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  1. It's similar to people saying "not gonna lie". That implies that they lie by default when they don't say this.
  2. I guess you maxed out something on your character. It's a start! 😃
  3. Well, that approach would be a better feature, though. "A shotgun moon is rising!"
  4. Of course it's silly because it's not based on anything that is happening with the game. People say silly things all the time. No one gets hurt. You shrug and move on.
  5. It already has that because you can start the next game with your current character. You only need to drop your gear if you want to start fresh.
  6. See entityclasses.xml for "wasteland gamestage bonus".
  7. Yes, but that's been planned for a while now. Gamestage variation between different biomes is already possible (A19) with a simple XML mod but that's only part of it.
  8. Yeah. The model on the right has some serious detail.
  9. It has become pretty common to call the easiest difficulty "Story Mode" but unfortunately we can't really do that due to the absence of a story. =P
  10. The world record is 20° so any less is mundane. =P
  11. Pistols and knives are one of the most OP builds if you play to their advantages. A lot of players rate attributes by how well they support their preferred play style. =P
  12. We are already taking some artistic liberty merging the 7.62 calibers but using them in a 7.62x38 is pushing plausibility. =P
  13. What are you even talking about? Do you expect "just turrets" to do all the for for you while you watch? At no point was such a thing even suggested.
  14. I don't think it says anywhere that it's supposed to be the cheapest. It's certainly the weapon with the most easily attained ammo type. The damage of 2 turrets is in no way supposed to be equal to a maxed out T3 gun. That would be silly because it works in addition to the weapon you are holding - which can be anything.
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