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  1. I've tried: Supports, building a house in the mine, getting rid of some of the clay so less weight on it+supports, and it seems no matter what I do once it gets to a certain size it always collpases, and it always seems to start from the clay, and cascades from one side to the entire otherside of the mine.
  2. It would be my current game, I have cleared 2 entire towns pretty much of cars, I have storage chests full of batteries and engines, but know what I don't have, a SINGLE frigging headlight so I can make my damn minibike. The 2 traders I know where they are at haven't ever stocked one either. I think i've easly wrenched over 200+ cars, and not a single headlight.
  3. This is the problem with most sandbox titles, once your established, there is very little reason to keep going, even more so in a survival type game. Since the goal is to survive once you got food/water sorted out there is really no reason to keep going. I mean if these games had some sort of a story and such might last longer till your thru the main story. You kinda have to make your own content, set a goal like make a big castle or something to keep you busy. I personally play dead is dead in 7 days to die, if I die, I delete the save and usually the world and start over. Only exceptions is if I say die within the first 1-3 days, i'll just start a new save on the same map. Playing higher difficulties really ramps up the challenge when your playing dead is dead mode.
  4. random questions below: If your playing a mod or Vanilla, and npcs can sell usually class exclusive workstations... Will you buy them if they appear? or wait till you unlock it normally and then craft them? Also same question for Schematics and those perk magazines, do you buy them if you want it? or loot only? I do these things (as in never buy schematics or perk mags off traders), and wondering if its kinda silly to do so, same with above question. Should I just buy em? I usually don't buy workstations or perk magazines/schematics, am I being silly for not buying them if I want them? I don't know if its a way to try to extend the game for me since relying on rng can well be... yeah. Do you follow any personal rules like this?
  5. There is a bug with healing factor which causes it to massivly increase food use, hopefully tfp fixes it, as the skill now is worthless with how fast it drains your food reserves.
  6. This is the horde base I use in darkness falls, and let me tell you the blood moons in vanilla are a complete joke compared to darknessfalls, you have radiated and zombie bears on the very first blood moon, they also do not stop coming till 4am hits, compared to vanilla where u can have them all dead and no more spawn not even 2 game time hours after horde night starts. My vanilla horde nights start at 22:00 and usually by the time the day switches i've killed everything, DF like i said keeps spawning till 4am. Anywhere here is the base, should work fine for single player in vanilla to, only diff is in DF u can upgrade bars to steel and beyond, but you can get around this in vanilla by just using more. Yes this is a screenshot from Darkness Falls, but as I said the blood moons are much harder in DF than vanilla, and this base works in DF just fine. Eventually u upgrade it all to stainless steel. The block hp of the bunker is higher than the block hp they need to go thru the bars, they only usually attack the top one. So they go for the catwalk instead of the bunker as it reads as a shorter path to the zombies, you have electric fence poles to slow them, and you can stick a blade trap on the + thing as well as by the base of the stairs on the inside where its flat to kill a ton of zombies.
  7. Which is the main reason the entire stat system is complete garbage and needs to be tossed out. It pidgeon holes you into things, wanna be good at mining? str, heavy armor? str, melee str (blunts are best imo) Automatics, better regen? end. Its why I tossed vanilla in the garbage pretty much, The stat system has ruined the game for me and does not add anything of value to it. Should have stuck with a16.4's system and just tweaked it, thats what darkness falls mod does, and it works WAY better than the crap stat system vanilla currently uses. I mean i'd be less annoyed about the stat system if the stats actually DID anything, yes, I know they up headshot damage but it needs to do more than that. If you insist on a stat system I suggest a change, lower it to 3 stats, Survival, Combat, and Something else maybe life skills? and it has all the crafting stuff under it?. Survival has armor skills, stuff like cooking and mining, Though combat might also have the armor skills. Combat controls perks for EVERY weapon type, both melee and ranged of all kinds. The base stat ups headshot damage like the current ones do, then you can pick what weapons to spec in. This puts all weapons, and the stealth perks etc under 1 tree. Though you could argue stealth could go under survival too. I find the current stat system just limits you way to much, until your a high level anyway.
