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  1. My main problem with INT in a18 is that the stun baton and the junk turrets felt really rare like as if they were secret weapons so the main INT points are meaningless in the begining and crafting while it was nice its true that you could get anything from shematics now. Now in A19 INT is still the same but players essentially use it to skip the problems of the loot system with it, since they cant find specific items reliably they are speccing into int so the trader offers better loot, better rewards and you can craft stuff at a much, MUCH faster rate. Isnt it ironic that the "worst" perk tree is only popular now because people want to skip the entire loot nonsense at the begining?
  2. I like how it doesnt make sense, its like watching the DE the Warframe devs releasing that update what removed item labels in a game what has literal thousands of the exact same icon for different items. Like im actually laughing at this nonsense at the screen because what else should i do? Cry?
  3. Press f1 and search for yellow or red lines of text, you can identify what exactly is gone missing that way.
  4. I came here for some authenthic basebuilding experience even thought im disappointed that i had to opt into typical tower defense AI shenigans because the AI is developed to be "smart" enough to pathfind and attack the weakest spot what in return made the AI stupider. I started out in A18 enjoying how random things were and the open world experience was handled well, that feeling that we wont find anything "new" arrived at around day 32ish but the randomised aspect of the loot helped a lot for this to appear as late as possible. I really like crafting that with enough materials i can always make myself what i want but this was already limited in A18 because i need to scrap weapons to get weapon parts but its even more limiting in A19 because there are no weapons to scrap. I liked the idea of the 7th day horde especially since normal days are just kind of empty? Like there are not much zombies roaming around, few animals and all that but you are generally perfectly safe till the 7th day. At this point im probably just going to mod in A18 loot system into A19 when it goes stable. Even before i started producing bullets i was always on gunpowder shortage. Got any tips where to farm it en masse?
  5. To fix the problem added a "I voted no already" to the second part. I thought it would work this way: You can find the parts or scrap weapons to get some parts, the traders sell both weapons and part and you can make your own parts too but not everything (like craft 3 types of magazine out of 9). Each weapon would be treated as a modular item so you can just swap the parts when you find something better or more fitting.
  6. Weapon parts were an interesting mechanic, you explored around the world to collect receivers, barrels and bodies to make your favorite shotgun with just some modifications it would be perfect for the current gameplay as it seems that the objective is to slow down progression to reach the "end phase" slower and this would help this goal greatly. Players would still be slowed down on getting guns but they wouldnt notice the slow progression as much as they now have a goal to work forward to. In my opinion the best way to bring back the weapon parts mechanic would be this way: Weapon parts: Body, the actual part what holds a weapon together. Mainly effects durability and stamina usage. Mechanism, only used in weapons with mechanical parts. Affects reload speed, firerate, firemodes, special effects, technically anything what can be tied to a mechanism. Barrel/String, used on ranged weaponary. Affects damage, accuracy, charge time, special effects. Magazine, only for weapons what can hold ammo. Affects ammo type and magazine size. Head, only for melee weapons. Affects stamina usage, durability, damage, special effects. Handles, the part where you hold the weapon does not exist on all weapons. Affects stamina usage, durability, recoil, accuracy. Specials, literally extremely rare items what can change how the weapon functions. Each weapon part changes a weapon in some way shape or form, the idea is kind of similar to what borderlands had. Various manufacturers create different weapons and as such the players can create their own personalized weaponary. Perks stay as a way to enable crafting better tier weapons from those parts you have, they now offer some percentage bonuses to the final result. T6 crafting now exist if you completed the relevant books and maxed the perks. For example lets say we need a pistol crafted you need a body, mechanism, barrel and a magazine. Each level in the perks unlocks some additional part you can fuse into your weapon, at Gunslinger 1 you can only make a basic pistol while at Gunslinger 5 you could make a pistol what uses 7.62 ammo, has a long barrel and a drum magazine (it comes with the downsides you can imagine) and if you finish the proper books while at G5 you could make it double barrel. Sure it wont be too realistic at the later points but the idea is to add an endgame goal to everyone, something to work forward. If every weapon only gets a magazine what changes the ammo type that already means we tripled no quadrupled all the avaible guns to players. The base gameplay is slowed down, you can still get your guns at day one if you try hard enough and we got the first content what feels like some endgame goal.
