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  1. Nope, that doesn't score points with me.... since everyone should be a Firefly fan.
  2. Not to get off topic.... but they stopped using clones and started recruiting human stormtroopers shortly after the events of Revenge of the Sith.
  3. I'm sure its not as simple as this.... but it sure feels like as the years go on, the unity engine keep getting more and more limited.
  4. Why do you assume that people in this thread don't find all 3 of those things immersion breaking?
  5. Ah cool, thanks... learn something new every day!
  6. Where did you see this? I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned by madmole that the game is balanced for the default settings.
  7. A better solution, IMO, would've been to have a stamina drain associated with farming. That way your amount of stamina would be the limiting factor. I think they tried to do that in A17 where you had to punch plants to collect them instead of picking them up.
  8. I dont think they only had 1 demolisher. Around the 8 minute mark they explain that zombies are running around on the surface, so they don't all drop down.
  9. Well, thats the way you like to play and thats fine. For me, I don't like having skills go to waste. If I'm perking into strength for cooking, I truly dislike using a pistol knowing that I'd be more effective using a shotgun. At low levels, it's not that big a deal.... but as your strength gets higher so does the discrepancy between skilled and unskilled. I strongly disagree with the statement that there are plenty of points to go around.... but thats another argument entirely. Suffice it to say that people are different. You're ok with using a weapon because you like it, when another weapon would be more effective due to passive skills. I'm not ok with it.... not saying I can't or don't... I just don't like it.
  10. Again, I'm not saying the game is forcing you into anything.... more like guiding you into things. But you almost made my point. "but if I like mining / looting I'm still gonna do it - and I'll perk accordingly" You will perk into the things you like. So if you like mining but also like using a machine gun you'll have to spend twice as many points as someone that likes mining and also likes using a shotgun. What benefit does that mechanic provide? Other than make it more difficult for the player to decide how he wants to build his character?
  11. Dysentery and food poisoning are two different things. Nothing "cures" food poisoning, it's an instant effect. Vitamins will prevent food poisoning as long as you take them before eating.
  12. You keep saying "maxed". Nobody has made the argument you need to be maxed to do something. Let me counter that.... you're playing with a friend... you're friend is perked for mining and you're perked for looting. Are you going to spend the day mining while he's out looting? Of course not. You engage in the activities you are best suited for.
  13. I thought I was pretty clear with my last response.... but yeah, it's that I want to use the weapon I'm most suited for (ie. the one I'm best at). In previous alphas, you could chose which weapon you wanted to be skilled in, independent of any other skills. Now you cant. Now if you want to focus on farming, you're best at using machine guns. If you want to focus on cooking, you're best at shotguns. Of course you can use whatever weapon you want... but using a weapon you're not skilled in, when you could use one you are skilled in is intentionally handicapping yourself. Not everyone likes doing that.
  14. Two ways of saying the same thing.... having a side effect that increases your shotgun bonuses is just another way of saying "getting better with a shotgun" Some people want a survival game where you need to take advantage of every opportunity you have to survive. Using a weapon you have no skill in vs. a weapon you have passive bonuses in (due to being a good chef) is frustrating. I can certainly understand someone disagreeing with this point of view... but you say you don't even understand the point of view.... I find that odd.
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