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  1. I mean, one may or may not like the recent decisions they've made for the game, but I think it's undeniable that so far they've delivered what they promised in their kickstarter. Whatever is left, mainly bandits and story missions, is also planned.
  2. Ah, I see, so you decided to completely ignore every other thing that guy wrote and cherrypicked a single line that you oh so smartly and easily rebutted. Why should you care about the rest of the post and the actual context to which that guy made that argument, right? I should try that some time.
  3. Not gonna happen, and at this point the only hope are those gamestage modifiers that change depending on the POI and biome.
  4. Emh.. Actually, that is exactly the context, the discussion and the main reason why this thread was made in the first place. Not sure if you read through his whole post, but many people, like the guy you responded to, are not happy with the loot because it forces you to stay in primitive stage no matter where you go or what you loot: So yes, where the items are found is precisely what we're talking about here. The primitve tools used in The Walking Dead are manmade, they didn't exactly find them in the prison, nor Negan's secret vault either.
  5. The plains were also the best place to make a base, since they had a lot of even terrain and it was clear of trees. I truly never understood why they removed it.
  6. Well, here we can see an example of the strange phenomena of "fixing the broken item by throwing it in the trash". What you're mentioning isn't a problem stemming from the burnt forest in itself, it's a problem stemming from how the burnt forest biome has been handled and presented. The snow forest also has just one type of zombie in it, yet the snow forest isn't bland or boring, and they're probably not going to take away the snow forest either anyways (really hope so at least, unless they're thinking of blending it together with the desert somehow). Could it be because of the unique POIs? The mountain lions? The overall look and feel? If so, why not do the same with the burnt forest too? Why not make it a fun and interesting place to visit instead? We'll be getting new mutant zombies and bandits in the future, which give more options to make the place more engaging as well. Anyways, my point is that it just looks like instead of making the burnt forest an interesting place in itself they want to merge it with the wasteland to "dilute" its blandness. By blending it all together, it just seems like the end result will be overall less unique locations to see and visit; just either forest, snow forest, desert or wasteland now. We'll see, I guess. Really hope you're right.
  7. I bet you they didn't find those horses, spears and bows in gun stores. All the primitive stuff they have is manmade; they even have blacksmiths.
  8. I fail to see how this adds more variation. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the wasteland and burnt forest are going to be merged together like the pine forest and maple forest were, it just sounds like they're taking even more biomes away now. So right now we would have Snow Forest, normal forest, desert and burnt-wasteland. Four biomes as opposed to the seven we used to have.
  9. Haven't you heard the news? They're bringing back the show next year. Not joking, btw. Lol.
  10. Umm... forgot about Big mama there?
  11. Quiting and starting again usually resolves it for me.
  12. We should also do the following: 1. No, really, did you like the a19 loot system? 0 Yes 0 Yes See people? There's clearly nothing wrong with the a19 loot system. Move along.
  13. Uuumm, this is very misleading. The results of all polls concerning A19 loot are as follows: 1. Should Primitive Stone tools be found in Sealed Pre-Apocalypse Boxes? 38 answered "yes", 129 people answered "no". 2. How do you feel about the current loot progression within the context of the overall plan? 23 said they hated it and hated the plan, 29 said they disliked it but were ok with the plan, 35 said they liked it and liked the plan, no one said they loved it and wanted it to stay as is. 3. Do you like the A19 loot system? 27 answered "yes", 33 answered "no". Now, while the second poll has 35 people saying they liked it, the people who dislike it and the people who hate it combined are 52.
  14. I mean every box in every city for as long as it lasts, which is actually quite some time. Agreed. Rockets shouldn't be in purses, just like stone tools shouldn't be in gun stores.
  15. Every box? Every gun safe? In every place of every city? Right.
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