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  1. I think they need to put it back to a18 values for how hard it was to find quality 4-6 items, its getting silly that pretty much everything I open late game has nothing but tier 6 items consistantly, IMO tier 4 should be rare, tier 5 very rare, and tier 6 should be extremly rare no mattter what the gamestage is. Keep the other progression though but severely nerf how often t4-6 items spawn in loot. It gets really silly once u hit gamestage 50+ then high enough so those tier of items are always tier 6.
  2. They need to severly nerf how often t4-6 items drops, its WAY to common. 4 should be rare, 5 very rare, 6 should be EXTREMLY rare no matter what your gamestage is. As it is now, pretty much anything I open has tier 6 crap always for the primitive stuff, but in later GS's it'll be the mid tier then high tier where its always guarnteed to be quality tier 6. Makes exploring boring as its way to easy to get a full t6 kit going, was much better in A18 with how much more rare it was. This is so true, in many of the poi's you can actually just nerd pole to the loot room skipping the entire poi. I don't do it myself as I feel its cheating in a way, but people can play their game how they want. I feel the same about junk turrets, if your placing them anytime other than horde night for defense, your abusing them and cheating. They need to nerf their activate distance down to 1-2 blocks, so you have to stay right beside it or it won't fire, its stupid how you can drop one down 2 floors in a poi and have them clear rooms out while you sit somewhere perfectly safe possibly helping it kill. Its weird, for all the ways they buff zombies so players can't cheese them, they then put in automated placeable anywhere turrets which just enable the same thing, except worse as its now mobile, instead of just at a static location like a base. I also find it REALLY stupid how zombies can swim faster than the player can, thats just *facepalm*, I have no words to describe how stupid that is to me.
  3. Get sex t-rex to 2 or 3, and stamina (and food use) is much more manageable when mining. Going from sex t-rex 0 to 2 was game changing in terms of mining and such.
  4. I usually start out with 1 in str, 2 in miner 69'er, and 1 in adv engineering so I can get a forge up on day 1 and start smelting iron etc. Block damage is king early game as it helps you bust into things much faster, the 2 in it is a 60% block damage boost, its pretty significant. For weapons I use: Shotgun, Bows, Melee (club or sledge), and later on I get machine guns. I also go down agility for the sneak improvements and sneak attack improvements. I have 1 in archery and a t6 primitive bow with 2 mods in it, and I can 1 shot normal female zombies on a sneak atatck already with iron arrows, and 2 shot male ones. As for your bow accuarcy issues, it just takes pratice, remember the arrow has a drop unlike bullets as arrows are not raycasted, they have travel times. Eventually you can be able to headshot zombies at very large distances by arching yoru shots correctly, just takes pratice.
  5. I never invest in master chef, or intel at all and I do just fine. In fact on day 10 in my a19 game, I have 2 stacks of 125 meat and tons of canned food sitting in base storage for when I find the schematics to make the food out of them. It is a lil rng though, as I rely on schematics to learn how to craft most things. Current RWG world the trader 150 meters from the poi I base in sadly doesn't have a single working station in it. I also have 0 perks in the hunting stuff. Are you guys utilizing the trader and vending machines as well as trader quests to find food? while also finding loot in the trader quests? I notice many players ignore the trader quests, when those are some of the best sources of things in the game. I have over 600 .44 rounds I got from 4 diff quests, each offered 150 as a choseable reward.
  6. Working as intended, your not supposed to be able to face tank those unless your in heavy armor with good weapons. me? i'd build a small structure out of wood frames and upgrade em once maybe a 2x2 colum about 3-4 high, with the bottom 2 layers being upgraded, and fight those animals from that. Even in a17 i'd not touch boars without at least a gun of some kind, something other than the blunderbus, while it has good burst damage, if it doesn't 1 shot what your shooting at your usually in trouble if its something that can move faster than a walk. The fast attacking they do though might be a bug. Even if it wasn't wolves, dire wolves, bears and mountain lions hit like trucks. Look at the bright side, you now learned how dangerious those enemies are, and you'll prepare better for them. Also calling for realism in a game filled with zombies and the player being able to carry around 10 tons of concrete doesn't really fly, nevermind the fact I can put a 4x4 truck in my back pocket like its a hot wheels car. TL DR: git gud, and prepare better before taking on things you KNOW are dangerious from previous alpha's.
