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  1. Can we go back to the point where someone is letting a small child play M-rated games? Of course there are reasons why they are rated as such.
  2. #3 take a quest that takes you there. That will completely respawn the entire building.
  3. Empyrion struggles hard with 2-3 big ships in close vicinity. But you can play this one if you want voxel ships in space. Space Engineers doesn't have as much "game" around the fiddling with ship building.
  4. Is that when the pilot rolls a 1 on the d20?
  5. Weapon types are bad enough but it gets really funky when you translate mythological creatures when there is no cultural / language reference to that kind of pantheon or races. =P
  6. A large kukri is definitely one of the top 5 zombie apocalypse melee weapons. (I'm also partial to the chinese war sword) That said, it is not exactly wide-spread or widely known, limiting its use in a game. That's like the first time I saw the SMG ingame and was wondering why it wasn't suppressed because it clearly looked like an MP5SD. Turns out it was simply an artist's impression of "a submachinegun".
  7. Sight pictures are intentionally unrealistic in order to "work" in a game.
  8. I believe that was a very old ticket that finally got done. A roof texture was considered ill-fitting for the purpose and eventually removed.
  9. That's actually true. There just isn't a date on this because it's game development, not baking cookies.
  10. The easter egg is that it's a Predator reference.
  11. With the game in development for some 8 years I thought we had seen all the weirdest requests. I stand corrected. =P
  12. Yes, but then you can use it once in the game. lol
  13. This would work better for a Vegas setting where a sizable portion of the population is apparently Elvis and Marilyn impersonators. 😃
  14. I don't THINK it will be a big issue because the names of existing blocks should not change. If materials get deprecated those are obviously missing from user prefabs, though.
  15. Incidentally there is a stealth perk that greatly lowers the time after which enemies forget about you and you can be stealthy again. Coincidence?
  16. Small rocks are weaksauce. With concrete blocks you can carry about 2x the weight of the Titanic in your inventory.
  17. Generally we are quite careful in not taking a position on whether our zombies are dead or alive. It's a game and it really makes no difference but once we *do* insist they are one or the other we'll have to be consistent on the ramifications of it. =P
  18. Oh from behind? I can't say for sure how these colliders are counted in sequence.
  19. yes. (and I think it would be glorious)
  20. Well, I believe that there can both be a general rule and common sense. =P
  21. There's also not reason to disrespect someone for not having been around on the forum for a long time. Everyone please take their pills NOW. =P
  22. It depends. In most cases you have A Regular Player report a bug from his modded game. There is no way to tell what version, variant or configuration of the mod he's using or what "improvements" he may have made to it even if the name of the mod is stated. Tracking a "bug" like that is a complete waste of time and testers have work to do. OTOH: Modders have reported many valid bugs because they do understand what's going on - even if the bug only surfaces in the very specific conditions of their mod. That's why we tell people to report that in the mod's topic. If a modder finds a bug that would also occur in the vanilla game then that's a wholly different category.
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