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  1. As far as I know the game does not lock you out of certain skills at all. You can get 303 skill points which lets you max out pretty much everything and can rearrange your points at any time with the trader potion. It's just an issue with players who want to max out all the perks NOW. =P
  2. He can use god mode. No problem whatsoever.
  3. Well, that's the idea. We want you to find better loot in a major POI but that makes no sense whatsoever while it's defended by lvl 1 scrubs. =P
  4. We can not do this in A19. Later we may have this "large, high level POI" work at an elevated gamestage so that _both_ the loot and the zombies are higher level.
  5. And I can also tell you why that is so: Because you are assuming that it will work in the worst possible way.
  6. Yes, we had talked about it a while ago. Everyone who looked into details and potential issues of it went with a resounding "No!".
  7. Players assigning fictional release dates for the game has never been a concern. It is also very much off topic here.
  8. No, "Eureka!" means that you need a bath. The only way to get a knife-wrench! Practical and safe. Yeah, but we know that too few players read journal tips. This forum proves it daily. =P
  9. Because dyes are mods and installing a whole stack of mods is not supported. If you consider boiled and murky water the exact same, go ahead and just drink the murky variant. If for some reason boiled water seems worth more to you, there's your answer.
  10. Before/after the latest experimental patch? Possible? There are no guarantees during experimental.
  11. That approach has been in A18 and is essentially the same in A19. What changed is that you needed almost no "help" with stamina in A18. It was trivial to get to a point of infinite mining with steel tools.
  12. That's because we can not yet have a POI "work" at a higher gamestage all around. If the shotgun factory was +100 GS and you were to encounter feral and radiated, the good loot wouldn't be free. (assuming of course it wasn't easy to cheese, either =))
  13. This is the quickest way to achieve the desired result and you did not post this in the modding forums so there was no way to guess that.
  14. On the console enter giveselfxp 2000000 That should get you into the range of loot that you list.
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