  7. I don't mind the food use, food has never been a problem for me in 7dtd, not even when I was a complete new player, I do however hate the fact that using a tool early game for more than a few swings completly drains my stamina and then I have to sit there waiting for it to regen. You really feel the drain once you hit iron tools.
  8. Yeah I feel the tier 4/5/6 spawning needs to be toned down as its far to common imo. Thatt is good to know about heavy armor though, you can still sneak with heavy armor, just can't get as close before shooting is all. The problem is when your past primited stuff and your getting t6 pistols etc like water, and you can make a fortune at trader with these even without better barter etc pretty early in the game too. a t4-6 blunderbuss for example sells for 300+ dukes easly, and on day 4 i've been finding them fairly often.
  9. Topic, why are they so damn loud and no way to turn them down at all? Yes, there is overall volume, but I wanna turn down stuff like hitting metal with a tool etc, as its just obnoxiously loud.
  10. Was 25 for my first map, I really do not get how tfp screws it up so bad, Nitrogen takes like less than 2 minutes usually, so why does it take the ingame RWG almost 30 minutes to make one world. My map so far is ok, trader joel is about 150 meters from the poi I like to base at. Haven't noticed anything like the pics above yet, might have just gotten lucky though. Yeah I really don't get how they screwed rwg so bad that it takes so long to make a map, I think they need to hire the guy who made nitrogen to fix their @%$*#! so it doesn't take 30+ mins a map.
  11. I made a RWG map myself, took 25 minutes. Trader is about 100m away from my base or so, and I got lucky and found the poi I like to base in as well.
  12. As I am not a streamer I have not played a19 yet myself, this is observations based on what I've seen so far, and how I feel about it. Likes: New zombies are cool, love the autoshottie, game looks better than it ever has before (Though I don't care about graphics too much). Like some of the new stuff we get to play with. The Candy is awesome, especially as its 5-10min buffs instead of the 2 mins it was supposed to be,. Mixed: Loot progression system, too easy to get tier 6 stuff once it can start dropping, this needs to be made MUCH more rare than it currently is. You should mostly find tier 1-3 items no matter the gamestage, with chance of 4+ super low. Trader is missing the "Pages" for quests so you can go between pages to find quests aross all tiers (I read this was supposed to be in a19), Trader currently completly breaks the loot progression as you can buy t5-6 items from them on day 1 from any tier, its based on rng but still possible. Streamer I watched got a t4 auto shotgun on day 2 or so, from trader, completly skipping most of the shotgun line progression. Dislike: Vechicles use more food then walking... This makes no sense, if its the bicycle I can see but the gas powered ones shouldn't. The Sprained/broken leg thing, You break your leg your pretty much completly fked for 30+ mins when splinted as any running, or jumping adds more to the duration, your forced to walk or you'll never get rid of it, rest of the conditions are fine imo but the splinted/broken leg gone needs some tweaking at least on its duration(s). The fact were getting more OP automated crap like Junk turrets, yet nothing is being done to fix how exploitable they are. For example lower activation distance to 1-2 blocks, so you have to be right by it and STAY by it, for the junk turret to fire, maybe put a 15 second delay to pick it back up, firing it when held stays as is. Junk Drone, Not sure how this thing works but it better use a ton of gas and be very expensive to use to balance how overpowered it'll be always have a portable automated turret following you, not to mention the whole automated junk turret line makes no sense in the game. The reason the automated stuff is OP, is because you can drop it anywhere and pull out another weapon doubling up on the damage being dished out at virtually no cost as the ammo is dirt cheap, maybe add gunpowder to the recipe. If you can't tell I really dislike the junk turrets. Things I hoped for but didn't get: Miner 69'er/motherload combined into 1 perk and lowered to 3-4 ranks, same for the stealth perks (sneak+sneak attack damage bonus). Stats actually doing something other than just headshot damage.
