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  1. Quiting and starting again usually resolves it for me.
  2. We should also do the following: 1. No, really, did you like the a19 loot system? 0 Yes 0 Yes See people? There's clearly nothing wrong with the a19 loot system. Move along.
  3. Uuumm, this is very misleading. The results of all polls concerning A19 loot are as follows: 1. Should Primitive Stone tools be found in Sealed Pre-Apocalypse Boxes? 38 answered "yes", 129 people answered "no". 2. How do you feel about the current loot progression within the context of the overall plan? 23 said they hated it and hated the plan, 29 said they disliked it but were ok with the plan, 35 said they liked it and liked the plan, no one said they loved it and wanted it to stay as is. 3. Do you like the A19 loot system? 27 answered "yes", 33 answered "no". Now, while the second poll has 35 people saying they liked it, the people who dislike it and the people who hate it combined are 52.
  4. I mean every box in every city for as long as it lasts, which is actually quite some time. Agreed. Rockets shouldn't be in purses, just like stone tools shouldn't be in gun stores.
  5. Every box? Every gun safe? In every place of every city? Right.
  6. Maybe the problem is also the amount of certain containers in the world. It's reasonable to be disappointed if you only get stone axes upon opening a gun safe, but on the other hand, if we consider the amount of safes a player can find in an average map, if every gun safe had guns, players would be swimming in them too soon. The thing that concerns me about the loot plan in the OP is that, even when it's done, there will still be lots of gun safes and gun crates in easy early gamestage POIs that will be filled with primitive gear, and those will probably still be disappointing to loot. I think that on top of the future loot plan, there probably should be less gun safes, gun store crates and the like, and the ones that exist to be found in tougher POI's. If we consider that the plan for the future is to put the good stuff in the dangerous places, it could solve both the immersion and frustration issue and the balance and progression issue.
  7. I believe there's a misconception, then. There's a difference between people who just want to have a chance of finding every item in loot, even if the good stuff is very rare, and people who want everything at once. Heck, the second guy you quoted even said "albeit that chance is very very small." and "So there's a very very very low chance that you get a level 4 pickaxe on day 1.", though of course, you didn't highlight those parts.
  8. At this juncture, I'm gonna ask a list of all the people who have said they wanted everything at once. This statement is starting to get old.
  9. I guess what's truly certain is that everyone, whether they like the system or not, want to see it change. No one voted for it to stay as is, which is reassuring.
  10. Am I the only one who has complained about the other situation as well, then? I don't like to find good gear in containers that don't make sense either, I never thought it was funny. Absurd is absurd, no matter if it's one extreme or the other.
  11. It's not a matter of sooner or later, the loot tables are just really badly thought out. In my opinion, they should drop the idea of giving out so much primitive gear and stick with giving resources to players instead. I'd much rather get a couple gun parts than 5 blunderbusses. I'd also much rather get maybe 5 iron ingots than another two stone axes that I'm going to scrap. This way I can at least look forward to looting early on again, and can even help players with building their bases for the first horde. The issue isn't getting awesome gear sooner, the issue is that early loot is repetitive, worthless (can't sell it and most of it ends up getting scrapped, meaning that you only get stones out of safes and crates) and nonsensical; and also the fact that no matter what POIs or containers you loot, you're always getting the same predictable stuff. The loot in a house is the same one you get in a military base. That's a big no-no, and I'm glad gamestage modifiers for POI types are planned.
  12. Lol. Not sure if you're trolling, but if you aren't, brushing all the complaints off as "whining" is as useless a post as it gets. Btw, I'm trying to figure out what exactly you mean when you say that this is Roland and Gazz's game.
  13. I remember complaining about the absurdity of finding pistols and knives in toilets.
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