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  1. My friend can no longer join our Lan server, we dont get anything what would show what exactly is the problem except some timeout error: 2020-10-31T19:43:42 2093.566 INF GMSG: Player 'Z' joined the game 2020-10-31T19:43:42 2093.568 INF PlayerSpawnedInWorld (reason: JoinMultiplayer, position: -526, 52, -967): EntityID=12715, PlayerID='76561198315840974', OwnerID='76561198315840974', PlayerName='Z' 2020-10-31T19:44:00 2111.626 INF Time: 31.14m FPS: 46.50 Heap: 3277.4MB Max: 3308.9MB Chunks: 360 CGO: 251 Ply: 2 Zom: 0 Ent: 8 (61) Items: 2 CO: 2 RSS: 10784.9MB 2020-10-31T19:44:14 2125.585 INF NET: LiteNetLib: Client disconnect from: (Timeout) 2020-10-31T19:44:14 2125.585 INF [NET] PlayerDisconnected EntityID=12715, PlayerID='76561198315840974', OwnerID='76561198315840974', PlayerName='Z' 2020-10-31T19:44:14 2125.585 INF Player disconnected: EntityID=12715, PlayerID='76561198315840974', OwnerID='76561198315840974', PlayerName='Z' 2020-10-31T19:44:14 2125.586 INF GMSG: Player 'Z' left the game
  2. Im not sure how that thing even works, it seems like it generates only a "green=okay" and "black=could collapse at any time" warning.
  3. I get that but exactly because the game is still in early and active development its important to voice every possible problem you may find from balance to bugs, everything. Once the game enters a more finalized stage there will be almost no chance for bigger mechanics changes so if for example you dont like how vehicles are working at that point your complaint will be just wasted time because theres no more time to fix it.
  4. Only if you are able to upgrade any T5 into a T6 and not only the ones what degraded.
  5. I honestly dont care much about anti cheat systems as long as its not something shady what permanently runs in the background throttling the system or something like Easy Anti-Cheat whats latest update has successfully managed to kill of several members of the playerbase of all games what uses their system. Whenever it gets updated or not shouldnt be a priority at this stage.
  6. Okay that caught me offguard, lol. Sorry mate but i never really had anything positive come out from a discussion when people start to bring up "theres a mod for that". You dont like the current loot system? Theres a mod for that. You dont like the supersonic vultures? Theres a mod for that. You dont like the graphics? Mods. You think theres not enough weapons? Mods. You need a better working electricity system? Mods. Hotel? Trivago. It just kills the discussion because you no longer move forward but practically ended it all with "theres a mod for that.".
  7. True thought i believe this would be better to be baked into some function like somekind of "look" action binded to "R" on upgrading tools. This way you could check all blocks fast if you are confused.
  8. I try to exclude all stone gear by default but your comment really does show a problem. Most guns are great even at T1 only melee weapons become staggeringly weak at T1 when traditionally they have the most dangerous gamestyle. How does it sound that each repair puts on a stacking damage debuff on the weapons? 1% per stack for guns and 0.5% for melee? This way till you properly repair your stuff it does not only just degraded back into a lower tier but also becomes progressively weaker with each repair and this would work the best with Option B suggestion.
  9. So i think that changing the repair process ingame would make an excellent way to balance early gameplay without messing with the loot system. I have to main ideas for how to fix the issue but if you have another option we could choose feel free to say it. In both versions stone tools stay unaffected because they are not supposed to be hard to repair and/or replace. Option A: Restricting the entire repair system First repair by hand is only possible with repair packs but repair packs are now rare and expensive items. Seriously we dont need them raining down on us. Their drop chance should be around 5% max to make sure they are rare items what you cant just amass like you currently do, to reflect this a repair kit now needs the following to be crafted: 10 Forged Iron 20 Oil 10 Duct tape 50 Mechanical Parts 50 Electrical Parts Claw Hammer Wrench The trader also seels this item for 5000 Dukes to reflect the increased costs to make a repair pack. At the base you can repair ANY item at the workbench costing parts and or raw materials. All repairs should follow a basic formula when they have parts [ 10 parts for repair at T1 and +10 parts for every tier above 1 ] and for raw materials it should take a certain amount of raw materials. For example: Repair cost of a T4 Claw hammer: 20 Forged Iron (5 at T1 and +5/tier) 8 Wood (2 at T1 and +2/tier) Repair cost of a T6 M60: 60 Machine Gun parts (10 at T1 and +10/tier) If someone maxes out the relevant perk to the items they can gain a 10% decrease for those repairs and with the addition of some books these costs could be further made cheaper in the endgame. Option B: Repairing causes items to degrade what can be upgraded back. This version is made to create a gameplay loop where you use an item till it "breaks", repair it and once you are in a safe spot fix it up to its previous or an even higher tier. T1 to T5 is all upgradeable by using a certain amount of weapon parts, to upgrade a T3 gear to T5 you would need to get 20 more parts or the specific raw materials for it. You can only upgrade to the highest amount your perks allow. T6 items would be only upgradeable by a Trader to keep the items uncraftable by players. The amount needed for the upgrade varies on how much you let it degrade, its cheaper to spend 10 parts on a gun because it gone from T4 to T3 then go and spend 40 because you let it go all the way back into T1. What is your opinion about these and in general do you think the ingame economy of loot could by fixed by changing up how repair works?
  10. Its pointless to argue with people whose reasoning is "Theres a mod for that". No offense to Boid but the devs might aswell stop bugfixes too and let some modder do that work with that logic.
  11. Nonono, you misunderstood me. I only critize the weight system because it can be chaothic from time to time. What i meant is a maximum block support system where each of your base support blocks could only handle a select amount of blocks going horizontally. Wood can hold 4 Stone can hold 5 Concrete can hold 6 Steel can hold 7 Everything over the limit causes a collapse, but not because weights but because on number of blocks. It makes SI calculation much easier althought it practically makes the mechanics "dumber".
  12. Okay back again to my suggestion wouldnt it be better if the system would ditch the weight system and instead go for a maximum amount of blocks per support? That would make sure you dont have to worry about unknown variables and such.
  13. It seems reasonable: You broke your T6 AK->Repaired it so its now T5->You need to bring it to the trader with 50 Machine gun parts so he upgrades it back to T6. I mentioned the trader because this way T6 still stays player uncraftable. Everything else stays as they are but you would need to upgrade them with approtiate amount of parts.
  14. I might be missing something but the creative menu for me doesnt show dev blocks. How do you enable them?
  15. Just a basic question but wouldnt it be easier at this point to present a patch what practically shows you how much weight a certain item holds? Like a color coding going from green, yellow, red and black to show if something is on the verge of collapse. This way players could actually test out which parts of the SI system are now faulty instead of randomly guessing why removing dirt from under a wall collapses the very top and only the top 1 line of roof of a building. Even removing the weight system could significantly improve the entire SI system because then you could program something like "A pillar of concrete can hold 4 blocks of any material horizontally without falling over".
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