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  1. - Hello. These are the features that could be added to the game. >Creating a clan lobby not only by sending a friend request. Clan members could have access to all chests or the possibility to set a new base/claiming the territory etc. Assigning ranks like clan leader, member. >Teleporting to a clan member. A feature that would be similar to spawning on the bed after the sudden death. This system only would work if both clan members are not being attacked for the last 15-30 sec by zombies or other hostile players within proximity of 150m. >Pinging s
  2. It would be great to have something in addition to friend request. Something like band / clan invite that would enable more options to choose from or some ranks like Clan Leader, Member invites, not only friends list etc. It would be nice to have the option to teleport to one of the clan mates... something like nearby bed spawn system but only when the player is not being attacked by zombies or players in proximity of 150m. Actully the red sight dot could have been customised, the colour and the size, intensity of the glare... that would be an awesome feature in separate game menu.
  3. I really miss plains not strictly as a biom but rather as a vast open area which brought to the game more variety of terrain. Honestly I dont see any problem with having all the resources in every biom either. Some resources could have be more abundant in certain bioms and in other far less. Ore might have been extracted from deeper ground or have additional extracting bonuses based on each biom. Players wouldn`t be strictly dependant/bound by a given zone and some sort of progression and perks when it comes exploration might be saved also.
  4. I've asked a simple question some of my friends, and the question was about what the game actually needs. The answer was optimization that leads to higher framerate and smoother experience etc. I hope that with the adjustments made to POIs rendering, refreshed foliage will ultimately have significant impact on improvement of the performance. I really like the idea of armor sets. It seems to me that there is something else to collect except for the weapons/tool parts. Outfit parts could be collected as a reward at traders too. Any content shipped with any update is greatly appreci
  5. Hello. Ive spent quite few hours with 3 of my mates roaming on rented server. Latency has been so far perfect and 3 of us have PING below 14ms! No problem in hitting the zombies whatsoever. Gameplay so far is amazing. Blood Moons are pretty fun to play and everyone looks forward to participate in them. Huge excitement overall. There is one thing that honestly throws me of balance and some of my mates. In most of tripe A titles (I know 7dtd is a kickstarter game in constant development) canceled reload animation has not been entirely repeated after switching weapons back. It would b
  6. I don't necessarily think heavy and light armour should be in separate trees. Weat I would change personally is to rename perks into Strenght, Resistance, Survival, Mechanical and Engineering skills etc. Separately develop white weaponry and firearms of any sort regardless of the main framework like right now. Flatten damage and so on dealt with progression of the character and only headshot bonuses should work against undead etc. if the system doesn't work like that already. Quality of items could only determine number of mods to be possibly attached and item potential depletion. No need
  7. I must admit that A19 feels solid after reaching day 62 in private online game with 3 other mates. Progression system feels polished and balanced. Every Blood Moon brings chills and excitement. Many random actions seem to be priceless and epic - partial collapse of the main base or sudden death due to unintended consumption of glass by unaware companion.
  8. In a survival game You always run... thats a part of a survival scheme.
  9. Many good ideas presented here. The most intriguing for me is the plasma/tesla baton - I really like the drawings. Players were asking for a flame thrower for ages to be somehow implemented. Only weapon that comes to my mind for intelligence class is a railgun. Powerful single shot weapon, with a significant delays between shots (recharges), with limmited 5 mag size and expensive ammo, low duralibility, difficult in handling. Weapon powerful enough to drop a bear by one shot or any feral zombie. At the end juicy sound of the charge and supersonic projectile shredding anything on it
  10. Great idea for out of ammo scenarios. Some attack or additional key for hitting the enemies with the butt of the weapon.
  11. May I ask what is this layout/mod that Youre running?
  12. I would fully support this idea only if traders would be able to repair the tools for You as well... for the coin or bartered items/resources.
  13. Constant rebalancing the game is the part of every alpha. I wish only the game stage would have been locked/determined by more dangerous/hazardous zones or biomes. Eneimies/traps/hazard/materials to be breached. More complex and dangerous areas with better loot that would actually encourage players to level up/grab some gear before visiting them. Just syncronizing the loot exclusively with progression of a player may not necessarily feel right.
