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  1. I don't particularly enjoy it, no, but it's part of the game, and unlike the blood moon or gps Zombies, I can deal with it, with little to no issues. Like many things in the game it forces us to make choices, keep that brass trophy, candelabra, and radiator or scrap then to 1 pile of brass and lose 25% of the whole? I try to avoid putting points in pack mule, just because they are not needed as long as you are making choices. A drop box here, a drop box there, and once I get vehicles or heavens bless me and a I find a pocket mod, or the way to make them, I'm keeping my enc low. I agree
  2. Chain for less swings, I put the grip on my bow or tools that I use repeatedly. I only want to swing once, twice at the most, because hopefully I've already hit it from stealth with the bow.
  3. It's all clay, well clay and then rocks and sand, and now it does not match fully to blocks, it leaves an annoying gap for those of us with OCD. You can upgrade wood to r wood, to cobble, to concrete, then to r concrete. Concrete blocks are made in the mixer but if time is the essence, the rebar is the best as you only have to wait for it to dry once. I think your attributes contribute to more HP and Sta, and death will reset your food and water gauge I think but not max health. Critical Hits will reduce max health, but someone else more in the know will probably need
  4. kk, I'll need to try this with a 100% player made structure too, I think the blocks on the poi are full blocks, whoever designs them needs to take less drugs sometimes.
  5. Is that with a player made roof then? What materials did you make it out of? I was in a POI with a concrete roof, and I still saw rain coming in and was getting wet while inside, but again that was a POI. I need to reinforce the concrete and see if that works or if I can build a 2nd roof over the top to test that out.
  6. Lol, I had a bear and 3 of the 6 dogs that I failed to kill camp my corpse. I threw a few rocks, picked of the dogs with a prim bow and club until I could get back to my corpse and get the wooden bow and 2 blunderbuss for the final push on the bear. Ah bear victory tastes sweet!
  7. Are you getting out and looking? I've normally swimming in corn before I can start growing it, and on low loot settings as well. Be sure to check garbage bags and trash piles, those are my #1 source for seeds. Potatoes and eggs are my stopping block normally, but whenever you can clear grass from the sides of the roads to look for the plants and nests. And around residences, some of those have gardens, but most of the jerks liked Yucca and Blueberries.....
  8. I just want the buildings to stop floating. I hate it when I can see that 1/4 gap between the bottom of the building and the ground. Well that and water fixes. ^^ not raining inside a building with a ceiling, would be a great start ^^
  9. I most commonly see this when testing mods, are you running any mods?
  10. We just talk about it, or look around the base. I tend to be the looter, so I've got 3 dedicated dump boxes that I'll sort through every other day. The exception to what goes in the gun box ofc, is what is "critical" Food, Ammo and any books or needed crafting supplies.
  11. My friend and I split it up, he puts his bedroll and LCB down at the kill base site, and I put mine down at the main base and we are both set to allies so we can both build/harvest whatever at both sites. I do put down wood frames and fill them in where the Z's spawn for the jump/scare drops that ignore detection and only activate when you enter the area's perimeter, but other then that we clear all the extra furniture so we have clear lines of sight in the pois. Like those Z's that hide in the clothing cabinets? Knock out the side after you've cleared the room, then y
  12. I went with significant for mining, now if it's base building, I'd be total OCD, everything needs to be as perfect as I can make it within the game.
  13. Agreed, I've got a few friends in Texas, although this morning we, (Oklahoma), were below the temps in Siberia, and Alaska according to the national news.
  14. The desert vulture is a beast, the only reason I don't use one is that even with a silencer it still jacks your noise up to a silenced marksman rifle. And I'll agree with the bow comments, I don't use a crossbow unless it's much better then my wooden bow if I have one, or to replace a primitive bow if that's the only choice. The crossbow is just too slow for loading for me, but my does it snipe good with a 4x scope on it.
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