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  1. If thats how you would deal with item degradation I can see why you wouldn't like it.
  2. If items degrade till they're unusable, you can have that joy of finding a shiny new toy over and over rather than just once.
  3. Not sure if you've tried it or not.... but even unspecced guns are pretty good. Like I said, part of a survival game is not always being in the best position.... but making the best of what you got. Succeeding in those circumstances can be pretty fun.
  4. If tools and weapons have a shelf life you have to start making tough decisions, which is absolutely good for the game. Should I use my quality 5 shotgun while clearing this POI, or save it for the upcoming blood moon? If you chose to save it, then what? Maybe you use a pistol instead or a crossbow or just a club. Anything that makes you consider options is a good thing. Currently, you get a quality 6 weapon or tool and you just use that forever.... thats boring. Because a survival game should be about making use of whatever you can find.... not just whats optimal.
  5. I'd like to see them add the ability for degraded items to lose quality but keep their mod slots. I dont think you could do that in XML so it would require code changes.
  6. Because it caused problems with the mod system.
  7. Ok, fair enough.... I prefer not to be overpowered at all, or at least have the overpoweredness be for only a limited time (item degradation, please!)
  8. So the problem isn't really having guns early..... the problem is that guns are overpowered. Because by the time you can start finding guns the zombies aren't really that much different. So it's ok to be overpowered then?
  9. I want a potato cannon for a primitive rocket launcher!
  10. To be fair, I was being a bit snarky, as I felt you were engaging in a bit of hyperbole. No one that I saw was asking for tier 3 (ie. end game) weapons early game. Most people are just asking for the chance at something other than stone tools and weapons.
  11. This is why item degradation would be good.... you could find a better than average weapon early but its eventually going to break, so its a limited time advantage.
  12. Not debating its effectiveness.... just its classification as "end game".
  13. Did you really just say that a pump shotgun was an end game weapon? I mean, I'm willing to see how things play out, recognizing that this isn't the final looting system.... but that was a very odd statement to make.
  14. I agree, finding too many high level items early isn't good for the state of the game.... but there is a middle ground. It doesn't even have to be middle.... just a little tilted away from where it is. There was great game play in early alphas where you lucked out with an item early and tailored your game play around that lucky find. I'd like to see a little of that come back (but only with item degradation) But, as others have said, the biggest gripe I have is the overlap of performance in the different tiers. It's incredibly frustrating to finally find an iron tool, only to realize the stone axe you've been using is actually superior to it. Just my opinion, obviously, but I feel that a higher tier item should always be superior to a lower tier no matter what their quality
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