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  1. Well paint being made in a chem lab did kinda make sense, but it didn't make sense that there wasn't a maybe less efficent recipe anywhere else that gets less but can be used earlier. Then again, other than that jacket with the move speed bonus, Paint is purely mainly for deco purposes so making it easy to get as early as the camp fire, is nice.
  2. I wish the devs wouldn't be making a game they want to play in this case because its ruining it. Now do get me wrong here I am all for this usually as usually the devs make something nice, but in 7dtd its been nothing but a steady downhill spiral since after a16. A16.4's skill system was nearly perfect it just needed some tweaks, like craft quality being removed from the action skill, and instead changed to how it works in A17. Which with learn as you do levels 1, 20, 40, 60 and then 80 unlocks a perk level which gives damage bonuses etc and also up the qual yuou can craft. It was literally all A16.4's skill system needed to be fixed. Instead, we got a complete redo nobody wanted and that many people don't even like. Now we have A20, stealth has pretty much been completly killed with most of the sleeper volumes just instantly locking onto you second you walk in the room no matter how quiet you are. Now I am aware I can bash thru the wall and go in a diff way to dodge the trigger block, but this is even more lore breaking than there being a auto-aggro trigger block, I mean banging on the walls seems like the LAST thing you'd wanna do in a possibly zombie infested location. Whats even worse, is how every zombie just about is perfectly positioned to avoid sneak attacks/first strikes from outside the room. Stealth DOES work outdoors, but the main place you'd want to be using it is inside a poi not when your out in the open and can easly get away from anything or have distance. Stealth was the "Slow but safe" approach to looting, its much slower than just going in shooting/bashing/stabbing, and it also severely limits what weapons you can use since many are too noisy to be used for this purpose. Now to mention the poi's where they come out of the cieling and such, No other game really does this, and when they do its a very rare thing not a almost every single poi you into thing like it is in 7dtd, Office_04 is a prime example about how to design a poi that makes no sense. Literally every sleeper volume aggros second you walk into the room, almost every volume has 1-3 zombies that drop from the cieling. The worse though is when you go into the loot room, a zombie literally spawns to the right of you basically hugging you the second you walk in, you cannot avoid that cheapshot there. As it doesn't spawn till the volume triggers which isin't until you actually walk into the room. It spawns in the very next block beside your char. Usually in a new poi I walk in the door a block or 2, then walk back out to see what aggros from where, but that did not work here I still got a unavoidable cheapshot out of thin air. The dungeon style poi's when I first heard about these I thought "cool, might be a neat if once in a while there are these." I was not expecting almost EVERY single poi to be one of these, it makes no sense what so ever. I mean the designs are nice don't get me wrong. but like many things in 7dtd just feels completly out of place for the type of game it is. I mean if people could barricade them selves up that well, how did they all die so easly? some of those houses are more secure than a damn bank is. I will say this though the graphical look of the game is above and beyond what I ever thought it would be in a good way, but I think its time to tone down working on graphics and start working on gameplay issues and such instead, which the game has a alarming amount of issues in that section. I used to make underground bases just cuz the Si system seemed much more lenient down there. Was much easier to dig a hole for a early base than actually build something. I mean you still can, they just can now dig down to you, so its not 100% safe anymore.
  3. I actually used to do that with my vehicles etc, but it was quite inefficent, so I went back to just unloading on them with a gun. It does the job much faster.
  4. Not like you even have to make ammo with how common it is, unless you just suck at the game and have to use a gun for everything. my current game i've only used guns to kill bears or direwolves, no need to use guns on ferals, I just club em. I got the cement mixer schematic real early this game but couldn't for the life of me find the workbench, game threw me a bone though, when I ranked up from t2 to t3 a workbench was one of the choices, so you bet I took it. There are certain things in 7dtd you buy as soon as you see them: workbench, chem lab to name 2. If I don't have a chem lab and one is for sale, I will do anything I can to get my hands on it. I play with no int in my games, so I am at the mercy of rngesus for what recipes I find. I just get 1 point in adv engineering which can be gotten with base intel so I can get a forge up early. Vehicle parts especially motocycle ones I also will buy if I have the dukes even if it drains me to 0. I actually love the loot in A20, its added some needed difficulty to the game that it lacked in A19. Was far FAR to easy to get everything in A19. I like the new challenge with loot.
  5. There is a Day 2 night vulture/wolf mini wandering horde that seemed pretty consistant in terms of showing up on day 2 at night. Learned that my first game in A20 exp and now I prepare for it.