  13. Streamer weekend starts tomorrow I am guessing if its being released to public hordes at the 29th?
  14. I use melee (sledge or club, I also spec in shotguns), and bows/crossbows for most things like poi clearing, only pulling out a gun if there is a massive amount of runners in the room, or its horde night. Compound crossbow with some archery+stealth perks and a bandolier mod is a vastly underrated tool of zombie death. It reloads in less than a second with decent archery+the bandolier mod, and hits hard enough and quiet enough you can one shot male feral zombies and greatly hurt radiated ones on a sneak headshot. Once you get some of the books its better, there is one book where if you shoot one in the leg it cripples it for a long time, got a runner on your @%$*#! or several? Shoot them in the leg and reduce them to walking speed. Nice thing about bow/crossbow is you can often get the ammo back, and it looks cool looking at the arrows sticking out of the body so you can admire your handiwork/aim. Shotguns are vastly underrated as well, if you do the math you would find that next to the rocket launcher nothing else can match a shotguns per shot damage. High skill and a modded pump shotty you can body shot 285 hp male ferals without a sneak attack, or very close to it. Only downside is be VERY careful with it, I used shotgun once for a horde night and dug a 10x2 deep hole I had to fill in from stray pellets. It also demolishes wood, so watch it around bookshelves cuz 1 shot with a few pellets hitting the shelf will destroy it. I rarely use silencers on guns myself as they just don't do enough to warrant the downsides. Most guns are way to loud even with a silencer that there is no point in taking the damage/effective range debuff to use it. Hell some guns are bugged and get LOUDER when you use a silencer for some reason. I am going to love the crap out of the new auto shotgun, as long as they don't do something stupid, like give it less damage than the pump shotgun. Only issue I had with the pump shotty was the low clip size. Though the +clipsize mod in a18 alleivated that somewhat. By the time horde night hits I usually have several stacks of 9mm and 7.62mm ammo from looting, so I don't really need to craft any, but that doesn't mean I don't. I'd rather have too much ammo than not enough ammo. For poi clearing I usually use a melee weapon (club or sledge), and have a shotgun and a gun with better range on my bar like the ak47 or m60 or a compound crossbow for sneak attacks as well. I do not like any of the perception guns, way too low clip size, and when you have a pack of zombies chasing you, dps is what you need as your often not going to have time to aim proper headshots if your being chased by a bunch of ferals or radiated. I am intersted in the new a19 top tier pistol, I hope it uses 9mm rounds, might be worth using if it does. Well remember, each player you add pretty much doubles the zombies that can come at you at once, as well as ups the gamestage making them much harder than if you were solo. Default setting is 8 (I think), with a party of 4, thats 32 zombies your going to have rushing your base at once. Ammo costs are insane if you only have 1 person supplying it, if each player had their own little base and each had their own production it'd not be as bad I think. Also a tip: DO QUESTS, each time you activate a quest it resets a poi, and most of the house-style pois have those radiators, that you can wrench or pickaxe for a brass radiator, a 2 floor house often has more than 5 of these in it, with some tier 3 houses having upwards of 10. Thats a ton of brass. They respawn when you activate the quest as well. so... yeah. Farming them will be even easier in A19! because iirc the quest menu now is going to have multiple pages with quests avail for every tier you unlocked. So you'll always have some t1-3 quests you can do to farm radiators and such from. I'd just go into them in a team all using melee weapons or compound crossbows.
  15. Landmines are honestly one of the top killers in my dead is dead games, I sometimes forget what poi's have them, I run, hear the click and then I am like &^%* me, SPLAT. That one up on the crane at the building site often gets me if I am clearing that poi at night as I often forget its on there, and that was a REALY @%$*#! move to place one there too btw lol.
  16. The reason they are OP is because you can also pull out a weapon while they are down and also shoot at things. While perfectly safe as the turrets are keeping them busy and usually knocked on their backs.
  17. The food/water/disease system honestly may as well not exist in 7dtd, its only an issue for a small part of day 1, and after that its really not a problem anymore. The problem is its too easy to find a abundance of these things in loot, or at trader. Even at 25% loot, you should be fine after day 1 for food/water. I honestly facepalm at people that somehow starve/dehydrate to death in 7dtd, with food being as abundant as it is I just scream to myself: "How the hell did you manage to starve/dehydrate to death with all the food/water sources?!?" I started playing back when a10 came out, and even as a new player i've not once even come close to dying due to food/water issues. Closest I got was a17 or 18 when they added that silly purge 95% of your food for food poisoning thing. Which I just gorged on food 10 seconds later to fix. That debuff though DOES hurt early day 1 if you get it and vitamins are GOLD on day 1-3 since they prevent that stuff entirely (hell vitamins are useful period due to making you immune to stuff like food poisoning), but midgame by day 7? you should have so much food that food poisoning is no longer anything to worry about anymore. As for water, you can now boil water without a pot, all you need is a campfire and it just takes longer. IMO drinking any water other than purified should have a chance to give you an zombie virus infection along with dysentery and a various amount of other conditions, if boiling water is all you had to do to kill the zombie virus it'd not have gotten as bad as it did. Unless its like z-nation/the walking dead, where its airborne and everyone has it already its just activated from a dormant state by a zombie bite that causes it to kill the host, or in TWD's case, by death period. The Zombie Infection should honestly be a constant issue, Eating well and antibiotics will fight off some of the infection but you can never actually cure it. Over time it'll go up slower than it does now, but if your attacked by a zombified creature them hiting you can cause the virus to activate causing the infection rate to rise faster for a short time. Kinda like dying light, once infected all they have is a serum that lets you keep your human side intact and supresses the symptoms, if you run out or go too long without it? you fully turn and then there is no helping you anymore.
