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  1. I probaly use the "on face" and "copy rotation" more then i do advanced. The current default rotation is good enough as it is, but that is just my opinion.
  2. Club vs mountain lion, i don't think i tried that yet. Only bear and zombies. And dogs. Lotsa dogs. I kinda like cats, so i try not to hurt them. Still, hmmm.
  3. Uhm, every house now serve as a combined crack'a'book, pop'n pills, shotgun messiah and toolstore. Besides, i think the bookshelves in houses have a better chance of skillboks then those in stores. Not sure if the latter is still the case though. The skyscrapers and large POI's are just unnecessary FPS suckers. Well made, but not needed.
  4. If i play this game, i play to survive, not to die. Meaning i probaly take less chances then someone who play just this game just to fight anything that moves. So no, i don't expect to die the first week, nor the following weeks. If i die however, i'd probaly just finish up any unfinished projects before leaving that save. One of the tricks to survive is to learn when and what NOT to fight.
  5. For fully automatic weapons like the SMG (which i think is 9mm), Ak-47 and Assault rifle i love to put at least 2-4xscope and Semi-trigger thingie. And a mag extender/drum magazine if available. Saves me a lot of ammo. So much, i didn't have to craft a single round before day 50. For pistols i prefer the 2xscope and a mag-extender. I didn't find the SMG early enough in my last play, and in the end i just had an assault rifle and 2 stacks of 7.62 ammo with me when out looting. And a turret in case i expected tougher resistance. edit: One thing i would really like them do
  6. I wish they would pin this thread for a little while.
  7. I just restart my game if horde ends early and i think i can handle more. Did so with D42 and D49 horde.
  8. In A19 they are iron tools, and can be crafted fairly cheap. Might require a point in salvage operations and some mechanical parts, can't quite remember.
  9. uhm, you were level 9 with 2 skill points before, i suppose.
  10. A keybind for auto empty container content could be nice. (and dangerous too). I mean, R takes all, another key could empty all content onto ground.
  11. Motorcycle since it has better sound then the 4x4. The gyrocopter if i want to travel far over rough terrain.
  12. I voted 3, which is "I don't care about this. It was fine before and it is fine now and it will probably be fine in the future" option. The stone age is not as bad as it sounds, since stone tools are perfectly good at what they do. Even at level 57, my main tool is a modded QL 6 stone axe. My last/current play is with trader unknown/out of reach. I put in one for later game. But, it's about 9km away, so practicly a no trader run. Perhaps there shouldn't be a trader at start, just overrun trader poi's one could clear to make a trader move in. Loot progression, well
  13. As much as i like to nitpick stuff, the loot balance in A19 is actually one of the things i like. It looked horrible on paper (on the screen), but once i started playing, it was pretty much spot on for me. (warrior , 120minuts days, 100% loot, practicly no trader).
  14. Because of reasons, outrunning the horde with a vehicle is strictly forbidden, frowned upon, called cheating etc. But outrunning the horde on foot however is perfectly fine, at least for the moment. With this toolbar, you can survive any horde night if you run (and actually use the buffs they provide). Don't need megacrush, but it is the easiest way to avoid the horde. Coffee and other stamina refreshment buffs also works if you make a little obstacle course. Running shoes helps a bit too i think. Megacrush is most often found in these contain
  15. It appears the robotic sledge turret and cops are good match as dancing companions. And yes, i did loose my sledgeturret on accident.
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