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  1. What about fishing bait, food and ammo?
  2. Something I do on the "jump scares traps" is if I see where the Z is spawning from I either: 1: destroy the block so they don't spawn anymore. 2: place a frame down so they can't spawn anymore. And yes, that includes the crack a book where they come out from the hidey holes up top and then crash through the glass skylight, and the basement POI where you get like 5 Zs as soon as you step through the door even if you have max stealth, and all of your armor has advanced muffled connectors, and you didn't loot or break anything on your way down because you've already been there before.
  3. Sounds like a good target for a Molotov, speaking of which, are the flaming arrows AOE? I could swear I was getting more then 1 Z on fire then the 1 I shot.
  4. But I like it that arrows and spears can make them bleed. I shot a Z that was part of a wandering horde, lost track of him, and then found him again, right before he vanished and my arrow popped on the ground.
  5. Warlocks were dot machines, target throw dots, and then move on to the next target, I left once the kiddy-fied it and haven't been back since.
  6. Ah, DoTs, that almost, almost. Makes regret quitting WoW and my high level warlock. But it doesn't. I still love DoTs but only when I'm putting them out.
  7. Good to know, I was afraid in the pursuit of realism they (TFP), might make the batteries explode.
  8. If I get back to my workbenches to scrap, I'll usually put it in the to be melted in the forge. Hmmm, I wonder if I can smelt batteries for their lead.... I know I can smelt radiators for brass.
  9. @ anyone who can/will answer: Why were the log spikes removed? Too OP, save on blocks, what?
  10. This right here. I've had too many buildings collapse as I've been building them to want that happen in a real game, especially if I think I'm building within the SI limits. I've got to know what works and what doesn't.
  11. That's why I point them up, to get the birds as they try to swoop in on me. I can snipe the ones puking stuff.
  12. Been thinking of doing something about the same, but I think I'll build some walls away from the kill base with choke points to bring the cops into my kill zone, and shotgun turrets for those pesky vultures.
  13. Are you running any mods? Is this a clean game, IE: you cleaned up your install of the game?
  14. I've found wooden and bow parts in loot, can't recall where or when but I was also finding t1 pistols, and iron tools around the same time. Ofc, I was also finding Q6 blunderbusses, and Q6 stone tools.
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