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  1. First edit the biomes file directly. If that works then you probably got the xpath stuff wrong. Second, how would appending another bedrock layer below the existing setup change anything?
  2. It's very possible because the underground layers are defined in biomes. You'd just insert a bedrock layer less deep or structure it any other way.
  3. Well, I don't mind people disagreeing with me. Doesn't mean they are right. 😃
  4. No, he just left out some details like not being in the pine forest and being deep in a city...
  5. Their collider seems to be on the underside...
  6. Skill atrophy is the only thing that makes LBD viable in Valheim. Without it everyone could simply AFK-grind the weapon skills to max and be done with them for the entire game.
  7. What I had suggested is that instead of "marking" the last 2 or 3 volumes, the game marks one nearest volume if you haven't had contact for x minutes. That would be more consistent than the current approach since it always works regardless of what the volume count of the POI is.
  8. It's not option material because for zombies to be any threat at all they need to be capable of getting to the player - both out in the wild and in POI. Digging down 3 blocks and putting a frame above your head can not provide 100% safety. That only makes the game look bad. If you do not want any threat in the game then turn off enemies. That's exactly what the option is for.
  9. players.xml references that to the ingame player name.
  10. Yes, everything makes noise. That includes shooting or reloading a crossbow. You can literally see when an action causes a ping on your stealth meter. With FS on zombie senses are greatly improved so they are a lot more likely to pick up on small noises like that.
  11. This is not true. I play stealth on a server and with the right perks and gear I hardly ever wake up any zombies. The only real chance for them to notice me is if I try to sneak up on them by daylight and they see me. Most of the time I instakill them with my machete. Now if you play with feral sense on then you don't want to be sneaking around. This mode is for a much more combat-heavy game.
  12. That's an imposter (distant POI) mesh needing an update. There will be a batch run to update all of them for the next release. (I did a manual update on some city tile for the server I play on)
  13. Yes. If you want that ease of planning you may need some temp supports.
  14. You don't need to. If you plan a complex piece of your structure, use frames. Then grab your higher quality blocks, copy shape and rotation. Replace.
  15. I've only been to T4s by now but I can avoid the mad rush quite reliably. Close a door to buy time and hide a few rooms over, then come back. I know it "takes forever" compared to the M60 approach. =P
  16. Inside/outside a land claim? That's the only thing I can even imagine making a difference.
  17. I have played maybe 100 hours of A20 and it's incredibly rare for me to get any debuffs. I think there was one time when I had 3. And if you're playing something like insane/nightmare then you should be the one giving advice here. =P I do make sure I have a way to run and don't use up all stamina in case I need to make use of it. You can never get any such debuff on the first (and often 2nd) hit from enemies. That only happens when you stick around in a bad situation. Fall traps rarely get me for some reason and if that keeps being a problem I would suggest looking at the perception attribute.
  18. Yeah! More gunpowder! It's the other way around for me. Use the crossbow all week long and then whatever gun to shoot whatever ammo I got during the week.
  19. Gazz

    Gazz' mods, A20

    Don't know when that went in. A20 was cooking for a long time. You should ask the guys who are actually good at this xpath thing if partial replacements are a thing. I barely cobbled this one together. =P Edit: Added the Santa Hat mod... mod.
  20. Only if you don't put down a forge in the area you're looting. The argument of having to have the right material smelted falls apart as soon as you build more forges. Whether you have materials idling in the forge or idling in the chest next to it makes no practical difference. Sure, many games have both smelting and smithing but the smelting is typically for crafting raw materials into ingots and nothing else so there is no choice involved in that. You always have to smelt the ore anyway...
  21. That's the problem right there. It is complex, yes, but it has zero depth. You have a forge so you can craft forged iron and other things as long as you have the iron. The extra step of smelting adds nothing but more clicking. The time spent can just as easily be rolled into the crafting time. Features that add complexity but no depth are nothing but bloat.
  22. Just saying that the current system is nonsensical. Of course it can be changed in any number of ways.
  23. Yeah, we had talked about that 1-2 years ago. Our "forge" is a smelter, not a forge. It doesn't even make sense to craft anything that isn't directly cast like the ingots themselves and even in that case it's pointlessly complicated and silly. You don't keep 5 different materials in a smelter and magically keep them separate. 😃
  24. Gazz

    Gazz' mods, A20

    https://robert.hentschke-keramik.de/7dtd/Gazz-RevolverSilencer.zip A simple modlet to prevent installation of a "silencer" on a revolver. https://robert.hentschke-keramik.de/7dtd/Gazz-SantaHatMod.zip Repurposes the skull cap mod as a santa hat mod. Since this doesn't add/remove any items it can not break savegames. Installation If necessary, create a folder "Mods" in steamapps\common\7 Days To Die Unpack ZIP into the Mods folder so that you see steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\Gazz-RevolverSilencer (as an example) Terms of use Go nuts. Copy or alter in any way you see fit.
  25. I take the power quest like any other - but only if I can do them without standing around and waiting for nighttime and if they are as close as other quests. Given the time window and the fact that few POI are set up for that it, resulting in long travel distance, means that 95% of the time they are genuinely bad choices.
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