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  1. I'd say just buy it, its already pretty cheap and you can possibly gets hundreds if not thousands of hours out of it. Its worth every penny.
  2. I'd just use lockpicks much cheaper material wise, those timed charges use way to many mats for what they are imo. Just get level 1 in lockpicking so you can craft your own lockpicks its all you need tbh.
  3. Not entirely, both render a zombie effectivly harmless.
  4. That depends, cutting the head off a zombie off doesn't kill it entirely, the head is still alive, you just pretty much disabled it as the rest of the body can't function without the head. Smashing a zombies foot while not killing it, would disable it somewhat so its much less of a threat. The zombie may not be "dead" but if its rendered pretty much harmless you could say it is. That can explain why torso blows work in 7dtd, you destroy enough of the bones and such that it just can't move its limbs much anymore if at all. in Z-nation the virus mutates to a point headshots do not kill zombies anymore, you have to pretty much completly crush the brain to kill them.
  5. The dying from bleeding is honestly kinda silly not going to lie and makes little to no sense on a zombie. If it was like a dot from acid or fire I could see it, but bleed makes no sense, I just roll with it though.
  6. I must chalk the sombies we have up the radiation, yes it started as a normal zombie virus, but then the govt decided to try to nuke stuff to contain it, causing the virus to mutate into what we have now. Feral's for example I personally consider to be more recently turned people, so they retain the ability to run, are smarter, and healthier, the older a zombie gets the lower its stats should be, as they start to rot eventually.
  7. Is the silencer for the shotgun going to make any actual diff? in vanilla there is virtually no reason to put one on over the choke as the shotgun is just super loud even with a silencer. What is the purpose of it? I also hope Junk turret gets the nerfes it needs like a 10s pickup timer when placed outside of a land claim block, andmaybe drasticablly up land claim block craft times to compensate. They are easly the most OP and exploitable things in 7dtd currently and serve as a crutch for people who are meh at the game due to how good they are. Sadly this is going to get even worse with the drone, as now you have a mobile junk turret pretty much. Better have a HUGE cost to keep it flying.
  8. Ahh, yeah that sounds like a very good reason to lower the default since that was happening. Its a mental thing, most people don't like to play on "easy mode", so just switch the default and they none the wiser. Never knew there was a layer of soil under the destroyed stone in wasteland, it has been a LONG time since i've ever dug down in there, just isin't really a reason to.
  9. Depends, if its a modlet, that is often compatable across updates as long as the orignal lines are still in the xml's. For example a ui mod could probably easly work with all the pre-experimental builds. They would have to remake it for a19 though first. You usually see the ui mods hitting shortly after experimental comes out, as the ui usually doesn't change much in between incremental versions. I'd still stay away from mods though when your testing as anything could end up causing a bug to rear its head, you'd be surprized how often the simplest things can cause massive issues when it comes to software, even something as simple as forgetting to upper case a character could end up causing the code to completly ignore a entire section of code depending how case sensitive the coding is, and it often IS that way. Which results in a ton of broken stuff usually.
  10. Never been a fan of that rage mechanic, would be nice if there was a option in the modded options section to enable/disable zombie rage, along the lines of how you can choose walk/run/sprint for ferals and non ferals and bloodmoon speed etc. Mind you, even if I am not a fan I tend to play the game way the devs intended for the most part, so I leave everything except difficulty default, I usually play on warrior or higher as the ones below are just too boring and to low risk. Especially the new default, Nomad was easy once you got some experience playing the game, that new default one is even eaiser. Never seen a point to lowering it below nomad for the default though, I wonder what prompted the decision to do that.
  11. Oh I understand that fully, and believe me balance wise i'll make my 2 dukes known. As a18 has a ton of balance issues that need addressing. Need to see how they are in a19 before I comment on them there though. One weapon I am mainly looking at is the junk turret as I still feels its grossly overpowered with how you can just drop it anywhere, and pick it back up with no delay at all. Needs a 5-10s pickup time, to make it less expoitable. As for no mods, thats a given, you can't bug test something properly if your going to mod it during testing as the mods themselves can introduce problems that aren't there with the vanilla game. For the default settings thing, I usually play on warrior difficulty, and leave everything else default, thats why I was wondering if the default is being put back to nomad or not. Never played on the a18 default difficulty as I find nomad a tad too easy for me personally. Then again if you guys want us to test on the default i'll play it on the default. As for bugs, i'm used to writing reports, i've beta and alpha tested many games over the years myself, I usually wait till I can get a solid repo before I report stuff though, otherwise its like looking for a needle in a haystack for the debuggers. A solid repo gives them a specific spot to look at and figure out whats causing it.
  12. A issue with this is where to get clay? Its vital for anything to do with the forge. Devs also need to put default difficulty back to nomad as well, as the one below it lets the player do 25% more dmg and take 25% less or so.
  13. Anyway we can get an idea or a partial list of people accepted so far. I'd love to know if I got in so I can clear my schedule for it... not that there is much in said schedule with corona virus screwing with everyone.
  14. I rather like it compared to what you were using before, Layout is much better and it seems a hell of a ton faster than it used to. As for the pole I picked "Decent POI which could be upgraded into a solid base. " Its pretty well done just needs a few tweaks here and there that people have already mentioned to make it no-scope demo tier XD.
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