  8. youtube ad spam fix: get ublock origin for firefox, boom no ads on youtube anymore, or anywhere really for that matter, its also avail for chrome but google has parts of it blocked so some google ads get thru it, which is why I prefer firefox. As for the stuff that might be released, I am kinda intersted, who knows what kind of weird stuff the govt has under wraps.
  9. I'd use it to shoot at vultures if it had one myself.
  10. Honestly in vanilla, you can survive with just padded armor for the most part, things don't hit hard enough really on Nomad/warrior difficulties. The point is to not get hit. Mind you when we have infinite ammo aim-bot bandits then i'd worry more, since they can shoot to.
  11. I play darkness Falls mod, and it has: Speed mod (doubles vehicle speed minibike going 20m/s is pretty sweet), a armor mod (so player takes less damage), a spiked sides mod which increases ramming damage to zombies. is a few others, so simmlar things would work for vanilla. I think Fatal said they are doing a speed mod, and I am hopeing its at least a 50% boost.
  12. light/heavy armor rating is just a way for the devs to let you know what type of armor it is, so you know which perk to get. 6 armor is 6% damage reduction whether its on light or heavy armor. TLDR: 1 armor is 1% damage reduction up to the cap of 80% or is it 90% max? This is assuming the game does math correctly, which from what I have seen, the game is kinda... stupid when it comes to math at times.
  13. Surviving it for me would depend on where I am initially when it starts, if I am in my home, with decent food/water supply, You could wait it out a few days. let things calm down before you venture outside. If your out somewhere well, depending where your at could be good or bad. It also depends how the infection is spread, if its airborne like in the walking dead/fear the walking dead, then anyone who is bit (which activates the virus which kills the host), or dies, has to be shot in the head, or otherwise have their brain destroyed or else they will just rise up. If its this type of infection spread your going to have a very hard time, as there will be people dropping dead from any number of things, and where its airborne, they will add to the zombie amount extremly quickly. If its not airborne, humans will have a much easier time surviving. Zombies won't be created as fast which means they can stem the tide if they get it under control early. I mean real early, as in the first day it starts, kill all the zombies so it can no longer spread. But people who die later won't turn as they aren't infected. If there was a zombie apoc with our tech and what we know about zombie lore from all the shows and movies in the current day, we most likely already have the skills to survive pretty much. Enough people in modern countries has seen enough zombie movies/shows on average to know how to ID one if they seen one. As for guns, using one out in the open is prob the safest bet, as the zombies won't be able to zero in on you fast if your moving as they are slow. Shooting at them from yoru window though? Stupid move, as your just going to attract them and then they will attract more with the noise eventually they will get inside. What makes zombies lethal is the fact they need a head shot to be killed, and they often come in huge numbers so people get cornered. If were dealing with running zombies, your only option is to climb things to get away, as you'll never outrun a zombie, they can run forever, you can't, they will eventually catch up to you if you don't climb things as zombies can't climb. As for how long i'd survive it depends, Did it start when I was in a safe location where I have supplies to last a few days? if so I'd prob hide out there the first few days. I'd wanna keep quiet as they are drawn to noise, but this only really applies if i'm on the ground floor, if I am in a apt building at least 3-4 floors up, you can be a bit louder with the noise as even if they DO hear it, the zombies aren't going to be able to get to you. My first worry would be food and water, especially water. dehydration will kill a hell of a lot faster than starvation will. As for weapons, the average home would have several things you could make use of if you got some tape or rope of some kind. I would also try to find some people, as saftey in numbers is a thing, i'd probably wait to look for others till my supplies are low and I am forced to go out, after the first few days anyone still alive knows what it takes to survive. Sadly, like in the shows once zombies become less of a threat people will start causing problems for other people, and other people will become the main threat. Which is where TWD/fear the walking dead is right now, the zombies are pretty much just background noise now a days, and the show is all about the problems dealing with people in a situation like that.
