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  1. Sorry to be that guy, but honestly, a bit weak for an overhauled version, especially compared to the other new models.
  2. Smart way to blow off steam without getting banned
  3. I believe the same was said for doors, was it not?
  4. This streamlining stravaganza sure is frightening... I don't care much about the streamlining of building, but I can't help but wonder what's next on the streamline list and where exactly will the line be drawn...
  5. The burnt forest, pine forest and the plains required no extra clicks.
  6. They were the best. That's where you had to go if you wanted the good loot, but you always had to be prepared, since you couldn't just clear them out. Miss them.
  7. What are the plans for radiated zombies, then? I believe at some point you guys said you hated how they looked and were planning on replacing them with tougher/special enemies. Also, whatever happened to the "gasser" zombie? Or is he not in the "special enemy" category?
  8. And would it be possible to do it for cities? Or is that no longer possible?
  9. Idk about you, but I don't think we'll see A20 till at least 2023.
  10. Do they still break their limbs with fall damage?
  11. Like the title says. Back in A12, zombies would spawn in hub cities indefinitely, which meant that no matter how many zombies you killed, they would keep spawning and coming for you. It was impossible to clear a hub city out. My question is if it's possible to do that in A19, but in towns or at least biomes, and how would one do it.
  12. It's planned that in a future update, there will be bandits and a final boss called The Duke of Navezgane. The player will have to do a bunch of quests and eventually will be sent to meet the Duke. How the final battle will go and what will happen after is unknown for now.
  13. Survive until you're bored... For now.
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