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  1. If you look at nav_objects.xml, you can make some adjustments there, like a stricter range filter for compass icons.
  2. Adding the recipe is trivial. We decided against that to avoid recipe clutter.
  3. They had such a list at one time but I guess they scrubbed any info like that, leaving only the award.
  4. It's right on the store page. Awards Valve's All Time Top 100 Best Sellers Valve's Best of 2019 Most Played Games Hmm. And they are linking some nonsense there. Interesting. I was looking around for games that I suspected to be in that list but found none. It must be a lot more exclusive than I thought and most "modern" games don't have the shelf life to have a chance to get in.
  5. It's in the Steam Top 100 sold games of all time.
  6. Yup. That's banana level. Magical zombie gue and tantric combat.
  7. Cool. We have reached discussion level Banana.
  8. Well, Thor has at one time traveled at multiple times the speed of light while Captain Marvel (whose power is some space light) can't even do light speed. (keep in mind that digging too deep into comic book lore will get you into Arkham Asylum)
  9. We want to have rather MORE cool effects like bleeding to flesh out weapons and perks, not less. =P There are so many "zombie lores" out there that you only have to pick one that works.
  10. Missing bits do not always and automatically mean you bleed to death. Also, it's a game, not a medical simulation.
  11. You should post that in the bug forum. This is the Dev Diary.
  12. Back in the day we could also "steal" loot containers and/or build them in our base and would get regular loot respawn from like 30 private gun safes. Ah, the olden days! =P
  13. I did the math once. With concrete you can carry about 2x the mass of the Titanic. =P (which got immersed pretty well)
  14. It's less "ignoring feedback" and more "not acting on every bit of feedback/wish".
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