  18. Not a bad idea, making the ammo cost 1 gunpowder at least per, also make it have to be made at a workbench like gun ammo. I'd be happy with just the activating distance getting nerfed down to 1-2 blocks away from it, so you can't just drop it in a room and hide perfectly safe while it kills things. You may think its weak, but those junk turrets can chew things up pretty good when perked into it, partially because it counts as "trap damage" and trap damage ignores damage reduction on zombies from difficulty.. or so I been told it does. On warrior things take about 13% less damage from the players attacks, survivalist I think is ~20-25% and insane is ~25-40% less. this is why zombies feel more tanky on higher difficulties. Its not their hp going up, player damage vs entity's gets a penalty. On the default difficulty which is 1 below nomad, player deals 125% to zombies, and zombies only delal 75% of their normal damage to players. Nomad its 100%/100% even game. I've tested these with a health bar mod, as the zombies hp does not go up or down based on difficulty, they just get less/more resistant to damage due to a penalty applied to the player. I think you can look at the code to find the exact numbers, as I know they aren't in a xml anywhere, i've looked.
  19. My issue is more the fact you can have to shoot at zombies in random poi's while your safe behind doors and such. IMO you should need both line of sight with the turret, and also have to be witnhin 1-2 blocks of it, or it don't fire. Would allow it to be used as backup damage but will fix the exploitability of it that it currently has. I mean i've seen players drop them 2-3 floors below them and they just mop everything out pretty fast at 0 risk to the player. I just do not understand it, they made zombies dig so underground players have a risk, they make them swim in a19 so you can't just hide on a lake at night or, the rotting zombies also somehow can swim faster than the player.. yeah figure that one out I can't, yet they allow placed junk turrets to fire at things while your half the Poi away completly safe. I'm particlarly salty about the digging zombies myself, I used to make underground bases, not to hide from the horde, I usually fought them at ground level I like the challenge, but because everytime I build a base, I end up putting 1 block to many and it takes the entire base down due to the SI system, IMO if you place 1 block over the limit only THAT most recent block should fall, not have it cause a cascade that ends up taking down the entire structure. So I would build underground deep down as it just was easier since I didn't have to worry about SI that far down. Now? I am basically forced to fortify poi's because I am sick of going 1 block over the SI limit taking out my entire base. I like the brown church with no fence, take out back stairs and zombies usually always come in the front only, so you only have to defend 1 way on horde nights. Its pretty stable too, I base up near the cieling and it pretty much won't come down unless the zombies somehow blow out the entire 2 side walls.
  20. Darkness Falls handled this in a rather well thought out way, Each class has things and skills only they can craft/level. You can get every class in the end, however early and mid game, your starter class (or 2 classes in a single player game) can really influence your characters growth. You wanna make a vehicle above a bicycle/minibike? you need the mechanic class. You wanna craft things like first aid kits, drugs etc? you need the Physician class. Each class has a unique item you can only craft when that class is mastered, mastering a class requires the class quest line to be done, and you have to find a master book for your class, OR spend 10 skill points to learn the master skill which unlocks the unique recipes. Weapons/mining tools level with learn by doing with the skill level added bonuses like higher knockdown chance and such to the weapon, and then you have the perk itself that adds bonus damage and effects. For example someone with high archery has a good chance to knockdown or cripple a zombie with every shot making it actually viable at many points of the game. The stat system from a17-18 is completly trashed in the mod and replaced more with a a16 like system. Level gates come back, but they are much more lenient in general compared to the a16 ones.
