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  1. The terrain in a19.2 is so much better than it was in 19.1 no more of those super common microbumps (I call em that anyway) that kill vehicle speed. Its so smooth now, I hope it stays this way, as the smoothness off the terrain is the best i've seen in recent memory.
  2. None really, the silencer mod really doesn't do much in vanilla at all due to poor values set by the devs. About the only weapon its somewhat functional on is the pistol, everything else it doesn't make much of a diff if you have a silencer or not.
  3. 90 min days, making it out of cobblestone/cement works too for early hordes. only real damage will be the bars. Sometimes, but they are more just to delay than anything critical only time they get hit really is if a cop reallllly screws his aim lol. I finish most horde nights with the poles intact, but disabled from their self damage for shocking thing. Honestly though vanilla horde nights are kinda a joke you don't need much to win them. The only real threat to bases ever is demolishers, the rest honestly won't do much in a well built base. The mod I play has radiated zombies coming at you on the day 7 horde on 90 min days on nomad, and if its not radiated its feral minimum. Day 14 or the 21 horde I had a few demolishers come in the waves. They aren't that hard to handle just don't use turrets and have good aim, or detonate them away from base if u can. For the first 2 vanilla hordes I don't even build a base, I just find a poi where its at least cobble stone, and block off 3 of the 4 blocks of the entrance, which has the zombies focus on the one with the empty space, and I just melee the zombies to death while repairing that single block thats seperating me from them. I've never gotten super far in vanilla though, because quite frankly the game bores me by day 7 or 14, there just is not enough to do in the game thats actually intersting. I've experienced high lv vanilla horde nights thru the mod I play, as its day 14 horde is like a day 70-100+ horde in vanilla. Once your established in vanilla there is literally nothing else to keep playing for. Compared to darkness falls, where there is 2 weapon tiers (Titanium and sci-fi) above the normal and a whole titanium tier for blocks and armor etc, Plus the stat system was tossed in the trash where it belongs and he has a class system with each class having special recipes, and they have a mastery too which u can loot, buy off a special trader, or do enough quests to gain 30 trader reputation then he'll offer to sell it to you. Gives endgame goals, something vanilla sorely lacks. I'm just getting tired of TFP removing choice from the player, every alpha takes something away and add's nothing back, First was digging zombies, then the vultures and swimming zombies, and in A20 they are going to screw with vehicle offroading (was supposed to be in a19 but was pushed back to A20+), removing yet more choice from the player.
  4. People really underestimate how good the electric fence poles are. The stun is amazging on horde night, for 2 reasons: 1: it stops them from hitting your base, and 2: when shocked their heads are ALWAYS in the same position, so once you learn this position you can aim for headshots and just wait for them to be stunned then BOOM. I just wise they didn't break so fast, they lose durability with each zombie stunned, (can stun about 300 before it will disable itself) Though in vanilla this may not be a problem with how you can finish horde night by midnight usually.
  5. Make a base like this, it works in a mod called darkness falls that has a worse horde night on day 7 than vanilla does at day 70+ It works in this mod and in this mod the zombies come from 22:00 till 4am non-stop. Give it a try. p.s. the bunker is 5x5 with 4 block height, the catwalk is 13 blocks long. then 2 more after that which you attach 2 blocks to the side then the stairs. You don't need the double bars, and u can also move the electric fence pole colums out farther, as for the log spikes, you can replace those with normal spikes in vanillla, they are used more to keep the zombies away from hitting those poles than doing damage to them. As the AI Avoids traps. Only downside to the base its a gun heavy base, you can't really drop bombs on them etc unless its exploding bolts. The blue blocks are from the mod, its titanium a tier above steel. By this base should work in vanilla as steel/stainless steel, and the log spikes swapped to spikes.
  6. With zombies super hearing I don't think you can go deep enough under to evade them.
  7. Darkness Falls mod did, most canned food has a 5-20% chance of food poisoning which when that hits you, your char pukes up all but 2 (out of 100) food in the bar. Thankfully you can cook 2 of the canned foods to make a slightly better food that doesn't have the food poison chance, but early game? it makes canned food mostly useless uncooked as the risk is too high. I'd really like the devs to give that mod a try because it has a ton of idea's i'd love to see put into vanilla. Most recent big chance was there is no more need to smelt stuff in a forge, it works like a campfire/workbench. It also has a Big Forge with 3 mat slots back when it did smelt things. Vanilla deff needs a secondary forge that has 3 input slots IMO.