  14. I like some aspects of A20 but I feel dumbing down the gear system from 10+ slots to 4 is kinda taking it too far, it just seems like its going to cause more inventory clutter. Currently in 7dtd you can make a optimal clothes setting that generally gives you moderate protection in any temp, but to do this in A20 I have the feeling your going to need to carry extra sets of gear. I don't understand why you couldn't have added the outfits and kept the old system. a bigger inventory though can help with this problem somewhat. Would have been perfect that way. The linear loot I hope gets tweaked as it takes far to long to go from the stone to iron age imo. Love the new quest system, its going to be nice not getting locked into only having t5 quests to do that are never worth doing due to the time they take. I do have a suggestion about the skill system though, get rid of the 5 stats, and make 3 pools, Weaponry, Defenses, and Survival. All weapons go into weapontry, all defensive things like armor etc in defenses, and perks like miner 69'er, motherload, physician etc go into survival. I personally hate the fact that weapons are locked to diff stats, really pigeonholes me into what I can use effectivly. My suggestion here would fix that problem, you still need to invest in weaponry and then the weapons perk itself, but at least now its all under 1 stat instead of 5. You could even implement crosspool skills, for example Parkour could be classified both as Defense and Survival, so have the active level of the perk be for whichever of the 2 pools has the higher level of it. Just to give players options. The current stat system works decently for multiplayer, but it sucks horribly for a single player game as its too limiting and you do not have party members to pick up the slack. If your sitting there tanking hits from zombies your playing the game wrong, your not meant to sit and tank them, your meant to dodge, and avoid being hit. Armor is just there for if you screw up (and you will eventually) to lower the impact of that screw up. Look at any zombie movie etc, no one lets themselves get hit by zombies on purpose unless they are planning to suicide, as thats what the result will end up being as all it takes is a single bite to infect you and then your dead anyway even if you somehow get away. Getting hit by zombies is supposed to be punishing as your not supposed to let them hit you in the first place. The crit wound system just reinforces this part of it by making it more punishing. It also allows zombies to always be a threat cuz even if you have 80-90% dmg reduction, all the wounds are going to add up and eventually lower your health to the point they CAN kill you, which I am guessing is the goal behind the entire system. If I had to complain about something it would be the stealth system, not only can zombies pick up footsteps WAY to acutely, there is also the poi design where they seem to sit most sleepers behind a block so you cannot get a clear shot at them, and since they hear footsteps so easly even with maxed stealth perks, you can't get a angle to hit them usually. IMO with maxxed stealth perk your footsteps should be pretty much silent unless your in full unmodded heavy armor.
  15. This person gets it, unless you suck horribly and are doing something extremly wrong there is no way you should be having this much problems. When I play I usually have food sorted on day 1, and never have a problem again (buried supplies quests, and looting a house or 2 usually can give enough to last a day+). Can't find a gun in loot? They have traders for a damn reason, USE THEM, the vending machines also sell canned food cheap. Though going to day 28 without at least a pistol is some horribly bad rng you had there. That said, I still dislike a19's linear loot stuff, it has taken a large amount of the fun out of the game for me, I liked it when I could get lucky and find a pump shotgun on day 1, even if it was a crappy tier 1 pump shotgun. A20 also sounds horribly stupid with how they are dumbing down the gear system from 10-14 slots to... 4. Its like you could have added the outfits and kept the current system as well, but instead you decide on the stupid move of removing it, just like learn by doing, all LBD needed was some tweaks, check darkness falls mod if you care to, to see the sort of tweaks that could have been made to keep the system. I'll still give A20 a chance, but I don't got high hopes for it, as it seems to be multiple steps backwards instead of forwards from what I've heard about it so far.
  16. Honestly? once your used to the running zombies, day or night really stops mattering its a bit more dangerious at night, but easly doable even without guns. In vanilla I usually play 60 min days as its the default and it feels like more than enough time to get things done. It depends on the player though, I am not a big builder myself, so I spend most of my time looting. Someone who likes to build big might need a longer day, due to the increased resources they require.
  17. Same here with the flaming shaft mod, I never use it as I can't stand its graphical effect. It also pretty much prevents you from being sneaky as well.
  18. You do know for most zombies AP ammo only lets you deal 4% more damage to them right? Solders/bikers/utility have 20 armor (feral soldiers I think have more), and 20% of that is 4 armor. Its better to use normal ammo unless you want the penetration effect of AP ammo, as the 4% more damage is only going to "maybe" save you 1 bullet, which when you consider the AP Ammo gunpowder costs it actually is very inefficent to use it on a single zombie. Only one that deserves it is Demolishers as they have like 80 armor, so AP ammo actually makes a pretty noticable difference on those guys. But for the rest? AP ammo doesn't make enough of a diff to be worth the crafting costs unless your in a kill corridor and can hit multiple zombies with that one shot. Not to mention the AP ammo does no extra damage to most other zombies that have no armor to reduce.
