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  1. Like in the Darkness Falls mod, some of the vehicles have alarms on them, now I loot the vehicles last.
  2. He does a lot of Milspeak, well typing, lol. But just the base 4 books are good, I'll also recommend the Black Tide books that he had co-authors on. I've got them on kindle and in paperback. You might also look at the Troy Rising series based on the fact that you liked the Legacy of the Aldenata, (Posleen War). First book in Troy is Live Free or Die. His series The Council Wars goes more of a mix between medieval and high tech sci fi. First book there is There Will Be Dragons. Hell I like pretty much anything John Ringo, and Brandon Sanderson not too far behind him.
  3. That's real life, my wife's home town has like 5 churches and at least that many pubs centered around the college.
  4. I'll direct you to John's Ringo's Black Tide series. The first book is Under a Graveyard Sky. And yes, Boats.
  5. Or a few pipe bombs, or is it TnT that blows the ground away? Yeah, we need a kinetic force element other then the junk sledge as Gazz so helpfully mentioned. Note to self, don't party with Gamida or Gazz.
  6. Oh, you just had to go there......... I do, and I gripe at my buddies when they don't crouch as well. I haven't gone so far as to make the stairs up where you have to crouch to get through.... yet.... But I've thought about it.
  7. I've played off and on since 2016, and I'm at almost 4k hours. It's the standard I judge all Zombie/open world survival games on, and I've certainly gotten my $20 out of it, unlike a few other of my purchases, lol. I'd say give it a try, and even if you aren't happy with it now, who knows how A20 or the release after that will change things.
  8. Maybe also like treasure hunter lowers search radius for buried treasure you could have a "reputation" stat or skill with the traders, that would make them set up nearer to where you are.
  9. I don't particularly enjoy it, no, but it's part of the game, and unlike the blood moon or gps Zombies, I can deal with it, with little to no issues. Like many things in the game it forces us to make choices, keep that brass trophy, candelabra, and radiator or scrap then to 1 pile of brass and lose 25% of the whole? I try to avoid putting points in pack mule, just because they are not needed as long as you are making choices. A drop box here, a drop box there, and once I get vehicles or heavens bless me and a I find a pocket mod, or the way to make them, I'm keeping my enc low. I agree
  10. Chain for less swings, I put the grip on my bow or tools that I use repeatedly. I only want to swing once, twice at the most, because hopefully I've already hit it from stealth with the bow.
  11. It's all clay, well clay and then rocks and sand, and now it does not match fully to blocks, it leaves an annoying gap for those of us with OCD. You can upgrade wood to r wood, to cobble, to concrete, then to r concrete. Concrete blocks are made in the mixer but if time is the essence, the rebar is the best as you only have to wait for it to dry once. I think your attributes contribute to more HP and Sta, and death will reset your food and water gauge I think but not max health. Critical Hits will reduce max health, but someone else more in the know will probably need
  12. kk, I'll need to try this with a 100% player made structure too, I think the blocks on the poi are full blocks, whoever designs them needs to take less drugs sometimes.
  13. Is that with a player made roof then? What materials did you make it out of? I was in a POI with a concrete roof, and I still saw rain coming in and was getting wet while inside, but again that was a POI. I need to reinforce the concrete and see if that works or if I can build a 2nd roof over the top to test that out.
  14. Lol, I had a bear and 3 of the 6 dogs that I failed to kill camp my corpse. I threw a few rocks, picked of the dogs with a prim bow and club until I could get back to my corpse and get the wooden bow and 2 blunderbuss for the final push on the bear. Ah bear victory tastes sweet!
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