  8. They wanted to do this for A19 actually, but other than that quest system change the rest of a19 was *done* so they didn't wanna delay it for the trader thing, so it got pushed to a20 like the vehicle changes did. My guess it is gonna be a 5 page window with 5 quests for each tier on the page, you still have to do your current tier to rank up to the next u can't rank from t2 to t3 by doing t1. Another way to do is when you say got any work, trader asks what tier? and it lets u choose tier 1-5 then it lists the up to 5 quests per day for that tier. This way might be easier for tfp to implement as the system is already there, compared to the page system which they might have to put in for npc convo's as I do not think there is one right now. I also agree T5 quests are not worth doing, the poi's are too big, often have too little loot for the time investment needed, and the quest reward itself is deff not worth the time spent to do it if its a clear. If its just a fetch mission its fine as you can then just skip right to the objective and then loot room and get out, but iirc didn't they remove fetch quests from tier 5 for that very reason? They were too easy for the tier.
  9. I don't even understand how anyone has ever starved or dehydrated to death in 7dtd in its entire existance. Food and water has always been a joke even when I first started playing back in a9-10. I mean their has always been tons of food sources in the game. Only way I could see this happening is if you get your priorities all mixed up, for example you don't need much of a base by day 7 in vanilla, find, or make a cobblestone smal corridor and sit behind 1 cobblestone block (the 1500 hp upgraded one) and melee the horde on day 7 it'll kill it, just repair the block as it gets damaged, I often do the first 2-3 hordes in vanilla literally in a small corridor behind a single cobblestone block seperating me from the zombies, due to how much of a joke vanilla horde night is. By day 7 doing this you should have a decent stockpile of food, keep looting and doing trader quests especially buried supply tier 1. Tier 1 buried supply quests the chests are often full of food and often recipe schematics to make food. But yeah general tips: get a decent supply of food and water going before you even consider making a base, any poi on average will give you enough food loot to last 1-2 days on average, unless rng really hates you anyway.
  10. Its not a bug its intended, each time a electric fence pole pair shocks a zombie one of them loses a bit of durability, and once they get to 50 it esssentally shuts itself off, you have to repair them mid blood moon horde to keep them going. Its like dart traps and turrets, you need to resupply them with ammo, the ammo for the electric fence poles is its own durability. Its been like this for a while now, so I doubt its a bug. What is a bug though is when you run the wire and for some reason it drops down to the base of the pole randomly, then randomly goes back to its proper position. The sparking is basically TFP's way of going "hey, that electric fence pole needs repairs or its going to stay disabled" A possible "fix" (I say fix loosely as its tech cheating/modding) is to go into the xml where it is, and up its durablity or lower the damage recieved assuming thats how much dmg it takes per shocked zombie. in blocks.xml <block name="electricfencepost"> <property name="CreativeMode" value="Player"/> <property name="Class" value="ElectricWire"/> <property name="UnlockedBy" value="perkAdvancedEngineering,electricfencepostSchematic"/> <property name="Material" value="Mmetal_weak"/> <property name="StabilitySupport" value="false"/> <property name="Shape" value="ModelEntity"/> <property name="Mesh" value="models"/> <property name="MaxDamage" value="200"/> <property name="DamageReceived" value="0.5"/> Damage recieved I am going to assume is the durability loss per shocked zombie, so with 150 loss before it shuts off it can shock something 300 times. Increasing MaxDamage, might up its HP allowing it to function longer. You could also modify the damage recieved value as well. 0.1 would let it shock 1500 things before it disables for example if it works how I am thinking it does from looking at the xml entry for it.
  11. Locked anything is pointless unless you make all the blocks around it invincible also. If u have a locked door thats surrounded by breakable concrete blocks, people will just bust the blocks to get at the loot and ignore the door entirely. Though this causes a double-edged sword thing here, because a player could also hide in that room with its invincible blocks to hide from horde night, which as you can tell TFP doesn't like people having mechancs to avoid horde night. Me? I just don't purposfully double loot on quest, if its a unlooted poi, I just go there do the quest, if its one I looted before I had a quest for it, oh well.
  12. You can see thru it, its just really blurry and such, I don't like them either, I prefer when they were mostly clear. other than the metal wires running thru it of course.
  13. Well in that case it might be on purpose, as A19 was supposed to have a new system where vehicles can break down when your not driving on roads/flat ground, I suspect that any bump it takes has a small chance to cause a breakdown you have to repair to keep going. Honestly to me, it just sounds like yet another unneeded and unwanted game system for the devs to take away more choice from the players, bad enough with the digging and swimming zombies and the vultures able to catch a motorcycle. Next they ruin loot but making it linear, removing any real sense of randomness/luck from it. Then we got the vehicle things that will come in a20 most likely, screwing people from driving off road, which with the road generation being as wonky as it is, its just going to make it take even longer to get to places.
  14. This is pretty much /thread. They bleed cuz the devs want em to bleed, even if it makes no sense.
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