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  1. Does this mod changes zombie AI? I mean are they the same regular pathing zombies searching for structural weaknesses or do they actually act like zombies?
  2. Yeah, i made a copy for now. We will decide later if its worth having a secondary version or make it our main game.
  3. Is there any way to install this while keeping the original files in the same folder? I would prefer to keep the original game to play with my brother and this version to play solo without having to double install.
  4. I know my math is kind of.....busted but you get what i mean even if it would make my math teacher commit sudoku. Yeah i figured you would need to find a way to exclude the weapon from eating itself to repair itself and which one to use up for the repair. How does reforging sound? We could make a forge recipe what uses up 2 Pistols to make a Pistol. This way the only issue left is the T6 item quality but we could probably just cut that quality out and replace it with an identical pistol what has these stats at base but its untiered like the nailgun (or just make all items untiered and let the perks handle the stats).
  5. Honestly theres nothing else, before today this was the only loot mod made. Now we have @Boidster's loot lottery mod too so people could switch if they want. All i wanted is a mod what makes the looting randomised, so i dont swim in the same stone gear for ages. I think im gonna go and edit that mod around so it progresses like 4%, 3%, 1.5%, 0,5% or find out just which exact setting controls quality tiers and manipulate that. Also on a sidenot due to how this game works theres no such thing as "rare find". In a game like Warframe an item drop with 4% chance is almost impossible to get but here you can go as low as 0.1% and it would still mean that you run a fairly good chance of getting an item from that rarity group because of the number of lootable containers. At 4% you need to find 25 containers to reach the mathematical 100% chance, at 0.01% you need 100 containers but thats like 10 days.
  6. Or if you are good enough with modding you could make items need themselves to be repaired. Essentially make sure that you take out parts of a working AK47 to repair your favorite AK47. This would probably be more immmersion fitting to cobble together weapons than straight up just removing the ability to repair.
  7. Item degradation is one of the core points of the game Dying Light and you can find countless people who are posting the most meta ways to avoid that feature completely, its a game where you can always find better gear and even in that case people dont like the idea that stuff just breaks and leaves them with nothing. Because its true actual randomity, in games where you dont have the gameplay made around the idea that the player has to create everything for themselves most of the looting excitement comes from not knowing what to expect. This mod makes sure that you can find from the most basic stone tool to a nailgun in a box, every loot is new and exciting. Literally the only thing i would change about the mod is to limit the tiers so i cant just find T6 gear on day 1 but other than that i enjoy that i really have no idea what will be in a lootbox.
  8. At first i downloaded it for similar purposes, it seems like all it does is take the probability tables and make them all have 0.25 chance including all items from level 1-9999999.
  9. And how many of those players modded out parts of the game or are running A18 or earlier? Those player numbers only show how many players are in the game, it doesnt show whenever they like this specific alpha or not neither does it show if the player just modded the game back into an A16 experience or such. July was our best month with almost 39K people, August managed to lost 14% of the playerbase already and who knows what will september bring. You also need to consider that players might dislike the current loot but love the new zombies and lighting, or like the loot and hate the food system and soo on. Also just to get some generic view on how many people hate the loot system from the playerbase and also mod their games heres the full random loot's nexus page: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1004?tab=description This mod is currently at 910 unique downloads, this is the amount of people who hate the looting, mod their game and use this specific loot mod.
  10. In A18 putting a point into intelligence was an optional decision, in A19 its a necessity because without that the game feels artifically slowed down.
  11. Not sure about the avarage player in A18 but my run with my brother needed us to pass day 15 for the first purple find what was my stun baton.
  12. I voted 1 because none of the future aspects look like something i look forward to. I already have a mod ready to load in incase i have enough of all the same repeating stuff in every container. In my opinion what A18 needed for loot is in general more items to even out what you can find and instead of tying the actual items to the gamestage just tie the tiers into it up to T5 so with some randomisation and a low chance of finding T6 so when someone finds a T6 Pistol they will be like "OMG! A purple item!" instead of "Meh, another one.". Kind of like how in Borderlands when you find your first pearlscent weapon you will be in awe you got one and will treasure each and every single one of them.
  13. Im really new to modding in general and i would like to ask are these mods server side so the guys i play with dont need to install this? Also is there a way to identify what is server side and what is not?
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