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  1. There is a bug with healing factor which causes it to massivly increase food use, hopefully tfp fixes it, as the skill now is worthless with how fast it drains your food reserves.
  2. This is the horde base I use in darkness falls, and let me tell you the blood moons in vanilla are a complete joke compared to darknessfalls, you have radiated and zombie bears on the very first blood moon, they also do not stop coming till 4am hits, compared to vanilla where u can have them all dead and no more spawn not even 2 game time hours after horde night starts. My vanilla horde nights start at 22:00 and usually by the time the day switches i've killed everything, DF like i said keeps spawning till 4am. Anywhere here is the base, should work fine for single player in vanilla to, only d
  3. Which is the main reason the entire stat system is complete garbage and needs to be tossed out. It pidgeon holes you into things, wanna be good at mining? str, heavy armor? str, melee str (blunts are best imo) Automatics, better regen? end. Its why I tossed vanilla in the garbage pretty much, The stat system has ruined the game for me and does not add anything of value to it. Should have stuck with a16.4's system and just tweaked it, thats what darkness falls mod does, and it works WAY better than the crap stat system vanilla currently uses. I mean i'd be less annoyed about the stat system if
  4. youtube ad spam fix: get ublock origin for firefox, boom no ads on youtube anymore, or anywhere really for that matter, its also avail for chrome but google has parts of it blocked so some google ads get thru it, which is why I prefer firefox. As for the stuff that might be released, I am kinda intersted, who knows what kind of weird stuff the govt has under wraps.
  5. I'd use it to shoot at vultures if it had one myself.
  6. Honestly in vanilla, you can survive with just padded armor for the most part, things don't hit hard enough really on Nomad/warrior difficulties. The point is to not get hit. Mind you when we have infinite ammo aim-bot bandits then i'd worry more, since they can shoot to.
  7. I play darkness Falls mod, and it has: Speed mod (doubles vehicle speed minibike going 20m/s is pretty sweet), a armor mod (so player takes less damage), a spiked sides mod which increases ramming damage to zombies. is a few others, so simmlar things would work for vanilla. I think Fatal said they are doing a speed mod, and I am hopeing its at least a 50% boost.
  8. light/heavy armor rating is just a way for the devs to let you know what type of armor it is, so you know which perk to get. 6 armor is 6% damage reduction whether its on light or heavy armor. TLDR: 1 armor is 1% damage reduction up to the cap of 80% or is it 90% max? This is assuming the game does math correctly, which from what I have seen, the game is kinda... stupid when it comes to math at times.
  9. Surviving it for me would depend on where I am initially when it starts, if I am in my home, with decent food/water supply, You could wait it out a few days. let things calm down before you venture outside. If your out somewhere well, depending where your at could be good or bad. It also depends how the infection is spread, if its airborne like in the walking dead/fear the walking dead, then anyone who is bit (which activates the virus which kills the host), or dies, has to be shot in the head, or otherwise have their brain destroyed or else they will just rise up. If its this type of infectio
  10. I like some aspects of A20 but I feel dumbing down the gear system from 10+ slots to 4 is kinda taking it too far, it just seems like its going to cause more inventory clutter. Currently in 7dtd you can make a optimal clothes setting that generally gives you moderate protection in any temp, but to do this in A20 I have the feeling your going to need to carry extra sets of gear. I don't understand why you couldn't have added the outfits and kept the old system. a bigger inventory though can help with this problem somewhat. Would have been perfect that way. The linear loot I hope gets tweaked as
  11. This person gets it, unless you suck horribly and are doing something extremly wrong there is no way you should be having this much problems. When I play I usually have food sorted on day 1, and never have a problem again (buried supplies quests, and looting a house or 2 usually can give enough to last a day+). Can't find a gun in loot? They have traders for a damn reason, USE THEM, the vending machines also sell canned food cheap. Though going to day 28 without at least a pistol is some horribly bad rng you had there. That said, I still dislike a19's linear loot stuff, it has taken a large am
  12. Honestly? once your used to the running zombies, day or night really stops mattering its a bit more dangerious at night, but easly doable even without guns. In vanilla I usually play 60 min days as its the default and it feels like more than enough time to get things done. It depends on the player though, I am not a big builder myself, so I spend most of my time looting. Someone who likes to build big might need a longer day, due to the increased resources they require.
  13. Same here with the flaming shaft mod, I never use it as I can't stand its graphical effect. It also pretty much prevents you from being sneaky as well.
  14. You do know for most zombies AP ammo only lets you deal 4% more damage to them right? Solders/bikers/utility have 20 armor (feral soldiers I think have more), and 20% of that is 4 armor. Its better to use normal ammo unless you want the penetration effect of AP ammo, as the 4% more damage is only going to "maybe" save you 1 bullet, which when you consider the AP Ammo gunpowder costs it actually is very inefficent to use it on a single zombie. Only one that deserves it is Demolishers as they have like 80 armor, so AP ammo actually makes a pretty noticable difference on those guys. But for the r
  15. The zombies spawn in volumes is why, or else if you fire one shot you'd have 1-3 entire floors coming down on your head in that building. Generally they will not spawn till your close to the room, usually doors/passageways denote volume crossings, so each apt door you open is its own seperate volume that won't spawn till your right by the door or even till your inside the room. Still taking out the entire building to try to finish the quest faster? Not seen that approach taken before, but at least we know it won't work.
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