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  1. Are you still doing your no repair play through? What did you think of it?
  2. Repairing anything at all can be considered an unnecessary hassle. The question is what makes balanced game play? Right now, I feel like maintaining gear is way too easy... there are no difficult choices to make. Repair kits are, in my experience, very easy to find early game and very easy to make late game. Personally, I end up with stacks of more of them than I'd ever need. In my current game, by day 50 I had mostly all Q6 gear making almost all the gear I found since irrelevant.
  3. Because once you get a Q6 gun the parts just collect dust. Needing parts for repairs makes guns a little harder to maintain early game... and gives you a reason to keep parts mid to late game instead of selling them all to a trader.
  4. 2 perks don't make a build. Agility is the build.... stealth compliments it. Stealth may in fact be over powered. At the cost of 2 non combat perks you trivialize a large portion of sleepers. Name 2 other non combat perks that do that. Edit: I just dug up some quotes from Joel to emphasize my point
  5. Dude, this a bit of an overreaction.... FIrst of all, your first mistake is thinking that there is such a thing as a stealth build. There is not. The agility build happens to have some stealth perks (2) but those compliment the build, not define it. Secondly, you keep going on about stealth failing through no fault of your own. You're right.... @Roland even addressed that in the post you responded to: There are any number of theoretical reasons stealth might fail without you making any mistakes... earlier @Roland mentioned those too. It would be nice if some of these bad luck events manifested in some way.... but unfortunately they don't. The point is there are perfectly valid reasons why a bunch of zombies wake that have nothing to do with anything you did. There are lots of things in the game that are abstractions, I guess we can consider auto aggro volumes one of those.
  6. So you can't imagine any scenario in which you make no mistakes but still fail?
  7. Ok, I think I get your problem. You don't like that some places your stealth gets broken. Its completely irrelevant to you wants happens immediately before or after... the fact that in that instant your stealth is broken is the entirety of your argument? If so, then yeah..... you win. That happens. It happens by design, and probably will never change.
  8. Hah, no doubt.... (made up number incoming) 75% of posts here have a hidden agenda
  9. it only seems magical because you know about sleeper volumes. If you did not have that info, you would probably assume that you just weren't sneaky enough.
  10. hah, well.... about early game I was only replying to you about running and melee. I think stamina drain for mining is almost always a problem. Having to constantly pause and wait for stamina to refill while mining doesn't make good gameplay, IMO. It's more understandable, to me, to have to regen stamina after running or melee as long as the drain isn't too severe (which, early game, I think it is) Motorized tools should have drain.... anyone thats used one in RL knows that
  11. Its only really a problem early game.... but early game its a really bad problem, IMO.
  12. You can do other things while crafting or scrapping. I also believe that stamina drain is way too high for running and melee, but thats a different argument. But yes, balance takes priority which is why I suggested lowering the yield. So the net result is the same.
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