  19. The zombies spawn in volumes is why, or else if you fire one shot you'd have 1-3 entire floors coming down on your head in that building. Generally they will not spawn till your close to the room, usually doors/passageways denote volume crossings, so each apt door you open is its own seperate volume that won't spawn till your right by the door or even till your inside the room. Still taking out the entire building to try to finish the quest faster? Not seen that approach taken before, but at least we know it won't work.
  20. Any tips for a new player? New to the mod.
  21. I pretty much can't play vanilla 7dtd anymore as its to be frank just to boring now with the current loot setup in a19. A20 will help though I am not liking the idea of gamestaged trader inventories. Finding a nice gun or something in there in a19 was the only way I could stand a19. Though I will have to try it when a20 hits experimental and see how it is, as we've not really seen it in action at all yet just heard it discussed, but.. I'm not going to hold my breath, as TFP has made a ton of very questionable design decisions since a17 imo. Removal of LBD, the dungeon style poi's which at first I thought were cool, but soon after they started to grate on my nerves because they just don't mesh with the world properly, like who would setup their house like that with only 1 real path, that looks more like a way to trap themselves than anything to me. Newest questionable things was the loot in a19 (However this sounds like it'll get much better in a20) and the dumbing down of the equipment system in A20. Sorry but there is no reason the outfits could not exist and we could also keep the current gear system (they could use the armor slots), its a simple dumbing down of the game period no matter how you look at it, or what you try to say to give it an excuse for being dumbed down. Then we have the stat system, which seems to serve no real purpose other than to screw solo players. The stat system could be forgivien more if the stats did anything of value other than just headshot mult for its weapons. So far in a19 I wait for the next update to become stable not to play it, but to play my favorite mod in its updated form, as its actually fun compared to vanilla these days. The mod is Darkness Falls if your curious, just a fair warning, do not go into it on insane on a first playthru, you WILL get your butt handed to you.
  22. Differences being some things, like power attacking radiators in a house with a wrench usually never gives you a brass radiator, now you can power attack then do a normal attack and you'll get one, this only applies if you finish it off with a power attack, the air conditioner units are the same I think, at least i've never gotten a brass radiator from a AC when I power attacked it for the final hit.
  23. If I seen that happen i'd prob have had the same reaction he did, just stop and stare wondering what the hell is going on here. I can't say i've seen this happen in 7dtd to me before, seen some odd things though over my years, but the chicken thing is a new one.
  24. I'm also not a big fan of this, it goes from bright outside to so dark I need night vision goggles indoors on a sunny day inside a poi, just by walking a few steps into the average poi. It honestly hurts my eyes when it does it, as its such a sudden and such a big lighting switch.
  25. There is a spawn limit, with the zombies alive setting, once that setting is reached the game will no longer spawn anything till they die, or timeout, happens to me in long single player sessions, usually have to exit to main menu and reload the save to get it to start spawning things again. Sadly the zombies timing out period in inactive chunks is way to long, if you travel a bit around you'll easly hit the cap. Sleepers also count towards this so if you go close enough to a Poi to spawn the sleepers, they will stay spawned till the game is reloaded taking up spawn slots, as the sleepers do not time out like the zombies outside. With vanilla spawn settings the spawn rate is so low you'll generally never hit the 75 or 100 zombies alive without buzzing by a TON of poi's close enough to trigger sleeper volumes. However if you have modded the spawn rate, you will hit this easly. I play darkness falls mod that has a much higher outdoor spawn than vanilla, and usually every 1-2 hours I have to exit to main menu, and reload my game or else stuff pretty much stops spawning, other than maybe one in a blue moon, this also effects animals as well. Naw thats not it, the wandering hordes will self-destruct after a short time if not interacted with by the player. Its like I said, its the Max Alive setting being hit and thus the game won't spawn anything new till they are killed, or time-out, and as I said the time out period is extremly long for outdoor zombies other than wandering hordes, that seem to time out in a short time once you move out of the chunk its in. Not to mention the fact sleepers don't really time out once spawned, if they do it takes a VERY long time.
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