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    But it could have a huge impact and in a good way.
  2. Thank you Boidster for making that clearer.
  3. If you go into your current games save folder and delete your current character files it will allow you to start with a new character. May or may not need this but... Drive and names will be what you named them C:/Users/Name/AppData/Roaming/7DaysToDie/Saves/Name/Name/Player
  4. I've had this happen twice since 18 that I remember. Both times was a bleed caused by vultures.
  5. Well done sir. I vote for sticky or addition to important threads.
  6. Sydious


    Doubtful to happen. Water would have to be fixed first. Only been waiting on that since.... what 2013
  7. Not sure if you are referring to you characters avatar backpack or the the window that opens with TAB but either way on those, no it can't be moved.
  8. Debating/arguing what should or should not be on this is pretty much pointless. If the damage blade traps takes is to much or to little in your opinion you can just edit the health of the blade trap in the xml files.
  9. I almost hope the clown zombie statement is a joke. My best friend might never play again lol.
  10. Yeah if you click on the little book icon after selecting the land claim block while in your inventory, it will tell you all its functions.
  11. Land Claim Block will prevent that. You can see the range by targeting and pressing E. Shown with green box once activated. You can adjust the range in your game settings.
  12. It involves water. Pretty sure your safe from that being fixed for years.
  13. If you log off on a horde night before 4am game time the horde will start over. Been like that for years now.
  14. The trader won't buy more than 3 anything. aka 3 pistols or 3 6k stacks of rocks. This includes anything the trader already has. So if the trader has 3 pistols for sale already they wont buy any. As for were to edit that at, sorry don't know.
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