  6. Git Gud is all I can say. I kill ferals at night on day 1 with a wood club on warrior difficulty. 3 slow walking zombies should be cake. As for direwolves, when u run away from them zig-zag a bit however if your encumbered at all, your pretty much dead. I am also out questing at night on day 1. Meleeing/Using the bow to kill things. Expect the first night to be rough. As it seems wolfs and such spawn the first night at night. If I am not questing on night 1, I usually am working on my shack on stilts, so I am not on the ground for anything to get at me
  7. Iron ones end up with more HP in the end, but you need steel, so early game you'd wanna use the other ones I assume.
  8. The problem is its the same on any difficulty, Difficulty does not stop auto-aggro volumes from rushing you second you walk in, it doesn't stop zombies from being behind things constantly. Its just getting stupid now. Especially the zombies in closets, hidden walls and even dropping down from the cieling, they make NO SENSE, like what the was a zombie doing in those places anyway? its completly immersion breaking and quite frankly just unfun. Office_04 in A20 exp is a prime example of a unfun poi. literally every single sleeper volume auto-aggros second you walk in, including zombies dropping from, the cieling/walls in almost every room. Whats worse is in the loot room one of the sleepers spawns right beside the place close enough to be hugging them, this sleeper doesn't spawn till you actually walk into the room, so its a 100% cheapshot as its right beside you when it spanws. Like stealthing does save ammo when you can actually get a sneak attack which in A20 is kinda rare due to most sleeper volumes just knowing your there second you walk in and charging you. Stealth clearing is also much slower than just going in guns blazing, your trading speed for saftey. I've pretty much stopped investing in the sneak perks in A20 as they are of very little use anymore.
  9. The special zombies can also be explained by the game lore that they tried using nukes to deal with the problem but they took to long to do it, so it was too late. I mean the wasteland biome deff looks like a nuke hit it. Yeah they tried using nukes to stem the flow after a point, but all that did was breed newer stronger more mutated zombies. They made the problem worse not better.
  10. I mean with how useless stealth is in A20 you might as well. Since second you walk into the room everything most likely is going to charge you anyway. Might as well start with a big boom.
  11. On day 13 i'd still be using a baseball bat, steel club or archery to kill zombies and wouldn't even be wasting bullets, unless something like a bear, or dire wolf showed up. I feel the same way about shotguns, way to much block damage very risky to use it in most poi's as its easy to have a pellet miss then destroy a loot container behind a zombie. One time in A19 I had a horde night I used a shotgun, and by the next morning it dug a pretty big cave outside in the direction I was shooting from the stray pellets.
  12. Oh yeah I could see that being a bad one, because even if you shoot the fake door, the noise from hitting a metal object is going to wake everything up anyway. So your kinda screwed no matter what in that poi, plus as you said narrow hallway, so no real way to snipe anything. I also voted No on your poll, I've never liked the auto-wakeup/ambush mechanic, unless its like in the loot room, nevermind the stupid placement of sleepers and how it completly makes stealth pointless.
  13. Don't even get me started on the fake walls with zombies behind them that are very rampant in A20, One Poi in A20 Exp almost every single sleeper was behind one of these.
  14. Its back but thankfully not AS bad, before the vehicle would disappear into the void, at least now its usually nearby a few blocks underground. It happens in single player too so its not just a multiplayer issue. I only play single player and I have it happen 1-3 times each game (I play hardcore so I die I delete save). It might have something to do with the zombies falling thru the floor issue I been seeing, Half the time I kill a zombie with melee, he dies half buried in the ground up to its waist for some reason, Block is still there, it just glitches thru it. I've also had crawling zombies, including the new spider zombie literally glitch inside of concrete blocks, I could not hit them, but they were able to hit me.
  15. I been playing a20 exp as many have, and I've notice almost every poi now is full of ambushes etc, some of them like office_04 literally has a ambush and zombies dropping down from the cieling EVERY SINGLE ROOM. The main issues I have with stealth is the Auto-aggro zombies, and the stupid placement of sleepers with how they are always behind an object or in some closet, some might say its smart placement for anti-stealth and it is, but it kinda breaks immersion seeing all these zombies perfectly positioned to not be snipeable at all without waking them up first. Stealthing thru a poi is already the slowest way to clear a poi by far. But because of that slow speed we gain saftey in exchange. However A20 has pretty much removed the saftey part, when every single sleeper volume just about wakes up second you walk into the room. I mean the loot room having a ambush or right before the loot room? I am perfectly fine with that, but this almost every sleeper volume just waking up the second you walk in is getting tedious, along with the placement of sleepers being a big F*** you to stealth gameplay as by the time you can align a shot your waking them up anyway from walking. The zombies in the closets and such really have to stop, it was cool back when it was first put in, as it was a rare thing, but now literally HALF the sleepers are inside the damn walls or cielings. Tfp may think this is a great gameplay concept, but to most players these issues just annoy the hell out of them and are generally disliked especially people that like their immersion. Zombies aren't going to always be perfectly behind objects or in closets/fake floors in cielings. I've pretty much stopped putting any points into the stealth skills are they are pointless in A20, they went downhill a ton in A19, now this is pretty much the final nail in the coffin to the point they might as well remove the perk entirely for how useless it is. Well yeah if you place a block on the "trigger block" then walk on top of that, it usually is not gonna trigger as its expecting a player to stand on it, not a block. Same way for some of these triggered poi's if u bust the wall out to the side in and go in they sometimes don't trigger either. Like I get what they were trying to do, they are trying to create a experience, but this gets dull fast when its repeated multiple times per poi and in virtually every poi. I used to only get Agi for the stealth perks in Vanilla, now I don't even bother as the stealth perks are pretty much useless in the place you'd wanna use them the most: Inside a poi. I guess the sneak attack damage one is still mildly useful outdoors at least.
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