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  1. Come on now, we all know bandits aren't gonna make it to A21 either. 😏
  2. It feels bad but I also see why they decided it's better than waking up the whole building with one bullet, and then dispatching them all at once and having 'free loot'. It would probably be better having some kind of middle ground, like visible zombies being 'soft sleepers' while closet scare jumps staying 'hard sleepers'. It would feel less gamey at least, and would probably re-enable jump scares if you thought you woke up most of them but some remained hidden and caught you by surprise. As it is, you just know that every room contains at least one sleeper just waiting for you. If you could wake up zombies from multiple volumes, maybe a mechanic could be added so that the more zombies you wake up at once, they tougher/faster they come at you. Some kind of chaos multiplier so that clearing most zeds at once comes with some drawbacks, while being stealthy-ish lets you fight 'normal' zombies.
  3. The version is indeed very enjoyable. The pace is on point, and time management is a thing. We're day 9 and feel like we're really just getting started, it's amazing. One thing I also noticed was that wood spikes do a TON of a damage if you walk through them, and that lighting yourself on fire is no biggie (I think I lost 3 hp over the course of the 5-6 seconds it took me to choke the fire out). Felt kinda weird to be honest, stubbing my toe and killing myself with ~35hp left while turning myself to a living candle and being fine.
  4. I couldn't disagree more. I think it's also reasonable to assume that you can't please every new player but that this is ultimately a game to discover and experiment with. Many very popular games have this same niche where the whole purpose of the game is the adventure of "figuring things out", not getting them done. This one is no different. Unlocking crafting stations is a staple of the crafting genre and you'd just erase all that and have one easy-to-craft workbench that does it all ? Why even bother at that point, make it an inventory only game while you're at it. Just like many old timers I may have some difficulty accepting change sometimes, because the human learns to like what he's used to. But I can understand why certain mechanics and systems have to evolve, change, get revamped because they're obsolete in their current form based on all the surrounding mechanisms having changed. If we can come up with something more logical but also something more rich gameplay wise, I'm all for it. But if the point is simply to dumb down and simplify for the heck of it, you might aswell just focus forces on something else. The issue has blown out of proportion on the forums, I don't think there's any major issue with the forge as it is, even though it could be better - but it always can.
  5. I like those ideas! Indeed the cost seems high for the damage output compared to other, lower tier explosives. And the double gate is usually a bad thing. An alternative recipe that is more expensive seems like a fairly good compromise.
  6. Honestly the rework of gun parts is one of the few, if not the only system that got reworked that I find significantly worse and less appealing than the original. It provided constant upgrading possibilities and every other gun that you found could have worse overall stats but still consist of a part that was an upgrade to yours. It also made your gun... "yours", an item with an history of progress. Right now the crafting part is simply not working, because the whole system isn't granular enough and because crafting now means wasting parts you won't get back, and thus you just almost always save them for a Quality 5 craft, but by the time that is a thing, you've probably moved up a Tier. Upgrading only ever translates through finding a higher level item and doesn't involve any tinkering, the previous version becoming trader food in almost every scenario, once you have unmodded it and moved over your mods to the new gun. Guns simply don't feel special at all, and the whole system seems a bit flawed, which is kind of a shame given how central guns are in the game.
  7. I agree with the issue. Multi-player alleviates the problem quite a bit and we often end up crafting a temporary chest to stack all of our loot during runs. Not only would it be comfortable having more slots but I have been advocating for 3 tiers of backpacks for quite a while. Would make it thrilling upgrading from a basic satchel to a backpack and then a military backpack or something along those lines. Basically a convenience issue becoming a feature.
  8. I'm in software development myself and quite honestly Vapid Actions you should just take a breather and realise the environment TFP's employees work in is the one you wish you were employed in. The worst for everyone is when deadlines are arbitrarily set by some executive who's out of touch with what is going down behind the curtain. Pretty sure TFP's employees are just fine with the "it would be nice if it was released by Halloween but don't stress it" mindset. I wish I had the financial and hierarchical freedom to just finetune every product I work on until I'm happy with the result. You and I both know release dates are either set because there's a tight budget (contract with a client, for example) or because there's pressure coming down for whatever regulatory/monetary reason. They don't seem to have either and that is pretty nice in my book. Also the backlash from a pedantic minority trying to teach them the ropes is probably easier to deal with than a community outlash if the released product is totally unplayable. That being said, release the kraken!
  9. The problem is that I feel that has been the case for a while now. I'm not sure I remember the complete change list of A18, but for sure A19 was already more of a polish then an addition of core gameplay aspects. I fully understand we're at a time where the product is mostly 'done' and we're getting into a shipping state. But bandits to only name them have been postponed for years now, and honestly if you have played consistently it's getting quite redundant at this point. I know you can just 'have some time off' and 'skip alphas' but I've mostly skipped A19 already and I'm kinda disappointed that the only feature I'm truly happy about in A20 is what A19 should have shipped in the first place (tiered biomes). Oh well, maybe I might just love it anyways.
  10. While I don't really mind the 1+ year dev cycle, I can't exactly say that the content has me absolutely stoked. Vehicle mods are a nice plus but don't add much to gameplay, RWG and other HD assets are cool and all but it's really eye candy and I don't play the game for its graphics. Pipe weapons are going to be a week 1 thing so it doesn't add to the end game experience. Happy about the biome game stages as A19 was way too linear for my taste, and I'll finally have a reason to gear up to face snow/desert and its dangers. Regarding POIs well... it's never bad to have more of them but I'd rather have more reasons to loot than more places to find the same old stuff. Will play for sure but I can't help but feel like the past 2+ years have been lacking in terms of pure content for seasoned players.
  11. We got the message, A20 is now in feature lock and each wooden plank is one of them, once all pallets are back together it's getting shipped !
  12. I'm not saying 7 days should port over Valheim's system, obviously. I also understand food is just a side system because the genre requires it, and not by any means where the game tries to shine. Then again it wouldn't be a shame if it was a bit more complex than a bar you have to fill so the game leaves you alone, so to speak.
  13. While true, this can be said for anything in the game; why bother updating the game at all if everything eventually becomes "the same ol'" anyways ? Not saying the system is perfect or couldn't be enhanced but Valheim nailed the food mechanism pretty well if you ask me. You can just ignore it and run around with 25hp or you can use junk food for easy locations, but at the same time when @%$# hits the fan you better have robust meals in your belly. And quite frankly they could (and probably will) add many more recipes with more buffs than just total health/stamina values. This is probably what is missing in 7 days to die. You can get by with bacon and eggs the whole game and there's really no incentive to diversify your food intake unless you're running out of eggs (or meat, but we all know that doesn't happen).
  14. The real race is beating Diablo 2 Resurrected's release!
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