, exactly this! Make cities the end game not the Day 1 loot fest!
  5. Well yeah, reading the official list of planned changes completely changed my mind on what I wrote on page 2. Alpha 20 looks amazing, moreso than A19 for my taste since A19 brought more eye candy and the loot progression was a fun killer. Hope the changes to that will be good. Damn I'm hyped! 😍 I know no dates, ready when it's ready etc... But earlier this year there were talks of A20 being a late 2020 update, is that still a possibility or is the A20 update way more ambitious than initially planned?
  6. Haven't been able to watch the stream yet but from the list above (thank you by the way) , I don't see any big changes regarding gameplay ? Vehicle mods are a nice addition and the 3 pipe guns will make early days more convenient for everyone, but there seems to be nothing drastically gamechanging or adding/renewing the challenge. Has there been more detailed information regarding the very linear progression system of A19 that A20 was supposed to improve ? Scratch that, the official list looks amazing.
  7. Since the A20 dev diary isn't even up yet, I think you are good to go for several months
  8. It mostly depends on how long your days are set at. Day 15 on 90min days as a 3 man group, with 125% experience, and we're slowly finding decent T2 stuff. Definitely way too slow for our taste but then again we lack about 15 GS compared to the same time played on 60 min days.
  9. Ha sorry if my tone seemed more rude than it was supposed to, just read it imagining a deep and relaxed voice 😅
  10. Not this argument again Roland... you nailed it, it's literally the second weekend after stable hit. Of course people are gonna play - it takes some time to realise you don't like where the loot progression is at. And even then, most people don't look to comment on a subject they like/dislike; they deal with it or stop playing. Regarding people modding or not... what does that have to do with the initial question of whether this loot progression is better than A18's counterpart ? I could just aswell tell you this 35K player peak is due to covid lockdowns giving everyone more time to play, it h
  11. Not trying to imply you're wrong but you're just as biased. For all we know people who didn't like it just stopped playing and aren't "perfectly happy with it". For all we know A19 had awesome marketing especially with these weird times where a lot of people have way more time to spend playing video games... for all we know the numbers would've been even better with A18's loot system, or small tweaks to it instead of a complete and unfinished revamp. Like I said, I have no clue whether any of those sentences are true or not. But neither do any of you, and I've read enough times tha
  12. You make a very good point regarding the linear progression. My group has played 90 minutes days for as long as I can remember, because it gives us more time to just enjoy the game instead of always being in a rush to be ready for horde night. But with the new progression, indeed, 90 min days are boring. The primitive age lasts way too long for our taste, even with a 150% experience multiplier, and the time you have to loot is just huge with 90 min days, so loot redundancy early game is really a big bummer. Honestly, I hope some day in the future the "loot progression checkpoints"
  13. Well yes, that is a problem and one that always has been. But locking out the loot because the game can't offer a decent challenge in between normal zeds and feral zeds gotta be one of the worst argument you could come up with honestly... Also, ferals don't appear before GS 66 iirc, so your point is moot because that's at least 15 hours of game play during which you most definitely found a gun and destroyed all the zombies on the way. Different topic but I'd rather have them nerf the abundance and easiness to craft ammunition, rather than filling my chests with bullets from the get go but not
  14. That being said if you replace 'usually' with 'sometimes' it becomes a pretty good illustration of what was amazing back in the days and what is terrible now. Scyris is probably overexagerating by some margin but I get where he is coming from. No matter how many raised gamestages POI's you loot in the future, you'll still know exactly what's in the loot tables and what isn't. I'd much rather have them make the best crates / chests less abundant and give them a balanced probability of finding something good once in a while. Unpredictability is key in a looting game, and sadly there
  15. We aren't, but then again we can only comment on what we have in front of us can't we ? I mean, if you go down that route nothing ever gets discussed before gold, because god forbid no feature is in it's final version yet. You stated something very interesting though. "It is what could be fit into A19". We have had the loot system of A18- for... 18 alphas. Why the rush to squeeze in such a 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT feature if you knew you didn't have the time to prepare the rest for A19 anyways ? "Massive improvement" is one hell of a stretch imo. Somehow we've played a 60 hour gameplay
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