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  1. Absolutely despise them and with the A19 changes to animals and such they provide me with nothing but annoyance. They will be modded out of all my games with each stable build released until something MAJOR changes with them.
  2. Actually they will attack anything below 100% health. If you are on a vehicle of any type and it's not 100% health they attack. They see the vehicle health as the players health when riding/driving.
  3. Yes for last few hours. Guessing it is increased traffic because of patch and it's Friday
  4. Well I'm glad you admit it is not equal. I'm glad you admit you can play without crafting. Yes it takes effort, but not much lol. Yes, I bring up the title of the game because I have had it since 2013 and love it and do NOT want it to turn into something that is crap like most EA games.
  5. I know we don't see eye to eye on this, and that is okay. But, those are yes or no questions and you didn't answer. I do see what you're saying, it's escalation. But like I said before in multiple post... 7 Days To Die The Survival Horde Crafting Game. Have we gone to bait and switch after all these years because TFP got a taste of money?
  6. That's fair. But explain to me this. How can you craft a simple level 1 9mm pistol with out looting the parts first? Where do you get the ammo with out looting? How can you craft a cooking pot without learning to make a forge or looting the schem? Is everything on an equal basis?
  7. I will triple stamp your double stamp with two "easy" questions then...😉 Can you play through the game without ever crafting? Can you play through the game without ever looting? If the answer is not the same for both questions then it is not equal. Hell, I'll even toss in a third question. Can you craft without looting?
  8. That's good to know after 7 years. At least the players know where the stand now.
  9. Don't give me that BS. People will want to explore and loot anyway. Besides you have to loot for crafting now anyway. If they don't that's fine. Crafting is and has been a huge part of this game and you already have to go loot to do most crafting as it currently sits, and in no way is that part better than just some RNG crap that has been implemented. I just feel the perk system, crafting system, loot system should be on the same page and they are not, not even close.
  10. Sydious


    Your CPU is running a bit hot but not bad. Given the list I would say the 4Gig RAM is probably the biggest problem. Given no optimization and no outlook for it in the future I would say that upgrading your RAM is best bet if you can upgrade. I totally understand. I'm a retired disabled vet and can only do that about once every 10 years
  11. Sydious


    What is your CPU, GPU and RAM?
  12. Sydious


    That's why I disagree with the decisions TFP are making on graphics or game play. I will quote my grandpa Atkinson a few times here. Don't paint the house until you are done building the walls. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Once a cattle dog taste blood, he has to be put down.
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