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  1. Agreed, chain is the best, and I tend to use the flaming mod on my pike so I can get on top of the big rocks if I get the attention of a bear and slowly wear him down.
  2. But I was looking at the pic, going wtf, both the books are closed, and totally missed the green icon, lol.
  3. Agreed, the expense is the reason I don't craft them, and will just use what I find in the world. But they really do take a chunk out of the bigger Z's. Tourist, Bloated, Fat Momma, not sure about the biker, I avoid them until I have a gun usually.
  4. For those who celebrate this holiday, everybody else, have a great day. I'm thankful for lockpicks, and the blood moon slider. Go!
  5. Is is breaking as soon as you place it? If that's the case then most likely there is a spot underground that is causing SI (Structural Integrity) issues. Mark the spot on the map and then go underground (if you don't want to, or can't cheat non-collision mode) and find where the ceiling is above bedrock. You'll need to make a brace underground directly underneath the break point. If you are not certain where the break point is make a large table (4 pillars and a ceiling).
  6. But I heard from a friend that Unturneed might be getting ziplines.
  7. I'd watch a Black Tide rising Z movie or TV Series if John Ringo ever was consulted about it. Also yeah the Z Action figures, although I'd want to be able to buy the old Z models too, I needs a Naughty Nurse for my collection.
  8. Ruin a 7 hour game? I've thrown away games with over 100 days because I got bored and went on to something else for a while and forgot what I was doing. Granted I don't run with the hardest settings either, I want to have fun, not have every day be an epic battle for survival.
  9. Something I do on the "jump scares traps" is if I see where the Z is spawning from I either: 1: destroy the block so they don't spawn anymore. 2: place a frame down so they can't spawn anymore. And yes, that includes the crack a book where they come out from the hidey holes up top and then crash through the glass skylight, and the basement POI where you get like 5 Zs as soon as you step through the door even if you have max stealth, and all of your armor has advanced muffled connectors, and you didn't loot or break anything on your way down because you've a
  10. Sounds like a good target for a Molotov, speaking of which, are the flaming arrows AOE? I could swear I was getting more then 1 Z on fire then the 1 I shot.
  11. But I like it that arrows and spears can make them bleed. I shot a Z that was part of a wandering horde, lost track of him, and then found him again, right before he vanished and my arrow popped on the ground.
  12. Warlocks were dot machines, target throw dots, and then move on to the next target, I left once the kiddy-fied it and haven't been back since.
  13. Ah, DoTs, that almost, almost. Makes regret quitting WoW and my high level warlock. But it doesn't. I still love DoTs but only when I'm putting them out.
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