  21. "I usually feel pretty forced into high lvls of Int for stations, vehicle, traps & mainly Auger & Crucible." This is my view on it, I mostly play solo, and the current skill system kinda screws solo players over with its current implementation, since we need to do everything ourselves. A19 might help if since they are reducing many if the non-weapon perks down to 3 ranks (from 5) and even combining some together, like we might see miner 69'er and motherload combined into 1 3 point perk, that only needs 5 str to max. IMO any non-weapon perk should only need 5 in a stat to max it. I never get int in my builds because early game I just cannot afford the points, I got weapon skills to get, miner 69'er/motherload, some healing factor and sneak/sneak attack bonus perks. The combat perks are mainly important as is block damage/harvest yeild as most of the time your going to be either mining, or killing things once your base is made. I'm the opposite unlike most players I am patient, I let rng decide my fate, sometimes I get lucky and rngesus favors me and I have a chem lab by day 2. Other times I don't find one till day 14. I play dead is dead and this rngness on finding recipes keeps me playing because every game ends up differnt, I also never spec a single point into int, I just get adv engineering I for the forge and the forge craft speed. One time it took till day 20+ before I found a cruicble, though in most games I often have one before day 10, I play the trader game even without better barter perks, I can easly still make enough dukes to buy what I need. I do however feel forced to have to get str, Miner 69'er/motherload are both just too good to pass up and shotguns has some of the best bang for the materials of all weapons. High spec in str/shotguns with the duckbill mod and you can insta kill 3 zombies with 1 shot, hell i've done it with a choke too just angling the shot well. I'd honestly like to see miner 69'er and motherloade combined into 1 perk, its silly to have it be 2, and would save some points. I also feel forced to get some fort, as Machine guns are overall the best weapons in the game, and healing factor is extremly useful, and your going to need/want at least a point in living off the land to double crop yeilds. Perception? All I really need from here is 1 in lockpicking so I can craft them, after that nothing else in there is worthwhile really. You could argue salvage ops, but if you do a lot of questing like I do, each time you activate a quest you get a fresh untouched poi with new wrenchables. I never double loot poi's thou, what I mean is I won't go into one loot it, then go back out and then start the quest to loot it again, as I personally feel thats cheesing the system, just like using placed junk turrets outside of horde night is. Intel, as I said I get adv engineering in intel for the 1 point and thats it, Int has to many draw backs and other than better barter its not really worth investing in, especially when its weapons are crap, other than how OP/exploitable junk turret is due to being placeable. Agility: the sneak attack perk and the one that lets you sneak better are great, rest of the agi perks though? mostly useless. Bows are nice early game but later on they just lack the dps to deal with higher hp zombies. Pistols low damage and clip size. Compound crossbow though with a bandolier mod is a beast, try it sometime thing hits like a truck. Reloads REAL quick too with bandolier+archery perks. The biggest issue though is they need to make the stats do more, I should be able to spend a point in agility and get some improvement other than just headshot damage which ONLY effects weapons in its line. Str could up melee damage with ANY melee weapon, endurance, could give some passive health regen that stacks with healing factor, Agility, could up stamina regen a bit per point though this would work with endurance to OR increase movement speed by 2% per point for a 20% bonus at max, to help offset say heavy armor penalites. Perception could up loot quality a bit, or even give you a chance to get extra items from lootables since your get a feeling there is a hidden compartment in that drawer/cupboard,or up ranged damage a few % per point simmlar to str, Intel could, improve barter a bit per point. Etc or some other things. Or, have cross-stat perks, like miner 69'er could be in Str, Endurance, and Perception, Maybe intel too and it'd fit in all. The stealth perks would fit in agi and perception, maybe intel as well.
  22. So I watched the dev stream.. New zombies look great, swimming zombies? That is just stupid, its bad enough they are structual engineers and can dig, now they can swim and faster than the player even? it makes NO sense, you need to let the player have SOME saftey somehow. Zombies still need some randomized skins with diff stats or something so were not fighting the same carbon copy zombie over and over. If the game was with monsters instead of humans turned zombie it'd be fine if they looked the same for the same monster, but this is a zombie game. Autoshotgun looks nice, and will probably be one of my favorite guns in A19. The int stuff, Placeable junk turrets should never have existed and nor should the drone, they are too easly exploitable with their 10-14 meter activate distance for the turrets and I suspect the drone might be farther due to it being mobile. Lower junk turret/sledge turrets activation distance when placed to 1-2 meters (which is 1-2 blocks) This way they are useful for backup fire, but you can't sit on the floor above and drop it 2 floors below you to clear rooms out at 0 risk to the player. They have also become a crutch for players, many players now have gotten bad at the game when they lack a junk turret because they are too used to abusing them.
