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  1. How can you even end up in that situation? I been playing since alpha 9 or 10, and I've not once even gotten close to starving or dehydrating not even when I was new, backl in earlier alpha's u could not boil water at all without a cooking pot, and the forge recipe was loot only. Usually It never drops below 50% and that only happens if I am really involved in something like a build and forget to watch it. Water I keep above 75%, as once it hits 74% you take a 20% stam regen hit (4/tick instead of 5/tick), Its noticable. Its even weirder how people can have food/water issues with the quest system, since when you start the quest it turns it back to a fresh poi full of loot. I often don't even have food/water issues even on day 1, there are many sources. Traders, Vending machines, Animals, random crops, Dysentery is no longer fatal in the last few alpha's it just takes a while to wear off, if your worried wait till u find a vitamin, pop those then stuff yourself with whatever as it makes u immune to dysentery/infection etc. Which means you could eat those old sham sandwhiches if in a bind. By day 7/14 in Vanilla I usually have stacks of meat just sitting in storage unused, as other food is abundant. A few buried supply quests on day 1 can also set you up nice food/drink wise, as well as make you some dukes to buy more.
  2. Stat system is garbage, as were now gated by stats instead of levels, which is even more of a hard gating, as without the right stats your locked out of certain skills entirely, where as before they just had a level requirement. I really dispise the stat system, it screws single player games so hard.
  3. I started back in Alpha 9 or 10. and I remember the gpsing zombies, mind you in a17 they are much smarter than in a10-16. As in those alphas if you were on the second floor of even a wooden poi they'd never get to you as they'd run around right below you. Then a17 hits, and they do that again but now they learned proper pathing and WILL make a path to you eventually if you let them. I also vaguely remember that when gpsing zombies were a thing, you were fine until ONE seen you, after that, everything spawned around would beeline it for you, until you killed them all, which back then would clear the area for a few game days. As to if i'll use the option, I'll probably leave it at default which is off, as I found the gpsing zombies in a17 to be a real pain in the arse if you wanted to do anything at night as they'd seemingly come non stop all night once you got it started, just was a steady trickle all night. I'd like this as well, some kinda of audio or visual warning your leaving the quest area. Maybe allow you to go outside of its area for 15 sseconds before it fails, instead of it just failing instantly like it does now. I never had this problem as I generally killed any zombie I seen, So when I had the meat there was nothing for it to attract as it was cleared mostly, or at least far enough that new ones wouldn't start following. I was never a fan of the smell system though, the basic zombie only relied on Sight or sound to get alerted to things. If they could smell you, it'd be MUCH harder to hide from them I'd feel.
  4. Is there someway to disable the combat music from playing with the dynamic music? I like the exploration stuff, but, I also like the fact if I am not careful zombies can sneak up on me, so due to this I kinda dislike the combat music because it alerts me to the presence of things I may not have known was there and removes some of the suspense from the game. Basically I just want the random explore/trader tracks to play only even during combat.
  5. I've tried: Supports, building a house in the mine, getting rid of some of the clay so less weight on it+supports, and it seems no matter what I do once it gets to a certain size it always collpases, and it always seems to start from the clay, and cascades from one side to the entire otherside of the mine.
  6. It would be my current game, I have cleared 2 entire towns pretty much of cars, I have storage chests full of batteries and engines, but know what I don't have, a SINGLE frigging headlight so I can make my damn minibike. The 2 traders I know where they are at haven't ever stocked one either. I think i've easly wrenched over 200+ cars, and not a single headlight.
  7. This is the problem with most sandbox titles, once your established, there is very little reason to keep going, even more so in a survival type game. Since the goal is to survive once you got food/water sorted out there is really no reason to keep going. I mean if these games had some sort of a story and such might last longer till your thru the main story. You kinda have to make your own content, set a goal like make a big castle or something to keep you busy. I personally play dead is dead in 7 days to die, if I die, I delete the save and usually the world and start over. Only exceptions is if I say die within the first 1-3 days, i'll just start a new save on the same map. Playing higher difficulties really ramps up the challenge when your playing dead is dead mode.
