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  1. Right now a quest can only give you an item so if you must use a quest then an item like a "Unread Bookthingy" can start quest A and gives you "Read Bookthingy" which starts quest B.
  2. All you have to do is change the stack sizes of the things you want to carry less of.
  3. The vehicles in 7D do count as water transport.
  4. #1 is the Depth of Field option.
  5. You'll have to create your own with a trigger. Personally I don't see great value in dying over and over until I get a good roll. (run speed can be measured and is arguably the single best stat)
  6. I think you're looking for Rammstein Veneziano.
  7. It's a lot cleaner to add the code to the silencer item. Any code or checks only run if the mod is actually installed. Running regular checks for [insert feature] is a last resort if nothing else works. Also, doesn't that exact book already exist?
  8. Sexosaurus is very powerful indeed. Everything is a lot easier for people who have played the bits off of this game but we can't make a game for people with 500+ hours in the game. If it was just up to me, game difficulty would have more varied effects beyond enemies becoming more HP spongy. Alas, a) it's not just up to me and b) doing something like that should happen after release because that would be a serious rebalancing effort.
  9. You can use the forgetting elixir you get from the trader to refund the points. You can also mod the game to make sure that this perk has zero effect if you determine that everyone else also has to agree.
  10. This isn't on the A20 agenda. We're just discussing possibilities.
  11. I doubt this is going to be the default. Rivers of tears, y'know.
  12. Binary solutions won't help much one way or another. What I would do is to not clear all debuffs on death but cap them back to their non-lethal stages.
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