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  1. Many good ideas presented here. The most intriguing for me is the plasma/tesla baton - I really like the drawings. Players were asking for a flame thrower for ages to be somehow implemented. Only weapon that comes to my mind for intelligence class is a railgun. Powerful single shot weapon, with a significant delays between shots (recharges), with limmited 5 mag size and expensive ammo, low duralibility, difficult in handling. Weapon powerful enough to drop a bear by one shot or any feral zombie. At the end juicy sound of the charge and supersonic projectile shredding anything on its way...
  2. Great idea for out of ammo scenarios. Some attack or additional key for hitting the enemies with the butt of the weapon.
  3. May I ask what is this layout/mod that Youre running?
  4. I would fully support this idea only if traders would be able to repair the tools for You as well... for the coin or bartered items/resources.
  5. Constant rebalancing the game is the part of every alpha. I wish only the game stage would have been locked/determined by more dangerous/hazardous zones or biomes. Eneimies/traps/hazard/materials to be breached. More complex and dangerous areas with better loot that would actually encourage players to level up/grab some gear before visiting them. Just syncronizing the loot exclusively with progression of a player may not necessarily feel right.
  6. You cant satisfy everyone as they say.... I wish more options could have been available for tweaking, so modding the game wouldnt be that much necessary. Making polished/smooth animations is a must. Finally fixing framerate and optimization for multicore/threaded CPUs. Devs should derive a little bit from other mods for the game or incorporate solutions from SMX mod etc. which is a very popular mod. Balancing and progession system is the next thing I could think of now.
  7. -NPCs as Bandits, occupied POIs by friendly and hostile NPCs. -Bolt action sniper mods and semi automatic sniper rifles - bring them back to its past glory. -Sandbox quests like assasination of (hostile) NPCs, escorting (friendly) NPCs, finding specific item or amount of items for extra gold and resources. -Meaningful vehicle mods that include engine performance and strenght (ECU/Nitro, Front Bumpers for ZEDs ellimination, Suspension etc.) -Modular electric/hydrogen powered vehicles with many space for players, loot and turrets. -Flags and flagpoles for the bases for immersion. -More variety of vehicles for resource scraping. -New awesome SMGs with at least 40 mag size and fast BPS that vicerates/stuns enemies at close range. -Flooded, radiated, gassed POIs with decent loot hidden in dangerous/hazardous areas. -Hatchet primaly as a weapon effective against ZEDs and less against blocks (possibly throwable weapon as well). -Items like gas masks, unique, complete outfits with camouflage dedicated for each BIOM - could be unlocked by doing quests etc. -Ferals in late game that could go invisible/transparent like with glowing eyes, traversing only in the night/dark at the game stage above 150. -Having in options magazine reloads DISABLED/ENABLED! -Possibility to remove weapon (I mean guns primarily) CROSSHAIR - DISABLED/ENABLED for better immersion. -Megacities with unique POIs/enemies/loot - filled with zombies only in certain areas to avoid impact on performance. -End game BOSS/entities and BIOM. -End game powerful weapon as Gauss Rifle for Intelligence class - that depreciates completely/fast after 20 shots so its not too OP. -Pressure plate explosive traps with bigger detection range or ready made mine fileds in 5 per 5 blocks that could be easily deployed and restocked. -Quick Spotting/Ping system in 7DTD. -Updated nicely looking grass/small bushes with levels of complexity in geometry/rendering etc. so potato users could enable and see on their screens sth too. -High fidelity objects for NASA computers. -Some fishing system that could work as a meme xD.
  8. I kind of agree with this statement. In A18 I felt like AK was the ultimate weapon to go for. I believe that shotguns work as intended at close range. Marksman rifle could only damage more or have a bigger multiplier on headshot and critical body parts - hitboxes etc. Any shot could have dismembered zombie parts to slow the enemies down from a distance. Then I believe sniper rifles etc. could possibly go back in time to its previous glory.
  9. Usually my game stutters for 2 sec after I hit like 3 heads with shorty. Dunno what might be the cause behind it. CPU - R5 3600 GPU - Vega56 RAM - 16 GB
  10. Similar mechanics is implemented in Killing Floor. To my understanding current screamer is good as it is. Perhaps another tier of screamer could have such properties as temporal/partial stun effect... dunno.
