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  1. My initial idea was to wait with mods till the game is released (I guess it will be easier for modders to maintain and streamline the mods then), but I did start an Undead Legacy game a few days ago. Really impressed with the sophistication and ideas. I‘m want to restart tomorrow with a Nitrogen map though and without blood moons. A no meat run sounds pretty cool. I‘ve never gone into farming and just mindlessly toss seeds away. I suppose that would work without a mod as well, but a mod with several variations like that would be spectacular. Do you already have a plan for release date?
  2. For a while I did something similar just to try out every weapon there is. Focusing on a different weapon can be like it‘s own game mode, always requires a different approach. But I‘m definitely too scared for random horde nights without warning, hehe
  3. So basically a time management simulator 😆 I assume in larger POIs you probably have to spend a night to reach the loot room. And generally just live out the bag. Quite challenging, but cool variation!
  4. This sounds awesome. I have the habit of blocking off everything while clearing a POI, making sure nothing creeps up on me and leaving me lots of time to react. Relying on the stopping power of blocks. Wonder what it‘s like if the blocks are just a minor inconvenience for the zeds. Sounds both stressful and fun 😄 Damn, that‘s hardcore. Intriguing though. No trader as well then? What about wrenching cars? Makes me wonder if it‘s possible to create wilderness maps with Nitrogen by just deleting or commenting out all prefabs in the prefab list
  5. That‘s a really awesome idea. I mean since they are working on bandits already, adding civilians and some mechanic for them moving in doesn‘t seem that far-fetched. Maybe even within reach of modders if devs decide against it.
  6. I never go into the churches in this game (especially church basements) since the atmosphere freaks me out. Devs did a good job. If they added a circus with zombie clowns I‘d definitely avoid that too. Still cool idea though!
  7. On Youtube I‘ve seen people do a "No Traders" playthrough, where they force themselves not to use traders. Or an "Out of the Bag" playthrough, where you are not allowed to store any items anywhere except in your bag. I like these variations on a theme and would love to try out game modes similar to these, but my mind is kind of blank. Do you know of any other modes like these? Or have an idea? No end in sight with Covid limitations here in Germany and I‘m bored out of my mind to be honest, so any gameplay ideas are greatly welcome 😅
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