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  1. Great way to make a game in EA. sigh....
  2. If you are not close enough to have line of sight you wont see the icon.
  3. I figured we were probably just on different page with semantics. But yes I do agree with you there that the XP would probably need to be adjusted for sharing of all XP. It just doesn't make sense to me if I hop out the vehicle and kill a rabbit the xp is shared but if I hop out and chop a tree it isn't.
  4. @Kalen Yes everyone would be getting XP for each block no matter whom was doing the upgrade. That is not 3 times the XP. I think we are only disagreeing on symatics here but none the less here is another example. My wife and I are playing our game. Wandering horde shows up, we show them who is boss. All XP is shared from kills no matter if she kills 1 and I kill 10 or the other way around. If we are driving to a quest in our 4x4 and we see a wolf. I hop out and kill it and she just stays in 4x4 she gets same XP. I harvest it, she gets nothing for XP. Regardless as it sits now nothing is 3 times the XP. Its just THAT XP but shared among the group
  5. Blocks can only be upgraded once per upgrade level. Only the player doing that will get the XP. Not each player can do it so no it is not fact. In fact, it is the opposite of fact. Nothing would be tripled, just shared among group. Same goes for mining, harvesting, etc...
  6. So if I'm the builder in the group and I put down electric post for horde night, that XP shouldn't be shared?
  7. I mean ANYTHING that gives players experience, but since the range of sharable XP already has the ability to be changed I went with simple poll. I still believe that all should be shared though. I play mostly coop and we all end up getting so far apart at some point that it gets a bit frustrating for all of us.
  8. Discussion on what XP should be shared.
  9. I really didn't want to say this but maybe you should go back in the day and have to search for the forge book. It was a BIG thing back in the day. Today all you have to do is the starter quest for your first 4 points. Try that and come back and tell us how you feel...
  10. No it's at Advanced Engineering level 1.
  11. Yes unfortunately it's normal. This takes 2-3 min and is insanely better in all ways. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/12730-a19-nitrogen-a-random-world-generator-for-7dtd/
  12. Yes. Go into the save game folder (Needs to be the host) and copy the bunchofnumbers.ttp file for each character. (Make sure you have everything you want in your inventory). Make new game, go to save folder, delete new characters you used to start game (bunchofnumbers.ttp files). Paste/copy in ones you backed up. Done. WARNING: Most likely will start you at the point your OLD character logged out at and not some random starting point.
  13. In a nut shell That being said, Nitrogen creator might be afk, it might be way out of date, but it is still Miles ahead of in game RWG.
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