  8. random questions below: If your playing a mod or Vanilla, and npcs can sell usually class exclusive workstations... Will you buy them if they appear? or wait till you unlock it normally and then craft them? Also same question for Schematics and those perk magazines, do you buy them if you want it? or loot only? I do these things (as in never buy schematics or perk mags off traders), and wondering if its kinda silly to do so, same with above question. Should I just buy em? I usually don't buy workstations or perk magazines/schematics, am I being silly for not buying them if I want them? I don't know if its a way to try to extend the game for me since relying on rng can well be... yeah. Do you follow any personal rules like this?
  9. There is a bug with healing factor which causes it to massivly increase food use, hopefully tfp fixes it, as the skill now is worthless with how fast it drains your food reserves.
  10. This is the horde base I use in darkness falls, and let me tell you the blood moons in vanilla are a complete joke compared to darknessfalls, you have radiated and zombie bears on the very first blood moon, they also do not stop coming till 4am hits, compared to vanilla where u can have them all dead and no more spawn not even 2 game time hours after horde night starts. My vanilla horde nights start at 22:00 and usually by the time the day switches i've killed everything, DF like i said keeps spawning till 4am. Anywhere here is the base, should work fine for single player in vanilla to, only diff is in DF u can upgrade bars to steel and beyond, but you can get around this in vanilla by just using more. Yes this is a screenshot from Darkness Falls, but as I said the blood moons are much harder in DF than vanilla, and this base works in DF just fine. Eventually u upgrade it all to stainless steel. The block hp of the bunker is higher than the block hp they need to go thru the bars, they only usually attack the top one. So they go for the catwalk instead of the bunker as it reads as a shorter path to the zombies, you have electric fence poles to slow them, and you can stick a blade trap on the + thing as well as by the base of the stairs on the inside where its flat to kill a ton of zombies.
  11. Which is the main reason the entire stat system is complete garbage and needs to be tossed out. It pidgeon holes you into things, wanna be good at mining? str, heavy armor? str, melee str (blunts are best imo) Automatics, better regen? end. Its why I tossed vanilla in the garbage pretty much, The stat system has ruined the game for me and does not add anything of value to it. Should have stuck with a16.4's system and just tweaked it, thats what darkness falls mod does, and it works WAY better than the crap stat system vanilla currently uses. I mean i'd be less annoyed about the stat system if the stats actually DID anything, yes, I know they up headshot damage but it needs to do more than that. If you insist on a stat system I suggest a change, lower it to 3 stats, Survival, Combat, and Something else maybe life skills? and it has all the crafting stuff under it?. Survival has armor skills, stuff like cooking and mining, Though combat might also have the armor skills. Combat controls perks for EVERY weapon type, both melee and ranged of all kinds. The base stat ups headshot damage like the current ones do, then you can pick what weapons to spec in. This puts all weapons, and the stealth perks etc under 1 tree. Though you could argue stealth could go under survival too. I find the current stat system just limits you way to much, until your a high level anyway.
  12. youtube ad spam fix: get ublock origin for firefox, boom no ads on youtube anymore, or anywhere really for that matter, its also avail for chrome but google has parts of it blocked so some google ads get thru it, which is why I prefer firefox. As for the stuff that might be released, I am kinda intersted, who knows what kind of weird stuff the govt has under wraps.
  13. I'd use it to shoot at vultures if it had one myself.
  14. Honestly in vanilla, you can survive with just padded armor for the most part, things don't hit hard enough really on Nomad/warrior difficulties. The point is to not get hit. Mind you when we have infinite ammo aim-bot bandits then i'd worry more, since they can shoot to.
  15. I play darkness Falls mod, and it has: Speed mod (doubles vehicle speed minibike going 20m/s is pretty sweet), a armor mod (so player takes less damage), a spiked sides mod which increases ramming damage to zombies. is a few others, so simmlar things would work for vanilla. I think Fatal said they are doing a speed mod, and I am hopeing its at least a 50% boost.
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