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  1. The real problem there is that there are so many worn mod slots total. Up to 4 on a weapon but up to 22 or so worn. Fewer/merged armor locations would have a whole bunch of advantages for gameplay and other areas but that's for another game...
  2. No worries. Was just curious. 😃
  3. I was curious and looked at it but there is no way to input a gamestage so the output wouldn't have anything to do with ingame results. There are fields for a mystery skill and player level, neither of which have any direct impact on the result.
  4. Banana rocket jumping. Just to keep people guessing where to find bananas. Even if you say "Romero zombies" then those zombies are clever enough to ride a horse or fire a gun. All seen in Romero movies...
  5. Someone literally said they want to be in their bunker and sit out horde night and the beauty of that is: You absolutely can! Turn off horde nights and you can even play the game during that time and feel all smug about having outsmarted all those zombie fools with your superior game option skills! =P
  6. In Minecraft you can't have everything without ever leaving your house and the attached mine.
  7. What some people like to gloss over is that while the number of recipes has gone down, the number of craftable blocks has gone up more than ever. There are a bunch of variant blocks that fold out into a lot of things.
  8. He's not wrong. Even a double barrel destroys all the early game zombies.
  9. That's how it's currently working. With the exception of super early in the game there is always overlap. Any modder who can be arsed knows how to look up the details. 😃
  10. I'm left-handed. Correct. The right hand has a chainsaw attached. You guys do realise that this is getting into the territory of weird and hard to enforce rules, right? There is no need for a solution because there is no problem.
  11. What do ghosts use instead of a food/drink bar? Ectoplasm?
  12. I know but just like in Fallout 4, that would be the first thing players mod out. lol
  13. You're missing the point. This is not about modders having to use their amazing skills to create "not buggy decorations". Good looking decorations are expensive to render. It's about players not using them as responsively as level designers and that is what can hurt performance. That is why decoration options are limited. The real advantage that modders have is that they are not going to be held responsible for bad performance. =P
  14. TFP did not "break the hatch elevator". Bugs that glitch you into the world geometry must be fixed. It's as simple as that.
  15. That really only works in single player, though, where no one sees it as a problem to begin with. On a MP server you you would split the party and clear the POI you do not have the quest for. (you still know where it is) Then the one guy who has the quest moves over, shares it, and you get a respawn from the quest. It would take a bit of coordination but it would not really change anything. I really don't see the problem to begin with. If you clear a POI then you are entitled to the loot. If you clear it as part of a quest you are entitled to the loot and the quest reward. You don't get anything double. Now some people would say that because for them it's normal to nerdpole to the loot room and clean it out, then start the quest. That is a completely different issue.
  16. And the lesson is: Pole up closer to a wall if you have "friends" like that.
  17. All the guns use falloff damage. Even the journal entry points that out.
  18. You imply that MM called the design of the steel axe realistic but I'm skeptical on this happening. There are piles of games that feature impractical fantasy weapons simply because they look cool. Games are allowed to do that. =P
  19. All I can tell from that is that you will get "a number of items" based on how you call these groups.
  20. IMO it does looks like a fantasy wall ornament that would be impractical both as a weapon and a tool. (for multiple reasons) It certainly looks cool. That's the primary purpose of an ornamental object after all. 😃
  21. There's a lot to unwrap here. So the OP is playing Ark and complains that griffins are too hard. (to tame?) I can assure you that this is not the case. There have been games where a griffin had been my first tame. Just don't go for a high level one at first. Other parts seem related to 7DTD where the game is way too easy with guns but the complaint is that he cannot find guns on day 1, therefore the game is too hard? "Muskets are worse than bows" is something I can confirm because muskets are not in the game. Now a blunderbuss - a completely different thing - is in the game and can easily outperform a primitive bow... except at range. Making the game "more hardcore" is not tricky. Loot abundance and enemy run speeds are probably the first things you want to change there and probably avoid doing a lot of quests because you will get a lot of cash and rewards from them.
  22. No one will be able to answer that from the few snippets and even partial lines you posted.
  23. The safest way would be in blocks.xml to leave the block names in place and only replace the "inside" of their block info with something like a small rock - but leave out the pickup function so that the name does not pop up.
  24. That's for a simulation, not a game. (JA2, 1.13 had cold loaded ammo 😃 This one is made for gamers. People who for the most part have no idea what subsonic ammo is. As a result there is a magic suppressor that implies it. =P
  25. The tac rifle is based on a SIG but it's an artist's impression, not an accurate representation like some games would use. But like I said before: A lot of modern guns look so much alike you may as well choose to believe it's modeled after one of your favourites. =P JA 2, v1.13, All The Guns setting. About 150 different ammo types, pre-loadable in some 5 different magazine sizes each. All the sorting and stacking you could ever want!
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