  23. IMO anything on your weapons swing arc should take noticable damage, with ones colliding directly with the weapon on the swing path taking most. The grazing hits was a good idea, but the damage it does is so damned low it might as well not even exist at all. The oher problem is hit detecting for melee weapons uses the same raycast system guns do for the most part, which means if the target is not under the crosshair pretty much right as you bass the crosshair with the swing, it misses. This i s annoying because of the stupid bobblehead animations zombies have for no apparent frigging reason. I love the concept of 7dtd I just wish it was done better, as there is many improvements that should be done.
  24. Honestly? on nomad and warrior difficulty pretty much any weapon works with a decent tier and mods in it, even un perked, perking into them just saves more ammo XD. I don't use placed junk turrets or use them period as I feel they are overpowered due to how far you can be away from them and they still shoot, the distance you can be away from them for them to shoot needs to be lowered to 1-2 blocks max (1-2 meters in game), this way there is still a risk to using them, compared to now where you can drop 1 about 2 floors below you to kill the zombies then go down to loot them at 0 risk. This is going to get worse with a19, because now we have a stupid drone that follows us and automatically fires at things. I just hope it chugs gas like crazy and uses actual bullets for ammo and not just scrap iron. I mostly melee things myself, as normal non-running zombies aren't worth the ammo other than maybe at night, single ferals I usually just melee to death too. Its a playstyle choice. I personally facepalm when people go into a poi wasting all this ammo on slow moving walking zombies, when a few club whacks would do the job even unspeced in them. That said I really wish weapons were not tied to stats, I HATE that aspect of 7 days to die so damn much. I wish there was 2 trees: melee and ranged. Melee weapons has melee weapons (duh) and shotguns, since they only have a 5 block range or so for max damage. While ranged points has all the ranged weapons including guns and bows. Base stat points in either stat adds headshot damage, then you can specilize in each weapon type as well. Instead of now where bows are agility, shoguns are str, machine guns are endurance etc. The stat system works good for multiplayer games when your working with people, but it really screws people playing single player due to so many must have perks like the mining ones and such. First few perk points I get usually go into str and miner 69'er for block damage, as you will always be using something to bust into things. I also find it really stupid how fireaxe's are so bad against zombies, I mean seriously, I know its meant to be a tool, but it should be a awesome weapon for splitting zombie skulls too, its so stupid that its not. It should get the headshot bonus from str stat like all melee weapons in str do, and maybe a entity damage bonus from miner 69'er since it is a tool your using to pike that zombie with.
  25. Usually happens before day 14 for me on 60 min days, by this time I am often high level, have near top tier gear, have 0 food or water problems, and at this point there just is not anything else for me to go out there to find, so I just quit. Bascially I like to collect gear, and its too easy to get nearly maxxed out in the game. The beginning of the game is honestly the best fun I have, before getting established having to hunt for stuff I need. Sometimes struggling with some things. I love the rng nature, one game I can get a chem lab up and running on day 1-3 due to getting lucky at trader or looting, other times I don't find one for weeks. I love the fact you can get almost all recipes as schematics, makes every game different due to the situations your in with what you have found. I also play 0 int builds, the only skill I get in intel is usually the forge skill which just requires the base int of 1 to get. I also never use placed junk turrets except on horde night as I feel they are overpowered and too exploitable, they are too useful for what they are and it ruins the game experence. IMO the player should have to stay within 1-2 meters of it, for it to fire, this would balance it, that and remove all knockdown it has. The fact you keep fighting the same carbon copied zombies gets boring fast, i'd be nice of each model had different skins, just for more variety maybe diff stats too, since the stats are just xmls anyway. The new zombies in a19 look nice, but its still the same problem: same carbon copy zombies, it especially looks silly when you find a horde of them and they are all the same one. Only one this is kinda OK with is soldier and hazmat zombies. I usually play a ton when a patch first hits, but shortly after I usually take a break from the game for months till another new alpha hits, as there just isin't enough content to keep me intersted for long periods. I also play dead is dead, I die, I delete the save, sometimes the world too, so each game I start with a new char and sometimes a new randomgenned world to explore. You play the game much differently when you do not allow yourself to respawn, your MUCH more carefull. I feel insane difficulty is pointless if your going to let yourself respawn, its supposed to be a survival game, that said I haven't been brave enough to try dead is dead on insane difficulty yet, if I did, I still would not abuse the overpowered junk turrets, as they take away most of the little skill the combat needs if you use them. If I ran a server i'd comment junk turrets out of the game entirely myself.
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