  11. Hello - updated/refreshed model for ancient minibike, - motorcycle/gyrocopter available for 2 players at the same time (two seat), - 3/4/5 seat truck with turret (.50 cal or TOW) with plenty of storage - might be also electical/hybrid or for hydrogen powder, - 1x/3.4x/4x/8x magnification scopes, green and blue laser available alongside red laser attachement, short and angled grip, - throwable knives or shurikens, Adam mentioned above tomahawks etc (spear is already a throwable weapon), - grenade launchers that could be attached to rifles, smoke grenades and flashbangs changing behaviour of zombies (useful in PvP), - EMP devices (like grenades etc.) useful in PvP that could compromise permanently/temporarily enemies defences, - light and heavy military class armour/vest - now only light is available, - workbench that can be expanded with the similar manner as forges (advanced vice and toolset to be found), - items like gas mask, glowsticks, throwable flares, flare gun, (that could impact zombies behaviour) or MRE found in military camps, - specialized traders, - boats/rafts + fishing, - shooting range and a huge mall as POIs, - at least randomized colour of zombies outfits, - very low options for potato PCs (something tells me new lighting and updated zombies will cause issues on older machines), - parachute to safely exit gyrocopters or jump from high buildings or cliffs, - more variety of broken vehicles for scrap that can`t be driven, - updated resolution scale and details of some of the appliances as well as furnitures, - updated geometry of grass, red, yellow flower, cotton, coffe, some small and medium bush added to the game etc. - additional sandbox missions - delivering package, finding and selling specific tier weapon/tool/item(s) for better coin, at least 2 missions active at 1 trader, - points of intrests (discovering/clearing ancient places, chapels, ruins, reserves etc. extracting sth/searching for lost signal etc.) - possibility to export import, play in singleplayer or any multiplayer game with the same character and it`s progression throughout the same alpha version, Peace
  12. Personally I think Sledgehammer is one of the most lethal weapons in 7dtd. What I don`t necessarily support is the stamina drain. I`d rather balance the weapons just by the speed of the swing and thats all. Right now low tier stone Sledgehammer is more lethal than the steel one which makes sense without any further investment into perks. Idk... to some newcomers this would seem like some weapons are broken
  13. I was referring to VISUAL microtransactions like skins. I`m against any content DLCs (like weapons/vehicles/missions/maps/attachements etc) while the base game is nowhere near polished. I`m againt EAs policy like PREMIUM and pre-orders because at the end of the day even so called triple-A titles feel like Early Access without content. But personally I hate andy microtransaction/dlc business overall because usually this thing breaks performance or causes synchronization issues.
  14. I wouldn`t mind if only visual content is behind micro transactions like skins/camos for weapons, vehicles, additional wall paint, or other versions/alterations of armour outfits, clothes to be found. MICROTRANSACTIONS - it`s a gold mine and viable source of income. I believe any player would survive this type of paid content. What I don`t necessarily agree on is hiding additional content behind payment walls while there is no advanced AI introduced (like bandits), no single player/story driven mode. Probably questionable netcode and balancing. Not mentioning audio-visual coherence. Just my wild thoughts.
  15. Steam name: Damian 2RDY https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198078885307/ Hours played: 668 Started on Alpha: 11.2 Discord name: TWORDY#4702 Native language: Polish (I currently live in UK)
  16. I hope some of the works could be done on the red sky/environment during Blood Moon. Finally swimming animations... no way xd.
  17. I'm curious if anything has been done when it comes to a feeling of the firefights itself. It's nice to see more weapons so there is some sort of variety to choose from and stretches the gameplay. Super excited to see new deagle-like a weapon, a brand new assault rifle, top tier sniper rifle and automatic shotgun. I hope the devs continuously work on the overall feeling of the guns. Grenade launchers or something attachable to assault rifles would be fun too. A little bit spammy but cool though. Something came to my mind when it comes to perks. I think that stamina perk or something within could impact the length of the jump while sprinting. Lower damage from falling might be related to stunning effect as well idk if that makes sense. Parachuting might be a little bit of the hustle to be implemented but could save the frustration after exiting gyrocopter in-mid air with almost certain death. I think that parachuting from the top of the hills might be better than the initial zip lines idea. I wish we could get someday motorbike and upgraded gyrocopter for at least two players so I could crash-fly a friend of mine 0_0 I watched Stargate Atlantis back in High School and some episodes included awesome looking fights with pole sticks. Fighting with a damn stick is the hardest martial art to master as far as I'm concerned. Is it a martial art idk now??? A friend of mine had been attending Aikido. How about fighting with a stick against zombies, do relatively low damage and be able to block the attack. I guess this could take some time as well. How about throwable knives that can be retrieved at the same time as arrows from the body, such ability could be worthy unlocking.
  18. Great to see some of the objects being updated like the couch. As I mentioned before, the coffee maker looks decent, but the oven, dishwasher, fridge require some texture buff. Upgrading texture resolution and geometry is not a pressing matter, but greatly welcome for those who hit over 60 frames per second. Also, separate texture resolution settings might be implemented for domestic appliances, furniture, tools, vehicles, plants, vegetation alongside block/world texture resolutions.
