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  1. So if I've made a concrete block in the mixer, and made it into a concrete ramp with the shape menu, then when I set it down as a frame then does it upgrade automatically to concrete once I upgrade it?
  2. Ergonomic or Fortifying handle, Ergo would slightly reduce sta cost, and fort boost health regen when health is below 50%, maybe have 2 hammers on your bar? Flaming haft should work I think, bunker buster to knock down doors faster if that's your thing. Weighted head for certain.
  3. Just use it as a temp blood moon base, let the Z's do the work for you.
  4. That's the advanced version of the crawler, so he has armor and a speed bonus.
  5. As a procrastinating DIYer I suggest a 5th of Jack Daniels, and a profound thinking session on the recliner, be sure to close your eyes for maximum thoughtlessness.
  6. Well, since you died, not a good thing, but maybe you really needed to lower gamestage before that day 21 horde night, and didn't want to have to retrieve your gear or fight the Z's camping your body? It's been that way forever as far as I know.
  7. I want them to always drop the weapon and ammo type that they are shooting at us with. And when they can drive vehicles we should be able to find and use them.
  8. 9mm, Silencer asap as I play agil, normally I find a extended mag first though, reflex sight as soon as I have a gun that will support those 3 mods then rad remover once I get one.
  9. I love the mods that make a working stove, just wish you could hook it up to electricity, instead of still using wood.
  10. Alright, Call of Cthulu on the computer. Hasteur, Hasteur, Hasteur.... See, nothing happ
  11. This current map I'm on, I'm getting 4 to 6 wide spires that stretch up to 50 + blocks high, I just followed one after picking up a supply drop because it looked like a silo, instead I found this:
  12. look for the tab that says "Dev Blocks" next to the star it should show up then
  13. then after you hit "U" type in Dev for search and go to the Dev Blocks on Tab, you'll see 748 Dev: Terrain Remove Tool and 749 Dev: Terrain Add Tool, put those on your hot key slots and you should be able to play around with terrain, just don't do it in a game you want to keep because mistakes will be made while you are learning. Wierd, I'm in SP right now did all that and I can pull them into my inventory and then to my hotbar.
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