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  1. Yup, really want an XOR so I can have a light or door that can be controlled by multiple switches
  2. No problem.... and you're correct it will be addressed in the next update. I went through on my own and updated the tier 5 POIs. Most of them I set the ShowQuestClearCount to 3 since some of those POIs have several groups of zombies that are a pain in the neck to find.
  3. ShowQuestClearCount is how many groups of zombies need to be remaining on a clear quest before the yellow dots appear on your compass showing you the locations of the groups you missed. When its set to zero, you'll never get the yellow dots on a clear quest.
  4. Is it intended for so many of the POIs to have ShowQuestClearCount = 0? It makes clear quests, particularly on some of the larger POIs, a real pain to complete.
  5. This is actually a terrible example.... because they start with modern gear and over time move to using primitive items because their gear breaks down. In 7 days (and most games) its the opposite, you start low tech and progress to high tech. Personally, I would love it if 7 days mirrors TWDs equipment usage and you start with high quality stuff that degrades over time.... so you have to learn how to adapt with low tech gear. But, obviously, that's not going to happen.
  6. Bring it back? I still level by doing in my game.... I don't learn by doing anymore.... but I still level
  7. Awesome, the more the better IMO.... what we've seen so far looked really cool. Will we still be able to dye the new outfits?
  8. IRL, you change clothes for an activity that might take hours. Since time is so condensed in the game, you might be changing outfits every 10-20 minutes which would get a bit tedious. I'm certainly willing to see how it plays, but my initial thought is that it seems a little too micromanage-y
  9. Sorry, was talking about the quest you demo'd to repair the generator
  10. @madmoleI hope the repair quests actually lead to something changing in the world. If we go through the effort of fixing up a POI, I'd hope that it would then be used for something by the trader. It would be pretty (forgive me for saying) immersion breaking to then see the POI remain abandoned. It would be pretty cool to see that we fixed it up for a reason.
  11. hah, well.... about early game I was only replying to you about running and melee. I think stamina drain for mining is almost always a problem. Having to constantly pause and wait for stamina to refill while mining doesn't make good gameplay, IMO. It's more understandable, to me, to have to regen stamina after running or melee as long as the drain isn't too severe (which, early game, I think it is) Motorized tools should have drain.... anyone thats used one in RL knows that
  12. Its only really a problem early game.... but early game its a really bad problem, IMO.
  13. You can do other things while crafting or scrapping. I also believe that stamina drain is way too high for running and melee, but thats a different argument. But yes, balance takes priority which is why I suggested lowering the yield. So the net result is the same.
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