  19. Hey. I`ve seen new models for zombies and new lighting and its impressive so far. The game looks slowly like a triple-A title. I would like devs to pay more attention to artistic integrity, I don`t mean only texture resolution by that. I really like the fact that the game becomes grittier, so to me, gameplay becomes more adult-like wise. It's not like I have only gore in mind. Some areas, FX effects can be grittier and sometimes vibrant visually. The game slightly resembles the State of Decay 2 at some point when it comes to a new location in the forest - it`s not a bad thing tbh. Please, could You work on high res textures and better geometry (overall look) for eg. cotton, coffee, red and yellow plant. Pumpkin and potato plants look visually more than awesome. New coffee maker's texture res is decent enough, but other devices and objects are very basic in geometry and blurred/pixelized like a simple bed, fridge, etc. Also, a full-grown tree can be seen as the same exact model in geometry, this is not game-breaking but ruins slightly immersion when it comes to landscape. Some visual integrity would be a nice thing in A20. Some bigger bush in which players could hide in would be great . I believe that a nicely designed grass geometry, skybox textures, particle effects may change a lot when it comes to the perception of the game also. I really would like to see two new means of transport in A20, not only mods for vehicles. Vehicle for up to 5 players with a mounted turret (machine gun/TOW rocket) would be a badass addition. Some alternative fuel/electric vehicles with battery lifespan/recharging features. Guys please work on more vehicle models, one wrecked car model seems very odd. Please add a wreck of a Van, Pickup truck, etc. America is known for muscle cars and enormous lorries xD. I hope someone could work on the system in which a character might be saved (experience/progression) and be playable on every server/single-player game (within the same Alpha version). That would enable me to develop my character in any server (with or without friends, offline/online). That would be a game-changer.
  20. I think it`s just a poor optimization for Unity Engine on AMDs team side. I get black screens in 14+ year old games, its AMD. Or some screwed up Windows update. I`ve got a similar performance -10-15% May I ask about in-game GPU utilization? I doubt Fun Pimps could do anything about better optimization. You may report the issue on the AMDs website, describe it thoroughly. I had throttling in one old game on DX9 and the issue has been fixed with the next driver release.
  21. Probably only one can be activated near your character's proximity.
  22. Mate. Go to AMD driver. Search for 7DTD and with Chill option select desirable frame rate. 7DTD is GPU intensive game, it`s a pity that CPU stays dormant but most games on Unity perform like this. I have 144hz monitor but i simply set max 75 frames to save power, save components and create less heat in my room . Vega56 and R5 3600 user here .
  23. I'm waiting forward to see that as well. It would be nice to have mods for front bumpers (spikes etc) dedicated to the zombie apocalypse. Not only mods with stats but also visible in vehicles. Actually ramming the zombies could grant at least a quarter of experience instead of zero. Good point in my humble opinion. I would really love to see working and purchasable fridges/ovens at traders, so yeah variety of storage.
  24. Actually a parachute included in the gyro would not be a bad idea. Also, players could do the stunts from high buildings and their own constructions. That would be pretty cinematic and save the neck in certain scenarios. I wish only 2 could actually enter the gyrocopter instead of 1 in A18.
  25. I'm worried that beloved devs at the end of the day would have to spend more time on fixing and rebalancing values with more stuff shipped with every alpha. It's always super exciting to see more content like weapons, tools, schemes, etc. 7DTD feels to me like an arcade game with elements of horror (no hardcore bugs this time xd), survival and simulation. I would really like to see more content supporting a group of people playing together, similar to perks influence perks. Devs could create synergy like 1+1 equals 3. Playing together with a friend or random players could generate more benefits. My impression is that devs derive a lot from the Fallout and TES series. Honestly, to boost sales it would rather take adding GTA + Left for Dead elements into a game, but still, it's not easy to follow devs vison. In 7dtd I`d rather seek replayability, some sort of ultimate sandbox experience. Something to come back after some time, months of absence. Some of the folks mentioned something like a persistent profile(s). I would really embrace the idea of having a character in which progression could be saved. So in return leveled character might have been able to join any server. Sacred game style progression and replayability system. Entering any random server with the zeroed character really sucks, especially when with every alpha character progression has to be erased. Gained experience and perks (skills, whatever) must be savable in current alpha and character possibly to be transferred/saved to another server/game. I can`t wait to lay my hand on the desert eagle-like weapon and automatic shotgun. I`m a huge fan of first-person shooters. I used to modify Battlefield 2 (2005) having the most popular modded server between 2011-12 according to game tracker. I`m still waiting for 4 seats armored 4x4 RWD vehicle ;D.
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