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  1. I don't mind the longer trips, as Roland said, I make a day trip out of it, the other day I spent the night in the strip club next to the trader waiting for daylight to go out and sell, then do my mission and go home. But it would be nice if the quests were. 150m 250m 500m 1.2km 2km Still show the longer distance quests but have an assortment up close too. Too many times it's been: 1.2km 1.2km 1.5km 2km 2km For my quest options, and that's T1 quests.
  2. Isn't that painful when you... Nevermind....
  3. The only good news I can report is that if you get a broken arm and leg at the same time, 1 splint will take care of them both.
  4. In one of the dev streams Lathan states the health bar is a dev tool, so it's only in god mode. However there were mods for A18 that provided a health bar, I'm sure if they have not already there will be one for A19, just check the Nexus @ www.nexusmods.com
  5. I checked and was at game stage 39 right after the encounter.
  6. just had 2 Z bears and 5 dogs attack me as I was getting ready to head out for the day's looting, I was totally unprepared, so I ran back up to my main base (day 16, nothing fancy, but mostly cobblestone on top of one of the big rocks, and started blasting with my 2 blunderbusses. Killed 4 of the 5 dogs in one hit, but the other one slipped away and ran up my run up ramp and made a 3 wide jump to land next to me. No big deal, I've got a club, except he knocked me off my perch to the ground.... WTF? Got hit by a bear twice before I was able to run to my kill base and pull the frames up so he could not follow, then proceeded to kill them, even though my kill base was still a bit messed up from the day 14 horde. I won with about 38 health.
  7. This. Also once you have 2 or 3 points in bow, if you get lucky you can one shot stags. Moe, Tourist and Stags I will use iron arrows on. Screw Bikers, I go straight to Blunderbuss or something else equally damaging.
  8. Get them to come straight at you, sideways arrow shots suck. Aim slightly above their head, unless they are very close, then go to spear. LOL Be warned all bows will miss, but the faster the arrow the better chance you have. Don't be discouraged if you hit to the left or right of the target, it may not be you, it's possibly the bow.
  9. Absolutely love the new lighting, and the HD Models, the crawler is freaking AWESOME! Hate, early game food scavenging, it detracts from the rest of the game when all you do is scavenge for food. I used to be happy when I found a wrench or acid in sinks, now I'm like meh, where is my canned food. I used to yell at the other players when they ate their starter can of chili or moved the can of salmon from the crafting box to the ready to eat box, now.... Now I'm being quiet and eating what I find.
  10. We had a horde base by day 5, used the POI with the chain link fence where the gate is open, placed barbed wire in front of the gate, and I had reinforced the inside of the trash container with cobblestone and wood railings @ 4 high to make a final defense if we needed it. We didn't need it. We slaughtered the Z's with blunderbuss shots through the chain link fence.
  11. I wonder also if the food drop is linked to game stage too. It seemed to me that day 1-5 we (party of 3) were struggling to keep ourselves fed, even resorting to old sham sandwiches and just guzzling goldenrod tea to deal with it. Once our day 5 horde was done we were a few levels higher and actually found real guns, in addition to those guns however, we also started getting more food. We were still on the edge but better then before. After the day 10 horde we had actually started a small stockpile of food. Although even at 150% loot it seems that egg drops have been heavily nerfed, I want my bacon and eggs, dagnabit! I've resorted to hitting the 3 traders on restock day to buy food items.
  12. I want my wooden bow! Seriously though, I'm the agi / per guy for the group. I've got LL 3 and one of the guys gave me the goggles, I've found 4 level 6 stone spears, a lvl 6 primitive bow, and 2 purple stone sledges. Also have found qual 2 hunting rifle, fire axe and pistol, as well as a qual 3 ak. Next I'll be putting points into lockpick as well. Already have been buying the candy We've got a 3 man group 2 of us with spears and the 3rd with a sledge with that we cleared the red mesa base which is were we found the yellow AK, among other stuff.
  13. I think it was this that made it work, that or the reboot. I was worried at first, I put it on my external drive, and when I started the game the system said the drive had encountered a fatal error and I needed to scan and repair. After that was done it seems to be working. I'm currently at 34% downloading the world. Yay!
  14. ko, once it's done re-installing, I'll reboot and see if that helps Thanks!
  15. Mods folder is gone has been before I reported here. I actually used the 7d launcher from steam and cleaned all data. Going to try to re-install on a different drive. Don't know if this will help, but. output_log__2020-06-29__18-58-54.txt
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