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  1. Yup, really want an XOR so I can have a light or door that can be controlled by multiple switches
  2. No problem.... and you're correct it will be addressed in the next update. I went through on my own and updated the tier 5 POIs. Most of them I set the ShowQuestClearCount to 3 since some of those POIs have several groups of zombies that are a pain in the neck to find.
  3. ShowQuestClearCount is how many groups of zombies need to be remaining on a clear quest before the yellow dots appear on your compass showing you the locations of the groups you missed. When its set to zero, you'll never get the yellow dots on a clear quest.
  4. Is it intended for so many of the POIs to have ShowQuestClearCount = 0? It makes clear quests, particularly on some of the larger POIs, a real pain to complete.
  5. Well, they are really really small. Or it might have been sarcasm.
  6. He is right.... they should only be spawning at night. You may see them early morning as they haven't despawned from the night, but you shouldn't see them by afternoon.
  7. I completely understand.... the meat you can get is certainly a temptation. I play dead is dead, though, so I've gotten pretty good at identifying and avoiding fights that I don't stand an excellent chance of winning.
  8. Seems like its triggered by number of replies. A thread with 50 replies has the sidebar.... a thread with 46 did not. So I'm guessing 50 is the trigger.
  9. Here is your problem.... you're not supposed to kill them in the first week. You should be avoiding them at all costs.
  10. Not sure thats a good idea.... lots of times I run into a POI looking for specific things like a cooking pot early game. I wouldn't want to get a mini horde just because I don't want to clear the entire poi to raid the kitchen.
  11. What does it matter to you to know what it mattered to him how it mattered to Roland?
  12. Ok, so you've been very vocal about this being a bad design.... but have offered nothing in return. What would you consider a good design that accomplishes what it seems like the level designers intend?
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