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  1. I suddenly miss the poop reaction, thumbs down just don't cut it sometimes.
  2. This is why we have shotguns lol
  3. Chain, no debate, but fire combo is fun.
  4. Feature is already there... it's an open book if you have read it.
  5. I know I'm stupid at times, but I feel worse after trying to navigate this post.
  6. Let me give you advice. If you believe someone before they produce, you're just as guilty as me. Stick around for 7 years or so and you will gain knowledge and wisdom.
  7. "mods" is a very very vague word making the question impossible to answer. You would be better served asking in mod forum or messaging the creators of what ever mods you are using.
  8. Did you just walk into the spike or did you fall on it? Possible fall damage?
  9. I was going to reply but suddenly this post is very very edited.
  10. Forgive me I do not have the numbers on all this but I'm sure someone will have the formula... Do the hordes scale based off heatmap, player level or just the number of days in you are? Hordes will be based off of player level (each player), game stage, number of deaths, etc.. Does noise matter during a horde night aside from affects on the heatmap following? It will not effect the 7th day horde (or what ever day it is set to) Do 7th day hordes scale dynamically during the encounter based on any factor? Just the ones listed in first question And lastly is it just an endless horde until 4AM or is there a finite number of specific enemies that spawn per 7th day? Unfortunately no. Most hordes will end far before morning depending on player/group game stage.
  11. Actually it was just good timing. I just moved and went from 1.5 meg internet to 100 meg internet and have been taking advantage of 2 minute downloads vs. 2 day downloads lol. But yeah I'm a fan.
  12. I have had no issues with this but I also did a full PC wipe and re-install of windows and everything Sunday.
  13. "Hey everyone, I just stole a car" (waits for consequences)
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