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  1. Just gotta love it when they are out of arguments and invoke the 'mod it' card. 😂
  2. I mean, that's 140 UMA zombies. TFP's point is "the streets are empty for FPS gainz", but there's a pretty huge gap between 140 UMA zombies in a single chunk and 1 normal zombie per chunk, don't you think ? Even during the crazy wildlife patch where you'd find a bear/direwolf every 50 blocks, my group and I never had any FPS issues. I love new art and deco blocks but hell, gameplay rules everything. I'd rather have a living world than a beautiful dead one like we currently have.
  3. Different ammo won't solve the underlying "no challenge rampup" issue though. Just like adding pipe pistols like they plan on doing won't fix the early loot problems (opening containers and finding junk). The real issue comes from a lack of challenge variety. I mean, the most challenging the game ever has been was during that crazy patch with bears and direwolves everywhere. It was over the top, but it was a refreshing "I can't just run though lootville without any fear" feeling. We're back to square one unless you leave the forests, it's an empty world. Wandering hordes are more like a wandering XP train, they present no challenge whatsoever compared to normal roaming zombies. And this is definitely the issue : you CAN make the game difficult by making zombies run during daytime and playing on Insane difficulty. But it's a bandaid, since Day 1 is living nightmare but there isn't any change at all after that. Nothing to do but to wait for gamestages biomes/POIs, special infected zombies and bandits to be honest.
  4. Hmmmm I wish I could agree, but I don't. It shows that the real gameplay features are hard to develop and take the backburner yet again... I wasn't expecting bandits given the huge task at hand, but vehicle mods were supposed to make it in A19 initially, and legendary loot seems like one of those features that need mostly design and art, not any real development, so it's a bummer. EDIT : gamestaged POIs/biomes is another much anticipated feature, especially since A19 made everything feel slow-paced and grind-gated.
  5. Not gonna lie this sounds underwhelming to say the least. A19 is already mostly an eye candy release and provides less replayability value than the previous alphas due to the linear progression, I really hope those special infected will improve the gameplay.
  6. The only real balance issue I see is the scaling of danger proportionally to the progression of the player. There are just too drastic changes in combat efficiency throughout the game (especially once once you have your first firearm), whereas the difficulty actually doesn't ramp up at all for ages (I think the first daytime ferals are supposed to spawn at GS 66, or ~25 hours of gameplay on average I'd say ?). It basically means the game presents proper challenges (or is too hard, depending on how you wanna view it) until you get a gun, and suddenly it gets super easy until... ferals, but even then, with basic FPS experience, it really doesn't add a big threat either. This brings us to the next concern, the usefulness of melee past the stone age. Spamcrafting bullets is such a breeze, on top of finding boxes of ammunition everywhere, there's not even a proper argument for ammo conservation anymore. I still use melee because I enjoy it, but i'm quite honestly gimping my progression more than anything. Grinding nitrate powder and/or buying everything I need to make bullets at a trader would be a smaller time investment than taking the time of killing each zombie with melee when I can just pop heads left and right with ease. I hope proper gamestaged zones coupled with new, special infected zombies will make the game difficulty ride along my own progression in a more enjoyable way, instead of the current very obvious power breakthroughs. EDIT : I'd also like the return of gun parts; if progression is supposed to be slow, I'd like it to be a bit more granular in the way of completing a gun rather than needing to get lucky just once. Slowly finding all the parts and maybe buying the missing ones at a trader would be a much smoother experience than going from 0 to 100 with a single lucky loot container.
  7. I know, but I think it's a nice mechanic that would fit in the base game pretty well, thus the question.
  8. On the subject of pack mule, have you guys thought about adding backpacks to the game ? Thinking about having a 6x9 grid instead of the current 5x9, but with only 4x9 available at start, and adding a backpack that unlocks 1 row, and also a military backpack that unlocks both rows. Could solve the problem of the uselessness of the Pack Mule perk, while also providing another area of progression.
  9. 100%. A18 let you find too much loot way too early, but now there's just virtually no surprise. No lucky find that lets you take a shortcut in one area of the game, like a proper vehicle, a proper tool, a proper firearm, etc. Everything follows a linear curve and if I start over there's going to be absolutely no element of surprise from what I'll get in loot. Regarding the "overlap in efficiency", madmole stated it's a wanted design, so that you have to make choices (use that Q1 iron pick with coffee, -10% stamina drain mod, maxxed out sex rex and be 20% more efficient or... use that Q6 stone axe). I find it terrible, because the stone age is already so stretched out that the ONE thing that would bring back that "woohoo, finally!" moment would be the moment you finally find an iron tool. But it's not, you left stone age and entered the no man's land until you start dropping Q3+. I think stone age tools should be capped to Q4, and the whole stone age duration shortened by 25%, and the transition would feel A LOT better. So do I, the new steady & slow progression would feel so much better by finding parts everywhere until you finally find the missing piece, and then upgrading it piece by piece. Instead, there's no gun to be found and all of a sudden, out of a toilet, the breakthrough of power is real.