  7. For the first part of the game i need tons of wood, stone and clay only to build a base. Everything else is ignoreable, food and water doesnt matter because we have the newbie protection(if i remember right), dying doesnt matter for me at all so i dont care about medicine, never collected feathers because neither me or my brother likes bows (they are terribly weak), we were already at day 22-ish when we crafted our first bike and we literally did not care about transportation. I honestly dont care if i find guns or not, its part of the luck and exploration and because i specced into int at start i only cared about finding myself a stun baton. I dont like the blunderbuss its a terrible weapon and uses too much precious materials and honestly i dont think im gonna like flintlock pistols and such if they ever got introduced. I dont like linear and predictable loot, i like to get suprised to find something what i was not expecting (pistol in the toilet) but this is all removed. I know whats coming and i dont like that.
  8. You do know that toilets are part of the loot table? If a bug removes the pipes from the loot table that means you dont find pipes anywhere.
  9. That sounds great and interesting, why was it ditched? Its sounds soo much natural and would fit this need of slow progression, i scavange the military bases for handgun magazines, my brother loots the big factory for the best barrels and when we are done we go home and argue infront of the workbench in where the hell can we find a cursed trigger. So much better than this "endless stone age everywhere" deal. Just what kind of logic is that? The stone axe takes less stamina to use and the efficency perks affect it, why would you gimp yourself with a Q1/Q2 iron pick when the stone axe does the same for less and it can be repaired everywhere with a piece of stone unlike the iron pick.
  10. I would prefer them to be craftable with the introduction of some craftable only weaponary. Make the weapons as in guns rare but encourage the player to invest into crafting them by making the parts craftable.
  11. I know it has some logical fallacy there but the thing is that we dont have enough loot to use any kind of system limitation on what we can get. Currently i need to open approx 11 specific containers to get all stone age items from that point onwards the loot repeats itself and its kinda pointless to continue looting.
  12. You are missing the entire point here. Crafter games should never have circular dependencies because it can potentially create gamebreaking bugs if one of the dependencies are missing. A simple example would be a slight bug what removes pipes from the loot tables (minor edit in the xml) and boom now you have a bunch of angry players all over the forums that they cant make forges. Sure you could still bash toilets to get them but this would be enough to cause anger.
  13. I gotta say that now that you said it, the whole thing does sound stupid as hell. You need A to craft B but you need B to craft C what is requied to make A. He made a perfectly valid point, there shouldnt be instances in looter games where you need a item what can only be crafted with the previous item. Its a design oversight and an easily fixable one too. We already can make a campfire so all we need is a recipe what uses lots of coal, clay and some iron to make a pipe. Its easy as hell and prevents any kind of future problems what impossible designs could cause.
  14. Dude, honestly even i A18 we already had this "loot repeats itself" feeling and that alpha had random loot. Limiting it further down is not going to improve the situation, infact it will only come faster this time because of how linear and forced it is. Literally why would i waste my time in opening any kind of closed safes or those sealed containers if i know exactly what im gonna find in them and already have multiples of those items. Compared to A18 the only way for me to actually feel like im playing 7 Days to Die like it has been advertised is to either edit the loot xml or use the command line to spike up our gamestage/level.
  15. You might have noticed that this has become quite reoccurring as people in general dont like the new forced linear loot system. His points are perfectly valid, you can only do 2 things currently in A19: You either dont loot till your gamestage actually raises high enough so this stone age nonsense goes away or you accept that every safe will have the same useless loot so why even loot them?
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