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  1. The shape of ore veins is independent of what they contain.
  2. No, don't worry. TFP are not scared by comments such as yours.
  3. No, you don't casually port a game to a different engine. 😃 How an engine renders, animates, or even organises things in general can be very different. You don't just take all the content and plug it into another engine. That only works when you make an ad for your engine. 😃 Was Unity the right choice? Probably - based on the goals of the KS campaign in 2013. That was a game with something like Quake 2 graphics. You would not even recognise this game as the current 7DTD.
  4. THeir aggro time is either hardcoded or found in the entity data. It is also modified by one of the stealth perks.
  5. Well, looks shippable to me! (some assembly required)
  6. IRL people who panic usually don't get stuck duck-waddling. Running away is a very basic skill that should not require being calm.
  7. The bleed buff definitely transfers CVAR values between entities but I have never tried expressing that through that mod system. I only work on the vanilla mod...
  8. Oh, I know. The players going with an Int build do not use the stun baton the same way they would use a club. If you want both great melee dps and cool turrets then you need to invest in 2 attributes. I get that some players would prefer if whatever attribute they pick had always the best dps and best effects and it should all be on one item to avoid the stress of thinking. I just don't want to do that. =P For every single weapon, and yes, that includes batons and spears, someone will always pipe up that this is their favourite weapon. That doesn't mean that these people are stupid or wrong because those are not always the optimal dps weapons - they just play in a different way, using the strengths of those weapons instead of stubbornly amplifying their weaknesses.
  9. Well, yeah. It's not reasonable to expect a club (no matter how nice it is) to have the dps of a machine gun. I don't remember any major change. The whole premise of your balancing approach is that every weapon, seen in isolation, must be "equal" to any other weapon. That would be fine for a mod but is not what we're doing here. The intellect attribute is a bit more complex than club-on-head. And yes, that includes figuring out when a situation warrants using a weapon other than the stun baton.
  10. I can't speak for the place where you live but usually you don't see a noticeable percentage of the population going around as clowns.
  11. Not that I know. Everyone who actually uses melee weapons can tell you that they are seriously OP already. Heh
  12. Like he said - these assets have to be part of the model to begin with. Case in point: The attachments on a new gun like the auto shotgun are all part of the model. As a result they always fit exactly and are only toggled on/off as needed.
  13. Well, not all bus stops are designed equally well. http://newnation.sg/wp-content/uploads/singapore-bus-stop-fail.jpg
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