  10. What I see as problematic is how long the "stone age" effectively lasts, and how hardcapped it is. And it's not a tool thing only, the entire loot table is shallow as hell and I'm gamestage 50 at Day 13 of 90 min/day with 125% experience, so effectively day 20 or so Vanilla. I've found iron tools (level 2 or less, besides wrenches), but it's not really even about tools. I don't use the iron ones I found, my Q6 stone axe does the job almost as well, all-in-one, with no side issues (stamina usages, for example). That being said, after 20 hours of gameplay there's still not a glimmer of hope that I unlock a minibike or better anytime soon, since it somehow feels like we can't find anything else than dozens of bicycle schematics. Same goes for armors, it's just soooo linear. Scrap/Padded level 4+ everywhere I look. My toolbet is almost all purple, because that's how it is now, you gear up in full purple and then you actually wait until Q4+ of the next tier starts showing up and... you swap it out. There's such a huge gap even after you start transitionning out of the stone age where... nothing is interesting. Q1-Q2 and even most of Q3 is scrap material when you're decked out in Q6 from the previous tier, for the most part. The only cool part is how lucky you need to be to get a gun. 2 pistols, 1 hunting rifle, 1 ak-47 and one shotgun in 20 hours, that feels nice to be fair; I like having to play around something else than just shooting low level zombies in the head as soon as I start. If i'd summarize, I think one playthrough is a fun and refreshing experience. The big issue is that I don't look forward to playing another one at all, because I know exactly what to expect; and 7 days' strength for me has always been its replayability because of its unpredictability. EDIT : as a side note, I have a feeling this will be dialed back quite a bit once they start adding end game content. It feels like a way to make games of 50-60 hours a thing, but since there's no other solution than stretching everything out for now...
  11. Honestly I don't quite get the argument of "too many poly's would crash the game". I can already make my game fall to it's knees by planting trees everywhere, where's the limitations to how many seeds I can plant in a single chunk ? I can make my base be a nightmare to navigate through by enabling shadows and putting too many lights everywhere, how is the game supposed to lock me out of doing that ? People can always wreck their game in various ways, I find it quite sad that we're unable to make use of all the awesome decorations the artists make, because of something taken to the extreme by a handful of players. A new tool (special wrench or whatever) to be found in the world that lets you pickup various deco blocks for you to take away would be such an amazing thing to do besides opening cupboards and sinks.
  12. Ranges definitely have been too large ever since than random stats have been introduced. An item being rarely better than another that has one more level is fine, but ranges should never overlap on more than +-1 level. Q2 shouldn't ever be better than Q4, it just defeats the purpose imo.
  13. Are there any plans to do that for other vehicles as well ? We are tired of having 3 yellow bikes followed by 3 grey motorcycles...
  14. Quick question, when do you eat them ? I find myself waiting to be at a perfect 50% food before I eat my Meat Stews, since I think I read that overeating isn't a thing anymore. How do you chug down 70+ foods without essentially wasting some of those nutrients ?
  15. Since the nerdpoling discussion seems to run dry, what do you guys think about the stone/iron/steel tool balance ? General Discussion has several topics on the subject, consensus being the transition from stone to iron and from iron to steel is a difficult one. Honestly I feel it comes down to the difficulty of balancing TxQ6 vs T(x+)Q1. If you have a Q6 stone axe, the switch to a Q1 iron pickaxe is just bad for many reasons : - stamina-drain / food usage (yes, I know, ergonomic grip + mods + coffee, point being it's a hassle and quite an investment for a very meager return) - repair cost (1 stone vs 1 repair kit) - number of mod slots - the stone axe actually merges the use cases of an iron pickaxe and an iron fireaxe in one tool. And inventory/toolbet space is precious... One possible solution could be to tie the maximum quality to the tier of the tool. Especially for stone tools, the transition to iron would be smoother if you couldn't ever find a stone axe higher than Q3 or Q4. It would both cap the number of mod slots on the item, while also directly reducing the maximum block damage you can find, thus making iron Q1 de facto more attractive in comparison. Same argument can be made for steel. I know you don't have to switch from your Q6 stone axe to a Q1 iron pickaxe. But how fun is it when you finally unlock the iron age and realise there's another soft gate - basically one that forces you to wait until those iron tools become an undisputable upgrade ? I know @madmole likes consistency, but this is one of those edge cases where it actually is detrimental to meaningful and enjoyable progression.
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