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  1. I like some aspects of A20 but I feel dumbing down the gear system from 10+ slots to 4 is kinda taking it too far, it just seems like its going to cause more inventory clutter. Currently in 7dtd you can make a optimal clothes setting that generally gives you moderate protection in any temp, but to do this in A20 I have the feeling your going to need to carry extra sets of gear. I don't understand why you couldn't have added the outfits and kept the old system. a bigger inventory though can help with this problem somewhat. Would have been perfect that way. The linear loot I hope gets tweaked as
  2. This person gets it, unless you suck horribly and are doing something extremly wrong there is no way you should be having this much problems. When I play I usually have food sorted on day 1, and never have a problem again (buried supplies quests, and looting a house or 2 usually can give enough to last a day+). Can't find a gun in loot? They have traders for a damn reason, USE THEM, the vending machines also sell canned food cheap. Though going to day 28 without at least a pistol is some horribly bad rng you had there. That said, I still dislike a19's linear loot stuff, it has taken a large am
  3. Honestly? once your used to the running zombies, day or night really stops mattering its a bit more dangerious at night, but easly doable even without guns. In vanilla I usually play 60 min days as its the default and it feels like more than enough time to get things done. It depends on the player though, I am not a big builder myself, so I spend most of my time looting. Someone who likes to build big might need a longer day, due to the increased resources they require.
  4. Same here with the flaming shaft mod, I never use it as I can't stand its graphical effect. It also pretty much prevents you from being sneaky as well.
  5. You do know for most zombies AP ammo only lets you deal 4% more damage to them right? Solders/bikers/utility have 20 armor (feral soldiers I think have more), and 20% of that is 4 armor. Its better to use normal ammo unless you want the penetration effect of AP ammo, as the 4% more damage is only going to "maybe" save you 1 bullet, which when you consider the AP Ammo gunpowder costs it actually is very inefficent to use it on a single zombie. Only one that deserves it is Demolishers as they have like 80 armor, so AP ammo actually makes a pretty noticable difference on those guys. But for the r
  6. The zombies spawn in volumes is why, or else if you fire one shot you'd have 1-3 entire floors coming down on your head in that building. Generally they will not spawn till your close to the room, usually doors/passageways denote volume crossings, so each apt door you open is its own seperate volume that won't spawn till your right by the door or even till your inside the room. Still taking out the entire building to try to finish the quest faster? Not seen that approach taken before, but at least we know it won't work.
  7. Any tips for a new player? New to the mod.
  8. I pretty much can't play vanilla 7dtd anymore as its to be frank just to boring now with the current loot setup in a19. A20 will help though I am not liking the idea of gamestaged trader inventories. Finding a nice gun or something in there in a19 was the only way I could stand a19. Though I will have to try it when a20 hits experimental and see how it is, as we've not really seen it in action at all yet just heard it discussed, but.. I'm not going to hold my breath, as TFP has made a ton of very questionable design decisions since a17 imo. Removal of LBD, the dungeon style poi's w
  9. Differences being some things, like power attacking radiators in a house with a wrench usually never gives you a brass radiator, now you can power attack then do a normal attack and you'll get one, this only applies if you finish it off with a power attack, the air conditioner units are the same I think, at least i've never gotten a brass radiator from a AC when I power attacked it for the final hit.
  10. If I seen that happen i'd prob have had the same reaction he did, just stop and stare wondering what the hell is going on here. I can't say i've seen this happen in 7dtd to me before, seen some odd things though over my years, but the chicken thing is a new one.
  11. I'm also not a big fan of this, it goes from bright outside to so dark I need night vision goggles indoors on a sunny day inside a poi, just by walking a few steps into the average poi. It honestly hurts my eyes when it does it, as its such a sudden and such a big lighting switch.
  12. There is a spawn limit, with the zombies alive setting, once that setting is reached the game will no longer spawn anything till they die, or timeout, happens to me in long single player sessions, usually have to exit to main menu and reload the save to get it to start spawning things again. Sadly the zombies timing out period in inactive chunks is way to long, if you travel a bit around you'll easly hit the cap. Sleepers also count towards this so if you go close enough to a Poi to spawn the sleepers, they will stay spawned till the game is reloaded taking up spawn slots, as the sleepers do n
  13. Depends largely on the persons pc, with my pc I can go 40 m/s in a modded car and it keeps up fine. Mod I use is darkness Falls and it has almost 5 gb of new content. I do understand though that you have to think of the average user which means limiting things in certain ways due to people with potato's for pc's. Even a 50% speed up would be nice, 15 m/s minibike, about 20 m/s motorcycle/4x4. would be good. As for the autorun its real simple just have a keybind for it that user can switch in the options. Then they can set what ever key they want, its simple and it works which is wh
  14. So I watched the dev talk for A20, and I can't help but feel the outfit system is sort of a step backwards and not really forward. Your removing char slots for equipping stuff it seems. Not to mention the amount of inventory clutter this is going to cause when its already super cluttered as it is. You could have added these sets, and kept the current system as well, I don't get why you scrapped it. I mean it won't fix the inventory clutter either way but. It feels the whole thing is a case of: "The current equipment system was not broken and did not need to be "fixed"." RWG stuff,
  15. I agree with him here, it doesn't need to be changed, TFP is already taking away a ton of playstyle choices as it is, lets not give them more idea's of stuff they can take away.
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