  14. You cant satisfy everyone as they say.... I wish more options could have been available for tweaking, so modding the game wouldnt be that much necessary. Making polished/smooth animations is a must. Finally fixing framerate and optimization for multicore/threaded CPUs. Devs should derive a little bit from other mods for the game or incorporate solutions from SMX mod etc. which is a very popular mod. Balancing and progession system is the next thing I could think of now.
  15. -NPCs as Bandits, occupied POIs by friendly and hostile NPCs. -Bolt action sniper mods and semi automatic sniper rifles - bring them back to its past glory. -Sandbox quests like assasination of (hostile) NPCs, escorting (friendly) NPCs, finding specific item or amount of items for extra gold and resources. -Meaningful vehicle mods that include engine performance and strenght (ECU/Nitro, Front Bumpers for ZEDs ellimination, Suspension etc.) -Modular electric/hydrogen powered vehicles with many space for players, loot and turrets. -Flags and flagpoles for the bases for i
  16. I kind of agree with this statement. In A18 I felt like AK was the ultimate weapon to go for. I believe that shotguns work as intended at close range. Marksman rifle could only damage more or have a bigger multiplier on headshot and critical body parts - hitboxes etc. Any shot could have dismembered zombie parts to slow the enemies down from a distance. Then I believe sniper rifles etc. could possibly go back in time to its previous glory.
  17. Usually my game stutters for 2 sec after I hit like 3 heads with shorty. Dunno what might be the cause behind it. CPU - R5 3600 GPU - Vega56 RAM - 16 GB
  18. Similar mechanics is implemented in Killing Floor. To my understanding current screamer is good as it is. Perhaps another tier of screamer could have such properties as temporal/partial stun effect... dunno.
  19. Hello - updated/refreshed model for ancient minibike, - motorcycle/gyrocopter available for 2 players at the same time (two seat), - 3/4/5 seat truck with turret (.50 cal or TOW) with plenty of storage - might be also electical/hybrid or for hydrogen powder, - 1x/3.4x/4x/8x magnification scopes, green and blue laser available alongside red laser attachement, short and angled grip, - throwable knives or shurikens, Adam mentioned above tomahawks etc (spear is already a throwable weapon), - grenade launchers that could be attached to rifles, smoke grenades and flashb
  20. Personally I think Sledgehammer is one of the most lethal weapons in 7dtd. What I don`t necessarily support is the stamina drain. I`d rather balance the weapons just by the speed of the swing and thats all. Right now low tier stone Sledgehammer is more lethal than the steel one which makes sense without any further investment into perks. Idk... to some newcomers this would seem like some weapons are broken
  21. I was referring to VISUAL microtransactions like skins. I`m against any content DLCs (like weapons/vehicles/missions/maps/attachements etc) while the base game is nowhere near polished. I`m againt EAs policy like PREMIUM and pre-orders because at the end of the day even so called triple-A titles feel like Early Access without content. But personally I hate andy microtransaction/dlc business overall because usually this thing breaks performance or causes synchronization issues.
  22. I wouldn`t mind if only visual content is behind micro transactions like skins/camos for weapons, vehicles, additional wall paint, or other versions/alterations of armour outfits, clothes to be found. MICROTRANSACTIONS - it`s a gold mine and viable source of income. I believe any player would survive this type of paid content. What I don`t necessarily agree on is hiding additional content behind payment walls while there is no advanced AI introduced (like bandits), no single player/story driven mode. Probably questionable netcode and balancing. Not mentioning audio-visual coherence. Just my wi
  23. Steam name: Damian 2RDY https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198078885307/ Hours played: 668 Started on Alpha: 11.2 Discord name: TWORDY#4702 Native language: Polish (I currently live in UK)
  24. I hope some of the works could be done on the red sky/environment during Blood Moon. Finally swimming animations... no way xd.
  25. I'm curious if anything has been done when it comes to a feeling of the firefights itself. It's nice to see more weapons so there is some sort of variety to choose from and stretches the gameplay. Super excited to see new deagle-like a weapon, a brand new assault rifle, top tier sniper rifle and automatic shotgun. I hope the devs continuously work on the overall feeling of the guns. Grenade launchers or something attachable to assault rifles would be fun too. A little bit spammy but cool though. Something came to my mind when it comes to perks. I think that stamina perk or something within
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